Gospel Herald Obituaries - September, 1995

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Gospel Herald - Volume 88, Number 35 - September 5, 1995

Gardner, Charles V., 80, Goshen, Ind. Born: Dec. 27, 1914, Middlebury, Ind., to Jesse and Dora Miller Gardner. Died: July 30, 1995, Goshen, Ind. Survivors-wife: Oneta Kalb Gardner; children: Ruthann Miller, Tom, Susan Nelson, Judy Ainley; brothers and sisters: Victor , Frank, Ellen Miller, Verda Ewing, Mary Neuhouser, Olene Garber; 10 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 3, College Mennonite Church, by James Waltner and Philip Clemens. Burial: Forest Grove Cemetery.

Good, Clara A. Diller, 84, Elida, Ohio. Born: Aug. 18, 1910, Allen County, Ohio, to Irvin and Susanna Shenk Diller. Died: July 8, 1995. Survivors-husband: Harold Good; children: Nelson, Ellis, Arnold, Janet Swartz, Naomi Best; brother and sister: Ralph Diller, Martha Bear; 16 grandchildren, 9 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Pike Mennonite Church, by Mervin Miller.

Miller, Payson Mast, 73, Sugarcreek, Ohio. Born: Feb. 1, 1922, Holmes County, Ohio, to Malva J. and Malinda Mast Miller. Died: Aug. 10, 1995, Orrville, Ohio, in an automobile accident. Survivors-wife: Olis Miller; children: Karen Ahijevych, Glennis Menuez, Steven; brothers and sister: Paul R., Roscoe, John H., Lester, Esther Hershberger; 4 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Dulcey (daughter). Funeral and burial: Aug. 14, Walnut Creek Mennonite Church, by Ross A. Miller and Matt Hamsher.

Schwartzentruber, Lorraine Francis Smith, 56, Zurich, Ont. Born: Oct. 8, 1938, to Ernest and Margaret Dixon Smith. Died: July 5, 1995, Exeter, Ont. Survivors-husband: Orlen Schwartzentruber; children: John "Jay," Grace Parsons, Lyn Snell, Dale Sheppard; sister: Earnestine Lachine; 6 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Wayne (son). Funeral and burial: July 9, Zurich Mennonite Church, by Philip Bender.

Stjernholm, Vera F. Good, 72, Colorado Springs, Colo. Born: Sept. 29, 1922, La Junta, Colo., to Ezra and Minnie Snyder Good. Died: July 14, 1995, Colorado Springs, Colo., of cancer. Survivors-husband: William "Bill" Stjernholm; children: Melvin Ray, Dale Thomas, Judith Marie Terrill; sister: Beulah Kauffman, 10 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 18, Beth-El Mennonite Church, by Willard Conrad and Marlin Thomas. Burial: East Holbrook Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Stoltzfus, Lois Ehst, 68, Rehobeth, Md. Born: May 14, 1927, Bally, Pa., to John and Elizabeth Mack Ehst. Died: Aug. 4, 1995, Rehobeth, Md., of cancer. Survivors-children: Eldon, Lowell, Carol Vickery, Jay , Mary Beth Bozman, Mervin; brother and sister: Abram Ehst, Mary Derstine; 12 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Roy Stoltzfus (husband). Funeral and burial: Aug. 6, Holly Grove Mennonite Church, by Jack Scandrett.

Yoder, Laura Hostetler, 93, Orrville, Ohio. Born: Sept. 10, 1901, Orrville, Ohio, to Daniel D. and Elizabeth Bixler Hostetler. Died: July 24, 1995, Smithville, Ohio. Survivors- daughters: Jeanne Zimmerman, Genevere Snyder; brothers and sister: Ellis, Marvin, Esther; 5 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren; one great-great-grandchild. Predeceased by: Elton R. Yoder (husband). Funeral and burial: July 28, Oak Grove Mennonite Church, by Leon Shrock.


Gospel Herald - Volume 88, Number 36 - September 12, 1995

Blauch, Ethel May McKenzie, 93, Cumberland, Md. Born : March 19, 1902, Pinto, Md., to George and Susan Benn McKenzie. Died: Aug. 12, 1995. Survivors-children: Haven, Thomas, George, Bruce, Jr., Loretta Thomas, E. Darlene Gulino; 27 grandchildren, 35 great-grandchildren, 7 great-great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Bruce F . Blauch (husband), John and Homer (sons), and Everlyn Hiett and Margaret Ward (daughters). Funeral: Aug. 16, Scarpelli Funeral Home, by Lester T. Hershey. Burial: Pinto Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Brubacher, Wesley H., 79, Elmira, Ont. Born: Dec. 23, 1915, Waterloo County, Ont., to Amos and Lucinda Heer Brubacher. Died: Aug. 10, 1995, Kitchener, Ont. Survivors-wife: Olive Bearinger Brubacher; sons: Ronald, Dennis; brother and sisters: Clarence, Alice Martin, Mabel Baer, 7 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Aug. 15, Elmira Mennonite Church, by Ruth Anne Laverty.

Derksen, Lydia Marie Pankratz, 81, Goessel, Kan. Born : March 18, 1914, Mountain Lake, Minn., to Peter P. and Helena Falk Pankratz. Died: Aug. 6, 1995, Goessel, Kan. Survivors-children: Lester, Florence Derksen Allmond, Vernelle Derksen Koehn, Mildred, LeRoy, Jeanette Derksen Nixon; brothers and sister: Walter , Nick, and Richard Pankratz, Helen Hall; 11 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Corneleus L. Derksen (husband). Funeral: Aug. 10, Hesston Inter-Mennonite Fellowship, by Scott Miller and Waldo E. Miller . Burial: Eastlawn Cemetery.

Detweiler, Minnie Zimmerman, 93, Milford, Neb. Born: Dec. 24, 1901, Milford, Neb., to Jake and Phoebe Ridiger Zimmerman. Died: Aug. 19, 1995, Seward, Neb. Survivors-children: Raymond, Wayne, Dale, Glen, Bernice Rheinhart, Ardene Pingel, Arnetta Kaufman, Mary Ann Rowe, Janet Schmieding; brother and sisters: Jake and Viola Zimmerman, Leona Hauder, Vietta Birkey; 31 grandchildren, 62 great-grandchildren, 29 great great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Edward Detweiler (husband), Marie (daughter), and Lawrence and Larry (sons). Funeral and burial: Aug. 24, East Fairview Mennonite Church, by Lloyd Gingerich and William J. Saltzman.

Frank, Mae N., 75, Souderton, Pa. Born: Nov. 10, 1919, West Rockhill Twp., Pa., to Wilson M. and Katie H. Nase Frank. Died: Aug. 18, 1995, Sellersville, Pa. Survivors-brothers and sisters: Willis N ., Clarence F., Grace Brandt, Esther Brandis. Funeral: Aug. 23, Souderton Mennonite Homes Chapel, by John M. Ehst and Steven E. Landis. Burial: Franconia Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Good, Mary Ann Slabach, 77, Elida, Ohio. Born: March 12, 1918, Midland, Mich., to Joseph and Fannie Miller Slabach. Died: June 21, 1995. Survivors-husband: Ira Good; children: John, Edwin, Daniel, Ira B., Paul, Dorothy Cassidy, Naomi Yoder, Fannie Ellen Flint; brothers: Irvin, Roman, Bill, Joe, and Fred Slabach; 30 grandchildren, two great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Weldon Good (son). Funeral and burial: June 24, Pike Mennonite Church, by Mervin Miller.

Hodel, Walter, 74, Lombard, Ill. Born: June 22, 1921, Munich, Germany, to Hennrich and Marie Hodel. Died: June 27, 1995, Illinois. Survivors- wife: Marie Brunk Hodel; children: Anne Niece, Hilda Alajajian, Michael; 6 grandchildren. Funeral: July 2, Lombard Mennonite Church, by Robert and Mag Richer Smith.

Kauffman, Daniel Maurice, 64, Portland, Ore. Born: Oct. 24, 1930, Hubbard, Ore., to Ben and Ferne Hostetler Kauffman. Died: Aug. 12, 1995, Portland, Ore. Survivors-brothers and sister: Adrian, Gary, Hazel Ely. Funeral: Aug. 15, Zion Mennonite Church, by Del Hershberger and Maynard Headings. Body donated for research.

King, Emma M. Byler, 85, Lititz, Pa. Born: Oct. 1, 1909, Upper Leacock Twp., Pa., to David and Sarah Stoltzfus Byler. Died: Aug. 1, 1995, Lititz, Pa. Survivors-husband: Earl King; children: Harold, Ronald, Loretta Lapp, Janie Stoltzfus; sister: Bertha Byler Ash; 13 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Aug. 5, Ridgeview Mennonite Church, by Robert Petersheim and Ray Lapp.

Metzger, Grace Shantz, 86, Elmira, Ont. Born: July 31, 1908, Breslau, Ont., to Benj Benjamin and Myra Snyder Shantz. Died: July 2, 1995, St. Jacobs, Ont. Survivors-husband: Wesley Metzger; stepdaughter: Ruby Eileen Weber; brothers and sisters: Gordon, Ralph, and Roy Shantz, Violet Good, Marjorie Martin, Edna Hilborn; 6 step grandchildren, 6 step great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: July 5, Elmira Mennonite Church, by Dale R. Bauman.

Miller, Erik Z., 21, Middlebury, Ind. Born: May 31, 1974, Goshen, Ind., to Donald and Bernadine Kempf Miller. Died: Aug. 13, 1995, Middlebury, lnd. from an automobile accident. Survivors-parents; sister: Jocelyn; grandparents: Anna Miller, Ervin and Alice Miller Kempf. Congregational membership: First Mennonite Church, Middlebury, Ind. Funeral: Aug. 16, Griller Mennonite Church, by Joe Slabach, David Helmuth, Roll Adams, and John F. Murray. Burial: Grace Lawn Cemetery.

Rohrer, Paul G., 61, York, Pa. Born: Dec. 14, 1933, Bareville, Pa., to Clayton and Elsie Gehman Rohrer. Died: Aug. 10, 1995, York, Pa., of a heart attack. Survivors-wife: Ada M. Hershey Rohrer; children: Terry, Pamela Rutt, Patricia, Anna M. Ressler; brothers and sisters: Jacob, John, Nelson, Daniel, Ruth Eberly, Alice Marie, Ester Martin, Martha Ramer, Elsie Lehman; 5 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Aug. 14, Stony Brook Mennonite Church, by Jeffrey Grosh.

Roth, Nick K., 80, Milford, Neb. Born: Sept. 23, 1914, Milford, Neb., to Aaron and Mattie Hostetler Roth. Died: Aug. 25, 1995, Seward, Neb. Survivors-wife: Thelma Stutzman Roth; children: Lela Wagner, Gary; brothers and sister: Oliver, Darold, Agnes Rediger; 12 grandchildren, 23 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: DeElda Roth (daughter) and DeWayne Roth (son). Funeral and burial: Aug. 28, East Fairview Mennonite Church, by William J. Saltzman and Lloyd Gingerich.

Springer, Esther M. Sauder, 90, Lancaster, Pa. Born: Aug. 21, 1904, Manor Twp., Pa., to Joseph K. and Lizzie S. Warner Sauder. Died: Aug., 17, 1995, Manheim Twp., Pa. Survivors-husband: Harry F. Springer; sons: Eugene N., Raymond R.; brothers and sisters: Raymond W., Harry W., Irvin W., Irene W., and Hat tie W. Sauder, Edith W. Stoner, Annie W. Bortzfield, Ada A. Enterline; 6 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren. Congregational membership: Masonville Mennonite Church. Funeral: Aug. 19, Gundel Funeral Home, by Richard M. Hill. Burial: Marticville Methodist Cemetery.

Troyer, Philip R., 20, Middlebury, Ind. Born: Feb. 20, 1975, Elkhart, Ind., to Curtis and Kathy Miller Troyer. Died: Aug. 13, 1995, Middlebury, Ind., from an automobile accident. Survivors-parents; brother and sister: Stephen, Patricia Keller; grandparents: Gideon Miller and Charity Troyer. Congregational membership: First Mennonite Church. Funeral: Aug. 16, Griller Mennonite Church, by Joe Slabach, David Helmuth, Roll Adams, and John F. Murray. Burial: Grace Lawn Cemetery .

Unzicker, Earl K., 81, Metamora, Ill. Born: Feb. 28, 1914, Lowpoint, Ill., to Peter E. and Mary Schrader Unzicker . Died: Aug. 11, 1995, Peoria, Ill. Survivors-wife: Josephine Ulrich Unzicker; children: Kenneth, Carl, Carol Thierer, Sharon Otellio; 5 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 13, Metamora Mennonite Church, by Robert E. Nolt. Burial: Roanoke Mennonite Cemetery.

Yoder, Marvin J., 49, Goshen, Ind. Born: Nov. 22, 1945, Goshen, Ind., to Henry N. and Mary Jane Yoder. Died: Aug. 18, 1995, Goshen, Ind., of cancer. Survivors-wife: Georgia S. Miller Yoder; children: Shelly R., Darin J., Nathan R.; mother; brothers: Daryl R., Eldon L., Dennis L., Wayne D. Congregational membership: Waterford Mennonite Church. Funeral: Aug. 21, College Mennonite Church, by Lloyd L. Miller and Roy K. Yoder. Burial: Violett Cemetery.

Zook, Fronnie S. Peachey, 79, Belleville, Pa. Born: Aug. 15, 1915, Belleville, Pa., to David E. and Mattie Hostetler Peachey. Died: Aug. 7, 1995, Columbus, Ohio. Survivors- husband: John J. Zook; children: John H., Wilmer R., Glenn R., Ruth Evans, Marvin W.; brother and sister: Joseph L. Peachey, Mary Spicher; 10 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Ethel J., Edith J., Marjorie S., and Sarah A. Zook (daughters). Funeral: Aug. 12, Allensville Mennonite Church, by Philip Barr and Elam Glick. Burial: Locust Grove Mennonite Church Cemetery.


Gospel Herald - Volume 88, Number 37 - September 19, 1995

Groff, J. Melvin, 55, New Holland, Pa. Born: April 17 , 1940, to Aaron L., Sr., and Mabel Gehman Groff. Died: Aug. 16, 1995, New Holland, Pa., of cancer. Survivors-wife: Thelma Horst Groff; children: Kimberly D., Gary L., Yvonne L. Nyce; brothers and sisters: Clair, Lester, Aaron, Glen, Mary Jane, Martha Mae; 2 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Aug. 19, Old Road Mennonite Church, by Richard L. Buckwalter and Mark Leaman.

Hershey, Ada N. Fridy, 96, Lancaster, Pa. Born: Oct. 12, 1898, W. Donegal Twp., Pa., to Amos and Fannie Nissley Fridy. Died: Aug. 6, 1995, Lancaster, Pa. Survivors- children: Robert E., Harry E., John H., Pauline H. Engle; 15 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Harry E. Hershey (husband) and Charles (son). Congregational membership: Elizabethtown Mennonite Church. Funeral: Aug. 9, Lancaster Mennonite Home, by Richard H. Frank and Waiter L. Keener. Burial: Cross Roads Brethren Church Cemetery.

Mosemann, Arlene C., 84, Lititz, Pa. Born: Jan. 8, 1911, Upper Lawn, Pa., to Allen L. and Lizzie Franck Brubaker . Died: Aug. 27, 1995, Lititz, Pa. Survivors--children: Luke B., E. Jane Swarr, Mary L. Lichty, Ann L. Overly; brothers and sisters: Charles E. and J. Arthur Brubaker, Fannie E. Martin; 9 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Luke M. Mosemann (husband). Congregational membership: Lititz Mennonite Church. Funeral: Aug. 29, Landis Homes W. Bethany Chapel, by Dennis Ernest, Jacob Frederick, and Donald W. Good. Burial: Hess Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Rutt, Herman Daniel, 63, Gulfport, Miss. Born: July 8, 1932, New Orleans, La., adopted by Walter and Gladys Rut t. Died: Aug. 26, 1995, Biloxi, Miss., of cancer. Survivor-brother: Buford Strong. Funeral: Aug. 29, Riemann Memorial Chapel, by David Kniss and Clyde Strong. Burial: Gulf Haven Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Sechrist, Constance Joy Lartz, 41, Bloomfield, N.M. Born: Feb. 15, 1954, York, Pa. Died: Aug. 11, 1995. Survivors-husband: Jeff Sechrist; children: Andrew, Becky, father: Donald F . Lartz; brothers and sisters: Donald F. Lartz, Jr., Brenda Sue Godfrey, Pamela A. Loss. Congregational membership: Light of Life Mennonite Church. Funeral and burial: Aug. 16, Brethren In Christ Mission, by Ben Stoner.

Yoder, Elsie May Landis, 94, Sarasota, Fla. Born: May 19, 1901, Lancaster County, Pa., to David Groff and Lizzie Landis. Died: Aug. 11, 1995, Sarasota, Fla., of a stroke. Survivors-children: Myron Sanford, Mary Etta; 2 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Myron Stutzman Yoder (husband). Funeral and burial: Aug. 15, Palms Memorial Park by Paul Fries.


Gospel Herald - Volume 88, Number 38 - September 25, 1995

Birky, Nila Sherman, 71, Kouts, Ind. Born: Oct. 24, 1923, Medaryville, Ind., to Charles and Sadie Brady Maddox. Died: July 4, 1995, Valparaiso, Ind. Survivors- husband: Wesley Birky; children: Gwen Miller, Pamela Basinger, Lynn Hollandsworth, Brenda; 5 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: July 6, Hopewell Mennonite Church, by Lester Hershey and Jerry Kandel.

Kauffman, Fern Carlene, 54, Albany, Ore. Born: June 7, 1941, Creston, Mont., to Carl and Elizabeth Birky Kauffman. Died: Aug. 25, 1995, Albany, Ore., of cancer. Survivors-brothers and sister: Marvin, Ervin, Gerald, Nadine Gerig. Funeral and burial: Aug. 29, Fairview Mennonite Church, by Al Burkey, Louis Lehman, and Clarence Gerig.

Lauber, Martha Wideman, 81, Tofield, Alta. Born: April 25, 1908, Mayton, Alta., to William and Sarah Brubaker Wideman. Died: Aug. 23, 1995, Tofield, Alta. Survivors-children: Leo, William, Ben, Calvin, Murray, Byron, Phyllis Miligan; sisters: Eva Brenneman, Lydia Wideman, Esther Hansen, Naomi Yoder, Hazel Martin, Ella Mae Roth Burnstad; 16 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Joe Lauber (husband). Funeral: Aug. 26, Salem Mennonite Church, by Levi Smoker.

Martin, Howard, 78, Kouts, Ind. Born: Sept. 9, 1916, Manson, Iowa, to Amos and Lea Egli Martin. Died: April 13, 1995, Valparaiso, Ind. Survivors-brother and sister: Raymond, Grace Slabaugh. Funeral and burial: April 17, Hopewell Mennonite Church, by Jerry Kandel.

Martin, Lester S., 84, Sarasota, Fla. Born: Jan. 29, 1911, Hopedale, Ill., to William and Emelia Birky Martin. Died: Aug. 6, 1995, Valparaiso, Ind. Survivors-wife: Adeline Stahl Schloneger Martin; children: Betty Reinke, Dorothy Coe, Kenneth, Samuel, Owen; stepchildren: Shirley Hardee, Glen and Richard Schloneger; sisters: Mary Baughman, Eva Owen, Lila Miller, Verna Johnson, Wilma Reinke; 14 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren, 6 step grandchildren. Predeceased by: Esther Elizabeth Swope Martin (first wife) and Charley (son). Congregational membership: Bethel Mennonite Church, Sarasota, Fla. Funeral and burial: Aug. 9, Hopewell Mennonite Church, by Jesse Yoder and Rod Huber.

Neuenschwander, Marcus "Mike," 64, Kidron, Ohio. Born: Feb. 3, 1931, Kidron, Ohio, to Jacob and Lydia Amstutz Neuenschwander. Died: Sept. 2, 1995, Kidron, Ohio. Survivors-wife: Esther Nussbaum Neuenschwander; children: Juanita Ross, Conrad, Phyllis Mullins, Julia Beun, Don, Randall, Karen Jiskoot, Gary, Jyl Basinger; brothers and sisters: Paul, Tilman, Jesse, Harry, Clarence, Mabel Geiser, Luella Eberly; 22 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Sept. 5, Sonnenberg Mennonite Church, by Dennis R. Kuhns and Richard Ross.

Schrock, Edward "Eddie" Olen, 78, Phoenix, Ariz. Born: Sept. 21, 1916, Pettisville, Ohio, to Ira and Sarah Beck Schrock. Died: Aug. 29, 1995, Phoenix, Ariz., of congestive heart failure. Survivors-wife: Edna Mae Stuckey Schrock; children: Bonnie Swartz, Neil, Sheryl Mast; brother and sisters: Ceaphus, Velma Grieser, Vera Rupp; 8 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Sept. 1, Sunnyslope Mennonite Church, by Dennis Stauffer. Burial: Resthaven Park Cemetery.

Veitch, Robert Fried, 76, Cambridge, Ont. Born: Oct. 10, 1918, Roseville, Ont., to W. Melville and Gertrude Fried Veitch. Died: Sept. 1, 1995, Cambridge, Ont. Survivors-wife: Bertha Boshart Veitch; son: Robert, Jr.; sister: Marguerite Rieck; 3 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Sept. 5, Erb Street Mennonite Church, by Renee Sauder and Doug Snyder.

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