Gospel Herald Obituaries - July, 1994

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Gospel Herald - Volume 87, Number 27 - July 5, 1994


Conrad, Arthur B., 83, Columbiana, Ohio. Born: Oct. 10, 1910, Louisville, Ohio, to Daniel and Anna Knopp Conrad. Died: June 8, 1994, Columbiana, Ohio, of pneumonia. Survivors-wife: Clara Horst Conrad; daughter: Marjorie Lambert; brother and sister: Richard, Ella Krabill; 3 grandchildren, one great-grandchild. Predeceased by: Mildred Conrad (daughter). Funeral and burial: June 11, Midway Mennonite Church, by Larry Rohrer.

Fretz, Henry M., 86, Schwenksville, Pa. Born: Lucon, Pa., to Henry D. and Margaret Mininger Fretz. Died: June 7, 1994, Harleysville, Pa. Survivors-wife: Lillian Ruth Fretz; children: Norman R., Peggy Joan Hood; 3 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren. Congregational membership: Franconia Mennonite Church. Funeral: June 11, Peter Becker Community Chapel, by John Ehst and Earl Yoder. Burial: Upper Skippack Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Geiser, Carl David, 24, Bloomington, Ind. Born: Jan. 11, 1970, Hamilton, Ohio, to David J. Geiser and Lenore Hershberger. Died: May 12, 1994, Fairfield, Ill. Survivors - brother and sister: Charles, Christine Williamson. Funeral and burial: May 15, Hopewell Mennonite Church, by John C. Murray and John F. Murray.

Glanzer, Janice Fern Mayer, 45, Harrisonburg, Va. Born: Jan. 15, 1949, Pigeon, Mich., to Clayton and Lydia Steckley Mayer. Died: June 10, 1994, Harrisonburg, Va., of leukemia. Survivors-husband: James Glanzer, sons: Marshall, Murray, Monte; brother and sisters: C. J. Mayer, Marilyn Beachy, Cynthia Brubaker. Funeral: June 13, Park View Mennonite Church, by Owen Burkholder, Shirlee K. Yoder, and Shirley E. Yoder. Burial: Weavers Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Groce, Charles D., 55, Hartstown, Pa. Born: Dec. 17, 1938, Carlsbad, N.M., to William Ralph and Opal Marie Groce. Died: June 8, 1994, Greenville, Pa., of pneumonia. Survivors- wife: Jean Miller Groce; children: Ethan, Amelia, Jared; sister: Sandy Dunning. Funeral and burial: June 11, Sunnyside Mennonite Church, by Nelson Martin.

Hartzler, Mary Ellen Martin, 88, Jackson, Minn. Born: June 1, 1905, Garden City, Mo., to Ben and Ida Kauffman Martin. Died: Dec. 29, 1993, Sioux Falls, S.D. Survivors-children: Betty Linscheid, Charles, Frank; brother and sisters: Glenn Martin, Ruby Zook, Erma Yost; 6 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Ed Hartzler (husband). Funeral: Jan. 1, Hilltop Mennonite Church, by Ed Wenger and Norman Geissinger. Burial: Riverside Cemetery.

Metzler, Floyd C., 84, Nappanee, Ind. Born: Oct. 8, 1909, Union Twp., Ind., to Samuel and Phoebe Christophel Metzler. Died: June 11, 1994, Elkhart, Ind. Survivors-wife: Lillie A. Culp Metzler; children: Myron D., Zeda VanderBrugghen; half sister: Rosa Miller; 4 grandchildren. Funeral: June 14, North Main Street Mennonite Church, by Ken Bontreger and Etril Leinbach. Burial: South Union Cemetery.

Miller, Virgil Ray, 84, Millersburg, Ohio. Born: March 22, 1910, Millersburg, Ohio, to Martin L. and Elizabeth Ann Kropf Miller. Died: June 11,1994, Orrville, Ohio. Survivors-wife: Mildred L. Oswald Miller; children: Marjorie Myers, Arlene, Miriam Rheinheimer, Kathy Farver, Evelyn Steffen, Dian Angle, Irene Heatwole, Harold, Owen; sisters: Mary Sones, Alice Polk; 30 grandchildren, 33 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: June 15, Martins Creek Mennonite Church, by Carl Wiebe.

Siermachesky, Harry, 71. Born: Jan. 15, 1923, Carmel, Sask., to John and Anne Kalika Siermachesky. Died: May 12, 1994, Saskatoon, Sask., during heart surgery. Survivors-wife: Anne Sawicki Siermachesky; children: David, Marcella Meyers, Ellery, Sharon, Randy. Congregational membership: New Hope Community Church. Funeral: May 16, St. Augustine Catholic Church, by Jim Lloyd, Lawrence Trafford, Lawrence DeMong. Burial: Humbolt, Sask.

Wade, Orville, 71, Sterling, Ill. Born: March 4, 1923, Sterling, Ill., to Glen and Grace Hauger Wade. Died: June 4, 1994, Sterling, Ill. Survivors-wife: Genevieve Davis Wade; children: Clark, Curtice, Crete LeFevre; brother and sister: Paul, Lois Ann Olson; 8 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: June 7, Science Ridge Mennonite Church, by S. Roy Kaufman.

Zumstein, Sandra Landis, 45, Martinsburg, Pa. Born: May 14, 1948, Quakertown, Pa., to Alvin Y. and Margaret Landis. Died: April 16, 1994, Pittsburgh, Pa., of cancer. Survivors-husband: Jessie V. Zumstein; children: Brent L., Brenda K. Clinich; sister: Barbara J. Neff; 2 grandchildren. Attended Martinsburg Mennonite Church. Funeral and burial: April 23, Indianfield Lutheran Church, by Ronald Bickhart and Paul Beck.


Gospel Herald - Volume 87, Number 28 - July 12, 1994


Bixler, Joanna, 49, Elkhart, Ind. Born: Dec. 13, 1943, West Liberty, Ohio, to Dale and Celesta Smucker Bixler. Died: Nov. 13, 1993, Elkhart, Ind. Survivors - brothers and sisters: Esther Heatwole, Mary Hardin, Ruth Reeser, Rachel Guedea, Lois Longoria, David, James. Funeral: Nov. 16, College Mennonite Church, by Nancy Kauffmann. Burial: Prairie Street Cemetery.

Bixler, Reuben, 86, Orrville, Ohio. Born: June 20, 1908, Dalton, Ohio, to John D. and Katie Lehman Bixler. Died: June 20, 1994, Dalton, Ohio. Survivors- wife: Elma Nussbaum Bixler; children: Vernice, Paul, Clair, Ken, Dave; sisters: Selma, Annie Evans, Hilda Johnson; 17 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren, 4 step-great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: June 24, Kidron Mennonite Church, by Bill Detweiler.

Drudge, Albert Edwin, 76, Stouffville, Ont. Born: Feb. 26, 1918, Markham Twp., Ont., to Menno and Emma Reesor Drudge. Died: June 8, 1994, Richmond Hill, Ont., of heart failure. Survivors-wife: Annie Burkholder Drudge; children: Kenneth, Eileen Froese, Donna Baines; brothers and sisters: Fred, Annie Smith, WaIter, Elsie Nighswander, Norman; 6 grandchildren. Congregational membership: Rouge Valley Mennonite Church. Funeral: June 13, Markham Missionary Church, by Steve Drudge. Burial: Reesor Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Engle, Doris Stuckey, 75, Spencerville, Ohio. Born: Feb. 28, 1919, Archbold, Ohio, to Enos and Emma Witmer Stuckey. Died: June 5, 1994, Spencerville, Ohio, of congestive heart failure. Survivors - husband: Royce A. Engle; children: Scott, Stanley, Brian, Kathi Oswald, Suzanne Ford; 10 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Francine and Nancy (infant daughters). Burial: June 8, Pettisville Cemetery. Memorial service: June 9, Salem Mennonite Church, by Ed Yoder.

Hartzler, H. Harold, 85, Goshen, Ind. Born: April 7, 1908, Fort Wayne, Ind., to John M. and Anna Mary King Hartzler. Died: Dec. 9, 1993, Goshen, Ind. Survivors-children: Harold E., Theo Yoder, Jon; sisters: Eva, Ethel, Carrie Dodd; 13 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Dorothy Gertrude Baker Hartzler (wife). Funeral: Dec. 12, College Mennonite Church, by Nancy Kauffmann and J. Lawrence Burkholder. Burial: Fairview Cemetery.

Hershberger, Loralyn "Lori," 20, Louisville, Ohio. Born: Nov. 26, 1973, Canton, Ohio, to Alvin and Leora Hershberger. Died: June 19, 1994, Canton, Ohio, from a blood clot in a transplanted heart. Survivors-father; sister: Jane Hershberger Mitchell. Funeral: June 22, Beech Mennonite Church, by Dan Graber and Galen Sommers. Burial: Hartville Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Kauffman, Dick, 88, Hutchinson, Kan. Born: April 20, 1906, Hutchinson, Kan., to David and Drusilla Helmuth Kauffman. Died: June 18, 1994, Hutchinson, Kan., of Alzheimer's disease. Survivors-wife: Lizzie Yutzy Kauffman; children: Richard, Mary Troyer, Marilyn Carmen, Fannie Mae Bontrager , Joyce Parcell, Carolyn Hartman; brothers: Aaron, Levi, Dan; 15 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren, 2 step grandchildren, 2 step-great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: June 21, Yoder Mennonite Church, by Dan Kauffman and Peter Hartman.

Litwiller, Alice, 83, Hopedale, Ill. Born: Aug. 17, 1910, Hopedale, Ill., to John E. and Phoebe Good Litwiller. Died: June 5, 1994, Eureka, Ill. Survivors-brothers and sisters: Oliver, Elmer, Clayton, Claire Hartman, Ruth Imhoff, Lila Hartman, Velma Wiebe. Funeral and burial: June 8, Hopedale Mennonite Church, by H. James Smith and Edward Wiebe (brother-in-law).

Miller, Naomi Stahl, 92. Born: March 20, 1902, Clarksville, Mich., to John and Eliza Bleam Stahl. Died: June 14, 1994, Valparaiso, Ind. Survivors-children: Victoria Sutter, Arlene Good, Arnold, Gerald; 18 grandchildren, 33 great-grandchildren, 7 great-great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Ora Miller (husband). Funeral and burial: June 17, Hopewell Mennonite Church, by John F. Murray.

Moyer, Edna Mae Trauger, 93, Souderton, Pa. Born; Nov. 21, 1900, Bedminster Twp., Pa., to Samuel O. and Emma Overholt Trauger. Died: June 15, 1994, Souderton, Pa., of pneumonia. Survivors-children: W. Earl, D. Willard, R. Wayne, Mary Kathryn Knechel, Mildred Mae Knechel; sisters: Carrie Wasser, Mary Yothers, Emma Mininger; 20 grandchildren, 45 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: A. Byron Moyer (husband). Funeral and burial: June 18, Swamp Mennonite Church, by William A. Brunk.

Nissley, Raymond Ebersole, 94, Elizabethtown, Pa. Born: Dec. 23, 1899, W. Donegal Twp., Pa., to Joseph H. and Fannie Ebersole Nissley. Died: June 12, 1994, Manheim, Pa. Survivors - children: Vernon B., Mervin B., Alma B. Snavely, Elsie B.; brother: Lloyd E.; 17 grandchildren, 34 great-grandchildren, 5 step-great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Helen F. Brubaker Nissley (wife). Funeral and burial: June 16, Goods Mennonite Church, by Clair Nissle and Russell Baer.

Smoker, Elizabeth Mast, 95 Born: Sept. 19, 1898, Christiana, Pa., to Emanuel and Annie Blank Mast. Died: May 31, 1994 Paradise, Pa. Survivors-children: Arthur E., Elvin M., Erma Clemens, Naomi Byers, Jeanette Eby, Pauline Martin, Louise Miller, Irene Martin; brother Paul Mast; 22 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Elam E. Smokel (husband). Funeral: Maple Grove Mennonite Church, by Arthur E. Smoker, Jr. (grandson), David R. Clemens, J. Richard Umble, and Philip M. Freed Burial: Millwood Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Snyder, Anna Grace Speicher, 72, Rockwood, Pa. Born: March 3, 1922, Boswell, Pa., to Floyd and Mary Ellen Lehman Speicher. Died: June 12, 1994 Somerset, Pa., of a heart attack Survivors-children: Lenore Ferg, Sandra Miller; sister Mary Stern; 8 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Henry Snyder (husband) and John (son). Funeral and burial: June 15, Thomas Mennonite Church, by Homer Schrock.

Stutzman, Era Alvin, 96 Goshen, Ind. Born: May 17 1898, Middlebury, Ind., to Amasa and Isabelle Miller, Stutzman. Died: June 14, 1994 Goshen, Ind. Survivors - brother and sister: Vernon Kathryn Eigsti. Predeceased by Cleone J. Miller Stutzman (wife). Funeral: June 17, Clinton Frame Mennonite Church, by Robert Shreiner and Vernon Bontreger. Burial: Clinton Union Cemetery.

Witmer, Beulah Verna Rich, 77 Sterling, Ill. Born: Dec. 20, 1916 Crawfordsville, Iowa, to Joseph and Anna Graber Rich. Died June 8, 1994, Dixon, Ill. Survivors- husband: Harry Witmer children: Joseph, Daniel, Edith Cozzi; brother and sisters: Herbert Rich, Ruth Eash, Edna Swartzendruber; 8 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: June 11, Science Ridge Mennonite Church by S. Roy Kaufman.


Gospel Herald - Volume 87, Number 29 - July 19, 1994


Atkinson, Charlotte Hallman, 87, Lititz, Pa. Born: Oct. 14, 1906, Conestoga Center, Pa., to Benjamin and Mary Hallman. Died: June 24, 1994, Lititz, Pa. Survivors-daughter: Miriam A.; sisters: Hettie Warfel, Reba Wenger, Ruth Gauss. Predeceased by: Allen H. Atkinson (husband). Congregational membership: Lititz Mennonite Church. Funeral: June 27, Landis Homes East Chapel, by J. Clair Hollinger, Janet M. Peifer, and Jay R. Oberholtzer. Burial: Millersville Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Beckler, Marian Boshart, 90, Wayland, Iowa. Born: Nov. 20, 1903, Milford, Neb., to Dan B. and Mat tie Ulrich Boshart. Died: June 9, 1994, Wayland, Iowa, of a stroke. Survivors - children: Truman, Delmar, Clifford, Naomi Roth, Opal Hamilton; sister: Fannie Stutzman; 20 grandchildren, 37 great-grandchildren, one great-great-grandchild. Predeceased by: Ira Beckler (husband), Ardis Byers (daughter), and an infant son. Funeral services: June 11, Bethel Mennonite Church, by Duane Roth and Herb Yoder, and June 14, Fairview Mennonite Church, by Al Burkey, LeRoy Redding, and Roy Hostetler. Burial: Fairview Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Eash, Ada A. Thomas, 98, Hollsopple, Pa. Born: Dec. 5, 1895, Somerset County, Pa., to Henry and Mary Kaufman Thomas. Died: June 14, 1994, Meyersdale, Pa. Survivors - children: Robert S., Kenneth, Irvin, Earl, Vernon, Betty Blough, Edwin, Jr., Daisy Flory; 25 grandchildren, 31 great-grandchildren, 9 great-great grandchildren. Predeceased by: Edwin Eash (husband) and 3 infant children. Funeral and burial: June 17, Blough Mennonite Church, by Richard Mininger and Elvin Holsopple.

Garber, Monroe E., 93, Mount Joy, Pa. Born: June 17, 1901, Elizabethtown, Pa., to Simon and Fannie Eby Garber. Died: June 18, 1994, Lancaster, Pa. Survivors-children: Norma M., James M., John K., Lois G. Buchen, J. Richard, Arlene G. Leaman; sister: Helen E. Groff; 16 grandchildren; one foster grandson, 37 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Blanche Kauffman Garber (wife). Funeral and burial: June 20, Bossler Mennonite Church, by Fred Garber, Russel J. Baer, and Robert Shreiner.

Henry, Enid E. Detweiler, 82, Belleville, Pa. Born: Feb. 18, 1912, Belleville, Pa., to Abner and Sadie Hartzler Detweiler. Died: June 20, 1994, Lewistown, Pa. Survivors-children: Elizabeth Aumiller, Ruth Ann Thompson, Mary Steinhauer, George D.; 3 grandchildren, one great-grandchild. Predeceased by: George W. Henry (husband), and 2 sons. Congregational membership: Maple Grove Mennonite Church. Funeral: June 24, Valley View Haven Chapel, by Ivan E. Yoder. Burial: Locust Grove Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Metzler, Emma E. Groff, 88. Born: June 12, 1906, to Enos and Martha Brubaker Groff. Died: June 18, 1994, Lancaster, Pa., of congestive heart failure. Survivors-husband: John C. Metzler; children: J. Robert, Lloyd G., Doris J. Burkhart, Norma J. Hostetter; 14 grandchildren, 41 great-grandchildren. Congregational membership: Kinzer Mennonite Church. Funeral and burial: June 21, Paradise Mennonite Church, by J. Wade Groff, Ralph G. Ginder, Jay A. Meck, and Paul L. Clark.

Miller, Alpha, 72, Amboy, Ind. Born: Oct. 15, 1921, Arthur, Ill. Died: June 5, 1994, Decatur, Ill. Survivors-children: Nelson, Larry, Eldon, Fannie Garland, Janice Exmeyer, Irma, Carolyn Doty, Fern; brothers and sister: John, Simon, Abraham, and Eli Gingerich, Sarah Chupp; 28 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Monroe Miller (husband). Congregational membership: Santa Fe Mennonite Church. Funeral: June 8, Howard-Miami Mennonite Church, by Lee Miller. Burial: Christner Cemetery.

Nisley, Anna Schrock, 82. Born: Sept. 7, 1911, to Andy and Catherine Kauffman Schrock. Died: June 22, 1994, Decatur, Ill., of heart failure. Survivors-children: Kathryn, Edna Gingerich, Faye Yoder, Paul; brothers and sisters: Abraham and Lewis Schrock, Ida Mae Beachy; 6 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Valentine Nisley (husband), Irene (daughter), and one son. Funeral and burial: June 24, Arthur Mennonite Church, by Wayne D. King.

Slabach, Mary Edna Miller, 81, Sarasota, Fla. Born: Aug. 8, 1912, Sugarcreek, Ohio, to Jonas and Lydia Hershberger Miller. Died: June 23, 1994, Sarasota, Fla., of pneumonia. Survivors - husband: William J. "Bill" Slabach; children: Ruby F. Schrock, Mary I. Miller, Melvin E., Irvin R.; brothers: Dan J. and Omer J. Miller; 11 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren. Funeral: June 27, Bay Shore Mennonite Church, by Howard S. Schmitt. Burial: Palms Memorial Park.

Stutzman, Harold W., 66, Kinross, Iowa. Born: June 30, 1927, Wood River, Neb., to Menno and Mary Stoltzfus Stutzman. Died: June 10, 1994, Iowa City, Iowa, of a heart attack. Survivors-wife: Lela Hershberger Stutzman; children: Jerry, James, Stan, John, Donavan, Mary Newel; brothers and sisters: Delmar, Ervin, Agnes, Arlene; 13 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: June 14, Wellman Mennonite Church, by Daniel R. Johnston.

Ulrich, Luella Yoder, 85, Eureka, Ill. Born: Sept. 10, 1908, Champaign County, Ohio, to John I. and Kathryn Yoder. Died: June 21, 1994, Eureka, Ill., of cancer. Survivors-children: Byron " Jack," Janice Rush, Kathy Baer; brothers and sisters: Dwight, Wayne, Wilma, and Gail Yoder, John Mark, Mary Smith, Marjorie Rohrer; 9 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Loren S. Ulrich (husband). Funeral and burial: June 25, Roanoke Mennonite Church, by Eldon King, Rick Troyer, and Elmer Wyse.


 Gospel Herald - Volume 87, Number 30 - July 26, 1994


Cohn, Eugene C., 91, Manheim, Pa. Born: Jan. 19, 1903, St. Louis, Mo. Died: June 29, 1994, Manheim, Pa., of cancer. Survivors-son: Kim; 2 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Bertha Cohn (wife). Congregational membership: Erisman Mennonite Church. Funeral: July 5, Buch Funeral Home, by Norman Shenk and Andrew Miller. Burial: Conestoga Memorial Park, Lancaster, Pa.

Dickens, Dorrance, 66, Gulfport, Miss. Born: April 14, 1928, Oloh, Miss. Died: June 17, 1994, Gulfport, Miss. Survivors-children: Elmer C., Dorrance D., Joan E. Sample, Sheila D. Odam; 8 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Lillie Mae Dickens (wife). Congregational membership: Gulfhaven Mennonite Church. Funeral: June 20, Rieman Memorial, by David Weaver. Burial: Coalville Cemetery.

Kaufman, Abe, 87, Fairview, Mich. Born: March 28, 1907, Mio, Mich., to Abraham N. and Sarah Grabill Kaufman. Died: June 23, 1994, Fairview, Mich. Survivors-wife: Anna Kauffman Kaufman; children: David, Lloyd, Alta, Mary Ellen; 4 grandchildren. Congregational membership: Conservative Mennonite Fellowship. Funeral: June 26, Fairview Mennonite Church, by Marvin Troyer, Lewis Schlabach, and Virgil Hershberger. Burial: Kittle Cemetery , Mio, Mich.

Meyer, Esther Steiner, 95, Goshen, lnd. Born: July 25, 1898, Allen County, Ohio, to Menno Simon and Clara E by Steiner. Died: June 8, 1994, Goshen, lnd. Survivors-children: Albert J., Margaret Meyer Irvin, John W.; sister: Grace Hostetler; 8 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Jacob Conrad Meyer (husband). Funeral services: June 12, Assembly Mennonite Church, by Mary Lehman Yoder and James Waltner; and June 13, Oak Grove Mennonite Church, by James Schrag and Norma Duerksen. Burial: Oak Grove Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Stayrook, S. Ruth, 73, Belleville, Pa. Born: Oct. 6, 1920, to Reuben and Arie Yoder Stayrook. Died: June 23, 1994, Belleville, Pa. Survivors-siblings: Joseph E., Annie B., Mabel A. Funeral and burial: June 26, Locust Grove Mennonite Church, by Erie Renno and Guy Rocker.

Stiner, Nancy Lou Hamill, 61. Born: Dec. 13, 1932, Hagerstown, Md., to Herman L. and Gladys Giggs Hamill Schindler. Died: July 3, 1994, Hagerstown, Md., of cancer. Survivors-husband: Walter F. Stiner, Jr.; mother; stepson: Mark; siblings: Keith C. Hamill, Gloria Smeltzer; 2 step grandchildren. Congregational membership: Cedar Grove Mennonite Church. Funeral: July 6, Minnich Funeral Home, by Nelson L. Martin. Burial: Rest Haven Cemetery, Hagerstown, Md.

Stoltzfus, Marcia Sue, 37, Ebensburg, Pa. Born: Aug. 16, 1956, Chester County, Pa., to Menno and Mildred Smoker Stoltzfus. Died: May 2, 1994, Johnstown, Pa. Survivors - parents; brother and sister: Milton L., Marian L. Funeral and burial: May 4, George E. Mason Funeral Home, by Don E. Speigle, and May 6, Maple Grove Mennonite Church, Atglen, Pa., by Leroy Umble.

Widders, Isaac S., 73, Lititz, Pa. Born: June 14, 1920, Clay Twp., Pa., to Reuban and Bertha Stauffer Widders. Died: June 2, 1994, Lititz, Pa. Survivors-wife: Martha Herr Widders; children: James, Phoebe Good; brother and sisters: Irwin, Verna Noll, Mabel Neff, Kathryn Harnish; 7 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren. Funeral: June 6, Erb Mennonite Church, by Lester Zimmerman, Donald Good, and WaIter Hurst. Burial: Hammercreek Mennonite Church Cemetery.

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