Gospel Herald Obituaries - January, 1996

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Gospel Herald - Volume 89, Number 1 - January 2, 1996, pages 13, 15.

Nitzsche. - Bertha Nitzsche, editorial assistant in the Gospel Herald office from 1953-66, died Dec. 20 at Schowalter Villa, Hesston, Kan. She was 94 years old. Nitzsche worked for Gospel Herald under the leadership of two editors, Paul Erb and John Drescher.

Kauffman, Ardice Joyce Yoder, 60 Beavercreek, Ohio. Born: April 22, 1935, Archbold, Ohio, to Wilbur Yoder and Louella Miller Yoder Garrett. Died: Nov. 19, 1995, Beavercreek, Ohio, of a stroke. Survivors -- husband: Charles F. Kauffman; children: Patti Adair, Rick, Michael, Lanee Reed, Chuck, Tim, Boonlum Singharat; mother; stepfather: Sam Garrett; brothers and sisters: Lois Hooley, Marva, Darrell, Ron, Lynn, and Doyle Yoder; 14 grandchildren. Funeral: Tobias Funeral Home, by Paul Conrad. Burial: Huber Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Leatherman, Esther Moyer, 81, Colmar, Pa. Born: Aug. 10, 1914, Hatfield Twp., Pa., to Raymond A. and Edna Derstine Frankenfeld. Died: Nov. 25, 1995, of congestive heart failure. Survivors -- children: Eileen Viau, Elaine Gibble, Sheila Doerr, Ronald Moyer; brothers and sisters: Ruth Landis, Samuel, Paul, and Earl Moyer; stepchildren: Margaret Myers, Marie Hange, Reda Litzinger, Della Gross, Howard D., Wilson D., Richard D., and Earl D. Leatherman; 8 grandchildren. Predeceased by: John G. Leatherman (second husband) and L. Ralph Moyer (first husband). Funeral and burial: Nov. 28, Deep Run Mennonite Church East, by Timothy D. Weaver and Arnold C. Roth.

Miller, Ruth E., 91. Born: Sept. 13, 1904, Mattawana, Pa., to Joshua K. and Sarah Miller Rittenhouse Harshbarger. Died: Nov. 10, 1995, Lewistown, Pa. Survivors -- children: Clyde, Wayne, Marlin, John, Ivan, Mary Hoover, Esther Schuyler, Lena Heister, Betty Miller; brother and sister: David Harshbarger, Bertha Yoder; 21 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Elmer Miller (husband). Funeral: Nov. 12, Mattawana Mennonite Church, by M. Leon Yoder. Burial: Pleasant View Cemetery.

Rich, Lester J., 82, Archbold, Ohio. Born: Jan. 16, 1913, Stuttgart, Ark., to John and Ellen Nofziger Rich. Died: Dec. 2, 1995, Wauseon, Ohio. Survivors -- wife: Vivian Frey Rich; children: Barbara Murbach, John; sister: Olive Rich; 4 grandchildren, one great-grandchild. Funeral: Dec. 5, Zion Mennonite Church, by Dee Swartz and Ellis B. Croyle. Burial: Pettisville Cemetery.

Shantz, Elam Wilbur, 75, Zurich, Ont. Born: April 11, 1920, to Norman and Elmina Weber Shantz. Died: Nov. 23, 1995, Exeter, Ont. Survivors -- wife: Vera Ropp Shantz; children: Douglas, Gerald, Richard, Norma Iutzi, Nancy Gingerich; brother and sister: Mahlon, Seleda Steckle; 12 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Nov. 26, Zurich Mennonite Church, by Philip and Julie Bender and Ephraim Gingerich.

Smith, Marie V. Vance Bradfield, 78, Harrisonburg, Va. Born: Dec. 26, 1916, Onego, W.Va., to Jason and Emmatie Vance. Died: Nov. 30, 1995. Survivors -- children: Chester, Lorraine B. Good, Lois B. Payne; stepchildren: Priscilla Cooper, Reeta Clous, Eunice Gail Blizzard; brothers and sisters: Clyde, Bert, Harvey J., and Lucy Vance, Virgie Torkelson; 9 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren, 11 step-grandchildren, 11 step-great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Raymond Smith (second husband) and Gordon Bradfield (first husband). Funeral: Dec. 3, Harrisonburg Mennonite Church, by Wayne North and Harold Eshelman. Burial: Weavers Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Yoder, Mary K., 93. Born: May 20, 1902, Allensville, Pa., to Rufus H. and Annie C. Detweiler King. Died: Dec. 5, 1995, Lewistown, Pa. Survivors -- children: Kathryn, Dorothy, Julia Kauffman, Stanford, Robert, M. Leon, Ted; 17 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Milo M. Yoder (husband). Funeral: Dec. 9, Mattawana Mennonite Church, by Mahlon Hess and Paul Bender. Burial: Pleasant View Cemetery.

Transcription by: John Ingold, Indiana

Gospel Herald - Volume 89, Number 2 - January 9, 1996 - page 15

Bechtel, Mildred Reynolds, 79, Goshen, Ind. Born: Dec. 26, 1915, Oxenhill, N. J. Died: Nov. 26, 1995, Goshen, Ind. Survivors - husband: Elmer Bechtel; children: Melva Sanders, Eva, Arlene Hartsough, Pauline Graff, Jay; brothers and sisters: Eva, Samuel J., William H., and Robert A. Reynolds; 9 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren. Congregational membership: First Church of God. Funeral: Nov. 30, Yoder-Culp Funeral Home, by Art Smoker and John F. Murray. Burial: Clinton Brick Cemetery.

Beyeler, Floyd D., 85, Orrville, Ohio. Born: Oct. 27, 1910, Orrville, Ohio, to Alfred J. and Elizabeth Geiser Beyeler. Died: Nov. 27, 1995, Orrville, Ohio. Survivors - wife: Martha E. Rohrer Beyeler, daughters: Anna Mae Hostetler, Irene Lepley, Janet Nussbaum; 6 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Nov. 29, Crown Hill Mennonite Church, by Bill Detweiler.

Boshart, Lloyd, 82, Lowville, N. Y. Born: Aug. 3, 1913, Baden, Ont., to Eli and Katherine Kennel Boshart. Died: Dec. 4, 1995, Lowville, N.Y. Survivors - daughters: Ruth Ann Roggie, Martha Boshart, Beth Steria, Mary Honer; brothers and sisters: Clayton, Edgar, Glen, Sanford, David, Gloria Helmuth, Brenda Hunkinsons; 2 grandchildren. Predeceased by Naomi Mosher Boshart (wife). Funeral: Dec. 7, Lowville Mennonite Church. Burial: Croghan Mennonite Cemetery. He was ordained a minister Nov. 20, 1938, and served as a bishop in the Conservative Mennonite Conference.

Frey, J. Harold, 80, Lititz, Pa. Born: April 11, 1915, East Donegal Twp., Pa., to Elias T. and Fannie D. Shenk Frey. Died: Dec. 10, 1995, Lititz, Pa. Survivors - wife: Vera Brubaker Frey; children: Herbert, Harold, Janet Weber, Nancy; brothers and sisters: Paul, Wilbur, Elias, Martin, Claude, Dorothy, Mary Ritchie, Erma Schnabel, Nancy Longenecker, Lois Frey; 11 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren, 4 step-grandchildren, 3 step-great-grandchildren. Funeral: Dec. 14, Mount Joy Mennonite Church, by Joe Sherer and Shelley Shellenberger. Burial: Kraybill Mennonite Cemetery.

Glick, Cody Douglas, one month, Wakarusa, Ind. Born: Nov. 4, 1995, South Bend, Ind., to Mike and Diane Yoder Glick. Died: Dec. 3, 1995, South Bend, Ind. Survivors - parents, grandparents: Glenn and Carolyn Yoder and Irvin and Nelda Nussbaum. Funeral: Dec. 5, Yellow Creek Mennonite Church, by Wesley J. Bontreger. Burial: Yellow Creek Mennonite Church North Cemetery.

Kauffman, Ernest R., 82, Belleville, Pa. Born: April 17, 1913, to John R. and Mattie Harshbarger Kauffman. Died: Dec. 2, 1995, Belleville, Pa. Survivors - wife: Jean Zimmerman Kauffman; children: Ernest, Jr., Kenneth, Beverly Peachey, Roberta Benn, brothers and sisters: Donald, Blanche Yoder, Grace Miller; 10 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Dec. 5, Maple Grove Mennonite Church, by Ivan E. Yoder. Burial: Locust Grove Cemetery.

From: Debbie Flanagan


Gospel Herald - Volume 89, Number 3 - January 16, 1996


Duell, Kristin, 16, Clackamas, Ore. Born: Oct. 23, 1979, Portland, Ore., to Gary and Kathy Duell. Died: Dec. 20, 1995, Portland, Ore., from an allergic reaction to anesthesia. Survivors-parents; brother: Jon; grandparents. Congregation attended: Sunrise Mennonite Church. Memorial service: Dec. 22, Mt. Scott Church of the Nazarene, by Teresa Moser McDermid. Cremated.

Eberly, Warren Rohrer, 75, Harrisonburg, Va. Born: Feb. 21, 1920, Orrville, Ohio, to Amos and Ava Rohrer Eberly. Died: Dec. 17, 1995, Harrisonburg, Va., of cancer. Survivors-wife: Lelia Keller Eberly; sons: Willard, Sherman, Richard, Wendell, Charles, Brent; brothers and sister: Edwin, Mark, Mary Shank; 13 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Dec. 20, Dayton Mennonite Church, by Nate Yoder, Herman Reitz, and James Rhodes.

Good, Darrel E., 31, Columbiana, Ohio. Born: Feb. 14, 1964, Salem, Ohio, to Edwin and Mary VanPelt Good. Died: Dec. 16, 1995, Columbiana, Ohio, of a stroke. Survivors-brothers and sisters: Ron, Mike, Monica Kuhns, Melanie Genova; parents; grandmother: Ida VanPelt; grandparents: Mr. & Mrs. Merlin Good. Funeral and burial: Dec. 20, Midway Mennonite Church, by Larry Rohrer.

Hite, John William, newborn. Born: Nov. 25, 1995, West Liberty, Ohio, to Todd and Joann Horner Hite. Died: Nov. 25, 1995, West Liberty, Ohio. Survivors-parents; grandparents: Joe and Miriam Horner, Steve Hite and Shirlene Keith. Graveside service: Nov. 27, Mast-Hensler Cemetery, by Rex Kling.

Hostetler, Edna Pearl West, 79, Butteville, Ore. Born: Feb. 16, 1916, Elliot Prairie, Ore., to Harry and Anna Stauffer West. Died: Dec. 19, 1995, Butteville, Ore., of cancer . Survivors-husband: Leslie Hostetler; daughters: Evelyn Emmert, Dorothy Hansen, Carol Stringer; foster daughter: Mary Jane Lemke; brother and sister: Clarence West, Mary Hostetler; 9 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Dec. 23, Zion Mennonite Church, by John Garber, Steve Emmert, and Richard Regier .

Nitzsche, Bertha, 94, Hesston, Kan. Born: Aug. 11, 1901, Fulda, Minn., to Julius and Barbara Oswald Nitzsche. Died: Dec. 20, 1995, Hesston, Kan. Survivors-brothers and sisters: Dan, Elmer, Lillian Erb, Clara Roth. Congregational membership: Hesston Mennonite Church. Funeral: Dec. 22, Schowalter Villa, by David Mann. Burial: East Lawn Cemetery.

Nolt, Esther G., Ephrata, Pa. Born: Lancaster County, Pa., to Moses G. and Sallie Musser Gehman. Died: Dec. 20, 1995. Survivors-husband: Elmer Nolt; children: Mervin, Rhoda E., Naomi M. Weaver, Grace L.; 4 grandchildren, one greatgrandchild. Funeral and burial: Dec. 23, Bowmansville Mennonite Church, by Wilmer Leaman, Kenneth Witmer, and Chester Yoder .

Oswald, Irene Bernita Kuhns, 87, Shickley, Neb. Born: Dec. 29, 1907, Strang, Neb., to Joseph E. and Bessie Kerst Kuhns. Died: Dec. 18, 1995, Geneva, Neb. Survivors-children: Robert, Roland, Jon, Betty Gratopp, Bess Liversidge; brothers and sisters: Kenneth, Verlin, Waldean, and Raymond Kuhns, Helen Eichelberger, Lois Saltzman, Joan Troyer; 17 grandchildren, 19 greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Simon C. Oswald (husband). Funeral and burial: Dec. 22, Salem Mennonite Church, by Wilton Detweiler.

Roth, Stella Eicher, 87, Milford, Neb. Born: April 27, 1908, Beaver Crossing, Neb., to Leander and Elizabeth Yeackley Eicher. Died: Dec. 21, 1995, Seward, Neb., of cancer. Survivors-sons: Willard, Milton, Arnold, Merlin; sister: Doris Roth; 10 grandchildren, 9 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Albert Roth (husband) and Burdette and Darold (sons). Funeral and burial: Dec. 26, East Fairview Mennonite Church, by Bill Saltzman and Lloyd Gingerich.

Shelly, Betty D. Rice, 71, Souderton, Pa. Born: Feb. 12, 1924, Plumstead Twp., Pa., to Harvey and Lizzie Derstine Rice. Died: Dec. 16, 1995, West Rockhill Twp., Pa., of cancer. Survivors-children: Randy L., Bradley D., Vicky A. Farmwald; brother and sisters: William, Mabel Brooke, Florence Derstine, Anna Mary Moyer, Elsie Meyers; 6 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Victor A. Shelly (husband) and a stillborn daughter. Funeral and burial: Dec. 23, Blooming Glen Mennonite Church, by David A. Stevens and Truman H. Brunk, Jr.

Steckly, Sarah Kipfer, 82, Milverton, Ont. Born: Dec. 23, 1912, Ellice Twp., Ont., to Solomon and Nancy Nafziger Kipfer. Died: Oct. 16, 1995, Stratford, Ont. Survivors-children: Stanley, Doreen Gerber, Isabel Mullet, Elsie Kuepfer, Nancy Pace, Norman, Marj Erb, Joanne Gerber, Ronald, Marilyn Clelland, Robert; sisters: Florence Boshart, Sylvia Schwartzentruber; 27 grandchildren, 30 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Menno Steckly (husband). Funeral and burial: Oct. 19, Riverdale Mennonite Church, by Glenn Zehr.

Stoltzfus, Mary A. Yoder, 82, Lititz, Pa. Born: Dec. 26, 1912, Elverson, Pa., to Jacob Z. and Susie Beiler Yoder. Died: Nov. 23, 1995, Lititz, Pa. Survivors-husband: Aquila Stoltzfus; children: Irene Byers, Doris Sullivan, Ernest; stepdaughters: Susana Stoltzfus, Vera Keener; brothers and sister: Rebecca, Levi, and Paul R. Yoder, Sr., Naomi King; 11 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Nov. 27, Millwood Mennonite Church, by Michael Farmer and Nelson Martin.

Walkup, Norbert C., 87, Bradenton, Fla. Born: Sept. 25, 1908, Waldron, Mich. Died: Dec. 13, 1995, Bradenton, Fla., of congestive heart failure. Survivors-wife: Florence Sommers Walkup; children: Jim, Tom, Joanne Voshel, Cathy Frantz, Mary Halligas; stepsons: Randy, Arden, and Larry Sommers; brothers: Max, Paul; 21 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Helen Slawson Walkup (first wife). Memorial service: Dec. 29, Bay Shore Mennonite Church (Sarasota, Fla.), by Roy Bucher. Burial: Waldron, Mich.

Wenger, Esther Moyer, 81, Des Allemands, La. Born: Dec. 28, 1914, Hilltown, Pa., to Norman M. and Ida M. Detweiler Moyer. Died: Dec. 22, 1995, Raceland, La., of respiratory failure. Survivors-children: Mary Wenger Orlans, John C.; sisters: Ruth Koppenhaver, Rachel Myers, Miriam Birky, Betty Hershey; 4 grandchildren. Predeceased by: John E. Wenger (husband) and James Eldon Wenger (infant son). Funeral and burial: Dec. 26, Des Allemands Mennonite Church, by Robert 0. Zehr and George Reno.

Yoder, Maxine Eash, 70, Goshen, Ind. Born: May 11, 1925, Middlebury, Ind., to Raymond E. and Sadie Mast Eash. Died: Dec. 18, 1995, Goshen, Ind., of respiratory failure. Survivors-children: Donovan, Darrell, Delores Zehr; brothers and sisters: Richard and Ralph Eash, Irene Lambright, Ruth Miller, Arlene Mast, Maurine Mishler, Alvera Clark; 6 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Freeman A. Yoder (husband) and Delores Zehr (daughter). Funeral: Dec. 20, Waterford Mennonite Church, by Lloyd L. Miller and Sylvia Shirk Charles. Burial: Forest Grove Cemetery.


Gospel Herald - Volume 89, Number 4 - January 23, 1996


Baer, Elizabeth Horst Kuhns, 82, Chambersburg, Pa. Born: Aug. 8, 1912, Chambersburg, Pa., to Joseph B. and Leah Horst Kuhns. Died: July 23, 1995, Harrisonburg, Va. Survivors-husband: Alvey Showalter Baer; children: Gladys M. Shank, Harold L., Marie L. Davis, Esther J. Mast, David E.; brother and sisters: Clarence Kuhns, Fannie Forry, Sarah Baer; 18 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren, 2 stepgrandchildren. Funeral: July 27, Mount Zion Mennonite Church, by Roger I. Martin, Alvin Kanagy, Richard Oberholtzer, and Robert L. Martin.

Bechtel, Titus L., 79, Souderton, Pa. Born: Nov. 17, 1916, Lower Sal ford Twp., Pa., to Elias N. and Anna Landes Bechtel. Died: Dec. 23, 1995, Souderton, Pa. Survivors-wife: Grace Derstine Bechtel; children: Leon D., Shirley Ann; 2 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Dec. 29, Souderton Mennonite Church, by Gerald A. Clemmer and Wallace R. Jantz.

Beck, Edwin D., 69, Archbold, Ohio. Born: Aug. 24, 1926, Archbold, Ohio, to Solomon and Clara Roth Beck. Died: Dec. 29,1995, Toledo, Ohio. Survivors-wife: Valetta Nofziger Beck; children: Jay, Sam, Jane Waidelich, Sandra Beck; brother and sisters: Richard, Ilva Bontrager, Irene Meyer, Doris Short; 8 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Jerry Beck (son). Funeral: Jan. 2, Central Mennonite Church, by Wilmer Hartman, Lois Hartman, and Dale Wyse. Burial: Pettisville Cemetery.

Beisel, Jacob Clair, 85, Davidsville, Pa. Born: March 4, 1910, Cambria County, Pa., to George and Elsie McVicker Beisel. Died: Dec. 28, 1995, Davidsville, Pa., of cancer. Survivors-children: Leroy, June Horst, Ruth Hostetler; brothers and sister: Charles, Robert, Erma Weaver; 12 grandchildren, 18 greatgrandchildren, one greatgreat-grandchild. Predeceased by: Mildred P. Knavel Beisel (wife). Funeral: Dec. 31, Carpenter Park Mennonite Church, by Marvin Kaufman. Burial: Richland Cemetery .

Gerig, Doris Marie Graber, 72, Wayland, Iowa. Born: Oct. 1, 1923, Wayland, Iowa, to Peter J. and Sarah Rich Graber. Died: Dec. 15, 1995, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. Survivors-husband: Milburn Gerig; children: Joan Redekopp, Jean Sickles, Sandra Glick, Faye Rudolphi, Beth Bachman, Pam Unruh; brothers and sisters: Dillon, Dennis, Dwight, Doreen Graber, Drusilla Rector, Dee Deck; 12 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Dec. 17, Sugar Creek Mennonite Church, by Roger Farmer and Ruben Chupp.

Landes, Abram N., 88, Souderton, Pa. Born: April 10, 1907, Souderton, Pa., to Abram G. and Ellen Nice Landes. Died: Dec. 28, 1995, Sellersville, Pa., of a stroke. Survivors-wife: Susie Clemens Landes; children: Grace C. Alderfer, Janet C. Vincent, Nancy C. Moyer, Abram C.; sister: Elizabeth Frantz; 16 grandchildren, 32 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Alda (infant daughter). Funeral: Dec. 31, Souderton Mennonite Church, by Gerald A. Clemmer and Wallace R. Jantz. Burial: Franconia Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Mast, Anna Mary Sensenig, 83, Lititz, Pa. Born: Hinkletown, Pa., to Michael and Emma Landis Sensenig. Died: Dec. 17, 1995, Lititz, Pa. Survivors-children: Clair, Leroy, Michael, Emest, Grace Stoltzfus, Verna Clemmer; brothers: Willis L. and Titus L. Sensenig; 28 grandchildren, 50 great-grandchildren, 3 step-great-grandchildren, one step- great t-great- grandchild . Predeceased by: Raymond P. Mast (husband). Congregational membership: Oley Mennonite Church.

Obituary correction: Anna Mary Sensenig Mast (Jan. 23, 1996, Gospel Herald) was also predeceased by Pearl Mast Hurst (daughter).

Serna, Margarita Z. Zepeda, 73, Archbold, Ohio. Born: Jan. 22, 1922, Mexico, to Vincente and Caetana Zepeda. Died: Dec. 18, 1995, Bryan, Ohio. Survivors-children: Francisco, Elida, Angela Campos, Mary Hoffsis, Margaret; 5 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Marciano Sema (husband). Congregational membership: Central Mennonite Church. Funeral: Dec. 20, Short Funeral Home, by Wilmer Hartman and Lois Hartman. Burial: Pettisville Cemetery.

Shatzer, Weldon Kendall, 78, Baltimore, Md. Born: March 14, 1917, Greencastle, Pa., to Harvey and Anna Shatzer. Died: Dec. 23, 1995, Baltimore, Md., of congestive heart failure. Survivors-son: Richard Shatzer. Congregational membership: North Baltimore Mennonite Church. Funeral: Dec. 31, Jenkins and Sons Funeral Home, by Frank E. Nice. Burial: Cedar Hill Cemetery .

Short, Dale E., 74, Archbold, Ohio. Born: Nov. 5, 1921, Archbold, Ohio, to John and Martha Wyse Short. Died: Dec. 25, 1995, Archbold, Ohio, of heart failure. Survivors-wife: Evelyn Seiler Short; children: Marcia Wemet, Rodger, Gareth, Doug, Sandy Phillips; brother and sisters: Ivan, Louella Bender, Arlene, Zelma Seiler; 9 grandchildren. Funeral: Dec. 28, Zion Mennonite Church, by Dee Swartz. Burial: Pettisville Cemetery.

Swartzentruber, Esther Mughmaw, 70, Kokomo, Ind. Born: April 13, 1925, Miami County, Ind., to Russell and Iva Miller Mughmaw. Died: Dec. 23, 1995, Indianapolis, Ind. Survivors-husband: Carl Swartzentruber; children: Dean, Clarajean Sommers; brother and sisters: Merlin Mughmaw, Dorothy Owens, Ruby Burgan; 6 grandchildren, one greatgrandchild. Funeral: Dec. 27, Howard-Miami Mennonite Church, by T. Lee Miller. Burial: Santa Fe Cemetery .

Weaver, Anna Mary, 80, Lititz, Pa. Born: April 8, 1915, East Earl Twp., Pa., to Amos W. and Anna Burkholder Weaver . Died: Dec. 24, 1995, Lancaster, Pa. Survivors-foster daughter: Lois Burkhart; brother and sisters: Amos, Mabel, Alta, Emma Zeiset, Lillian Shaum. Funeral: Dec. 28, Denver Mennonite Church, by Isaac K. Sensenig, Harold B. Good, Edwin W. Martin, Luke G. Sensenig, and Ray Auker. Burial: Springville Mennonite Cemetery.

Yoder, Effie M. Kaufman, 77, Belleville, Pa. Born: Oct. 23, 1918, Hollsopple, Pa., to Harrison and Sadie Wingard Kaufman. Died: Dec. 28, 1995, Belleville, Pa., of cardiac arrest. Survivors-husband: Norman C. Yoder; children: J. Lester, Harold J., Rosa Johnson, Edith Yoder-Collins, Ethel Hartman, Ray L., Jenny, Carol Brammell, Lucille Coast; sisters: Twila Peachey, Mary Heckman; 9 grandchildren. Funeral: Dec. 31, Maple Grove Mennonite Church, by Ivan Yoder, Elam Glick, and Erie Renno. Burial: Locust Grove Cemetery.



Gospel Herald - Volume 89, Number 5 - January 30, 1996


Borkholder, Emma, 87, LaGrange, lnd. Born: May 4, 1908, Nappanee, lnd., to Jacob J. and Anna Schlabach Borkholder. Died: Jan. 5, 1996, Sturgis, Mich. Survivors-children: Harvey, Willard, Lloyd, John, Elsie Helmuth, Mary Miller, Amanda Keller, Sovilla Oaks, Vema Schlabach, Nancy; 31 grandchildren, 35 great-grandchildren, one great-great-grandchild. Predeceased by: Henry Borkholder (husband). Funeral and burial: Jan. 10, Locust Grove Mennonite Church, by Jay Ulrich.

Deputy, Timothy Oliver "T.O.," 80, Harrisonburg, Va. Born: April 5, 1915, Rockingham County, Va., to Mervin and Ola Deputy. Died: Sept. 10, 1995, Harrisonburg, Va. Survivors-children: Ronald L., Lowell W., Merlin 0., Emily Sue; brothers and sister: John, Byard, Mary Catherine Brubaker; 11 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Ruth Weaver Deputy (wife) and Margaret D. Lehman (daughter). Funeral and burial: Sept. 13, Weavers Mennonite Church, by Michael Martin, Joseph C. Shenk, and Edith Shenk.

Good, Eula Mary Knicely, 91, Harrisonburg, Va. Born: Jan. 15, 1904, Rockingham County, Va., to Joseph L. and I Bertha Knicely Good. Died: Oct. 9, 1995, Harrisonburg, Va. Survivors-children: Twila Lehman, Emory J., Harley D., Roy F.; brother: Frank S. Knicely; 12 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: E. Paul Good (husband). Funeral and burial: Oct. 12, Weavers Mennonite Church, by Joseph C. Shenk and Edith Shenk.

Hamsher, Ollie Miller, 98, Sugarcreek, Ohio. Born: Sept. 22, 1897, Holmes County, Ohio, to John D. and Katie Ann Miller. Died: Jan. 5, 1996, Sugarcreek, Ohio. Survivors-children: John, Edward, Myron, Reuben, Thomas, Robert, James, Mary Miller, Betty Martin; 29 grandchildren, 54 greatgrandchildren, one greatgreat-grandchild. Predeceased by: Milo Hamsher (husband) and Dallas (son). Funeral and burial: Jan. 8, Walnut Creek Mennonite Church, by Ross A. Miller.

Hunsberger, Charles R. "Chuck," 32, Pottstown, Pa. Born: May 18, 1963, Riverhead, N.Y., to Sharon L. and Gladys C. Allebach Hunsberger. Died: Dec. 23, 1995, Belmar, N.J. Survivors-wife: Roxanne Montgomery Hunsberger; daughters: Stacey, Jamie; brother and sisters: Galen L., Mary Jane Grossenbacher, Stacy Lynn Hostetter . Funeral: Dec. 30, Salford Mennonite Church, by Willis A. Miller and Earl Anders. Cremated.

Hurst, Susan Mary, 51, Lititz, Pa. Born: Aug. 9, 1944, Clay Twp., Pa., to Roy and Emily WaIter Hurst. Died: Nov. 22, 1995, Lancaster, Pa. Survivors-brother: WaIter E. Funeral: Nov. 25, Erb Mennonite Church, by Lester Zimmerman and Lloyd Keller . Burial: Hammercreek Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Hurt, Ida Evelyn Fitch, 89, Hutchinson, Kan. Born: Jan. 23,1906, Missouri, to Henry Fitch and Mary Alice Dibben Haney. Died: Dec. 31, 1995, Hutchinson, Kan. Survivors-children: Warren, Mary Jane Brunk, Geneva Haile, Nellie Geyer; brother and sisters: George Haney, Alice Otstott, Pearl Coe; 12 grandchildren, 23 great-grandchildren, 6 great- great-grandchildren . Predeceased by: Owen A. Hurt (husband). Congregation attended: South Hutchinson Mennonite Church. Funeral: Jan. 3, Johnson & Sons Memorial Chapel, by Howard Wagler. Burial: Memorial Park Cemetery.

Litwiller, Elsie Marie, 89, Eureka, Ill. Born: Dec. 4, 1906, Hopedale, Ill., to Daniel E. and Lena Wittrig Litwiller. Died: Jan. 3, 1996, Eureka, Ill. Survivor-brother: Lawrence. Funeral and burial: Jan. 6, Hopedale Mennonite Church, by H. James Smith and Michael Knowles.

Nussbaum, Marion A., 73, Kidron, Ohio. Born: Sept. 10, 1922, Dalton, Ohio, to Levi J. and Nettie Amstutz Nussbaum. Died: Dec. 28, 1995, Canton, Ohio. Survivors-wife: Anne Lehman Nussbaum; children: Ken, Keith, Karl, Kurt, JoAnne Frey, Judy Kauffman; brothers and sisters: Harold, Leroy, Vernon, Edith Potter, Harriet Noblit; 13 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Dec. 30, Kidron Mennonite Church, by Herman Myers and Bruce Friesen.

Snider, Lauretta Schmidt, 81, Melbourne, Ont. Born: Sept. 16, 1914, Elmira, Ont., to Herman and Lydia Martin Schmidt. Died: Dec. 18, 1995, Strathroy, Ont., of heart failure. Survivors-husband: Foster Snider; son: Larry; 2 grandchildren. Congregational membership: Stirling Avenue Mennonite Church. Funeral: Dec. 21, Ratz Bechtel Funeral Home, by Mark Bers. Cremated-Memorial Gardens.

Stalter, Ezra, 79, Elida, Ohio. Born: Feb. 16, 1916, Allen County, Ohio, to Christian and Salome Good Stalter. Died: Dec. 24, 1995, of cancer. Survivors-wife: Norma Shindeldecker Stalter; children: Lyle, Royce, Marilyn Shoalmire; brothers and sister: Mark, Timothy, Zelma; 4 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Dec. 27, Salem Mennonite Church, by Mel Hathaway.

Ulrich, Keith Eugene, 41, Henry, Ill. Born: Feb. 8, 1954, Peoria, Ill., to Kenneth and Ruby Reeb Ulrich. Died: Dec. 28, 1995, Eureka, Ill., of cancer. Survivors-brothers and sister: Rollin, Steven, Debra Handrich; grandfather: Emanuel Ulrich, Sr. Funeral and burial: Dec. 30, Roanoke Mennonite Church, by Cal Zehr, Rick Troyer, and Elmer Wyse.

Ulrich, Miriam Bachman, 79, Roanoke, Ill. Born: Oct. 4, 1916, Morton, Ill., to Alvin and Mary Eigsti Bachman. Died: Dec. 26, 1995, Eureka, Ill., of a stroke and cancer. Survivors-husband: Elton E. Ulrich; children: Douglas, Cheryl Ryniak, Joyce Klokkenga, Diane Geiser; brothers and sisters: Leland, Earl, Harold, and Ivan Bachman, Grace Schrock, Florence Egli; 11 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Dec. 29, Roanoke Mennonite Church, by Rick Troyer and Elmer Wyse.

Wenger, John S., 83, Hesston, Kan. Born: June 14, 1913, Canton, Kan., to Jonas and Anna Loucks Wenger. Died: Jan. 3, 1996, Hesston, Kan. Survivors-wife: Martha Detwiler Wenger; children: Kermit, Robert, James, Sherman, Oneta Unruh; brother and sisters: Norman, Thelma Egli, Bertha Miller; 14 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Jan. 5, Schowalter Villa, by Cheryl Hershberger and Wesley Jantz. Burial: East Lawn Cemetery.

Wenger, Mildred Grace Wyse, 83, Wayland, Iowa. Born: Feb. 20,1912, Wayland, Iowa, to Aaron and Emma Graber Wyse. Died: Nov. 20, 1995, Wayland, Iowa. Survivors-children: Kenneth R., Wayne L., Nancy Ann Burkey; 4 grandchildren, one greatgrandchild. Predeceased by: Ira Wenger (husband). Funeral and burial: Nov. 25, Bethel Mennonite Church, by Duane Roth and Ruben Chupp.

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