The Mennonite - May 2015

"for the record" - Deaths:

The Mennonite, May 2015, pages 48-49, Vol. 18, No. 5.


Arn.- Rev. John Willard, Jr., 75, Lansdale, Pa., died Jan. 15. Spouse: Ruth Hunsberger Sew-Ell Am. Spouse: Sarah K. Am (deceased). Parents: Willard, Sr. and Ruth Prindle Am. Children: Christel Boysel, Kendra Hosgood, Nathan; six grandchildren. Funeral: Jan. 20 at Grace Mennonite Church, Lansdale.

Bartel.- Marvin D., 88, Halstead, Kan., died March 14. Spouse: Martha Stoltzfus Bartel. Parents: David Andrew and Marie F. Dyck Bartel. Children: Cindy Sohar, Margaret Freed, Rose Weaver, Albert, Jane Haught, Marvin W. Funeral: March 18 at Landis Homes West Bethany Chapel, Lititz, Pa.

Bontrager.- Alvin L., 89, Goshen, Ind., died April 6. Spouse: Mary Louise Yoder Bontrager. Parents: Levi D. and Lizzie Graber Bontrager. Children: Debra Kauffman, Rebecca Horst, Patricia Shenk, Joyce Yoder, Virginia Miller, Thomas; 13 grandchildren; four great-grandchildren. Funeral: April 11 at College Mennonite Church, Goshen.

Boyts.- Bernita Martin, 78, Hesston, Kan., died March 13. Spouse: Harold Boyts. Parents: Bill and Dorothy Martin. Children: Michelle Boyts, Michael, Rick; two grandchildren. Funeral: March 21 at Dyck Arboretum of the Plains, Hesston.

Buffington-Miller.- Helen Grubb, 88, Belleville, Pa., died March 5. Spouse: Arden T. Miller (deceased). Spouse: William E. Buffington (deceased). Parents: Irvin R. and Mabel Culbertson Grubb. Children: Cheryl A. Hasson, William I. Buffington, Ralph M. Buffington, Bruce J. Buffington, David L. Buffington; step-children: Patricia Miller, Arden Miller, Jr., Jeffrey Miller; seven grandchildren; two step-grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren. Memorial service to be held in July at Maple Grove Mennonite Church, Belleville.

Bumbaugh.- Janet G. Garland, 81, Chambersburg, Pa., died April 6. Parents: Carl and Ruth Garland. Children: Debbie Aleman, Diana Ashway, Sid A. Bumbaugh, Sr., Lori Long; 12 grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren. Funeral: April 11 at Marion Mennonite Church, Chambersburg.

Eby.- Alma E., 84, New Holland, Pa., died March 9. Parents: Ira M. and Ella Book Eby. Funeral: March 13 at New Holland Mennonite Church.

Frank.- Kenneth Wayne, 80, Waynesboro, Va., died March 1. Spouse: Barbara Ann Frank. Parents: John and Rose Vierling Frank. Children: Janet Traugher, Mark, Debbie Frank; three grandchildren. Funeral: March 6 at Springdale Mennonite Church, Waynesboro.

Fretz.- Anna Mae Charles, 97, Vineland, Ontario, died March 7. Spouse: Lyall Fretz (deceased). Parents: Christian and Ellen Hess Charles. Funeral: March 14 at The First Mennonite Church, Vineland.

Fry.- Paul W., 86, Goshen, Ind., died March 8. Spouse: Rosemary Blosser Fry. Parents: John W. and Elmira Horst Fry. Children: Michael, Brian; four grandchildren; one great-grandchild. Funeral: March 20 at College Mennonite Church, Goshen.

Gerber.- Ellis Jay, 91, Mountain Lake, Minn., died March 31, of cancer. Spouse: Edna Buller Gerber. Parents: Grover Cleveland and Fairy Amstutz Gerber. Children: Daniel Peter, Rebecca Ann Ruddy, Joanna Lynn Pinkerton; six grandchildren. Funeral: April 6 at First Mennonite Church, Mountain Lake.

Good.- Pauline M., 84, Lancaster, Pa., died March 28. Parents: Allen and Hannah Gross Good. Funeral: April 3 at Landisville Mennonite Church, Landisville, Pa.

Horst.- Melvin, 88, St. Jacobs, Ontario, died March 31. Spouse: Leeta Dettwiler Horst. Parents: Menno and Lovina Bauman Horst. Children: Doug, Roland, Rose Ann Mottet, Gary, Brent; 16 grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren. Funeral: April 7 at St. Jacobs Mennonite Church.

Hostetler.- Dora Lavaun Sommer, 97, Hesston, Kan., died March 23. Spouse: Kenneth E. Hostetler (deceased). Parents: Christian C. and Selma Clare Suter Sommer. Children: Harry F. Dettwiler, Ann Schroeder; four grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 26 at Hesston City Cemetery.

Kehler.- Eva Dueck, 80, Altona, Manitoba, died March 29. Spouse: Ben J. Kehler (deceased). Parents: Gerhard and Elizabeth Dueck. Funeral: April 2 at Begthaler Mennonite Church, Altona.

Kradjel.- Janet V. Fraser, 84, Zionsville, Pa., died April 5. Spouse: Henry H. Kradjel. Parents: George N. and A. Viola Lilenthal Fraser. Children: Howard Kradjel, Donna Michener, Elaine Heiserman, Susan Smith; nine grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren. Funeral: April 11 at Upper Milford Mennonite Church, Old Zionsville, Pa.

Lantz.- Fyrne Lucille Martin, 75, Goshen, Ind., died April 2. Spouse: Ray A. Lantz. Parents: Clifford Aden and Maxine May Sommers Martin. Child: David; two grandchildren. Funeral: April 10 at Clinton Frame Mennonite Church, Goshen.

Paul.- Charles Milford, 94, Scottdale, Pa., died Feb. 21. Spouse: Winifred Erb Paul. Parents: John and Barbara Hernley Paul. Children: Philip, Barbara Paul Miller, Roger-Herr Paul, Alta Paul Dezort, Gregory; 10 grandchildren; five great-grandchildren. Memorial service at a later date in Scottdale.

Pauls.- Louise E. Schroeder, 89, Buhler, Kan., died March 6, of a stroke. Spouse: Irvin Albert Pauls (deceased). Parents: C.D. and Susanna Karber Schroeder. Children: Gaylene Van Horn, Shirley Grubbs; three grandchildren; five great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 9 at Bethel Mennonite Church, Inman, Kan.

Riegsecker.- Irene I. Neuhauser, 90, Goshen, Ind., died March 19. Spouse: Levi Riegsecker (deceased). Parents: William and Anna Schwartzentruber Neuhauser. Step-children: Joyce Craven-Themm, Keith Riegsecker, Veri Riegsecker, Dennis Riegsecker, Marvin Riegsecker, Orval Riegsecker; 14 step-grandchildren; five step-great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 28 at College Mennonite Church, Goshen.

Roth.- Darlene Roth, 78, Morton, Ill., died March 15. Spouse: Herbert D. Roth. Parents: Elmer N. and Esther Martin Roth. Children: Douglas, Jeff, Jill Leander; seven grandchildren; four great-grandchildren. Memorial service: March 18 at First Mennonite Church, Morton.

Snyder.- Donald William, 94, Goshen, Ind., died March 11. Spouse: Leta M. Miller Snyder (deceased). Parents: C.U. and Mary E. Kauffman Snyder. Children: Donna Snyder Shank, JoAnne Lehman, Cathy Cameron; nine grandchildren; three great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 17 at College Mennonite Church, Goshen.

Swartzendruber.- Edward G., 98, Goshen, Ind., died March 30. Spouse: Mary A. Aschliman Swartzendruber. Parents: Joseph and Emma Shetler Swartzendruber. Children: Kay Montgomery, Douglas E.; four grandchildren; three great-grandchildren. Funeral: April 4 at College Mennonite Church, Goshen.

Tony.- Steven J., 62, Goshen, Ind., died April 2. Spouse: Katherine Ruth Fuquay Tony (deceased). Parents: John and Wilma Keller Tony. Children: Emily Tony. Funeral: April 8 at College Mennonite Church, Goshen.

Thomas.- Velma L. Nafziger, 95, Hopedale, Ill., died March 23. Spouse: Ernest Thomas (deceased). Parents: Aaron and Ella Bachman Nafziger. Step-children: Harold Thomas, Lindel Thomas, Cliff Thomas, Barney Thomas; nine step-grandchildren; 14 step-great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 28 at Hopedale Mennonite Church.

Weaver.- Bertha May, 100, Wakarusa, Ind., died March 4. Parents: John M. and Anna Schrock Weaver. Funeral: March 9 at Yellow Creek Mennonite Church, Goshen.

Wiebe.- Anne Hiebert, 85, Altona, Manitoba, died March 24. Spouse: John M. Wiebe (deceased). Parents: Abram P. and Maria Hiebert. Children: Bernice Harder, Marilyn Friesen; seven grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren. Funeral: April 1 at Bergthaler Mennonite Church, Altona.

Wiebe.- Marcella "Marcie" Franz, 89, Goshen, Ind., died March 18. Spouse: Abram M. Wiebe (deceased). Parents: Peter P. and Mary Linscheid Franz. Children: Carol Hoke, Dr. Rachel Sumney, Dr. Lisa Hostetler, Lloyd Wiebe, Dr. Douglas Wiebe; 15 grandchildren; three great-grandchildren. Funeral: March 23 at Yoder-Culp Funeral Home, Goshen.

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