The Mennonite - August, 1999

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The Mennonite - Volume 2, Number 29, August 10, 1999

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The Mennonite - Volume 2, Number 30, August 17, 1999 - page 13

Bittenbender, Russell, 71, Bossardsville, Pa., died July 17. Spouse: Mary Bauman Grube Bittenbender. Parents: Floyd and Susan Angelmeyer Bittenbender (deceased). Other survivors: children Floyd, Ronald, Daniel, William Grube, Cynthia Raub; 10 grandchildren. Funeral: July 21 at West Swamp Mennonite Church, Quakertown, Pa.

Crockett, Edward, 73, Morton, Ill., died June 14. Spouse: Jo Sue Melton Crockett. Parents: Albert and Dixie Crockett (deceased). Other survivors: children Richard, Kurt; two grandchildren. Funeral: June 19 at First Mennonite Church, Morton.

Gross, Elizabeth Histand, 98, Harrisonburg, Va., died May 4. Spouse: James Gross (deceased). Parents: Samuel and Susan Histand (deceased). Survivors: children Grace Hockman, Jewell Brenneman, Hazel Whitehead; nine grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren. Funeral: May 8 at Mount Jackson, Va.

Harshburger, David, 90, McVeytown, Pa., died July 18. Parents: Joshua and Sarah Harshburger (deceased). Funeral: July 21 at Mattawana (Pa.) Mennonite Church.

Herr, Elizabeth, 94, Lancaster, Pa., died June 3. Spouse: Walter Herr (deceased). Parents: Jacob and Barbara Huber Herr (deceased). Funeral: June 7 at Oreville Chapel, Lancaster.

Hess, Elsie Weaver, 79, Harrisonburg, Va., died July 14 of pneumonia. Spouse: John Hess, Sr. Parents: Levi and Martha Weaver (deceased). Other survivors: children Tina Glanzer, Bruce; three grandchildren. Memorial service: July 19 at Park View Mennonite Church, Harrisonburg and July 21 at New Holland (Pa.) Mennonite Church.

Kauffman, Eva, 91, Belleville, Pa., died July 2. Spouse: Ezra Kauffman (deceased). Parents: Solomon and Catherine Spicher Peachey (deceased). Survivors: children Thomas, Marian Byler, Irene Shrock; nine grandchildren; 12 great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 6 at Locust Grove Mennonite Church, Belleville.

Kreider, David, 33, Harrisonburg, Va., died July 4 of injuries from a fire. Spouse: Marcia Good Kreider. Parents: Norman and Dorothy Kreider. Other survivors: children Lana, Gabriel, Kailyn. Memorial: July 8 at Weavers Mennonite Church, Harrisonburg.

Lehman, Wilfred, 81, West Liberty, Ohio, died July 15. Spouse: Ruth Plank Lehman (deceased). Parents: Joel and Martha Basinger Lehman (deceased). Survivors: children Joyce, Beth Miller, Sharon Kendall; six grandchildren. Funeral: July 19 at West Liberty.

Litwiller, Ada Ramseyer, 99, Goshen, Ind., died July 11. Spouse: Nelson Litwiller (deceased). Parents: Joseph and Magdalena Gingerich Ramseyer (deceased). Survivors: children Lois Buckwalter, Beulah Gonzalez, Eunice Miller, Esther Schertz; 16 grandchildren; 29 great-grandchildren; one great-great-grandchild. Funeral: July 13 at Greencroft Meetinghouse, Goshen.

Miller, George Stuart, 32, New York, died July 5 in a drowning accident. Parents: Quinten and Dolores Miller. Funeral: July 8 at Kalona (Iowa) Mennonite Church.

Pauls, Eva, 93, Inman, Kan., died July 15. Parents: Henry and Sara Doerksen Pauls (deceased). Funeral: July 17 at Bethel Mennonite Church, Inman.

Ressler, Edna, 75, York, Pa., died June 24. Spouse: Maynard Ressler. Parents: Abram and Mary Riehl Martin (deceased). Other survivors: children Wilma Wood, Wanda Turner, Twila, Everett, Dale, Lawrence, Wilbur; 18 grandchildren; six foster grandchildren. Funeral: June 28 at Stony Brook Mennonite Church, York.

Roth, Ruth, 72, Benson, Ill., died June 17. Parents: John and Alma Yoder Roth (deceased). Funeral: June 21 at First Mennonite Church, Morton, Ill.

Sommer, Ralph, 83, Bluffton, Ohio, died July 5. Spouse: Frances Miller Sommer. Parents: Phillip and Viola Hilty Sommer (deceased). Other survivors: children Jonathan, Phillip, Mark, Becki Ahmed; seven grandchildren. Memorial service: July 31 at First Mennonite Church, Bluffton, Ohio.

Stauffer, Richard, 78, East Earl, Pa., died May 9 of cancer. Spouse: Ruth Yoder Stauffer. Parents: Martin and Anna Stauffer Zeiset (deceased). Other survivors: children Julia Witmer, Sanford, Lowell, Ellen Gunning, Grace DeWald, Loretta Esh, Esther Wenger, David; 18 grandchildren; one great-grandchild. Funeral: May 12 at Conestoga Mennonite Church, Morgantown, Pa.

Stutzman, Evelyn Mast, 87, Millersburg, Ohio, died July 8. Spouse: Roman Stutzman. Parents: Albert and Elizabeth Mast (deceased). Other survivors: children Joan Kandel, Ward, Dale, Sharon Mullet, Carol Miller; 18 grandchildren; 22 great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 12 at Martins Creek Mennonite Church, Millersburg.

Toews, Anna Penner, 86, Steinbach, Man., died July l. Spouse: Erdman Toews. Funeral: July 4 at Steinbach Mennonite Church.

Unruh, Eli, 75, Lakewood, Colo., died July 21 of a stroke. Spouse: Marjorie Holdeman Unruh. Parents: David and Anna Jantz Unruh (deceased). Other survivors: children Janet Stutzman, Douglas, Donice Manos, Lowell; eight grandchildren; one stepgrandchild. Funeral: July 24 at Glennon Heights Mennonite Church, Lakewood.

Wiens, Milton, 74, Inman, Kan., died July 17. Spouse: Erma Jane Regehr Wiens. Parents: Jacob and Katie Siemens Wiens (deceased). Other survivors: children Jay, Kenneth, Loren; nine grandchildren; three great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 20 at Hoffnungsau Mennonite Church, Inman.

Yoder, Dorothy, 56, Sarasota, Fla., died June 18 of cancer. Spouse: David Yoder. Parents: Abe and Katie Miller (deceased). Other survivors: children Brenda James, Cynthia Schrock; two grandchildren. Funeral: June 22 at Bahia Vista Mennonite Church, Sarasota.

Yoder, Elizabeth Kanagy, 89, Allensville, Pa., died July 7. Spouse: Irvin Yoder (deceased). Parents: Jonathan and Mary Yoder Kanagy (deceased). Survivors: children George, Kathleen Lin, six grandchildren; one great-grandchild. Funeral: July 10 at Allensville Mennonite Church, Belleville, Pa.

Yoder, Katie, 89, Kalona, Iowa, died July 19 of heart failure. Funeral: July 22 at West Union Mennonite Church, Parnell, Iowa.

Yoder, Stanley J.,60, Boalsburg, Pa., died June 14. Parents: Moses (deceased) and Katie Yoder. Other survivors: children Phillip, Julie; two grandchildren. Funeral: June 17 at St. Pauls United Methodist Church, State College, Pa.

Transcribed by Carl and Doris Metzler, Indiana

The Mennonite - Volume 2, Number 31, August 24, 1999 - page 14

Beck, Phyllis Wade, 62, Archbold, Ohio, died July 22. Spouse: Delmer Lee Beck. Parents: Bernard and Gladys Aumend Wade (deceased). Other survivors: children David, Deanna Rupp; five grandchildren. Funeral: July 25 at West Clinton Mennonite Church, Wauseon, Ohio.

Folk, Lura Mae Ash, 100, Springs, Pa., died July 15. Spouse: Cleman Folk (deceased). Parents: Jonas and Alice Yoder Ash (deceased). Survivors: son Mark; five grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren. Memorial service: July 17 at Springs Mennonite Church.

Heatwole, Maude Brunk Good, 89, Harrisonburg, Va., died June 26. Spouse: (1st) Wade Good (deceased); (2nd) Roy Heatwole (deceased). Survivors: children Richard Good, Joan Osterhouse, Sue DeLeon; stepchildren Milton Heatwole, Glendon Heatwole, Mark Heatwole, Charlotte Burkholder; 10 grandchildren; 13 stepgrandchildren; 16 great-grandchildren; 16 stepgreat-grandchildren. Funeral: June 29 at Weavers Mennonite Church, Harrisonburg.

Hostetler, Burton, 40, Kalona, Iowa, died July 5. Parents: Sanford and Lucy Hostetler. Funeral: July 8.

Ramer, Mildred Wagner, 90, Wakarusa, Ind., died July 16. Spouse: Clifford Ramer (deceased). Parents: William and Dora Ebersole Wagner (deceased). Survivors: children Rosemary Martin, Alpha Mae Mumaw, Nila Kauffman, Dale, Marilyn Miller, Dennis; 20 grandchildren; 45 great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 19 at Yellow Creek Mennonite Church, Goshen, Ind.

Rufenacht, Viola Short, 91, Wauseon, Ohio, died July 20. Spouse: Olen Rufenacht (deceased). Parents: Andrew and Mary Miller Short (deceased). Survivors: children Verle, Verlen, Mary Louise Lehman, Helen Hofstetter, Geneva; five grandchildren; two great-grandchildren. Memorial service: July 24 at West Clinton Mennonite Church, Wauseon.

Schmidt, Martha Almeda, 78, Inman Kan., died July 25. Spouse: Nick Schmidt. Parents: Martin and Mary Butz Yoder (deceased). Other survivors: children Steven, Mary Claycamp, Deborah Unruh, Becky Beebe; eight grandchildren. Memorial service: July 28 at Hebron Mennonite Church, Buhler, Kan.

Schrag, Frieda Graber, 88, Pretty Prairie, Kan., died July 26. Spouse: Erwin Schrag (deceased). Parents: Jacob and Frances Goering Graber (deceased). Survivors: children LaVerne, Erwin Jr., Vernon, Jolene Johnson, Norma Marshall; six grandchildren; five great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 30 at First Mennonite Church, Pretty Prairie.

Siebert, Zachary James, infant, McCool Junction, Neb., died July 27 of an enlarged heart. Parents: Leo and Susan Siebert. Other survivor: sister Katelyn. Funeral: July 30 at Bethesda Mennonite Church, Henderson, Neb.

Smith, Annie French, 83, Mifflintown, Pa., died July 25 of cancer. Spouse: Harry Smith. Parents: William and Ruth French (deceased). Other survivors: children Doris Peachey, Helen Peachey, Janet Zendt; seven grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 28 at Mattawana, Pa.

Transcribed by Carl and Doris Metzler, Indiana

The Mennonite - Volume 2, Number 32, August 31, 1999 - page 17

Bartel, Johnnie, 72, Hillsboro, Kan., died July 25. Spouse: Myrta Klassen Bartel. Parents: John and Susie Friesen Bartel (deceased). Other survivors: children Ron, Marlin, Doug, Kathy Zimmerman, Brad; 13 grandchildren. Funeral: July 29 at First Mennonite Church, Hillsboro.

Eby, Lloyd, 87, Lititz, Pa., died July 23. Spouse: Martha Leaman Eby (deceased). Parents: Ira and Ella Book Eby (deceased). Survivors: children Mary Ellen Leaman, Wilmer, John, Marlin; 14 grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 26 at Stumptown Mennonite Church, Bird in Hand, Pa.

Ediger, Florence Froese, 84, Buhler, Kan., died Aug. 4. Spouse: David Ediger (deceased). Parents: Cornelius and Hilda Voth Froese (deceased). Survivors: children Karen Duncan, Sondra Thompson, David, Russell; eight grandchildren; three great-grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 7 at Buhler Mennonite Church.

Esau, Arnold, 90, Buhler, Kan., died July 30. Spouse: Alice Esau. Parents: Abraham and Katie Schroeder Esau (deceased). Other survivors: Neva Kay; two grandchildren; four great-grandchildren. Funeral : Aug. 1 at Buhler Mennonite Church.

Graber, Raymond, 88, Archbold, Ohio, died Aug. 6. Spouse: Mildred Liechty Graber. Parents: Eli and Nancy Goldsmith Graber (deceased). Other survivors: children John, Ken, Dave, Deloris Good; 10 grandchildren; 24 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 9 at Central Mennonite Church, Archbold.

Good, Harlen, 83, Lititz, Pa., died Aug. 6. Spouse: Anna Croft Good. Parents: Moses and Kathryn Stahl Good (deceased). Other survivors: children Irvin, Kenneth, Jay, Rhoda Martin, Lorraine Gingrich; 12 grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 10 at Ephrata (Pa.) Mennonite Church.

Hofstra, Ann (nee Aukje Rijpkema), 82, Drayton, Ont., died Aug. 1 of a heart attack. Spouse: Gabe Hofstra. Other survivors: children Linda Turriff, Hannah Veld, Anne Roth, Andy, Gerrit, Joyce Stanic; 20 grandchildren; 17 great-grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 3 at Drayton Community Mennonite Fellowship.

Lehman, Ella Mae, 63, Kidron, Ohio, died July 31. Spouse: J. E. Lehman. Parents: Elmer and Rosella Roggie Lehman (deceased). Other survivors: children Galen, Glenda Ervin, Kevin, Wendy; four grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 4 at Kidron Mennonite Church.

Miller, Amy Miller, 89, Kalona, Iowa, died July 29. Spouse: Roy Miller. Parents: Samuel and Sarah Miller Miller (deceased). Other survivors: children Merle, Daniel; six grandchildren; four great-grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 1 at Kalona.

Miller, Elmer, 73, Topeka, Ind., died July 21 of heart failure. Spouse: Anna Miller. Parents: Christ and Sara Schrock Miller (deceased). Other survivors: children Phyllis Mishler, Karen Fergison, Roger, Cliff; 11 grandchildren; five great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 24 at Emma Mennonite Church, Topeka, Ind.

Miller, Gladys Taylor, 82, Harrisonburg, Va., died July 14. Spouse: (1st) Owen Fahrney (deceased); (2nd) Harold Miller (deceased). Survivors: children Owen Fahrney, Jr., Betty Frye; stepdaughters Edith Ritchie, Eva Glanzer, Alma Hottinger; 15 grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 17 at Broadway, Va.

Miller, Jemima Mac, 86, Millersburg, Ind., died July 14. Spouse: Roy Miller (deceased). Parents: Tobias and Mattie Yoder (deceased). Survivors: children Loleta Yoder, Bernita Hall, Francis, Floyd, Fred, Farrel; 22 grandchildren; 29 great-grandchildren; two stepgreat-grandchildren. Funeral: July 17 at Olive Mennonite Church, Elkhart, Ind.

Miller, Mildred Ramer, 83, Haven, Kan., died Aug. 7 of pulmonary disease. Spouse: Freddie Miller. Parents: Ammon and Eva Shellenberger Ramer (deceased). Funeral: Aug. 10 at Yoder Mennonite Church, Haven.

Miller, Ralph Wesley, 76, Kalona, Iowa, died Aug. 5. Spouse: Mary Ellen Swartzendruber Miller. Parents: Leroy and Lydia Troyer Miller (deceased). Other survivors: children Margaret Williams, Richard, Douglas; eight grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 8 at Kalona.

Reschly, Verda Christner, 83, Wayland, Iowa, died Aug. 4 of complications of a stroke and pneumonia. Spouse: Glen Reschly (deceased). Parents: Christian and Emma Conrad Christner (deceased). Survivors: Marilyn Manley, Edwin, Daniel, Janice Miller, Steven; 11 grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren. Funeral: Aug. 8 at Sugar Creek Mennonite Church, Wayland.

Roth, Elma Dilda Stutzman, 91, Milford, Neb., died July 18. Spouse: (1st) Bert Stutzman (deceased); (2nd) Alvin Roth (deceased). Parents: James and Maude Ernst Roth (deceased). Survivors: children Dennis Stutzman, Stanley Stutzman, Roy Stutzman, Luella Schweitzer, Edna Roth, Phyllis Troyer, Lois Schweitzer, Ruth Erb; 33 grandchildren; 61 great-grandchildren; 10 great-great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 21 at Milford Mennonite Church.

Swartz, Martha Lydia Stemen, 83, Stuarts Draft, Va., died July 20. Spouse: John Swartz (deceased). Parents: Simeon and Mary Stemen (deceased). Survivors: children Mary Case, John, Joyce Showalter; eight grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren; one great-great-grandchild. Funeral: July 24 at Springdale Mennonite Church, Waynesboro, Va.

Swartzendruber, Grace Snyder, 91, Hesston, Kan., died July 28. Spouse: George Swartzendruber (deceased). Parents: Peter and Ida Grabill Snyder (deceased). Survivors: children Gene, Wayne, Richard, Robert, Larry, Evelyn Troyer, Virginia; 15 grandchildren; 16 great-grandchildren. Funeral: July 29 at Hesston, Kan.

Uttley, Wayne Howard, 54, Elmira, Ont., died July 23 of cancer. Spouse: Marie Diefenbacher: Parents: Vernon and Mary Clemmer Uttley. Other survivors: children Barb Buehler, Steve, Richard; four grandchildren. Funeral: July 27 at Floradale (Ont.) Mennonite Church.

Woodman, Laura, 40, Fresno, Calif., died July 9. Parent: Marie Woodman. Memorial service: July 13 at Fresno Mennonite Community Church.


Transcribed by Carl and Doris Metzler, Indiana

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