Gospel Herald Obituaries - February, 1991

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Gospel Herald - Volume 84, Number 6 - February 5, 1991- page 14.

Good, Aaron S., 87, Knoxville, Tenn. Born: Feb. 23, 1903, to Emmanuel and Emma (Shenk) Good. Died: Oct, 31, 1990, at Newton, Kan. Survivors-wife: Elizabeth M. Good; children: Lowell, Marvin, Dorthea, Bertha, Ellen; 13 grandchildren; 17 great-grandchildren; brother: Noah. Funeral and burial: Nov. 5, Salem Mennonite Church, Elida, Ohio, by Merlin Good and Kenneth Good.

Jantzi, Emmanuel, 57, Wellesley, Ont. Born: Sept. 6, 1933, to Amos and Nancy (Gerber) Jantzi. Died: Jan. 11, 1991. Survivors-wife: Loreen Zehr; children: Larry, Sandra, Keith; sisters: Mary Lichti, Eva Albrecht. Funeral and burial: Jan. 14, Mapleview Mennonite Church by Victor Dorsch.

Kipfer, Ross, 49, Kitchener, Ont. Born: to Elmer and Annie Kipfer. Died: Jan. 6, 1991. Survivors-wife: Sharon MacKenzie; children: Randy, David; 2 grandchildren; brothers: Gary and Richard; mother. Funeral and burial: Jan. 9, First Mennonite Church by Brice Balmer.

Mast, Morris, 50, State College, Pa. Born: Dec. 8, 1940, Kalona, Iowa, to Henry and Wilma (Yoder) Mast. Died: Jan. 9, 1991. Survivors-wife: Rebecca Ann Brown; children: Katharine Shreiner and Randall; brother and sister: Clifford Mast, Ada Hallman; father and step-mother: Hazel Gingerich Mast. Membership: University Mennonite Church. Funeral: Jan. 12, by Ed and Kathrine Rempel and Robert Shriener, Sr.

Ober, Viola G., 92, Elizabethtown, Pa. Born: June 28, 1898, Manheim Twp., Pa., to Jacob and Emma (Crist) Redcay. Died: Dec. 23, 1990. Survivors-daughter: Erma Shenk; 2 randchildren; 3 great-grandchildren; brothers and sisters: Leroy, Earl, Robert, Melvin, Lottie Morehead. Predeceased by husband (Robert B. Ober). Membership: Landis Valley Mennonite Church. Funeral: Dec. 27 by Lester M. Hoover and George M. Hurst.

Roth, Martha, 88, Kalona, Iowa. Born: Mar. 16, 1902, Seward Co., Neb., to Daniel and Anna (Erb) Schweitzer. Died: Jan. 11, 1991. Survivors-7 grandchildren; 17 great-grandchildren; brothers and sisters: Agnes Steckly, Estella Schweitzer, Orval, Dan. Predeceased by Benjamin J. Roth (husband), 2 sons (Merton and Raymond), one daughter Elaine Eash). Funeral: Jan. 12, Kalona Mennonite Church by David Groh and Ken Steckly. Burial: Sugar Creek Mennonite Cemetery.

Shenk, Hattie M., 93, Elida, Ohio. Born: Aug. 24, 1897, West Liberty, Ohio, to Daniel and Barbara (Huber) King. Died: Dec. 12, 1990. Surviving-children: Paul D., Mark, Clayton, Luella Layman; 10 grandchildren; 17 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by Otho B. Shenk (husband). Funeral: Dec. 19, by Larry Rohrer. Burial: Salem Cemetery.

Swartzendruber, Urie, 94, Kalona, Iowa. Born: Oct 6, 1896, to Christian P. and Annie (Swartzendruber) in Iowa Co., Iowa. Died: Jan. 3, 1991. Survivors-children: Audrey Hochstetler, Fern Eash, Mary Lois, Dale; 12 grandchildren; 23 great-grandchildren; 4 step- children: Ruth Brenneman, Mary Etta Mayward, Fanni Birky, and Kenneth Marner; 17 stepgrandchildren; 14 step-great-grandchildren. Predeceased by Norma Kinsinger (first wife) and Sadie Marner (second wife). Funeral: Jan. 7, Kalona Mennonite Church by David Groh Burial: West Union Cemetery.

Weaver, Ernest E., 64, Hartvlle, Ohio. Born: Mar. 29, 1926, in Indiana to William M. and Fannie (Stutzman) Weaver. Died: Dec. 29, 1990. Survivors-wife: Mabel Schlabach; children: Marvin, Thomas, Steven, Timothy, Ruth Miller, Rebecca Lubbers, Pauline Webb, Deborah Hough, Leona Sommers, Janet, Anita; 21 grandchildren; mother. Funeral: Dec. 29, Maple Grove Mennonite Church by Herman Weaver, Jr., and Joseph Yoder. Burial: Walnut Grove Cemetery.

Yoder, Ida E., 94, Berlin, Ohio. Born: 1896, Holmes Co., Ohio, to S. D. and Mary (Miller) Miller. Died: Dec. 8, 1990. Survivors-children: Mary Hummel, Geneva Mullet, Gladys Mast, Carl, Vera Boyd, Mabel Rottman, Betty Ebersole, Judy Stutzman; 29 grandchildren; 68 great- grandchildren. Predeceased by Lincoln Yoder husband) and an infant son. Funeral and burial: Dec. 11, Berlin Mennonite Church by Leon Shrock and Phil Ebersole.


Gospel Herald - Volume 84, Number 7 - February 12, 1991 - page 15.

Bast, Rosetta, 74, Ontario. Born: July 17, 1919, Blandford Twp., Ont., to Aaron R and Barbara (Jantzi) Helmuth. Died: Jan. 14, 1991. Survivors-children: Floris Kristoff, Harry, Iris Wagner; 6 grandchildren; brothers and sisters: Ruby Schmidt, Magdalene Einwechter, Bill Helmuth. Predeceased by John Bast (husband). Funeral and burial: Jan. 17, Steinmann Mennonite Church by Vernon Zehr and Fred Lichti.

Blank, Harvey M., Sr., 86, Franconia, Pa. Born: Mar. 8, 1904, to Oliver and Katie Musselman) Blank. Died: Jan. 16, 1991. Survivors-wife: Estella N. Stoudt; children: Margaret B. Mayer, Betty B. Landis, Alverda B. Kolb, Grace B. Haberle, Timothy D.; 23 grandchildren; 35 great- grandchildren. Predeceased by Harvey, Jr. (son). Funeral and burial: Jan. 19, Franconia Mennonite Church, by Paul M. Lederach and Floyd M. Hackman.

Denlinger, Lillian E., 103, Lancaster, Pa. Born: Apr. 7, 1887, to John M. and Telitha (Kreider) Eby. Died: Jan. 20, 1991. Survivors-children: J. Lester, Marvin E., Ruth E. Osborne, Helen T. Hess, Edythe F. Huber. Predeceased by John M. Denlinger (husband). Funeral: Jan. 23, Paradise Mennonite Church, by Clair B. Eby and Harold K Book. Burial: Mellinger's Mennonite Cemetery.

Eby, Keith Elgin, 56, Kitchener, Ont. Born: Mar. 12, 1934, to Edwin and Ida (Diefenbacher) Eby. Died: Dec. 25, 1990. Funeral: Dec. 28, Stirling Avenue Mennonite Church, by Paul Martin and Douglas Blundell. Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery.

Erb, Doris Marie, 61, Halstead, Kan. Born: May 20, 1929, Garden City, Mo., to Elmer and Golda Hershberger. Died: Jan. 21, 1991. Survivors-husband: John Erb; children: Dwight, Janet Purinton, Julie; 3 grandchildren; sister and brother: Jary Ann Payne, Frank. Funeral: Jan. 24, Hesston Inter-Mennonite Fellowship, by Lloyd Zook and Waldo E. Miller: Burial: East Lawn, Hesston.

Fitzgerald, James, Sr., 53, Waynesboro, Va. Born: May 12, 1937, to Arthur and Hannah P. Phillips) Fitzgerald. Died: Dec. 23, 1990. Survivors-wife: Mary Fitzgerald. Children: James C., Jr., Douglas; 6 brothers, 3 sisters. Membership: Waynesboro Mennonite Church. Burial: Dec. 27, Augusta Memorial Park, by Stanlee D. Kauffman and Charles Ramsey.

Gingerich, Amos, 94, Kitchener, Ont. Born: Feb. 2, 1896, Peel Twp., Ont. Died: Jan. 7, 1991. Survivors-sons: Leonard, Mervin; 6 grandchildren; 7 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by Susanna Gingerich (wife). Funeral and burial: Jan. 10, St. Jacobs Mennonite Church, by Sue C. Steiner.

Hershey, Margie, 80, Lititz, Pa. Born: to John W. and Lizzie (Burkholder) Hess. Died: Jan. 2, 1991. Survivors-husband: Elmer S. Hershey; son: Dale H.; brothers and sisters: Joseph B., James B., Simon B., Emma, Sara H. Funeral: Jan. 5, Lititz Mennonite Church, by J. Clair Hollinger and Donald Good. Burial: Hess Mennonite Cemetery.

Hofstetter, Bertha B., 72, Walnut Creek, Ohio. Born: Aug. 9, 1918, Wooster, Ohio, to Franklin P. and Violet (Messner) Short. Died: Jan. 18, 1991. Survivors-sisters and brothers: Gladys Porter, Grace Hooley, Pauline Miller, Henrietta Yenne, Nevin, Frank and James. Predeceased by Clyde Hofstetter (husband). Funeral and burial: Jan. 21, Kidron Mennonite Church, by Bill Detweiler and Enid Schloneger.

Mast, Lester W., 96, Millersburg, Ohio. Born: Aug. 28, 1894, Holmes Co., Ohio, to Aaron and Sarah (Miller) Mast. Died: Jan. 15, 1991. Survivors-wife; Ada Hershberger; children: Marian Neilson, Lorell; 7 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Jan. 18, Walnut Creek Mennonite Church, by Ross A. Miller, Paul R. Miller, and Dwight Mason.

Metzler, Nicole Renee, 3 months, Wakarusa, Ind. Born: Oct. 9, 1990, to Mike and Beth (Kurtz) Metzler. Died Jan. 10, 1991. Survivors-parents; sister: Amanda. Funeral and burial: Jan. 12, Yellow Creek Mennonite Church, by Wes Bontreger and Larry Kurtz.

Ruth, Lizzie Mae, 85, Lansdale, Pa. Born: Jan. 7, 1906, to Sylvanus and Lizzie (Nyce) Kratz; Died: Jan. 16, 1991. Survivors-children: John K., Mary Mingledorff; 3 grandchildren; 7 great- grandchildren; sisters and brothers: Esther Landis, Martha, Wayne. Predeceased by John L. Ruth (husband). Funeral and burial: Jan. 19, Line Lexington Mennonite Church, by Lowell H. Delp and John Ruth.

Snave1y, Anna L., 89, Lititz, Pa. Born: to Benjamin and Lydia (Lefever) Denlinger. Died: Jan. 12, 1991. Survivors-daughter: Marie. Predeceased by Abram L Snavely (husband). Funeral: Jan 15, Lititz Mennonite Church. Burial: Mellinger Cemetery.

Thomas, Leon M., 66, Lancaster, Pa. Born: Aug. 20, 1924, to Amos and Martha Myer) Thomas. Died: Dec. 23, 1990. Survivors-Jean Miller (wife); children: Warren, Everett, Lowell, Greta Edgel, Gretchen; 6 grandchildren; sisters: Lois A., Rhoda E. Buchen, Miriam M. Burkholder. Predeceased by Nadine (daughter). Funeral: Dec. 29, Neffsville Mennonite Church, by Linford King and Paul Dagen. Burial: New Danville Mennonite Cemetery.

Yoder, Bertha M., 76, Lewistown, Pa. Born: Oct. 12, 1914, to Rudy and Mary (Peachey) Yoder. Died: Dec. 17, 1990. Survivors-children: Melissa Yoder, Joy Eversole, Gladys Goodman; 2 grandchildren; sisters and brothers: Ruth, Minnie Zook, Percy, Catherine, Mark R. Predeceased by Jacob L Yoder (husband). Funeral and burial: Dec. 20, Locust Grove Mennonite Church, by Max Zook and Guy Rocker.

Yoder, Saloma B., 87, Belleville, Pa. Born: Apr. 6, 1903, to Samuel S. and Mary A. (Kauffman) Yoder. Died: Dec. 17, 1990. Survivors-children: Emmanuel M., John S., Steve C., Raymond D., Isiah, Mary Byler, Ruth Baker; 17 grandchildren, 31 great-grandchildren; brother: Emmanuel J.; half-sisters: Katie Mohler, Amanda Kauffman. Predeceased by John P. Yoder (husband). Funeral and burial: Dec. 21, Locust Grove Mennonite Church, by Max Zook and Erie Renno.

Young, Eva L., 90, Souderton, Pa. Born: May 29, 1900, to Jacob and Mary (Lewis) Springer. Died: Jan. 13, 1991, Souderton, Pa. Survivors-children: Irene Metz, Mary Ziegler, Buelah Alderfer; 10 grandchildren; 21 great-grandchildren; sister and brothers: Edna L. Moyer, Jacob L., Henry L. Predeceased by Benjamin B. Young (husband), Benjamin Ray (son). Funeral: Jan. 17, Souderton Mennonite Homes Chapel, by Paul M. Lederach, Floyd M. Hackman, Russell M. Detweiler. Burial: Franconia Cemetery.


Gospel Herald - Volume 84, Number 8 - February 19, 1991 - page 15.

Amstutz, Lovina S., 85, Orrville, Ohio. Born: Feb. 20, 1905, to Samuel and Lydia (Moser) Steiner. Died: Jan. 25, 1991. Survivors-daughter: Frances Yoder; 4 grandchildren; sisters: Esther Stauffer, Verna Schmucker. Predeceased by Allen L. Amstutz (husband). Funeral and burial: Jan. 28, Martin's Mennonite Church by Vincent Frey.

Burkholder, Ada Catherine, 85, Harrisonburg, Va. Born: Nov. 9, 1905, to Newton and Emma (Landes) Burkholder. Died: Dec. 31, 1990. Survivors-brother: Robert. Funeral and burial: Jan. 3, Weavers Mennonite Church by Glendon Blosser, Mike Martin, Herman Ropp.

Coffman, H. Amos., 79, Coatesville, Pa. Born: Dec. 22, 1911, Dayton, Va. Died: Jan. 27, 1991. Survivors-wife: Martha K. Kauffman; children: Ella M. Coffinan, Irvin J., Milton A., Norman B., Julia F. Schlabach, Alma R. Coffman, Joseph W.; 11 grandchildren; one great-grandchild; brothers and sisters: Robert J., Samuel S., Paul E., David A., Sarah E. Campbell, Naomi Swartz, Phoebe F. Coffman. Predeceased by Naomi Blosser (first wife). Funeral: Jan. 29, Maple Grove, Akron, Pa., and Jan. 31, Park View, Harrisonburg, Va., by Owen Burkholder, Luke S. Martin, Glendon Blosser. Burial: Bank Mennonite Cemetery.

Correction: There were several errors in the obituary of H. Amos Coffman in the Feb. 19 issue. He was from Atglen, Pa., not Coatesville. The address for the Maple Grove Church should be Atglen, Pa., not Akron.

Detweiler, Sarah, 88, Kalona, Iowa. Born: Mar. 31, 1902, to Daniel and Salina (Marner) Slaubaugh. Died: Jan. 10, 1991. Survivors-husband: Clarence Detweiler; children: Marion, Wallace, Trula Zimmerly, Marjorie Miller; 15 grandchildren; 6 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by Cecil (son). Funeral and burial: Jan. 14, West Union Mennonite Church by Merv Birky.

Glick, Kirk E., 24, Smoketown, Pa. Born: Dec. 10, 1966, to John L. and Mary K. (Byers) Glick. Died: Jan. 24, 1991, of bone cancer. Survivors-parents; brother: J. Scott; sister: Cynthia Wissler; grandparents: Jacob A. and Katie E. Glick and Phares and Pearl Byers. Funeral: Jan. 28, Forest Hills Mennonite Church by J. Lester Graybill and Mark R. Wenger; burial at Mellinger Mennonite Cemetery.

Kropf, Orvie David, 93, Tucson, Ariz. Born: Mar. 6, 1897, Garden City, Mo., to David D. and Catherine R. (Mayer) Kropf. Died: Jan. 11, 1991. Survivors-daughter: Evelyn Bearly; 5 grandchildren; 8 great-grandchildren; one great-great-grandchild; sisters: Mary Yoder, Ann Ropp. Predeceased by Edna Maye Zimmerman (wife), Willis E. (son). Funeral: Jan. 16, Sycamore Grove Mennonite Church by Dennis Ernest; burial: Clearfork Cemetery.

Kuhns, Lawrence Frank, 78, Wellman, Iowa. Born: Dec. 2, 1912, at Thurman, Colo., to Henry and Maggie (Ernst) Kuhns. Died: Jan. 21, 1991, of a heart attack. Survivors-children: Jaunita Seward, Robert, Fern Yoder, Erma Statler, Shirley Patterson; 15 grandchildren; 2 stepgrandchildren; 16 great-grandchildren; brother and sisters: L. John, Mary Hoffman, Lucille Kempf, Laura Miller. Predeceased by Verna Beckler (wife). Funeral and burial: Jan. 24, Wellman Mennonite Church by Dan Johnston and Eugene Blosser.

Sauder, Paul N., 78, Akron, Pa. Born: May 30, 1912, to Noah N. and Barbara (Sensenig) Sauder. Died: Jan. 1, 1991. Survivors-wife: Elizabeth Weaver; children: Helen Reinford, Sandra J. McNally; 5 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren; sisters and brother: Elva Rutt, Anna, Ruth Denlinger, Elizabeth Eshleman, Isaac L. Funeral and burial: Jan. 5, New Holland Mennonite Church by Frank E. Shirk and Clyde G. Kratz.

Shank, Vada, 88, Harrisonburg, Va. Born: Sept. 19, 1902, to G. Ben and Frances (Rhodes) Swartz. Died: Jan. 19, Newport News, Va. Survivors-husband: Wade H. Shank; children: Orval, Evonne Showalter; 7 grandchildren; 14 great-grandchildren; sisters: Mary Coffman, Frances Layman. Funeral and burial: Jan. 22, Weavers Mennonite Church by Joseph C. and Edith Shenk.

Speerly, Lola R., 60, Morton, Ill. Born: Oct. 4, 1930, Minier, Ill. to Aaron and Naomi (Atkins) Springer. Died: Jan. 25, 1991, Peoria, Ill., from injuries from a traffic accident. Survivors- husband: Ralph Calvin Speerly; daughters: Terry Coppenbarger, Jodi Greenan; 3 grandchildren; sisters and brother: Lela Stalter, Dorothy Smucker, Ralph. Funeral: Jan. 30, First Mennonite Church of Morton, Ill., by Glen and Thelma Horner. Burial: Hillcrest Memory Gardens.


Gospel Herald - Volume 84, Number 9 - February 26, 1991 - page 15.

Brubacher, Sylvester, 73, Elmira, Ont. Born: Mar. 24, 1917, to Levi and Amanda (Brubacher) Brubacher. Died: Jan. 8, 1991, Kitchener, Ont., of a heart attack. Survivors-brothers and sisters: Elias, Amos, Linda Brubacher, Sue Weber. Predeceased by Emily Warner (wife). Funeral: Jan. 10, Elmira, Ont, by Mary Schiedel. Burial: Prospect Cemetery.

Eigsti, Marcia, 37, Eureka, Ill. Born: Apr. 17, 1953, Kewanee, Ill., to Joe and Jean (Litwiller) Eigsti. Died: Jan. 30, 1991, Eureka, Ill. Survivors-parents; brothers and sister: Eldon, Calvin, Ronna Roth; grandmother: Verna Litwiller. Memorial services and burial: Feb. 1, Maple Lawn Homes, Eureka, Ill., by Robert Harnish, and on Feb. 3, Willow Springs Mennonite Church by Alton Horst.

Gahman, Miriam Y., 55, Blooming Glen, Pa. Born: June 9, 1935, to William L. and Ida (Yoder) Alderfer. Died: Jan. 27, 1991, of cancer. Survivors-husband: G. Edward Gahman; children: Connie Lynn, Don Edward; 3 grandchildren; sister and brother: Ethel Clemmer, Claude Y. Alderfer. Funeral and burial: Jan. 31, Blooming Glen Mennonite Church by Robert L Shreiner, Truman H. Brunk, Gerald A. Clemmer.

Gingrich, Doris, 64, Waterloo, Ont. Born: Aug. 19, 1926, to Herbert and Irene Burkhart. Died: Feb. 2, 1991, at Kitchener, Ont. Survivors-husband: Leonard Gingrich; children: Gary, Marlin, Wendy Bayne, and Kevin; 6 grandchildren; sisters and brothers: Vila Bowman, Ruby Martin, Martha Weber, Ellen Martin, Homer, Roy, Wayne. Funeral and burial: Feb. 4, St. Jacobs Mennonite Church by Sue C. Steiner and Arnold Cressman.

Herr, Ada G., 102, Elizabethtown, Pa. Born: Sept. 27, 1888, to Amos R. and Katie (Gish) Herr. Died: Jan. 8, 1991. Survivors-brother: Ralph G. Funeral and burial: Jan 12, Rissers Mennonite Church by Donald Pickell, Gerald Heistand, Ralph Ginder, Eugene Zimmerman.

Longenecker, Anna G., 74, Lancaster, Pa. Born: July 7, 1916, to Ira and Ellen (Garber) Longenecker Died: Dec. 30, 1990. Survivors-sister: Miriam Fisher. Funeral and burial: Jan. 4, Bossler Mennonite Church by Fred M. Garber, Robert L. Shreiner, J. Herbert Fisher.

Martin, Lydia Florence, 100, Valparaiso, Ind. Born: Aug. 13, 1890, Hopedale, Ill., to John and Anna (Riggenbaugh) Egli. Died: Dec. 12, 1990. Survivors-children: Ada Gingerich, Ellen Mast, Lillian Steinhilber, Verda Proctor, Lina Dominick, Evelyn Oswald, Mary Rogowski, Harold, Paul, Edgar, Ben, Victor; 62 grandchildren, 160 great-grandchildren, 66 great-great-granchildren; sister: Mabel Nafziger. Predeceased by Arthur Martin (husband), 3 daughters, one son. Funeral and burial: Dec. 24, Hopewell Mennonite Church by Jerry Kandel and Jay Birkey.

Roth, Joseph Ellis, 77, Tofield, Alta. Born: May 7, 1913, to Valentine and Lydia (Stauffer) Roth. Died: Dec. 27, 1990. Survivors-wife: Fern Stutzman; childen: Faye Friesen, Pat Detwiler, Richard; 12 grandchildren; sisters: Martha Sitler, Grace Lehman, Florence King. Funeral and burial: Jan. 1, 1991, Salem Mennonite Church by Levi Smoker and Paul Voegtlin.

Schweitzer, Wilbur John, 60, Lincoln, Neb. Born: Feb. 28, 1930, Cairo, Neb., to John and Matilda (Stutzman) Schweitzer. Died: Jan. 31, 1991, of heart failure during heart surgery. Survivors-wife: Merna Jean Stutzman; children: Jan Chatterji, Lyn McCullough, Jody, Andy; 6 grandchildren; brothers and sisters: Mertyon, Lester, Royden, Alarion, Esther Miller, Naomi Beckler. Funeral and burial: Feb. 4, East Fairview Mennonite Church by Bill Saltzman and Lloyd Gingerich.

Swartzentruber, John, 96, Goshen, Ind. Born: Feb. 24, 1894, Shipshewana, Ind., to Ephraim and Sophia (Emmert) Swartzentruber. Died: Jan. 29, 1991. Survivors-children: Edna Hochstetler, Mervin, Paul; 12 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren; sister: Amanda Eash. Predeceased by Ruth Irene Esch (wife) and Harold (son). Funeral: Feb. 1, Yoder-Culp Funeral Home by Harvey Chupp and Russell Krabill. Burial: Crace Lawn Cemetery, Middlebury, Ind.

Transcribed by Ralph Shetler, Oregon.

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