Gospel Herald Obituaries - July, 1992

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Gospel Herald - Volume 85, Number 27 - July 7, 1992 ­ page 13, 14.

Brenneman, Lester, 57, Tavistock, Ont. Born: Nov. 5, 1935, South Easthope Twp., Ont., to Daniel and Salome (Erb) Brenneman. Died: June 9, 1992, Tavistock, Ont. Survivors-brothers and sisters: Bruce, Geoline Bender, Beatrice Bender. Funeral and burial: June 12, East Zorra Mennonite Church, by Vernon Leis.

Burkholder, Harvey Abraham, 84, Markham, Ont. Born: Feb. 25, 1908, Markham, Ont., to Phares and Laura (Sherk) Burkholder. Died: May 20, 1992, Markham, Ont., of congestive heart failure. Survivors-wife: Eva Hoover Burkholder; children: Muriel Hansford, Helen Gressman, Mary, Arthur Lawrence; sister: Florence Hoover; 11 grandchildren, one great-grandchild. Funeral: May 23, Wideman Mennonite Church, by Lawrence Burkholder and Steve Drudge. Burial: Rouge Valley Mennonite Church.

Cruz, Delfina, 34, Kitchener, Ont. Born: April 25, 1958, El Salvador, to Robustiano and Erlinda (Nuila) Rodrigues. Died: June 9, 1992, Hamilton, Ont. Survivors-husband: Carlos Cruz; children: Alex, Karen; mother: Erlinda Rodrigues; brother and sister: Arrnando, Sonia. Funeral and burial: June 12, First Mennonite Church, by Rudy Baergen.

Cullar, Lois V. (Stouffer), 93, Leetonia, Ohio. Born: April 16, 1899, Leetonia, Ohio, to John and Alivia (Bauman) Stouffer. Died: June 5, 1992, Salem, Ohio. Survivor-daughter: Carol M. Taylor; 3 grandchildren, 9 great-grandchildren, one great-great-grandchild. Predeceased by: Orville S. Cullar (husband). Funeral: June 8, Leetonia Mennonite Church, by Robert D. Yoder. Burial: Midway Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Doolin, Edward J., 80, Goshen, Ind. Born: May 18, 1911, Parnell, Iowa, to John and Esta Yoder Doolin. Died: May 10, 1992, Goshen, Ind. Survivors-wife: Fannie H. Miller Doolin; children: Morris, Arlene White, Lora Shetler, Aletha Smithson; brother and sisters: Mary Horst, Erma Miller, Laura Eash, Nora Kinsinger, Nyle Doolin; 15 grandchildren, 28 great-grandchildren. Funeral: May 13, Goshen, Ind., by Lawrence Horst and James Waltner. Burial: Elkhart Prairie Cemetery.

Erb, Doreen Naomi (Gerber), 61, Zurich, Ont. Born: June 24, 1930, Waterloo, Ont., to Elmer and Vietta (Stover) Gerber. Died: June 16, 1992, Zurich, Ont., of cancer. Survivors-husband: Roy E. Erb; children: Martha Erb, Maureen Hayter, Marvin, Murray, Matthew, Mark; brother and sister: Stewart Gerber, Ethlene Martin; 5 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: June 19, Zurich Mennonite Church, by Paul and Grace Brunner.

Frey, Aurelius F., 84, Archbold, Ohio. Born: Jan. 9, 1908, Fulton County, Ohio, to Aaron D. and Anna Rupp Frey. Died: June 8, 1992, Archbold, Ohio, of congestive heart failure. Survivors- son: Larry E. Frey; brothers and sisters: Elias, A. Dale, and Jesse Frey, Grace Short, Ivah Beck, Bertha Stuckey, Ada Schrock, Velma Camp; 3 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren. Funeral: June 10, Zion Mennonite Church, by Ellis Croyle and Dee Swartz. Burial: Pettisville Cemetery.

Grabill, Helen (Eby), 74. Born: Nov. 11, 1917, Wakarusa, Ind., to Mervin and Goldie Eby. Died: May 24, 1992, Fargo, N.D., of cancer. Survivors-children: Marlene Eash, Sheldon; brothers and sisters: Russell, Everett, Wayne, Vada Fink, Esther Wenger; 5 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Irvin Grabill (husband). Funeral: May 27, Fargo Baptist Church, by Levi Sommers. Burial: Sunnyside Cemetery, Sarasota, Fla.

Harrison, Ralph, 80, Kitchener, Ont. Born: Nov. 27, 1911, Hamilton, Ont., to Henry and Selina (Tyler) Harrison. Died: June 8, 1992, Kitchener, Ont. Survivors-wife: Lillian (Carruthers) Harrison; daughter: Sharon Dufton; brothers and sister: Wilfred. Donald, Ila Turner; one grandchild, one great-grandchild. Predeceased by: George (son). Funeral and burial: June 11, First Mennonite Church, by Brice Balmer and Christine Mussar.

Helmuth, Martha, 72, Nappanee, Ind. Born: July 26, 1919, Nappanee, Ind. Died: June 7, 1992, Mishawaka, Ind. Survivors-brothers and sisters: Harry, Laura Yoder, Fannie Beachy, Minnie Yoder; step-brothers and sisters: Amos Yoder, Alva Yoder, Dahlia Yoder, Lizzie Chupp, Barbara Thomas, Susan Yoder, Fannie Stutzman. Funeral: June 10, Yellow Creek Mennonite Church, by Wesley Bontreger and Clare Schumm. Burial; Union Center Cemetery.

Hofstetter, Martha (Nussbaum), 84, Kidron, Ohio. Born: Jan. 14, 1908, Kidron, Ohio, to Jacob J. and Anna (Neuenschwander) Nussbaum. Died: June 9, 1992, Orrville, Ohio. Survivors-husband: Sylvan Hofstetter; brother and sisters: Corinne, Marjorie, Clinton, Janice Rosario, Rachel; 4 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: June 12, Kidron Mennonite Church, by Bill Detweiler.

Kolb, Ellen M., 74. Born: June 29, 1917, Macungie, Pa., to William and Ella (Reese) Eck. Died: June 5, 1992, Ephrata, Pa. Survivors-husband: Norman G. Kolb; children: Rhoda Nolt, Jonathon, Nathan; sisters: Bertha Keefer, Dorothy Lauchuor; 9 grandchildren, one great- grandchild. Funeral and burial: June 10, Vincent Mennonite Church, by C. Ralph Malin and Walter Hunsberger.

Lehman, Earl S., 71, Goshen, Ind. Born: Feb. 20, 1921, Lancaster County, Pa., to George and Leah (Martin) Lehman. Died: May 27, 1992, Goshen, Ind. Survivors-wife: Areta Graber; children: Esther Kawira, Samuel, Joseph, Benjamin, Jonathan; brothers and sisters: Edna Sensenig, Ruth Letherman, Gladys Kennel, Jane Stoltzfus, G. Irvin Lehman, Maurice Lehman, Clair Lehman; 6 grandchildren. Memorial service: June 28, College Mennonite Church, by James Waltner. Burial: May 28, Elkhart Prairie Cemetery.

Miller, William, 87, Topeka, Ind. Born: Dec. 9, 1904, LaGrange County, Ind. Died: June 15, 1992, Goshen, Ind., of cancer. Survivors-wife: Fern Frey Miller; son: Stanley Miller; brothers and sisters: Irma Miller, Ruth Lambright, Helen Niff, Charlotte Morningstar, Rosalie Dintman, Marilyn Burkey, Carolyn Dillon, Francis, Dwight, Dewayne; stepbrother: George Elliot; 5 grandchildren, 5 great- grandchildren. Predeceased by: William Miller, Jr. (son). Funeral and burial: June 18, Maple Grove Mennonite Church, by Gene Troyer.

Moyer, Raymond B., 68, Souderton, Pa. Born: April 30, New Britain Twp., Pa., to Harvey and Tillie (Bishop) Moyer. Died: June 12, 1992, Sellersville, Pa. Survivors-wife: Esther S. (Bergey) Moyer; children: Richard B., Glen B., Ray B., Arlene B. Wireman; brothers: Charles R., Leroy B., William B., Paul B.; 10 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: June 16, Line Lexington Mennonite Church, by Lowell H. Delp and Kirk Hanger.

Schrock, John I., 72, Phoenix, Ariz. Born: Aug. 9, 1920, Elkhart County, Ind. Died: June 3, 1992, Phoenix, Ariz. Survivors-wife: Edna Canen Schrock; children: Ruth Ann Clark, Patty Miller, Kerry, Tom; brother: Harold W. Schrock; 10 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: June 10, Olive Mennonite Church, by Dale Shenk and Jason Martin.

Short, Katharine Nafziger, 70, Kidron, Ohio. Born: June 9, 1921, Archbold, Ohio, to Elmer J. and Lillie (Yoder) Nafziger. Died: June 8, 1992, Kidron, Ohio. Survivors-husband: Hubert Short; daughters: Dora Mae Short, Lillie Marie Kollert; brothers: Carl, Everett, Gerald. Funeral and burial: June 11, Kidron Mennonite Church, by Richard Wolf.

Weaver, Robert Lee, 19, Barrs Mills, Ohio. Born: Feb. 1, 1973, Dover, Ohio, to Levi E. and Ada Miller Weaver. Died: June 13, 1992, Walnut Creek, Ohio, from a car accident. Survivors- brothers: David, Michael, Joseph. Funeral and burial: June 15, Walnut Creek Mennonite Church, by Ross A. Miller and Dean Miller.


Gospel Herald - Volume 85, Number 28 - July 14, 1992 ­ pages 14, 15.

Byler, Janelle RaNae, 21, Voorhees, N.J. Born: Oct. 18, 1970, Ephrata, Pa., to Reuben N. and Eileen Horning Byler Died: June 21, 1992, Milford, Del., from an automobile accident. Survivors-brother and sister: Alicia L. and Gregory M. Byler. Funeral: June 26, Ephrata Mennonite Church, by J. Elvin Martin and Leroy Martin. Burial: Bowmansville Mennonite Cemetery.

Egli, Jesse Orville, 79, Manson, Iowa. Born: Dec. 26, 1912, Manson, Iowa, to Christian Benjamin and Emma Grimm Egli. Died: June 18, 1992, Pomeroy, Iowa, of cancer. Survivors-children: Steve, Sam, Grant, Mark, Debra Egli; brothers and sisters: Emery Egli, Stan Egli, Elsie Litwiller, Ida Egli. Predeceased by: LaVera Elsie Miller Egli (wife). Funeral: June 22, Manson Mennonite Church, by Curt Kuhns. Burial: Rose Hill Cemetery.

Gibson, Arthur Sands III, 43, Peoria, Ill. Born: Jan. 7, 1949, to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sands Gibson, Jr. Died: June 13, 1992, Jefferson City, Mo., from a car accident. Survivors-wife: Belivia Hunter Gibson; son: Arthur Sands Gibson IV. Funeral: June 19, Wilton Mortuary, Peoria, Ill., by Ryan Ahlgrim. Burial:
Parkview Cemetery.

Hofstetter, Roy, 81, Kidron, Ohio. Born: Feb. 26, 1911, Kidron, Ohio, to William and Sarah Ann (Gerber) Hofstetter. Died: June 18, 1992, Canton, Ohio. Survivors-wife: Anna Marie Nussbaum; daughter: Myrna Kay Neiswander; brothers and sister: Clarence, Edwin, Lloyd, Irene; 5 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Kathryn Miller Hofstetter (first wife). Funeral and burial: June 21, Kidron Mennonite Church, by Bill Detweiler.

Imhoff, Lucile B. Birky, 77, Eureka, Ill. Born: Nov. 5, 1914, Hopedale, Ill., to Aaron and Bertha Schantz Birky. Died: June 6, 1992, Eureka, Ill. Survivors- husband: Harold Imhoff; children: Robert, Richard, Rosemary Law; brothers and sisters: Stanley, Loren, Clarence, Esther Fry, Jean Sutter; 9 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: June 9, Roanoke Mennonite Church, by Rick Troyer and Bob Harnish.

Kauffman, Katie Yutzy, 72, South Hutchinson, Kan. Born: Sept. 6, 1919, Hutchinson, Kan., to Nicholas J. and Emma Headings Yutzy. Died: May 20, 1992, Hutchinson, Kan. Survivors-husband: Dan Kauffman; children: Larry L., Emma M. Swartz, John J., Mary K. Mininger, Barbara J. Weber, Daniel D.; brother and sisters: Fred N. Yutzy, Lizzie Kaufman, Fannie King; 17 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Maynard Ray and Alice Faye (infant twins). Funeral and burial: May 23, Yoder Mennonite Church, by Jim Johnston, Wayne Hochstetler, and Allen Holsopple.

Liechty, Donald J., 74, Houston, Mo. Born: March 7, 1918, Archbold, Ohio, to Joseph and Emma (Frey) Liechty. Died: June 13, 1992, Licking, Mo. Survivors-wife: Bernita (Kauffman) Liechty; children: Donald, John, Mary Helen Nofziger, Rebecca Gutteridge; brothers and sisters: Harold, Herman, Wayne, Wesley, Russel, Mary Smucker, Lorraine Wyse; 7 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Lois (Erb) Liechty (first wife). Memorial. service: June 17, North Clinton Mennonite Church, by Lavon J. Welty. Burial: Pettisville Cemetery.

Nofziger, Aaron Roy, 81, Canby, Ore. Born: Feb. 16, 1911, Canby, Ore., to Crist and Magdalena Nofziger. Died: May 29, 1992, Canby, Ore., of cancer. Survivors-wife: Faye L. Emmert; children: Maynard, Ronald, Leland, Arnold; stepchildren: Gregory Schultz, Rodney Schultz, Karen Beth Stoltzfus; 6 grandchildren, 18 stepgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Mary Ellen Schrock (first wife). Funeral and burial: June 3, Zion Mennonite Church, by Del Hershberger.

Pierson, Harold B., 69, Eureka, Ill. Born: March 9, 1923, Wyanet Twp., Ill., to August and Adelia (Giesenhagen) Pierson. Died: May 20, 1992, LaSalle, Ill., from Parkinson's disease. Survivors-wife: Arlene Schertz; children: Brentt, Harlen, Vaughn, Denise Guth; brother: Roy; 8 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: May 23, Roanoke Mennonite Church, by Elmer Wyse and Robert Harnish.

Roupp, Paul Ervin, 85, Hesston, Kan. Born: May 14, 1907, Zimmerdale, Kan., to Frank G. and Dora Hess Roupp. Died: June 17, 1992, Newton, Kan. Survivors-wife: Anna Baergen Toews; children: Stanley, Nadine Stapleton, Carol Jean Weber, Richard Toews; brother: J. Edward Roupp; 14 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Gertrude Troyer (first wife). Funeral: June 19, Hesston Mennonite Church, by Ken Adrian, Paul A. Friesen, and Lynn Jost. Burial: Eastlawn Cemetery.

Schrock, Anna (Yoder), 87, Hutchinson, Kan. Born: Jan. 8, 1905, Haven, Kan., to Christian V. and Mattie J. Miller Yoder. Died: March 31, 1992, Hutchinson, Kan. Survivors-children: Lawrence, Ivan Ray, Edith Mae Cooprider, Glenna Irene Egli; brother: William C. Yoder; 9 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Joni T. Schrock (husband). Funeral and burial: April 3, Yoder Mennonite Church, by Calvin King, Wayne Hochstetler, and Dan Kauffman.

Schrock, Elmer E., 78, Archbold, Ohio. Born: Nov. 11, 1913, Archbold, Ohio, to Daniel and Ida Aeschliman Schrock. Died: June 15, 1992, Wauseon,, Ohio, of cancer. Survivors-wife: Alta Roth Schrock; children: David, Grace Stutzman, Barbara Gingerich, Robert, Joyce Guinness, Sara; sisters: Leona Shetler, Priscilla, Mabel Swartzendruber; 11 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Eugene (son). Funeral: June 19, Tedrow Mennonite Church, by Roy Sauder and Randall Nafziger. Burial: Pettisville Cemetery.

Shantz, Lavinia (Viny) Roth, 89. Born: Sept. 27, 1902, East Zorra Twp., Ont., to Rudolph N. and Lavinia (Hostetler) Roth. Died: June 16, 1992, Elmira, Ont. Survivors-children: Milo, Ross; 7 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: June 18, Nith Valley Mennonite Church, by Harold Schilk.

Weaver, Ralph E., 75, Sarasota, Fla. Born: Nov. 16, 1916, Millersburg, Ohio, to Eli J. and Mary Ann Hershberger. Died: June 11, 1992, Sarasota, Fla. Survivors-wife: Catherine M. Lederman Weaver; children: Duane, Dennis, Wanita Hoover; stepsons: Roger, Darrel, and Dean Lederman; brothers and sisters: John, Vernon, Grace Gerber, Anna Simpson, Lela Wenger, Mabel Miller, Joanne Showalter; 12 grandchildren, one great-grandchild, 4 step- grandchildren. Predeceased by: Phyllis Wenger (first wife) and Wilma (daughter). Funeral: June 13, Bahia Vista Mennonite Church, by A. Don Augsburger, and June 17, Martin's Creek Mennonite Church, Millersburg, Ohio. Burial: Martin's Creek Mennonite Cemetery.


Gospel Herald - Volume 85, Number 29 - July 21, 1992 ­ pages 14, 15.

Cender, Eldon E., 60, Gibson City, Ill. Born: July 20, 1931, Fisher, Ill., to Emery P. and Mattie Stalter Cender. Died: June 28, 1992, Gibson City, Ill., of multiple sclerosis. Survivors-wife: Rosa M. (Beachey) Cender; children: Norman Cender, Leanna Kaser; brothers and sisters: Mahlon, Lowell, and Milton Cender, Fern Martin, Wilda Otto, Vietta Nofziger, Marlene Kaufman, Mary Jo Oswald; 2 grandchildren. Funeral:
July 1, East Bend Mennonite Church, by Millard Osborne.

Ebersole, Daniel K., 82, Middletown, Pa. Born: Aug. 11, 1909, Hershey, Pa., to David and Martha Kuhr Ebersole. Died: June 16, 1992, Lancaster, Pa., of cerebrovascular accident. Survivors-wife: Sueie Hess Ebersole; children: Rhoda Atzeff, Gabriel, Susan Scott, David, Martha Nardacci, Grace Leaman, Sarah, Miriam Kennell, Henry, Daniel, Paul, Elizabeth Flowers; brother and sister: Christian K. Ebersole, Anna May Ebersole; 13 grandchildren. Funeral: June 19, Stricklers Mennonite Church, by Elmer K. Breneman and Russell Baer. Burial: Shopes Mennonite Cemetery.

Erb, Joseph, 69, New Hamburg, Ont. Born: Oct. 4, 1922, Wellesley Twp., Ont., to Joseph R. and Mary Nafziger) Erb. Died: May 31, 1992. Survivors-wife: Mabel (Kelly) Erb; children: Peter Erb, Rodney Erb, Bonnie Roth, Boyd Erb, Rebecca Zettel, Faye Schultz, Tony Erb; brother and sisters: Ervin, Freida Erb, Marie Leis; 16 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Mary Elizabeth (daughter). Funeral: June 3, Hillcrest Mennonite Church, by Mary Schiedel and Maurice Martin. Burial: 19th Line Cemetery, East Zorra Twp.

Good, Emma (Birky), 88, Kouts, Ind. Born: June 29, 1904, Hopedale, Ill., to Jacob and Emma (Martin) Birky. Died: April 28, 1992, Valparaiso, Ind. Survivors-children: Velde Good, Simon, Jr.; brother and sister: Mary Good, Emmanuel Birky; 6 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Simon Good, Sr. (husband). Funeral and burial: April 30, Hopewell Mennonite Church, by John F. Murray and Jerry Kandel.

Good, Simon J., 63, Valparaiso, Ind. Born: March 21, 1929, Hopedale, Ill., to Simon and Emma (Birky) Good. Died: June 17, 1992, Valparaiso, Ind. Survivors-wife: Marjorie Yoder Good; children: Beth Gerig, Marty Good, Jeffery Good; brother: Velde Good; 6 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: June 20, Hopewell Mennonite Church, by Jerry Kandel.

Hartman, Henry S., 95, Elida, Ohio. Born: April 9, 1897, Dale Enterprise, Va., to John and Mary Catherine Burkholder Hartman. Died: June 23, 1992, Elida, Ohio. Survivors-children: Richard, Paul, David Lynn; sister: Sally Brenneman; 9 grandchildren, 27 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Elizabeth M. Diller Hartman (wife). Funeral and burial: June 25, Pike Mennonite Church, by Merlin Good and Mervin Miller.

High, Paul H., 72, Manheim, Pa. Born: June 12, 1919, Earl Twp., Pa., to John S. and Amanda (Horting) High. Died: May 20, 1992, Manheim, Pa., of cancer. Survivors-wife: Lillian W. (Dillman) High; children: P. Eugene, Marvin L., Nancy J. Kautz, Raymond N., Joyce Marlene Gerhart, Jay Glenn; brothers and sisters: Ivan, John David, Henry, Melvin, Christian, Luke, Jacob, Anna Mae Wenger, Emma Gonzalez, Lydia Martin, Mary Parbel; 13 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: May 23, Erb Mennonite Church, by Lester Zimmerman, Martin Nolt, and Walter Hurst.

Jacobs, Lester E., 77, Hollsopple, Pa. Born: June 29, 1914, Walsall, Pa., to Julius and Sadie (Eash) Jacobs. Died: June 24, 1992, Windber, Pa., of cancer. Survivors-wife: Lillien Covert Jacobs; children: Lester, Jr., Richard, Doris Brehm, Theresa Heffinger; brothers and sisters: Leroy, Anna Blough, Mary Kaufman, Catherine Tighe; 8 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren. Funeral: June 27, Harris Funeral Home, by Marvin L. Kaufman. Burial: Richland Cemetery, Johnstown, Pa.

Lehman, Margaret (Deputy), 51, Harrisonburg, Va. Born: May 14, 1941, Harrisonburg, Va., to Timothy and Ruth (Weaver) Deputy. Died: June 24, 1992, Harrisonburg, Va. Survivors- husband: Mark N. Lehman; children: Julie Sacra, Linda Sauder, Ed Lehman; brothers: Ronald, Lowell, and Merlin Deputy; 4 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: June 27, Weavers Mennonite Church, by Joseph C. Shenk, Edith Shenk, and Mike Martin.

Mester, Marion, 71, Aurora, Ohio. Born: Aug. 29, 1920, Avella, Pa., to Hazlette A. and Edith M. (Criss) Scott. Died: June 21, 1992, Akron, Ohio. Survivors-husband: Cecil (Jip) Mester; children: Robbin Lang, Vicki, Ted, and Criss Mester; 9 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: June 27, Aurora Mennonite Church, by Marlin Birkey.

Roth, Elmer G., 82, Wayland, Iowa. Born: Dec. 30, 1909, Henry Co., Iowa, to Ben R. and Mary (Graber) Roth. Died: June 25, 1992, Iowa City, Iowa, of lymphoma cancer. Survivors-wife: Minnie Wenger Roth; children: Willard, Royce B., Larry D., Karen K. Watson, Janice E. Lindner; brothers and sisters: Lavina Leichty, Stella Wenger, Lucille Swartzendruber, Daniel, Lester, Vernon, and Edwin Roth; 16 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: June 27, Bethel Mennonite Church, by Ken Steckly and Glen Richard.

Stoltzfus, Nicholas Dale Sherer, 6 months, Brooklyn, N.Y. Born: Nov. 22, 1991, New York, N.Y., to Duane and Karen Sherer Stoltzfus. Died: June 4, 1992, of sudden infant death syndrome. Survivors-parents; twin sister: Sarah Kathryn; grandparents: Dale and Doris Stoltzfus, and Lon and Kathryn Sherer; great-grandparents: Reuben and Dorothy Stoltzfus, and Raymond and Edna Summers. Funeral: June 7, Millwood Mennonite Church, by family members with Audrey Roth Kraybill as worship leader.

Yoder, Joseph Aaron, 81, Belleville, Pa. Born: Nov. 2, 1910, to Jonas J. and Elizabeth M. (Glick) Yoder. Died: June 2, 1992, Belleville, Pa. Survivors- wife: Alma E. (Glick) Yoder; children: G. Sanford, Elsie J.; sister: Salinda Miller; half brothers and sisters: Amos K, Samuel, and Steve Yoder, Rebecca Byler, Nannie Byler, Susie Detweiler, Katie Yoder; 7 grandchildren. Predeceased by one daughter. Funeral: Beth-El Mennonite Church, by J. Elrose Hartzler, Roy L. Yoder, and Foster R. King. Burial: Allensville Mennonite and Amish Cemetery.


Gospel Herald - Volume 85, Number 30 - July 28, 1992 ­ page; 15.

Albrecht, Katie (Bontrager), 63, Pigeon, Mich. Born: July 11, 1928, Mio, Mich., to Dan and Fannie (Kauffman) Bontrager. Died: June 30, 1992, Pigeon, Mich., of a heart attack. Survivors-husband: Roy A. Albrecht; children: Donna Burkholder, Janet Kazlusky, Betty Birky, Bonnie Crawford, Glen, Galen; brothers and sisters: Velma Mast, Edna Schwartz, Leroy, Erie, Omer, Theodore, and Dan Bontrager; 12 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: July 3, Pigeon River Mennonite Church, by Tom Beachy and Luke Yoder.

Derstine, Willis T., 85, Silverdale, Pa. Born: Jan. 25, 1907, Bedminster Twp., to Samuel L. and Lizzie Trauger Derstine. Died: June 23, 1992, from cardiac arrest. Survivors-wife: Mildred Shelly Derstine; children: Doris Histand, Alma M. Wissman, Lorraine Van Pelt, Betty J. Strouse, Mary A. Appold, Wilmer S., George W., Merril S., Abram S., Stanley S., Wayne S.; brothers and sister: Martha T. Landis, Isaac T., Noah T., Chester T., Harold T.; 31 grandchildren, 30 great- grandchildren. Funeral and burial: June 29, Deep Run Mennonite Church East, by Arnold C. Roth.

Moyer, Nelson N., 86, Riegelsville, Pa. Born: Aug. 10, 1905, Montgomery County, Pa., to Edwin L. and Lizzie (Nyce) Moyer. Died: July 5, 1992, Souderton, Pa. Survivors-wife: Martha Gehman Moyer; children: Daniel, John, Edwin, Grace Aicher, Beulah Walter; brothers and sister: Wilard, D. Edwin, Beula Clemmer; 16 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: July 8, Swamp Mennonite Church, by William A. Brunk.

Nussbaum, Elton, 47, Calico Rock, Ark. Born: March 28, 1945, Wooster, Ohio, to Willis E. and Edna (Geiser) Nussbaum. Died: June 22, 1992, Calico Rock, Ark., of cancer. Survivors-wife: Freida Stauffer Nussbaum; father and step-mother: Willis E. and Elrena; brother and sister: Arden, Arvilla Kaufman; stepbrothers and stepsisters: Virginia Lehman, Karen Garnett, Lora Napolitan, Joyce Weaver, Curtis, Darrel, and Craig Lehman. Memorial service: June 25, Calico Rock Mennonite Fellowship, by Howard Keim and Bill Detweiler. Burial: Sonnenberg Mennonite Cemetery.
He served as conference youth minister for Virginia Mennonite Conference, as voluntary service administrator for Mennonite Board of Missions, and as a pastor in Jamaica, Iowa, and Arkansas.

Schrock, Lydia J. Miller, 82, Hartville, Ohio. Born: Oct. 28, 1909, Middlefield, Ohio, to Joseph and Saloma Miller Schrock. Died: May 21, 1992, Hartville, Ohio. Survivors-husband: Lester M. Schrock; children: Mary Seaman, Alma Weaver, Betty Hostetler, Kathryn Miller, Lucille Shetler, Lydia Overholt, Ruth Eby, Miriam Wagler, Pauline Wengerd, Mervin, Joe, Ray, James, Paul; 68 grandchildren, 66 great-grandchildren. Funeral: May 24, Cornerstone Mennonite Church, by Joe Yoder, Simon Summers. Burial: Walnut Grove Cemetery.

Transcribed by Ralph Shetler, Oregon

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