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Amish and Amish/Mennonite Genealogies:

Ezra Eby Revived! - "In 1895-1896, Ezra E. Eby published A BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY OF WATERLOO TOWNSHIP... a genealogical sketch of early Waterloo County pioneers along with their ancestors and descendants. To those who descend from the mostly Mennonite, or Pennsylvania Dutch families found in the "Ebybook", Eby's work is a primary source of information. EZRA EBY REVIVED! continues the legacy Ezra Eby left by combining his work with descendants found in dozens of family histories published since. Anyone descended from any of the approximately 140 families found in the Ebybook are invited to submit further updates, as well as corrections, to complete their family data to the present time." - quoted from the website

Swiss Anabaptist Genealogical Association - SAGA-OMII Project (Coordinator, Bob Geiser, Wooster, Ohio) - The name of the Association shall be Swiss Anabaptist Genealogical Association. The former name of the organization, Ohio Michigan Indiana Illinois Genealogical Association, founded in 1995, will be associated by using the acronym, SAGA-OMII. SAGA-OMII is dedicated to compiling and digitizing genealogical records of Swiss, German, French, Austrian and Eastern Immigrant families with Anabaptist roots, begun by families in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinoise, and founded as the OMII Genealogical Association.

Family Homepages with Obituary Collections:

SHARP ROOTS Home Page - The Peter Sharp Family of Pennsylvania

Bower/Bauer Homepage - Bower/Bauer Research in Pennsylvania

The Stutzman Search Is ON! - features Stutzman history, mainly in Indiana, Family tree begins with DBH - "Descendants of Barbara Hochstedler and Christian Stutzman", by Rev. Harvey Hostetler. Includes a photo section of people, gravestones, churches, and obituaries. - Access to Mennonite Resources including a "Links Page" . From their Links Page --- "Mennonites and Mennonite-related sites can be found everywhere on the web. Their sites aren't always listed in our databases, however, nor are they necessarily hosted by To make it easier for you to find these sites, we've compiled a list of links that we are aware of for you to explore. This list is continually growing and expanding. -- . . . "

Archaic Medical Terms - a glossary of medical terms as used in obituaries and other records. British, but not limited to any particular religious, ethnic, or national group, and expanding. Possibly useful in interpreting "cause of death" terms in Mennobits.

Obituary Central - "The headquarters for finding obituaries on the Internet"! This is a general finder site that is attempting to provide links and search engines to ALL on-line obituaries. It is not limited to any family, religious group, ethnic group, or any other specialized group. A good starting point for researching the obituaries that have been, and are being placed online.

Regions and Places:

Goshen Archives

Mennonite Historical Library - All books in the MHL, including genealogies, are listed online on the PALNI system.

Bethel College - two obituary indexes worth checking. (Both Compiled by Ruth Unrau, Bethel College North Newton, Kansas):
- Index to Obituaries in the Mennonite Weekly Review - 1923-1999.
- An obituary index of the GC German paper Christlicher Bundesbote (with a few transcribed obituaries linked)

Mennonite Heritage Museum in Goessel, Kansas

Mennonite Genealogy Data Index: Canada - transcribed obituaries from "Mennonite Brethern Herald" 1996-1999

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