Gospel Herald Obituaries - March, 1997

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Gospel Herald - Volume 90, Number 9 - March 4, 1997

Beachy, Leda Marie Stutzman, 55, Albany, Ore. Born: July 8, 1941, Milford, Neb., to Arthur and Ruby Stutzman Stutzman. Died: Feb. 5, 1997, Corvallis, Ore., of cancer. Survivors-husband: Howard Beachy; children: Jon, Darin, Brenda McCoy; brothers and sisters: Ron, Roy, Curt, Joan, Peggy; one grandchild. Funeral: Albany Mennonite Church, by Lynn Miller and Rick Herbert. Burial: Fairview Cemetery.

Beck, Ella I., 89, Archbold, Ohio. Born: Sept. 12, 1907, Stryker, Ohio, to Henry and Emma Nofziger Beck. Died: Feb. 9,1997, Archbold, Ohio. Survivors-brothers and sisters: Verden, Leonard, Elnora Rupp. Ilva Nofziger, Bernice Kauffman. Funeral: Feb. 12, Central Mennonite Church, by Willis Breckbill and James Roynon. Burial: Pettisville Cemetery.

Berkey, Clayton Samuel, 75, Harrisonburg, Va. Born: May 6, 1921, Oronogo, to Elmer and Esther Shenk Berkey. Died: Feb. 4, 1997, Harrisonburg, Va., of a stroke. Survivors-wife: Doris Ours Berkey; children: Judith, Carl, Curtis; brother and sisters: Lloyd, Margaret Buerge, Cathryn Swanson; 6 grandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 7, Park View Mennonite Church, by Phil Kniss, Shirley Yoder Brubaker, and Owen Burkholder. Burial: Weavers Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Brunk, Boyd A., 77, Sterling, Ill. Born: May 15, 1919, South English, Iowa, to Timothy and Elizabeth Heatwole Brunk. Died: Feb. 4, 1997, Sterling, Ill. Survivors-wife: Marjorie Secrest Brunk; children: Timothy, Barbara Metz; 5 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Philip R. Brunk (son). Funeral and burial: Feb. 7, Science Ridge Mennonite Church, by Marlin Thomas and Jack Stalter.

Diener, Erma Mae Miller, 71. Born: Oct. 27, 1925, Reno County, Kan., to Noah and Edna Shrock Miller. Died: Feb. 8, 1997, Reno County, Kan., of leukemia. Survivors-children: Weldon, Ron, Terry, Marvin, Marlene Boese; brother and sister: Freddie Miller, Cleo Yoder; 11 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Willard Diener (husband). Funeral and burial: Feb. 11, Yoder Mennonite Church, by Peter E. Hartman.

Eigsti, Mahlon G., 95, Morton, Ill. Born: Nov. 5, 1901, Morton, Ill., to Jacob and Lydia Gerig Eigsti. Died: Jan. 12, 1997, Morton, Ill. Survivors-wife: Dorothea M. Abrahams Eigsti; children: Carol, Joyce Hofer; brothers and sister: Willis, Clayton, Orie, Minnie Swedberg; 4 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren. Memorial service: Feb. 2, First Mennonite Church of Morton, by Doane Brubaker. Burial: Jan. 15, Lakeside Cemetery.

High, Erma M. Van Buskirk, 88, Fredericktown, Ohio. Born: Aug. 11, 1908, Warsaw, Ind., to John and Zelda Riley Van Buskirk. Died: Jan. 15, 1997, Fredericktown, Ohio. Survivors-children: Glenn, Dwight, Michel, Deloris Sherman, Ruth Miller; sister: Vera Van Buskirk; 9 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Dorris High (husband) and Dorris M. (son). Funeral: Jan. 18, Gilead Mennonite Church, by Glenn Martin. Burial: Convoy Cemetery, by Murray Krabill.

Imhoff, Harold, 87, Eureka, Ill. Born: April 26, 1909, Eureka, Ill., to Christian David and Rosa Barret Imhoff. Died:
Jan. 24, 1997, Eureka, Ill. Survivors-children: Richard B., Robert B., Rosemary Law; sisters: Maurine Arnold, Margaret Hamilton; 9 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Lucille Birky Imhoff (wife). Funeral and burial: Jan. 27, Roanoke Mennonite Church, by Rick Troyer and Elmer Wyse.

King, Samuel M., 96, Goshen, Ind. Born: May 22, 1900, Hesston, Kan., to Samuel B. and Anna Smith King. Died: Jan. 2, 1997, Goshen, Ind. Survivors-wife: Nellie Marie Zook King; sons: John D., Stanley B.; sister: Bessie Yoder; 4 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Jan. 7, College Mennonite Church, by Nancy Kauffmann and Dorothy Yoder Nyce. Burial: Violet Cemetery.

Lehman, Beryl A., 64, Watertown, N.Y. Born: May 27, 1932, Harrisburg, N.Y., to Ezra J. and Clara Roggie Lehman. Died: Jan. 28,1997, Watertown, N.Y., of heart failure. Survivors-wife: Betty M. Moser Lehman; children: Peter M., Barbara J. Martin; brothers and sisters: Donald E., Kermit K., Pauline Lyndaker, Charlotte Clifton, Roselba Combs; stepbrothers and stepsister: Richard and Ronald Hills, Beverly Kiernan; stepmother: Helen Lehman; 4 grandchildren. Funeral: Jan. 31, Watertown Mennonite Church, by James B. Meador, John R. Martin, and Frank Nice. Burial: New Bremen Mennonite Cemetery.

Mast, Samuel V., 62, Lancaster, Pa. Born: Aug. 1, 1934, Atglen, Pa., to Isaac Mast. Died: Feb. 5, 1997, Lancaster, Pa., of cancer. Survivors-brother and sister: John, Elisabeth Mast Brenneman. Funeral and burial: Feb. 8, Millwood Mennonite Church, by Wilbert Lind and Calvin Beiler.

Miller, Ruth Hostetler, 86, Topeka, Ind. Born: July 17, 1911, LaGrange County, Ind., to Oscar and Fannie Yoder Hostetler. Died: Feb. 4, 1997, LaGrange County, Ind. Survivors-husband: Milo S. Miller; children: Cecelia Berkey, Kathleen Peterson, Richard; 11 grandchildren, 19 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 7, Emma Mennonite Church, by John C. Murray and Eugene Bontrager. Burial: Shore Mennonite Cemetery.

Neff, Isobel Irene O'Krafka, 66, Cambridge, Ont. Born: Dec. 5, 1929, Waterloo Twp., Ont., to Otto Hinrich and Lillian Hannah Shepherd O'Krafka. Died: Nov. 16, 1996, Cambridge, Ont., of cancer. Survivors-husband: Herman F. Neff; children: Jane, Peter, Richard, Tim; brothers: Alfred and Lennard O'Krafka; 8 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Nov. 20, Wanner Mennonite Church, by Paul Martin and Eric Hiebert Rempel.

Oyer, Dora A. Springer, 92, Goshen, Ind. Born: Sept. 12, 1904, Rantoul, Ill., to Valentine and Amelia Unzicker Springer. Died: Dec. 15, 1996, Goshen, Ind. Survivors-children: Sanford, Melvin, Frank, Donna Cripe, Wesley, John, Janet Harnish, Robert; brothers and sister: Elmer and Ervin Springer, Clara Nafziger; 23 grandchildren, 28 greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Elmer J. Oyer (husband). Congregational membership: East Bend Mennonite Church. Funeral: Dec. 18, Yoder-Culp Funeral Home, by Nancy Kauffmann. Burial: Violet Cemetery .

Schlabach, Mae Elmina Schwebe, 74, Harrisonburg, Va. Born: April 11, 1922, Syracuse, N.Y., to Albert and Mae Schwebe. Died: Feb. 7, 1997, Harrisonburg, Va., of cancer. Survivors-children: Ernest, Rachel Peachey, Carolyn Harris, Lois Schlabach Driver, John; foster sister: Gertrude DeBoer Blough; 9 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 11, Park View Mennonite Church, by Phil Kniss and Shirlee K. Yoder. Burial: Lindale Cemetery.

Shank, Wade Heatwole, 99, Harrisonburg, Va. Born: Jan. 21,1898, Rockingham County, Va., to John W. and Hannah F. Heatwole Shank. Died: Feb. 3, 1997, Harrisonburg, Va. Survivors-children: Orval, Evonne Showalter; 7 grandchildren, 14 greatgrandchildren, one step greatgrandchild. Predeceased by: Vada Swartz Shank (wife). Memorial service and burial: Feb. 6, Weavers Mennonite Church, by Joseph Shenk and Edith Shenk.

Witmer, Nellie Marie Miller Mann, 99, Goshen, Ind. Born: March 27, 1897, Elkhart, Ind., to Abram Rohrer and Selena Bell Wade Miller. Died: Feb. 2, 1997, Goshen, Ind. Survivors-children: Dorothy Jean Horst, David W. Mann; stepdaughter: Mildred Harriman; sister: Mary Esther Bigler; 7 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Samuel Witmer (second husband) and Cleo Aaron Mann (first husband). Funeral and burial: Feb. 6, Prairie Street Mennonite Church, by Russel Krabill and Marcus Smucker.

Wyse, Rolland C., 85, Stryker , Ohio. Born: March 7, 1912, Fulton County, Ohio, to Nicholas and Mary Rupp Wyse. Died: Jan. 23, 1997, Lakeland, Fla., of a stroke. Survivors-wife: Delila Short Wyse; children: Linda Kinnan, Jeanette Miller, Richard; sister: Bessie Nofziger; 7 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Jan. 27, Pine Grove Mennonite Church, by Walter Stuckey and Terry Shue. Burial: Lockport Mennonite Cemetery.

Yoder, Leah Delagrange, 73, Sarasota, Fla. Born: Oct. 31, 1923, Allen County, Ind., to John and Saloma Delagrange. Died: Jan. 20, 1997, Sarasota, Fla. Survivors - husband: Sam Yoder; children: Bonnie Percibal, Evelyn J. Inlow, Jean, James L.; brother and sister: James, Amanda; 5 grandchildren. Congregational membership: Bahia Vista Mennonite Church. Funeral: Jan. 25, Central Mennonite Church, by Don Delagrange and Wayne Goldsmith. Burial: Fort Wayne, Ind.


Gospel Herald - Volume 90, Number 10 - March 11, 1997, page 15

Bitikofer, Cora Jane Bond, 82, Albany, Ore. Born: Oct. 17, 1914, Hubbard, Ore., to William and Dorothy Evers Bond. Died: Jan. 30, 1997, Albany, Ore. Survivors-husband: Chester Melvin Bitikofer; children: Melvin, Merle, Ervin, Phares, Thelma Martin, Eudene Snyder, Maxine Stoltzfus; brother and sisters: George Bond, Ella Miller, Alice Hartline, Frances Martin, Laura Carlson; 14 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 7, Western Mennonite Church, by Maynard Headings and Louis Lehman. Burial: Restlawn Memory Gardens.

Charles, Hiram Mowrer, 86, East Petersburg, Pa. Born: May 9, 1910, Ontario, Calif., to Benjamin Landis and Frances Ann Mowrer Charles. Died: Feb. 15, 1997, Lititz, Pa. Survivors-children: Carolyn C. Wenger, Judy L. King, Benjamin L.; one grandchild, one greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Anna Landis Charles (wife) and Dorothy Ann (daughter). Funeral and burial: Feb. 18, East Petersburg Mennonite Church, by Karl Steffy, Phillip King, John Shenk, and Jay Todd.

Detweiler, Joyce M. Snyder, 69, Sellersville, Pa. Born: Aug. 13, 1927, Sumneytown, Pa., to Adam and Sarah McKnight Snyder. Died: Feb. 13, 1997, Sellersville, Pa. Survivors-children: Sharon L. Jacoby, Carol J. Watson, Gayle J. Detweiler; brothers and sisters: John W. and Samuel H. Snyder, Jean H. Bair, Grace A. Logar, Myrtle E. Fitzgerald, Martine E. Hersh, Sarah A. Benner; 4 grandchildren, one greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Paul K. Detweiler (husband). Funeral and burial: Feb. 17, Rockhill Mennonite Church, by Michael L. Derstine.

Eby, Lloyd A., 76, Chambersburg, Pa. Born: Dec. 19, 1920, Chambersburg, Pa., to Ira and Lydia E by. Died: Dec. 26, 1996, Chambersburg, Pa. Survivors-children; Lloyd Jr., Miriam Jones, Lois White, James, Nelson, Alta Lawyer; brothers and sisters: David, Harold, Wayne, Glen, Eldon, Louise, Dorothy. Predeceased by: Leona E by (wife). Funeral and burial: Dec. 29, Chambersburg Mennonite Church, by Preston Frey and Jerry Traisler .

Heatwole, Elmer J., 94, Waynesboro, Va. Born: June 20, 1902, Waynesboro, Va., to Etter F. and Margaret Weaver Heatwole. Died: Feb. 13, 1997, Harrisonburg, Va. Survivors-wife: Fannie Martin Heatwole; children: Kenneth, Harold, Stanley, Louise Heatwole Miller; brothers and sisters: Alvin W ., Galen A., Florence Heatwole Smith, Alta Mae; 11 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Feb. 17, Springdale Mennonite Church, by Mark Wenger and Dan Longenecker.

Jutzi, Nelson Samuel, 57 , Phoenix, Ariz. Born: Aug. 24, 1939, Gadshill, Ont., to Samuel and Sarah Jutzi. Died: Feb. 7, 1997, Phoenix, Ariz. Survivors-wife: Shirley Ropp Jutzi; children: Richard, Paul, Kristine Romine; brothers and sisters: David, Stanley, John, Helen Cook, Grace Brimblecombe, Marjory Brimblecomb; 6 grandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 14, Grace Mennonite Church, by Ray Smee and James L. Kropf. Body donated for medical research.

Kandel, Daniel W ., 88, Sugarcreek, Ohio. Born: June 2, 1908, Trail, Ohio, to William and Lucinda Hostetler Kandel. Died: Feb. 13, 1997 , Dover, Ohio. Survivors - wife: Alma Sommers Kandel; children: Glenn, Robert, Durlan, Clarence, Minnie Riffle, Nancy Schneider; brothers and sisters: Roman, Paul, Vernon, Sue Speelman, Mary Weaver, Alta Kandel; 16 grandchildren, 10 greatgrandchildren. Funeral and burial: Feb. 16, Walnut Creek Mennonite Church, by Ross A. Miller and Don Hamsher .

Lehman, Howard F ., 94, Chambersburg, Pa. Born: Nov. 29, 1902, Chambersburg, Pa., to Joseph E. and Eleonora Frey Lehman. Died: Feb. 2, 1997, Chambersburg, Pa. Survivors-wife: Martha Martin Lehman; children: Lewis M., Martha Frey, Eleonora Martin, Jean Hampton, Cora; sister: Rhoda Herr; 20 grandchildren, 37 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Mary Martin Lehman (first wife) and Jay L. (son). Funeral and burial: Feb. 6, Chambersburg Mennonite Church, by Jerry Roth, Preston Frey, and Vernon Isner.

Martin, Adam R., 86, Maugansville, Pa. Born: May 3, 1910, Ringgold, Pa., to Denton T. and Mary Reecher Martin. Died: Feb. 7, 1997, Chambersburg, Pa. Survivors-wife: Martha G. Showalter Martin; children: Betty Jane Horst, Arlin R., Leo E.; foster daughter: Antionette Klassan Neufeld; half-sister: Mary Weber; 13 grandchildren, 17 greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Alta Grace Hertzler (daughter). Funeral and burial: Feb. 10, Mount Zion Mennonite Church, by Roger R. Martin, David Thomas, and Robert Martin.

Miller, Delbert W., 55, Middlebury, Ind. Born: Sept. 28, 1941, Middlebury, Ind., to Jonas E. and Fannie Bontrager Miller. Died: Jan. 22, 1997, Middlebury, Ind. Survivors- mother; brothers and sister: Nelson, Vern J., Verba DeMauro; stepsisters: Virginia Yoder, Judy Hogendobler, Phyllis Dozier, Kathy Long. Funeral: Jan. 25, First Mennonite Church, by Linford Martin. Burial: Grace Lawn Cemetery.

Nussbaum, Melvin Nevin, 76, Kidron, Ohio. Born: Dec. 6, 1920, Kidron, Ohio, to Sam and Katherine Lehman Nussbaum. Died: Feb. 11, 1997 , Walnut Creek, Ohio. Survivors-sisters: Ida Schneck, Ada Nussbaum, Mildred Stauffer, Pearl Zuercher. Predeceased by: Edna Berkey Nussbaum (wife). Funeral and burial: Feb. 14, Kidron Mennonite Church, by Herman Myers and Aldus Wingard.

Stahl, Wendell Lee, 47, St. Louis, Mo. Born: Nov. 10, 1949, Bryan, Ohio, to Willis and Kathleen Stahl. Died: Feb. 8, 1997, St. Louis, Mo. Survivors-parents; sister: Joyce. Congregational membership: Salem Mennonite Church. Funeral: Feb. 12, Hollingshead Funeral Home, by Cliff Brubaker and Ned Wyse. Burial: Lockport Mennonite Cemetery.


Gospel Herald - Volume 90, Number 11 - March 18, 1997, page 14, 15

Beachy, Barbara Swartzentruber, 100, Kalona, Iowa. Born: Dec. 8, 1896, Hart ford, Kan., to Joseph P. and Magdalena Slagell Swartzentruber. Died: Jan. 21, 1997, Kalona, Iowa. Survivors - sons: Lester J., Paul W.; sister: Katie Brenneman; 13 grandchildren, 31 greatgrandchildren, 4 great-greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Moses Beachy (second husband), Menno W. Miller (first husband), and two infant daughters. Funeral and burial: Jan. 24, Upper Deer Creek Mennonite Church, by Elmer Miller and David L. Yoder.

Brubacher, Minerva, 58, Kitchener, Ont. Born: June 8, 1938, Hawkesville, Ont., to Henry and Susannah Sittler Brubacher. Died: Nov. 17, 1996, Kitchener, Ont., of leukemia. Survivors-brother and sisters: Aden, Edna Kraemer, Lovina Martin. Funeral and burial: Nov. 20, Shantz Mennonite Church, by Jim Loepp Thiessen.

Cisneros, Albina F. Lucero, 87, Walsenburg, Colo. Born: Feb. 16, 1909, Antonito, Colo. Died: Jan. 20, 1997, Pueblo, Colo. Survivors-children: Josephine Wilkins, Jose D. Jr.; 3 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren, 6 great-great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Joe D. Cisneros (husband) and Dora (daughter). Funeral: Jan. 24, Walsenburg Mennonite Church, by Eugene Schultz. Burial: Masonic Cemetery.

Godshall, Edna E. Miller, 55, Middlebury, Ind. Born: Feb. 15, 1942, Goshen, Ind., to Joe and Ida Troyer Miller. Died: Feb. 21, 1997, Middlebury, Ind. Survivors-husband: Ray W. Godshall; children: Delwyn and Kermit Kropf, Cheryl Miller, Lesa Hooley; stepchildren: Brian Godshall, Chris Wrubleski, Caroline Miller; brothers and sisters: Glen, Dean, Wayne, and Dale Miller, Betty Troyer, Fran Miller; 9 grandchildren, 5 stepgrandchildren. Funeral and burial: Feb. 24, Pleasant View Mennonite Church, by Ron Diener and John Troyer.

Kinsie, Archie, 72, Cambridge, Ont. Born: Aug. 4, 1924, Breslau, Ont., to Maurice and Pearl Weber Kinsie. Died: Nov. 17, 1996, Cambridge, Ont. Survivors-wife: Nellie Burkholder Kinsie; son: Fred; brother and sister: Alex, Francis Weber; 2 grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 20, Breslau Mennonite Church, by Laurence Martin and Rufus Jutzi.

Millslagle, Eugene Sterling, 82, Scottdale, Pa. Born: Aug. 29, 1914, Uniontown, Pa., to John L. and Esther King Millslagle. Died: Feb. 17, 1997, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Survivors - wife: Mae Smith Millslagle; children: Gayle Brisky, Carol Mast, Ellen Daugherty, Glenn, Charles, Wayne, Keith, Kenneth; sisters: Winona Riggin, Louise Drew; 16 grandchildren, 14 greatgrandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 20, Mennonite Church of Scottdale, by Doug and Wanda Roth Amstutz. Burial: Scottdale Cemetery.

Oberholtzer, Edith E. Esbenshade, 90, Elizabethtown, Pa. Born: July 13, 1906, Strasburg Twp., Pa., to Frank and Ida Wilson Esbenshade. Died: Feb. 17, 1997, Lancaster, Pa. Survivors-son: James E.; brothers and sister: Frank and Clarence Esbenshade, Mary Leaman; 2 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Menno H. Oberholtzer (husband). Funeral and burial: Feb. 21, Elizabethtown Mennonite Church, by Richard H. Frank and WaIter L. Keener.

Shenk, Anna N. Landis, 83, Landisville, Pa. Born: June 29, 1913, Smoketown, Pa., to Sanford and E. Nora Landis Landis. Died: Feb. 16, 1997, Lititz, Pa. Survivors-children: Dorothy Burkholder, Nancy Stauffer, Gerald, DonaId; 12 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren. Congregational membership: Landisville Mennonite Church. Predeceased by: Aaron H. Shenk (husband) and Ronald and Robert (sons). Funeral: Feb. 20, Landis Homes Bethany Chapel, by Donald Good, Sam Thomas, and Chester Kurtz. Burial: Stumptown Mennonite Cemetery .

Stoltzfus, Eli, 101, Orrville, Ohio. Born: Feb. 25, 1895, Logan County, Ohio, to Benjamin B. and Emma Rich Stoltzfus. Died: Feb. 13, 1997, Walnut Creek, Ohio. Survivors-children: John, Rose, Barbara Miller, Carol Jones, Rowene Borntrager; stepson: Bill Detweiler; 16 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Anna Detweiler Stoltzfus (second wife), Lena Smucker Stoltzfus (first wife), Stanley (son), and Bob Detweiler (stepson). Funeral: Feb. 22, Orrville Mennonite Church, by Bill Detweiler and John and Barbara Lehman. Body donated for medical research.

Summy, George D., 82, Lititz, Pa. Born: Aug. 24, 1914, Penryn, Pa., to Jacob H. and Annie E. Derr Summy. Died: Feb. 1, 1997, Lititz, Pa. Survivors-wife: Grace Brubaker Summy; sisters: Mary D. Nelson, Ida D. Kline. Funeral: Feb. 5, Lititz Mennonite Church, by Dennis W. Ernest, Donald W. Good, and J. Clair Hollinger. Burial: Hammer Creek Mennonite Cemetery.

Voth, Waldo, 74, Hesston, Kan. Born: July 9, 1922, Marion County, Kan., to Peter C. and Marie Schmidt Voth. Died: Feb. 17, 1997, Hesston, Kan., of a heart attack. Survivors - wife: Orpha Schroeder Voth; children: Rodger, Jo Voth Thieszen, Lonnie, LaDonna Voth Fulmer, Donley; brothers and sisters: Albert, Wilbert, Charley, Olga Dester, Irma Schroeder; 9 grandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 21, Hesston Mennonite Church, by David W. Mann and Cheryl Hershberger. Burial: Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Willems, Aaron Martin, 75, Protection, Kan. Born: Sept. 16, 1921, Greensburg, Kan., to Abe and Anna Isaac Willems. Died: Dec. 27, 1996, Hesston, Kan. Survivors - wife: Mary Zimmerman Willems; children: Verlyn, Vaughn, Brian, DeAnn; brothers and sisters: Abe, Ezra, John, Esther Selzer, Rosie Roupp; 14 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Dec. 30, Protection Mennonite Church, by Raymond Unruh and Roger Hershberger .

Wyse, Edna Burkholder, 96. Born: April 3, 1900, Pettisville, Ohio, to Daniel and Eva Hostetler Burkholder. Died: Feb. 16, 1997, Archbold, Ohio. Survivors-brother and sisters: Edwin Burkholder, Sylvia Schmucker, Jenny Lugbill, Clara Beck. Predeceased by: Edwin Wyse (husband). Funeral: Feb. 19, West Clinton Mennonite Church, by James Roynon and Edward Diener. Burial: Pettisville Cemetery.

Yoder, Roxie Shank, 68, West Liberty, Ohio. Born: Aug. 1, 1928, Dayton, Va., to Samuel A. and Ada Witmer Shank. Died: Feb. 12, 1997, West Liberty, Ohio. Survivors-husband: Stanley E. Yoder; stepchildren: Alan, Jan, David, Nathan, Virginia Wright, Anne Yoder; brothers and sisters: Charles and Glendon Shank, Ruby Sutter, Rhoda Thompson; 7 stepgrandchildren, 2 stepgreatgrandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 15, South Union Mennonite Church, by Randy Reminder and Daniel Hertzler. Body donated for medical research.

Zehr, Silas P., 93, Fisher, Ill. Born: Dec. 12, 1903, Foosland, Ill., to John and Lydia Springer Zehr. Died: Jan. 26, 1997, Gibson City, Ill. Survivors-wife: Mabel B. LitwilIer Zehr; children: Lavern, Russell; 3 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Jan. 29, East Bend Mennonite Church, by Cal Kaufman and Michael Dean. Burial: East Bend Memorial Gardens.


Gospel Herald - Volume 90, Number 12 - March 25, 1997, page 14-15

Barg, Philip, 89, Vanderhoof, B.C. Born: Nov. 24, 1907, Boschlitscha, Crimea, Russia, to Bernhard and Elisabeth Warkentin Barg. Died: Jan. 2, 1997, Vanderhoof, B.C., of congestive heart failure. Survivors - wife: Ada Burkholder Barg; daughter: Katherine; brothers: Jacob, John, Bernhard, Peter. Memorial service: Jan. 5, Northside Mennonite Church, by Wayne Shenk and Frank Thiessen. Cremated.

Denlinger, Almeda Landis, 89, Lancaster, Pa. Born: Oct. 18, 1907, Lancaster, Pa., to David L. and Annette Esbenshade Landis. Died: Feb. 17, 1997, Lancaster, Pa. Survivors - children: Joanne D. Landis, David L.; sister: Miriam Shenk; 5 grandchildren, one greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Paul L. Denlinger (husband). Funeral and burial: Feb. 21, Mellinger Mennonite Church, by Leon Oberholtzer and Janet Peifer.

Driver, Sophie Elizabeth Swope, 89, Bridgewater, Va. Born: Sept. 26, 1907, Singers Glen, Va., to David H. and Mary Elizabeth Showalter Swope. Died: Feb. 28, 1997, Bridgewater Va. Survivors - children: Mary D. Wenger, Florence D. Heatwole, Hannah D. Burkholder, Ruth D. Kauffman, Beulah Frances D. Kenagy, Daniel S., John D., Willard W ., Lewis M.; 30 grandchildren, 47 greatgrandchildren, 4 greatgreatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Wayne W. Driver (husband) and Roy S. (son). Funeral: Mar. 3, Park View Mennonite Church, by Phil Kniss, Shirlee K. Yoder, Owen Burkholder, and Joseph Shenk. Burial: Weavers Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Drohan, Carl B., 86, Mount Joy, Pa. Born: May 6, 1910, Elizabethtown, Pa., to James and Elizabeth Baker Drohan. Died: Mar. 3, 1997, Lititz, Pa. Survivors - sons: Kenneth T ., James D.; 2 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Hattie Mae Drohan (wife). Congregational membership: Mount Joy Mennonite Church. Funeral: March 6, Landis Homes' West Bethany Chapel, by Joe N. Sherer and Donald Good. Burial: Kraybill Mennonite Cemetery.

Eash, Laura Luella Doolin, 87, Wellman, Iowa. Born: Feb. 7, 1910, Parnell, Iowa, to John and Esther Yoder Doolin. Died: Feb. 7, 1997, Kalona, Iowa. Survivors - children: Donald, Carley June Brubaker, Arthur, Robert; brother and sisters: Nyle Jones, Erma Miller, N ora Kinsinger; 11 grandchildren, 12 greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Wallace Eash (husband) and Russell Dean Eash (son). Funeral and burial: Feb. 11, West Union Mennonite Church, by David Boshart.

Erb, Mabel Roth, 92, Milford, Neb. Born: Jan. 26, 1905, Milford, Neb., to Benjamin and Barbara Ulrich Roth. Died: March 1, 1997, Milford, Neb. Survivors - children: Milton, Ron, Illa Mae Yoder; 14 grandchildren, 27 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Louis Erb (husband). Funeral: Mar. 3, Bellwood Mennonite Church, by Marlin Kym. Burial: Blue Mound Cemetery.

Eubank, WaIter "Dan" Sr., 64. Born: Aug. 14, 1932, Kinston, N. C., to WaIter Thomas and Ella Mae Jenkins Eubank. Died: Mar. 1, 1997, Phoenix, Ariz., of a heart attack. Survivors - wife: Jean Eubank; children: Danny, Karen Betenbough, Leaven, Lonnie; brother and sisters: Clem Thomas, Marie Jones, Daisy May Taylor; 8 grandchildren. Funeral: Mar. 6, Trinity Mennonite Church, by Stan Shantz. Burial: Resthaven Park Cemetery.

Glenn, Leo R., 76, Goshen, Ind. Born: Sept. 9, 1920, Cincinnati, Ohio, to Thomas and Pauline Cochran Glenn. Died: March 4, 1997, Goshen, Ind. Survivors - wife: Lila McLeod Glenn; children: Pauline Stutzman, James, Weldon; 2 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: March 8, Pleasant View Mennonite Church, by Ron Diener, John Troyer, and Norm Maust.

Hess, Amy M., 88, Mount Joy, Pa. Born: June 25, 1908, Leacock Twp., Pa., to Abram L. and Alice M. Hersh Martin. Died: Mar. 1, 1997, Lancaster, Pa. Survivors - children: Daniel M., Nathan M., Caleb M., Rachel M. Ruhl, Miriam M., Eunice M. Jones, Rhoda M. Knapp, Mary M. Angell; brothers and sister: Paul and Charles Martin, Ruth Hostetter; 22 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Menno L. Hess (husband). Congregational membership: Mount Joy Mennonite Church. Funeral: Mar. 5, Mennonite Home's Orrville Chapel, by Joe Sherer and A. Don Augsburger. Burial: Kraybill Mennonite Cemetery.

Hochstetler, Levi, 58, Mogadore, Ohio. Born: Barsmills, Ohio, to Harvey J. and Iva Kuhns Hochstetler. Died: Jan. 25, 1997, Mogadore, Ohio. Survivors - wife: Esther Byler Hochstetler; children: Jeff, Mike, Tim, Jerry, Stan, Cindy Belt, Julie Miller, Juanita Nichols, Bonnie Casselberry; brothers and sisters: Herman and Harvey Jr., Elva Sommers, Malinda Yoder, Jemima Shrock, Mabel Sommers, Esther Yoder, Barbara Oswald, Lydia Ann Miller; 15 grandchildren. Funeral: Jan. 29, Maple Grove Mennonite Church, by Frank Dutcher, Lewis Miller, and Joe Yoder. Burial: Walnut Grove Cemetery.

Jacobs, Doris, 72, Coopersburg, Pa. Born: Aug. 17, 1924, Doylestown, Pa., to William J. and Helen Michner Jacobs. Died: Feb. 20, 1997, Quakertown, Pa. Survivors - son: Roger C.; brothers: William, Richard; 3 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Feb. 22, Finland Mennonite Church, by Richard Lewman.

Landis, Lizzie Etta, 92, Lower Salford Twp., Pa. Born: Mar. 2, 1904, Lower Salford Twp., Pa., to Abraham L. and Emma Nice Landis. Died: Feb. 25, 1997, Souderton, Pa. Funeral and burial: Feb. 28, Salford Mennonite Church, by John L. Ruth and James C. Longacre.

Leichty, Ruth Lucille Augsburger, 88, Wayland, Iowa. Born: Nov. 26, 1908, Hopedale, Ill., to John and Fannie Wyse Augsburger. Died: Feb. 13, 1997, Wayland, Iowa, of Alzheimer's disease. Survivors-children: Daniel, Lowell, Marilyn Roth, Norman, Wilma Lichti, Linda Williams; sister: Grace Augsburger; 18 grandchildren, 26 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Willard R. Leichty (husband). Funeral and burial: Feb. 17, Bethel Mennonite Church, by Phil Slabaugh and Greg Leichty (grandson).

Miller, Katie Ann Frey, 80, Hartville, Ohio. Born: Jan. 8, 1917, Plain City, Ohio, to Sam and Dinah Kurtz Frey. Died: Jan. 13, 1997, Hartville, Ohio. Survivors - husband: Orus Miller; children: Mary Margaret, Miriam, Ellen Myers, Shirley Davis, Eugene; brothers and sisters: Andy and Freeman Frey, Sue Miller , Emma Bornetrager, Mary Ann Yoder , Deena Miller, Ellen Schmitt; 6 grandchildren. Funeral: Jan. 16, Maple Grove Mennonite Church, by Joe Yoder and Lewis Miller. Burial: Walnut Grove Cemetery.

Pennington, Margaret Miller, 57. Born: Jan. 27, 1940, Wauseon, Ohio, to Lester and Bessie Rupp Miller. Died: Feb. 21, 1997, Tucson, Ariz., of liver failure. Survivors - husband: Tony Pennington; children: Janell, Anita; sisters: Rosemary Shenk, Corinne Swartzendruber. Funeral: Feb. 27, Trinity Mennonite Church, by Stan Shantz. Burial: Resthaven Park Cemetery .

Preheim, Jacob Boy, 90, Hesston, Kan. Born: July 30, 1906, Freeman, S.D., to Jacob L. and Freni Preheim. Died: Feb. 20, 1997, Hesston, Kan. Survivors - children: Vern, Birdie Lou Paine, Juanita Janzen, Sally Senner; brother: Otto; 11 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Selma Miller Preheim (wife). Congregational membership: Whitestone Mennonite Church. Funeral: Feb. 24, Schowalter Villa Chapel, by Mary Dyck, Wally Jantz, and Louise Wideman.

Stalter, Wilma L. Klopfenstein, 78, Milford, Neb. Born: Apr. 8, 1918, Milford, Neb., to Myron and Lydia Steckley Klopfenstein. Died: Feb. 25, 1997, Wauseon, Ohio. Survivors - children: Evelyn Nofziger, Larry; brother: Alton Klopfenstein; 14 grandchildren, 28 great-grandchildren, 5 step great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Daniel H. Stalter (husband). Funeral: Feb. 28, North Clinton Mennonite Church, by Gary Blosser . Burial: Pettisville Cemetery.

Stauffer, Eva B. Hostetter, 81, Chambersburg, Pa. Born: July 7, 1915, Denbigh, Va., to Samuel and Katherine Kornhaus Hostetter. Died: Feb. 25, 1997, Chambersburg, Pa. Survivors - husband: J. Mark Stauffer; children: Evelyn J. Baer, Margaret R. Corle, John M. Jr.; sisters: Nora Hostetter, Sara Weber; 8 grandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 28, Park View Mennonite Church, by Phil Kniss and Myron Augsburger. Burial: Lindale Mennonite Church Cemetery.

West, Randall K., 51, Nipomo, Calif. Born: Apr. 30, 1945, Lowville, N.Y., to Henry and Audrey Zehr West. Died: Feb. 23, 1997, Santa Maria, Calif., of cancer. Survivors - wife: Joanne Vance West; children: Michael, Jamie Sue; brothers and sisters: Robert, Rick, Charles, Pamela Judd, Roxy Bush, Jodie White; maternal grandmother: Marion Grau. Memorial service: Feb. 27, First Mennonite Church, by Lester Bauman.

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