Gospel Herald Obituaries - May, 1997

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Gospel Herald - Volume 90, Number 18 - May 6, 1997

Beachy, Bertha Nohejl, 87, Goshen, Ind. Born: May 25, 1909, Chicago, III., to John and Ann Marie Bellicek Nohejl. Died: Mar. 29, 1997, Goshen, Ind. Survivors - children: Lucille Mathews, Lois Vincent, Bertie E by, Ruth Wartell; 6 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Ezra Beachy (husband). Funeral: Apr. 1, College Mennonite Church, by Nancy Kauffmann. Burial: Elkhart Prairie Cemetery.

Gehman, LeRoy L., 83, Sellersville, Pa. Born: Aug. 14, 1913, Franconia Twp., Pa., to Jacob and Emma Landis Gehman. Died: Apr. 12, 1997, Sellersville, Pa. Survivors - wife: Esther Hackman Gehman; children: Robert, Ray, Kenneth, LeRoy, Charles, Gladys Kolb, Miriam Halteman, Esther Bergey, Kathryn Martin, Marilyn Moses, Marie Jones; brothers and sisters: Lawrence, Clifford, Dennis, Sara Derstine, Kathryn Gehman; 41 grandchildren, 69 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Paul (son). Funeral and burial: Apr. 16, Franconia Mennonite Church, by John Ehst, Steven Landis, Wellington Alderfer, and Floyd Hackman.

Kratz, Jonas L., 85, Souderton, Pa. Born: Sept. 21, 1911, Franconia Twp., Pa., to Jonas H. and Emma Landis Kratz. Died: Apr. 14, 1997, Souderton, Pa. Survivors - wife: Amanda A. Moyer Kratz; children: Lawrence, Lorraine Kulp, Naomi Martin; brothers: Abram, Elmer; 16 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Apr. 18, Souderton Mennonite Homes Chapel, by John Ehst, Steven Landis, and Floyd Hackman. Burial: Franconia Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Martin, Gladys "Erma" Burkhart, 92, Cambridge, Ont. Born; Aug. 8, 1908, Floradale, Ont., to Enoch and Hannah Burkhart. Died: Apr. 8, 1997, Cambridge, Ont. Survivors - children: Erla Bauman, Marshall Musselman, Ruth Martin, Joan Martin; sister: Florence Shantz; 16 grandchildren, 17 greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Angus Martin (second husband), Abner Musselman (first husband), and Robert (son). Funeral: Apr. 11, Erb Street Mennonite Church, by Renee Sauder and Doug Snyder. Burial: St. Jacobs Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Miller, Vernon L., 84, South English, Iowa. Birth: Nov. 2, 1919, Wellman, Iowa, to Levi and Maggie Beechy Miller . Died: Apr. 7, 1997, Iowa City, Iowa. Survivors - children: Lonnie, Lyle, Lynn, Lois; sisters: Niva Brukholder, Jay* Levien, Magdalene Stutzman; 11 grandchildren, 9 greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Iona N. Kandel Miller (wife). Funeral and burial: Apr. 10, Wellman Mennonite Church, by Mike Klassen.
*Research note: Name should be Joy Levien. 

Ramer, Justine Ada, stillborn, Dec. 16, 1996, Markham, Ont., to Paul and Jane Pickering Ramer. Funeral and burial: Dec. 20, Wideman Mennonite Church, by Lawrence Burkholder.

Schrock, Della, 91, Painesville, i Ohio. Born: June 3, 1905, Walnut Creek, Ohio, to Oliver and Malinda Blosser Hostetler . Died: Apr. 8, 1997, Painesville, Ohio. Survivors - daughters: Lois Harrington, Nancy A. Na-Hodil; sister: Nora Grasse; 8 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Ray Schrock (husband) and Richard Dale (son). Congregational membership: Methodist Church of Painesville. Funeral: Apr. 11, Butler-Varns Funeral Home, by Ross A. Miller. Burial: Walnut Creek Mennonite Church Cemetery.


Gospel Herald - Volume 90, Number 19 - May 13, 1997

Bauer, Evelyn Showalter, 70, Goshen, Ind. Born: Jan. 31, 1927, Davidsville, Pa., to John and Elsie Blough Showalter. Died: Mar. 30, 1997, Goshen, Ind. Survivors - husband: Royal Bauer; son: Stephen; brother: Bernard Showalter; 2 grandchildren. Funeral: Apr. 2, College Mennonite Church, by Nancy Kauffmann. Burial: Violet Cemetery.

Brooks, Harold, 90, Goshen, Ind. Born: July 12, 1906, Peoria, Ill., to Alfred and Edna Smith Brooks. Died: Mar. 11, 1997, Goshen, Ind. Survivors - wife: Maxine Martin Brooks; children: Ronald, Carolyn Blosser, AlIen; 10 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Mae Hiestand Brooks (first wife) and Richard (son). Funeral: Mar. 15, College Mennonite Church, by Ellis Croyle and Nancy Kauffmann. Burial: Elkhart Prairie Cemetery.

Esch, Jacob Daniel, 96. Born: Oct. 21, 1900, Centralia, Mo., to Daniel and Elizabeth Guengerich Esch. Died: Apr. 16, 1997, Glendale, Ariz. Survivors - children: Keith, Clair, Joan Zook, Barbara Shisler, Janet Firmani, Ruth Crossgrove; brother: Lewis; 8 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Barbara N. Zehr Esch (wife). Funeral: Apr. 19, Sunnyslope Mennonite Church, by Dennis Stauffer.

Gerber, Carol Marie Handrich, 56, Brutus, Mich. Born: Nov. 11, 1940, Fairview, Mich., to Harvey and Ruby Miller Handrich. Died: Feb. 20, 1997, Brutus, Mich., of a brain tumor. Survivors - husband: James L. Gerber; children: Doug, Dawn Gerber Hankins, Mark; brothers and sisters: Vernell H., Darrell H., Ron H., Twila Kauffman; 4 grandchildren. Congregational membership: Maple River Mennonite Church. Funeral: Feb. 24, Alanson Church of the Nazarene, by Stan Troyer and Virgil Hershberger. Burial: Fairview Cemetery .

Gnagey, Gertrude L. Bender, 97, Kalona, Iowa. Born: Oct. 18, 1899, Wellman, Iowa, to Joseph and Salena Shetler Bender. Died: Apr. 18, 1997, Kalona, Iowa. Survivors - children: Russell, Gladys, Delores Leichty, Geraldine Widmer; 9 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Jonas Gnagey (husband) and an infant son. Funeral: Apr. 21, Kalona Mennonite Church, by Scott Swartzendruber and Mick Murray. Burial: West Union Cemetery.

Hess, Helen Snavely, 97, Valley Road, Pa. Born: Aug. 19, 1899, East Hempfield Twp., Pa., to John N. and Catherine Grieder Snavely. Died: Apr. 27, 1997, Lititz, Pa. Survivors - -children: Herbert, Arthur, Edward, Elizabeth Landis, Jane Landis; brother: Edward Snavely; 20 grandchildren, 37 great-grandchildren, 3 great-great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Norman L. Hess (husband). Funeral: Apr. 30, Landis Homes, by Thomas Horst and Lester Hoover. Burial: Landis Valley Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Hess, Norman Garber, 93, Mt. Joy, Pa. Born: Jan. 6, 1904, Manheim Twp., Pa., to John B. and Barbara Garber Hess. Died: Apr. 20, 1997, Lancaster, Pa. Survivors - children: Homer G., Miriam G.; 5 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Anna Groff Hess (wife). Funeral and burial: Apr. 24, Landis Valley Mennonite Church, by Thomas Horst and Fred M. Garber.

Kinsinger, Lavanda Lillian Swartzendruber, 85. Born: Sept. 24, 1911, Wellman, Iowa, to Henry and Lillian Miller Swartzendruber. Died: Apr. 11, 1997, Kalona, Iowa. Survivors - children: Carolyn Hochstetler, Phil, Kate Brenneman, Barbara Miller , Nancy Halder; sisters: Geneva Hooley, Gerry Schlabaugh; 17 grandchildren, 17 greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Orval Kinsinger (husband) and Norma Kelting (daughter). Funeral and burial: Apr. 14, West Union Mennonite Church, by David Boshart and Emery Hochstetler .

Kulp, Esther K. Alderfer, 96. Born: May 13, 1900, Lower Salford Twp., Pa., to Abram L. and Amanda Kratz Alderfer. Died: Apr. 12,1997, Lansdale, Pa. Survivors - daughter: Verna Bechtel; 2 grandchildren; 6 great-grandchildren, 7 great- great- grandchildren. Predeceased by: Wilmer M. Kulp (husband). Funeral and burial: Apr. 17, Towamencin Mennonite Church, by Glenn Alderfer and Steven C. Nyce.

Lehman, Marlin D., 72, Chambersburg, Pa. Born: Aug. 14, 1924, Chambersburg, Pa., to Jacob E. and Salome Ebersole Lehman. Died: Nov. 13,1996, Fayetteville, Pa., in an automobile accident. Survivors - wife: Catherine E. Burkholder Lehman; daughters: C. Louise Ervin, Nancy E. Kuhns, Wilma J. Wadel, Darlene K. Detweiler, Brenda S. E by; brothers and sister: John, Virgil, Anna; 10 grandchildren. Predeceased by: an infant son. Congregational membership: Pond Bank Mennonite Church. Funeral and burial: Nov. 18, Chambersburg Mennonite Church, by Menno B. Sollenberger, Roger I. Martin, and Charles A. Ness.

McCammon, Dorothy S. Snapp, 73, Goshen, Ind. Born: Apr. 1, 1923, Walworth, Wis., to Kenneth and Mary Louise Sanger Snapp. Died: May 31, 1997, Goshen, Ind. Survivors - daughter: Julia Stauffer; brother and sister: Don Snapp, Katherine Johnson; one grandchild, one great-grandchild. Predeceased by: Don McCammon (husband) and Michael (son). Funeral: Apr. 3, College Mennonite Church, by Nancy Kauffmann. Burial: Oakridge Cemetery.

Obituary correction: Dorothy S. Snapp McCammon (May 13, 1997, Gospel Herald) date of death is March 31, 1997.

Miller, Harry Dale, 83, Albany, Ore. Born: Oct. 28, 1913, Milford, Neb., to Andrew and Saloma Stauffer Miller. Died: Apr. 11, 1997, Portland, Ore., of congestive heart failure. Survivors - wife: Dorothy Schweitzer Miller; children: Lynn, Cleo, Berdella Roth, LeeAnn Rawlins, Vevianna Schrock, Rosalie Shetler; sister: Alta Yoder; 24 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren. Congregational membership: Bethany Mennonite Church. Funeral: Apr. 14, Albany Mennonite Church, by John Willems. Burial: Fairview Mennonite Cemetery.

Rediger, Agnes Roth, 86, Milford, Neb. Born: Aug. 22, 1910, Milford, Neb., to Aaron and Mattie Hostetler Roth. Died: Apr. 20, 1997, Milford, Neb. Survivors - husband: Stanley Rediger; children: Virgie Gerber, Jamice Troyer, S. Clark; brothers: Oliver and Darold Roth; 8 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Apr. 23, East Fairview Mennonite Church, by Lloyd Gingerich, Cloy Roth, and William Saltzman.

Roth, Anna Mae Lichti, 67, Sarasota, Fla. Born: Jan. 11, 1930, Corfu, N.Y., to Peter and Carrie Lichti. Died: Apr. 15, 1997, Sarasota, Fla. Survivors - husband: Sam Roth; daughter: Sherrie McLaughlin; brother and sisters: Abner Lichti, Arlene Bast, Annetta Erb, Alice Gascho. Funeral: Apr. 19, Bahia Vista Mennonite Church, by Barry Loop and Gerald Mininger. Burial: Palms Memorial Park.

Stutzman, Ethel J. Jantzi, 88, Wood River, Neb. Born: Mar. 14,1909, Wood River, Neb., to John B. and Mary Conrad Jantzi. Died: Apr. 10, 1997, Wood River, Neb., of a stroke. Survivors - children: Paul, Ralph, Loretta Boshart, Thelma, Merna Boshart, Phyllis Bauman; 17 grandchildren, 38 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Clarence Stutzman (husband) and an infant daughter. Funeral and burial: Apr. 14, Wood River Mennonite Church, by Denton R. Jantzi and Mike Stutzman.

Wenger, Noah S., 90, Lititz, Pa. Born: Jan. 12, 1907, Rapho Twp., Pa., to Moses and Lizzie Wenger. Died: Jan. 27, 1997, Lancaster, Pa. Survivors - wife: Kathryn Bomberger Wenger; son: J. Melvin; brothers and sisters: Phares, Elmer, Rufus, Nora Saylor, Susan Esbenshade; 4 grandchildren, 12 greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Ellen Shearer Wenger (first wife). Funeral: Jan. 29, Erb Mennonite Church, by Lester L. Zimmerman, Lloyd B. Keller, and Martin R. Nolt. Burial: Stauffer Mennonite Cemetery.


Gospel Herald - Volume 90, Number 20 - May 20, 1997

Huber, Welby Mae Harner, 75, Harrisonburg, Va. Born: July 15, 1921, Augusta County, Va., to Phillip Henry and Mayme Weaver Harner. Died: Apr. 22, 1997, Harrisonburg, Va., of cancer. Survivors husband: Daniel A. Huber; children: Randal, Kathryn, Larry; brother and sister: Roy H. Harner, Gladys Benner; 5 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Apr. 25, Springdale Mennonite Church, by Mark and Kathy Wenger and Richard Showalter.

Jantzi, Albert T., 81, Glendale, Ariz. Born: June 15, 1915, Au Gres, Mich., to John and Fanny Troyer Jantzi. Died: Apr. 24, 1997, Glendale, Ariz. Survivors - wife: Mabel Burkholder Jantzi; children: Judith Weaver, Denton, Paul, Sherrill Rudy; brothers and sisters: Elmer, John Jerry, Fanny Swartz, Mitilda Kipfer; 5 grandchildren, 2 greatgrandchildren. Congregational membership: Sunnyslope Mennonite Church. Funeral: Apr. 29, Phoenix, Ariz., by Dennis Stauffer. Burial: Rest Haven Cemetery.

Leatherman, Mabel B. Lewis, 80, Souderton, Pa. Born: Feb. 7,1917, Elroy, Pa., to Alien S. and Susan Benner Lewis. Died: Apr. 28, 1997, Souderton, Pa. Survivors - children: Arthur L., Ray L., Mary Jane Moyer, Barbara Moyer; sister: Ada Leatherman; 11 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Arthur D. Leatherman (husband). Funeral: May 1, Souderton Mennonite Homes Chapel, by Steven E. Landis and Floyd M. Hackman. Burial: Franconia Mennonite Church Cemetery .

Lehman, Weldon, 82, Orrville, Ohio. Born: Sept. 1, 1914, Dalton, Ohio, to John and Mary Ann Zuercher Lehman. Died: Apr. 27,1997, Wooster, Ohio. Survivors - wife: Esther Feltis Lehman; children: Sue Wood, Sandy Burkhalter, Jill Henery, Jackie Dietry; 9 grandchildren, one great-grandchild. Funeral and burial: Apr. 30, Kidron Mennonite Church, by Herman Myers, Bill Detweiler, Jim Henery, and Terry Burkhalter.

Mann, Aurthur E., Sr., 88, Kinzers, Pa. Born: Jan. 15, 1929, York, Pa., to Charles F. and Linnie Lizzie Landis Mann. Died: Apr. 15, 1997, Kinzers, Pa., of cancer. Survivors-wife: Esther M. Kurtz Mann; children: Arthur E., David M., Ann E. Green, Alice C. Newcomer; sisters: Esther Ludwig, Miriam Kerchner; 11 grandchildren, 12 greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Mary Hoffman Mann (fIrst wife). Congregational membership: Tidings of Peace Mennonite Church. Funeral: Apr. 19, Stony Brook Mennonite Church, by Richard L. BuckwaIter and Clayton Shenk. Burial: Mount Rose Cemetery .

Rohrer, Miriam H., 73, Lancaster, Pa. Born: Aug. 14,1923, Manheim, Pa., to Daniel H. and Ada Mae Hollinger Rohrer. Died: Apr. 2, 1997, Lancaster, Pa. Survivors - brothers: Lloyd H., Daniel H. Funeral and burial: Apr. 5, East Petersburg Mennonite Church, by Karl E. Steffy , John B. Shenk, and Don Augsburger.

Slonecker, Lester F., 92, West Liberty, Ohio. Born: Nov. 8, 1904, Logan County, Ohio, to Peter J. and Katie Roth Slonecker. Died: Apr. 22, 1997, Logan Acres, Ohio. Survivors- son: Elton J.; 3 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Naomi King Slonecker (wife). Funeral and burial: Apr. 26, South Union Mennonite Church, by Randy Reminder.

Swartzendruber, Iola M. Miller, 78, Fairview, Mich. Born: Mar. 2, 1919, Fairview, Mich., to Oliver and Alta Mast Miller. Died: Apr. 19, 1997, Fairview, Mich., of cancer. Survivors-husband: Ray Swartzendruber; children: Ruth Ressler, Glen; brothers and sisters: Clayton, Lloyd, and Thruman Miller, Cleva Summer , Olive Shetler, Kathryn Sharick, Pauline Chaffee; 6 grandchildren. Funeral: Apr. 23, Fairview Mennonite Church, by Virgil Hershberger and Randy Detweiler. Burial: Fairview Cemetery.

Zuercher, Tiffany Dawn, 18, Orrville, Ohio. Born: Dec. 12, 1978, Orrville, Ohio, to David and Elsie Hochstetler Zuercher. Died: Apr. 26,1997, Orrville, Ohio. Survivors - brother and sister: Todd, Tara. Funeral and burial: Apr. 29, Kidron Mennonite Church, by Herman Myers and Bruce Friesen.


Gospel Herald - Volume 90, Number 21 - May 27, 1997

Bergey, Elizabeth H. Ruth, 98, Doylestown, Fa. Born: Nov. 5, 1898, Salfordville, Fa., to Clayton and Lydia Hunsberger Ruth. Died: Apr. 25, 1997, Souderton, Pa. Survivors - children: Grace B. Brenneman, Lois Swartzendruber, Eunice Hess, John, Chester, Richard, Ted W .; 34 grandchildren, 60 greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by: Oliver D. Bergey (husband). Funeral and burial: May 2, Doylestown Mennonite Church, by Duane Bishop.

Burkholder, Frances M., 78, Orrville, Ohio. Born: Sept. 10, 1918, Akron, Ohio, to Joe and Fannie Showalter Burkholder. Died: May 4, 1997, Orrville, Ohio. Congregational membership: Orrville Mennonite Church. Funeral: May 8, Auble Funeral Home, by John and Barbara Lehman. Burial: Midway Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Clemmer, Erwin H., 83, Souderton, Pa. Born: June 21, 1913, Hatfield Twp., Pa., to John L. and Ella Mae Hunsberger Clemmer. Died: Apr . 21, 1997, Sellersville, Pa. Survivors - wife: Anna Hoffman Clemmer; sons: Earl, Erwin S., Rodney S., Robert Lee; stepchildren: Violet Landes, Phyllis Schlosser, William D. Hoffman; brothers: Nelson, Horace; 5 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren, 9 stepgrandchildren, one step great grandchild. Predeceased by: Miriam Souder Clemmer (first wife). Funeral and burial: Apr. 26, Souderton Mennonite Church, by Gerald Clemmer and David Greiser.

Hartzler, Orval Gene, 57, Broadway, Va. Born: May 29, 1939, Wellman, Iowa, to Jess and Ada Schrock Hartzler . Died: May 5, 1997, Harrisonburg, Va. of diabetes complications. Survivors - wife: Elinor Turner Hartzler; children: Kevin Gene, Sherry L., Jannell H. Miller; brothers and sisters: Victor L., Dale M., Robert, LaVerne H. Wolfer, Orpha H. Yoder; 4 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: May 8, Zion Mennonite Church, by Richard Early and Sam Janzen.

Hochstetler, Donald E., 42, Goshen, Ind. Born: Sept. 24, 1954, Indianapolis, Ind., to Dean and Edna Swartzendruber Hochstetler. Died: Apr. 20, 1997, Goshen, Ind. Survivors - brothers: Clair, Lee, Verl. Funeral: Apr. 23, Berkey Avenue Mennonite Fellowship, by Clair Hochstetler and Richard A. Litwiller. Burial: South Union Cemetery.

Kauffman, Edward, 85, Haven, Kan. Born: Mar. 19, 1912, Haven, Kan., to Jonas H. and Mary Petersheim Kauffman. Died: May 3, 1997, Hutchinson, Kan., of pneumonia. Survivors - wife: Frieda M. Roth Kauffman; children: Pauline Yutzy, Lois Wyse; 5 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Rosella Graber (daughter). Funeral and burial: May 6, Yoder Mennonite Church, by Peter E. Hartman.

Keller, Robert W., 70, Anaheim Hills, Calif. Born: Aug. 9, 1926, Eureka, Ill., to Emil and Anna Roth Keller. Died: Apr. 11, 1997, Fullerton, Calif., of cancer. Survivors - wife: Ruth Yordy Keller; sons: David, Steven; sisters: Dorothy Unger, Carol Jones, Joanne Rivera; 4 grandchildren. Funeral and burial: Apr . 26, Roanoke Mennonite Church, by Rick Troyer and Bob and Mag Smith.

Kornhaus, David Raymond, 90, Orrville, Ohio. Born: Apr. 2, 1907, Orrville, Ohio, to Melvin D. and Lulu Rohrer Kornhaus. Died: Apr. 27,1997, Orrville, Ohio. Survivors - children: Wayne, Norma Mast; brother: Forest R.; 8 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Eva N. Steiner Kornhaus (wife) and Donna Hostetler (daughter). Funeral and burial: Apr. 30, Martins Mennonite Church, by Randy Murray.

Miller, Dorothy Baker, 74, Belleville, Pa. Born: July 18, 1922, Huntingdon, Pa., to Joseph C. and Nellie Hawn Baker. Died: May 1,1997, Belleville, Pa., of a heart attack. Survivors - husband: Thomas E. Miller; children: Joseph D., Patricia M. Cruikshank; 6 grandchildren. Predeceased by: Thomas R. (son). Congregational membership: Barrville Mennonite Church. Funeral: May 3, Brown Funeral Home, by Gerald J. Peachey. Burial: St. John's Lutheran Cemetery.

Ressler, Elizabeth C., 82. Born: Apr. 19, 1915, Kinzers, Pa., w Ira N. and Ruth A. Wiker Ressler. Died: May 1, 1997, Lancaster, Pa. Survivor-brother: Norman W. Funeral: May 3, Kinzer Mennonite Church, by Jay A. Meck, Clair B. E by, and Paul L. Clark. Burial: Paradise Mennonite Cemetery.

Springer, Ina M., 86, Denver, Colo. Born: Mar. 25, 1911, Minier, Ill., to Benjamin and Clara Hieser Springer. Died: Mar. 27, 1997, Denver, Colo. Survivors-husband: Leland Springer; stepson: David C.; brothers and sister: Howard, Nelson, Lorene; 2 stepgrandchildren, 2 step greatgrandchildren. Memorial service: Apr. 2, Porter Place Chapel, by Jonathan Hole and Ed Christian. Burial: Metamora Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Sturpe, Sadie L. Swartzentruber, 90, Dalton, Ohio. Born: June 22, 1906, Oakland, Md., to Lewis J. and Elizabeth E. Yoder Swartzentruber. Died: May 1, 1997, Orrville, Ohio. Survivors - children: Paul S., Esther Yousey; foster daughter: Martha Kandel; half brother: Simon Swartzentruber; 8 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by: Frank A. Sturpe (husband). Funeral: May 5, Orrville Mennonite Church, by John and Barbara Lehman and Clayton Swartzentruber. Burial: Pleasant View Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Widmer, Galen Wyse, 78, Washington, Iowa. Born: Nov. 19, 1918, Henry County, Iowa, to Dan and Viola Wyse Widmer. Died: Apr. 21, 1997, Washington, Iowa. Survivors - wife: Marie Ediger Widmer; children: Tim, Gay, Jon, Carl Darby; brothers and sisters: George, Willard, Wesley, Dale, Stanley, Vernelda Slagel; 12 grandchildren. Funeral: Apr. 23, Washington Mennonite Church, by Tim Detweiler, Wilbur Nachtigall, and Ron Roth. Burial: Bethel Mennonite Cemetery.

Zook, Naomi Mae Detwiler, 85, Hannibal, Mo. Born: Aug. 26, 1911, Cherry Box, Mo., to Noah and Orpha Fortner Detwiler. Died: Feb. 22, 1997, Hannibal, Mo. Survivors - husband: A. LeRoy Zook; children: Marlin, James, Samuel, Phillip, Lester, Rozella Lehman; foster daughter: Joy Ward; brothers: Ralph, Oren, and Russell Detwiler; 15 grandchildren, 21 greatgrandchildren. Memorial service: Feb. 25, Cornerstone Church of Hannibal, by Jacob Flisher and Bill Clifton. Burial: Grand View Burial Park.

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