The Mennonite - September, 2013

"for the record" - Deaths:

The Mennonite, September 2013, pages 48-49, Vol. 16, No. 9.


Daub.- John Joseph, 72, Keswick, Va., died June 27. Spouse: Jeanette Daub. Chi1dren: Debbie Daub, Daniel, John; seven grandchildren. Funeral: July 1 at Springdale Mennonite Church, Waynesboro, Va.

Derstine.- Irene B. Souder, 91, Souderton, Pa., died July 21, of congestive heart failure. Spouse: Elwood A. Derstine (deceased). Parents: Wilmer B. Souder, Sr., and Marietta M. Bergey Souder. Children: Terry S., William S., Ray S.; seven grandchildren; 12 great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 29 at Souderton Mennonite Homes Chapel.

Detweiler.- Allen S., 87, Sellersville, Pa., died July 10. Spouse: Jean Detweiler. Parents: Harvey and Anna Stover Detweiler. Children: Allen L., Joanne McCurdy; three grandchildren; two great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 25 at Rockhill Mennonite Community Chapel, Sellersville.

Friesen.- Peter "Pete," 92, Altona, Manitoba, died July 17. Spouse: Anne Hildebrand Friesen. Parents: Peter G. and Susanna Loeppky Friesen. Funeral: July 23 at Bergthaler Mennonite Church, Altona.

Gaeddert.- Rosella Regehr, 89, Inman, Kan., died July 20. Spouse: Elmer David Gaeddert (deceased). Parents: George T. and Helen Fehrau Regehr. Child: Doris Dick; one grandchild; two great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 24 at Bethel Mennonite Church, Inman.

Geiser.- Bennet W., 101, Orrville, Ohio, died July 11. Spouse: Grace A. Steiner Geiser. Parents: Peter and Mary Schmid Geiser. Children: Leonard, Lowell, Arlene Lehman, Marlene Fossum, Elaine Schloneger; 12 grandchildren; 23 great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 29 at Orrville Mennonite Church.

Geiser.- Lois Arlene Balmer, 73, Bluffton, Ohio, died July 4. Spouse: Ronald Geiser. Parents: Sidney and Thelma Wingate Balmer. Children: Jon, Deron, Kamala Renick; seven grandchildren. Funeral: July 8 at First Mennonite Church, Bluffton.

Grieser.- Glenford Gene, 68, Hamilton, Ind., died July 23. Spouse: Karen Stuckey Grieser. Parents: Charles J. and Sophie Rupp Grieser. Child: Charlie. Funeral: July 29 at Central Mennonite Church, Archbold, Ohio.

Hamm.- Miriam Glanzer, 83, Freeman, S.D., died July 12, of a massive stroke. Spouse: Donald Hamm (deceased). Parents: Joseph P. and Theresa Kleinsasser Glanzer. Children: Alan, Joseph, Sidney, Joyce Palmateer; 15 grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 15 at Hutterthal Mennonite Church, Freeman.

Horst.- Ray Ernest, 89, Elkhart, Ind., died July 20. Spouse: Ruth Brunk Horst. Parents: Titus S. and Mary Landis Horst. Children: Carolyn Heydon, Ray Edward, Jean Luadzers; eight grandchildren. Funeral: July 29 at Prairie Street Mennonite Church, Elkhart.

Mast.- Ellis Dale, 73, Goshen, Ind., died June 28, of a heart attack. Spouse: Ann Smucker Mast. Parents: Paul and Beulah Miller Mast. Children: Michele Stutzman, Angela Miller; five grandchildren. Funeral: July 1 at Clinton Frame Mennonite Church, Goshen.

Meck.- Howard, 93, Wauseon, Ohio, died June 25. Spouse: Helen Roth Meek. Parents: Clarence and Mable Resh Meek. Children: Don, Mary Lou Heck, Marvin Rohrer-Meek, Mabel McFarland, Linda Yoder, Dorothy Sue Meek; 16 grandchildren; one great-grandchild. Funeral: June 29 at Central Mennonite Church, Archbold, Ohio.

Mohr.- Henry Theodore, 93, Allentown, Pa., died July 5. Spouse: Bessie Hemphill Mohr (deceased). Spouse: Florence Gunkle Mohr (deceased). Spouse: Emma Rice Mohr (deceased). Parents: Lawrence D. and Susan H. Shantz Mohr. Children: SylviaHilmer, Susan Mohr, Sharon Rider, Roger, Lisa H. Mohlman; six grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; one great-great-grandchild. Funeral: July 10 at Upper Milford Mennonite Church, Old Zionsville, Pa.

Musselman.- Grace Schlosser, 90, Souderton, Pa., died July 20. Spouse: Homer D. Musselman. Parents: Irwin C. and Lizzie Landes Schlosser. Children: Roy, Linda Gehman, Betsy McCrorie; 13 grandchildren; 20 great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 24 at Plains Mennonite Church, Hatfield, Pa.

Neufeld.- Adolf W., 93, Inman, Kan., died July 13. Spouse: Wanda Marie Reber Neufeld (deceased). Parents: Peter T. and Lena Wiens Neufeld. Child: Marilyn Marshall; two grandchildren; two great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 23 at Bethel Mennonite Church, Inman.

Neufeld.- Willie D., 90, Inman, Kan., died May 13. Spouse: Ida K. Schierling Neufeld (deceased). Parents: Abraham F. and Marie W. Doerksen Neufeld. Children: Jerald, Stanley; four grandchildren; 17 great-grandchildren. Funeral: May 17 at Bethel Mennonite Church, Inman.

Nisly.- Frances, 79, Hartville, Ohio, died June 18. Parents: John and Lizzie Miller Nisly. Funeral: June 22 at Maple Grove Mennonite Church, Hartville.

Schertz.- Vernon E., 88, Atlanta, Ga., died June 24, of an aortic aneurysm. Spouse: Eleanor M. Milam Schertz. Spouse: Betty Lewis Schertz (deceased). Parents: Emanuel J. and Lena M. Drange Schertz. Children: Vera Agonafer, Irene Schertz, Stephen, Susan Moreno, V. Eric; 13 grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren. Funeral: June 29 at Berea Mennonite Church, Atlanta.

Shaum.- James E., 85, Engadine, Mich., died June 12, following a stroke. Spouse: Esther Troyer Shaum. Parents: Henry and Susanna Witmer Shaum. Children: Donita Wheeler, Suetta Hollinger; three grandchildren. Funeral: June 18 at Wildwood Mennonite Church, Engadine.

Short.- R. Dean, 81, Archbold, Ohio, died July 7. Spouse: Esther Yoder Short. Parents: Clarence and Mary Schmucker Short. Child: Sam D.; five grandchildren; one great-grandchild. Funeral: July 11 at Lockport Mennonite Church, Stryker, Ohio.

Smith.- Pearl C. Clemmer, 93, Hilltown Twp., Pa., died July 1. Spouse: Walter J. Smith. Parents: Jonas and Mamie Moyer Clemmer. Child: Carolyn Landis; two grandchildren; four great-grandchildren. Memorial service: July 15 at Rockhill Mennonite Community Chapel, Sellersville, Pa.

Studer.- Gerald C., 86, Lansdale, Pa., died Aug. 1. Spouse: Marilyn Kreider Studer (deceased). Parents: Martin Gotleib Studer and Edna Lucille Blough Studer. Children: Jerri Longacre, Maria Fluck; three grandchildren; five great-grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 7 at Plains Mennonite Church, Hatfield, Pa.

Swartzendruber.- Alda Burkey, 97, Newton, Kan., died June 27. Spouse: Lloyd Swartzendruber (deceased). Parents: Arthur and Amanda Stutzman Burkey. Children: Rosie Roberson, Arthur; five grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren; one great-great-grandchild. Funeral service: July 2 at West Union Mennonite Church, Parnell, Iowa.

Weaver.- June Marie Collins, 83, Harrisonburg, Va., died Aug. 2. Spouse: Kenneth J. Weaver. Parents: Edward Clarence and Edith Blough Collins. Children: Carol Eberly, Jim, Bill, Don; eight grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; two step-great-grandchildren. Memorial service: Aug. 6 Harrisonburg Mennonite Church.

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