The Mennonite - April, 2003

"for the record" - Deaths:

The Mennonite, April 1, 2003, pages 26-27, Vol. 6, No. 7.

Bender-. Amelia Herschberger, 73, Kalona, Iowa, died Feb. 19 of cancer. Spouse: Orval Bender (deceased). Parents: John E. and Christena Herschberger. Survivors: children Delores Gingerich, Betty Erickson, Gene, Donald; 13 grandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 22 at Lower Deer Creek Mennonite Church, Kalona.

Friesen-. Hannah Janae, 19 days, Ephrata, Pa., died Feb. 19 due to complications since birth. Parents: Douglas and Tina Groff Friesen. Other survivors: grandparents Aaron and Anna Groff, Ronald and Miriam Friesen. Funeral: Feb. 22 at Blossom Hill Mennonite Church, Lancaster, Pa.

Friesen-. Wendell J., 88, Henderson, Neb., died Feb. 28. Spouse: Hannah Friesen (deceased). Parents: Gerhard J. and Katharina Friesen. Survivors: children Elgie, Romaine, Wyona, Kathy Schmidt; nine grandchildren; four great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 3 at Bethesda Mennonite Church, Henderson.

Garber-. Eugene Clell, 77, Sweet Home, Ore., died Jan. 31. Spouse: Melva Yoder Garber. Parents: Clyde and Alma Zehr Garber. Other survivors: children Karen Reed, Ken, Jim, Dan, Marlene Sherfy, Ron; 12 grandchildren; one great-grandchild. Funeral: Feb. 5 at Sweet Home (Ore.) Mennonite Church.

Hofer-. Marie E., 85, Freeman, S.D., died Feb. 28. Spouse: Joe Matt Hofer (deceased). Parents: Christian and Justina Tschetter Hofman. Survivors: children Donna Thieszen, Edie Tschetter; five grandchildren; four great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 3 at Hutterthal Mennonite Church, Freeman.

Kim-. Lynda Buller, 95, Buhler, Kan., died March 11. Spouse: Carl Kim (deceased). Parents: John and Anna Gaeddert Buller. Survivors: children Doris Friesen, Dwala Smith; four grandchildren; six great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 14 at Hoffnungsau Mennonite Church, Inman, Kan.

King-. John L., 73, Belleville, Pa., died Feb. 25 of a heart attack. Spouse: Savilla Kanagy King. Parents: Cletus and Mary Yoder King. Other survivors: children Maretta Barr, Pamela Laughlin, Catherine Terry, Barbara Peachey, Nancy Martin, Rebecca, Paul, Dale, Savilla Peachey, Emily; 27 grandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 28 at Maple Grove Mennonite Church, Belleville.

Kinsinger-. Marvin Lyle, 80, Kalona, Iowa, died March 6. Spouse: Eileen Burkey Kinsinger. Parents: Simon and Ella Swartzendruber Kinsinger. Funeral: March 10 at West Union Mennonite Church, Parnell, Iowa.

Marner-. Esther Leichty, 70, Kalona, Iowa, died Feb. 21. Spouse: Gerald Marner. Parents: Simon and Lavina Roth Leichty. Other survivors: children Rosella Myers, Rosanna, Stanley, Michael; eight grandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 25 at Lower Deer Creek Mennonite Church, Kalona.

Marner-. Lydia Yoder, 96, Kalona, Iowa, died Feb. 27. Spouse: John Earl Marner (deceased). Parents: Samuel and Barbara Miller Yoder. Survivors: children Elizabeth Kanagy, Clair, Lois, Marvin; 14 grandchildren; 23 great-grandchildren; two great-great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 1 at West Union Mennonite Church, Parnell, Iowa.

Miller-. Erma Pauline Doolin, 89, Wellman, Iowa, died Feb. 19. Spouse: Enos H. Miller. Parents: John and Esther Yoder Doolin. Other survivors: children S. Duane, E. Gene, L. Dale, Ermadine Boshart; 22 grandchildren; 50 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 22 at Wellman (Iowa) Mennonite Church.

Nofziger-. Ilva Beck, 93, Wauseon, Ohio, died Jan. 25. Spouse: Lloyd Nofziger (deceased). Parents: Henry and Emma Nofziger Beck. Survivors: children Richard, Merrill, Ronald, Dorwin, Jerry, Cheryl Karagiorge; 18 grandchildren; 21 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Jan. 29 at West Clinton Mennonite Church, Wauseon.

Oyer-. Verle Christian, 82, Chenoa, Ill., died Feb. 10. Spouse: Margaret Birkey Oyer. Other survivors: children Curtis, Christine, Gordon. Funeral: Feb. 13 at East Bend Mennonite Church, Fisher, Ill.

Quiring-. Peter, 82, Henderson, Neb., died Feb. 28. Spouse: Estalean Epp Quiring. Parents: D.C and Katharina Buller Quiring. Other survivors: children Harvey, Gary; nine grandchildren; two great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 4 at Bethesda Mennonite Church, Henderson.

Rupp-. Mahlon D., 94, Wauseon, Ohio, died Feb. 17. Spouse: (1st) Violet Stuckey (deceased), (2nd) Luella Stuckey Grieser. Parents: Frank and Lydia Lugbill Rupp. Other survivors: children Daryl, Lynn, Larry; stepchildren Merlin Grieser, Dwight Grieser, Curtis Grieser, Bernard Grieser, Don Grieser, Rosalyn Ledyard, Lynette Slabaugh; seven grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; 14 step-grandchildren; 21 step-great-grandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 20 at West Clinton Mennonite Church, Wauseon.

Sawatzky-. Benjamin, 80, North Newton, Kan.. died Feb. 16. Spouse: Leona Friesen Sawatzky. Parents: Jacob and Cornelia Klassen Sawatzky. Other survivors: children Steven, Monroe, Rosemary, Margaret; six grandchildren; four great-grand children. Funeral: Feb. 19 at Bethel College Mennonite Church, North Newton.

Schrag-. Laura R., 89, Moundridge, Kan., died Feb. 14. Spouse: Art Schrag (deceased). Parents: Helmut and Martha Krehbiel Wedel. Survivors: children Gordon, Larry, Joyce Hall; seven grandchildren; 12 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 17 at Eden Mennonite Church, Moundridge.

Sharp-. Alta Stoltzfus, 84, Elverson, Pa., died March 8. Spouse: David D. Sharp. Parents: Levi and Mary Beiler Stoltzfus. Other survivors: children Merle, Donald, Dennis; seven grandchildren. Funeral: March 12 at Forest Hills Mennonite Church, Leola, Pa.

Sommers-. Ervin W., 81, Louisville, Ohio, died Feb. 16. Spouse: Ruby Sommers. Parents: Harry and Mary Sommers. Other survivors: children Rita Hickills, Ray, Keith; 13 grandchildren; 17 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 21 at Chapel in Marlboro (Ohio).

Wiebe-. Ruth Harms, 86, Wichita, Kan., died Feb. 11. Spouse: Herbert Wiebe (deceased). Parents: Leonard and Martha Penner Harms. Survivors: children Cal, Martha; three grandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 15 at Lorraine Avenue Mennonite Church, Wichita.

Willems-. T. James, 74, Moundridge, Kan., died March 5. Spouse: Delores Nikkel Willems. Parents: Jacob and Elizabeth Epp Willems. Other survivors: children Tom, Pat Dalke, Karen Behrendt. Funeral: March 10 at Hoffnungsau Mennonite Church, Inman, Kan.

Correction: Daughter Elaine Hershey was omitted from the obituary of Alverda Stoudt Moore in the March 4 issue.

Transcribed by: John Ingold

The Mennonite, April 15, 2003, pages 24-27, Vol. 6, No. 8.

Becker-. Carolyn Goering, 74, Moundridge, Kan., died Feb 24. Spouse: Melvin Becker. Parents: Phil J. and Martha C. Goering. Other survivors: daughter Sandra Kay. Funeral: March 1 at First Mennonite Church, McPherson, Kan.

Biehn-. Grace Paterson, 90, Kitchener, Ont., died Feb. 4. Spouse: Lincoln Biehn (deceased). Parents: Henry and Amelia Paterson. Funeral: Feb. 7 at Ratz-Bechtel Funeral Home, Kitchener.

Byler-. Christ J., 90, Lititz, Pa., died Feb. 27. Spouse: Margaret K. Fallon Byler (deceased). Parents: Joseph E. and Anna Yoder Byler. Survivors: children Anna Mary, Sarah Perez, Chris, Leonard, Samuel, David; 16 grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 4 at Willow Street (Pa.) Mennonite Church.

Dyck-. Helene, 86, Steinbach, Man., died March 9. Spouse: Jacob Dyck. Funeral: March 12 at Steinbach (Man.) Mennonite Church.

Ebersole-. Anna Mary, 91, Mount Joy, Pa., died Feb. 23. Spouse: Jacob W. Ebersole (deceased). Survivors: children John W., Robert W.; five grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 26 at Erisman Mennonite Church, Manheim, Pa.

Ebersole-. Esther, 88, Lititz, Pa., died Feb. 22. Funeral: Feb. 25 at Erisman Mennonite Church, Manheim, Pa.

Eby-. Esta Hershey, 86, Terre Hill, Pa., died March 15 of cancer. Spouse: Martin Eby. Parents: Isaac and Esther Brackbill Hershey. Other survivors: children John, Peter, Sarah Eby-Ebersole, James, Michael; 10 grandchildren; five great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 18 at Weaverland, East Earl, Pa.

Epp-. Darrell G., 66, Henderson, Neb., died March 7 of cancer. Spouse: Ardith Peters Epp. Parents: Herman J. and Katherina Hiebnet Epp. Other survivors: children Sherry Thiesen, Deb Roth, Alisa Krehbiel, Daphne Hall; eight grandchildren. Funeral: March 10 at Bethesda Mennonite Church, Henderson.

Garber-. Eugene C, 77, Sweet Home, Ore., died Jan. 31. Spouse: Melva Darlene Yoder Garber. Parents: Clyde and Alma Zehr Garber. Other survivors: children Karen Reed, Ken, Jim, Dan, Marlene Sherfy, Ron; 12 grandchildren; one great-grandchild. Funeral: Feb. 5 at Sweet Home (Ore.) Mennonite Church.

Gingerch-. Dorothy Ella Lais, 85, Hubbard, Ore., died March 9. Spouse: Vernon Gingerich. Parents: Daniel and Ella Egli Lais. Other survivors: children Raymond, John, Thomas, Douglas, Charles, Craig, Carolyn, Urszula Balenkowski, Dorothy Brenneman, Judy; 18 grandchildren; five great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 15 at Zion Mennonite Church, Hubbard.

Goertzen-. Harry J., 85, Aurora, Neb., died March 7. Spouse: Anna Buller Goertzen. Parents: John P. and Elizabeth Regier Goertzen. Other survivors: children Eleanor Quiring, John. Carl; six grandchildren; six great-grandchildren.

Heintz-. Carol Bowman, 62, Kitchener, Ont., died Feb. 8 of heart failure. Spouse: David Heintz. Parents: Norman and Muriel Ernst Bowman. Other survivors: daughter Judith. Funeral: Feb. 11 at First Mennonite Church, Kitchener.

Hochstetler-. Leo, 71, Goshen, Ind., died Feb. 16 of Parkinson's Disease, Spouse: Lois Miller Hochstetler. Parents: Ora and Ollie Beckler Hochstetler. Other survivors: children Craig, Ritch; stepchildren Wendy Cull, Gloria Reynolds, Laurie Brockway; five grandchildren; one great-grandchild. Funeral: Feb. 20 at Clinton Frame Mennoniie Church, Goshen.

Kaufman-. Lee Randall, 35, Menno, S.D, died Feb. 8 of cancer. Spouse: Sonja Pfifle Kaufman. Other survivors: stepchildren John Crandall, Jr.,Tanya Crandall, Tina Crandall. Funeral: Feb. 11 at Salem Mennonite Church, Freeman. S.D.

Kendig-. Anna Mae, 83, Lancaster, Pa., died March 12. Parents: Milton and Annie Witmer Kendig. Funeral: March 17 at Masonville, Washington Boro, Pa.

King-. Thelma Ruth Yoder, 88, Albany, Ore., died Feb. 22. Spouse: Donald E. King (deceased). Parents: Roy S. and Lora Hartzler Yoder. Survivors: children Loren D., Timothy D., Nelda F. Miller; seven grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 14 at Lebanon (Ore.) Mennonite Church.

Landes-. Alma H. Frederick, 93, Souderton, Pa., died March 17. Spouse: Ernest C. Landes (deceased). Parents: Jacob O. and Elizabeth Hackman Frederick. Survivors: children Arlene Miller, Marvin; seven grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 21 at Towamencin Mennonite Church, Kulpsville, Pa.

Leichty-. Raymond, 88, Fort Wayne, Ind., died March 7. Parents: John and Sarah Leichty. Survivors: children Vera A.Wyatt, E. M. "Cid" Fick; seven grandchildren; 15 great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 11 at North Leo (Ind.) Mennonite Church.

Mast-. Amy Troyer, 93, Millersburg, Ohio, died March 19. Spouse: William A. Mast (deceased). Parents: M.A.and Millie Zimmerman Troyer. Survivors: children Bill, Janice Miller; seven grandchildren; 16 great-grandchildren; three great-great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 23 at Millersburg (Ohio) Mennonite Church.

Miller-. Betty Kaufman, 82, Middlebury, Ind., died March 3. Spouse: Daniel Miller. Parents: Rudolph and Mary Ann Yoder Kaufman. Other survivors: children Larry, Glen Dale; five grandchildren; three great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 7 at First Mennonite Church, Middlebury.

Miller-. Dennis D., 83, Elkhart, Ind., died Feb. 26. Spouse: Anne M. Richardson Miller. Parents: David D.and Maggie Kuhns Miller. Other survivors: children Douglas D., Jacqueline A. Miller; three stepchildren; five grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; five step-grandchildren.

Miller-. Edna Troyer, 80, Hartville, Ohio, died March 12. Spouse: Moses Miller. Parents: Benjamin and Melinda Troyer. Other survivors: children Sharon Troyer, Marilyn Martin, Vernon, Steve; 11 grandchildren; 12 great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 15 at Hartville (Ohio) Mennonite Church.

Miller-.Sara F., 78, Mashulaville, Miss., died March 1. Spouse: Andrew Miller. Parents: Noah J.and Mary Bontrager Frey. Other survivors: children Larry Miller, Richard Gillett, Robert Gillett, Rodney Gillett, Roger Gillett, Velton Farmer, Howard Polk, Travis Wallace, Jerry Bell, Anita Gillett, Celia Tubby, Mary Sue Clark, Deanie Ashford, Maggie Farmer, Shirley Grant, Linda Bell; 34 grandchildren; 27 great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 7 at Brush Fork Baptist Church.

Moore-. Cyril E., 86, Wooster, Ohio, died Jan. 21 of cancer and heart disease. Spouse: Arlene Smucker Moore. Parents: Andrew J. and Hazel J. Moore. Other survivors: children Paula Vasichko, James D., Carol E. Mehler, Mary Lynn Espinosa, Linda Gray; eight grandchildren; four great-grandchildren. Funeral: Jan. 24 at Oak Grove Mennonite Church, Smithville, Ohio.

Nissley-. Anna, 83, Landisville, Pa., died March 14. Funeral: March 17 at Erisman Mennonite Church, Manheim, Pa.

Ongoa-. Esther R. Clemens, 72, Cape Gerardeau, Mo., died Feb. 8 of A.L.S. Survivors: children Margaret Best, Melanie Ongoa Arulsomy; two grandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 21 at Jackson, Mo. Burial: Feb. 23 at Methecton Mennonite Church, Norristown, Pa.

Regier-. Ardiena Voth, 74, Abilene, Kan., died Feb. 2. Parents: David J. and Katie Dirks Voth. Survivors: children Wayne, Kathryn Ann Bise; six grandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 6 at Buhler (Kan.) Mennonite Church.

Richard-. Clysta E. Miller, 100, Kidron, Ohio, died March 1. Spouse: John B. Richard (deceased). Parents: John and Katie Miller. Funeral: March 6 at Oak Grove Mennonite Church, Smithville, Ohio.

Rupp-. Carl H., 92, Westminster, Colo., died March 12. Spouse: Marie Flaming Rupp. Parents: Otto C. and Stella Rupp. Other survivors: children Carla, Larry. Funeral: March 22 at West Zion Mennonite Church, Moundridge, Kan.

Ruth Jr.-. Ernest L., 53, Souderton, Pa, died March 3. Parents: Ernest and June Landis Ruth. Funeral: March 8 at Franconia (Pa.) Mennonite Church.

Sala Jr.-. Ammon, 77, Hollspopple, Pa., died Feb. 20 of lymphoma. Spouse: Dorothy Lena Sala Thomas Sala. Parents: Ammon and Emma Mishler Sala, stepmother Carrie Thomas Sala. Other survivors: children Linda Pundzak, James; five grandchildren; two step-great-grandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 23 at Stahl Mennonite Church, Johnstown, Pa.

Shoup-. Marie B. Stuter, 80, Dalton, Ohio, died March 6. Spouse: Orin C. Shoup (deceased). Parents: William B. and Margaret E. Hooley Stuter. Survivors: children Faye George, Ernie, David, Don, Duane, Darrel, Carol Curie, Twila Lehman; 22 grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 10 at Martins Mennonite Church, Orville, Ohio.

Showalter-. Paul D., 82, Chambersburg. Pa., died Jan. 3. Spouse: Ruth N. Martin Showalter. Other survivors: children Lorraine Martin, Ellen Hartzler, Lucille Martin, Carolyn Martin, Cheryl Frey, Joanna Lehman; 13 grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren. Funeral: Jan. 7 at Chambersburg (Pa.) Mennonite Church.

Walker-. Joan Helen Robinson, 64, Struthers, Ohio, died March 2. Spouse: Jack S. Walker, Sr. Other survivors: children Miriam Cook, Jack Jr. Funeral: March 5 at North Lima (Ohio) Mennonite Church.

Weaver-. Mary Louise Bender, 84, Waldron Island, Wash., died Feb. 25 of multiple myeloma. Spouse: Robert F. Weaver. Parents: Mark and Effie Miller Bender. Other survivors: children Anna Scruton, Nellie Habegger, Chris; seven grandchildren; one great-grandchild. Burial: Feb. 26 at Waldron Island Cemetary.

Werner-. Johann, 86, Steinbach, Man., died March 10. Spouse: Margaretha Werner. Funeral; March 15 at Steinbach (Man.) Mennonite Church.

Wingard-. Lillie Berg, 88, Smithville, Ohio, died March 8 of a stroke. Spouse: Aldus J. Wingard. Parents: Phillip and Rosena Moser Berg. Other survivors: daughler Sharon Nissley; three grandchildren; two great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 13 at Thomas Mennonite Church, Hollsopple, Pa.

Zehr-. Velma K., 88, Eureka, Ill., died March 7. Funeral: March 9 at First Mennonite Church, Morton, Ill.

Transcribed by: John Ingold

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