The Mennonite - January, 2011

"for the record" - Deaths:

The Mennonite, January 2011, pages 54-55, Vol. 14, No. 1.

Alliman.- Mae Richard, 88, Goshen, Ind., died Nov. 7, 2010. Spouse: Gilbert Alliman (deceased). Parents: Noah and Anna Graber Richard. Children: June A. Yoder, Kirk G.; three grandchildren; four great-grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 13 at College Mennonite Church, Goshen.

Boshart.- Burdette Joseph, 85, Milford, Neb., died Oct. 7, 2010. Spouse: Deloris Jean Stutzman Boshart (deceased). Parents: Joseph and Faye Stutzman Boshart. Children: Patricia Hostetler, Holly Hostetler, Carla Yeackley, Pam Wurst, Mike; 10 grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren. Funeral: Oct. 9 at Beth-El Mennonite Church, Milford.

Brubacher.- Curtis, 93, St. Jacobs, Ontario, died Nov. 24, 2010. Spouse: Alice Snider Brubacher. Parents: Menno and Almeta Good Brubacher. Children: Sanford, Maurice, Lorrie Brubacher Perlman, Ross; four grandchildren; one great-grandchild. Funeral: Nov. 29 at St. Jacobs Mennonite Church.

Buschert.- David C., 78, South Bend, Ind., and Goshen, Ind., died Nov. 1, 2010. Spouse: Joyce Stutzman Buschert. Parents: Chester and Mary Edna Snyder Buschert. Children: Beth Hooley, Jill Kennel; one grandchild. Funeral: Nov. 6 at College Mennonite Church, Goshen.

Cutrell.- Samuel N., 80, Lakewood, Colo., died Nov, 9, 2010. Spouse: Waneta Louise Sommers Cutrell (deceased). Parents: George W. and Frances Nissley Cutrell. Children: Sam S., Scott M.; one grandchild. Funeral: Nov. 18 at First Mennonite Church, Denver, Colo.

Davidhizar.- George Kenneth, 91, Wakarusa, Ind., died Oct. 26, 2010. Spouse: Grace Evelyn Marks Davidhizar (deceased). Parents: Fred and Nora Kehr Davidhizar. Children: Jean Griffin, Alan, Carolyn Bitikofer; seven grandchildren; two great-grandchildren. Funeral: Oct. 30 at Olive Mennonite Church, Elkhart, Ind.

Derstine.- Chester T., 91, Dublin, Pa., died Nov. 23, 2010. Spouse: Ruth L. Detweiler Derstine (deceased). Parents: Samuel and Lizzie Trauger Derstine. Children: James, David, Elaine Clemmer, Clyde; seven grandchildren; 16 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Dec. 1 at Rockhill Mennonite Community Chapel, Sellersville, Pa.

Derstine.- Ruth L. Detweiler, 91, Dublin, Pa., died Nov. 28, 2010. Spouse: Chester T. Derstine (deceased). Parents: Harvey and Lizzie Lapp Detweiler. Children: James, David, Elaine Clemmer, Clyde; seven grandchildren; 16 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Dec. 1 at Rockhill Mennonite Community Chapel, Sellersville, Pa.

Ellsworth.- Evelyn Mae Short, 88, West Unity, Ohio, died Nov. 16, 2010. Parents: Elmer and Jeanette Yoder Short. Children: Lawrence Rudnicki, Jeanette Ronwinski, Connie Todorowski, Dennis Rudnicki, Tad Rudnicki; 16 grandchildren; 33 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 30 at Short Funeral Home, Archbold, Ohio.

Goerzen.- Milton, 85, Goessel, Kan., died Nov. 4, 2010. Spouse: Alice Reimer Goerzen. Parents: Jacob J. and Sarah Schroeder Goerzen. Children: Larry, Jennifer Flaming, Mike, Shelley Buller; 10 grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 8 at Tabor Mennonite Church, Newton, Kan.

Gross.- Joe A., 90, Freeman, S.D., died Nov, 19, 2010. Spouse: Emma Walter Gross. Parents: Andrew J. C. and Mary A. Tschetter Gross. Children: Nancy Weber, Sherwin; five grandchildren; two great-grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 23 at Hutterthal Mennonite Church, Freeman.

Kauffman.- Alvin D., 96, Goshen, Ind., died Nov, 14, 2010. Spouse: Beulah Good. Kauffman. Parents: Joseph and Agnes Andrews Kauffman. Children: Barbara Powell, Ruth Ann Zehr, Ralph; eight grandchildren; 13 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 20 at Belmont Mennonite Church, Elkhart.

Liechty.- Mary Marie Zehr, 87, Leo, Ind., died Nov. 14, 2010. Spouse: Omer W. Liechty (deceased). Parents: Sam and Elizabeth Stauffer Zehr. Children: Lois Kruth, Janie Mullet, Omer, Wendy Lederach, Sherman; 12 grandchildren; six great-grand-children. Funeral: Nov. 20 at North Leo Mennonite Church.

Martin.- Arthur, 83, St. Thomas, Pa., died Nov. 11,2010. Spouse: Janet H. Lehman Martin. Parents: Adin and Elizabeth Eby Martin. Children: Ronald, Barbara Martin Miller, Robert, Bonita Martin Shelly; 10 grandchildren; 15 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 13 at Marion Mennonite Church, Chambersburg, Pa.

Metzger.- John M., 77, Kitchener, Ontario, died Nov. 22, 2010. Spouse: Doris Bast Metzger. Parents: George and Nancy Metzger. Children: Larry, Elaine Mortensen, Anita Bast, Julie Herteis; seven grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 24 at St. Jacobs Mennonite Church, St. Jacobs, Ontario.

Miller.- Mary Holaway, 98, Goshen, Ind., died Nov. 6, 2010, following a three-year illness. Spouse: Lester J. Miller (deceased). Parents: Jacob and Sophia Bleile Holaway. Children: Dorcas Steider, Lynford, Philip; nine grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 9 at North Main Street Mennonite Church, Nappanee, Ind.

Nissley.- Jay Howard, 49, South Bend, Ind., died Nov. 19, 2010. Parents: Homer D. and Betty Graber Nissley. Children: Jennifer Nissley, Bjorn Nissley, Jan-Dominik Nissley of Daldorf, Germany. Funeral: Nov. 28 at Kern Road Mennonite Church, South Bend.

Schmidt.- Rudolf "Rudy" H., 87, Goessel, Kan., died Oct. 27, 2010. Spouse: Nola Kremer Schmidt. Spouse: Luella Schmidt (deceased). Parents: Jacob U. and Mary Hiebert Schmidt. Children: Kathy Schmidt, Jim, Mary Ulsaker, Fred, Darrel Kremer; 13 grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Oct. 30 at Tabor Mennonite Church, Newton, Kan.

Schroeder.- Bertha Adina Goertz, 98, Goessel, Kan., died Aug. 11, 2010. Spouse: Herbert Schroeder (deceased). Parents: Henry F. and Martha Schmidt Goertz. Children: Mary Jones, Judy Tomlonson, Herb. Funeral: Aug. 16 at Tabor Mennonite Church, Newton, Kan.

Shank.- David Arthur, 86, Goshen, Ind., died Oct. 20, 2010. Spouse: Wilma E. Hollopeter Shank. Parents: Charles L. and Crissie Yoder Shank. Children: Michael, Stephen, Crissie Buckwalter, Rachel Shenk; nine grandchildren; two great-grandchildren. Funeral: Oct. 25 at Berkey Avenue Mennonite Fellowship, Goshen.

Skiles.- Joseph, 97, Wakarusa, Ind., died Nov. 12, 2010. Spouse: Virginia Holoway Weldy Skiles. Spouse: Leona Flickinger Skiles (deceased). Parents: Daniel V. and Lean Metzger Skiles. Children: Linda Hartzell, Karen Dubow, Grace Laydon, Joan Fleck, Molly Jo Seeck; 13 grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 15 at Holdeman Mennonite Church, Wakarusa.

Stopher.- Ruby Miller, 83, LaGrange, Ind., died Nov. 22, 2010, from complications of heart valve surgery. Spouse: Wayne Stopher. Parents: John W. and Elizabeth Miller Miller. Children: Kathleen Snider, Sheila Yoder, Regina Driver, Yvonne Stopher, Timothy; eight grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 28 at Shore Mennonite Church, Shipshewana, Ind.

Waltner.- Welma Mae Waltner, 90, Freeman, S.D., died Nov. 16, 2010. Spouse: Ray J. Waltner (deceased). Parents: Jacob P. and Mary Waltner. Children: Lynne Voth, Bill, Donna Goering, Ginny Crabb; 10 grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 27 at Salem-Zion Mennonite Church, Freeman.

Wedel.- Delbert A., 80, Hesston, Kan., died Nov. 11, 2010. Spouse: Carol J. Stucky Wedel. Parents: Arthur A. and Elizabeth Goering Wedel. Children: Debi Brunk, Lori Graber; four grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 13 at Hesston Mennonite Church.

Weidman.- Mary Lou Mowery, 69, Landisville, Pa., died Nov. 10, 2010. Spouse: Dallas P. Weidman. Parents: John R. and Marguerite Cover Mowery. Children: Linda Blauch; John Weidman, Dallas Weidman, Carol Smith; three grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; step-children: Rick Weidman, Randy Boll. Memorial service: Nov. 15 at Landisville Mennonite Church.

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