Gospel Herald Obituaries - February, 1995

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Gospel Herald - Volume 88, Number 6 - February 7, 1995


Beck, Sylvia I., 94, Archbold, Ohio. Born: May 30, 1900, Archbold, Ohio, to Simon P. and Lina Graber Beck. Died: Jan. 10, 1995, Wauseon, Ohio. Survivor-brother: Herman. Funeral and burial: Jan. 13, Lockport Mennonite Church, by Allen Rutter, Charles Gautsche, and Walter Stuckey.

Brubaker, Esther N., 80, Thompsontown, Pa. Born: Sept. 21, 1914, McAlisterville, Pa., to Ammon G. and Annie Musser Brubaker. Died: Dec. 28, 1994, Lewistown, Pa. Survivors-brother: Roy M. Funeral and burial: Dec. 31, Lost Creek Mennonite Church, by Roy L. Brubaker and George Zimmerman.

Keeler, Martha Meyers Risser, 60, Harrisonburg, Va. Born: Feb. 22, 1934, Greencastle, Pa., to Irvin C. and Cora Belle Meyers Risser. Died: Jan. 14, 1995, Harrisonburg, Va., of cancer. Survivors-husband: Richard F. Keeler; children: Miriam Louise Hostetter, Kathryn Elaine, Mary Beth Stauffer, Sharon Rose Arbaugh; brother and sisters: Isaac Risser, Louise Blosser, Ellen Martin; 5 grandchildren. Congregational membership: Ridgeway Mennonite Church. Funeral: Jan. 17, Weavers Mennonite Church, by John Kiblinger, Paul Yoder, and Dan Smucker.

Lapp, I. Wilbur, 85, Towamencin, Pa. Born: June 9, 1909, Lansdale, Pa., to Isaiah and Kate Clemmer Lapp. Died: Jan. 1, 1995, Lansdale, Pa. Survivors-wife: Erma M. Hertzler Stoltzfus Lapp; children: Will T., Nancy L. Falconer; stepsons: William F., Donald L., and Robert T. Stoltzfus; 4 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Linda R. Hertzler Lapp (first wife). Funeral: Jan. 4, Plains Mennonite Church, by James M. Lapp and Jim Beachy. Burial: Methaction Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Mayer, Omar Dale, 68, Sarasota, Fla. Born: Sept. 4, 1926, Pigeon, Mich., to Sol and Lydia Mayer. Died: Jan. 10, 1995, Sarasota, Fla. Survivors-wife: Doris Diller Mayer; children: Mike, Sandy Miller, Bonnie Kurtz; brother and sisters: Clayton, Loretta, Ruth Ulrich; 7 grandchildren. Funeral: Jan. 13, Bay Shore Mennonite Church, by Howard S. Schmitt. Burial: Manasota Memorial Park, Bradenton, Fla.

Miller, George Edward, 83, Newport News, Va. Born: July 14, 1911, Newport News, Va., to Ernest C. and Emma Eyman Miller. Died: Jan. 16, 1995, Newport News, Va. Survivors-brothers and sister: John E., Ernest C., Jr., Charles C., Lillian. Funeral and burial: Jan. 18, Warwick River Mennonite Church, by Gordon Zook and Nelson Burkholder.

Moyer, David Wellington, 43, Leburn, Ky. Born: Jan. 25, 1951, Bucks County, Pa., to Wellington and Evangeline Moyer. Died: Dec. 19, 1994, Hindman, Ky., of heart failure. Survivors-wife: Miriam Wenger Moyer; children: Dwight, Kevin, Delbert, Emily, Kimberly, Rebecca, Davetta Ehst; brothers and sisters: Vernon, Kenneth, Galen, Kathleen Hartzler, Joanne Hunsberger, Joyce Hostetter, Jeannie Smith; one grandchild. Predeceased by: Evelyn (daughter). Funeral: Dec. 22, Hindman Funeral Chapel, by Daniel Yoder and Daniel Hartzler. Burial: Valley View Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Nafziger, Emma Oswald, 91, Minier, Ill. Born: Sept. 19, 1903, Beemer, Neb., to Peter and Mary Litwiller Oswald. Died: Jan. 15, 1995, Eureka, Ill. Survivors-children: Merle, Donald, Lila Rutter, Vaudrine Cooper; sister: Alma Stalter; 7 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Levi Nafziger (husband). Funeral and burial: Jan. 19, Hopedale Mennonite Church, by H. James Smith.

Rudy, Cyrus, 77, Waterloo, Ont. Born: Dec. 14, 1917, Woolwich Twp., Ont., to Aaron and Sarah Martin Rudy. Died: Jan. 3, 1995, Waterloo, Ont., of cancer. Survivors-wife: Dee Selby-Wilson Rudy; children: Annie Gingrich, Mary Ringwood, Elsie Boomhower, Carole Williams, Nancy Cavin, Dale and Bruce Wilson; brothers and sisters: Nancy, Susannah, Malinda, Menno, Sidney, Leah Martin, Barbara Bowman, Lydia Bowman; 10 grandchildren, one great-grandchild. Predeceased by: Adeline Bowman Rudy (first wife). Funeral: Jan. 5, Floradale Mennonite Church, by Mahlon Roes and George Elsasser.

Stauffer, Ezra Earl, 79, Milford, Neb. Born: June 17, 1915, Milford, Neb., to Christian G. and Anna Rediger Stauffer. Died: Jan. 14, 1995, Lincoln, Neb., of heart failure. Survivors-wife: Dorothy Boshart Stauffer; children: Bill, Terry, Gene, Bonnie Roth, Carolyn; siblings: Harry, Edward, Phoebe Burkey, Kathryn; 13 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Jan. 17, East Fairview Mennonite Church, by F. Dale Hostetler and Lloyd Gingerich.

Weaver, John M., 84, Columbiana, Ohio. Born: Dec. 22, 1910, Columbiana, Ohio, to Noah and Fannie Martin Weaver. Died: Jan. 9, 1995, Salem, Ohio, of pneumonia. Survivors-children: Valera Riemenschneider, Kathryn Yoder, Norma, Kenneth W.; sisters: Martha Martin, Carrie Morris; 8 grandchildren, 9 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Ruth E. Shoup Weaver (wife). Funeral: Jan. 12, Midway Mennonite Church, by Larry Rohrer. Burial: Midway Cemetery.

Wideman, B. Lorene Glasburn, 82, Albany, Ore. Born: Dec. 26, 1912, Harper, Ran., to Charles and Emma Glasburn. Died: Dec. 18, 1994, Albany, Ore. Survivors-husband: Walter Wideman; son: Wayne; brother and sisters: Nina Webb, Ray, Estelle, and Ada Glasburn, Elsie Byler, Katherine Bickell; 4 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by an infant daughter. Funeral: Dec. 23, Prince of Peace Mennonite Church, by James Roth and Louis Lehman. Burial: Sheridan Mennonite Cemetery.

Wraase, Lovina Horst, 88, Elmira, Ont. Born: Nov. 26, 1906, Woolwich Twp., Ont., to Daniel and Annie Weber Horst. Died: Dec. 22, 1994, Elmira, Ont., of cancer. Survivors-son: Waldtraut Martin; brothers and sisters: Moses, Simeon, Daniel, Nathaniel, Aaron, and Osiah Horst, Annie Bauman, Lydiann Bauman; 3 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Otto Wraase (husband). Funeral and burial: Dec. 24, Floradale Mennonite Church, by Fred Redekop.

Yoder, Agnes P. Reiter, 93. Born: May 4, 1901, Boyertown, Pa., to George L. and Sarah Pennypacker Reiter. Died: Dec. 27, 1994, Allentown, Pa., of congestive heart failure. Survivors- children: Jesse R., Carl D., Bernice W. Zeiset, Esther M. Godshall, Mary Ann King, Dorothy M. Stoltzfus. Predeceased by: Nelson G. Yoder (husband). Funeral: Dec. 31, Boyertown Mennonite Church, by Kenneth Homing, Alvin Detweiler, and Erie Renno. Burial: Boyertown Fairview Cemetery.

Yoder, Ida Weirich, 95, Elkhart, Ind. Born: June 10, 1899, Shipshewana, Ind., to Abraham and Martha Weirich. Died: Jan. 17,1995, Elkhart, Ind., of pneumonia and congestive heart failure. Survivors-children: Roland, Roy, Robert, Rachel Stoody, Ruby Holderman; sisters: Viola Rhodes, Irma Pletcher; 23 grandchildren, 35 great-grandchildren, 3 great-great grandchildren. Predeceased by: Gabriel J. Yoder (husband), Ruth (daughter), Raymond and Richard (sons). Funeral: Jan. 19, Belmont Mennonite Church, by Duane Beck and Phil Mininger. Burial: Shore Cemetery.


Gospel Herald - Volume 88, Number 7 - February 14, 1995


Albrecht, Kathryn R. Hooley, 90, Middlebury, Ind. Born: Nov. 23, 1903, Lagrange County, Ind. Died: Nov. 8, 1994, Goshen, Ind. Survivors-children: Alfred J., Leonard, Willard, Luella Gerig; 10 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Aaron Albrecht (husband). Funeral: Nov. 11, Forks Mennonite Church, by Phil Yoder and Eugene Bontrager. Burial: Shore Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Derstine, Stanley M., 68, Harleysville, Pa. Born: Aug. 15, 1926, Mainland, Pa., to Henry A. Derstine and Verna Moyer Derstine Groff. Died: Jan. 7, 1995, Sellersville, Pa., of leukemia. Survivors-wife: Dorothy Ruth Yoder Derstine; children: Beverly Y. Wenger, Brenda Y., Bruce Y., Blaine Y.; brother: Kenneth M.; half siblings: Larry Groff, Loretta Good, Eileen Famous; 6 grandchildren. Congregational membership: Spring Mount Mennonite Church. Funeral: Jan. 12, Towamencin Mennonite Church, by Ronald L. Blough. Burial: Salford Mennonite Church.

Erb, Alta Mae Eby, 103, Scottdale, Pa. Born: Feb. 23, 1891, Dowingtown, Pa., to Abram and Salome Denlinger E by. Died: Jan. 24, 1995, Scottdale, Pa. Survivors - children: Delbert, Winifred Paul; 8 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Paul Erb (husband). Funeral: Jan. 26, Kingview Mennonite Church, by Linford Martin. Burial: Scottdale Cemetery.

Erb, Violet M. Lesher, 89, Harleysville, Pa. Born: Oct. 23, 1905, Shoemakersville, Pa., to Solomon and Agnes Lesher. Died: Dec. 8, 1994, Sellersville, Pa. Survivors - children: William L., Robert L., Leora Timmons, Jean E. Gamble; brother and sister: Karl Lesher, Mary Seachrist; 13 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: William M. Erb (husband), Violet Naomi (daughter), and a stillborn son. Funeral and burial: Dec. 12, Sal ford Mennonite Church, by James C. Longacre and John L. Ruth.

Hendricks, William H., 76, Harleysville, Pa. Born: April 15, 1918, Mainland, Pa., to Frank H. and Idella Heckler Hendricks. Died: Jan. 18, 1995, Harleysville, Pa. Survivors-wife: Sara C. Shisler Hendricks; children: Gladys Juarez, Carol Markley, Fran D.; siblings: Stanley, Florence Kulp; 6 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Jan. 21, Salford Mennonite Church, by James C. Longacre and John L. Ruth.

Kemrer, Bertha Stehman Neff, 89, Lancaster, Pa. Born: Feb. 8, 1905, Lancaster county, Pa., to John and Lizzie Stehman Neff. Died: Jan. 19, 1995, Lancaster, Pa. Survivors-children: Lois M. Eckman, J. Donald, Allan G.; sister: Ella Herr; 9 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Phares Charles Kemrer (husband). Funeral and burial: Jan. 23, Millersville Mennonite Church, by Abram Charles and Delbert Kautz.

Kreider, Anna S., 79, Lancaster, Pa. Born: Dec. 31, 1915, East Lampeter Twp., Pa., to Morris and Emma Herr Kreider. Died: Jan. 13, 1995, Lancaster, Pa. Survivors-siblings: Marvin H., Emma. Congregational membership: Landisville Mennonite Church. Graveside service: Jan. 15, Strasburg Mennonite Church Cemetery, by Sam Thomas.

Landes, Irene Do Swartley, 90, Souderton, Pa. Born: March 12, 1904, Souderton, Pa., to William K. and Susan Derstine Swartley. Died: Jan. 5, 1995, Souderton, Pa. Survivors-daughters: Thelma S. Alderfer, Lois S. Derstine, Doris S. Godshall; brother: William D. Swartley; 9 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren, 2 great-great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Henry N. Landes (husband), William, Walton, Henry, Alan (sons), and a stillborn son. Funeral: Jan. 8, Souderton Mennonite Church, by Gerald A. Clemmer and Wallace Jantz. Burial: Franconia Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Lehman, Bertha Steria, 86, Lowville, N.Y. Born: July 18, 1908, New Bremen, N.Y., to Daniel and Leah Martin Steria. Died: Jan. 19, 1995, Lowville, N.Y. Survivors-children: Daniel S., Barbara Noftsier; sisters: Barbara Roes, Mary Stiles; 9 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Benjamin S. Lehman (husband) and Pauline (daughter). Funeral: Jan. 21, Lowville Mennonite Church, by Evan Zehr and Gilbert Steria. Burial: Conservative Mennonite Cemetery.

Mast, Craig Lynn, 19, White Pigeon, Mich, Born: May 25, 1975, Goshen, Ind" to Omer and Lorraine Detweiler Mast. Died: Jan. 12, 1995, White Pigeon, Mich., in a car accident. Survivors-parents; brothers: Curtis, Kevin; grandparents: Diana Mast, Mahlon and Edna Lapp Detwiler. Funeral: Jan. 15, Marion Mennonite Church, by Brad Miller. Burial: Miller Cemetery.

Miller, Jacob B., 100, LaGrange, Ind. Born: June 21, 1894, Holmes County, Ohio. Died: Jan. 15, 1995, LaGrange, Ind. Survivors-children: Harold, Kenneth, Velma Gorce, Ruth Ann McGinnis, Lucille Mierau, Irene Rheinheimer, Phillis Troyer; brother and sister: Raymond, Ada Schmucker; 23 grandchildren, 50 great-grandchildren, one great-great-grandchild. Predeceased by: Mattie A. Yoder Miller (wife), and Ora and Dale (sons). Funeral: Jan. 18, Marion Mennonite Church, by Brad Miller. Burial: Shore Cemetery.

Ruth, Mary Ann, 94, Annville, Pa. Born: Dec. 16, 1896*, New Britain, Pa., to Allen and Sallie Landis Ruth. Died: Jan. 22, 1995, Annville, Pa. Survivors-son: Merle; brother: Henry; 3 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Linford Ruth (husband) and Russell (son). Funeral and burial: Jan. 25, Line Lexington Mennonite Church, by Lowell H. Delp and John L. Ruth.
*Tombstone shows birth as September 14, 1900 - See FindAGrave # 52884493 - tlm

Wenger, Raymond H., 87, Goshen, Ind. Born: Feb. 2, 1907, Linville, Va., to Oscar E. and Bessie P. Heatwole Wenger. Died: Dec. 17, 1994, Goshen, Ind. Survivors-wife: Fannie L. Harkins Wenger; children: Robert, Betty Litwiller; brother and sisters: Linden, Mildred Plank, Edith; 5 grandchildren. Congregational membership: Mennonite Church of Scottdale. Funeral: Dec. 20, Greencroft Meeting house; by James H. Waltner. Burial: Violet t Cemetery.

Wyse, Ray D., 93, Wayland, Iowa. Born: Oct. 9, 1901, Wayland, Iowa, to Chris and Mary Miller Wyse. Died: Dec. 31, 1994, Wayland, Iowa. Survivors-wife: Velma Raber Wyse; sons: Sam, Charles; brother and sister: C.C., Mabel Gerig; 5 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Jan. 3, Sugar Creek Mennonite Church, by Ruben Chupp and Roger Farmer.


Gospel Herald - Volume 88, Number 8 - February 21, 1995


Brown, Dean Elery, 46. Born: May 20, 1948, Bloomsburg, Pa., to Paul Harvy and Ruth Anna Potter Brown. Died: Dec. 28, 1994, Danville, Pa., from a brain tumor. Survivors-wife: Gladys Marion Owens Brown; children: Leslie Owen, Rachel Sue Brown Benter; brothers: Albert R., Sanford K.; grandmother: Sara M. Brown. Funeral: Jan. 31, Derry Mennonite Church, by Howard H. Witmer. Burial: Pine Center Cemetery.

Brunk, Truman Henry, 92, Newport News, Va. Died: Jan. 12, 1995. Survivors-wife: Ruth M. Brunk; children: Truman H., Jr., Evelyn Hertzler, Sandra Steiner; brothers and sisters: Menno, George R., II, Lawrence, Katie Shank, Ruth Stoltzfus; 7 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Margaret Kathleen Brydge (daughter). Funeral and burial: Jan. 15, Warwick River Mennonite Church, by Gordon Zook, Lloyd Weaver, Jr., and George R. Brunk III. He was ordained at Warwick River Mennonite Church in 1934 and served as minister and bishop 24 years in the Virginia Mennonite Conference.

Gehman, Mabel B. Godshall, 73, Souderton, Pa. Born: Feb. 11, 1921, Telford, Pa., to Henry B. and Lillie Barndt Godshall. Died: Jan. 23, 1995, Sellersville, Pa. Survivors - children: Glenn G., Marvin G., Gerald G., Dennis G., Wayne G., Larry G., Gloria G., Pauline, Linda, Karen Landis, Kathy Derstine, Janet Derstine; brother: Wayne B. Godshall; 21 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Marvin L. Gehman (husband). Funeral and burial: Jan. 27, Franconia Mennonite Church, by John M. Ehst and Steven E. Landis.

Hershberger, Henry J., 83, Hartville, Ohio. Born: June 7, 1911, Millersburg, Ohio, to Jacob and Katie Hershberger. Died: Nov. 27,1994, Hartville, Ohio. Survivors-wife: Katie Coblentz Hershberger; son: Pete; stepchildren: Betty Kurtz, Leon and Owen Coblentz; brother and sisters: Jacob, Lydia, Clara, Ada, Mary Ann Miller; 17 grandchildren, 29 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Sara Schrock Hershberger (first wife). Funeral: Nov. 30, Maple Grove Mennonite Church, by Joe Yoder and Elmer Yoder. Burial: Oak Grove Cemetery.

Hershberger, Wayne, 39, Uniontown, Ohio. Born: Sept. 14, 1955, Orrville, Ohio, to Ezra and Sara Alice Hershberger. Died: Oct. 4, 1994, Uniontown, Ohio, of congestive heart failure. Survivors - wife: Alma Kay Sommers Hershberger; daughters: Amber Nicole, Megan Rochelle; brother and sisters: Darryl, Marilyn Renner, Karla Hostetler; father and stepmother (Katie). Funeral: Oct. 7, Maple Grove Mennonite Church, by Joe Yoder and Ron Embleton. Burial: Walnut Grove Cemetery.

Kulp, Margaret Bergey, 79. Born: Dec. 16, 1914, Cheraw, Colo., to Isaac B. and Lizzie D. Bergey Kulp. Died: Aug. 30, 1994, La Junta, Colo., of respiratory failure. Survivors - brother and sister: Amos, Elizabeth. Funeral and burial: Sept. 3, East Holbrook Mennonite Church, by Janet Vogt, Virgil Vogt, and Darrel Otto.

Larrew, May Flower Detwiler, 101. Born: Nov. 10, 1893, Cherry Box, Mo. Died: Jan. 28, 1995. Survivors - children: Loyd, James, Naomi Schrock; 10 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Frank Larrew (husband). Funeral: Feb. 1, Beaver Community Church. Burial: Blaine Community Cemetery.

Steckley, Ida Mae Yoder, 87, Pembroke, N.Y. Born: Oct. 27, 1907, LaGrange County, Ind., to Joni D. and Katie Wingard Yoder. Died: Jan. 15, 1995, Buffalo, N.Y. Survivors-children: Kathryn Lucille Vergien, Mary Elizabeth Steinman, Stella Jean Steckley; brother and sisters: Fred Yoder, Beulah Hennrich, Marjorie Wideman; 7 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Peter Steckley (husband) and Gretchen Mae Federspiel (daughter). Funeral: Jan. 18, Clarence Center-Akron Mennonite Church, by W. Roy Walls. Burial: Good Cemetery.

Steinly, Elverda L. Freed, 90, Souderton, Pa. Born: Nov. 25, 1904, Telford, Pa., to Abram and Hannah Landis Freed. Died: Jan. 19, 1995, Souderton, Pa. Survivors-children: Franklin W., George A., Stanley F., Abram P., Robert G., and Ernest R. Clemens, Elizabeth Zendt, Doris J. Landes, Miriam L. Brunstetter, Susie V. Derstine, Vema R. Geiser; sister: Miriam Musselman; stepchildren: Wayne Steinly, Dorothy Dayton, Mary Cassel, Kathryn Heebner, Betty Mele; 41 grandchildren, 46 great-grandchildren, 29 step grandchildren, 45 step-great-grandchildren, 7 step-great-great grandchildren. Predeceased by: Clarence Steinly (second husband) and Frank T. Clemens (first husband). Funeral and burial: Jan. 24. Souderton Mennonite Church, by Gerald A. Clemmer and Wallace C. Jantz.

Ulrich, John A., 71, Roanoke, Ill. Born: July 5, 1923, Shelbyville, Ill., to Andrew J. and Ella Unzicker Ulrich. Died: Dec. 14, 1994, Roanoke, Ill. Survivors-wife: Erma Hostetler Ulrich; daughters: Arlene Roemersberger, Mary Kay Blosser; brothers and sisters: Earl, Elmer, Elton, Milo, Emanuel, Dave, Esther, Mary Kipp; 6 grandchildren. Congregational membership: Cazenovia Mennonite Church. Funeral: Dec. 17, Metamora Mennonite Church, by Dennis Kennell and Noah Helmuth. Burial: Roanoke Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Weaver, Florence I. Troyer, 85, Goshen, Ind. Born: March 30, 1909, Miami County, Ind., to Emanuel and Mazie Kendall Troyer. Died: J an. 27, Goshen, Ind., of cancer. Survivors-stepdaughter: Elnora Voth; foster daughter: Doris Rupright; brother and sisters: Paul K. Troyer, Eva Osborne, Pauline Myers, Esther Sommers, Helen Slabaugh; 6 step grandchildren, 7 step-great grandchildren, 4 foster grandchildren, 6 foster great-grandchildren, one step great-great-grandchild. Predeceased by: Norman P. Weaver (husband). Congregational membership: Waterford Mennonite Church. Funeral: Jan. 31, Goshen, Ind., by Lloyd L. Miller, Willis L. Breckbill, and Lee Miller. Burial: Mast Cemetery.

Yoder, Ivan V., 80, Nappanee, Ind. Born: Feb. 20, 1914, Kosciusko County, Ind., to Valentine D. and Sarah Troyer Yoder. Died: Jan. 18, 1995. Survivors-sisters: Iva Burkholder, Fannie Stull, Alma Stoltzfus. Funeral: Jan. 21, North Main Street Mennonite Church, by Ken Bontreger. Burial: Union Center Cemetery.

Young, James Robert, 83. Born: May 14, 1911, Belleville, Pa., to Clyde and Della Frankhouser Young. Died: Jan. 19, 1995, Mifflintown, Pa. Survivors-children: Wendell J., Wilda Kanagy; brother and sister: Jesse B., Charlotte Powell; 4 grandchildren, one great-grandchild. Predeceased by: Frances C. Zook Young (wife). Funeral: Jan. 21, Rockville Mennonite Church, by Harold Sharp and Elam Click. Burial: Allensville Mennonite Cemetery.


Gospel Herald - Volume 88, Number 9 - February 28, 1995


Barstow, Edna I. Byler, 35, Corry, Pa. Born: Dec. 7, 1959, Middlefield, Ohio, to Andrew J. and Martha E. Yoder Byler. Died: Feb. 6, 1995, Corry, Pa., from an automobile accident. Survivors-husband: Fred Barstow; sons: Nathaniel A., Jacob I.; brothers and sisters: John A. and Andrew, Jr., Byler, Anna M. Carter, Martha E. Shelly, Katie M. Beardsley, Marietta Robinson. Funeral and burial: Feb. 10, Valley View Mennonite Church, by Carl L. Smeltzer.

Bomberger, Homer D., 85, Manheim, Pa. Born: Nov. 18, 1909, Lititz, Pa., to Cyrus M. and Lydia Douple Bomberger. Died: Jan. 26, 1995, Manheim, Pa. Survivors-children: John M., Velma Weaver, Joann Weaver; siblings: C. Martin, Elizabeth Groff, Amy Heisey, Kathryn Wenger. Funeral and burial: Jan. 30, Erb Mennonite Church, by Luke Martin, Richard Herr, and Aaron Bowman.

Cender, Emery P., 88, Gibson City, Ill. Born: Nov. 13, 1906, Foosland, III., to Peter and Elizabeth Zehr Cender. Died: Feb. 3, 1995, Gibson City, Ill. Survivors-children: Milton, Mahlon, Lowell, Fern Martin, Wilda Otto, Vietla Nafziger, Marlene Kaufmann, Mary Jo Oswald; 28 grandchildren, 32 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Mattie Stalter Cender (wife) and Eldon (son). Funeral: Feb. 7, East Bend Mennonite Church, by Cal Kaufman. Burial: East Bend Memorial Gardens.

Eberly, Frances Burkholder, 71, Mt. Crawford, Va. Born: Dec. 1, 1923, Rockingham County, Va., to Oliver and Anna Grace Showalter Burkholder. Died: Jan. 30, 1995, Mt. Crawford, Va., of cancer. Survivors-husband: Mark R. Eberly; children: Dwight, Diane, Doris Greider; brother and sisters: Henry, Esther Landes, Mary Rhodes, Nellie Landes; 2 grandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 2, Weavers Mennonite Church, by Nate Yoder, Herman Reitz, and Willard Eberly. Burial: Dayton Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Ely, Oren L., 89. Born: Jan. 23, 1906, lnman, Kan., to Ernest and Lucy Cooprider Ely. Died: Jan. 30, 1995, Newton, Kan. Survivors-wife: Mary Wash Ely; children: Gale, Dan, Joan Gerber, Elaine Schmidt; sisters: Lois Johnston, Carol; 11 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Frances Zink Ely (first wife). Funeral: Feb. 2, Inman Mennonite Church, by Jerry Kaiser. Burial: West Liberty Cemetery.

Gerber, Edna East, 89, Wellesley, Ont. Born: Wellesley, Ont., to Jacob and Catherine Albrecht Bast. Died: Jan. 20, 1995, Wellesley, Ont. Survivors-children: Florence Rasmussen, Kathleen Steckley; brother and sisters: Robert Bast, Edna Gerber, Esther Jantzi; 5 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Samuel Bast (husband). Funeral and burial: Jan. 24, Maple View Mennonite Church, by Raymond Erb.

Gerber, John, Jr., 68, Walnut Creek, Ohio. Born: July 27, 1926, Holmes County, Ohio, to John and Katie Lenhardt Gerber. Died: Jan. 31, 1995, Walnut Creek, Ohio, of cancer. Survivors-wife: Dorothy Miller Gerber; children: John K., Steve, Linda Hamsher, Karen Hummel; brothers and sister: Richard, Robert, Marian; 9 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Feb. 4, Walnut Creek Mennonite Church, by Ross A. Miller.

Holdaway, Mildred Lavina Himes, 81, Cambridge, Ont. Born: Dec. 16, 1913, Waterloo, Ont., to William and Emma Snyder Himes. Died: Jan. 20, 1995, Cambridge, Ont. Survivors-daughter: Marilyn Kidder; 4 grandchildren, 9 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Edward "Ted" Hold away (husband). Congregational membership: Preston Mennonite Church. Funeral: Jan. 22, Barthel Funeral Home, by Amzie Brubacher. Burial: Ayr Cemetery.

Krabill, Ella Conrad, 97, Goshen, Ind. Born: Nov. 17, 1897, Louisville, Ohio, to Daniel and Ella Sommers Conrad. Died: Jan. 25, 1995, Goshen, Ind. Survivors-children: Willard S., Ina Ruth Breckbill, Anne Hershberger; brother: Richard Conrad; 10 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Mahlon 0. Krabill (husband). Funeral and burial: Jan. 28, Beech Mennonite Church, by Willis Breckbill and Dan and Rose Graber.

Light, Daniel William, 78, Ridgeley, W. Va. Born: Feb. 10, 1916, Cumberland, Md., to Arthur E. and Mildred Messick Light. Died: Feb. 5, 1995, Cumberland, Md., of heart failure. Survivors-wife: Charlotte M. Livengood Light; children: Daniel W., Jr., Douglas M., Deborah L. Hill, Cynthia L. Kenney; brother: Ernest; 9 grandchildren, 2 step grandchildren, one step great-grandchild. Predeceased by a stillborn son. Funeral and burial: Feb. 7, Pinto Mennonite Church, by Lester T. Hershey.

Reynolds, Albert J., 78, Archbold, Ohio. Born: Jan. 16, 1917, New Jersey, to William and Anna Johnson Reynolds. Died: Jan. 31, 1995, Wauseon, Ohio. Survivors-wife: Elsie Rupp Reynolds; children: Roger, Ron, Jerry, Shirley Hochstedler, Marlene Weaver, Charlene Norris; brothers and sisters: Sam, William, Robert, Mildred Bechtol, Eva; 24 grandchildren, 37 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: James (son). Funeral: Feb. 3, West Clinton Mennonite Church, by James Roynon and Edward Diener. Burial: Pettisville Cemetery.

Shrock, Fred P., 95, Sarasota, Fla. Born: Aug. 14, 1899, Lagrange County, Ind. Died: Dec. 23, 1994, Sarasota, Fla. Survivors-sons: Howard, Earl; 9 grandchildren, 27 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Susan Shrock (wife). Funeral: Dec. 28, Bahia Vista Mennonite Church, by A. Don Augsburger and Gerald Mininger. Burial: Palms Memorial Gardens.

Yothers, Mildred Alva Hallman, 77, Coopersburg, Pa. Born: Feb. 18, 1917, Haverford, Pa. Raised by Roy and Irma Leatherman. Died: Feb. 1, 1995, Coopersburg, Pa., of cardiac arrest. Survivors - children: Willard H., Shirley, Dorothy Sell, Gladys M. Benner, Brenda Myers; brothers: Harry, James, and William Hallman; 11 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Isaac W. Yothers (husband) and Jay Brent (son). Funeral and burial: Feb. 4, Blooming Glen Mennonite Church, by Truman H. Brunk and David A. Stevens.

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