Herald of Truth Obituaries - October, 1899

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The Herald of Truth, Vol. XXXVI, No. 19, October 1, 1899 - pages 301,302

WIDEMAN. - Pre. Jacob Wideman was born on the 19th of June, 1828. He united with the Mennonite Church in his youth and at the age of 33 he was ordained to the ministry, in which cause he labored faithfully until a slight appoplectic stroke two years ago affected his speech. Still he attended services until within about six months of his death. He was latterly also afflicted with catarrh in the system. He bore his afflictions with exemplary Christian fortitude until on the 29th of August, 1899, the Lord called him home. He had reached the age of 71 years, 2 months and 10 days.
Though the tongue that so earnestly called sinners to repentance and proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ is silent in the grave, yet it speaketh to us. Funeral on the 31st from his late residence near Wideman's M. H., York Co., Ont. Buried in the Heise burying ground. Services at the house and in German at the church by Pre. Samuel R. Hoover and in English by Pre. John G. Hoover from Heb. 11:10, and by Pre. Fred Elliot from Rev. 14:13.

Dearest father, thou has left us,
Here thy loss we deeply feel ;
But 'tis God that hath bereft us,
He can all our sorrows heal."

Transcriber's note: "appoplectic" is as spelled in the original.

THOMAS. - On the 31st of May 1899, near Milan, Woods Co., Oklahoma, of rheumatism and paralysis, Joseph V. Thomas. Born In Jennings County, Indiana, Dec. 12, 1832, aged 67 years, 5 months and 19 days. He suffered a long time, but died in the blessed hope of the life beyond. On Sept. 12, 1852, he was married to Emily Hopkins. She with three daughters and one son survive him. We trust that their loss is his eternal gain. Funeral services by Simon Hetrich, from Job 19:25,26.

For me to die is truly gain,
My trials they were sore;
But now with Christ I shall remain,
Where trials come no more.

HIESTAND. - On the __ of August, near Athens, Michigan, of dropsy, Moses Hiestand aged 66 years less 4 days. He was born in Bucks Co., Pa. His father was Pre. Jacob Hiestand of the Doylestown church. He leaves a sorrowing widow and two daughters to mourn his death.

HARTZLELL. - On the 28th of August, in Colmer, Montgomery Co., Pa., of a complication of diseases, Sallie, wife of Theodore R. Hartzlell, and daughter of John L. and Susanna Swartly Frick, aged 33 years, 11 months and 8 days. She leaves a husband and three daughters, a mother and two brothers and a sister.

WISLER. - On the 24th of August 1899, in Mummasburg, Pa., Sister Susanna Wisler wife of Pre. Martin Wisler. She was buried in the Mennonite burying grounds in Mummasburg on the 27th of August. She reached the age of 61 years, 8 months and 28 days. Sister Wisler was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for the last forty years. She had a strong desire to depart and be with Christ which is far better. The texts were selected by the husband of the deceased. Pre. Philip H. Parret of Chambersburg, spoke from Rev. 14:12,13, and Pre. Samuel Hess of Shiremanstown from 2 Tim. 4:6-8. Jacob F. Bucher, the home minister, also spoke at the house and at the church. Sister Wisler was a teacher in our Sunday school. She is missed by her infant class, yes, she is missed by the church and by the family. Peace to her ashes.

On wings of faith, and strong desire,
Oh, may our spirits daily rise,
And reach at last the shining choir,
In the bright mansions of the skies! I. F. B.

LIND. - On the 10th Of August, 1899, in Akron, Summit Co., 0., after suffering for sixteen weeks of spinal meningitis, Noble E., son of Joseph and Lizzie Lind, aged 15 years and 7
months. He endured his suffering patiently. He was buried on Aug. 12th, at the Bethel church. Services at the house by Rev. Williard, and at the church by Ira Buckwalter. Text, "There is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother."

Let us look on earth to-day,
In a certain humble home,
There are tearful swollen eyes,
Where these mourners sadly roam;
For from earth's dim and shadowy life,
They have borne their loved away,
And, lo, now in sleeping silence
He doth in the churchyard lay.

And, lo, now these left behind him,
Do not cease to mourn and weep,
As about his lowly slumber
Angels safely guard his sleep.
Mother, father, and the brothers
All have felt his parting sore;
All have missed his kindly greeting
Since he passed from earth's dim shore.

Oh! 'tis true we miss our loved ones,
When they pass from earth away;
Still, can we not look beyond us,
Far beyond earth's fleeting day?
Can we not in spirit travel
To that land beyond the sun?
Can we not behold our Noble
In that yonder shining One?

Yes, behold! 'tis him most surely
With those bright and sparkling eyes;
Noble, oh thou darling Noble!
Thou hast reached that Paradise.
Yes, 'tis surely him in heaven,
Shining brightly as the day;
For we know 'tis but the earth, dust,
Which doth in the churchyard lay.

KELLER. - On the 2nd of August 1899, in Souderton, Montgomery Co. Pa., of summer complaint, Enos, son of Milton and Susan Keller, age 2 months and 25 days. He was buried at Franconia on the 29th. Services were conducted at the house by M. R. Moyer and at the meeting house by Rev. Lugebill. Text, Jas. 4:14.

NICE. - On the 6th of Sept., 1899, near Drakes Corners, Montgomery Co., Pa., of paralysis of the brain, Bro. Elias Nice, aged 70 years, 9 months and 9 days. He was born on the 27th of November 1828. He was a son of Pre. Henry Nice, of Franconia. He was united in marriage in his younger years to Hannah Krupp, and to this union were born two sons and one daughter, who with the sorrowing mother survive him. He was buried on the 11th, when a large concourse of relatives and friends were present. He was buried at the Plain meeting house. Services at the house by Jos. Mininger, and at the meeting house by Henry Krupp, from Isa. 57:2. Peace to his ashes.

BEUTLER. - On the first of September 1899, in McPherson Co., Kansas, Mary, wife of Jacob W. Beutler, aged 50 years, 1 month and 4 days. Sister Beutler was a daughter of Bish. Daniel Brundage. In 1869 she united with the church and lived a consistent member of the same until death. She suffered severely since last February when she had an attack of lagrippe and lung fever, which left her with a running sore in her head which discharged profusely from her right ear until about the 8th of August when she was taken with a severe pain in the left eye, which she had extracted after which blood poison set in, which caused her death. Sister Beutler lived in the bonds of matrimony about 30 years. There was born to this union nine children, five boys and four girls, all of whom with her husband survive her. Also two brothers and one sister to mourn their loss, but their loss is her eternal gain. She died in the triumph of a living faith in Christ. Funeral services were conducted by D. A. Deiner and C. W. Miller from the text, "Follow me," in the presence of a large concourse of friends. C. BRUNDAGE.

SHANK. - On September 3, 1899, near Maugansville, Washington Co., Md., of inflammation of the stomach, Sister Susan, wife of Bro. Abraham Shank, aged 24 years, 6 months and 20 days. She died after an operation for appendicitis had been performed; but which disease proved not to be her ailment. She complained of not feeling well on Sunday the 27th of August while at church services, and continued getting worse until the following Wednesday, when the operation was performed, which caused her intense pain. After the operation she seemed to be better until Friday when she made a change for the worse and died on Sunday evening. She leaves a husband and two small children, her parents, three sisters and one brother to mourn their loss. She died, not as one having no hope, but was willing that His will should be done. God is indeed no respecter of persons, calling the young as well as the aged. Funeral services at Reiff's meeting house by the brethren, C. R. Strite, George Keener and Daniel Driver. The latter being on a visit from Missouri. Peace to her ashes. BENJ. B. WEBER.

MARTIN. - Mary, widow of Benjamin Martin, died at her home near Chatfield, Ohio, August 25th, 1899; aged 75 years, 8 months and 9 days. She lived an upright life and before dying expressed her willingness to go, and was fully resigned to God's will. She united with the Mennonite Church in her young days and always lived a Christian life. She was afflicted with cancer from which she suffered for one year and a half. She bore her sufferings patiently. She was born Dec. 16th, 1824, in Cumberland Co., Pa. In 1842 she was married to Benjamin Martin of Cumberland Co., Pa. She leaves seven children, sixteen grandchildren and a host of friends to mourn her departure. The services were conducted by Rev. D. A. Parks, of Bloomville, 0. Text 2 Tim. 4:6. After services the remains were laid to rest in Woodland cemetery.

"Farewell, farewell, dear mother,
We bid you a sad farewell;
But O! may we meet, and be complete
And long together dwell.
We mourned to see you leave us,
But the dear Lord knows best,
So He gently called you away,
And gave you peaceful rest.

CROOK. - Frederic Stanley Crook was born November 5th, 1866, in Jefferson Twp, Dubois Co., Ind. When about 24 years old he went west, first to North Powder, Oregon, where he taught school and remained one year. Then went to California where he taught school. About July 6, or 8, he went to Los Angeles, to attend the National Educational Association meeting. After attending this meeting he returned to his old home in Dubois Co., Indiana, to visit once more his father's family, friends and relatives, where the family was once more united, not a member missing. After visiting one month, be bade all farewell, while many bitter tears were shed at the sad parting. He went by Indianapolis to visit an aged aunt and cousins. While there he was stricken down with typhoid fever. His aunt and cousins with the aid of the doctor did all that they could, but all in vain; on Sept. 8th at 11 :45 A. M., he passed away having accepted Jesus as his Saviour. His father took the remains back to his home, in Dubois Co., where Rev. S. Clark Brown, a cousin of Frederic, conducted the funeral services on Sunday, Sept. 10th. His age was 32 years, 10 months and 3 days. He was a son of Bro. Andrew and Sister Mary Crook, of the above named county, with whom quite a number of our readers are acquainted, and we sincerely sympathize with our brother and sister in their sad affliction.

RINGENBERG. - Noah J. Ringenberg was born near Nappanee, Ind., Jan. 13, 1868 ; died in Nappanee Aug. 18, 1899, aged 31 years, 7 months and 5 days. Funeral services were conducted in the M. E. Church by Pre. Wones. His body was laid to rest in the Brick cemetery. He suffered much with Bright's disease for about nine months but bore it all with Christian patience and was fully resigned to the will of God. He said many times, "I would like to get well and stay with my family a while, but if it is not God's will I am ready to die." The last day he lived we stood around his bed, and he said that we should not weep for him for he longed to be at rest. He fully realized that the time of his departure was at hand. He called his little girl to him and asked her if she could be a good girl and mind her mamma when he was gone. A few hours before he died he tried to sing "Jesus, Lover of My Soul." He leaves a wife, two little daughters, two brothers, two sisters and many friends to mourn his departure.

"Now take thy rest, dear brother,
From all pain and labor free.
We hope someday thy smiling face to see,
And with thee in heaven to be."

GRAYBILL. - On the 20th of July, 1899, near Richfield, Penna., of kidney trouble and dropsy, Joseph Graybill died, aged 79 years, 6 months and 6 days. His wife preceded him to the spirit world less than seven months before. Both were members of the Mennonite Church, Bro. Graybill having united many years ago. He was strong in the faith and doctrine of Christ's teachings and was ever ready to maintain the principles to which he held by word of God. In his sickness he often expressed the desire to fall asleep in Jesus and be at rest dwell with the loved ones who have gone before to that haven or rest. Buried July 24 at the Brick M. H., west of Richfield. Services at the house by Bishop Isaac Eby, of Lancaster Co., and at the M. H. by Bishop Eby and Bishop Auker, from the text selected by the brother before his decease, "This is my rest forever; here will I dwell for I have desired it," Psa. 132:14. A large concourse of friends and relatives had assembled to pay the last respects to the aged brother. Two children and three grandchildren remain to mourn
their loss. M. S. G.

RICKERT. - Henry Rickert was born Dec. 1, 1821, in Bucks Co., Pa. Jan. 18, 1844, he was married to Mary Hendricks, who together with eight of the nine children born unto them are still living, one son having preceded his father in death eight years. The children were all present at the funeral except one daughter who is living in Philadelphia, Pa. She had been visiting and caring for her father for two weeks a few months ago, but had returned to her home. He also leaves sixteen grandchildren and one great-grandchild to mourn their loss. He was a member of the Mennonite Church from his youth. He was baptized in the Line Lexington M. H. in Bucks Co., Pa. He with his family moved to Ohio in April, 1856. From that time on until his death he lived in Medina Co., Ohio. His sickness was lagrippe and heart trouble, also nervous trouble from which he suffered very much for seven months. He longed to be relieved from his sufferings and prayed day and night that the good Lord would come and take him to rest. The tears that he shed were many, but we believe that they are all wiped away now. All his longings were for heaven and its rest. He was so closely attached to his family that he wanted them close by his side and loved to hold their hand in his. We have good reason to believe that he is now sweetly resting on his Savior's breast. He has left an example for us to follow for we know that we have no abiding city here. He sought for the one to come and we believe he has found it. We have lost a loving father, but our loss is his eternal gain. He died Aug. 22, 1899, at the ripe old age of 77 years, 8 months and 21 days. He was buried in the Wadsworth cemetery. At the house Psa. 39 was read. Funeral services in English by Noah Hershey from 2 Cor. 4:17, and in German by Isaac Good and Ephraim Hunsburger from Gen. 24:56.

"Death has borne from us our father,
We have taken our last farewell,
From our loved and loving parent,
Why it was we know so well.

Pain no more shall heave his bosom,
All his trials now are o'er;
He has passed awhile before us,
Joined the saints on heaven's shore.

God saw fit to call him higher
From this world of toil and care,
To his home beyond the river,
And we hope to meet him there. A DAUGHTER, M. L.

Transcribed by Carl Metzler, Indiana


The Herald of Truth, Vol. XXXVI, No. 20, October 15, 1899 - pages 317,318

IMHOF. - Pr. Christian Imhof was born on the 5th of September, 1861, near Trenton, Butler County, Ohio; died on the 17th of September, 1899, on his farm near Washington, Ill. He was received into the Mennonite Church on the 14th of September, 1896. United in marriage with Anna Guth on the 30th of December, 1884. To this union were born seven daughters; one daughter died some years ago. His companion and six children (all daughters), an aged mother, two brothers, and five sisters, survive him to mourn his death. Brother Imhof was chosen by the congregation which he served to the time of his death as minister, on the 14th of September, 1898. He had much sickness in the family and especially himself. He bore his sufferings with patience, and desired that he might depart and be released from the sufferings of this present time. He preached his last sermon on Sunday, September 3d, from Matthew 6:19. He was a faithful member in the church, and always ready to do his duty. He was buried at the Washington meeting house, followed to his last resting place by a large congregation of mourners. Services were held by John Smith in English, and Christian King, Joseph S. Kinsinger, and M. Kinsinger in German.

KAUFFMAN. - Pre. Wallace Kauffman was born in Michigan, on the 19th of Feb. 1865; died Sept. 10th 1899.
On the 18th of Dec. 1890 he was married to Sister Mellie Kauffman, in Cass Co., Mo. He was converted in early years and an earnest worker. In 1897 he was chosen and ordained to the ministry, in Shelby County, Mo. He faithfully attended to the duties of his office until within a week before his death, which was caused by stepping. on a nail and running it through his foot. He was sick only a few days, during which time his sufferings were indeed terrible. He however was very patient. His last words told us that he was ready to go. He said: "Heaven is a happier place than this." He committed his companion to the Father of all grace, told his little daughter to be good to his parents. "Weep not for me." In death as in life he was much concerned for the prosperity of the church -- the beloved church. He said, Let you lights shine brighter. He desired to talk to the young people but could not. He had however so often admonished them "to live wholly for Christ," that they should profit by that.
The church loses a faithful minister and friend, the wife a loving husband, and little Grace a kind father. May God's will be done, for He is a Father of love and pity. Funeral services were held at the Mt. Pisgah church by Bish. Daniel Kauffman, from 2 Tim. 4:7. A large concourse of friends met to pay the last tribute of respect to the departed brother. L. A. D.

SHIRK. - On the 16th of August, 1899, in Elkhart Co., Ind., of croup, Emma Goldie, daughter of Christian and Sarah Shirk, aged 4 years, 4 months and 25 days. The funeral services were conducted by J. F. Funk at the Olive meeting-house on Sunday Oct. 1st from Matt. 18:2-4. May God comfort these sorrowing hearts and lead us all nearer to our Savior, and when God calls us to rest from our labors, we shall meet again those we have loved on earth, who have fallen asleep in Jesus, and gone before to the blessed beyond.

SMITH. - In Nappanee, Ind., Aug, 27, 1899, of paralysis, John B. Smith. aged 67 yrs., 6 mo. and 16 d. He was married to Susan Gruver, in York Co., Pa., Feb. 12, 1853. To this union were born ten children; four sons and five daughters survive him. His companion preceded him Feb. 16, 1898. He united with the Amish Mennonite Church, March 19, 1888. Funeral services were held by Jas. H. McGowen and Daniel Wysong, from Rev. 1:7.

We miss thee from our home, dear father,
We miss thee from thy place.
A shadow o'er our life is cast,
We miss the sunshine of thy face.
We miss thy kind and willing hand,
Thy fond and earnest care;
Our home Is dark without thee,
We miss thee everywhere.

DEFREES. - Nora H. Fisher was born in Holland, Nov. 16, 1846. Died near Nappanee, Ind., Sept. 3, 1899, aged 54 years, 9 months, 17 days. Was married to Henry S. Defrees, Aug. 12, 1869. To this union were born eight children, four of whom died in infancy. Fourteen years ago her husband preceded her to the spirit world and left her with three sons and one daughter, who survive her. They lose the kind counsel of a loving mother. She was a devoted Christian in the Mennonite Church. Funeral services were held by David Burkholder and Jas. H. McGowen, from Matt. 24:44.

Weep not that her toils are over,
Weep not that her race is run,
God grant we may rest as calmly,
When our work like hers is done.
'Till then we yield with gladness,
Our mother to Him to keep,
And rejoice in the sweet assurance,
"He giveth His loved one sleep."

BRUNK. - On the 29th of Sept., 1899, in Elkhart, Ind., of kidney troubles, Sister Mary L. Kreider, wife of Frederic W. Brunk, aged 52 years, 6 months, 18 days. She was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Mar. 11, 1847, united in marriage with her surviving husband, July 25, 1871, and soon after settled in Rockingham Co., Va. She united with the Mennonite Church, of which she was a faithful member, in 1875. At the close of the year 1888 they removed to Chariton Co., Mo., arriving there on the last day of the year. On the first of October 1891 they settled in Elkhart where they have since lived. She was the mother of six children, three sons and three daughters, all of whom survive her. She was a devoted mother, a consistent Christian, a kind neighbor, and leaves a large circle of friends to mourn her early death. She was buried on Sunday Oct. 1st. Funeral services were conducted by J. S. Hartzler, from 1 Cor 5:10, and John F. Funk, from Phil. 1:21. The funeral was largely attended. May God bless and comfort the sorrowing hearts of the bereaved family.

"Dearest mother thou hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel;
But 'tis God who has bereft us,
He can all our sorrows heal."

HARTZLER. - Enos Hartzler died in Sherman Co., Kansas, Aug. 24, aged 75 years, 5 months, and 25 days. The funeral sermon was preached by Rev. Orchard of the M. E. Church, from Rev. 14:13. He leaves a widow and 5 children who were all present at the funeral except one. He lived and died a Christian, with the full assurance of a better life.

BAUMEISTER. - On the 24th of Sept., 1899, in Mahoning Co., O., Barbara Baumeister, aged 72 years, 6 months and 27 days. Interment at the Middle church where services were held by Daniel J. Johns, of Goshen, Ind., and John Burkholder. She leaves a husband and one son to mourn her departure. She was at one time a member of the Catholic Church.

KOLB. - On the 23d of Aug., 1899, near Mt. Eaton, Ohio, suddenly, Henry C. Kolb, aged 22 years and 22 days. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church. He died very unexpectedly, having gone to bed in the evening apparently in usual health, and found dead in the morning. This should be a solemn warning to the young who live in sin and pleasure. It is indeed a consolation for all of us to know that for the last three weeks of his life he spent his time in studying the Bible. Services by Peter E. Miller from Eccl. 12:1, and by Josiah Kaser from Rev. 14:13. The former spoke in German the latter in English.

DETWEILER. - On the 11th day of Aug. 1899, near Kenard, Champaign Co., Ohio, Ida Bell, daughter of Samuel and Malinda Detweiler, aged 4 months, 16 days. Funeral services on the 13th at Oak Grove M. H. by David Hilty in English and John Wayrie in German. Text, Isa. 57:18.

"Sleep on in thy beauty,
Thou sweet angel child,
By sorrow unblighted,
By sin undefiled;
Like a dove to the ark
Thou best flown to thy rest,
From this wide sea of strife
To the land of the blest."

ZIMMERMAN. - On the 10th of Sept. at 9 o'clock in the evening, in Livingston county, Ill., Barbara Zimmerman, at the advanced age of 84 years. She was born in 1815, near Freiburg, in Baden, Germany, and came to America in 1873. She was never married and was a faithful member of the Old Amish Mennonite Church. For more than a year she was entirely helpless, and through sickness some few years ago, had become entirely deaf, so that communicating with her had to be done by writing. She retained her sound mind and spent most of her time reading the Bible. She had a desire to depart and be with Christ, which she considered far better. Funeral services were conducted in Joseph Rediger's meeting house, by Daniel Orendorf, John P. Schmidt, and Joseph Rediger.

LEMERT. - On the 13th of September, 1899, in Polk Twp., Marshall County, Ind., of heart disease, Lewis Lemert, aged 59 years, 5 months, 1 day. He was born in Allen Co., Ind. Three sons, two daughters, and five brothers and sisters survive him. He was engaged in making cider. He shoveled out the apples and drove round where the cider was being put into the barrels. He was in the front part of the wagon box, looking on, while the boy was working at the barrels. Suddenly he sank down and died without a moment's warning. He made no profession. He was a resident of Marshall Co. since 1848. He served in the war three years. His wife and two sons preceded him. Funeral services by Henry Weldy from Heb. 9:27.

GRAYBILL. - On the 24th of September, 1899, in Elkhart Co., Ind., of a lingering disease, Catharine, wife of Ephraim Graybill, aged 43 years, 3 months, 29 days. She was a daughter of Bish. J. M. Christophel, and a faithful and devoted sister. She was buried at Yellow Creek M. H. on the 2nd of October. Funeral services were conducted by Noah Metzler and Henry Weldy from Psa. 104:29.

AMSTUTZ. - On the 29th of September, 1899, in Allen Co., Ind., Joseph Amstutz, aged 55 years, and 10 days. He fell from the overhead to the threshing floor in the barn, twelve weeks before and broke the spinal column from which paralysis ensued. He was taken to the hospital at Fort Wayne four weeks before his death and an operation performed, but without benefit. He was taken home a week before he died. He was born in Stark County, Ohio, came to Allen County when about 8 years old, where he lived till death took him. He was married May 13, 1875, to Catharine Rich. They had seven children. His wife, one son and one daughter preceded him to the spirit world. An aged mother, five children and many friends are left to mourn his death. He died in a living hope of future happiness. He united with the Mennonite Church in his youth and lived a devoted Christian life. He was always ready to help the poor; and during his sickness was resigned to the will of God. He was buried Oct. 1st, followed by a large circle of friends. Services by Eli Stofer in English, from Num. 23:10, last clause, and by Andrew Gerig in German. May God's grace lead these sons and daughters to accept Christ, and obey their father's God.

"Dearest father thou hast left us,
Here thy loss we deeply feel.
But 'tis God who has bereft us;
He can all our sorrows heal."

BLOUGH. - On the 3d of October, near Geistown, Cambria Co., Pa., John S. Blough, aged 67 years, 10 months, 13 days. Just one week before his death he left his home as well as usual to visit his sister and friends in Somerset Co., and while being with his sister, Mrs. Gindlesperger, on the evening of the 26th of September, he had a paralytic stroke which made him helpless and unable to speak, from the effects of which be gradually became weaker until death relieved him of his suffering. On the 4th they took the corpse to his home. Funeral services on the 5th at his home conducted by Saml. Gindlesperger, Jonas Blough, and L. A. Blough. Truly, in the midst of life we are in death. May God bless the sorrowing friends.

SHETLER. - On the 29th of September at Holsopple, Somerset Co., Pa., Rena Mabel, daughter of Pre. S. G. Shetler, age 3 months and 18 days. Little Rena was a twin child; her little twin brother also being sick at the time. Little Rena suffered a great deal in her short life but we have the consolation that she is now at rest in the arms of Jesus. She was buried on the 30th at the Stahl church. Funeral services were conducted by Sam. Gindlesberger, Jonas Blough, Alex. Weaver and L. A. Blough from the text, Mark 10:14. God bless the surviving brother and sister in their bereavement.

Transcribed by Carl Metzler, Indiana

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