The Mennonite - September  2007

"for the record" - Deaths:

The Mennonite, September 4, 2007, page 27, Vol. 10, No. 17.

Bergthold.- Arthur F., 96, Reedly, Calif., died Aug. 11. Spouse: Mary Eymann Bergthold (deceased). Parents: Henry and Marie Muller Bergthold. Children: Arthur, Roland; seven grandchildren; 15 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 18 at First Mennonite Church, Reedly.

Burge.- Lynn Ann, 26, Marion, S.D., died Aug. 11 in a mowing accident. Parents: Terry and Brenda Johnson Burge. Siblings: Robert, Brian. Funeral: Aug. 16 at Salem-Zion Mennonite Church, Freeman, S.D.

Glick.- Aaron S., 85, Quarryville, Pa., died Aug. 13. Spouse: Susie Lapp Glick. Parents: John and Katie Smoker Glick. Children: Samuel L., John V., Kenneth J., Merle E., J. Elvin, Calvin W.; 12 grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 17 at Maple Grove Mennonite Church, Atglen, Pa.

Gregory.- Nellie L., 79, Orrville, Ohio, died Aug. 10 of injuries sustained in an automobile accident. Parents: Robert A. and Edith Kosier Gregory. Funeral: Aug. 15 at Martins Mennonite Church, Orrville.

Holsinger.- Justus G., 96, Hesston, Kan., died Aug. 8. Spouse: Salome A. Fast Holsinger. Parents: Henry S. and Elizabeth Cline Holsinger. Children: Dave, Don, Betty Shenk, Becky Rand; 11 grandchildren; two great-grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 18 at Schowalter Villa Chapel, Hesston.

Markley.- Naomi B. Freed, 88, Souderton, Pa., died Aug.4. Spouse: Ephraim B. Markley (deceased). Parents: William and Ida Bergey Freed. Children: Kenneth, Mary Lou Cleaver, Chris Graybeal, Glenn; 11 grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 8 at Souderton Mennonite Church.

Hostetler.- Ellen M. Taylor, 85, Orrville, Ohio, died Aug. 7. Spouse: Marvin J. Hostetler. Parents: Joseph and Wilda Miller Taylor. Children: Dale, Owen, Faye Overholt, Rita Wenger, Marla Nussbaum, Jane Steiner; 17 grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 11 at Orrville Mennonite Church.

Miller.- Carley June Erb, 84, Goshen, Ind., died Aug. 7. Spouse: Galen R. Miller (deceased). Parents: Jacob and Erma Miller Erb. Children: Scott, Duane, Tillman, Donald, Maria Graber, Gretchen Vasquez; 12 grandchildren; two great-grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 15 at the Gathering Place of Evergreen at Greencroft, Goshen.

Miller.- Howard D., 78, Lowville, N.Y, died Aug. 4. Spouse: Ruth Anna Jantzi Miller. Parents: Hobert and Blanche Wilkins Nesselrodt. Children: Heidi M. Heinz, Carmeleta M. Beidler, Howard D., Sven E.; nine grandchildren. Memorial service: Aug. 6 at Lowville Mennonite Church.

Myers.- Charles W., Sr., 78, Chambersburg, Pa., died Aug. 13 of a heart attack. Spouse: Mary E. Bauman Myers. Parents: William Charles and Goldie Robinson Myers. Children: Carol D. Rosenberry, Darlene F. Rhodes, Charles W., Jr., Don E.; nine grandchildren; two great-grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 18 at Marion Mennonite Church, Chambersburg,

Wenger.- Edith V., 88, Harrisonburg, Va., died Aug. 19. Parents: Oscar E. and Bessie P. Heatwole Wenger. Funeral: Aug. 23 at Lindale Mennonite Church, Harrisonburg.

Widrick.- Gerald Wilford, 77, Lowville, N.Y. died Aug. 10. Spouse: Betty Anna Roggie Widrick. Parents: Leon and Katherine D. Lehman Widrick. Children: Lynn, Neil, Gail Kogut, Kari Taylor; 11 grandchildren; one great-grandchild. Funeral: Aug. 13 at First Mennonite Church of New Bremen, Lowville.

Yoder.- Sylvia Mishler, 94, Archbold, Ohio, died July 27. Spouse: Leo Yoder. Parents: Moses and Catherine Yoder Mishler. Children: Joe, Sheryl Miller, Eileen Myers; six grandchildren; one great-grandson. Funeral: July 29 at Tedrow Mennonite Church, Wauseon, Ohio.

Transcribed by:  John Ingold

The Mennonite, September 18, 2007, page 27, Vol. 10, No. 18.

Janzen.- Jeffrey, 42, Boise, Idaho, died Aug. 19. Parents: Robert and Judy Regier Janzen. Funeral: Aug. 24 at Grace Hill Mennonite Church, Whitewater, Kan.

Kennel.- Vernon, 89, Atglen, Pa., died Aug. 16 of ventricular fibrillation. Spouse: Mildred Umble Kennel. Parents: Joseph and Annie Mast Kennel. Children: Larry, Deryl, Don, Arlin; 10 grandchildren; 12 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 20 at Maple Grove Mennonite Church, Atglen.

Koerner.- Loray D., 88, Flanagan, Ill., died Aug. 14 of pneumonia. Spouse: Nettie F, Eigsti Koerner. Parents: Henry and Sadie Shantz Koerner. Children: Bonnie Stucky, Rebecca Koerner, David; four grandchildren; three great-grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 17 at Prairieview Mennonite Church, Flanagan.

Landis.- Bernice Bergey, 81, Souderton, Pa., died Aug. 21. Spouse: Clayton H. Landis. Parents: Howard and Sadie Derstine Bergey. Children: Daniel, Kevin, Andrew; 10 grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 27 at Franconia (Pa.) Mennonite Church.

Lehman.- G. Irvin, 92, Harrisonburg, Va., died Aug. 27. Spouse: Edith Vanderploeg Lehman (deceased). Spouse: Verna Yeager Lehman (deceased). Parents: George E. and Leah Martin Lehman. Children: George N., Peter D., Timothy J., Eunice Kerbs; four grandchildren. Funeral: Sept. 1 at Park View Mennonite Church, Harrisonburg.

Lemke.- Hildegard Scheffler, 73, Burnaby, British Columbia, died Aug. 13. Spouse: Helmut Lemke. Parents: Hugo and Susan Scheffler, Children: Michael, Krista, Hanno; four grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 25 at Peace Mennonite Church, Richmond, British Columbia.

Mast.- John "Johnny," 76, Wooster, Ohio, died June 15. Spouse: Joretta Yarger Miller Mast. Spouse: Carolyn Schrock Mast (deceased). Parents: Leo and Marie Beyeler Mast. Children: Don, Diane Schmucker, Chris, Paul, Michelle Breneman; 15 grandchildren; fve great-grandchildren. Funeral: June 19 at East Union Mennonite Church, Orrville, Ohio.

Nafziger.- Elfrieda Nettie Toews, 69, Manhattan, Kan., died Sept. 2 of a stroke. Spouse: E. Wayne Nafziger. Parents: John A. and Nettie Wilms Toews. Children: Brian Wayne, Kevin Jon. Memorial service: Sept. 6 at All Faiths Chapel, Kansas State University, Manhattan.

Regier.- Daniel George, 84, Hesston, Kan., died Aug. 22. Spouse: Goldie Jane Neufeld Regier. Parents: George Baergen and Maria Janzen Regier. Children: Sheryl Wineinger, Sandra Unruh; four grandchildren; one great-grandchild. Funeral: Aug. 25 at First Mennonite Church, Newton, Kan.

Schaefer.- Donald E., 87, Lowville, N.Y., died Aug. 26. Spouse: Ilona M. Zehr Schaefer. Parents: William S. and Katherine Lehman Schaefer. Children: William, Elaine Matuszczak, Amy Deavers, Gary, Carla O'Brien, Ronald, Gail Lyndaker; 14 grandchildren; four great-grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 29 at First Mennonite Church of New Bremen, Lowville.

Schrock.- Mose Jr., 81, Topeka, Ind., died Aug. 24. Spouse: Mary Etta Mishler Schrock (deceased). Parents: Mose and Amanda Miller Schrock. Children: Lorene Schrock, LeMar, Leon, LaVon; two grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 28 at Emma Mennonite Church, Topeka.

Shenk.- Margaret Mae, 88, Harrisonburg, Va., died Aug. 11. Parents: Levi J. and Amanda Shenk. Funeral: Aug. 17 at Park View Mennonite Church, Harrisonburg.

Waterman.- Danny Vivian Davis, 92, Paradis, La., died Aug. 8 of a stroke following a fall. Spouse: Orville Mennaugh Waterman (deceased). Parents: Leonard Clifton and Suzanna Buxton Davis. Children: Orville Hallington Waterman, Benny Basco Waterman, Michael Franklin Waterman, Patricia Ann Gaubert Callaway; 12 grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren; four great-great-grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 10 at Des Allemands Mennonite Church, Des Allemands, La.

Wedel.- Rose Stucky, 103, Buhler, Kan., died Sept. 3. Spouse: Philip A. Wedel (deceased). Parents: John and Freni Stucky. Children: Ruth Schmidt, Dean Regehr, Laland; 10 grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Sept. 6 at Buhler Sunshine Home.

Transcribed by:  John Ingold

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