The Mennonite - December 2008

"for the record" - Deaths:

The Mennonite, December 2, 2008, pages 26-27, Vol. 11, No. 23. 

Birkey.- Vietta Zimmerman, 92, Goshen, Ind., died Oct. 26. Spouse: Clarence E. Birkey (deceased). Parents: Jake and Phoebe Redinger Zimmerman. Children: Ronald A., Roger J., Barbara A. Birkey, Carol J. Pratt; eight grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren. No funeral service was held at Vietta's request.

Brubacher.- Vera Culp, 86, Nappanee, Ind., died Nov. 3. Spouse: Sidney Brubacher (deceased). Parents: Oliver and Lottie Bixler Culp. Step-children: Lavon Brubacher, Randy Brubacher; four step-grandchildren; eight step-great-grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 6 at Yellow Creek Mennonite Church, Goshen, Ind.

Burky.- Lloyd G., 92, Sugarcreek, Ohio, died Nov. 12. Spouse: Glendora Shrock Burky (deceased). Parents: Jacob and Esther Wyss Burky. Children: Bruce, Doug, Lois Hochstetler; four grandchildren; two great-grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 15 at Smith-Varns Funeral Home, Sugarcreek.

Eby.- Sharon Lee Parker, 67, Goshen, Ind., died Nov. 1 following a battle with Alzheimer's Disease. Spouse: Roger Eby. Parents: Clayton S. and Virginia June Nutting Parker. Children: Kelley Bumgartner, Kurt, Kent, Kevin; 11 grandchildren; one great-grandchild. Funeral: Nov. 4 at North Main Street Mennonite Church, Nappanee, Ind.

Edelman.- Ellen Pauline Hershberger, 93, Wellman, Iowa, died Nov. 7. Spouse: Samuel  Edelman. Parents: Chancy and Mary Yoder Hershberger. Child: Clayton; three grandchildren; three step-grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; eight step-great-grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 11 at Kalona Mennonite Church, Kalona, Iowa.

Frey.- Marvin, 59, Waterloo, Ontario, died Oct. 19 after a one-year pilgrimage with brain cancer. Spouse: Ardith Bauman Frey. Parents: Martin and Selina Frey. Children: Eric, Christopher; one grandchild. Memorial service: Oct. 25 at Waterloo North Mennonite Church.

Heppner.- Caleb, 60, Salem, Ore., died Sept. 20 of cancer. Spouse: Bonnie Heppner. Parents: Allen Glen and Berbie Irene Heppner. Children: Jonathan, Mara Indra, Anna Williams; one grandchild. Funeral: Sept. 24 at St. Paul Episcopal Church, Salem.

Kauffman.- Gwen Faith Kauffman, 66, Wolford, N.D., died Oct. 25 of cancer and related problems. Spouse: Paul R. Kauffman. Parents: Reuben and Sadie Miller Kauffman. Children: Deanna, Laura, Sara, Arne, Leon, Joel, Myron, Carl; 19 grandchildren. Funeral: Oct. 29 at Lakeview Mennonite Church, Wolford.

King.- Barbara Ann Saltzman, 70, Goshen, Ind., died Nov. 10. Spouse: Donald G. King. Parents: Alvin and Mabel Albrecht Saltzman. Children: Cheryl Thomas, Daryl; two grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 15 at Clinton Frame Mennonite Church, Goshen.

Kirchner.- Diane Ruth Schmidt, 57, Oscala, Fla., died Nov. 12 of cancer. Spouse: Albert "Al" Ambrose Kirchner. Parents: Alvin Ray and Dorothy Green Schmidt. Children: Michael Friesen, Troy Kirchner, Dean Kirchner; one grandchild. Funeral: Nov. 15 at First Mennonite Church, Mountain Lake, Minn.

Miller.- Martha Fern Roth, 81, Wooster, Ohio, died Oct. 20. Spouse: Jack Miller (deceased). Parents: John and Matilda Swartzentruber Roth. Children: Gloria Wilson, Brian, Tim Grigg-Miller, Brenda Miller; seven grandchildren. Funeral: Oct. 25 at Smithville Mennonite Church, Smithville, Ohio.

Miller.- Mervin Leroy, 81, Scottdale, Pa., died Nov. 6 of Alzheimer's Disease. Spouse: Arelene Eash Miller. Parents: Menno and Edna Mae Witmer Miller. Children: Jim Miller, Dirk, Emily Marshman, Ann Peterson; eight grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 14 at Scottdale Mennonite Church.

Saylor.- Merle, 82, Hollsopple, Pa., died Oct. 21. Spouse: Lorene Kaufman Saylor. Parents: Edgar L. Jennie Blough Saylor. Children: Amelia Derr, Craig, Karen Longenecker; six grandchildren; three great-grandchildren. Funeral: Oct. 25 at Carpenter Park Mennonite Church, Davidsville, Pa.

Schmidt.- Irene Fern, 92, Newton, Kan., died Oct. 13. Parents: Bernhard W. and Helena Schmidt Schmidt. Funeral: Oct. 18 at Tabor Mennonite Church, Marion County, Kan.

Schrag.- Esther Mae Schrag, 79, Hesston, Kan., died Aug. 14 after a long struggle with Parkinson's Disease. Spouse: Paul Harvey Schrag. Parents: Daniel D. and Anna Zerger Schrag. Children: Mary Hunsberger, Donna Koehn, Allen, Lois Wahl; 11 grandchildren; six great-grand-children. Funeral: Aug. 18 at Whitestone Mennonite Church, Hesston.

Speicher.- Bertha Irene Gingerich, 93, Middlebury, Ind., died Oct. 16. Spouse: Willis Speicher (deceased). Parents: Andrew and Mary Martin Gingerich. Children: Dean, Cheryl Miller; three grand-children; two step-grandchildren; five great-grandchildren. Funeral: Oct. 19 at First Mennonite Church, Middlebury.

Swartzendruber.- David Harold, 57, Goshen, Ind., died Oct. 21 in a car/semi-truck accident. Spouse: Jereen Jesca Nandawula. Spouse: Diane Hange Sinjula. Parents: Harold Leon and Lucille Graber Swartzendruber. Children: Breanne Nicole Buterbaugh, Michael David; one grand-child. Funeral: Nov. 1 at College Mennonite Church, Goshen.

Vanderham.- Vivian K. Larson Nofziger, 94, Albany, Ore., died Oct. 17. Spouse: Luverne Rusty Vanderham (deceased). Chris Nofziger (deceased). Parents: Herman and Ruth Larson.  Children:  Donald Nofziger, Donna Winchester, Linda Heines, Joyce Cleveland; 13 grandchildren; numerous great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.  Funeral: Oct. 27 at Lebanon Mennonite Church, Lebanon, Ore.

Transcribed by:  John Ingold

The Mennonite, December 16, 2008, page 28, Vol. 11, No. 24.

Goshow.- Ruth Moyer, 87, Souderton, Pa., died Nov. 20. Spouse: Ezra M. Goshow. Parents: David D. and Mary Lizzie Allebach Moyer. Children: John, Ronald, Ruthanne Goshow, Mary Jane Yoder, Linda Derstine, Laurel Moyer; 16 grandchildren; 22 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 25 at Franconia Mennonite Church, Franconia, Pa.

Marner.- Eunice Lenore Reber, 93, Wellman, Iowa, died Nov. 2. Spouse: Ora Marner. Parents: George and Sarah Kreider Reber. Children: James, Loris Miller; eight grandchildren; 20 great-grandchildren; six great-great-grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 6 at Lower Deer Creek Mennonite Church, Kalona, Iowa.

McDermott.- Patrick Michael, 64, Lansdale, Pa., died Nov. 16 of cancer. Spouse: Barbara Schttig McDermott. Parents: James Francis and Margaret Ketrick McDermott. Children: Michael A., Deirdre M. Smith, Tricia Gibney, Kyle; two grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 22 at Grace Mennonite Church, Lansdale.

Schmidt.- Wilhelm G., 92, Archbold, Ohio, died Nov. 7. Spouse: Vera Nafziger Williams Schmidt. Parents: Wilhelm and Adele Schmidt. Children: Rosa Sommers, Gretchen Ursisi; four grandchildren; two great-grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 12 at Central Mennonite Church, Archbold.

Smucker.- Daniel Martin, 91, Harrisonburg, Va., died Nov. 19. Spouse: Frances Yoder Smucker (deceased). Parents: Dan and Verna Mast Smucker. Children: Gary, Jean Smucker Fisher, Karen Smucker Shelly, Elwood, Helen Jo Smucker; three grandchildren; two step-grandchildren; two step-great-grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 22 at Lindale Mennonite Church, Linville, Va.

Stahly.- H. LaMar, 90, Nappanee, Ind., died Oct. 24. Spouse: Pauline Lois Weldy Stahly. Parents: Harvey and Nellie McGowan Stahly. Children: Terry, Dennis, Bruce, Steve, Kirby; 11 grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Oct. 28 at Holdeman Mennonite Church, Wakarusa, Ind.

Stamm.- Walter E., 88, Archbold, Ohio, died Nov. 21. Spouse: Martha Jane Eicher Stamm (deceased). Parents: Fred and Hulda Aeschliman Stamm. Children: Edward, Roger, Dale, Pat Bondi, Karen Wyse; 19 grandchildren; 27 great-grand-children. Funeral: Nov. 25 at Central Mennonite Church, Archbold, Ohio

Weaver.- Paul Alvin, 33, Millersburg, Ohio, died Nov. 25. Parents: Robert C. and Kathy Miller Weaver. Siblings: Nathaniel, Matthew, Robert C. "Robbie" II. Funeral: Nov. 29 at Walnut Creek Mennonite Church, Walnut Creek, Ohio.

 Transcribed by:  John Ingold

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