The Mennonite - May 2006

"for the record" - Deaths:

The Mennonite, May 2, 2006, pages 26-27, Vol. 9, No. 9.

Birky.- Viola K., 85, Foosland, Ill., died April 2. Spouse: Wilbert Birky (deceased). Parents: Dan and Katie Zehr. Children: Roger, Dennis, Mervin, Don, Sandy Miller, Linda Ramirez, Tammy Keim; 23 grandchildren; 33 great-grandchildren. Funeral: April 5 at East Bend Mennonite Church, Fisher, Ill.

Croyle.- Ellis B., 75, Goshen, Ind., died March 31. Spouse: Charlotte Hertzler Croyle. Parents: Lloyd S. and Emma Stahl Croyle. Children: Timothy, Thomas, Nancy Entz, Amy Deel; seven grandchildren. Funeral: April 6 at College Mennonite Church, Goshen.

Frederick.- Mahlon M., 92, Souderton, Pa., died April 6. Spouse: Katie Derstine Frederick (deceased). Parents: Frank and Ida Moyer Frederick. Children: Glenn D., Harold D., Robert D., Rachel Leatherman; nine grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren. Funeral: April 11 at Souderton Mennonite Homes Chapel.

Garber.- John Ellsworth, 82, Hubbard, Ore., died April 4. Spouse: Vera Lais Garber. Parents: Lewis and Olive Miller Garber. Children: Phyllis Early, Paul, John, Mary Garber-Saleh, David, Joy Yoder, Ruth Claassen, Richard; 26 grandchildren; five great-grandchildren. Funeral: April 9 at Zion Mennonite Church, Hubbard.

Gaskill.- Welcome "Duke", 77, Nappanee, Ind., died March 26. Spouse: Verona "Skip" Gaskill. Parents: Lester and Mary Lehman Gaskill. Children: Cathy Mullet, Sara Hill, Clint, Eric (deceased); seven grandchildren; five great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 31 at North Main Street Mennonite Church, Nappanee.

Hershey.- Lydia Kreider, 90, Lititz, Pa., died March 25. Spouse: Clarence Hershey (deceased). Parents: Benjamin and Leah Hess Kreider. Children: John B., C. Ray; seven grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 29 at Landis Homes Chapel, Lititz.

Hostetler.- Eugene Richard, 74, Harrisonburg, Va., died April 9. Spouse: Mary Naomi Mast Hostetler. Parents: Elmer and Edith Dodge Hostetler. Children: Rhoda Steiner, Cheri Garber, Christine Brenneman, Lorisa Willis, Lisa Friedenberg; 16 grandchildren. Funeral: April 12 at Ridgeway Mennonite Church, Harrisonburg.

Landis.- Sarah R., 75, Montgomeryville, Pa., died March 22. Parents: Warren and Clara Rickert Landis. Funeral: March 25 at Anders Detweiler Funeral Home, Souderton, Pa.

Mullet.- Henry Laurence, 90, Sarasota, Fla., died Dec. 18, 2005. Spouse: Evelyn Mullet. Children: Mary I. Mast, Barbara S. Alderfer, Shirley A. Taber, Stan Adams; 12 grandchildren; five great-grandchildren. Funeral: Dec. 22, 2005, at Bayshore Mennonite Church, Sarasota.

Reeves.- Leroy A., 84, Waka, Texas, died March 27. Spouse: Bonnie Reeves. Children: Keith, Doug, Harley, Carolena Cogdill; five grandchildren; one great-grandchild. Funeral: March 30 at Perryton (Texas) Mennonite Church.

Schlegel.- Clara Immel, 89, Walnut Creek, Ohio, died April 7. Spouse: Earl C. Schlegel (deceased). Parents; William and Elva Stutzman Immel. Children: Gary, Randy, Jim, Janice Block, Sharon Thiess, LuAnne Pentecost; 10 grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren. Funeral: April 10 at Walnut Creek Mennonite Church.

Weaver.- Jay R., 76, Goshen, Ind., died March 31. Spouse: Sharon E. Lapham Weaver. Parents: Osee and Mary Catherine Welty Weaver. Children: Ed, Ryan, Matt. Funeral: April 5 at Clinton Frame Mennonite Church, Goshen.

White.- Sally Jo Roeschley, 68, Chevy Chase, Md., died April 6 of cancer. Spouse: Donald Emerson White. Parents: Eli and Emma Beller Roeschley. Children: Jane Hiebert-White, Miriam de Decker; four grandchildren. Funeral: April 29 at Hyattsville (Md.) Mennonite Church.

Wiens.- Richard H., 61, Hesston, Kan., died March 28. Spouse: Mary Lee Detweiler Wiens. Parents: Nick and Evelyn Wiens Wiebe*. Children: Kim Wiens Barber, Phil Wiens; four grandchildren. Funeral: March 30 at Hesston Mennonite Church.  [Should this be Wiebe Wiens?]

Yoder.- Irene, 87, Arcola, Ill., died April 5. Spouse: Elvan Yoder (deceased). Parents: Jacob and Lydia Blucker. Children: Roger, Allen, Dale, Dorothy McQueen; nine grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren. Funeral: April 8 at Arthur (Ill.) Mennonite Church.

Transcribed by:  John Ingold

The Mennonite, May 16, 2006, pages 25-26, Vol. 9, No. 10.

Bergey.- Trent Logan, stillborn, Franconia, Pa., died April 16. Parents: Kevin and Teresa Bergey. Funeral: April 19 graveside service at Franconia Mennonite Cemetery.

Buhler.- Leucile, 99, Bluffton, Ohio, died April 15. Spouse: Gerhard Buhler (deceased). Children: Genevieve Fast, Joanne Voth, Ruth Graber, Gerhard Samuel (deceased); 11 grandchildren; 19 great-grandchildren; two great-great-grandchildren.

Coronado.- Juan Francisco, 45, Pettisville, Ohio, died April 19. Spouse: Gloria Maldonado-Perez Coronado. Children: Rosy, Yari, Ines. Funeral: April 22 at Pettisville (Ohio) Cemetery.

Frey.- Adin L., 82, Chambersburg, Pa., died March 6. Spouse: Janet L. Frey. Parents: David and Fannie Martin Frey. Children: Eugene, Linda Horst, Fern Diller, Miriam Hawbaker, Wilmer; 19 grandchildren; 17 great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 10 at Chambersburg Mennonite Church.

Gephart.- Virginia, Boyertown, Pa., died April 7. Spouse: Kenneth Gephart (deceased). Children: June Morris, Keith (deceased); six grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren. Funeral: April 13 at Boyertown Mennonite Church.

Guntz.- Katie Freed, 84, Souderton, Pa., died April 21. Spouse: John B. Guntz. Parents: Oswin and Mary Ann Hackman Freed. Children: Wilma Hathaway, Dolores Hathaway, John Lester, Kathy Frederick, Miriam Leatherman, Merle, David; 15 grandchildren; 17 great-grandchildren. Funeral: April 28 at Souderton Mennonite Homes Summit View Chapel.

Hochstetler.- Edna Swartzentruber, 73, Nappanee, Ind., died April 25. Spouse: Dean Hochstetler. Parents: John and Ruth Esch Swartzentruber. Children: Clari*, Verle, Lee; eight grandchildren. Funeral: May 1 at Yellow Creek Mennonite Church, Goshen.  *[Should be Clair - see LP 2006 H   Edna Hochstetler obituary.]

Horst.- Paul M., 88, Chambersburg, Pa., died March 10. Spouse: Elizabeth Ebersole Horst (deceased). Parents: Martin and Christianna Martin Horst Children: James R., Eunice Banzhoff, Dorothy Wadel; 10 grandchildren; 24 great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 15 at Chambersburg Mennonite Church.

Lehman.- Margaret V., 100, Chambersburg, Pa., died April 5. Spouse: Abram Frey (deceased). Parents: David and Sarah Burkhart Paxton. Children: D. Ralph, Marie Eby; 12 grandchildren; 20 great-grandchildren; two great-great-grandchildren. Funeral: April 8 at Chambersburg Mennonite Church.

Litwiller.- Aaron Jr., 81, Hopedale, Ill., died April 29. Spouse: Ruth Crumrine Litwiller (deceased). Parents: Aaron and Lena Egli Litwiller. Children: Lonnie, Perry, Doug; seven grandchildren; one great-grandchild. Funeral: May 3 at Hopedale Mennonite Church.

Martin.- Ronald O., 68, Granger, Ind., died April 15. Spouse: Janice M, Birkey Martin. Parents: Ellis M. and Clyda Geiser Martin. Children: Janell L. Martin, Mark R.; two grandchildren. Funeral: April 19 at Olive Mennonite Church, Wakarusa, Ind.

Miller.- Raymond, 81, Winesburg, Ohio, died Feb. 13. Spouse; Betty Mann Miller. Parents: Jonathan and Anna Hochstetler Miller. Children: Marlin, Wava, Arden, Layden, Regina Hershberger; stepchildren Deborah Rogers, Diane Myers, Bryan; 12 grandchildren; five great grandchildren; 10 great-great-grandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 16 at Longenecker Mennonite Church, Winesburg.

Schrock.- Montey, 72, Howe, Ind., died April 24. Spouse: Rollin Schrock. Parents: Forrest O. and Mildred Sigler Bowman. Children: Brenda McClure, James, Scott, Michael (deceased); seven grandchildren. Funeral: April 28 at Emma Mennonite Church, Topeka, Ind.

Stutzman.- Thelma, 86, Hesston, Kan., died Jan. 28. Spouse: Raymon Stutzman (deceased). Parents: Wesley and Emma Yoder Stutzman. Children: Curtis, Thomas, Timothy, Dallas; 10 grandchildren; six great-grandchildren. Funeral: Feb. 1 at Holechek Chapel, Chappell, Neb.

Summer.- Cleva Miller, 92, Elsie, Mich., died April 10. Spouse: Milo Summer (deceased). Parents: Oliver and Alta Mast Miller. Children: David, Philip, George, Karen Short, Sharon Wall, Mary Kaufman; 18 grandchildren; 14 great-grandchildren. Funeral: April 15 at Bethel Mennonite Church, Ashley, Mich.

Woelk.- Frank Jr., 50, Newport, Wash., died March 25. Spouse: Mollie Woelk. Parents: Frank and Edna Fast Woelk. Children: Sam, Ben, Joanna Boe, Suzi Welden, Rob Cox, Jason Cox, Dorothy Cox Kaveshan; 13 grandchildren. Funeral: April 1 at Spring Valley Mennonite Church, Newport.

Transcribed by:  John Ingold

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