Gospel Herald Obituaries - August, 1943

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Gospel Herald - Vol. XXXVI, No . 19 - August 5, 1943 - pages 390, 391.

Burkholder. --- Joyce, daughter of Titus and Fannie Mylin Burkholder, was born Nov. 1, 1941; died June 26, 1943; aged 1 y. 8 m. She is survived by her parents, a brother (John Emlin), 2 sisters (Anna Mae and Betty), and 2 grandmothers. Funeral services were conducted at the home by Eli Souders and Jacob Harnish.

A bud the Father gave us,
A pure and lovely child.
He gave her to our keeping
To cherish undefiled.
But just as she was opening
To the glory of the day,
Down came the heavenly Father
And took our bud away.

Greaser. --- Glen Leon, son of Charles F. and Pearl (Hershberger) Greaser, was born near Garden City, Mo., Aug. 27, 1919; died July 16, 1943; aged 23 y. 10 m. 19 d. He met his death by accidental drowning when in the lake with the smimming class from the camp at Patuxent Research refuge, Bowie, Md. Within ten minutes from the time he was missed the body had been removed from the water and the boys, doctor, and rescue squad worked for five hours in an effort to restore breathing. Short services were held at the camp on Saturday P.M. in charge of Bros. Shenk and Brunk of the Cottage City Mennonite Church, after which the body was sent to Hesston, accompanied by Bro. Joe Weaver of Washington D.C. He leaves his father and mother, one sister (Ruby), a brother (Earl), all of Hesston, Kans.; and a brother (Lawrence of C.P.S. Camp, Terry, Mont.); also his fiancee (Freda King, of Elida, Ohio), and a host of relatives and friends. One brother (Harold Fay) preceded him in death in infancy. For the purpose of giving their children a Christian education, the Greaser family moved to Hesston, Kansas, in the fall of 1939, where they have since resided, Glen having been a student of Hesston College and Bible School for two and a half years, when he was called to camp. Early in youth Glen gave his heart to God, uniting with the Sycamore Grove Mennonite Church of Garden City, later transferring his membership to the Hesston congregation, in which faith he remained true to the end. Quoting from one of his last letters: "Camp life gets quite monotonous sometimes, but there is a bright side to every cloud. With the help of God and your prayers, I shall continue to try to look up." Because of his sunny disposition and faithfulness to every task or duty placed before him, he won many friends. June 22, 1941, he was called to serve in a C.P.S. Camp at Colorado Springs, Colo., where he served until August, 1942, when he was transferred to the place where he met his death. Funeral services were held at the College Chapel July 20. Brethren Milo Kauffman, M. A. Yoder, and F. S. Brenneman conducted the services. Interment at the Pennsylvania Cemetery.

"Dearest brother, thou hast left us,
And our loss we deeply feel;
But 'tis God who hath bereft us,
He can all our sorrows heal.

(Transcriber's note: Misspellings are as is in the original obituary.)

Kauffman. --- Jacob B., son of Jacob and Mary (Boshart) Kauffman, was born in Hiteviller, France, March 16, 1859. His father, one brother, and 2 sisters died in their native country. His mother and one brother preceded him in death in America. He came to America with his mother, one brother, and his grandmother in the year 1868. They made their home in the community of Wayland, Ia. Here he grew to manhood and accepted Christ as his Saviour, uniting with the Sugar Creek Mennonite Church of which he was a faithful member at he time of his death. On Nov. 18, 1888 he was married to Anna Leichti at Thurman, Colo. He lived in Colorado 9 years after which he came to Iowa. Their family consisted of 2 children, Mary Elizabeth and Johnnie V. He was a kind husband and father. His health had been failing for about 4 years and he was confined to bed for about 3 months. At times he suffered intensely but he bore it all in a Christian way. He passed away at his farm home near Wayland, Iowa, July 12, 1943; aged 84 y. 3 m. 26 d. He leaves to mourn their loss, his wife, his son and daughter, a son-in law, a daughter-in-law, 4 grandchildren, a great-grandchild, and other friends and neighbors. Funeral services were held at the Sugar Creek Mennonite Church near Wayland, Iowa, July 15, 1943, conducted by Bro. Willard Leichty. Interment in Sugar Creek Cemetery.

Our lips cannot tell how we miss him,
Our hearts cannot tell what to say.
God alone knows how we miss him,
And our home is lonesome today.

Keener. --- Adaline, youngest daughter of Cyrus and Ellen Good, was born at Myerstown, Lebanon Co., Pa., Jan,. 31, 1900; died at St. Joseph's Hospital, Lancaster, Pa., of heart trouble. She was sick about 4 months; died Feb. 8, 1943; aged 43 y. 8 d. March 7, 1922, she was united in marriage to Jacob Keener. To this union were born one son and 2 daughters, Elizabeth, Evelyn, and Jacob Arthur, who are all at home. Most of her life she lived in Lancaster Co., near Manheim. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church from early youth. Besides her husband she leaves her parents, 2 brothers, and a sister. One brother preceded her in death. Many friends came to sing for her during her illness. She was anointed with oil, but the Lord saw fit to take her home. She picked her own funeral text, John 14:1, 2. The funeral was held Feb. 13, with Bros. Henry Lutz, Martin Metzler, and Abram Risser officiating, at the Erisman's Mennonite Church. Interment at the same place.

"A loving mother, so gentle and kind-
What a wonderful memory she left behind.
Long days, long nights, she bore in sorrow,
Till God Himself knew what was best,
And took her home to give her rest."
--- The Family.

Miller. --- Ora A., son of Amos and Edna Miller, was born in LaGrange Co., Ind., Oct. 25, 1918; died May 31, 1943; aged 24 y. 7 m. 6 d. In 1940 he accepted Christ as his Saviour and united with the Emma Mennonite Church, where he remained a faithful member until death. Surviving are his father and mother, a brother, Cletus, and a sister, Anna, as will as many relatives and friends. One brother preceded him in death. On June 23, 1941, Ora was called to serve in the C.P.S. camp at Bluffton, Ind., which was later moved to Medaryville, Ind. While working here early in the spring of 1942, he felt the first symptoms of his affliction, but he kept on working until he was no longer able to. On June 29, 1942, he was taken to the Epworth Hospital, South Bend, Ind., for diagnosis. This examination revealed a tubercular kidney and lungs. He was released form the hospital with the recommendation to go to the sanitarium. After 5 weeks at home arrangements were effected and he was admitted to the Irene Byron Sanitarium near Ft. Wayne, Ind., where he spent the next 8 months. In April, 1943, he was taken to the Lutheran Hospital in Ft. Wayne where he was to have an operation but tests showed that the tuberculosis was spreading and an operation was impossible. The last 4 weeks of his life he spent at home where loving hands did everything possible to add to his comfort. In all this illness, Ora was patient and submissive to the heavenly Father. He had a desire to get well and work for the Lord but he said, "Just as my Father wants it - His will be done." Funeral services were conducted at the home by Enos Fry and at the Emma Mennonite Church by O. S. Hostetler and T. E. Schrock, where a large number of relatives and friends gathered.

They pass form work to greater work,
Who rest before their noon;
Ah, God is very good to them,
They do not die too soon.

Nofsinger. --- Christian R., son of John and Cathryn Bachman Nofsinger, was born north of Washington, Ill., Feb. 4, 1872; died June 26, 1943, at he home of his daughter, Mrs. Oliver Yoder, with whom he lived for the past 5 years. His age was 71 y. 4 m. 22 d. He suffered a stroke a week ago from which he failed to rally in spite of all that kind hands could do. He united with the Mennonite Church in his youth. He was married Jan. 3, 1895, to Anna Litwiller, Hopedale, Ill., who preceded him in death in 1920. He is survived by 2 daughters and 2 sons (Mrs. Ella Yoder, Mrs. Cathryn Weaver, Elmer, and Vernon, all of Washington), 2 sisters (Martha Nofsinger, Washington, and Mrs. Lena Schertz, Upland, Calif.), 4 brothers (Peter, Peoria, Ill.; Joe, John, and Ben, Washington), and 8 grandchildren. Funeral services were in charge of Bro. H. R. Schertz, assisted by Bro. Ben Esch.

"The lights are gone out in his mansion of clay;
The curtain is drawn; the dweller is away;
The rocker is empty; the cane laid by;
He has gone to meet the summons on high."

Rodgers. --- Lenora, born on June 18, 1868, at Connellsville, Pa.; died June 19, 1943, at the Memorial Hospital; aged 75 y. 1 d. She was baptized and received into the mission congregation at Johnstown, Pa., Feb. 1, 1940, and remained a faithful member to the end. To know her was to love her. In her declining days we visited her often and she always appreciated Scripture reading, singing, and prayer. She had not been able to attend public services the last six months. She was afflicted with dropsy and other complications of old age. She never complained of suffering until the last day of her life. She could not read but she had a good memory and remembered the things taught her about the Christian life and God, and remembered Scripture passages. As we came to her bedside one time , she said, "Brother, do not pray for my healing, but pray to our heavenly Father to keep me faithful to the end so that I may receive a place of rest in the mansions above." Her doctor was at her bedside when she breathed her last. Her last words were, "Tell my daughter to take care of her children and train them to be good." She also gave a message for her son-in-law. She was married to Harry Rodgers who died Dec. 14, 1928. To this union was born a daughter who, with 2 grandchildren, mourns the loss of a dear one. Two sisters and other friends also mourn her departure. Funeral services were held at the Johnstown Mission on June 22, conducted by the pastor, I. S. Mast, and assisted by Bro. Shetler. Texts: Ps. 90; Rev. 20:6; Rev. 21:3, 4. Burial in the Benchoff Cemetery.

Tschudy. --- Annie M., widow of Harry Tschudy, was born March 20, 1876; died July 9, 1943, at the home of her son Ira, Hershey, Pa.; aged 67 y. 3 m. 19 d. Sister Tschudy was a member of the Elizabethtown, Pa., Mennonite Church. For the last 6 years she was unable to attend services because of the effects of a stroke. She always enjoyed the services that were held in her home. At the last service held there she sang a German song about her heavenly home. Her interest and desire were in that home. She is survived by a son (Ira), 2 daughters (Mrs. Joseph Kapp and Mrs. Ralph Kaylor), 12 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren; 2 brothers (Frank White, Binghamton, N. Y., and John White, Lititz, Pa.), a sister (Mrs. Elmer Geyer, Lancaster, Pa.). Her funeral was held at the Miller Funeral Home, Elizabethtown, Pa., July13, and at the Risser Church in charge of Noah W. Risser and Clarence E. Lutz. Text: II Tim. 4:8. Interment in Risser's Cemetery.

Jesus is our only friend
He will lead you to the end.
He is our only hope and faith
And on Him you can depend.
--- By a daughter, Mrs. Joseph Knapp.

Yoder. --- Joas O., son of the late Sam K. and Leah Yoder, was born near Belleville, Pa., April 26, 1864. He passed away at his home near Bareville, Pa., June 29, 1943; aged 79 y. 2 m. 3 d. Over three years ago he had a heart attack from which he suffered more or less, and 5 or 6 months ago he had another heart attack. From that time on he sat in his chair day and night until he peacefully passed on to be with the Lord whom he loved. He appreciated having people come and sing the old German hymns for him. He united with the Old Order Church in his younger years and remained faithful until death. On Jan. 16, 1890, he was united in marriage to Barbara Yoder. To this union were born 5 children: John P., Nancy A., Leah Z. (Mrs. Jacob H. Byler), all of Belleville; Sallie (Mrs. David Zook), Lancaster Co., Pa; Hannah R. (Mrs. Steven C. Hostetler), Reedsville, Pa. He was preceded in death by his first wife and 2 daughters, Nancy A., and Mrs. Hannah Hostetler. He was married the second time to Savilla Fisher. To this union were born 7 children: Crist S., Daniel, Amos J., Samuel K., Elisabeth, Mary, Rebekah. Surviving also are his second wife, 5 sons, 5 daughters, a brother (Shem Yoder, Reedsvile, Pa.) 3 sisters (Mrs. Rudy Byler, Mrs. Joas J. Yoder, Belleville, Pa.; Mrs. Joe Y. Kurtz, Reedsville, Pa.), 18 grandchildren, and a great-grandchild. Funeral services were held July 1 at the home of Daniel Baroll in charge of Bro. David Zook and Bro. David Fisher. Burial in the Bareville cemetery.

Peacefully sleeping, resting at last,
Life's weary trials and toils are past,
In silence he suffered, in patience he bore,
Until God called him home to suffer no more.

Transcribed by: Bethany Heilman, Florida


Gospel Herald - Vol. XXXVI, No . 20 - August 12, 1943 - page 423.

Beiler. --- Samuel, son of the late Christian and Rebecca Beiler, was born Feb. 18, 1853, in Lancaster Co., Pa., died July 22, 1943, in Chester Co., Pa.; aged 90 y. 5 m. 5 d. His death was due to gangrene, which cause him much suffering and pain. In his teens he joined the Amish Church and remained faithful until death. He was always very much interested in attending church. The last services he was able to attend were in Dec. 1942. On Jan. 18, 1878, he was united in marriage to Barbara Stoltzfus who preceded him in death, Dec. 6, 1903. To this union 4 children were born. Two preceded him in death many years ago. Surviving him are Annie (Mrs. John Stolzfus), Enos and a foster daughter, May (Mrs. Clarence Adams), with whom he resided. He is also survived by 5 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. He was of a family of 12 children. One brother died 100 years ago. He is survived by one sister, Sarah, widow of Moses Stoltzfus, Bareville, Pa. He had a kind-hearted and loving disposition and will be greatly missed in the home and by his many friends. Funeral services were held at the home of John Stoltzfus on July 24, 1943, conducted by Ira Nisly, Iowa, and Christian Glick, Gap, Pa. Interment in Beiler's Cemetery, Ronks, Pa.

Derstine. --- Miriam, daughter of Leidy and Laura (Kratz) Smith, was born Oct. 16, 1917; departed this life June 9, 1943; aged 25 y. 7 m. 23 d. On June 11, 1938, she was united in marriage to Claude N. Derstine. At the age of 14, she united with the Blooming Glen Mennonite Church and was a faithful member until death. She taught a class of girls in Sunday school as long as she was able to go to church. She was in failing health about 4 years, and was in bed nine months. She had heart and kidney trouble and high blood pressure. She was very patient in her suffering and did not complain. She was always concerned about others who were sick and outside the fold of God. She is survived by her husband and parents and a brother, Harley. An infant son preceded her in death. Funeral services were conducted at the house by A. O. Histand and at the Blooming Glen Church by Melvin Bishop and Wilson Moyer; burial in the adjoining cemetery.

"We miss you from our home, dear Miriam,
We miss you from your place.
A shadow o'er our life is cast;
We miss the sunshine of your face.
We miss your kind and loving hand,
Your fond and earnest care.
Our home is dark without you, Miriam;
We miss you everywhere."

Eby. --- Earle Eugene, son of Menno S. and Orpha Eby, was born at Ladysmith, Wis., April 17, 1935; died July 20, 1943; aged 8 y. 3 m. 3 d. He leaves to mourn his early departure, his father, mother, 3 sisters (Fannie, June, Ester May), 4 brothers (Melvin, John, Mark, Menno), grandfather and grandmother (Bro. and Sister John Eby, Clearspring, Md.), and a host of relatives and friends. His early death was caused by a runaway team while they were unloading hay. Through this experience the community is warned of the brevity of life and the great need of being ready when the Lord shall call. Funeral services were held in the Sheldon Mennonite Church, July 24, 1943, by D. L. Martin, Eli G. Hochstetler, and B. B. King. Elmer D. Hershberger conducted the surevice at the grave.

Nolt. --- Stella Z. Martin passed to her reward April 30, 1943, at her home in Ephrata after an illness of 5 months; aged 34 y. She was born Oct. 31, 1909, in Lancaster Co., Pa., the youngest daughter of Elam H. and Elizabeth Zimmerman Martin, both deceased. She was a faithful member of the Weaverland Mennonite Church. Besides her husband she is survived by 3 sons, Harold, Lester, and John, Jr., all at home; also the following brothers and sisters: Rufus Martin, Lititz, Pa.; Mrs. Jonathan Shirk, Neffsville, Pa., Jacob Martin, Lancaster, Pa.; Anna Martin and Mrs. Weaver Martin, Blue Ball, Pa.; Elam Martin, Leola, Pa. Funeral services were held at the Weaverland Mennonite Church. Interment in the adjoining cemetery.

"A loving mother, so gentle and kind,
What a wonderful memory she left behind.
Long days and long nights she bore in patience
Until God Himself, knowing what was best,
Took her home and gave her eternal rest."

Peachey. --- Jonas C., son of Gideon and Nancy Zook Peachey, was born Nov. 15, 1867; died July 26, 1943; aged 75 y. He had been failing in health from a heart condition for several years, but was critically ill only 4 days. He was a highly respected citizen who enjoyed a wide circle of friends. He was the last surviving member of the family. Dec. 17, 1895, he married Eri Peachey who preceded him in death Jan. 12, 1929. For many years they had farmed in Menno Township near White Hall. A few years ago he purchased a home in Belleville where his later years were spent and where he died. He was a faithful member of the Locust Grove Church. Surviving are 3 sons and 6 daughters: Jesse, Belleville; Phillip, at home; Milo, Strausburg, Va.; Mrs. Jonathan (Katie) Peachey; Mrs. Rudy (Naomi) Yoder; Mrs. John S. (Arie) Peachey; Misses Nannie, Mary, and Lydia, Belleville. Also surviving are 22 grandchildren. Funeral services were conducted at the Locust Grove Church by John L. Mast in German and Emanuel Peachey in English. The sermon was based on II Cor. 4:17, 18 and II Cor. 5. Burial in the Locust Grove Cemetery.

Silent thoughts bring many a tear
For one we loved and cherished here.
God took him home; it was His will,
But in our hearts he liveth still.

Yoder. --- Jacob J., son of Jacob And Barbara Miller Yoder, was born May 11, 1861, in Somerset Co., Pa. He came with his parents to Lagrange Co., Ind., when he was 2 years old. On July 31, 1943, he passed away at the home of his daughter (Mr. And Mrs. Percy Miller); aged 82 y. 2 m. 11 d. On Feb. 4, 1884, he was married to Sarah Jane Miller, Walnut Creek, Ohio. They made their home in Clay Twp., Lagrange, Ind. To this union 10 children were born; 3 died in infancy. Mother passed away Oct. 2, 1900, leaving Father with the family. The children surviving are: Henry, Hamilton, Ind.; William, Manson, Iowa; Owen, Grabill, Ind; Amon, John, Nora (Mrs. James Troyer), Artie (Mrs. Percy Miller), all of Lagrange. On June 28, 1908, he was married to Rebecca F. Huber, Elida, Ohio. Two children were taken into this home, Paul Benjamin Kyle, Pittsburgh, Pa., and Mary Yoder, Lima, Ohio. Later they moved to Elida, Ohio, where they lived for 23 years. In Jan. 1943, they came to Indiana to be with the children because of Father's failing health. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church since his youth. His place was never vacant in church when health permitted. Besides his companion and children he leaves 16 grandchildren, a foster grandson, 2 brothers (William Yoder, Topeka; Samuel Yoder, Goshen), 3 sisters (Mrs. Menno Yoder and Mrs. Josiah M. Miller, Topeka; Mrs. Mike Lambright, Shipshewana), and many other relatives and friends. His last few days were full of intense suffering. Funeral services were held at the Shore Mennonite Church, Aug. 3, 1943, in charge of D. D. Miller, Middlebury, Ind., and Otho Shenk, Elida, Ohio. Burial services in charge of Gabriel Brunk, Elida, Ohio, at the Miller Cemetery.

"All is over, hands are folded
On a quiet, peaceful breast.
All is over, pain is ended,
Now dear Father is at rest."

Yoder. --- Rhoda Ellen, youngest of nine children of Abner and Martha Ellen (Yoder) Kauffman of West Liberty, Ohio, was born Nov. 19, 1897; died in the Research Hospital, Kansas City, Mo., July 18, 1943; aged 45 y. 7 m. 29 d. Feb. 14, 1924, she was married to Ralph, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Yoder of Harrisonville, Mo., in which community they established their home. To this union 3 children were born: Ralph, who passed away when 2 years of age; Harold, who died in infancy; and Dwight, who remains. Besides husband and little son, there remain the following brothers and sisters: Blaine, Harry, Sherman, and Mabel Kauffman and Artie King, all of West Liberty, Ohio; also a brother-in-law (E. J. Yoder) and his wife; a sister-in-law (Nona), and a number of nieces and nephews. Her parents, 2 brothers, and a sister preceded her in death. She took sick July 8, and from the first her condition was critical. About a week later she was taken to the hospital where she died. In her girlhood she united with the South Union Mennonite Church near West Liberty, Ohio, and later transferred her membership to the Sycamore Grove Mennonite Church near Garden City, Mo. She was faithful to the Church, and attended whenever possible. In the home, where she was so much needed, she was a devoted wife and mother. To know her was to love her, as she was a friend to all and had a smile and kind word for everyone. Funeral services at the home were in charge of Bro. I. G. Hartzler, and at Sycamore Grove Church in charge of Bro. W. R. Hershberger assisted by Bro. J. A. Kauffman.

"We miss her kindly face;
Miss her in a thousand ways;
Miss her tender, loving care,
Miss her always, everywhere."

Yutzy. --- Noah C. was born in Garrett Co., Md., April 5, 1869; departed this life very suddenly of heart trouble at his home near Arthur, Ill., June 23, 1943; aged 74 y. 2 m. 18 d. He came to Illinios with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Christian Yutzy, in 1882. He united with the Amish Church and later while being employed in North Dakota united with the Mennonite Church at that place. In 1931 while living at Hopedale, Ill., he transferred his membership and was received as a member in the Arthur congregation. He was a regular attendant there when health permitted. He suffered much bodily affliction during his lifetime, but endured it patiently. Often in the last few years he expressed his desire and readiness to leave this world. He is survived by 2 brothers: Solomon and Daniel C., of Arthur; 2 sisters: Edith Smith, Toledo, Ohio, and Kathrine Graves, Cumberland, Md.; besides many nieces and nephews. Funeral services were conducted at the Arthur Mennonite Church in charge of H. J. King. Text: II Tim. 4:6-8. Burial in the Otto Cemetery.


Gospel Herald - Vol. XXXVI, No . 21 - August 19, 1943 - page 432.

Gehman. --- Huldah G., daughter of Warren B. and Irma M. (Goshow) Gehman, was born Feb. 20, 1932; died July 29, 1943; aged 11 y. 5 m. 9 d. Death was caused by leukemia. She was bedfast about one week. She is survived by 2 sisters and 2 brothers, also paternal and maternal grandparents and maternal great-grandfather. She was a member of the Rocky Ridge Mennonite Mission. Funeral services were held at the Franconia Mennonite Church, Aug. 1, conducted by Bro. Abram K. Landis and Bro. Arthur Ruth. Text: Mark 10:14. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

"I cannot say, and I will not say
That she is dead - she is just away!
With a cheery smile, and a wave of the hand,
She has wandered into an unknown land,
And left us dreaming - how very fair
It needs must be, since she lingers there."

Kauffman. --- Harold T., son of D. Baker and Bessie T. Kauffman, was born Aug. 10, 1918; died July 4, 1943; aged 24 years. Besides his parents he is survived by 3 brothers and a sister: Chester T., Manheim, Pa.; Morris T., Landisville, Pa.; James R., U.S. Army Camp Livingston, La.; Mary Jane, at home. Harold had been serving in a C.P.S. camp at Terry, Mont. On July 4, he met with sudden death when struck by a transcontinental train that passed close by the Terry Camp on the Northern Pacific Railroad. The body was found near the outskirts of Terry and was taken to the local undertaker where the coroner pronounced the death accidental. After services at the camp, July 8, the body was shipped to his home. Harold was a very conscientious Christian. He lived close to his Lord. He was very active in the work of the Church and was always willing to do his share. Before he was called to camp he taught a class of young men of his own age in Sunday school. We shall never know on this side of eternity why his Lord called him home so early in life. Funeral services were held at the Landisville Mennonite Church, July 12. Bro. Henry Lutz preached. Text: Rom. 8:18. Interment in the Silver Springs Cemetery.

"You - O you, who the wildest yearn
For the old-time step, and the glad return,
Think of him faring on, as dear
In the love of There, as the love of Here;
Think of him still as the same, I say.
He is not dead; he is just away!"

Kennel. --- Harold Leroy, son of Isaac G. and Priscilla (Kauffman) Kennel, Parkesburg, Pa., was born Feb. 12, 1928; died July 23, 1943; aged 15 y. 5 m. 11 d. He was accidentally killed by a bull while he was engaged in cleaning out his stall. He was found dead by his father in the bull's stall. The animal had been doubly tied and no one will ever know how he became untied. Harold is survived by his father and mother, 2 brothers (Aquila, Lancaster, Pa., Elam, at home), a sister (Ruth, at home), and a foster sister (Arlene Seitz); also a niece, his maternal grandparents (Benjamin and Mary Kauffman, Parkesburg), and a host of relatives and friends. Two brothers and a sister preceded him in death. He was a loving and obedient lad, and his greatest pleasure was to make someone else happy. He was largely depended upon to do the farm work. He attended the Lancaster Mennonite School last winter. Funeral services were held Monday, July 26, at the home at one o'clock in charge of M. S. Stolzfus and at the Maple Grove Church at 2 o'clock, conducted by Bros. Leroy Stolzfus, Paul Graybill, and Christian Kurtz. Text: Prov. 23:17, 18; James 4:14. More than 1,100 people attended the funeral. Interment in the adjoining cemetery.

"No one heard the footsteps of the angel drawing near,
Who took from earth to heaven the one we loved so dear.
No one knows the silent heartache, only we who lost can tell,
Of the grief that's born in silence for the one we loved so well."

--- The Family.

Shenk. --- Barbara A., daughter of the late Aaron and Barbara (Risser) Hess, was born Oct. 28, 1888; died July 7, 1943; aged 54 years. She was united in marriage to Jacob H. Shenk. Eight children were born to this union: Aaron H., Lancaster; Martin, Manheim, Pa.; Suie (wife of Aldus Baum), Lancaster; Samuel, Lincoln, Neb.; Henry, Jamaica Isl.; Frances and Blanche, at home. Seven grandchildren and the following brothers and sisters survive also; Milton Hess, Brunnerville, Pa.; Elias Hess, Bareville, Pa.; Aaron Hess, New Holland, Pa.; Mrs. Samuel Lindemuth, Mt. Joy, Pa.; Mrs. Mary Douple, Lancaster, Pa.; Wayne Hess, Rothsville, Pa. Two sisters preceded her in death. She died very suddenly in the Lancaster General Hospital, where she had gone for observation upon the advice of her physician. She was a faithful member of the Hernley Mennonite Church where funeral services were conducted July 10, by Bros. Henry Lutz and Abram Risser. She had chosen as her text, Prov. 27:1.

"We miss your kind and loving hand,
Your fond and earnest care.
Our home is dark without you, Mother.
We miss you everywhere."


Gospel Herald - Vol. XXXVI, No . 22 - August 26, 1943 - page 463.

Cordell. --- Infant child of Robert and Lillian Cordell, Pond Band, Pa., is survived by parents and grandparents, 2 sisters, and 2 brothers. Burial in Mt. Zion Cemetery, July 19, with short services at the home by Harvey E. Shank.

Cordell. --- Samuel P. was born near Ft. Loudon, Pa., and lived near Waynesboro, Pa., since 1907; died at the home of his son Frank in Pond Bank, Aug. 8, 1943; aged 68 y. 9 m. 12 d. He was a painter by trade. In his last sickness, a few months ago, he called for the pastor of the church of his choice (the Lutheran), and was baptized and united with that church. A little later he again called his pastor and observed the communion service. He is survived by a son (Frank, Pond Bank); 4 grandchildren; 2 sisters (Mrs. Gates, Greencastle, and Mrs. Bittinger, Chambersburg); and a brother (Tell Cordell, Greencastle). Funeral services were held Aug. 11 at the home of his son in Pond Bank and at the Mt. Zion Church near Mont Alto by H. F. Coffelt and Harvey E. Shank. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

Glick. --- Annie, daughter of the late David and Katie Glick, died June 27, 1943; aged 67 y. 7 m. 4 d. She was afflicted with dropsy and a heart condition which caused her death. She was a member of the Amish Church which she joined when in her fifties. She will be missed by her brothers and sisters who took care of her, but death is her eternal gain. Surviving are 3 brothers, 4 sisters, nieces, a nephew, and other relatives. Her parents, 2 brothers, and a sister preceded her in death. Funeral services were held at the home of her sister (Mrs. John Allgyers, Gap, Pa.), conducted by David S. Glick and David K. Glick. Interment in Beiler's Cemetery, Ronks, Pa.

"Annie's journey here is ended;
She is now among the blest.
Within the golden gates of heaven,
With her Saviour she's at rest."

--- A Cousin.

Good. --- Daniel B., son of the late Christian and Hannah Burkhart Good, was born Feb. 21, 1869; died July 30, 1943; aged 74 y. 5 m. 9 d. He had not been well for some time. Four days before death he had a stroke. His companion preceded him in death April, 1935. Also a son and a daughter preceded him in death. The following children survive: Hannah (Mrs. Aaron Wise), East Earl, Pa.; Christian, Stevens, Pa.; Alice (Mrs. Joseph Eberly), East Earl, at whose home he died; Anna (Mrs. Amos Horning), Terre Hill; Norman, East Earl; Emma (Mrs. David Sensenig), Terre Hill. Also surviving are 36 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren, and 2 sisters (Mrs. Frank Keiffer, Narvon; Mrs. Samuel Reifsnyder, Elverson). Funeral services were held Aug. 2, at he home by David Weaver; at the Weaverland Mennonite Church by Aaron Weaver and Paul Graybill. Interment in the adjoining cemetery.

Father's chair is vacant,
And his voice is stilled;
But his place over yonder
Now is being filled.

Imhoff. --- Jacob, son of John and Mary Imhoff, was born near Metamora, Ill., Nov. 9, 1878; died at his home in Washington, Ill., July 2, 1943; aged 64 y. 7 m. 23 d. He spent his boyhood days in the vicinity of his birth, later moving with his parents to a farm near Lowpoint, Ill. Feb. 9, 1904, he united in marriage with Katie Schertz, Washington, Ill. To this union were born 4 children. Surviving are his companion and 3 children (Tilman, Glenwood, Orvetta, all of Washington, Ill.), 2 grandchildren, 3 brothers, and 3 sisters (John, Roanoke, Ill.; Chris, Eureka; Samuel, Lowpoint; Mrs. D. H. Schertz, Eureka; Mrs. P. B. Schrock, Lowpoint; and Mrs. H. R. Schertz, Metamora). In 1935 he retired from active farming and moved to Washington. Although tentatively retired, he found much satisfaction in keeping employed in work that gave him an opportunity to contact the public. He was engaged in this work the day of his death. Arriving at his home the evening of July 2, he complained of a slight pain in his chest. After eating the evening meal as usual, he retired to an adjoining room to lie down to rest. In a short while he passed away. In youth he accepted Christ as his Saviour, united with the Metamora Mennonite Church, remaining a faithful member until death. His faithful attendance at church services and his interest in the work of the Church and Sunday school were much appreciated and gave evidence of his spiritual life and experience. His cheerful and sympathetic disposition won the admiration of all who knew him. He will be greatly missed in the home, the Church, and the community.

"The call was sudden, the shock severe.
We little thought the end so near;
And only those who have lost can tell
The loss of loved ones without farewell."

Rhodes. --- Rhoda Elizabeth Rhodes, daughter of the late John C. and Mary Payne Wenger, was born near Dayton Va., Dec. 15, 1876, where she spent her entire life. She was baptized upon confession of faith in early life and was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church until death. She was married to R. C. Rhodes, also of Dayton. To this union 4 children were born: Mrs. Mary Shank, Mt. Clinton, Va.; Mrs. Mable Keser, D.T. Rhodes, and Willie Rhodes, all of near Dayton. They also had one foster daughter, Mrs. Hazel Sandy Hanger, Harrisonburg. She was in failing health for a number of years. Although her husband and family fondly provided all the care medical science has to offer, the improvement she made seemed only temporary. Her illness was due to a condition of the spine and backbone. She cheerfully bore untold suffering. For eleven weeks she was suspended in the middle of her body with a weight to her head and to her feet. The source of her strength was very evident for the Bible she used bears the markings of many cherished promises. Her life of abundant love has taught us many lessons for it was rich in deeds of mercy and kindness. The funeral was held at Weaver's Mennonite Church, Harrisonburg, Va. Services were conducted by Bros. Henry Keener, Joseph Hostetter, and Amos Martin. Interment was in the adjoining cemetery.

Our tears could not heal you,
Though love did its best.
Now Jesus in mercy
Has given you rest.

Stolzfus. --- Linda, daughter of John H. and Priscilla (Mast) Stolzfus, was born near Morgantown, Pa., March 23, 1905; died Aug. 3, 1943; aged 38 y. 4 m. 11 d. She united with the Conestoga Mennonite Church in her youth. Nov. 29, 1929, she was united in marriage to Moses Stolzfus, Morgantown, Pa. To this union were born 5 children: Irene, Naomi, Hilda Ruth, Clayton J. who lived only one day, and Miriam. Besides the 4 children surviving, she is also survived by her parents and the following brothers and sisters: Mrs. J. A. King, Walter, Christian, and Amanda, Joanna, Pa.; Mrs. Ruth S. Stauffer, Harrisonburg, Va.; Mrs. Milford Hertzler, Elverson, Pa.; Mrs. Jacob E. Martin, Jr., Marion, Pa. She suffered much from a tumor in the hip the last year, but she was very patient and submissive to the Father's will. Funeral services were conducted Aug. 6, at the home by Leroy Stolzfus, scripture: I Thess. 4:13-18; and at the Conestoga Church by J. S. Mast, Omar Kurtz, and Christian Kurtz, text: Heb. 4:9. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

Since it is God's holy will
We must be parted for awhile,
In sweet submission all in one
We'll say, "Our Father's will be done."

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