The Mennonite - October, 1998

"for the record" - Deaths:

theMennonite, October 6, 1998, pages 20-21, Vol. 1, No. 31.

Belsly.- Verna, 100, Washington, Ill., died Sept. 12. Burial: Sept. 15 at Deer Creek, by Verle Brubaker.

Bishop.- Irene, 76, Perkasie, Pa., died Sept. 7. Burial: Sept. 11 at Blooming Glen, Pa., by Paul Brunner and David Stevens.

Brubaker.- Ida Bare Shenh, 91, Lititz, Pa.,died Sept. 4. Survivors: children Vera Shenk Hocker, Velma Shenk Ross; three grandchildren; two great-grandchildren. Burial: Sept. 8 at Rohrerstown, Pa., by Karl Steffy, John Shenk and Donald Good.

Buller.- Victor David, 81, Duluth, Minn., died Aug. 24. Survivors: wife, Lillian; children Mark, Paul, Lynn Kaplanian-Buller, Rachel Lewis; four grandchildren.

Burkholder.- John, 95, Ephrata, Pa, died Sept. 12 of cancer. Survivors: children Marlin, John, Dorothy Sensenig, Mae Swan, Roy, Samuel, Lois Hostetter; 22 grandchildren, 68 great-grandchildren; eight great-great-grandchildren. Burial: Sept. 15 at East Earl, Pa., by Earl Sensenig.

Delagrange.- Henry, 86, Leo, Ind, died Sept. 9. Survivors: wife, Anna Barb; children Charles, Loretta Graber, Delores Fisher, Richard; 14 grandchildren; 36 great-grandchildren; six great-great-grandchildren. Burial: Sept. 12 at Leo by Doug Zehr and Charles DeSanto.

Frey.- Glenferd, 81, Archbold, Ohio, died July 26. Survivor: wife, Marjorie. Burial: July 29 at Pettisville, Ohio, by Dee Swartz.

Hartzler.- Ruby Keller, 63, Roanoke, Ill., died Sept. 3 of cancer. Survivors: husband, Paul; son, David; two grandchildren. Burial: Sept. 8 at Roanoke by Robert Nolt.

Hostetler.- Leo, 92, Hesston, Kan, died Sept. 4. Survivors: children Dwight, Keith, Merle, Bruce, Ardyth Steckly, Joyce Landgraf, Lorna Osborne; 17 grandchildren; 13 great-grandchildren. Burial: Sept. 8 at Harper, Kan., by Royce Vogt.

Jantze.- Alberta DeWitt, 63, Milford, Neb., died Aug.11. Survivors: husband, Maurice; children Vicky Reiss, Christy Scherbarth, Maurice, Marty; 12 grandchildren. Burial: Aug. 14 at Milford by Bob Troyer.

King.- Floyd Yoder, 90, West Liberty, Ohio, died Sept. 5. Survivors: wife, Cleta; children Calvin, Walter, Wesley, Duane, Harlan; 12 grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren. Burial: Sept. 8 at West Liberty by Randy Reminder and Calvin King.

Leaman.- Lewis, 54, Chambersburg, Pa., died Sept. 9 of cancer. Survivors: wife, Arlene; children Monica Kehr, Julette, Brent; mother, Evelyn Leaman. Burial: Sept. 13 at Chambersburg by Cleon Nyce and Ray Geigley.

Nyce.- G1adys Sue, 54, Telford, Pa., died July 11 of lymphoma. Survivors: husband, John Sr.; children John Jr., Christopher, Joel; one grandchild. Burial: July 15at Franconia, Pa., by John Ehst.

Regier.- Marie Ediger, 88, Buhler, Kan., died Sept. 1. Survivors: husband, John; children Karen Gehring, Karlene Pauls, Betty Rich, Norma; nine grandchildren; 20 great-grandchildren. Burial: Sept. 4 at Buhler by Robert Dalke.

Rohrer.- Harold, 66, Leola, Pa, died Sept. 6 of leukemia. Survivors: wife, Erma; children Randy, Don, Perry, Donna Sauder; nine grandchildren; parents, Israel and Edna Rohrer. Burial: Sept. 10 at Leola by Calvin Yoder, Doug Kaufman and Lester Graybill.

Roth.- Lloyd Ira, 87, Wayland, Iowa, died Sept. 7. Survivors: wife, Lula; children Donald; three grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren. Burial: Sept. 9 at Wayland by Ruben Chupp.

Sauder.- Selma Gautsche, 85, Archbold, Ohio, died Sept. 10 of a stroke. Survivors: husband, Roy; children Virginia Frank, Joan Ozuzu, Eloise Miller, Arlene Horst, Robert, Duane, John, Wendell, Neil; 21 grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren. Burial: Sept. 13 at Pettisville, Ohio, by Randy Nafziger and Charles Gautsche.

Shank.- Anna Metzler, 77, Lititz, Pa., died Sept. 6. Survivors: husband, Luke; children Duane, Dottie, Debbie Miller, Dan; six grandchildren. Burial: Sept. 9 at Manheim, Pa., by Ron Adams, Dorcas Miller Lehman and Bonnie Stutzman.

Snyder.- Nancy Martin, 47, Elmira, Ont, died Aug. 24 of cancer. Survivors: father, Henry; stepmother, Marcella. Burial: Aug. 27 at St. Jacobs, Ont., by Harold Hildebrand Schlegel.

Transcribed by: John Ingold, Indiana

theMennonite, October 13, 1998, page 17, Vol. 1, No. 32.

Bean.- Reta Kufske, 88, Kitchener, Ont., died Sept. 23. Survivors: husband, Andrew; children Elizabeth McNair, Warren; four grandchildren. Burial: Sept. 26 at Kitchener by Rudy Baergen.

Bowman.- Hope Gingrich, 86, Cambridge, Ont., died Sept. 21. Survivors: children Shirley Geiser, Gwen Albrecht, Beatrice Shantz, Robert; nine grandchildren. Burial: Sept. 24 at Drayton, Ont., by Willard Metzger.

Esau.- Anna Schierling, 103, Inman, Kan., died Sept. 19. Survivor: daughter, Kathryn Spierling. Burial: Sept. 23 at Inman by Arnold Ensz and Jerry Kaiser.

Hugh.- Ernst, 72, Colorado Springs, Colo., died Sept. 17 of cancer. Survivors: children Sharron Denny, Diane Doan, Pam Rediger; seven grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren. Memorial service: Sept. 22 at Las Vegas, Nev.

Kennel.- John, 76, New Holland, Pa., died July 16. Survivors: wife, Esther; children John II, Richard, Donna Keener, Lorene LeBreton, Lynette, Eileen Krabill, Lamar, Dennis, Lindford, Melody Kachel; 12 grandchildren. Burial: July 19 at Gap, Pa., by Clyde Kratz.

King.- Emery, 76, Marsh Hill, Pa., died Sept. 12 of leukemia. Survivors: wife, Ruth; children Harry, Ralph, Lois Huston, David, Daniel; 12 grandchildren, two great-grandchildren. Burial: Sept. 16 at Frazer, Pa., by Jason Kuniholm and Ralph Malin.

Litwiller.- Esther, 91, Hopedale, Ill., died Sept. 23. Burial: Sept. 26 at Hopedale by James Smith and Michael Knowles.

Lutz.- Edwin, 86, Orrville, Ohio, died July 15. Burial: July 15 at Dalton, Ohio by Paul Conrad.

Mull.- Verda Nofziger, 81, Wauseon, Ohio, died Sept. 24 of heart complications from surgery. Survivor: son, Daniel. Burial: Sept. 27 at Pettisville, Ohio, by Randy Nafziger.

Oyer.- Bessie Sutter, 86, Kouts, Ind., died Sept. 15. Survivors: son, Larry; two grandchildren; four great-grandchildren. Burial: Sept. 18 at Kouts by John Murray and Bill Beck.

Showalter.- Margaret Anna, 78, Timberville, Va., died Sept 14. Burial: Sept. 16 at Broadway, Va., by Richard Early, Randall Shull, Mark Landis and Harvey Yoder.

Stere.- Adeline Albrecht, 93, Tavistock, Ont., died Aug. 30. Survivors: daughter, Shirley Schmidt; three grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren. Burial: Sept. 2 at Tavistock by Darrel Toews.

Swartzendruber.- Gregory Dean, 24, Eau Claire, Wis., died Aug. 31 in an airplane crash. Survivors: parents, Winston and Corinne Swartzendruber; grandfather, Walter Swartzendruber; siblings Marcella Miller, Lori Miller, Frank. Burial: Sept. 5 at Leola, Pa., by Calvin Yoder and Lester Graybill.

Weber.- Nellie Burkholder, 99, West Liberty, Ohio, died Sept. 11. Survivors: children John, Naomi Headings, Ruth Yoder, Rhoda Neer; 10 grandchildren; 21 great-grandchildren. Burial: Sept. 15 at West Liberty by Randy Reminder and Howard Schmitt.

Wertz.- Orpha Stevanus, 85, Pigeon, Mich., died Aug. 3 of cancer. Survivors: children Nova Jean Miller, Ramona Mahler, Willard, Dale, Donald; eight grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren. Burial: Aug. 6 at Pigeon by Thomnas Beachy and Luke Yoder.

Wideman.- Christopher, 18, St. Jacobs, Ont., died Aug. 22 of Crohn's disease and surgery complications. Survivors: parents, Maynard and Sue Wideman. Burial: Aug. 26 at St. Jacobs by Barb Smith-Morrison and Harold Hildbrand Schlegel.

Yousey.- Norman, 80, Akron, N.Y., died Sept. 5. Survivors: wife, Mary; children Kathleen Bower, Terrance, Joanne Matusek, Marlene McCollister; 10 grandchildren. Burial: Sept. 9 at Williamsville, N.Y., by Roy Walls Jr.

Transcribed by: John Ingold, Indiana


theMennonite, October 27, 1998, pages 12-13, Vol. 1. No. 34.

Althaus.- Gertrude Diller, 90, Bluffton, Ohio, died Oct. 3. Survivors: children Larry, Jerry, Gary; seven grandchildren; five great-grandchildren. Burial: Oct. 6 at Pandora, Ohio, by Douglas Luginbill.

Blosser.- Vernon Floyd, 73, Newton, Kan., died Sept. 9. Survivors: wife, Alma; children Karen White, Joletha Horn, Vernon; seven grandchildren; one great-grandchild. Burial: Sept. 12 at Hesston, Kan., by Michael Bogard and Louise Wideman.

Boegli.- Clara Smucker, 104, Orrville, Ohio, died Sept. 30. Survivors: children Dick Smucker, Bob Smucker, Pauline Dulaney, Virginia Esh, Carol Powell, Julia Penner; stepdaughter Norma Jean Beck; 20 grandchildren; 38 great-grandchildren; 6 great-great-grandchildren. Burial: Oct. 3 at Smithville, Ohio, by John and Barbara Lehman.

Freed.- Donald, 37, Souderton, Pa., died Sept. 25. Survivors: parents, Russell and Dorothy Freed. Burial: Sept. 30 at Franconia, Pa., by Floyd Hackman, John Ehst and Steven Landis.

Friesen.- Huldah Myer Weiss, 87, Henderson, Neb., died Oct. 5. Survivors: stepson William; two grandchildren. Burial: Oct. 12 at Quakertown, Pa., by Jim Amstutz.

Gerber.- Clyde, 75, Millersburg, Ohio, died Oct. 2. Survivors: wife, Gladys; children Ronald, Vanessa Hershberger, Vicki Kaufman; five grandchildren; one great-grandchild. Burial: Oct. 5 at Millersburg by Carl Wiebe.

Godshall.- Bessie Wambold, 94, Souderton, Pa., died Oct. 4. Survivors: husband, Enos; children Richard, Robert, Merrill; 15 grandchildren; 23 great-grandchildren. Burial: Oct. 8 at Franconia, Pa., by Steven Landis and Floyd Hackman.

Gugel.- Shaun, 16, Wauseon, Ohio, died Sept. 11 from an auto accident. Survivors: parents, Dave and Julie Gugel. Burial: Sept. 16 at Fayette, Ohio, by Gary Blosser.

Handrich.- Ada May Shantz, 99, Fairview, Mich., died Oct. 1 of congestive heart failure. Survivors: children Luella Esch, Richard, Olive Gerber, Harry, Jean Hoover; 29 grandchildren; 57 great-grandchildren; two great-great grandchidren. Burial: Oct. 5 at Fairview by Virgil Hershberger and Randy Detweiler.

King.- Glenford, 74, Wauseon, Ohio, died Sept. 2 of cancer. Survivors: wife, Ruth; children Darrel, Roland, Karen Burkholder, Lanita Boyers. Burial: Sept. 5 at Pettisville, Ohio, by Gary Blosser.

Martin.- Eileen Martin Frey, 70, Elmira, Ont., died Sept. 18. Survivors: husband, Amsey; children Carolyn Shoemaker, Rosanne Horst; six grandchildren. Burial: Sept. 21 at Floradale, Ont., by Fred Redekop.

Martin.- Elmer, 84, Kitchener, Ont., died Aug. 26. Burial: Aug. 30 at Floradale, Ont., by Fred Redekop.

Mierau.- Arthur, 78, Henderson, Neb., died Oct 2. Survivors: wife, LeVina; children Randy, Milan, Judy Epp; nine grandchildren. Burial: Oct. 5 at Henderson by Marcia Yoder-Schrock.

Mullett.- Roy A., 84, Berlin, Ohio, died Oct. 2. Survivors: wife, Alta; children Maurice, Juanita Miller, Betty Lou Clark, Marlin; 15 grandchildren; 12 great-grandchildren. Burial: Oct. 6 at Berlin by Ernest Hershberger.

Regier.- Wilma Friesen, 77, Henderson, Neb., died Sept. 30. Survivors: husband, Jacob; son Calvin; two grandchildren; one great-grandchild. Burial: Oct. 2 at Henderson by Marcia Yoder-Schrock.

Sala.- Carrie, 93, Somerset, Pa., died Aug. 30. Survivors: step-children Robert, Ammon Jr., Bernice Miller. Burial: Sept. 1 at Johnstown, Pa., by Harold and Mary Grace Shenk.

Sell.- Artna, 75, Coopersburg, Pa., died Sept. 11. Burial: Sept 15 at Quakertown, Pa., by Jim Amstutz.

Smith.- Esther Oyer, 95, Goshen, Ind., died Sept. 10. Burial: Sept. 12 at Ashley, Mich., by Joseph Miller, Marvin Yoder and Joe Pendleton.

Thomas.- Paul, 77, Hollsopple, Pa., died Sept. 15 of a heart attack. Survivors: wife, Martha; children Marvin, Stanwin, Dale; eight grandchildren. Burial: Sept. 18 at Thomas Mills, Pa., by Wayne Lasure.

Yousey.- Norman, 80, Akron, N.Y., died Sept. 5. Survivors: wife, Mary; children Kathleen Bower, Terrance, Joanne Matusek, Marlene McCollister; 10 grandchildren. Burial: Sept. 9 at Williamsville, N.Y, by Roy Walls Jr.

Transcribed by: John Ingold, Indiana

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