Herald of Truth
November 1865 - Vol. II, No.11
Page 96

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Transcribed Text:

On the 6th of October, in Richland township, Columbia Co., Pa., of dysentery, Hiram, aged 6 years, 6 ms. and 2 days, and on the 7th Levi, aged 4 years, 8 months, and 11 days, sons of John Blauch. The two little brothers both took sick on the same day, and were also laid together in one grave, on the 8th, upon which occasion an earnest discourse was preached by the aged ministers, Jacob and Samuel Blauch, from Matt. 24: 44.

On the 9th of October, in Richland township, Allen Co., Ohio, of ague and dysentery, Jacob Zurfluh, aged 67 years, 8 mos., and 28 days. He was sick two weeks. He was buried on the 11th, upon which occasion John Moser and Peter Shumaker preached appropriate discourses. He joined the Mennonite Church in his youth and remained a faithful member to his death. His hope and trust were alone in the merits of Jesus Christ, and several times during his sickness he said that he was soon going to depart; and manifested his joy and peace of mind in view there of.

On the 17th of Oct., in Champaign Co., Ohio, Susanna, wife of Jacob Hertzler, aged 53 years, 11 mos., and 23 days. A large concourse of friends and relations followed her to the grave. Funeral sermon was preached by John Wari, from Eccl. 9: 4, 5. She was a widow since 1854; she was a faithful sister and beloved and respected by all. We hope our loss is her gain.

On the 3rd of October, in Watsontown, Northumberland Co., Pa., of bilious-intermittent fever, Martin F. Angeny, in the 30th year of his age. He was sick nine weeks, and bore his afflictions very patiently. He hoped to get well until the morning of his death, and when he knew there was no more hope his recovery, he said very little, but seemed to be resigned to the will of God. His last message to his wife was, "Tell Clara to put her trust in God." He was taken away in the prime of life. We hope he is resting "safe at home."

On the 7th of October, of congestion of the lungs, Henry Raymond, son of the above Martin F. and Clara Angeny, aged 7 months. The dispensations of Providence sometimes seem as though they were too hard for us to bear, but if our trials are great, God will also give us grace to bear them, if we put our trust fully in him. They that mourn shall he comforted.

On the 19th of Sept. in Waterloo Co. C.W., Anna, wife of Andrew Groff, sen. formerly of Litiz, Lancaster Co., Pa., aged 69 years, 10 mos., 25 days.

Very suddenly, on Sunday the 22nd of Oct., in Conestoga Township, Lancaster Co., Pa., Bishop Henry Shenk, aged 70 years, 11 mos., and 20 days.
On the morning of death, our brother went, in company with his son, to the Meeting House several miles from his house, in his usual health, thereto perform his duty as a minister; but other ministers being present, who spoke to the assembled congregation, he afterwards spoke as a witness and testified, that his brethren had taught the word of God, in the true sense and meaning of the Gospel, and wished that the grace and love of God would abide with them, as a blessing unto their souls. Just in the same moment that he ceased speaking, the messenger came and called him from this earthly stage of action to the heavenly mansions of rest, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. While in the house of God, engaged in the discharge of his duty, God called him home.
For several years his sight failed much, but he was always on duty. As a bishop and a pastor, he had a large field of labor, to which he attended for many years, though for the last few years, he appointed another to fill his place as a bishop. Some years ago he visited the churches, in Bucks, Montgomery and Chester counties (Pa.,) and also the churches in Virginia. He was beloved by all, he now rests from his labors, and his works will follow him. He was buried on the 24th. A multitude of friends and relatives were assembled. Bishops Joseph Burkholder, Benj. Herr and John Brubaker delivered appropriate addresses, from Heb. 13: 7, 8. Our Brother could say with the ancient Patriarch:

On Jordan's stormy banks I stand
And cast a wishful eye,
To Canaan's fair and happy land
Where my possessions lie.

On the 22d of September, 1805, in Indiana of conjective chills, Mary Agatha, wife of John Kerner, aged 46 years, 2 months, and 22 days. She was a faithful sister in the Mennonite Church. Her sickness, which lasted about five weeks, she bore with patience. She rejoiced at the approach of the hour of death, and is now at rest, we hope, in that sweet home, where we all hope to meet and to rejoice with each other.

Transcribed by Ron Garber, Kansas

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