Gospel Herald Obituaries - September, 1991

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Gospel Herald - Volume 84, Number 35 - September 3, 1991 - page 14.

Jantzi, Magdalene Jutzi, 94, Zurich, Ont. Born: June 3, 1897, to John B. and Elizabeth (Jantzi) Jutzi. Died: July 5, 1991, Exeter, Ont. Survivors-children: Laverne, Albert; brother: Rudy; 5 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Noah S. Jantzi (husband) and Clarine (child). Funeral: July 9, Steinman Mennonite Church, by Fred Lichti, Ephraim Gingerich, and Elmer Schwartzentruber. Burial: Steinman Church Cemetery.

King, Kenneth, 64, Archbold, Ohio. Born: Feb. 21, 1927, Wauseon, Ohio, to Simon and Estie (Wyse) King. Died: July 10, 1991, Toledo, Ohio, from complications due to open-heart surgery. Survivors-wife: Rhoda Frey; children: J. Randall, Gregory Dale, Krist Drue, Nick Alex, Pansy Marie Sheats, Laurita Fay King, Cornela Sue; brothers and sister: Willard, Lawrence, Lester, Ada Miller; 18 grandchildren. Funeral: July 13, West Clinton Mennonite Church, by James W. Roynon, Earl Sheats, Dan King, and Edward Diener. Burial: Pettisville Cemetery.

Kopp, Frances Risser, 89. Born: Oct. 1, 1901, to Gabriel R. and Lizzie N. (Stauffer) Risser. Died: June 29, 1991, Mount Joy, Pa., of heart failure. Survivor-sister: Elizabeth Risser. Predeceased by: Leroy G. Kopp (husband). Funeral: July 3, Erisman Mennonite Church, by Howard Witmer, Andrew Miller, and Norman Shenk. Burial: Mount Tunnel Cemetery.

Lederman, Ruby Ruth, 78, Mendon, Mich. Born: Aug. 16, 1912, Shipshewana, Ind., to John and Edna (Eash) Haarer. Died: July 21, 1991, Three Rivers, Mich., of natural causes. Survivors-husband: David Lederman; children: Betty Anderson, Miriam Vincent, Paul, William, Bob, Thomas Persons (foster son); 15 grandchildren, 2 stepgrandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren; brother and sister: Orpha McLallin, Charles. Funeral: July 24, Locust Grove Mennonite Church, by William Hooley. Burial: Shore Cemetery.

Lehman, Cleo L. Weldy, 66, Elkhart, Ind. Born: May 11, 1925, Wakarusa, Ind. Died: June 27, 1991, Elkhart, Ind. Survivors-husband: Russell Lehman; children: Gloria Reynolds, Dean R., Bruce L.; sisters and brother: Vera F. Weldy, Mary Ellen Derksen, Dale E.; 3 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: June 30, Yellow Creek Mennonite Church, by Wes Bontreger, Doris Schrock, and Willard Roth.

Mast, John, 77. Born: April 6, 1914, Arthur, Ill., to Andrew J. and Millie (Yoder) Mast. Died: July 8, 1991, Columbus, Ohio, from heart problems. Survivor-wife: Sara Farmwald; children: Mary Louise Hodge, Richard, John J., Andy J.; brother and sisters: Toby, Tillie Hershberger, Millie Gingerich; 12 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: July 13, Sharon Mennonite Church, by Elvin J. Sommers and David Lantz.

Miller, Barbara, 88, Albany, Ore. Died: July 21, 1991, Albany, Ore. Survivors-children: Alvin, Roy, Orvan, Jim, Alma Larrew, Betty McJunkin, Dorothy Good; 17 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Emanuel L. Miller (husband). Funeral: July 24, First Mennonite Church of McMinnville, by Gil Miller and Louis Lehman. Burial: Sheridan Mennonite Cemetery.

Miller, Frances Gall, 78, Sugarcreek, Ohio. Born: Nov. 1, 1912, Wakarusa, Ind., to James E.and Rebecca (Heckaman) Gall. Died: July 21, 1991, Baltic, Ohio. Survivors-children: Rebecca Miller, Judson, Tim; 5 grandchildren; brother and sister: Roscoe, Florence Moyer. Predeceased by: Stanley A. Miller (husband). Funeral and burial: July 24, Walnut Creek Mennonite Church, by Ross A. Miller.

Moyer, Ada Louise, 3, Plymouth, Vt. Born: May 26, 1988, Hanover, N.H., to Stephen and Naomi (Mast) Moyer. Died: July 16, 1991, Plymouth, Vt., of drowning. Survivors-brother: Samuel Levi; grandparents: Lloyd and Alice Moyer, Miriam Mast. Funeral: July 19, Bridgewater Congregational Church, by James W. Musser, Pam Lucas. Burial: Plymouth, Vt.

Omelian, Anna Ilian, 71, Nampa, Idaho. Born: Oct. 10, 1919, Ukraine, Soviet Union, to Samuel and Mary Ilian. Died: July 8, 1991, Nampa, Idaho, of natural causes. Survivors-husband: Andrew Omelian; daughter: Susan Keith. Funeral: July 11, First Mennonite Church of Nampa, by Duane Oesch and Robert Garber. Burial: Hillcrest Memorial Gardens.

Peachey, Sadie Z., 78, Belleville, Pa. Born: April 11, 1913, Belleville, Pa., to Jesse and Mattie (Hartzler) Peachey. Died: July 23, 1991, Lewistown, Pa. Survivors-children: Samuel, Louis, Jr., Sara Hartzler, Catherine Weaver, Lee, Charity Schober, Anna McCarthy, Iva Portlock,, James; 10 grandchildren, one great-grandchild. Predeceased by: Louis S. Peachey (husband). Funeral: July 27, Maple Grove Mennonite Church, by David Sharp and Robert L. Hartzler. Burial: Locust Grove Cemetery.

Riegsecker, Benjamin J., 60, Middlebury, Ind. Born: Jan. 25, 1931, Middlebury, Ind., to Samuel and Fannie (Kauffman) Riegsecker. Died: July 24, 1991, Goshen, Ind., of heart attack. Survivors-wife: Melba Miller; children: JoAnn Brown, Jack, Jim; 5 grandchildren; sisters: Louisa Hershberger, Susie Miller, Anna Miller. Funeral: July 27, First Mennonite Church of Middlebury, by Harold Yoder and Samuel Troyer. Burial: Grace Lawn Cemetery.

Roth, Eliza E. Reichhardt, 96, Archbold, Ohio. Born: March 23, 1895, Wauseon, Ohio, to Henry and Elizabeth (Gernhardt) Reichhardt. Died: July 12, 1991, Wauseon, Ohio. Survivors-children: Edwin, Vernon, Helen Meck, Clemma Stuckey; 26 grandchildren, 58 great-grandchildren, 3 foster great-grandchildren, 5 great-great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: John N. Roth (husband). Funeral: July 15, Short Funeral Home, by Ross Goldfus and John McFarland. Burial: Pettisville Cemetery.

Roth, Noah J., 88, Canby, Ore. Born: Sept. 28, 1902, Woodburn, Ore., to Daniel and Amanda (Kauffman) Roth. Died: July 13, 1991, Estacada, Ore. Survivors-children: Virginia Swartzendruber, Stephen; sister and brother: Beulah Fretz, Nathan; 17 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Lola Roth (wife) and Norman (son). Funeral and burial: July 16, Zion Mennonite Church, by Maynard Headings and Richard Stoltzfus.

Ryan, Bertha Lena Relph, 80, Pueblo, Colo. Born: Oct. 4, 1910, Cedar Bluffs, Iowa, to James Grant and Flora May Relph. Died: July 12, 1991, Denver, Colo., of a stroke and heart attack. Survivors-children: Marna Reed, Irene Weeks, Velma Yoder-McCormick, James; sisters and brothers: Grace Bradburry, Bessie Clayton, Elmer, Archie; 19 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Orie Lee Ryan (husband) and Darlene (daughter). Funeral: July 16, Adrian Comer Garden Chapel, by Gregory A. Sulat. Burial: Imperial Memorial Gardens.

Sangrey, Anna Martin, 84, Lititz, Pa. Born: Sept 18, 1906, Manheim Twp., Pa., to Esrom and Emilia (Bergman) Martin. Died: July 13, 1991, Lancaster, Pa. Survivors-husband: J. Clayton Sangrey; children: Evelyn J. Hess, Gladys S. Martin; brothers: Ralph S., Paul B.; 11 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: infant son. Funeral: July 16, Lititz Mennonite Church, by J. Clair Hollinger, Robert Petersheim, and Paul W. Weaver. Burial: Hess Mennonite Cemetery.

Shenk, Rhoda C. Charles, 87, Lancaster, Pa. Born: Feb. 14, 1904, Manor Twp., Pa., to Harry D. and Hettie F. (Charles) Charles. Died: July 9, 1991, Lancaster, Pa. Survivors-children: John B., Charles E., Alma J. Albrecht, Dorothy A. Shenk; sister: Marian C. Kreider; 8 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Elam K. Shenk (husband). Funeral: July 13, East Petersburg Mennonite Church, by J. Joseph Charles and Karl E. Steffy. Burial: Millersville Mennonite Cemetery.

Showalter, Perry Emanuel, 86, Waynesboro, Va. Born: April 16, 1905, Rockingham Co., Va., to Amos Henry and Lillie H. (Suter) Showalter. Died: July 4, 1991, Waynesboro, Va., of congestive heart failure. Survivors-wife: Elizabeth Heatwole; children: Millard, Richard, Marvin, Glennys Schrock, Wilma Lee Yoder, Ruth, Louise, Goldie Huber, Doris Ranck; 18 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren; brothers and sisters: Clark, Truman, Elizabeth Martin, Anna, Mary, Laura Showalter. Funeral and burial: July 8, Springdale Mennonite Church, by John Risser, Charles Heatwole, and Lloyd Horst. Ordained as deacon in 1939.

Sollenberger, Emma Meck, 76, Lititz, Pa. Born: Aug. 17, 1914, Rawlinsville, Pa., to Simon and Ella (Meck) Huber. Died: July 19, 1991, Landis Homes Retirement Community, Lititz, Pa., of cancer. Survivors-children: J. Wilbur, Leroy, Doris M. Dellinger, Glenn, Parke, Esther Zimmerman; 14 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren; brothers and sisters: Clarence, Clayton, Myrtle Burkholder. Predeceased by: J. Ivan Sollenberger (husband). Funeral and burial: July 22, New Providence Mennonite Church, by Raymond L. Deiter, Paul L. Dagen, George Shultz.

Stahl, Dewey, 92, Lititz, Pa. Born: July 13, 1898, Snyder County, Pa., to Peter and Annie (Brubaker) Stahl. Died: June 1, 1991, Lititz, Pa. Survivors-children: Omar, Anna Leakey, Milo, Jacob, Sara Kreider, John; step-daughter, Virginia Showalter; 21 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Mary Brubaker (first wife), Laura Showalter (second wife). Funeral: June 4, Millport Mennonite Church. Burial: Lindale Cemetery.

Steider, Harvey, 51, Sarasota, Fla. Born: July 31, 1910, Beaver Crossing, Neb., to Sam and Josephine (Whitaker) Steider. Died: Aug. 4, 1991, Sarasota, Fla., of a stroke. Survivors-wife: Bertha Stoltzfus; child: Verdella Whitman; 5 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren; brother: Elmer. Funeral: Aug. 6, Wiegand Brothers Funeral Home, by Howard S. Schmitt. Burial: Sarasota Memorial Park.

Stetter, Robert F., 51, Lancaster, Pa. Born: Feb. 17, 1910, Lancaster, Pa., to Frank and Eva (Goss) Stetter. Died: July 8, 1991, Lancaster, Pa. Survivors-children: Robert M., Donald B., Eva M. Rudy; brother: Woodrow W.; half sister: Jane Ranzinger; 10 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren, 10 stepgrandchildren, 19 step-great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Carrie E. Brubaker (first wife), Helen Ritchey (second wife). Funeral: July 11, Neffsville Mennonite Church, by Linford King.

VanHyning, Anna Margaret Marine, 75, Zanesfield, Ohio. Born: July 1, 1916, West Liberty, Ohio, to Arthur E. and Celesta B. (King) Marine. Died: July 14, 1991, Zanesfield, Ohio. Survivors-children: Donald L., Connie Wilhoyte; brothers and sisters: James, Virgil, Warren, Dorthy Humble, Phyllis Kennedy; 5 grandchildren. Predeceased by: T. M. VanHyning (husband). Funeral: July 17, South Union Mennonite Church, by Lynn Miller. Burial: Zanesfield Cemetery.

Weaver, Harry B., 80, Wakarusa, Ind. Born: Sept. 10, 1910, Wakarusa, Ind., to Meno H. and Minnie M. (Hartman) Weaver. Died: May 8, 1991, at home of heart failure. Survivors-wife: Clara J. Burkey; children: Verda Miller, Miriam Thompson, Ronald; 5 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: May 10, Prairie Street Mennonite Church, by Harold Yoder and Russell Krabill.

Weber, Joseph Henry, 101, Cambridge, Ont. Born: Jan. 30, 1890, Waterloo, Ont., to Joseph S. and Mary Ann (Shantz) Weber. Died: July 15, 1991, Cambridge, Ont. Survivors-children: Agnes Brubacher, Joseph, Reta Scheifele, Howard; 12 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren; half sister: Beulah Schmitt. Predeceased by: Mary Erb (wife). Funeral and burial: July 18, Erb Street Mennonite Church, by Doug Snyder and Pat Falk.

Wenger, John R., 55, Clinton, Miss. Born: June 5, 1936, Chesapeake, Va., to Amos D. and Lenora (Harkins) Wenger. Died: July 3, 1991, Jackson, Miss., of reaction to a yellow jacket sting. Survivors-wife: Lucille Mayer; children: Paula Duffy, Sharon Montgomery, Julie, Jennifer; brothers and sisters: A. Daniel, James, Rachel Roth, Joy Monroe. Funeral: First Baptist Church, by Frank Pollard and Don Rhymes. Burial: Lakewood Cemetery.

Witmer, Mary V., 100. Born: March 3, 1891, Leitersburg, Md., to Samuel and Lucy (Strite) Diller. Died: Aug. 2, 1991, Menno Haven Nursing Home. Survivors-children: Kenneth D., Richard E., Clarence V., Raymond M., Dothha Parmer, Retha Keener, Mildred Landis; 28 grandchildren, 48 great-grandchildren, one great-great-grandchild. Predeceased by: Raymond M. (husband), Nathan P. (son). Funeral and burial: Aug. 5, Cedar Grove Mennonite Church, by Nelson L. Martin, Phil Owens, Gary Zook, and Raymond Witmer III.

Yoder, Elaine O., Middlebury, Ind. Born: May 7, 1915, Elkhart Co., Ind., to Henry D. and Jennie (Grenert) Miller. Died: July 26, 1991, at home of cancer. Survivors-children: Edward, Janet Judy, Gloria Eash, Carolyn Sherck; 6 grandchildren; one great-grandchild; brothers: Kenneth, Roscoe. Predeceased by: Orrin T. Yoder (husband). Funeral: July 30, First Mennonite Church of Middlebury, by Joe Slabach and Harold Yoder. Burial: Grace Lawn Cemetery.


Gospel Herald - Volume 84, Number 36 - September 10, 1991 ­ page 14.

Bowman, Stanley, 72, Kitchener, Ont. Born: Sept. 3, 1918, Wilmot Twp., Ont., to Aaron and Selinda (Cressman) Bowman. Died: July 31, 1991, St. Mary's Hospital, Kitchener, Ont. Survivors-wife: Lillian Axt; child: Cheryl Lowe; brother and sisters: Delton, Mary, Anna. Funeral and burial: Aug. 2, First Mennonite Church, by Rudy Baergen.

Brubacher, Ezra K., 87, Petoskey, Mich. Born: Jan. 2, 1904, Brutus, Mich., to Jesse and Betsy (Kilmer) Brubacher. Died: Aug. 9, 1991, Petoskey, Mich., of a stroke. Survivors-wife: Martha Tyson; children: Carol Champion, Dora Reber, Fern Hertzler, Velma Hofmann, Donna Burrows, Sidney; 28 grandchildren, 42 great-grandchildren, 5 great-great-grandchildren; brothers: Sidney, Jesse. Funeral and burial: Aug. 12, Maple River Mennonite Church, by James Gerber.

Crilow, Rodney Jay, 21, Fredericksburg, Ohio. Born: April 26, 1970, Wooster, Ohio, to Richard and Louise (Begly) Crilow. Died: Aug. 9, 1991, Sugarcreek, Ohio, of injuries received from ultra-light plane crash. Survivors-parents: Richard and Louise Crilow; brother and sisters: Jeff, Dawn, Andrea. Funeral and burial: Aug. 13, Martin's Creek Mennonite Church, by Carl Wiebe.

Ebersole, Anna Longenecker, 78, Landisville, Pa. Born: Dec. 7, 1912, Lancaster, Pa., to Henry S. and Dora (Longenecker) Ebersole. Died: Aug. 9, 1991, Lancaster, Pa., of cancer. Survivors-brothers and sister: Henry, Paul, Rhoda Shenk. Funeral and burial: Aug. 13, Landisville Mennonite Church, by Arthur Miller and Sam Thomas.

Hartman, Edwin S., 65, Elida, Ohio. Born: May 31, 1926, Allen County, Ohio, to William and Anna (Powell) Hartman. Died: July 22, 1991, Lima (Ohio) Memorial Hospital, of cancer. Survivors-wife: Mildred Martin; children: Harvey, Doyle, Lynette Ream, Marilyn, Phyllis Thomas; 8 grandchildren; brothers and sisters: Marvin, Robert, Clara Brunk, Ruby Good. Funeral and burial: July 25, Pike Mennonite Church, by Mervin Miller.

Horst, Sarah Elizabeth Good, 70, Harrisonburg, Va. Born: July 24, 1921, Spring City, Pa., to Allen H. and Hannah Good. Died: Aug. 9, 1991, Rockingham Memorial (Harrisonburg) Hospital. Survivors-husband: Samuel Horst; children: Hannah Schertz, Sylvia, Barbara, Mary, Carol, Kenneth; 4 grandchildren; brothers and sisters: James, Lawrence, Claude, Ernest, Barbara Kurtz, Pauline, Catherine Kurtz. Funeral: Aug. 14, Park View Mennonite Church, by Paul T. Yoder, Shirlee Kohler Yoder, and Shirley E. Yoder. Burial: Weavers Mennonite Cemetery.

Hostetler, Merritt F., 67, Topeka, Ind. Born: Dec. 30, 1923, Topeka, Ind., to Rollin and Irma (Oesch) Hostetler. Died: Aug. 14, 1991, Topeka, Ind., from an automobile accident. Survivors-children: Myron, Brenda Jordan, Janet Byers; 8 grandchildren; brothers: J. Richard, Norman (Bud). Predeceased by: Loleta Miller (wife), and Glen (son). Funeral: Aug. 17, Emma Mennonite Church, by John C. Murray. Burial: Shore Mennonite Cemetery.

Howerter, Darlis A., 37, Orrville, Ohio. Born: Nov. 6, 1953, Belleville, Pa., to Ivan E. and Mary (Yoder) Yoder. Died: July 17, 1991, Cleveland, Ohio, of injuries from a motorcycle accident. Survivors-husband: James M.; children: Reuben, Jeremy; brother and sisters: Jonathan, Sharon, Nancy, Bette. Funeral: Chestnut Ridge Mennonite Church, by Ron Williams; memorial service, Mountain View Chapel, by Gerald Peachey, Jonathan Yoder, and Phil Kanagy. Burial: Martins Cemetery.

Kreider, Sidney D., 56, Churchville, Md. Born: July 26, 1935, Wadsworth, Ohio, to Ward and Myrle Kreider. Died: Aug. 2, 1991, at home, of cancer. Survivors-wife: Mildred Sherk; children: Timothy Ward, Mary Elizabeth; mother: Myrle Kreider Miller; brother and sister: Robert Duane, Marilyn Studer. Funeral and burial: Aug. 7, Deer Creek Harmony Presbyterian Church, by Scott L. Duffey, Peter Haynes, Frank E. Nice, and Gus Succop.

Lane, Neal E., 48, Green Lane, Pa. Born: Dec. 28, 1942, Limington, Maine, to Alton J. and Theresa I. (Pendexter) Lane. Died: Aug. 2, 1991, Quakertown, Pa., of cancer. Survivors-wife: Lorraine P. (Barnes); children: Cammy P., Mark E.; brothers and sister: James A., Earl H., Celia M. Dustin. Funeral and burial: Aug. 5, Finland Mennonite Church, by Steven E. Landis and Warren M. Wenger.

Leatherman, Arthur D., 75, Telford, Pa. Born: Feb. 9, 1916, Bedminster, Pa., to John G. and Mary (Derstine) Leatherman. Died: July 28, 1991, Lehigh Valley Hospital Center. Survivors-wife: Mabel B. (Lewis); children: Barbara L., Mary Jane L., Arthur L., Jr., Ray L.; 12 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren; brothers and sisters: Margaret D. Myers, Marie Hange, Reda Litzenberger, Della Gross, Harold, Wilson, Richard, Earl, Ralph. Funeral and burial: July 31, Franconia Mennonite Church, by Floyd M. Hackman and Russell M. Detweiler.

McGary, Marjorie, 89, Elkhart, Ind. Born: Aug. 24, 1901, Milford, Ind., to Albert and Mary Sumptor. Died: July 25, 1991, Elkhart, Ind. Survivors-children: Zelda Kohler, Jean Filbert, Shirley Baughman; 15 grandchildren, 47 great-grandchildren, 13 great-great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Clem McGary (husband) and 2 sons. Funeral: July 29, Whites Funeral Home, Elkhart, Ind., by Duane Beck.

Miller, Barbara Hochstetler, 88. Born: Dec. 4, 1902, Burton, Ohio, to Jacob and Elizabeth Hochstetler. Died: July 21, 1991, Albany (Ore.) Mennonite Home. Survivors-children: Alvin, Alma, Roy, Betty, Orvan, Dorothy, Jim; 17 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Emanuel L. Miller (husband). Funeral: July 24, First Mennonite Church, by Gil Miller and Louis Lehman. Burial: Sheridan Mennonite Cemetery.

Moyer, Lillie H. Moyer, 99. Born: March 15, 1892, Elroy, Pa., to John J. and Lucy Ann (Hagey) Moyer. Died: July 30, 1991, Souderton, Pa., of ischemic heart disease. Survivors-children: Clarence M., Stella Nast, Marcus M., Ella M. Landes, Allen M., Sarah M. Landes, Anna M. Stauffer; 17 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Clayton Moyer (husband). Funeral: Aug. 3, Plains Mennonite Church, by Henry L. Ruth, Henry D. Kulp, and Daniel W. Lapp. Burial: Franconia Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Moyer, William H., 85, Doylestown, Pa. Born: March 7, 1906, Williamsport, Pa., to William H. and Mary (Beachy) Moyer. Died: Aug. 6, 1991, Doylestown, Pa. Survivors-brothers and sister: W. Paul, Mark E., Beatrice Detweiler. Funeral and burial: Aug. 9, Doylestown Mennonite Church, by Ray K. Yoder.

Rhodes, Raleigh DeWitt "R.D.," Jr., 72. Born: June 16, 1919, Dayton, Pa., to Raleigh DeWitt, Sr., and Virginia (Keller) Rhodes. Died: Aug. 5, 1991, Lancaster, Pa., of heart malfunction. Survivors-wife: Mary Burkholder; children: Winston D., Daniel Jacob, Galen Leon, James David, Grace Anna, Elsa Mae Bergey, Raleigh D., III; 18 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Aug. 10, Dayton Mennonite Church, by Roman Miller, Dewitt Heatwole, Herman Reitz, Lloyd Horst, and John Mumaw.

Schweitzer, lone Kathryn (Stauffer), 76, Shickley, Neb. Born: April 13, 1915, Milford, Neb., to Jacob C. and Lavina (Miller) Stauffer. Died: July 29, 1991, Fillmore County (Neb.) Hospital. Survivors-children: Perry, Beth; brothers and sisters: William, Vern, Wallace, Lola Kennel, Ruth. Funeral and burial: July 31, Salem Mennonite Church, by Lee Schlegel and Ron Kennel.

Souder, Edith G. Moyer, 76, Telford, Pa. Born: Feb. 12, 1915, Harleysville, Pa., to Harry S. and Sallie S. (Godshall) Moyer. Died: July 31, 1991, at home, of heart failure. Survivors-children: Arlene, Miriam Beasley; brothers and sisters: Norman G., Harold G., Richard G., Ada Delp, Esther Bechtel, Ella Detweiler; 4 grandchildren. Predeceased by: William B. (husband) and Paul M. (son). Funeral and burial: Aug 3, Rockhill Mennonite Church, by Michael Derstine.

Stauffer, Amanda, 88, Mendon, Mich. Born: Sept. 3, 1902, Chester Co., Pa., to Ezra and Annie (Kauffman) Stoltzfus. Died: July 3, 1991. Survivors-children: Mary Nissley, Verna Swartzentruber, Anna Belle, Christian, Melvin, Ruth Stoll, Elsie Schowalter, Marian Carpenter; 18 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren, 4 sisters. Predeceased by: Peter (husband). Funeral: July 6, Pilgrim Fellowship Church, by Mose Yoder and Roger Stauffer. Burial: Sharon Bethel Cemetery.

Unzicker, Iris Lavonne, 56, Roanoke, Ill. Born: Dec. 4, 1934, Washburn, Ill., to Andrew and Goldie (Mischler) Unzicker. Died: July 17, 1991, Peoria, Ill., of diabetic heart failure. Survivors-brother and sisters: Walter, Violet Zoss, Marilyn Stauffer. Funeral and burial: July 20, Roanoke Mennonite Church, by Dennis Kennell and Elmer Wyse.

Yoder, Nancy B., 89. Born: March 6, 1902, Elkhart County, Ind., to John and Mary (Eash) Bontrager. Died: July 28, 1991, Goshen, Ind., from congestive heart failure. Survivors-children: Ada Sommers, Rosa Moshier, Ruby Coblentz, Harold, Paul, Mary Hilmer, Verda Miller, H. Dale, Jerry; 32 grandchildren, 42 great-grandchildren; sisters: Sue Yoder, Salome Yoder Predeceased by: Homer D. Yoder (husband), C. David (son), Elizabeth and Ruth Ann (daughters). Funeral: July 31, Mt. Joy Conservative Mennonite Church, by Ben Shirk and Bob Yoder Burial: Miller Cemetery.


Gospel Herald - Volume 84, Number 37 - September 17, 1991 ­ page 15.

Bohning, Joel Andrew, 19, Bethlehem, Pa. Born: July 23, 1972, Fountain Hill, Pa., to Robert P. and Fleurette (Troxell) Bohning. Died: Aug. 5, 1991, Bethlehem, Pa., car accident. Survivors-brothers and sister: Jeffery D., Timothy R., Daniel C., Nancy D. Schnecker. Funeral: Aug. 9, Long Funeral Home, by David K. Kochsmeier. Burial: Hellertown Union Cemetery.

Horst, S. Elizabeth Good, 70, Harrisonburg, Va. Born: July 24, 1921, Spring City, Pa., to Allen H. and Hannah (Gross) Good. Died: Aug. 9, 1991, Harrisonburg, Va. Survivors-husband: Samuel L. Horst; children: Kenneth, Hannah Schertz, Sylvia, Barbara, Mary, Carol; 4 grandchildren; brothers and sisters: James, Barbara Kurtz, Lawrence, Pauline, Claude, Ernest.
Funeral: Park View Mennonite Church, Paul T. Yoder, Shirley E. Yoder, Shirlee K. Yoder. Burial: Weaver Cemetery.

Hunsberger, Vera (Hallman), 97, Cambridge, Ont. Born: April 28, 1894, Roseville, Ont., to George and Veroncia (Heckendorn) Hallman. Died: Aug. 13, 1991, Guelph, Ont. Survivors-children: Albert, Gordon, Wilson; 11 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren; sister: Salome Shantz. Predeceased by: Abram Hunsberger (husband). Funeral and burial: Aug. 16, Erb Street Mennonite Church, by Wilmer Martin.

Lehman, Martin, 84, Kidron, Ohio. Born: May 15, 1907, Kidron, Ohio, to John P. and Mary Ann (Zuercher) Lehman. Died: Aug. 16, 1991, Walnut Hills (Walnut Creek) Nursing Home. Survivors-wife: Elda L. Amstutz; children: Lester Feltis; 3 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren; brother: Weldon. Funeral and burial: Aug. 19, Kidron Mennonite Church, by
Bill Detweiler and Dennis Kuhns.

Martin, Melvin S., 87, Cambridge, Ont. Born: Aug. 5, 1904, Kitchener, Ont., to Enoch and MaryAnn (Shantz) Martin. Died: Aug. 14, 1991, Cambridge, Ont. Survivors-children: Stuart, Douglas, Richard; 13 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Eileen Snider (wife), Harold (son), Isabell (daughter). Funeral and burial: Aug. 17, Erb Street Mennonite Church, by Wilmer Martin.

McGinty, Katelyn Ann, 2 mos., Coopersburg, Pa. Born: May 22, 1991, to Robert and Margaret McGinty. Died: Aug. 3, 1991, Coopersburg, Pa., of SIDS. Survivors-parents: Robert and Margaret McGinty; sister: Meghan Elizabeth. Funeral and burial: Aug. 6, Swamp Mennonite Church, by William A. Brunk.

Miller, Ernest L., 79, Gainesville, Fla. Born: Aug. 10, 1911, Amboy, Ind., to Albert A. and Sarah D. (King) Miller. Died: July 29, 1991, Alachua Hospital (Fla.). Survivors-brother and sisters: Robert F., Dorothy Harvey, Nada Smith. Funeral: Aug. 3, Fenn Funeral Home, by Harold Mast and Clayton Sommers. Burial: Sunset Memory Gardens.

Nussbaum, George H., 67, Twin Falls, Idaho. Born: Feb. 1, 1924, North Lima, Ohio, to Menno and Kate Miller Nussbaum. Died: July 25, 1991, Twin Falls, Idaho. Survivors-wife: Viola Nussbaum; children: Laura Oates, Harold, Joletha Sturdy, Karen Perkins, Melva Turner, Wayne; 12 grandchildren, one great-grandchild; sister: Ruth Martin. Funeral: July 29, White Mortuary (Twin Falls), by Terry Miller. Burial: Sunset Memorial Park.

Sensenig, Mildred B. Dombach, 87, Lancaster, Pa. Born: April 27, 1904, Pequea Twp., to Adam and Miriam Brenneman Dombach. Died: July 28, 1991, Mennonite Home (Lancaster). Survivors-children: H. Gerald, Dale D., Jay V., Velma Gehman; 9 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Harry H. Sensenig (husband), Glenn (son). Funeral: Aug. 2, Gundel Funeral Home, by Karl E. Steffy. Burial: New Danville Cemetery.

Stuckey, Genevieve M., 71, Pettisville, Ohio. Born: Nov. 4, 1919, Grabill, Ind., to Henry and Emma (Yoder) Stuckey. Died: Aug. 15, 1991, Wauseon, Ohio. Survivors-sisters: Hermia Nofziger, Luella Rupp. Funeral: Aug. 17, West Clinton Mennonite Church, by James Roynon and Edward Diener. Burial: Pettisville Cemetery.

Zimmerly, Ethel, 81, Wooster, Ohio. Born: June 12, 1910, Montrose, Colo., to Frank and Mary (Bender) Sinclair. Died: Aug. 18, 1991, Massillon, Ohio. Survivors-children: Frances Miller, Dorothy Brown, Elizabeth Boggs; 12 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Elam Zimmerly (husband), Albert (son). Funeral and burial: Aug. 21, Kidron Mennonite Church, by Bill Detweiler and Dick Wolf.


Gospel Herald - Volume 84, Number 38 - September 24, 1991 - page 14.

Bachman, James M., 73. Born: Oct. 3, 1917, Wayland, Iowa, to Joel and Anna (Slagel) Bachman. Died: Aug. 11, 1991, St. Johns, Mich., of congestive heart failure. Survivors-wife: Esther Sharick; children: Marilyn Pomeroy, James II; 6 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren; sister: Verda Cubitt. Funeral: Aug. 14, Bethel Mennonite, Gordon Myers. Burial: Washington Township Cemetery.

Cable, Louise H., 88, Boswell, Pa. Born: Sept. 12, 1902, Bolivar, Pa., to George H. and Elsie (Robb) Hammer. Died: Aug. 2, 1991. Survivors-children: George, Cora Schertz; 2 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren; sister: Mildred Thomas. Predeceased by: Robert M. Cable (husband). Funeral and burial: Aug. 5, Thomas Mennonite Church, by Donald Speigle and Homer Schrock.

Eshleman, Merle Weaver, 82, Harrisonburg, Va. Born: Oct. 12, 1908, Maugansville, Md., to George S. and Amanda E. (Weaver) Eshleman. Died: Aug. 22, 1991, Rockingham Memorial (Harrisonburg, Va.) Hospital. Survivors-wife: Sara Frances Zook; children: David, Miriam E. Warner; 7 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren; sister: Lela Fretz. Funeral: Aug. 25, EMC
Lehman Auditorium, by Owen Burkholder and Shirlee K. Yoder. Burial: Weaver Mennonite Cemetery.

Frederick, Anna M., 82, Souderton, Pa. Born: Sept. 29, 1908, Franconia Twp., to Frank and Ida (Moyer) Frederick. Died: Aug. 20, 1991, Souderton Mennonite Homes. Survivors-brothers and sister: Mahlon, Franklin, Maggie Detweiler. Funeral: Aug. 22, Souderton Mennonite Homes Chapel, by Russell Detweiler, Floyd Hackman, and Curtis Bergey. Burial: Franconia Mennonite Cemetery.

Giesbrecht, David, 81. Born: Sept. 29, 1909, Ukraine, Russia, to Jacob and Anna (Penner) Giesbrecht. Died: Aug. 13, 1991, St. Mary's (Kitchener, Ont.) Hospital, of lung cancer. Survivors-wife: Helene Wiebe. Predeceased by: Alice Price (first wife). Funeral: Aug. 16, Edward Good Funeral Home, by Paul Martin. Burial: Parkview Cemetery.

Lehman, Elda, 84, Kidron, Ohio. Born: Nov. 12, 1906, Kidron, Ohio, to Cleophas and Caroline (Lehman) Amstutz. Died: Aug. 23, 1991, Wooster, Ohio. Survivors-son: Lester Feltis; sister: Martha. Predeceased by: Martin Lehman (husband). Funeral and burial: Aug. 26, Kidron Mennonite Church, by Bill Detweiler and Dennis Kuhns.

Miller, Perry "Pete," 64, Millersburg, Ind. Born: Jan. 11, 1927, LaGrange, Ind., to Amos and Mary (Schmucker) Miller. Died: Aug. 13, 1991, Chicago, Ill., from cancer. Survivors-wife: Kathryn Litwiller Miller; children: Larry Gene, Lonnie Ray, Jan Plank; 8 grandchildren; brothers and sister: Harley, Calvin, Vernon, Mary Ellen Blough. Funeral: Aug. 18, Clinton Frame Mennonite Church, by John J. Yoder and Aden Yoder. Burial: Clinton Brick Cemetery.

Schlegel, Lee, 75, Shickley, Neb. Born: March 17, 1916, Shickley, Neb., to Benjamin and Magdalene Schlegel. Died: Aug. 21, 1991, Schickley, Neb., of heart failure. Survivors-wife: Dorothy Troyer; children: David, Daniel; 4 grandchildren; brothers: Dell, Al. Funeral and burial: Aug. 24, Salem Mennonite Church, by Wilton Detweiler, Alvin Eichelberger, and Ivan Troyer.

Sweigart, Alfred W., 83, Gap, Pa. Born: July 26, 1907, Lancaster, Pa., to Calvin S. and Grace (Myers) Sweigart. Died: July 17, 1991, Sarasota, Fla., of cardiac arrest. Survivors-children: Marian E. Riehl, Verne M. Gockley, Parke E.; 9 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren; brother: Leroy. Predeceased by: Mary E. Esch (wife). Funeral and burial: July 22, Maple Grove Mennonite Church, by Richard Umble.

Troyer, Jerry L., 68, Adair, Okla. Born: May 18, 1923, Chouteau, Okla., to Jerry F. and Sovilla (Mullet) Troyer. Died: July 6, 1991, Adair, Okla., of congestive heart failure. Survivors-wife: Sue Helmuth; children: Jerry Jay, Larry Ray, Jimmy Lee, Merl Wayne, Glenda Sue Winfield, Judy Dee Colston; 18 grandchildren, one great-grandchild; brothers and sisters: Mary, Martha, Fannie, Alvin, Earl. Funeral and burial: July 8, Zion Mennonite Church, by Carl Helmuth and Duey Matthews.

Wert, Paul M., 86, Manheim Twp., Pa. Born: Oct. 14, 1904, McAlisterville, Pa., to Henry W. and Katie B. (Musser) Wert. Died: Aug. 22, 1991, Landis Homes Retirement Community. Survivors-wife: Mary E. Graybill; children: Marlin, Charles, Roy, Melvin, Esther Clymer; 14 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren; brothers and sister: Boyd, Jacob, Earl, Anne Zandt. Funeral and burial: Aug. 25, New Holland Mennonite Church, by Clyde G. Kretz and Daniel King.

Whisler, Walter D., 64, Hanover, Pa. Born: April 15, 1927, Hanover, Pa., to Walter A. and Lottie (Kaegy) Whisler. Died: Aug. 8, 1991, Hanover, Pa. Survivors-wife: Sadie Bair; children: Glendon, Anita; one grandchild; sister: Lois. Funeral: Aug. 12, Bairs' Mennonite meetinghouse, by James A. Burkholder and Richard Shaffer. Burial: York Road Cemetery.

Transcribed by Ralph Shetler, Oregon

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