The Mennonite - February 2020

"for the record" - Deaths:

The Mennonite, February 2020, pages 36-37, Vol. 23, No. 2.


Althouse.- Vernon, 91, Souderton, Pa., died June 27, 2019. Spouse: Blanche Godshalk Althouse. Parents: Wilmer and Martha Histand Althouse. Children: Rose Moyer, Susan Swartz, Bev Alderfer, Jim Althouse, Carolyn Bergey; 11 grandchildren; four great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 8 at Doylestown Mennonite Church, Doylestown, Pa.

Bachman.- Weldon D. "Bud," 95, Hesston, Kan., died Nov. 19, 2019. Spouse: Arline M. Young Bachman (deceased). Parents: Gerhard and Ella Ewy Bachman. Children: Larry Bachman, Randy Bachman, Jerry Bachman, Vickie Bachman; six grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 30 at Hesston Mennonite Church.

Bauer.- Royal H., 96, Goshen, Ind., died Dec. 29, 2019. Spouse: Evelyn Showalter Bauer (deceased). Parents: Ernest and Catherine Stieglitz Bauer, Child: Stephen Bauer; two grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren. Funeral: Jan. 2 at College Mennonite Church, Goshen.

Bergey.- John, 94, Hesston, Kan., died Nov. 27, 2019. Spouse: Betty J. Rice Bergey (deceased). Parents: Oliver and Ruth Bergey. Children: Diana Hershberger, Jack Bergey, Priscilla Bergey, Mary Hope Cartagena; four grandchildren; four great- grandchildren. Funeral: Dec. 12 at Hesston Mennonite Church.

Brunner.- Grace Kathleen Derstine, 89, Hesston, Kan., died Dec. 11, 2019. Spouse: Paul D. Brunner (deceased). Parents: C.F. and Mary Kolb Derstine. Children: Beverly Goertzen, Scott Brunner; five grandchildren; three great-grandchildren. Funeral: Dec. 16 at Hesston Mennonite Church.

Burkholder.- John Richard "J.R.," 91, Goshen, Ind., died Dec. 20, 2019. Spouse: Susan Elizabeth Herr Burkholder. Parents: Clarence and Blanche Herr Burkholder. Children: Kelli King, Lissa Burkholder, Sam Burkholder, Rebecca Burkholder, Peter Burkholder; eight grandchildren; two great-grandchildren. Funeral: Jan. 25 at Assembly Mennonite Church, Goshen.

Ewy.- Melva Joyce Kane, 90, Reedley, Ca|if., died Oct. 16, 2019. Spouse: Arnold Ewy. Parents: Frank and Clara Kane. Children: Alan Ewy, Robert Ewy; four grandchildren. Funeral: Dec. 20 at First Mennonite Church, Reedley.

Freed.- Grace Arlene Zeigler, 92, Souderton, Pa., died Dec. 9. 2019. Spouse: Harvey D. Freed. Parents: Maurice and Kathryn Howe Zeigler. Children: Sharyn Burden, Mary Lou York, Richard Freed, Jan Turner, Kristine Villa, Philip Freed; 15 grandchildren; 14 great-grandchildren; two great-great grandchildren. Funeral: Jan. 4 at Plains Mennonite Church, Hatfield, Pa.

Godshalk, Ruth Mitman, 92, Brandon, Fla., and Souderton, Pa., died April 2, 2019. Spouse: Earl H. Godshalk (deceased). Parents: Elmer and Martha Delp Mitman. Children: Beth Ponzio, Earl Brent Godshalk; two grandchildren; two great-grandchildren. Memorial service: June 1 Doylestown Mennonite Church, Doylestown, Pa.

Kauffman, J. Fredrick, 71, Philadelphia, Pa., died Dec. 10, 2019, of a heart attack. Spouse: Minh Thi Nguyen Kauffman. Parents: Earnest Floyd Kauffman and Lois Grieser Kauffman. Children: Tony Kauffman, Timothy Kauffman. Funeral: Dec. 17 at White Rock Baptist Church, Philadelphia.

Landes, Alverda, 89, Souderton, Pa., died Aug. 2, 2019. Spouse: Clayton M. Landes (deceased). Parents: Allen and Alverda Brunner Freed. Children: Betty Donley, Ron Landes, Steve Landes, Joyce Sulat, Andy Landes; 18 grandchildren; nine great- grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 17 at Souderton Mennonite Homes.

Landis.- Anna Godshall, 90, Harleysville, Pa., died Nov. 24, 2019. Spouse: Clyde Derstine Landis (deceased). Parents: Jonathan B. and Mamie G. Godshall. Children: Jolene Landis, Nancy Gaugler, Bradley Landis; nine grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren. Funeral: Dec. 1 at Salford Mennonite Church, Harleysville.

Martin.- Ethel Rosalie Petre, Boonsboro, Md., died Nov. 27, 2019, of complications of a life lived with the after-effects of polio. Spouse: James S. Martin. Parents: J. Mark and Ada Risser Petre. Children: Phillip Martin, Emily Kendall, James Rodney Martin; four grandchildren. Funeral: Dec. 9 at Paramount Baptist Church, Hagerstown, Md.

Miller.- Elmer Jay, 79, Harrisonburg, Va., died Nov. 15, 2019. Spouse: Martha Ann Stutzman Miller. Parents: John and Clara Yoder Miller. Children: Greg Miller, Jay Miller, Candace Willis; five grandchildren. Memorial service: Nov. 18 at Weavers Mennonite Church, Harrisonburg.

Miller.- Ferne E. Longenecker, 65, Landisville, Pa., died Dec. 6, 2019. Spouse: Martin Miller. Parents: Phares Longenecker, Jr., and Anna Ruth Baer Longenecker. Children: Jason Miller, Kristina Shirk, Theresa Davies, Jr.; 11 grandchildren. Funeral: Dec. 13 at Landisville Mennonite Church.

Moyer.- Anna W. Moyer, 94, Souderton, Pa., died Nov. 5, 2019. Spouse: Raymond H. Moyer (deceased). Parents: Jacob H. and Sallie Weber Moyer. Children: David Moyer, Philip Moyer, Rose A. Bergey; eight grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 10 at Souderton Mennonite Homes.

Psolla.- Robert Eugene, 85, Bellefontaine, Ohio, died Oct. 24, 2019. Spouse: Mary E. Psolla. Spouse: Peggy Miller (deceased). Parents: Henry and Ann Moran Psolla. Children: Sandra Workman, Connie Workman, JoDeane Workman; stepsons Dan Steiner, Doug Steiner, Jeff Steiner, Matt Steiner; nine grandchildren; eight step-grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren; six step-great-grandchildren. Funeral: Oct. 29 at Bethel Mennonite Church, West Liberty, Ohio.

Rader.- Lynette S., 63, Lima, Ohio, died Dec. 29, 2019. Parents: Donald and Nondys Sherrard Rader. Funeral: Jan. 4 at Salem Mennonite Church, Elida, Ohio.

Sauder.- Elizabeth W. Weaver, 103, New Holland, Pa., died Nov. 17, 2019. Spouse: Paul N. Sauder (deceased). Samuel R. and Lizzie Good Weaver. Children: Sandra J. McNally, Helen Reinford; five grandchildren; 12 great-grandchildren; four great-great-grandchildren. Funeral: Nov. 23 at Fairmont Homes, Ephrata, Pa.

Yoder.- Earl D., 85, Belleville, Pa., died Dec. 6, 2019. Spouse: Peggy Krepps Yoder. Parents: David and Carrie Yoder. Children: Melody Byler, Margery Zook, Marilyn Spangler. Funeral: Dec. 11 at Maple Grove Mennonite Church, Belleville.

Yoder.- Wilfred "Willy" E., 84, West Liberty, Ohio. Died Sept. 8, 2019. Spouse: Hilda Lehman Yoder. Parents: Elbert and Dorothy Esch Yoder. Children: Arnita Yoder, Melinda Yoder. Funeral: Sept. 13 at Bethel Mennonite Church, West Liberty.

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