The Mennonite - August, 2002

"for the record" - Deaths:

The Mennonite, August 6, 2002, pages 26-27, Vol. 5, No. 15.

Albrecht.- Mae Ropp, 82, Newton, Ont., died May 30. Parents: Moses and Christena Ruby Ropp (both deceased). Survivor: daughter Audrey. Funeral: June 2 at Crosshill (Ont.) Mennonite Church.

Brunk.- Erma Hess, 62, Harrisonburg, Va., died June 14 of cancer. Spouse: George Brunk III. Other survivors: children Douglas, Valerie Brunk Hertzler; one grandchild. Funeral: June 18 at Lindale Mennonite Church, Linville.Va.

Byler.- Mary Lucille, 87, Harrisonburg, Va., died June 15. Parents: John and Amanda E. Troyer Byler. Memorial service: June 19 at Harrisonburg.

Frankenfield.- Susan Landis, 76, Harleysville, Pa., died June 14. Spouse: Earl Frankenfield. Parents: Levi and Fannie Clemens Landis (both deceased). Other survivors: children John, David, Dale, Jeryl, Earl, James, Steven; 16 grandchildren; four great-grandchildren. Funeral: June 18 at Salford Mennonite Church, Harleysville.

Friesen.- Edna Friesen, 89, Henderson, Neb., died June 26. Spouse: Henry C. Friesen (deceased). Parents: George and Helena Kroeker Friesen (both deceased). Survivors: children Melva, Ronald, Marlin; seven grandchildren; six great-grandchildren. Funeral: June 29 at Bethesda Mennonite Church, Henderson.

Gingerich.- Ada Martin, 91, Kouts, Ind., died June 17. Spouse: Joseph Gingerich (deceased). Parents: Arthur and Lydia Martin (both deceased). Survivors: children Mary Ann Gibson, Donald, Lydia Kreiger, Richard, James; 13 grandchildren; 13 great-grandchildren. Funeral: June 21 at Hopewell Mennonite Church, Kouts.

Goering.- David, 78, McPherson, Kan., died June 16 of cancer. Spouse: Opal Goering. Parents: Ben and Tena Krehbiel Goering (both deceased). Other survivors: children Duane, Diane Houchen; two grandchildren. Funeral: June 20 at First Mennonite Church, McPherson.

Goers.- Chester G., 81, Belleville, Pa., died June 26. Spouse: B. Jane Peachey Goers. Parents: Fred and Helen Goers (both deceased). Other survivors: children Stanley, Ronald, Mary Anne Rood; 12 step-children; 30 grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren. Memorial service: June 29 at Maple Grove Mennonite Church, Belleville.

Groff.- Verna Moyer Derstine, 94, Souderton, Pa., died June 27. Spouse: (1st) Henry A. Derstine (deceased); (2nd) Clayton M. Groff (deceased). Parents: William and Esther Moyer (both deceased). Survivors: children Larry, Lorretta Good, Eileen Famous; step-children Lorraine Landis, Neva Moyer; 15 grandchildren; 21 great-grandchildren; one great-great-grandchild. Funeral: July 1 at Souderton (Pa.) Mennonite Homes Chapel.

Haidet.- Shirley, 81, West Liberty, Ohio, died June 8. Survivors: children Craig, Trent; one grandchild. Funeral: June 12 at South Union Mennonite Church, West Liberty.

Huebert.- Lynn, 41, Henderson, Neb., died June 21 of cancer. Spouse: Melissa Huebert. Parents: John and Adeline Peters Huebert. Other survivors: children Malaina, Maelyn, Lane. Funeral: June 24 at Bethesda Mennonite Church, Henderson.

Kauffman.- Jody Gaines, 44, Fairview, Mich., died June 22 of a liver transplant failure. Spouse: James Kauffman. Parent: Nathan Gaines. Other survivors: children Jonathan, Sarah, Amanda. Funeral: June 28 at Fairview Mennonite Church.

Kinzie.- Ivan Nathan, 93, Cambridge, Ont., died June 5. Spouse: Buelah Weber Kinzie (deceased). Parents: Henry Kinzie and Alice Woods (both deceased). Survivors: children Sharon Ferguson, David; seven grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren. Funeral: June 10 at Stirling Avenue Mennonite Church, Kitchener, Ont.

Krehbiel.- Dagmar Kroeker, 71, Mountain Lake, Minn., died June 14 of acute leukemia. Spouse: Philip Krehbiel Jr. Parents: Herman and Myrtle Thompson Kroeker (both deceased). Other survivors: children Christine, Bradley, Allison Krehbiel Baskfield; five grandchildren. Funeral: June 19 at Bethel Mennonite Church, Mountain Lake.

Lehman.- Nellis Wadel, 87, Chambersburg, Pa., died May 30. Spouse: Fred Lehman. Parents: William and Annie Shriner Wadel (both deceased). Other survivors: children Lucille Sauder, Eugene; four grandchildren; three great-grandchildren. Funeral: June 3 at Chambersburg (Pa.) Mennonite Church.

Longacre.- Ruth Susanna Reese, 87, Ephrata, Pa., died May 18. Spouse: John Longacre (deceased). Parents: Harry and Lena Metzler Reeser (both deceased). Survivors: children Anna Lind, James, Joseph, Norman; 12 grandchildren; five great-grandchildren. Funeral: May 23 at Vincent Mennonite Church, Spring City, Pa.

Martin.- Ruby Frances Martin, 90, Harrisonburg,Va., died July 1. Spouse. E. Ruel Martin. Parents: Joseph and Hannah Brunk Martin (both deceased). Other survivors: children Helen Driver, Bernard, Arlin, Gerald, Nelson; 14 grandchildren; 33 great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 4 at Weavers Mennonite Church, Harrisonburg.

Miller.- R. Keith, 73, Walnut Creek, Ohio, died June 30 of cancer. Spouse: Dorothy Rebillot Miller. Parents: Kathryn Troyer Miller (deceased) and Paul Miller. Other survivors: children Brian, Kathy Weaver, Peggy Swartzentruber, Marsha Troyer; eight grandchildren; one great-grandchild. Memorial service: July 3 at Walnut Creek Mennonite Church.

Moser.- Lyle W., 74, Castorland, N.Y., died June 23. Spouse: DeEtta Zehr Moser. Parents: Daniel and Catherine Moser (both deceased). Other survivors: children Daniel, Lyle Willard, Sheryl Martin, Juanita Van Dyke; nine grandchildren; three great-grandchildren. Funeral: June 26 at Croghan (N.Y.) Mennonite Church.

Opdycke.- Willard R., 85, Fayette, Ohio, died June 28. Spouse: Frances Miller Opdycke. Parents: Waldo and Ella Weber Opdycke (both deceased). Other survivors: children Betty Jean Chase, Peggy Blevins, Susan Weeks. Funeral: July 1 at Eagle Funeral Home, Fayette.

Short.- Erma Holsopple, 84, Wauseon, Ohio, died June 23. Spouse: Elden Short. Parents: Emery and Lucinda Lehman Holsopple (both deceased). Other survivors: children Leon, Richart, Robert, James, Eugene, Darlene Ramon; 14 grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren. Funeral: June 26 at West Clinton Mennonite Church, Wauseon.

Sieber.- Daniel Wayne, 48, Hesston, Kan., died July 2 of a heart attack. Spouse: Colleen Smith Sieber. Parents: Samuel (deceased) and Lorraine Martin Siebert. Other survivors: children Sam, Daniel, Steven, Joseph. Funeral: July 6 at Whitestone Mennonite Church, Hesston.

Stahl.- Omar B., 75, Lancaster, Pa., died June 23 of a hemorrhagic stroke. Spouse: A. Martha Denlinger Stahl. Parents: Dewey and Mary Brubaker Stahl (both deceased). Other survivors: children John, Rachel Kraybill Stahl; two grandchildren. Funeral: June 27 at Strasburg (Pa.) Mennonite Church.

Troyer.- Helen Marie Smith, 85, Comins, Mich., died April 30. Spouse: Ben Troyer (deceased). Survivors: children Ron, Richard, Renie Schanck; six grandchildren; six great-grandchildren. Funeral: May 2 at Comins Mennonite Church.

Troyer.- John M., 89, Goshen, Ind., died May 29 of complications from a stroke. Spouse: Katie Yoder Troyer. Parents: Mose and Edna Yoder Troyer (both deceased). Other survivors: children Lavera Hooley, Carolyn Hochstetler, Rosella Coblentz, Glen, Larry, Donald; 19 grandchildren; 31 great-grandchildren. Funeral: June 2 at Clinton Brick Mennonite Church, Goshen.

Van Alstine.- Ruby Holderman, 88, Plattsmouth, Neb., died May 28. Spouse: William Van Alstine (deceased). Parents: Hezekiah and Helena Fast Holderman (both deceased). Survivors: son Larry; six grandchildren; 14 great-grandchildren. Funeral: June 4 at Kalispell, Mont.

Weaver.- Virgil, 94, Goshen, Ind., died May 29. Spouse: Mary Hoover Weaver. Parents: Mahlon and Clara Blosser Weaver (both deceased). Other survivors: children Julia Kennell, Verda, Carol Pope, Verl; five grandchildren; three great-grandchildren. Funeral: June 1 at Yellow Creek Mennonite Church, Goshen.

Yoder.- Mary Kate Blosser, 88, Wellman, Iowa, died June 27. Spouse: Oren Yoder (deceased). Parents: Perry and Ada Layman Blosser (both deceased). Survivors: children Arlin, Eldon, Darvin, Aldeen Wenger; eight grandchildren; 16 great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 1 at West Union Mennonite Church, Parnell, Iowa.

Zuercher.- Lawrence, 79, Wooster, Ohio, died May 22. Spouse: Esther Cleaver Zuercher. Parents: Menno and Anna Fahrni Zuercher (both deceased). Other survivors: children Eric, Olin, Eileen Rieman; one grandchild. Funeral: May 27 at First Presbyterian Church, Wooster.

Transcribed by: John Ingold

The Mennonite, August 20, 2002, pages 26-27, Vol. 5, No. 16.

Bender.- Donald, 76, Kitchener, Ont., died July 7. Spouse: Louisa Bender. Parents: Peter and Lavina Erb Bender (both deceased). Other survivors: children Ken, Lynette Albrecht, Bev McDowell, Evelyn Mondor, Paulette Gatenby, Rosalee, Amy, Leslie Bender Clark, Jonathan, Karen Temple; 24 grandchildren; one great-grandchild. Memorial service: July 11 at First Mennonite Church, Kitchener.

Bontrager.- Chris, 96, Sarasota, Fla., died July 11. Spouse: Viola Albrecht Bontrager (deceased). Parents: John K. and Fannie Yoder Bontrager (both deceased). Survivors: children Jean Bender-Mast, Edwin, Dennis; 12 grandchildren; 20 great-grandchildren; two great-great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 16 at Bahia Vista Mennonite Church, Sarasota.

Branner.- John, 85, Harrisonburg, Va., died July 19. Spouse: Edith Branner. Other survivors: children Joanna, Judy Bontrager. Funeral: July 21 at Lindale Mennonite Church, Linville, Va.

Buckwalter.- Pauline Rohrer, 92, Lititz, Pa., died Dec. 25, 2001. Spouse: Ira J. Buckwalter (deceased). Parents: John and Elizabeth Heller Rohrer (both deceased). Survivors: children John, Henry, Marian; foster son Jacob Ober; 12 grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren. Memorial service: Dec. 29 at Landis Homes, Lititz.

Buller.- John P., 90, Hesston, Kan., died July 12. Spouse: Lenora Koehn Androes Buller. Parents: Jacob and Katharina Heidebrecht Buller (both deceased). Other survivors: children Carolyn Papen, Meriam Zapor, Howard; five step-children; nine grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren; numerous step-grandchildren, step-great-grandchildren and step-great-great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 15 at Petersen's Funeral Chapel, Newton, Kan.

Derksen.- Katherine L., 96, Mountain Lake, Minn., died July 12. Parents: John P. and Helena Bergman Derksen (both deceased). Funeral: July 20 at First Mennonite Church, Mountain Lake.

Freyenberger.- Frieda Widmer, 88, Wayland, Iowa, died July 15. Spouse: Edwin Oswald Freyenberger (deceased). Parents: Christian and Elizabeth Rediger Widmer (both deceased). Survivors: children Gerald, Wayne, Ledru, Stanley, Elizabeth Webb, Anna Hochstetler, Kay Frunzi, Mary Hereford, Deana Hauenstein; 24 grandchildren; 13 great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 19 at Sugar Creek Mennonite Church, Wayland.

Friesen.- Geneva Alexander, 83, Goshen, Ind., died July 15. Spouse: John R. Friesen (deceased). Parents: Harold and Susie Mishler Alexander (both deceased). Survivors: children Velda Decker, Marilyn Bartel, Quinton, Norris. Funeral: July 19 at Goshen.

Geigley.- Roy M., 85, Los Lunas, N.M., died June 19. Spouse: Gladys Martin Geigley. Parents: George and Katie Musselman Geigley (both deceased). Other survivors: children Ray, Donald, Anna Lois Miller, Esther Mae Kauffman, Glen, Arlin, Alvin, Leon; 38 grandchildren; 55 great-grandchildren. Funeral: June 24 at First Assembly of God Church, Delta, Colo.

Gingerich.- Verna Bachman, 87, Morton, Ill., died July 26. Spouse: Wilson J. Gingerich (deceased). Parents: Arthur and Ida Sutter Bachman (both deceased). Survivors: children Jim, Robert, Richard, Mary; 12 grandchildren; 21 great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 29 at Calvary Mennonite Church, Washington, Ill.

Habecker.- Charles S., 81, Mountville, Pa., died June 28 of heart disease. Spouse: Anna May Hess Habecker. Parents: Charles and May Sherich Habecker (both deceased). Other survivors: children Nelson, Shirley Collins, Lois Glover; four grandchildren; one great-grandchild. Funeral: July 2 at Habecker Mennonite Church, Lancaster, Pa.

Hatter.- S. Reginald, 79, Lyndhurst, Va., died June 22 of renal carcinoma. Spouse: Jean Cook Hatter. Parents: B. Frank and Lottie Campbell Hatter (both deceased). Other survivors: children Dennis, R. Dean, Daniel, Sharon Kiser, Rebecca Truxell, Marcy Nester; 12 grandchildren; four great-grandchildren. Funeral: June 25 at Mountain View Mennonite Church, Lyndhurst.

Kauffman.- Edna Hochstetler, 91, Sarasota, Fla., died June 13. Spouse: Protus Kauffman (deceased). Parents: Martin and Caroline Hochstetler (both deceased). Survivors: children Eva Wickey, Verda Fisher, Amos, Ivan, Delbert; 14 grandchildren; 23 great-grandchildren; five great-great-grandchildren. Funeral: June 17 at Bahia Vista Mennonite Church, Sarasota.

King.- John, 98, Washington, Ill., died July 10. Spouse: (1st) Mary Ganzhorn King (deceased); (2nd) Sylvia Faubel King. Parents: Solomon and Amanda Griner King (both deceased). Other survivors: children Don, Wally; step-children Fred Faubel, Bruce Faubel, Edward Faubel, Linda Krisman; nine grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren. Funeral: Dieter's Funeral Home, Washington, Ill.

King.- Kenneth E., 82, Goshen, Ind., died July 4 after a long illness. Spouse: Laura Ann King. Parents: Levi and Anna Mae Erb King (both deceased). Other survivors: daughter Janice Brubaker; two grandchildren; four great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 8 at College Mennonite Church, Goshen.

Landis.- Arthur H., 95, Souderton, Pa., died July 20. Spouse: Bessie Yothers Landis (deceased). Parents: Isaac and Hannah Halteman Landis (both deceased). Survivors: children Ruth Willouer, Harold; five grandchildren; 13 great-grandchildren; one great-great-grandchild. Funeral: July 25 at Franconia (Pa.) Mennonite Church.

Miller.- Goldie Gering, 87, Freeman, S.D., died July 12. Spouse: Clarence J. Miller (deceased). Parents: Jacob J.and Caroline Waltner Goering (both deceased). Survivors: children Arlen, Steve, Jessie Peters; six grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 16 at Salem Mennonite Church, Freeman.

Musselman.- Esther Clemmer, 89, Souderton. Pa., died July 13. Spouse: Russell B. Musselman (deceased). Parents: Michael and Lizzie Moyer Clemmer (both deceased). Survivors: children John, Gerald; six grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 18 at Salford Mennonite Church, Souderton,

Oswald.- Kathryn "Katie," 94, Shickley, Neb., died July 9. Parents: Christian and Elizabeth Birkey Oswald (both deceased). Funeral: July 12 at Salem Mennonite Church, Shickley.

Pankratz.- Anna Derksen, 90, Mountain Lake, Minn., died July 15. Spouse: Peter F. Pankratz (deceased). Parents: John P. and Helena Bergman Derksen (both deceased). Survivors: children Marlin, Laura Neufeld, Loren, Robert; 13 grandchildren; six great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 20 at First Mennonite Church, Mountain Lake.

Rembold.- Homer Oscar, 101, Salisbury, Pa., died June 19. Spouse: Nettie Grace Livengood Rembold (deceased). Parents: Amos Rembold and Anna Slabaugh (both deceased). Survivors: children Thelma Shoemaker, Edgar, Olin, Cleo Saylor; 12 grandchildren; 24 great-grandchildren; seven great-great-grandchildren. Funeral: June 22 at Springs (Pa.) Mennonite Church.

Ressler.- Florence Kandel, 91, Orrville, Ohio, died June 29. Spouse: Paul Ressler (deceased). Parents: William and Martha Hochstetler Kandel (both deceased). Survivors: children Bill, Janet Yoder, Paul, Linda, Gerald; 11 grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 2 at Pleasant View Mennonite Church, North Lawrence, Ohio.

Schmidt.- Maxlyn Smith, 80, Pawnee Rock, Kan., died July 25. Spouse: Earl Alvin Schmidt. Parents: Max and Effie Smith (both deceased). Other survivors: children Ann Pasnick, Robert; five grandchildren. Funeral: July 30 at Bergthal Mennonite Church, Pawnee Rock.

Tieszen.- Milton L., 79, Newton, Kan., died July 17 of cancer. Spouse: Helen Bach Tieszen. Parents: Jacob and Augusta Voth Tieszen (both deceased). Other survivors: daughter Judy Ann Etchells; one grandchild. Funeral: July 20 at Faith Mennonite Church, Newton.

Troyer.- Robert E., 80, Elida, Ohio, died July 15. Spouse: (1st) Mary Louise McCleary; (2nd) Barbara Burtchin. Parents: Menno and Elizabeth Good Troyer (both deceased). Other survivors: children J. Stevan, Joyce Daniels, Linda Showalter, Rebecca Kephart; 13 grandchildren; five great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 18 at Pike Mennonite Church, Elida.

Weaver.- Julianna Bubuli, 77, Akron, Ohio, died July 10. Spouse: Richard Dale Weaver. Parents: Kashmere and Martha Premus Bubuli (both deceased). Funeral: July 15 at Berlin (Ohio) Mennonite Church.

Wenger.- Morris R., 86, Dalton, Ohio, died July 17. Spouse: Mabel Good Wenger (deceased). Survivors: children Howard, Eileen Good, Clair, Doreen Good, Melvin, Dennis, Merle, Lucille, Jerry, Elsie Norton, Doris; 28 grandchildren; one great-grandchild. Funeral: July 20 at Kidron (Ohio) Mennonite Church.

Yoder.- Menno, 83, Chesapeake, Va., died July 16 of lung cancer. Spouse: Anna Yoder (deceased). Parents: John and Sarah Hershberger Yoder (both deceased). Survivors: children Clifford, Willie, James, Dorothy Yoder Brangan, Leon, Morris; 10 grandchildren; 14 great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 19 at Mount Pleasant Mennonite Church, Chesapeake.

Transcribed by: John Ingold

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