Gospel Herald Obituaries - January, 1997

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GOSPEL HERALD - Volume 90, Number 1 - JANUARY 7, 1997 , page 15

Byler, Sadie A. Peachey, 97, Belleville, Pa. Born: Jan. 15, 1899, Belleville, Pa., to Thomas J. and Jemima R. Yoder Peachey. Died: Dec. 16, 1996, Belleville, Pa. Survivors-children: Martha Zook, Ruth Kauffman, Bertha Peachey, Lois E. Peachey, David A., Raymond J., Leonard E., Florence Richer; sister: Elsie A. Peachey; 33 grandchildren, 64 great-grandchildren, 8 greatgreatgrandchiidren. Predeceased by: David J. Byler (husband), Ella Mae Byler and Verna J. Yoder (daughters), and Jesse T. (son). Funeral and burial: Dec. 19, Locust Grove Mennonite Church, by Max Zook and Erie Renno.

Funk, Waiter, 70, Warsaw, Ind. Born: Sept. 20, 1926, Caoxian, Shandong, China, to Cornelius and Anna Funk. Died: Nov. 30, 1996, Millersburg, Ind., of cancer. Survivors-wife: Amanda Funk; children: Harry, Ruben, Marie Whirledge, Betty; brother: Melvin; 6 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Dec. 3, Clinton Brick Mennonite Church, by Ron Kennel, Marvin Stutzman, and Calvin Yoder. He was ordained in 1955 and pastored Mennonite churches in Oklahoma, Indiana, and Missouri.

Hartzler, Paul William, 81, Minonk, Ill. Born: July 12, 1915, Minonk, Ill., to J. D. and Emma Mae Schertz Hartzler . Died: Nov. 30, 1996, Chenoa, Ill. Survivors - wife: Aldine G . Yordy Hartzler; children: Roger, Phil, Mary Slutz; sisters: Alta Litwiller, Ruth Schertz; 8 grandchildren. Funeral: Dec. 3, Waldo Mennonite Church, by Lester Zook and Steve Estes. Burial: Waldo Township Cemetery .

Honsberger, Ralph, 92, Ontario. Born: June 6, 1904, St. Joseph Island, Ont., to George and Annie Reesor Honsberger. Died: Dec. 13, 1996, cambridge, Ont. Survivors - children: Charlotte Romagnoli, Hugh, Joan Jahnche, Margaret Chester; stepchildren: Vernon Brubacher, Dorothy Snyder , Marjorie Jackson, Lewis Brubacher, Lloyd Brubacher, Eva Good. Predeceased by: Arminta Brubacher Honsberger (second wife), Irene Smith Honsberger (first wife), Keith (son), Madeline Thompson (daughter), and Mary Brubacher (stepdaughter). Funeral: Dec. 16, First Mennonite Church, by Kevin Block. Burial: Vineland Cemetery.

Kauffman, Elwood, 75, Middlebury, Ind. Born: Sept. 8, 1921, Clinton Twp., Ind., to Ora M. and Ella Steele Kauffman. Died: Sept. 14, 1996, Middlebury, Ind., of cancer. Survivors - wife: Irene Kauffman; children: Glenda Putman, Wanda Hoffman, Melba Lutes, Prentice Lantzer, EIwood Jay; stepbrothers and sister: Robert and Hubert Nussbaum, Helen Stauder; 10 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Maryella (daughter). Funeral and burial: Sept. 18, Clinton Brick Mennonite Church, by Ron Kennel and John J. Yoder.

Kratz, Pearl Gehman, 91, Souderton, Pa. Born: Feb. 26, 1905, Harleysville, Pa., to Sylvannus and Alice Souder Gehman. Died: Dec. 12, 1996, Souderton, Pa., of a stroke. Survivors - children: Shirley Brandes, Doris K. Day ton; brother and sister: Wilbur Gehman, Leverne Gehman; 11 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Linford L. Kratz (husband). Funeral: Dec. 15, Souderton Mennonite Homes, by Michael A. Meneses and Douglas B. Jantzi. Burial: Plains Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Mast, Decker Estes, 4 months, Longmont, Colo. Born: June 30, 1996, Longmont, Colo., to Eldon and Terry Stutzman Mast. Died: Nov. 15, 1996, Denver, Colo., following heart surgery. Survivors - parents; sister: Lily; grandparents: Ernest and Esther Mast and Harvella Stutzman; great-grandfather: Alvey Baer. Family attends Boulder Mennonite Church. Funeral: Nov. 20, by Steve Goering and Susan Ortman-Goering. Cremated.

Miller, Freda Luella Swartzentruber, 72. Born: May 21, 1924, Oakland, Md., to Daniel L. and Dora Lichty Swartzentruber. Died: Dec. 12, 1996. Survivors - husband: Gerald Miller; children: Gerald Jr., Linda Vandenberg, Dora Dise, Hazel Miller, Sharon Riley; sisters: Betty Beeghly, Harriett Moon; 8 grandchildren. Funeral: Dec. 15, Christiana Mennonite Church, by Dean Witmer and Melville Nafziger. Burial: Sadsbury Friends Meeting Burial Grounds.

Miller, Lina Kauffman Snyder, 91, Albany, Ore. Born: April 11, 1905, Kenmare, N.D., to Levi C. and Rebecca Sharp Kauffman. Died: Nov. 30, 1996, Albany, Ore., of heart failure. Survivors - husband: Paul W. Miller; sons: Harold, Delbert, and Ivan Snyder; stepchildren: Donald, James, and Duane Miller, Lois Summer, Mary Summer; 13 grandchildren, 2 greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Menno S. Snyder (first husband). Congregational membership: Prince of Peace Mennonite Church. Funeral and burial: DEc. 5, Fairview Mennonite Church, by AI Burkey and Dave Stutzman.

Miller, Ralph, 91, Goshen, Ind. Born: Feb. 8, 1905, LaGrange County, Ind., to Uriah Y. and Barbara Miller. Died: Dec. 13, 1996, Goshen, Ind., of a stroke. Survivors - wife: Wealtha Foster Miller; daughter: Barbara Kohlhaas; 2 grandchildren. Funeral: Dec. 15, Emma Mennonite Church, by John C. Murray. Burial: Shore Mennonite Cemetery.

Moyer, Edna L. Springer, 86, Souderton, Pa. Born: Feb. 24, 1910, Morwood, Pa., to Jacob S. and Mary Lewis Springer. Died: Dec. 15, 1996, Souderton, Pa. Survivors - children: Kenneth S., Richard S., Robert S., Mildred S. Zook, Mary Ellen Stoltzfus; brothers: Jacob and Henry Springer; 10 grandchildren, 5 greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Ellis S. Moyer (husband). Funeral: Dec. 19, Souderton Mennonite Homes Chapel, by John M. Ehst, Steven E. Landis, and Floyd M. Hackman. Burial: Franconia Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Snyder, Lilly Witmer, 100, Baden, Ont. Born: 1896, Mannheim, Ont., to Isaiah and Jemima Swartz Witmer. Died: Tavistock, Ont. Survivors - children: Pearl Bechtel, Ethel Roth, Ruth Bowman, Vemice Snyder; sisters: Joyce Witmer, Susie Knechtel; 21 grandchildren, 45 greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Arthur K. Snyder (husband). Funeral and burial: Nov. 24, Wilmot Mennonite Church, by Glyn Jones.

Stuckey, Andrew J., 37, Archbold, Ohio. Born: Sept. 28, 1959, Morenci, Mich., to Loren and Rutheda Grieser Stuckey. Died: Dec. 13, 1996, Bowling Green, Ohio, in an industrial accident. Survivors - wife: Lori King Stuckey; children: Levi, Logan, Audrey; mother; brothers and sister: Gary, Dean, Allen, Philip, Glenda Nofziger. Funeral and burial: Dec. 17, Lockport Mennonite Church, by Allen Rutter and Charles Gautsche.

Weaver, Alta Lehman, 92, Boardman, Ohio. Born: July 29, 1904, Washingtonville, Ohio, to Henry and Maggie Summers Lehman. Died: Dec. 5, 1996, Youngstown, Ohio. Survivors - children: Hazel Wakeman, Parthenia Mead, Goldy Weaver; 8 grandchildren, 12 greatgrandchildren, one greatgreatgrandchild. Predeceased by: Melvin C. Weaver (husband). Funeral: Dec. 7, North Lima Mennonite Church, by Robert Wengerd. Burial: Midway Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Yoder, Aaron S., 83, Belleville, Pa. Born: Sept. 26, 1913, Belleville, Pa., to Crist P. and Lydia A. Sharp Yoder. Died: Dec. 14, 1996, Belleville, Pa. Survivors - children: Leonard P., Ronald E., Mary Ellen Biber, Richard A.; brothers and sisters: Alpheus J., Joseph W., Lomie, Naomi B.; 8 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Effie T. King Yoder (wife). Funeral and burial: Dec. 17, Locust Grove Mennonite Church, by Max Zook, Erie Renno, and John Keefer.

Ziegler, A. Gertrude Mininger, 84, Souderton, Pa. Born: Dec. 21, 1911, Hatfield, Pa., to Henry G. and Sallie Schlosser Mininger. Died: Dec. 11, 1996, Souderton, Pa. Survivors - husband: Warren K. Ziegler; daughters: Mary Jane Kratz, Ruth Ann Fly; brother: Joseph Mininger; 5 grandchildren, 3 greatgrandchildren. Funeral and burial: Dec. 15, Line Lexington Mennonite Church, by Lowell H. Delp, John King, and Robert WaIters.


Gospel Herald - Volume 90, Number 2 - January 14, 1997

Bender, Orie Leon, 74, Kitchener, Ont. Born: May 23, 1922, East Zorra Twp., Ont., to Christian K. and Katie Bender. Died: Dec. 15, 1996, Kitchener, Ont. Survivors sons: Robert, Dale; brothers: Lloyd, Harold, Ross; 2 grand children. Predeceased by: Reta Brubacher Bender (wife), James (son), and Carolyn (daughter). Funeral and burial: Dec. 19, First Mennonite Church, by Rudy Baer gen.

Brenneman, Paul G., 76, Canadensis, Pa. Born: Dec. 5, 1920, Tofield, Alta., to Jacob and Barbara Stauffer Brenneman. Died: Dec. 8, 1996, East Stroudsburg, Pa. Survivors wife: Grace Bergey Brenneman; children: Elizabeth Styer, Susan, Joanne Speigle, William, Timothy; 9 grand children. Predeceased by: Donald (son). Funeral and burial: Dec. 13, Doylestown Mennonite Church, by Duane Bishop and Toshi Imchen.

Clemens, Franklin W ., 72, Doylestown, Pa. Born: Oct. 25, 1924, Telford, Pa., to Franklin T. Clemens and Elverda Freed Clemens Steinly. Died: Nov. 24, 1996, Doylestown, Pa., of cancer. Survivors wife: Edith Schmell Clemens; children: Diane C. Leland, Mary G.; brothers and sisters: George, J. Stanley, Abram, Robert, Ernest, G. Elizabeth Zendt, Doris J. Landes, Miriam L. Brunstetter, Susie V. Derstine, Verna R. Geiser; 2 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Nov. 27, Deep Run Mennonite Church East, by Timothy Weaver and Arnold Roth.

Cressman, Una, 91, Cam bridge, Ont. Born: July 25, 1905, Kitchener, Ont., to Isaiah and Magdalena Shirk Cressman. Died: Dec. 17, 1996, Cambridge, Ont. Survivors-brothers and sisters: Clifford, Harold, Mabel, Vera Weaver, Olive High, Edith Woolner. Funeral: Dec. 20, Fairview Mennonite Home, by Rudy Baergen. Burial: First Mennonite Cemetery.

Daly, Michael William, 14, Toledo, Ohio. Born; July 27, 1982, Toledo, Ohio, to Marty and Cathy Weaver Daly. Died: Dec. 26, Ann Arbor, Mich., of leukemia. Survivors- parents; brother and sister: Joel, Anna. Funeral: Dec. 30, Toledo Mennonite Church, by Phil Ebersole. Burial: Calvary Cemetery.

Fetrow, Grace Strong, 91, Mechanics burg, Pa. Born: Feb. 4, 1905, Mechanics burg, Pa., to Charles and Minnie Zimmerman Strong. Died: Nov. 22, 1996, Lititz, Pa., of pneumonia. Survivors brother and sisters: Samuel Strong, Florence Detweiler, Ruth Anna Royer. Predeceased by: Paul Fetrow (husband). Funeral and burial: Nov. 26, Slate Hill Mennonite Church, by Paul Nisly and Roger Steffy.

Heatwole, Roy E., 85, Harrisonburg, Va. Born: April 26, 1911, Augusta County, Va., to Etter and Margaret Weaver Heatwole. Died: Dec. 2, 1996, Harrisonburg, Va., of cancer. Survivors-wife: Maude Good Heatwole; children: Milton, Charlotte Burkholder, Mark, Glendon; stepchildren: Richard Good, Joan Osterhouse, Sue DeLeon; brothers and sisters: Elmer, Alvin, Galen, Alta, Florence Smith; 13 grandchildren, 11 greatgrandchildren, 9 stepgrandchildren, 12 stepgreat-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Mabel Weaver Heatwole (first wife) and Kenneth (son). Funeral and burial: Dec. 5, Weavers Mennonite Church, by Alvin Kanagy and Joseph and Edith Shenk.

Lehman, Willis A., 89, Apple Creek, Ohio. Born: Nov. 8, 1907, Kidron, Ohio, to William H. and Mary P. Lehman Lehman. Died: Dec. 18, 1996, Orrville, Ohio. Survivors-wife: Mercie Conrad Linder Lehman; children: Donovan, James 0., Chester, Maurice, Paul, John, Marjean, LuAnn Hatter, Steve, Bonnie Geiser; 4 stepchildren; 25 grandchildren, 16 greatgrandchildren, 2 stepgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Sarean Amstutz Lehman (first wife) and Kenneth (son). Funeral and burial: Dec. 21, Sonnenberg Mennonite Church, by Michael Amstutz and Delvin Nussbaum.

Roth, Lena A., 97, Archbold, ohio. Born: Aug. 31, 1899, Stryker, Ohio, to Nicklaus and Mary Roth. Died: Dec. 19, 1996, Archbold, Ohio. Funeral: Dec. 22, Central Mennonite Church, by Charles Gautsche. Burial: Pettisville Cemetery .

Rush, Ruth Gross, 66, Doylestown, Pa. Born: Nov. 17, 1930, Fountainville, Pa., to Paul and Ann Delp Gross. Died: Dec. 13, 1996, Doylestown, Pa. Survivors-husband: J. Herbert Rush; children: Wendy Rush Spinosa, Steven R., James T.; brother: Webster Gross; 3 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Dec. 17, Doylestown Mennonite Church, by Duane Bishop and Toshi Imchen.

Rush, Sallie C. Ruth, 70, Bedminster, Pa. Born: Nov. 26, 1925, Franconia Twp., Pa., to John M. and Lizzie Clemens Ruth. Died: Nov. 11, 1996, Bedminster, Pa., of a stroke. Survivors-husband: Wilmer W. Rush; children: Linda, Barbara Schieck, Linwood, Lawrence, Donald, J. Mark; sister: Pearl Nyce; 11 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Nov. 15, Deep Run Mennonite Church East, by Timothy Weaver and Arnold Roth.

Ruth, Mabel L. Mininger, 90, Souderton, Pa. Born: April 25, 1906, Franconia, Pa., to John and Martha Landis Mininger. Died: Dec. 18, 1996, Souderton, Pa. Survivors-children: Marilyn M., Elaine Moyer, Eleanor Chang; brother and sisters: Jonas Mininger, Edna Detwiler, Ella Mininger, Amanda Kratz; 6 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Erwin L. Ruth (husband) and James M. (son). Funeral: Dec. 23, Souderton Mennonite Homes, by Lowell H. Delp and John Ruth. Burial: Line Lexington Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Yaste, Kevin E., 65, Stoystown, Pa. Born: April 24, 1931, Garrett County, Md., to Elmer 0. and Allie Burkholder Yaste. Died: Dec. 7, 1996, Somerset, Pa., of a heart attack. Survivors-wife: Thelma Gindlesperger Yaste; children: Karen L. Appelgate, Kevin L.; brother and sisters: Ronald, Ethelene Boden, Evelyn Weimer , Juanita Weimer. Funeral and burial: Dec. 10, Thomas Mennonite Church, by Homer Schrock, Donald Speigle, and Marvin Kaufman.

Yoder, Donald W., 72, Kalona, Iowa. Born: Nov. 8, 1924, Johnson County, Iowa, to Willis G. and Elizabeth Bender Yoder. Died: Dec. 3, 1996, Wellman, Iowa, of heart failure. Survivors-children: Gary , Linda Hartzler, Lorene Bender, Lisa Lammar; broth ers: Robert E., Marion L., Keith; 13 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Ruth Sutter Yoder (wife) and James (son). Funeral and burial: Dec. 6, West Union Mennonite Church, by David Boshart, Dean Swartzendruber, and Lonnie Yoder.


Gospel Herald - Volume 90, Number 3 - January 21, 1997

Everett, Emma Zehr , 83, Stratford, Ont. Born: Sept. 23, 1913, East Zorra, Ont., to Joseph and Susan Brenneman Zehr. Died: Nov. 3,1996, Stratford, Ont., of cancer. Survivors-children: Lester, Edith Listman, Joyce McLeod, Jean Windover, Doreen Osbaldeston; brother and sisters: Oliver Zehr, K ay Sommers, Mabel Shantz, Ruby Bender; 18 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Sydney Everett (husband). Funeral: Nov. 6, Avon Mennonite Church, by Gary Horst. Burial: East Zorra Mennonite Cemetery.

Gingerich, Mary Alice Driver, 89, Versailles, Mo. Born: Oct. 21, 1907, to John R. and Alice Weaver Driver. Died: Dec. 17, 1996. Survivors - husband: Leroy Gingerich; children: Naomi, James; 2 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren. Congregational membership: Versailles Mennonite Church. Funeral: Dec. 20, Cornerstone Mennonite Church, by Harlan Martin and James Herr. Burial: Mt. Zion Mennonite Cemetery.

Hershey, Florence N. Hackman, 85, Lititz, Pa. Born: West Cocalico Twp., Pa., to Nathan W. and Elsie K. Noll Hackman. Died: Jan. 2, 1997, Quentin, Pa. Survivors-brothers and sisters: WaIter N., Ralph N., Harry N., and Daniel N. Hackman, Beulah N. Erb. Predeceased by: Jacob B. Hershey (husband). Congregational membership: Neffsville Mennonite Church. Funeral: Jan. 6, Roseboro Funeral Home, by Linford King. Burial: Fairview Cemetery .

Kauffman, Joseph "Joe" Noah, 84, Kalona, Iowa. Born: Oct. 3, 1912, Hopedale, III., to Noah Daniel and Katherine Egli Kauffman. Died: Dec. 26, 1996, Kalona, Iowa. Survivors-sons: John, Nyle; brothers and sisters: Roy, Dan, WaIt, Grace Nachtigall, Gertrude Powell, Edith Piper, Rose Mason; 8 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Wilma BoIler Kauffman (wife). Funeral and burial: Dec. 29, East Union Mennonite Church, by Jay Miller, Noah Helmuth, and Michael Loss.

Keyser, Martha, 86, Souderton, Pa. Born: March 7, 1910, Graterford, Pa., to Elmer Z. and Susie L. Kulp Keyser. Died: Dec. 24, 1996, Souderton, Pa. Funeral: Dec. 27, Souderton Mennonite Homes,by Charles Ness and Ray Yoder. Burial: Upper Skippack Mennonite Church Cemetery .

Kipfer, Verna Steinman, 84, Kitchener, Ont. Born: July 22, 1912, New Hamburg, Ont., to Sam and Barbara Gascho Steinman. Died: Dec. 25, 1996, Kitchener, Ont. Predeceased by: Edward Kipfer (husband). Funeral and burial: Dec. 30, First Mennonite Church, by Rudy Baergen.

Lehman, Daniel E.,90, West Liberty, Ohio. Born: Aug. 25, 1906, Versailles, Mo., to Joel A. and Martha Basinger Lehman. Died: Dec. 24, 1996, West Liberty, Ohio. Survivors-children: Hilda Yoder, D. Ernest, Mary Yoder, Joel A., Ruth Ann, Phyllis Jaquet; stepchildren: Doris Hoober, Gordon Zook; brothers and sister: Wilfred, Kenneth, Pauline Miller; 10 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Lila Nussbaum Zook Lehman (second wife) and Ruth Baumgartner Lehman (fIrst wife). Funeral: Dec. 27, Bethel Mennonite Church, by Ben Eberly. Burial: Fairview Mennonite Cemetery.

Miller, Barbara N. Nissley, 92, Lititz, Pa. Born: April 4, 1904, West Hempfield Twp., Pa., to Phares R. and Elmira B. Nissley Nissley. Died: Jan. 1, 1997, Lititz, Pa. Survivors-children: Warren, Wayne, Eileen M. Benner; 20 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Henry N. Miller (husband) and Joyce Hartz (daughter). Memorial service: Jan. 5, Mount Joy Mennonite Church, by Joe N. Sherer. Burial: Landisville Mennonite Cemetery.

Miller, C. Keith, 70, Hesston, Kan. Born: Sept. 3, 1926, Hesston, Kan., to Oliver and Nina Rodgers Miller. Died: Dec. 31, 1996, Newton, Kan., of cancer. Survivors-wife: Helen Bontrager Miller; children; Douglas, Lowell, Janine Yoder; brothers: Milton, Cecil; 5 grandchildren, one great-grandchild, 2 stepgrandchildren. Funeral: Jan. 4, Whitestone Mennonite Church, by Wallace Jantz and Louise Wideman. Burial: East Lawn Cemetery.

Nice, William S., 81, Harleysville, Pa. Born: June 26, 1915, Hatfield Twp., Pa., to William K. and Mary Strohm Nice. Died: Jan. 4, 1997, Kulpsville, Pa. Survivors-wife: Katie Moyer Nice; children: Pearl M. Freed, Joan M. Dechant, Carolyn Geissinger, Arlin; brothers and sisters: Richard, Raymond, Grace Frankenfield, Emma Allebach; 16 grandchildren, 19 greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: William Lee (son). Funeral and burial: Jan. 8, Souderton Mennonite Church, by David Greiser and Gerald Clemmer .

Reitz, C. Ella Vinson Jones Frey, 93, Chambersburg, Pa. Born: June 1, 1903, Chambersburg, Pa., to James Andrew and Rosebell Jones. Died: Dec. 26, 1996, Chambersburg, Pa., of cancer. Survivors--children: Leslie, John, Mabel Barker; sister: Mabel Worthington; 15 grandchildren, 32 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: George Reitz (second husband), John L. Frey (first husband), and one daughter. Congregational membership: Cedar Grove Mennonite Church. Funeral and burial: Dec. 30, Salem United Brethren Cemetery, by Nelson L. Martin.

Roth, Emma Yeackley, 105, Milford, Neb. Born: Dec. 1, 1891, Milford, Neb., to Joseph and Fannie Yordy Yeackley. Died: Dec. 20, 1996, Milford, Neb. Survivors-children: Sylvia NcNiel, Delmer; 9 grandchildren, 21 greatgrandchildren, 2 foster grandchildren, 4 foster great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Ed ward Roth (husband) and Sterling and Ted (sons). Congregational membership: Beth-El Mennonite Church. Funeral: Dec. 23, Bellwood Mennonite Church, by John C. King and Marlin Kim. Burial: Milford Mennonite Cemetery.

Rush, Mary B. Hockman, 85, Perkasie, Pa. Born: July 5, 1911, Hilltown Twp., Pa., to Jonas and Mamie Hockman. Died: Dec. 24, 1996, Richlandtown, Pa., of renal failure. Survivors-children: A. Lloyd, William H., Kenneth H., Robert A., James H., C. Lawrence, David R., Mary Ellen Moyer, Susan Rush Matthews; sister: Katherine Leatherman; 12 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Alvin L. Rush (husband). Funeral and burial: Dec. 27, Blooming Glen Mennonite Church, by David A. Stevens.

Schertz, Mable Irene, 96, Manson, Iowa. Born: March 28, 1900, Tiskilwa, Ill., to Peter and Pauline Barbara Naffziger Schertz. Died: Dec. 22, 1996, Fort Dodge, Iowa. Funeral: Dec. 24, Manson Mennonite Church, by Curt Kuhns. Burial: Rosehill Cemetery.

Shoup, Millard R., 82, Honey Brook, Pa. Born: June 13, 1914, Orrville, Ohio, to Jacob and Amy Hackman Shoup. Died: Dec. 31, 1996, Honey Brook, Pa., of a stroke. Survivors-daughter: Saundra Fern; brother and sisters: Arthur, Arlene, Adah. Predeceased by: Elsie Kanagy Shoup (wife). Funeral: Jan. 3, Rockville Mennonite Church, by Amos K. Stoltzfus Jr. Burial: Conestoga Mennonite Cemetery.He was ordained on March 6, 1952, and pastored Rockville Mennonite Church for 26 years.

Steiner, Phares, 94, Kidron, Ohio. Born: Sept. 27, 1902, Kidron, Ohio, to Caleb and Fannie Amstutz Steiner . Died: Dec. 27, 1996, Kidron, Ohio. Survivors-wife: Lucille Zuercher Steiner; children: Wilford, Mahlon, Laverne, Margaret Gerber; 15 grandchildren, 25 greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Lavina Zuercher Steiner (first wife) and Velma (daughter). Funeral and burial: Dec. 30, Kidron Mennonite Church, by Herman Myers and Elno Steiner.

Swartzentruber, Laban Lewis, 96, Greenwood, Del. Born: Dec. 3, 1900, Midland, Va., to Lewis J. and Elizabeth Yoder Swartzentruber. Died: Jan. 3,1997, Greenwood, Del., of congestive heart failure. Survivors-wife: Fannie Yoder Swartzentruber; children: Esther Diener, Dorothy Steckley, Dorcas Miller, Clayton, Mahlon, Rachel Schlabach, Vida Huber; sister: Sadie Sturpe; half brother: Simon; 34 grandchildren, 74 great-grandchildren, 13 greatgreat-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Nanna V. Bender Swartzentruber (first wife), Marian Hostedler (daughter), and Clayton (infant son). Burial: Greenwood Mennonite Church Cemetery, by Clayton L. Swartzentruber, D. Edward Diener, and Paul Isaacs.

Obituary correction: Laban Lewis Swartzentruber (Jan. 21, 1997, Gospel Herald) predeceased infant son's name is Mahlon. His son Clayton survives.

Swartzentruber, Nancy Jane, 68, Salisbury, Pa. Born: Feb. 20, 1928, Norfolk, Va., to Jacob B. and Fannie Kinsinger Swartzentruber. Died: Oct. 31, 1996, Johnstown, Pa., of a heart attack. Survivors-brother and sisters: Crist J., Mary, Sarah Tice. Funeral: Nov. 1, Springs Mennonite Church, by Earl Yoder and Steve Heatwole. Burial: Springs Cemetery.

Wenger, Twila Maurine Swartzendruber, 75, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Born: Feb. 1, 1921, Versailles, Mo., to Ernest and Sarah Swartzendruber. Died: Dec. 28, 1996, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Survivors-husband: Dale Wenger; children: Marilyn Derstine, Ron, Galen; brothers and sister: Clifford, Emery, and John Swartzendruber, LeAnna Miller; one grandchild. Memorial service: Jan. 5, First Mennonite Church, by Firman Gingerich. Cremated.

Wert, Mary E., 96, Lititz, Pa. Born: Oct. 24, 1900, Freeport, Ill. Died: Dec. 1, 1996, Lititz, Pa. Survivors-children: Marlin' Charles, Roy, Melvin, Esther Clymer; stepsisters: Lois Good, Olive Gingrich; 14 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Paul M. Wert (husband). Funeral: Dec. 5, Landis Homes Bethany East Chapel, by Frank Shirk, Don Good, and Paul Fieber. Burial: New Holland Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Yehnert, Raleigh William, 81, Upland, Calif. Born: Sept. 4, 1915, Salix, Pa., to Jonas and Stella Crum Yehnert. Died: Dec. 16, 1996, Pomona, Calif., of kidney failure. Survivors-wife: Anna Graybill Yehnert; son: William Raleigh; brothers: Burl, Harry. Funeral: Dec. 20, Upland Brethren in Christ Church, by Michael Luchtenburg. Burial: Belleview Mausoleum.

Yoder, Hettie M. Weber, 98, Belleville, Pa. Born: Nov. 9, 1898, Belleville, Pa., to William M. and Nancy Weber. Died: Dec. 6, 1996, Belleville, Pa. Survivors-children: Nancy A. Byler, Frank W., J. Irvin; 6 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren, 5 stepgreat-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Jacob R. Yoder (husband). Funeral: Dec. 10, Maple Grove Mennonite Church, by Ivan E. Yoder. Burial: Locust Grove Mennonite Cemetery.

Zehr, Joseph D., 75, Ligonier, Ind. Born: Dec. 20, 1920, to David and Mary Stauffer Zehr. Died: Aug. 16, 1996, Goshen, Ind., of a heart attack. Survivors-wife: Amanda "Becky" Stoltzfus Zehr; children: Donna Conrad, Carol Vanoni; brother and sisters: Menno, Verna Miller, Effie Kaufman; stepmother: Katie Zehr; 4 grandchildren. Memorial service: Aug. 20, Wawasee Lakeside Chapel, by Harlan Steffen. Burial: Maple Grove Cemetery.

Zook, Ella V., 90, Belleville, Pa. Born: May 17,1906, Allensville, Pa., to Oliver H. and Lydia B. Kanagy Zook. Died: Dec. 23, 1996, Belleville, Pa. Survivors-brother and sister: Allen F., Martha E. Funeral and burial: Dec. 26, Allensville Mennonite Church, by Philip Barr.


Gospel Herald - Volume 90, Number 4 - January 28, 1997

Detter, Mahlon W., 76, Archbold, Ohio. Born: Jan. 1, 1920, Archbold, Ohio, to William and Mary Ann King Detter . Died: Dec. 29, 1996, Wauseon, Ohio, of congestive heart failure. Survivors- wife: Berniece Short Detter; children: Kenton, Jennifer Reed Engel; brother: Wilbur; 4 grandchildren, 3 step grandchildren. Funeral: Jan. 3, West Clinton Mennonite Church, by James Roynon, Edward Diener, and Royce Short. Burial: Pettisville Cemetery.

Geiser, David F., 95, Kidron, Ohio. Born: Oct. 23, 1901, Kidron, Ohio, to Frederick and Elizabeth Steiner Geiser . Died: Jan. 2, 1997, Orrville, Ohio, of a stroke. Survivors - children: Clair, Anna Neuenschwander, Lloyd, Vema Snyder, Roy, Dennis, Lavina Bissler, Ella Amstutz, David Jr., Laura Tennefoss; stepson: Donald Christner; 19 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren, one great-great-grandchild, 2 stepgrandchildren, 3 stepgreat-grandchildren. Pre-deceased by: Mary Beiler Christner Geiser (second wife) and Etta Gerber Geiser (first wife). Funeral and burial: J an. 4, Sonnenberg Mennonite Church, by Michael Amstutz and Dan King.

Gingerich, Donald D., 56, Parnell, Iowa. Born: June 29, 1940, Parnell, Iowa, to Rollin and Kathryn Kauffman Gingerich. Died: Oct. 7, 1996, Iowa City, Iowa. Survivors - wife: Karen Hochstetler Gingerich; children: Marty, Robin; brothers and sisters: Warren, Orval, Lois Beck, Donna F aye Brenneman; 2 grandchildren. Congregational membership: First Mennonite Church. Funeral: Oct. 10, Iowa Mennonite School, by Firman Gingerich, Diane Zaerr, and Duane Beck. Burial: Holbrook Cemetery .

Hartman, Lowell H., 78, Goshen, Ind. Born: Aug. 13, 1918, Goshen, Ind., to Abraham and Ada Hoover Hartman. Died: Jan. 2, 1997, Elkhart, Ind. Survivors- wife: Anabel Maust Hartman; children: Wanda Balsley, Paula Clark, Donna Caskey, Regina, Phil, Max; brothers and sisters: Ira, Paul, Vesta Weaver , Doris Reinhardt; 10 grandchildren, one great-grandchild. Predeceased by: Lyle Burnell (infant son). Funeral: Jan. 6, Yellow Creek Mennonite Church, by Wes Bontreger and Kent Miller. Burial: Yellow Creek Mennonite Church North Cemetery.

Johnson, Rhoda Layman, 82, Stuarts Draft, Va. Born: Sept. 9, 1914, Newport News, Va., to John C. and Katie Horst Layman. Died: Dec. 24, 1996, Waynesboro, Va., of congestive heart failure. Survivors - children: Alice Falls, Anna Dettwiler, Ruby, Ruth Duncan, Susan Poole, Dorothy, Daniel, Samuel; brothers and sisters: Amos, Ezra, Mark, and Nathan Layman, Lydia Troyer, Mary Showalter, Ada Morris; 11 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Arthur S. Johnson (husband). Funeral and burial: Dec. 29, Springdale Mennonite Church, by Mark and Kathy Wenger.

Kratz, Raymond L., 91, Souderton, Pa. Born: Jan. 22, 1905, Franconia Twp., Pa., to Jonas H. and Emma Landis Kratz. Died: Jan. 2, 1997, Souderton, Pa. Survivors - wife: Alice Halteman Kratz; children: Nevin, ArIan, Vernon, Floyd, Mary; brothers: Elmer, Jonas, Abram; 10 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Jan. 5, Souderton Mennonite Homes Chapel, by John M. Ehst and Floyd Hackman. Burial: Franconia Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Kretzinger, Lydia 0. Miller, 99, Walnut Creek, Ohio. Born: April 10, 1897, Holmes County, Ohio, to William M. and Elizabeth Hershberger Miller. Died: Jan. 2, 1997, Walnut Creek, Ohio. Survivors- 3 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren, 2 great-great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Cleveland C. Kretzinger (husband) and Harlan (son). Funeral and burial: Jan. 6, Walnut Creek Mennonite Church, by Ross A. Miller and Don Hamsher.

Landis, Abram D., 79, Lancaster, Pa. Born: Nov. 20, 1916, Lancaster, Pa., to Abram B. and Fannie Denlinger Landis. Died: Nov. 3, 1996, Lancaster, Pa., of a stroke. Survivors- wife: Lois G. Landis; sons: Robert M., Larry S., A. Jerry, Carl L; 9 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Nov. 6, Mellinger Mennonite Church, by Leon Oberholtzer and John Denlinger.

Martin, Anna H. High, 90, Lititz, Pa. Born: Jan. 11, 1906, Warwick Twp.,Pa., to David S. and Mary Huber High. Died: Jan. 2, 1997, Lancaster, Pa. Survivors- sons: Leon H., Aaron L. Jr., Glenn H.; brother and sisters: Mahlon High, Lydia Denlinger, Mary Hurst, Nettie Bare, Rhoda Fisher; 16 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Aaron L. Martin (husband), Kenneth (son), and Doris Frick (daughter). Congregational membership: East Petersburg Mennonite Church. Funeral: Jan. 6, Landis Homes Bethany Chapel East, by Don Good, Karl Steffy, and John Shenk. Burial: Hess Mennonite Cemetery.

Nyce, Wynne James, 96, Archbold, Ohio. Born: Oct. 27, 1900, Doylestown, Pa., to David D. and Catherine Detwiler Nyce. Died: Dec. 24, 1996, Archbold, Ohio. Survivors- children: Robert Wynne, Joyce Harriet Osborne, Donald James, John David; 14 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Grace L. Nyce (wife). Funeral: Dec. 27, Zion Mennonite Church, by Dee Swartz and Ronald Guengerich. Burial: Pleasant Union Cemetery.

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