Gospel Herald Obituaries - May, 1996

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Gospel Herald - Volume 89, Number 19 - May 7, 1996

Beitzel, Krista R., 11, Grantsville, Md. Born; June 29, 1984, El Dorado, Ark., to Willis and Greta Guengerich Beitzel. Died: April 11, 1996, Grantsville, Md., of a brain tumor. Survivors - brother; Wendell. Funeral and burial; April 14, Springs Mennonite Church, by Owen Guengerich and Lawrence Brunk.

Bender, Anna Evelyn, 89, Springs, Pa. Born: Jan. 22, 1907, Springs, Pa., to John H. and Lydia Miller Bender. Died; April 4, 1996, Grantsville, Md. Survivors - sister; Marie B. Haning. Funeral: April 8, Springs Mennonite Church, by Earl Yoder. Burial; Springs Cemetery.

Cressman, Clayton S., 72, Elmira, Ont. Born: Aug. 26, 1923, Kitchener, Ont., to Isaiah and Magdalena Shirk Cressman. Died; April 8, 1996, Elmira, Ont. Survivors - children: Garfield, Gwen Huot, Ralph; brothers and sisters; Harold, Clifford, Una, Vera Weaver, Mabel, Olive High, Edith Woolner; 10 grandchildren. Predeceased by; Pauline Fretz Cressman (wife). Funeral; April 11, First Mennonite Church, by Rudy Baergen. Burial; Berea Mennonite Cemetery.

Esbenshade, Clay, 91, Neffsville, Pa. Born: Oct. 17, 1904, Lancaster, Pa., to Martin G. and Katherine Zeamer Esbenshade. Died; March 6, 1996, Grantham, Pa. Survivors - children; Rhoda E. Killheffer, J. Harold, H. Glenn, Carl E., Kenneth L.; sister; Elizabeth Diem; 15 grandchildren, 25 greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Ruth E. Yocum Esbenshade (wife). Funeral and burial: March 9, Landis Valley Mennonite Church, by Thomas A. Horst and Levi J . Ziegler.

Helmuth, Alvin, 90, Kidron, Ohio. Born; July 27, 1905, Berlin, Ohio, to Gideon and Barbara Beechy Helmuth. Died; April 10, 1996. Survivors - children: Barbara Witmer, Carol, David, William, Dale, James; sisters; Naomi Neuenschwander, Wilma Roth, Mary Zehr, Orpha Miller; 19 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by; Elsie Sommers Helmuth (wife). Funeral and burial; April 13, Sonnenberg Mennonite Church, by Dennis R. Kuhns.

Hofstetter, Harold S., 85, Petersburg, Ont. Born; May 9, 1910, Kitchener, Ont., to Walter and Phoebe Snyder Hofstetter. Died; April 5, 1996, Kitchener, Ont. Survivors - wife; Melinda Gingerich Hofstetter; children; Ken, Nyle, Laurene Ferguson; brothers and sisters; Harry, John, Layton, Reed, Ruby Ament, Jean Ross; 10 grandchildren, one great-grandchild. Funeral and burial; April 9, Steinmann Mennonite Church, by Scott Brubaker-Zehr and Mahlon Gerber.

Kauffman, Elsie Eleanor Heinrichs, 73, Fairmont, Neb. Born; May 11, 1922, Carleton, Neb., to Fred and Anna Hopkins Heinrichs. Died; April 12, 1996, Concordia, Kan. Survivors - children; Linda Bridges, Arlys Hubert, Ardeth Rhodes; 6 grandchildren, 2 step-grandchildren, 2 stepgreat-grandchildren. Predeceased by; Floyd Kauffman (husband) and Gary (son). Funeral and burial; April 16, Salem Mennonite Church, by Wilton Detweiler.

Killius, Dora Edith, 85, Grantsville, Md. Born; Dec. 22, 1910, Bittinger, Md., to Milton E. and Ellen E. Arnold Wiley. Died; April 15, 1996, Cumberland, Md. Survivors - children; Wilma Kipp, Woneda Kenney; sisters; Viola Miller, Hilda Bowser; 4 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: William H. Killius (husband). Funeral; April 11, Springs Mennonite Church, by Paul Bender, Lawrence Brunk, and Lee Williams. Burial; Springs Cemetery.

Koehn, Kenneth Eugene, 51, Harrisonburg, Va. Born; Sept. 8, 1944, Torrence, Calif., to Galen and Martha Wiens Koehn. Died: April 11, 1996, Harrisonburg, Va., of cancer. Survivors - wife: Diana Macaulay Koehn; sons; Daniel, Timothy; brothers and sister; Roy, Larry, Wendy Jones. Congregational membership: Bethel College Mennonite Church. Funeral: April 16, Park View Mennonite Church, by Shirley Yoder Brubaker, Ed Stoltzfus, and Shirlee K. Yoder. Cremated.

Leichty, Herman, 83, Grabill, Ind. Born; July 14, 1912, AlIen County, Ind. Died: April 6, 1996, Grabill, Ind., of cancer. Survivors - wife; Martha Dix Leichty; children; David, Kathleen Spiering; brothers and sisters; Paul, Raymond, Bertha Miller, Velma Hostetler, Violet Perry, Lucille King; 2 grandchildren. Funeral: April 9, North Leo Mennonite Church, by Doug Zehr and Charles DeSanto. Burial; Leo Memorial Cemetery.

Martin, Catherine Virginia, 63, Harrisonburg, Va. Born; May 24, 1932, Rockingham County, Va., to Ammi R. and Vada Catherine Wenger Martin. Died: March 24, 1996, Harrisonburg, Va. Survivors - sister; Reba Martin Nesselrodt. Funeral and burial: March 27, Weavers Mennonite Church, by Joseph C. Shenk, Edith N. Shenk, Glendon Blosser, and Larry Nesselrodt.

Miller, Elmer, 67, Phoenix, Ariz. Born; Feb. 16, 1929, Hutchinson, Kan., to Daniel D. and Amanda Stutzman Miller. Died: March 4, 1996, Phoenix, Ariz., of a bacterial infection of the blood. Survivors - wife: Miriam "Mim" Boyer Miller; children; Marilyn Henderson, Arthur, Sandra Meisinger, Lisa Decker; brothers: Lloyd, Leroy; 10 grandchildren. Funeral: March 8, Sunnyslope Mennonite Church, by Dennis Stauffer. Cremated.

Mullett, Henry, 76, Nappanee, Ind. Born; July 31, 1919, Morocco, Ind., to Joni and Millie Miller Mullet t. Died; Feb. 24, 1996, Sarasota, Fla. Survivors - wife: Esther Miller Mullett; sons; Kenneth R., Paul E., Eugene D.; 8 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by; Mark L. (son). Funeral; Feb. 28, North Main Street Mennonite Church, by Ken Bontreger and Homer Miller. Burial; Hepton Union Cemetery.

Shantz, Hilda, 94, Cambridge, Ont. Born; Feb. 18, 1902, Mannheim, Ont., to Enoch and Annie Gremm Horst. Died; March 5, 1996, Cambridge, Ont. Survivors - children; Elmer, Miriam Green, Kenneth; brother; Lorne Horst; 7 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Lloyd Shantz (husband). Congregational membership: Wanner Mennonite Church. Funeral: March 8, Fairview Mennonite Centre, by Eric Hiebert Rempel. Burial: Hagey Cemetery.

Snyder, Emma, 93, Cambridge, Ont. Born: May 12, 1902, Waterloo Twp., Ont., to Absolam and Mary Groff Snyder. Died: Nov. 18, 1995, Cambridge, Ont. Funeral and burial: Nov. 21, Wanner Mennonite Church, by Eric Hiebert Rempel.


Gospel Herald - Volume 89, Number 20 - May 14, 1996

Amstutz, Benjamin U., 86, Kidron, Ohio. Born: Jan. 12, 1910, Dalton, Ohio, to Amos and Fannie Zuercher Amstutz. Died: April 17, 1996, Kidron, Ohio. Survivors - wife: Anna Sommer Amstutz; children: Doris North, Shirley Toole, Ken, Gloria Nussbaum; stepchildren: Don Sommer , Carol Yoder, Ann Troyer; brother and sisters: Evan, Evelyn Nussbaum, Sylvia Martin, Mildred Nussbaum, Edith Schrock; 22 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Irene Sommer Amstutz (first wife). Funeral and burial: April 20, Kidron Mennonite Church, by Herman Myers and Wayne North.

Baer, Sara JaDe Kraft, 87, Maugansville, Md. Born: May 12, 1908, East Berlin, Pa., to George D. and Lilly Ann May Kraft. Died: March 24, 1996, Chambersburg, Pa. Survivors - children: Stuart K., H. Edalene Hess, L. Jason, Evangeline M. Osborne, Mary Ellen Clark, Phyllis A. Brady; 12 grandchildren, 10 greatgrandchildren, one greatgreat-grandchild. Predeceased by: Norman H. Baer (husband). Funeral and burial: March 27, Cedar Grove Mennonite Church, by Rob Cahill and Nelson L. Martin.

Breneman, Mabel Martin, 99, Orrville, Ohio. Born: Sept. 11, 1896, Dalton, Ohio, to George and Amanda Mary Kreider Martin. Died: April 12, 1996, Orrville, Ohio. Survivors - sons: George, Jr., Edwin; sister: Clara Boegli; 7 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: George Brenneman, Sr. (husband) and June Thomas (daughter). Funeral and burial: April 16, Oak Grove Mennonite Church, by James Schrag and Norma Duerksen.

Fahndrich, Luella E. Bender, 61, Salem, Ore. Born: Dec. 13, 1934, Ryley, Alta., to Mahlon and Christina King Bender . Died: March 24, 1996, Salem, Ore. Survivors - husband: Richard Fahndrich; sons: Dave, Dan, Ben, Steve, Tim; brothers: Harold and Maurice Bender; 7 grandchildren. Funeral: March 27, Western Mennonite Church, by Dave Stutzman. Burial: Restlawn Memorial Gardens.

Hartzler, Tura M., 80, Belleville, Pa. Born: Feb. 28, 1916, Belleville, Pa., to Samuel D. and Libbie B. Yoder Hartzler. Died: April 19, 1996, Belleville, Pa. Survivor - sister: Lena Byler. Funeral and burial: April 21, Locust Grove Mennonite Church, by Max Zook and Erie Renno.

Jackman, Evan Logan, one day, Smithville, Ohio. Born: March 11, 1996, Smithville, Ohio, to John and Tara Hackett Jackman. Died: March 11, 1996, Smithville, Ohio. Funeral and burial: March 14, East Chippewa Church of the Brethren, by James Schrag and Norma Duerksen.

Kauffman, Edward Lee, 86, Baden, N.D. Born: April 6, 1910, Kenmare, N.D. Died: April 17, 1996, Glendale, Ariz. Survivors - wife: Margaret Kauffman; children: Rebecca Purvis, Mary Hershberger , Paul, Willis; 7 grandchildren, one great-grandchild. Congregational membership: Trinity Mennonite Church. Funeral: April 20, Best Funeral Services Chapel, by Peter B. Wiebe. Private burial.

Lederman, David, 89, Mendon, Mich. Born: Aug. 19, 1906, Grabill, Ind., to Daniel and Katherine Newhouser Lederman. Died: April 14, 1996, Mendon, Mich. Survivors - children: Betty Andersohn, Miriam Vincent, Paul E., Bill, Bob; brother and sisters: Glenn, Amanda Rupp, Evaland Smucker; 16 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Ruby Haarer Lederman (wife). Funeral: April 20, Locust Grove Mennonite Church, by Dean Brubaker and Jay Ulrich. Burial: Shore Cemetery.

Martin, Fred Eugene, 80, Edmonton, Alta. Born: Sept. 29, 1915, Marion, Pa., to Sam and Olive Barkdoll Martin. Died: April 18, 1996, Edmonton, Alta., of a stroke. Survivors - wife: Mary Voegtlin Martin; children: Fred, Glen, Lawrence, Carol Watamaniuk, Luella MacMillan; brothers and sisters: Joe, John, Sam, Jim, Paul, Richard, Ethal, Ruth Reber; 11 grandchildren, 3 greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Evangeline Watamaniuk (daughter). Congregational membership: Duchess Mennonite Church. Funeral: April 21, Holyrood Mennonite Church, by Ray Landis. Burial: Salem Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Miller, Ruth Shank, 87, Harrisonburg, Va. Born: Sept. 23, 1908, Broadway, Va., to Joseph and Emma Showalter Shank. Died: April 15, 1996, Harrisonburg, Va. Survivors - husband: Willis Miller; children; Cheryl Miller Heatwole, Marjorie Miller Presley, Mervyl, Winfred; 14 grandchildren. Predeceased by; Joseph Robert Miller (son). Funeral and burial: April 18, Lindale Mennonite Church, by Loren Horst and Howard Miller.

Reist, Hilda F. Gahler, 87, Salem, Ore. Born: March 10, 1909, Needy, Ore., to John and Freda Ziegler Gahler. Died: March 20, 1996, Salem, Ore. Survivors - daughters: Eileen Weaver, Shirley Chupp, Sharon Kennel; brother and sisters: Vernon Gahler, Clara Gingerich, Dorothy Miller, Bertha Kenagy; 8 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Reuben Reist (husband). Funeral: March 25, Western Mennonite Church, by Dave Stutzman. Burial: Hopewell Cemetery.

Rempel, Elda Dorothy, 70, Montezuma, Kan. Born: 1926, Kansas. Died: April 19, 1996, Glendale, Ariz., of pneumonia. Survivors - husband: Henry Rempel; children: Calvin, N Nathan, Victoria Marrs; brothers and sisters: Leland, Milton, and Earl Johnson, Edna Issac, Anna Lee Smith; 7 grandchildren. Funeral: April 23, Trinity Mennonite Church, by Peter B. Wiebe. Private burial.

Snider, Eva Mae Weber, 85, Cambridge, Ont. Born: May 25, 1910, Waterloo, Ont., to Noah S. and Ellen Stauffer Weber. Died: April 21, 1996, Cambridge, Ont. Survivors - children; Madeline Kufske, Eleanor, David; 8 grandchildren, 5 greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by; Angus A. Snider (husband) and Elgin (son). Funeral and burial: April 23, Erb Street Mennonite Church, by Renee Sauder and Doug Snyder.

Sommer, Viola Speicher, 98, Smithville, Ohio. Born: Feb. 11, 1898, Smithville, Ohio, to John H. and Amanda Jane Smiley Speicher. Died: March 8, 1996, Reedley, Calif. Survivors - children: Robert, Georgia Linschied; 4 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: David Sommer (husband). Funeral and burial: March 15, Oak Grove Mennonite Church, by James Schrag and Norma Duerksen.

Wenger, Cheryl J. Witmer, 42, Columbiana, Ohio. Born: April 6, 1953, Salem, Ohio, to Warren and Lucille Detwiler Witmer. Died: March 31, 1996, Columbiana, Ohio, of cancer. Survivors - husband: Dale Wenger; children: Ann, Christopher, Samuel, Charity; brothers and sisters: Dennis and Gerald Witmer, Joyce Nafziger, Marlene Wilhelm. Funeral and burial: April 7, Midway Mennonite Church, by Larry Rohrer, Ernest Martin, and Dean Hammond.


Gospel Herald - Volume 89, Number 21 - May 21, 1996

Baer, Irvin S., 90, Maugansville, Md. Born: Dec. 19, 1905, Washington County, Md., to Abram H. and Elizabeth Shank Baer. Died: April 12, 1996, Chambersburg, Pa. Survivors - sons: Glenn E., Ronald L., Duane A.: half brothers and sisters: Alvey and Abram Baer, Bertha Martin, Ida Schelle; 4 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren, 2 step grandchildren. Predeceased by: Ella Elizabeth Grove Baer (wife). Funeral and burial: April 16, Marion Mennonite Church, by Darrell Baer, Nelson Martin, and James Stauffer.

Dierwechter, John R., 86, Schaefferstown, Pa. Born: March 23, 1910, Heidelberg Twp., Pa., to Abraham K. and Emma Royer Dierwechter. Died: April 22, 1996, Hershey, Pa., of a heart attack. Survivors - daughters: Esther, Grace, Naomi. Predeceased by: Sarah Bollinger Dierwechter (wife). Congregational membership: Lititz Mennonite Church. Funeral: April 26, Clauser Funeral Home, by Dennis Ernest. Burial: Schaefferstown Cemetery.

Eshleman, John C., 78, Greencastle, Pa. Born: May 21, 1917, Antrim, Twp., Pa., to J. Ira and Nora Cordell Eshleman. Died: April 10, 1996, Greencastle, Pa., of cancer. Survivors - wife: Kathryn C. Cline Eshleman; children: Lavonne Ward, Kathleen Forney, Margaret Baer, John E., Roger; brother and sister: Charles, Elizabeth Martin; 9 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: April 14, Marion Mennonite Church, by Alvin Kanagy and Cleon Nyce.

Gingerich, Thelma E. Harshberger, 50, New Paris, Ind. Born: Oct. 20, 1945, Newton, Kan., to Wilbur and Sarah Anderson Harshberger. Died: April 19, 1996, Goshen, Ind., of a heart attack. Survivors - husband: Ivan Gingerich; children: Sharon, Rose Bickel, Mark; brother and sisters: Leroy Harshberger, Doreen Welsh, Amy Abramson, Janet Stutzman, Mary Yoder, Lydia Miller. Funeral: April 22, North Goshen Mennonite Church, by Russel Krabill, Art Smoker, and Harvey Chupp. Burial: Miller 8 Square cemetery.

Herr, Esther R. Buchen, 77, Lititz, Pa. Born: April 5, 1919, Farmersville, Pa., to Landis and Clara Rutt Buchen. Died: April 18, 1996, Manheim, Pa. Survivors - children: Alvin K., Dora H. Brubaker, Rosene K. Martin, Linda M. Auker; brothers and sisters: Kenneth, Caleb, and Curvin Buchen, Vera Weaver, Clara Sauder, Thelma Sauder, Elizabeth Landis, Rhoda Leaman, Lois Kautz, Laverne Peifer; 10 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Parke K. Herr (husband). Funeral: April 22, Lititz Mennonite Church, by J. Clair Hollinger and Dennis Ernest. Burial: Hess Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Herr, Mary Harnish, 94, Born: April 17, 1902, Pequea Twp., Pa., to Enos and Katie Herr Harnish. Died: April 19, 1996, Lancaster, Pa. Survivors - children: J. Donald, Harold H., Robert, Jay M. Miller, Grace H. Graybill, Mary Catherine Wenger, Martha E. Myer, Lois W. Lowe, Miriam Kreider, Pat Eby; sister: Catherine H. Siegrist; 30 grandchildren, 62 greatgrandchildren, 2 great-greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Frank M. Herr (husband). Congregational membership: Risser Mennonite Church. Funeral: April 23, Millersville Mennonite Church, by Ben Esbach, Ralph Ginder, and David Hess. Burial: Millersville Cemetery.

Johnson, Arthur Stevenson, 87, Stuarts Draft, Va. Born: Jan. 30, 1909, Hansboro, N.D., to John William Franklin and Della Stevenson Johnson. Died: April 20, 1996, Fishersville, Va. Survivors - wife: Rhoda Layman Johnson; children: Alice Falls, Anna Dettwiler, Ruby, Ruth Duncan, Susan Poole, Dorothy, Daniel, Samuel; brother and sisters: Charles Henry, Leota Alice Parslow, Edna Katherine Rosenburger; 11 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: April 25, Springdale Mennonite Church, by Richard Showalter, Ralph Martin, and Mark Wenger.

Knepp, Wallace K., 62, Iowa City, Iowa. Born: June 8, 1933, Johnson County, Iowa, to John and Maryann Rhodes Knepp. Died: April 19, 1996, Iowa City, Iowa. Survivors - wife: Wilma Swartzendruber Knepp; children: Laura Burns, Sandra, Charlotte, Thomas; brothers: Clayton, Cleo, John; one grandchild. Funeral and burial: April 22, East Union Mennonite Church, by Noah Helmuth.

Kniss, Lizzie V. Kaufman, 90, Johnstown, Pa. Born: June 12, 1905, Conemaugh Twp., Pa., to Loranza and Annie Swank Kaufman. Died: April 27, 1996, Johnstown, Pa. Survivors - brothers: Harley and Paul Kaufman. Predeceased by: Paul Kniss (husband). Funeral and burial: May 1, Stahl Mennonite Church, by Mary Grace Shenk and Harold Shenk.

Kulp, Francis B., 76, Harleysville, Pa. Born: Feb. 19, 1920, Skippack Twp., Pa., to Francis L. and Sallie Blank Kulp. Died: April 18, 1996, Souderton, Pa., of renal failure. Survivors - wife: Kathryn A. Moyer Kulp; children: Mary Jane Godshall, Martha Jean Weaver, Francis Larry, John David; brother and sister: Clarence B., Katie B. Landis; 11 grandchildren, one great-grandchild. Funeral and burial: April 28, Salford ford Mennonite Church, by James C. Longacre, Craig Morton, John Ruth, and Willis Miller.

Miller, Theda F. Lambright, 47, Topeka, Ind. Born: Oct. 27, 1948, LaGrange County, Ind., to Melvin J. and Nancy A. Miller Lambright. Died: March 26, 1996, Topeka, Ind., of cancer. Survivors - husband: Eli J. Miller; daughters: Janice Hochstetler, Beth Ann Austin; brother and sisters: Michael Lambright, Zoann Beachy, Judy Beachy; 4 grandchildren. Funeral: March 29, First Mennonite Church, by Joe Slabach and John F. Murray. Burial: Grace Lawn Cemetery.

Moyer, Richard G., 83, Harleysville, Pa. Born: Dec. 16, 1912, Morwood, Pa., to Harry S. and Sallie S. Godshall Moyer. Died: April 19, 1996, Harleysville, Pa., of a stroke. Survivors - wife: Kathryn W. Hendricks Moyer; children: Ronald H., Carol E. Miller, Shriley A. Fox, Nancy J. Histand; brothers and sisters: Norman G., Harold G., Ella G. Detweiler, Esther G. Bechtel, Ada G. Delp; 14 grandchildren, 15 greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Stanley L. and Dennis G . (sons). Funeral: April 24, Peter Becker Community, by Gerald A. Clemmer and Earl D. Yoder. Burial: Souderton Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Moyer, Sadie M. Stover, 90, Harleysville, Pa. Born: Durlin, Pa., to Milton F. and Amanda Moyer Stover. Died: April 19, 1996, Sarasota, Fla., of a stroke. Survivors - children: Cleta S. Freed, Merrill S.; 7 grandchildren, 16 greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Willis B. Moyer (husband). Funeral and burial: April 22, Salford ford Mennonite Church, by James C. Longacre and Willis Miller.

Nofziger, Clifford E., 81, Wauseon, Ohio. Born: Aug. 6, 1914, Fulton County, Ohio, to Moses and Ida Nofzinger Nofziger. Died: April 6, 1996, Fulton County, Ohio, of heart failure. Survivors - wife: Edna Blough Eash Nofziger; children: Denver, Dean, Delores Smith, Donelda Richer; stepchildren: Sanford and Duane Eash, Mary Ellen Kempf, Ruth Klopfenstein; brother and sisters: Daryl, Kathryn Short, Ilva Grieser, Bernice Rufenacht; 12 grandchildren, 23 great-grandchildren, 5 step great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Irene Short Nofziger (first wife). Memorial service: April 9, North Clinton Mennonite Church, by Gary Blosser. Burial: Pettisville Cemetery.

Peters, Russell, 90. Born: Nov. 27, 1906, England, by William and Ethel Rowe Peters. Died: April 29, 1996, New Hamburg, Ont. Survivors - children: Donald, Gloria Richardson; 7 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Ida Good Peters (wife). Funeral and burial: May 1, Nith Valley Mennonite Church, by Harold Schilk.

Reist, David H., 50, Jack. sonville, Fla. Born: Nov. 16, 1945, Premont, Tex., to Robert and Ruth Sieber Reist. Died: April 19, 1996, Jacksonville, Fla., of cancer. Survivors - wife: Donna Cyphers Reist; children: R. Peter, Laura; brothers and sister: John, Kurt, Susan Mast. Congregational membership: Emmanuel Mennonite Church. Funeral: April 24, Hardage-Giddens Funeral Home, by Heidi Regier Kreider. Cremated-ashes buried at Mandarin Cemetery.

Shore, Kody Scott, 2, Telford, Pa. Born: Oct. 6, 1993, Telford, Pa., to Tobin Scott and Joylynn Souder Shore. Died: April 19, 1996, Telford, Pa., of histiocytosis. Funeral and burial: April 24, Salford ford Mennonite Church, by James C. Longacre and Craig Morton.

Snavely, J. Warren, 87, Manheim, Pa. Born: Jan. 2, 1909, Lancaster County, Pa., to Joseph B. and Jennie B. Ramsey Snavely. Died: April 5, 1996, Manheim, Pa. Survivors - wife: D. Marie Eshleman Snavely; children: Marian R. Nolt, Joanne Kreiser, Linda S. Keener, Herbert W.; 13 grandchildren, 22 greatgrandchildren. Funeral: April 10, Lititz Mennonite Church, by Dennis W. Ernest, Jacob W. Frederick, and J. Clair Hollinger. Burial: Hammer Creek Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Stroup, Howard A., 69, Goshen, Ind. Born: April 6, 1927, Michigan City, Ind., to Harry and Tillie Harker Stroup. Died: April 11, 1996, Goshen, Ind. Survivors - wife: Ruth Miller Stroup: children: Joyce, Laura Batten, Kevin, David: 4 grand-children. Congregational membership: North Goshen Mennonite Church. Funeral and burial: April 13, Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens, by Art Smoker.

Troyer, Fannie Bontrager, 90, Hutchinson, Kan. Born: July 11, 1905, Haven, Kan., to Andrew F. and Fannie Bontrager. Died: April 21, 1996, South Hutchinson, Kan. Survivors - children: Charles, Richard, Mark, Mary Edith Horst, Irene Gawenda, Leroy, Lester; brothers and sisters: Andrew, David, and Enos Bontrager, Mary Miller, Anna Yoder , Edna Yoder , Mattie Gingerich, Ida Schrock. Predeceased by: Oliver J. Troyer (second husband) and Ammon E. Troyer (first husband). Funeral: April 21, South Hutchinson Mennonite Church, by Howard Wagler and Dan Kauffman. Burial: Yoder Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Wyse, Rosella, 87, Archbold, Ohio. Born: April 23, 1909, Fulton County, Ohio, to Elmer and Ella Wyse. Died: April 28, 1996, Archbold, Ohio. Survivor-brother: Ervin E. Funeral: April 30, Central Mennonite Church, by Wilmer Hartman and Charles Gautsche. Burial: Pettisville Cemetery.

Yoder, Amanda Schrock, 81, Middlebury, Ind. Born: Nov. 8, 1914, LaGrange County, Ind., to Andrew and Anna Yoder Schrock. Died: March 26, 1996, Goshen, Ind. Survivors - husband: Mahlon Yoder; stepchildren: Miriam Heath, Galen Yoder; brother and sisters: David Schrock, Sarah Bontrager, Lydia Borntrager. Funeral: March 28, First Mennonite Church, by Joe Slabach, Ron Adams, and Crist Borntrager. Burial: South Union Cemetery.

Yoder, Delila, 84, Pryor, Okla. Born: May 1, 1911, Hydro, Okla., to Joni A. and Susan Miller Yoder . Died: March 23, 1996, Pryor, Okla. Survivors - children: Albert, Eli, Alva, Joni; brother and sisters: Alva Yoder, Barbara Thomas, Lizzie Chupp, Susan Yoder; 14 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren, 2 greatgreat-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Jonas Yoder (husband). Funeral and burial: March 27, Zion Mennonite Church, by Duey Matthews.

Yoder, Gladys Virginia Brunk, 84, Pryor, Okla. Born: Aug. 26, 1911, LaJunta, Colo., to John M. and Anna E. Rhodes Brunk. Died: April 8, 1996, Tulsa, Okla. Survivors - husband: Tillman Yoder; children: Lee, Anita Stevens; 7 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren, one great-great-grandchild. Funeral and burial: April 10, Zion Mennonite Church, by Duey Matthews.

Yoder, Henry J., 87, Davidsville, Pa. Born: Sept. 25, 1908, Somerset County, Pa., to John and Polly Custer Y oder . Died: April 25, 1996, Johnstown, Pa. Survivors - wife: Ruth Saylor Yoder; children: Betty, Carlton; brothers: Herbert, David, John; 4 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: April 28, Blough Mennonite Church, by Richard Mininger.


Gospel Herald, - Volume 89, Number 22 - May 28, 1996

Blosser, Sanford Daniel, 72, Harrisonburg, Va. Born: Nov. 26, 1923, Rockingham County, Va., to Daniel Jacob and Grace Pearl Heatwole Blosser. Died: April 24, 1996, Harrisonburg, Va. Survivors - wife: Mabellee Shank Blosser; children; Carroll Sanford, Arlan Lynell; sister: Thelma Good; 5 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: April 27, Weavers Mennonite Church, by Joseph C. Shenk and Roy Bucher.

Freed, Raymond F., 92, Harleysville, Pa. Born; Feb. 28, 1904, Towamencin Twp., Pa., to Enos and Sally Frederick Freed. Died: May 1, 1996, Souderton, Pa., of congestive heart failure. Survivors - son: David L.; 2 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren, 3 stepgrandchildren, 4 step-greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Alice Ritter Freed (wife). Funeral and burial; May 5, Towamencin Mennonite Church, by Steven C. Nyce.

Garber, Olive Mae Miller, 97, Hubbard, Ore. Born; April 29, 1899, Kalona, Iowa, to David D. and Naomi Miller. Died; May 1, 1996, Silverton, Ore. Survivors - children; Wayne, John, William, Elsie Mengershausen, Alice Bender, Goldie Heyerly, Jewell Kennel; brother and sister; Harold Miller, Mabel Berry; 31 grandchildren, 63 greatgrandchildren, 2 great-greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by; Lewis J. Garber (husband) and Hugh (son). Funeral and burial: May 4, Zion Mennonite Church, by Del Hershberger and Richard Regier.

Graber, Esther, 83, Goshen, Ind. Born; Nov. 27, 1912, Noble, Iowa, to Daniel and Fanny Conrad Graber. Died: April 3, 1996, Goshen, Ind. Survivors - sisters: Elizabeth Stoltzfus, Lena Graber. Funeral: April 6, College Mennonite Church, by James Waltner . Burial; Violett Cemetery.

Martin, Hazel Irene Peltz, 88, Manson, Iowa. Born; Sept. 20, 1907, Carlock, Ill. Died: April 17, 1996, Hutchinson, Kan. Survivors - sons; David, Dale; brothers and sisters; Albert, Louis, and Ray Peltz, Laura Schley, Margaret Faine, Agnes Bargsten, Ethel Hoyer; 5 grandchildren, 9 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by; Owen M. Martin (husband) and Delbert (son). Funeral; April 22, Manson Mennonite Church, by Curt Kuhns. Burial: Rose Hill Cemetery.

Mast, Eunice L., 89, Honey Brook, Pa. Born; Oct. 17, 1906, Minot, N.D., to Isaac and Fannie Yoder Mast. Died: April 17, 1996. Survivors - sister: S. Ruth Roth. Congregational membership: Maple Grove Mennonite Church. Funeral; April 19, Tel Hai Chapel, by Herman N. Glick and Clair Umble. Burial; Pine Grove Cemetery.

Mohamed, Chansy, 79, Kitchener, Ont. Born; Dec. 10, 1916, Laos. Died; April 27 , 1996, Kitchener, Ont., of kidney failure. Survivors - children; Abath, Somchanh, Fatima, Amina, Somchith Khouhathong, Husen; 10 grandchildren, one greatgrandchild. Predeceased by: Akbaraly Mohamed (husband). Funeral and burial: April 29, St. Jacobs Mennonite Church, by Ongath Phounsavath and Harold Hildebrand Schlegel.

Peachey, John S., 54, Belleville, Pa. Born; Sept. 29, 1941, Belleville, Pa., to John S. and Arie E. Peachey. Died: April 30, 1996, Belleville, Pa. Survivors - wife; Rhoda Peachey; children: Joan Savage, Brent M., Miranda L.; brother and sister: Jesse Lee, Naomi R.; one grandchild. Funeral; May 3, Maple Grove Mennonite Church, by Ivan E. Yoder and Jonathan Yoder . Burial: Locust Grove Cemetery.

Reist, Donald E., 71, Scottdale, Pa. Born; April 27, 1925, Mt. Joy, Pa., to Alvin J. and Mary Eberly Reist. Died: May 9, 1996, Scottdale, Pa., of cancer. Survivors - wife : Ilse Hochstaettler Reist: sons: Joel Philip, Hans-Peter, Christopher; brother: Henry; 2 grandchildren. Memorial service: May 18, Mennonite Church of Scottdale, by Willard Roth. Cremated.

Steiner, Anthony Glenn, 17, Dalton, Ohio. Born: Jan. 30, 1979, Wooster, Ohio, to Glenn and Arneda Shank Steiner . Died; April 30, 1996, Dalton, Ohio, from muscular dystrophy. Survivors - sisters; Becky Oswald, Janna, LaVonne. Congregational membership: Smithville Mennonite Church. Funeral and burial: May 3, Kidron Mennonite Church, by Richard Ross and Bill Detweiler.

Troyer, Bertha Barbara, 95, Albany, Ore. Born; Jan. 14, 1901, McPherson County, Kan., to Menno Z. and Susan Miller Troyer. Died; April 29, 1996, Albany, Ore. Survivors - sister; Dorothy Schrock. Congregational membership: Albany Mennonite Church. Funeral; May 4, Hesston, Kan., by Peter Hartman. Burial; West Liberty Cemetery.

Yoder, John, 77, Belleville, Pa. Born: April 6, 1919, Belleville, Pa., to Crist P. and Lydia Sharp Yoder. Died: April 22, 1996, Lewistown, Fa. Survivors - wife: Mary B. Hostetler Yoder; children; Lois Yoder-Swaim, Kay Semler, Kermit M.; brothers and sisters; Lomie A., Aaron S., Alpheus J., Naomi B., Joseph W.; 8 grandchildren. Funeral: April 25, Maple Grove Mennonite Church, by Ivan E. Yoder and Erie Renno. Burial; Locust Grove Cemetery.

Yoder, Mary Ellen Detweiler, 87, Fairview, Mich. Born; April 6, 1909, Fairview, Mich., to Samuel and Malinda Kauffman Detweiler. Died; May 3, 1996, Fairview, Mich, of a stroke. Survivors - husband; Clifford Yoder; brother and sister; Oren, Stella Troyer. Congregational membership: Fairview Mennonite Church. Funeral; May 6, Fairview, Mich., by Virgil Hershberger. Burial: Fairview Cemetery.

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