Herald of Truth Obituaries - November, 1885

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Herald Of Truth - Volume XXII, Number 21 - Nov. 1, 1885, page 333

YOUNG.--On the 11th of October, near New Paris, Elkhart Co., Ind., of brain fever, Laura Etta, daugther of Washington and Sarah Young, aged 3 years and 8 months. Funeral services were held by Daniel Shively of New Paris, and John S. Coffman of Elkhart. May the brief stay of this little one, her life and her departure be to the parents and friends a lesson to bind their hearts in a more fervent trust to God, and lead their souls higher up to where she has gone.

BEERY.--On the 11th of October, at Edom, in Rockingham Co., Va. John K. Beery, at the advanced age of 84 years, 4 months and 7 days. He was buried on the 13th. Services were held by Daniel S. and G. D. Heatwole from Psalm 89:48. He was for many years a faithful member of the Mennonite Church; he raised a family of fifteen children, five sons and ten daughters, ten of them are still living. He had 125 grandchildren, 115 great grandchildren and one great great grandchild. It is thought probably this is the largest family connection in the county. We are informed that he was born and raised and lived out his life of over four score years near Edom where he died.

MYERS.--On the 6th of October, in the Blanchard River Settlement in Putnam Co., Ohio, of paralysis, Joseph D. Myers, at the advanced age of 83 years, 4 months and 25 days. Bro. Myers was for many years a member of the Mennonite Church and during many years engaged much in reading religious books, especially the Testament and German hymn book, having in his life time read the Testament through fifty-one times. Of late years his books were the source of much enjoyment to him, and in his extreme old age he seemed really to enjoy the religion which he embraced in his young days and practiced while his mind and body were strong and vigorous. Services by John Shenk. Text, 1 Cor. 15:22, 23.

"Religion should our thoughts engage,
Amidst our youthful bloom;
'Twill fit us for declining age,
And for the awful tomb."

CHRISTOPHEL--On the 11th of October, in Harrison Twp., Elkhart Co., Ind., of brain fever, Ella Irene Christophel, aged 1 year, 1 month and 9 days. Buried at Yellow Creek Meeting-house on the 13th. Services by Henry Yoder of Nebraska, and John F. Funk from Matt. 18:3.

"Why should our tears in sorrow flow,
When God recalls his own,
And bids them leave a world of woe
For an immortal crown?

Is not it e'en a gain to those,
To those whose life to God was given?
Gladly to earth their eyes to close,
To open them in heaven."

KUNKEL.--On the ------, in Ionia Co., Mich. Charles Franklin, son of Jacob and Mary Kunkel, aged 3 years, 9 months and 29 days.

"Thou hast left us, darling Charlie,
Vanished like the sparkling dew,
When the rays of gleaming sunlight
From the heavy clouds pierce through.

"Like the soul of flowers, my Charlie,
Hidden in the cup so fair,
Thy pure soul was hidden also,
In a casket wondrous rare."

LONGENECKER.--On the 12th of October, in Whiteside Co., Ill., of spasms, Noah, son of Samuel and Maria Longenecker, aged 2 months and 16 days. Funeral on the 14th. Buried at the Mennonite Meeting-house near Morrison. Text, Isaiah 40:11. "He shall gather the lambs with his arm and carry them in his bosom.

YODER.--On Elkhart Prairie, near Goshen, Ind., on the 12th of October, very suddenly, Elias Yoder, aged 50 years and 15 days. He was buried on the 15th. He was a member of the Amish Mennonite Church, beloved of all, and his hand was ever open for the poor and needy. He lived a single life and leaves three brothers to mourn their loss, but yet not without hope. Funeral services by Joseph Yoder in German, and Levi Weaver in English. Text, Rev. 20:11--15.

STOLTZFUS--On the 15th of October, near Morgantown, Berks Co., Pa., Rachel, daughter of Samuel and Sarah Stoltzfus, aged 1 year, 4 months and 14 days. Services by Moses Hart, and Bro. Miller of Holmes Co., Ohio.

Dearest Rachel, thou hast left us,
Here thy loss we deeply feel,
But 'tis God that hath bereft us,
He can all our sorrows heal.

Yet again we hope to meet thee,
When the day of life is fled,
Then in heaven with joy to greet thee
Where no farewell tears are shed.

LEVY.--On the 23d of September, in Davidsville, Somerset Co., Pa., of palsy, Peter Levy, aged 90 years 6 months and 4 days. He was in his usual good health until the evening of the 23rd when he wanted to go to the stable, and while going down the steps at the house he fell and was unconscious until the time of his death, which occurred about four hours after the fall. The funeral took place on Sunday, the 27th, and was largely attended. He was a citizen of Davidsville for over fifty years. His wife survives him. He was the father of eleven children, thirty-six grandchildren and seventeen great grandchildren.

NISSLEY.--On the 22d of October, near Mount Joy, Lancaster Co., Pa., John Nissley, aged 85 years. John Nissley was the oldest by two years, if the two surviving brothers of whom Pre. Peter Nissley, well known to many of our readers is still living and enjoying a reasonable degree of health.

STEMEN.--On the 6th of October, in Allen Co., O., Magdalena, wife of Samuel Stemen, aged 65 years 5 months and 3 days. She was buried on the 7th at Salem Meeting-house; services by C. B. Brenneman, D. Brower and S. Shank, the latter from Rockingham County, Va. Her maiden name was Hilyard. She was the mother of twelve children, of whom three died before her. Her husband, nine children and forty one granchildren are left to mourn the death of a kind and loving mother. The day preceding her death she said to some of her family, they should not weep for her, but prepare to meet her in heaven. May these words have a lasting impression to all and lead them to a dear mother in the mansions above.

MARTIN.--On the 25th of August, Woolwich twp, Waterloo Co., Ontario, of typhoid fever, Bro. Urias, son of Absolom Martin, aged 21 years and 7 days. He was buried in Martin's burying-ground.

ERB.--On the 15th of October, in Waterloo County, Ontario, Joseph Erb, aged 85 years, 6 months and 15 days. He was taken last winter with kidney disease, but during the summer he was again able to walk out. During the last few weeks however he suffered a good deal, but bore it all with patience. He leaves a widow and seven children. He was buried at Hagy's Meeting-house on the 18th, followed to the grave by many people. Services by J. Woolner and Moses Erb.

Transcribed by: Cheri Salz, Illinois


Herald Of Truth - Volume XXII, Number 22 - Nov. 15, 1885, page 351

MOYER.--On the 1st of November, in Bucks Co., Pa., Sister Frances Moyer, aged 70 years, 2 months and 20 days. She was buried on the 4th at Deep Run Meeting-house, where funeral services were conducted by Solomon Beery from Virginia, in English, and Samuel Godshalk in German. Text, 2 Cor. 5:1--4.

LEATHERMAN.--On the 22d of October, near Dutton, Kent Co., Mich., of inflammation of the bowels, Sarah Leatherman, aged 86 years and 24 days. She was a consistent member of the Mennonite Church for sixty-four years, and just the day previous to her death she desired to partake of the sacred emblems of the broken body and shed blood of her Savior. She had eight children five of whom are still living, fifty-seven grandchildren, and upwards of sixty-five great grandchildren. Funeral services by C. C. Beery from 2 Tim. 4:7,8.

EASH.--On the 17th of October, in Newberry Twp., LaGrange Co., Ind., of paralysis, Solomon Eash, aged 73 years and 27 days. He was sick 3 years, 1 month and 28 days and a great part of this time in an almost helpless condition, at times suffering very much; but he bore it all with christian fortitude, still saying, "I deserve it all," and a sort time before his death when he could hardly speak plain enough to be understood, he often repeated the lines:

"Mein Gott ich bitt durch Christi Blut,
Mach's nur mit meinem Ende gut."

He was buried on the 18th. A large concourse of friends assembled to pay the last tribute of respect. Services by J. J. Weaver, C. Miller and D. J. Johns from Rev. 3:19.

YODER.--On the 24th of October, in Sharon Center, Johnson Co., Iowa, Anna L., daughter of David Yoder aged 16 years and 21 days. She was buried on the 26th, on which occasion a large concourse of friends met together. She leaves a father, step-mother, a sister and four half-sisters. Her death was a severe affliction to her parents and sisters. May God comfort them with the precious consolations of his word, and by his Spirit lead them into the ways of righteousness and truth.

SNYDER.--On the 14th of October, near Mount Joy, Lancaster Co., Pa., of consumption Sister Fianna, wife of Bro. John G. Snyder, aged 39 years, 1 month and 19 days. Funeral on the 17th. Text, Luke 7:50. Buried at Ehrisman's Meeting-house. A large congregation assembled to show their respect for the deceased sister, in the faith.

NISSLEY.--On the 22d of October, near Florin, Lancaster Co., Pa., Deacon John Nissley, aged 84 years, 10 months and 13 days. Funeral on the 26th. Text, Luke 2:29--32. Buried at Krabill's Meeting house. Many friends and neighbors assembled to pay the last tribute of respect to the beloved brother. Bro. Nissley was truly a man of peace. It is not known that he ever had any strife with any of his laborers or his neighbors. He served the church as deacon nearly forty-five years. Truly he was a pillar in the church. He was a brother to Pre. Peter Nissley of Donegal.

HUNSBURGER.--On the 30th of October, at the residence of her son, Bro. Amos Hunsburger, near Corinth, Kent Co., Mich., of apoplexy, Amelia, widow of John Hunsburger, of Bucks Co., Pa., aged 77 years, 3 months and 28 days. Funeral on the 1st of November, at the U. B. Church, where services were held by C. C. Beery. Peace to his ashes.

MILLER.--On the 25th of October, at Hartford., Pa., Lyon Co., Kansas, formerly of Union Co., Pa., wife of John D. Miller, aged 53 years, 8 months and 4 days. She was buried on the 27th in the Bontrager grave-yard. Funeral services were held at the house by John Warye and Michael Yoder from Phil. 1:21. A large concourse of friends and relatives assembled to pay the last tribute of respect to the deceased sister. She was a faithful member of the Amish Mennonite Church. She leaves a husband and seven children to mourn her departure. She was sick for about twelve weeks four weeks of which she was confined to her bed. Her hopes were in a crucified Redeemer.

Her precious soul is now at rest,
From pain and misery free;
Nor aught shall e'er her peace molest
To all eternity.

KURTZ.--On the 24th of October, in Wilmington Twp., Lawrence Co., Pa., Abraham Kurtz, aged 73 years and 8 months. He was a faithful member of the Amish Mennonite Church. Twelve days before his death he was at church and partook of the communion of the Lord's Supper in memory of the dying love of Jesus to fallen humanity. He never was married, and was the last one of the family. He was beloved by all that knew him, and was always called Uncle. He was buried on the 26th. Funeral services were held at the house of John R. Zook, from John 5:24--29, and 2 Cor., 5:1--16. His funeral was largely attended. He seemed fully resigned to the will of God.

MILLER.--On the 2d of November, in Newberry Twp., LaGrange Co., Ind., of apoplexy, Pre. David D. Miller, aged 73 years, 5 months and 28 days. He was buried on the 4th from the house of Amos Borntrager, followed to his last resting place by a large concourse of relatives and friends. Funeral services were conducted by Hansi Borntreger and Abraham A. Troyer. Pre. Miller formerly lived in Holmes Co., Ohio, where, in his younger years, he was chosen to the ministry, which office he faithfully, diligently and zealously filled as long as his bodily strength permitted him to do so. During the last year of his life his bodily strength permitted him to do so. During the last year of his life his strength failed him to a very marked degree, notwithstanding his seat, during public service, was seldom vacant. Just four weeks before his death he was present at the communion services and participated. He was a kind and peaceable neighbor, a faithful, and forcible preacher, and a watchful watchman in the old Amish Mennonite church. He was for five years a widower and leaves two brothers, a sister and six children to mourn his death, yet they need not mourn as those who have no hope. His words and actions manifested that he had no peace with God. He lived with his son-in-law, Joseph E. Borntreger; in the evening he went to bed as usual; in the morning when they brought him his breakfast they found him unconscious, in which condition he remained two and one half days, when he peacefully sank to rest.

Transcribed by: Cheri Salz, Illinois

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