Thanks to the following:

Don Kauffman, Edmonton, Alberta--Webster and Project Manager, who conceived the project, coordinated the volunteers, and posted the results. We are grateful for his untiring, persistent efforts.

Ruth Schrock--Archives Assistant, Goshen Archives. Ruth mailed out the copy, coordinated the Goshen transcribers, transcribed, answered questions, and generally kept the project going.

Ralph Shetler--creator of the "original" index on paper, without which this project would have been much more difficult. Also Charles Hunsecker who expanded Ralph's original index.

John E. Sharp, Director, Mennonite Church USA Historical Commitee, Goshen, Indiana--CEO of the MennObits project. CEO = Chief Encouragement Officer!

July 26, 2003 ---Don Kauffman, Margaret Shetler, Ralph Shetler in the archives of the Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta at Calgary, Alberta. Margaret and Ralph live in Scotts Mills, Oregon where Margaret is the secretary for OMHGS (Oregon Mennonite History and Genealogy Society) and archivist in the archives they have on the campus of Western Mennonite School. Don was project Manager for the Mennobits Project and lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

They are standing in front of the Gospel Herald magazines which were used in the Mennobits project. Ralph collected these magazines in Oregon, and donated them to Don for use in the project. When the project was completed Ralph and Don donated the magazines to the Alberta archives. Ralph also did work on the indexing that was used in Mennobits, and he typed/transcribed many obituaries. Ralph died October 18, 2004 [See obituary]. We are grateful for Ralph's contribution to this project.

Transcribers, who have typed or scanned one issue or more:
(In no particular order, but roughly in the order of volunteering)
Nancy Regan, Washington
Cheri Salz, Illinois
Joyce Harrell, Washington
Ralph Shetler, Oregon
Marie Fogelsinger, Michigan
Barbara Fink, Florida
Sam Detwiler, Ohio
Barbara Shock, Ohio
Betty Hartzler, Kansas
Edna Dasher, Arizona
Nancy Ann Hartman, Nebraska
Julie Getter, New Hampshire
Robert Stauffer, Missouri
Debbie Kapp, Pennsylvania
Carolyn Hunnicutt, Indiana
Linda Hartman, Indiana
Martha Heath, Indiana
Sharon Sowers, Indiana
Kathryn Steckly, Indiana
Kate, Indiana
Carl Metzler, Indiana
Doris Metzler, Indiana
Beulah Kauffman, Indiana
Ron Garber, Kansas
Jeff Miller, Colorado
Peggy Grant, California
Betty Ann Tyson, Massachusetts
Mary Teeter, Michigan
Rose Burkholder, Ohio
Mona Mann, Arizona
David Mann, Arizona
Orleata Moore, California
Marlene McMullin, Michigan
Kathy Mott, Indiana
Ruby Peters, Washington
Donna Birkey, Illinois
Meg Gernhardt, Indiana
Theresa Riley, Texas
Rita Martin, Missouri
Janice Wilbur, Utah
Sandra Poulton, Ontario
Jim Yoder, British Columbia
Joe Lawson, Oklahoma
Brenda Bough, Massachusetts
Donna Goble, Arizona
Cindy Wheeler, British Columbia
Terri Harper, Utah
Beverly Telfer, Indiana
Debbie Flanagan. Florida
Ann Miller White, Nebraska
Connie Schweitzer, Wisconsin
Jeannine Janzen, Kansas


Richele Herr, Ohio
Valerie Williams, Kansas
Marcia Bickel, Kansas
Debra Walker, Florida
Bethany Heilman, Florida
Charles Stutzman, Missouri
Charlotte McKenna, Oregon
Verna Odena, Texas
Judy Rediger, California
James C. Hostetler, Virginia
John Ingold, Indiana
Linda Bolt, Michigan
Beth Foster, California
Dave Hein, Texas
Cynthia Kauffman, Pennsylvania
Laura Bontrager Dube, Illinois
Wilma Troyer Bontrager, Michigan
Linda Rau, Oregon
Bonnie Holdeman Dalke, Colorado
Sharon Leichty, Indiana
David Glick, Indiana
Janet Hall, Rhode Island
Carol Bauman, Ontario
Justyn Hindersman, Indiana
Henry Kaltenbach, Texas