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HERALD OF TRUTH , Vol. XLI, No. 15, April 7, 1904 - pp 119,120

Pre. David C. Schrock (Amish) was born in Lagrange Co., Ind., Sept. 14, 1858. He moved to Kansas in Feb. 1894, and in the fall of the same year to Oregon, where he was ordained to the ministry, Nov. 11, 1895. He served the church in his ministerial capacity in Oregon until 1902, when he moved to Geauga Co., Ohio, where he passed the remainder of his days. The dread disease consumption laid hold upon our brother and he lingered until Feb. 21, 1904, when he passed to his reward at the age of 45 Y., 5 M., 7 D. Funeral services were conducted by the brethren Christian Miller and Daniel Byler. Peace to his ashes. E.M.H.

ROTH.-On Mar. 12, 1904, near Milford, Neb., Elizabeth Roth, wife of Peter Roth, aged 32 Y., 11 M., 17 D. She leaves a sorrowing husband, six children, four brothers and a sister. She was a faithful member of the A. M. church. May the Lord console the bereaved, who need not mourn as those who have no hope.

HARRIS.-On Mar. 5, 1904, near Milford, Neb., Caroline Harris, wife of John Harris, aged 68 Y., 4 M., 18 D. She leaves a husband, 9 children, 43 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren to mourn their loss. She was a member of the A. M. church. Funeral was conducted by P.P. Hershberger and Joseph Radiger in German and N.E. Roth in English; text, 2 Cor. 5:1. Peace to her ashes. D.B.

KREMER.-On Mar. 18, 1904, near Milford, Neb., Jacob Kremer, aged 88 Y., 10 M., 8 D. He was married to Anna Springer. To this union were born 7 children, 5 of whom survive him, also 26 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. He was a faithful member of the A. M. church. Services by Eld. Joseph Schlegel in German and N.E. Roth in English. Peace to his ashes.

MISHLER.-On Mar. 14, 1904, near Neutral, Kans., of dropsy, Bro. Henry Mishler departed this life, aged 70 Y., 11 M., 9 D. Funeral on the 16th at the Bethany M. H. Bro. Mishler had been very poorly for several months. Although his sufferings were great for several weeks before his death, he bore them patiently and spent much of the time in prayer and singing. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite church for many years and his words of counsel and admonition will long be remembered. He leaves one daughter and three sons to mourn his death, his wife and two daughters having preceded him to the spirit world. May the Lord comfort the bereaved ones. We believe our loss is his eternal gain. Services were conducted by Andrew Shenk of Oronogo, Mo. Text, Job 14:14,15.

WENGER.-Annie A. Wenger, on Mar. 23, 1904, in Franklin Co., Pa., at the home of her niece, Sister Mattie Martin, at the age of about 76 years. She was a member of the German Reformed church. She was buried in the cemetery adjoining the Mennonite M. H. Services by the brethren John S. Burkholder and Joseph H. Martin, from Gal. 6:7,8.

WITMER.-In Franklin Co., Pa., on the 15th of Mar. 1904, Sister Mattie Witmer died at the home of her son, Bro. Henry Witmer, near Pinola, of heart trouble, aged 73 Y., 11 M. She had been in feeble health for about a year. Sister Witmer was a consistent member of the Mennonite church for many years. Her husband, Bro. Samuel Witmer, preceded her to the spirit world about five years ago. She is survived by three sons and three daughters. Funeral on the 18th. Services were conducted by Bro. Philip H. Parret at the home, and at the Row M. H. by Bro. Henry Bricker and Bro. Parret from Rev. 14:12,13. Buried in the Horst burying ground nearby.

EBERSOLE.-In Franklin Co., Pa., on the 26th of March 1904, at the home of her son, Bro. Samuel Ebersole, Sister Magdalena Ebersole died at the age of 75 Y., 6 M., 18 D. Her husband, Bro. Henry Ebersole, preceded her to the spirit world two years ago. She is survived by these children: John, Samuel, Daniel, Leah, Elizabeth and Fannie, all of Franklin Co., also one sister, Barbara Lesher, who is in very feeble health at this writing. Sister Ebersole was a consistent member of the Mennonite church for a number of years and was always in attendance when health would permit. Funeral on the 29th at the Chambersburg M. H. Services by Bro. P.H. Parrett at the home, and at the meeting house by Bro. Henry Bricker in German and Bro. Joseph H. Martin from Phil. 1:21,22.

ANGENY.-On Mar. 12, 1904, a young man by the name of David Angeny was found in the barn of his employer near Telford, Pa., having ended his life by his own hand by hanging. No reason is known for the rash act. He had united with the Mennonite church at Blooming Glen, Pa., about three years ago. He had always been a quiet, peaceable young man. This should be an urgent warning to others to heed the Savior's command, "Watch and pray, lest ye enter into temptation." Age, 25 Y., 2 D. He is survived by his parents, two brothers and three sisters. Buried at Blooming Glen M. H. on Mar. 17. Services in English by Pre. H.G. Anglemoyer and in German by Bish. H.B. Rosenberger. Text, Luke 13:1-5. May the Lord heal the wounded hearts.

YODER.-At Topeka, Ind., Mar. 21, 1904, Susan B. Yoder, wife of Adam Yoder. Sister Yoder had reached the age of 69 Y., 4 M., 25 D. She had been a member of the Mennonite church since her 18th year. Funeral services were conducted at the Topeka Mennonite M. H. by John C. Mehl, assisted by John C. Lehman.

DETWEILER.-On Mar. 12, 1904, at the home of his parents near Dublin, Pa., Raymond, the remaining twin baby of Bro. And Sister David Detweiler, aged 15 D. The other one died earlier. Buried at Blooming Glen M. H. Services in German by Bish. H. B. Rosenberger and pre. Peter B. Loux from Mark 10:14.

RODGERS.-On Mar. 22, 1904, near Heston, Kans., of cancer, Sister Magdalene (Heatwole) Rodgers, aged 66 Y., 3 M., 19 D. She was born in Rockingham Co., Va., and was married to Charles Rodgers, Aug. 31, 1856. During the war they fled to Washington Co., Md., where they remained about a year and then moved to Henry Co., Ill. After a residence of twenty years in Illinois, they moved to Harvey Co., Kans. She leaves to mourn her departure, her husband, five sons and six daughters, one sister and one brother (R.J. Heatwole of Windom, Kans.) She was a member of the Mennonite church for many years. Funeral services were conducted at the Pennsylvania M. H., Mar. 25, by J.M.R. Weaver, assisted by D.D. Zook and T.M. Erb, from 2 Cor. 4:18. May God comfort the sorrowing family, especially the aged father. May they all finally be reunited in heaven where parting is no more. D. Weaver

HOLDEMAN.-Susan Holdeman, late widow of John Holdeman, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Emma Arnold, of congestion of the lungs, on the 28th of March 1904, aged 69 Y., 5 M., 4 D. Her maiden name was Susan Boyer. She was born at Harmony, Pa., Oct. 24, 1834, united in marriage with Henry Baker in 1859. To this union were born five children, all of whom survive her, except Minerva Drollinger of Grand Rapids, Mich., who died two years ago. The surviving children are: Benjamin, of Wadsworth, O.; David, of Lakeville, Ind.; Aaron, of Detroit, Mich.; Emma Arnold, of N. Liberty, Ind., and one brother at Kinsley, Kans. The father died Oct. 4, 1874. In 1866* she was married to John Holdeman, who died in Clinton Twp., Elkhart Co., Ind., in 1894. Sister Holdeman was a devoted member of the Mennonite church for many years. Funeral services were held at the residence by Isaac Early and J. Cripe of the Brethren church, after which the remains were taken to Wadsworth, Ohio, where services were held in the Bethel M. H. on Thursday and her remains were laid to rest in the Mennonite burying ground at that place.  [Note: Should likely be 1886.  If the father (Henry Baker) died in 1874 and the date of marriage, March 7, 1886 to John Holdeman is in his obituary in H.O.T. 12/1/1894 - Thelma Hoover Martin]

CULP.-On Mar. 16, 1904, at her home near Jordan, Ont., Annie Culp, nee High, wife of Jacob M. Culp, passed from this life of suffering to be at rest with the Lord. She was afflicted with dropsy for several months. She was always an active and industrious woman and a faithful Christian companion and true to her Christian calling. She was a member of the Mennonite church. Funeral services conducted on the 18th by Christian Rittenhouse of South Cayuga. Text, Heb. 4:9.

GEINETT.-On the 19th of March 1904, Bro. Jackson Geinett passed into eternity, aged 22 Y., 10 M., 23 D. He had been sick only about a week, having had the black diphtheria. He seemed resigned to the will of God and died as we hope in peace with God. This is a heavy stroke on the aged parents, who are getting very feeble. May the Lord comfort and console them in this sore bereavement. Truly, "we know not what shall be on the morrow." J.N. Kaufman

Transcribed by Jan Wilbur, Utah


HERALD OF TRUTH , Vol. XLI, No. 16, April 14, 1904 - pg 127

CLEMMER.-On March -, 1904, Eliza Clemmer, daughter of the late Jacob Clemmer, formerly of Sellersville, but now of Philadelphia, Pa., aged 62 Y., 8 M., 2 D. Funeral was conducted on the 29th at the Rockhill Mennonite M. H. by Pre. Christina Allebach of Kulpsville, Pa. Peace to her ashes.

COYLE.-Malinda (Freed), wife of Pre. James Coyle of Hudson, Ind., was born in Stark Co., O., May 22, 1828. Died March 7, 1904, aged 75 Y., 10 M., 5 D. She united with the Mennonite church in early life and remained a faithful member until death. She leaves a husband, four children and fourteen grandchildren to mourn her departure, two children having preceded her to the spirit world. Funeral services were conducted at Fairfield Center by A.J. Yantz of Topeka, Ind. Text, Rev. 14:13. Interment in the Fairfield cemetery.

ISENTROUT.-Edith Irene, daughter of ---- and Bertha Isentrout, died at Niverton, Somerset Co., Pa., March 23, 1904. Funeral at the Springs Mennonite M. H. on the 25th by G.D. Miller from Psa. 116:5. Interment in the Mennonite cemetery. May the parents so live that they may meet their darling in the better world.

McCORMICK.-Sylvester S. McCormick was born in Canada, moved with his parents to Adams Co., Neb., where his aunt, Mary Harding, still lives. He also has a sister living in Salem, Ore. He was an inmate of the Orphans' home near Hillsboro, Kansas, until last November, when he was moved to the Mennonite Old People's Home near Rittman, Ohio, where he died March 25, 1904, aged about 48 years; and was the first inmate to die at the Home. He was in many ways a pitiable character, being a mute, and no one in the Home was able to converse with him except by writing. His disease was cancer of the stomach, from which he suffered intensely. He wrote out the following confession on a slate shortly before he died: "I have been a wicked boy, and committed many sins before I undertook to study the Bible, of which I was ignorant until I received the Christian Herald fifteen years ago, but I have not kept my pledge." He afterward rose from his bed in great anguish, kneeled down and, as we believe, prayed earnestly to his God. Before the end came he became calm and quiet, and gave evidence of entering into rest. Sister Fredrica Rau, being the nurse of the Home, watched at his bedside a good portion of the time during his sickness. A short service was conducted at the Home by Jacob Gerig and David Hostetler from Rev. 21. At the church both brethren spoke from the text in Jer. 12:5, last clause.

Note: HERALD OF TRUTH - April 21, 1904 - pg 135; "Correction.- Bro. Wenger, Supt. Of the O. P. Home, writes us that Sylvester S. McCormick, who died at the Home on March 25, 1904, became an inmate of that institution in November 1902, instead of "last November" as stated in the death notice of last week."

UNZIKER.-Sister Mary Unziker, one of the oldest settlers of Tazewell Co., Ill., died March 21, 1904. She was 90 years old and left to mourn her departure 5 children, 20 grand children and 6 great-grandchildren. She was born in Germany in 1814, coming to this country when she was quite young. Her husband preceded her ten years ago to the spirit world. Funeral at the Pleasant Grove Amish Mennonite M. H. Services were conducted by Sam. Gerber and Val. Strubar. Text, 2 Tim. 4:7.

BAKER.-On March 30, 1904, near Timberlake, Okla., Freadla Nell, youngest child of John W. and Esther Baker, died very suddenly of measles, aged 4 Y., 6 M., 17 D. She is survived by her parents and one brother. This is the third one of Bro. and Sister Baker's children that have gone to the glory world. While it is hard for the parents to give up their little daughter and for the little brother to give up his sister, yet they have the consolation that Freadla is safe with the angels and is free from all suffering and sin. Funeral services were conducted on March 31 at the Methodist church in Timberlake by Chas. D. Yoder of Windom, Kansas, from 2 Sam. 12:22,23, assisted by G.B. Landis and the writer. The remains were laid to rest in the Timberlake cemetery. Simon Hershberger.

JOHNSON.-April 2, 1904, at Masontown, Pa., of pneumonia, Bro. Arthur Johnson, aged 23 Y., 5 D. Buried in the Masontown Mennonite burying ground, in the presence of a large concourse of friends. Funeral services were conducted by Aaron Loucks of Scottdale, Pa. Text, John 16:5.
Justin B. Bare.

ZOOK.-On March 25, 1904, near New Wilmington, Mercer Co., Pa., Jacob F. Zook, aged 61 Y., 1 M. He was stricken with a paralytic stroke and lay in a stupor for nearly three weeks before he died. He leaves a wife, four sons and three daughters to mourn their loss. Bro. Zook was a faithful member of the A. M. church and will be greatly missed in the home and in the church. Funeral services on the 28th in German by Bish. John R. Zook from 1 Thess. 4:13-18, and in English by Allen Rickert of Columbiana, Ohio, from 2 Tim. 4:7,8.

Transcribed by Jan Wilbur, Utah


HERALD OF TRUTH , Vol. XLI, No. 17, April 21, 1904 - pp 135,136

Correction.-Bro. Wenger, Supt. Of the O. P. Home, writes us that Sylvester S. McCormick, who died at the Home on March 25, 1904, became an inmate of that institution in November 1902, instead of "last November" as stated in the death notice of last week.

CUSTARD.-March 20, 1904, near Ada, Ohio, of consumption, Sister Maud Custard, wife of Frank Custard. She had been afflicted with the dread disease for some time. She with her husband made two trips to Denver, Colo., expecting relief by a change of climate, but failed. She became greatly concerned about the salvation of her soul, took God at his word, received peace, was baptized and received into the Mennonite church. Funeral services by John Blosser at Anes Chapel; burial in the McElroy graveyard. She leaves a husband, two little sons, three brothers and four sisters and a host of friends to mourn her departure, but they weep not as those who have no hope. May we all be as anxious to be at peace with God as this sister was in her last days.

DEFFENBAUGH.-On March 28, 1904, Chester Ray, the only son of Bro. and Sister Chauncy Deffenbaugh, Masontown, Pa., died of diphtheria croup, at the age of 1 Y., 5 M., 13 D. Services were conducted by A.D. Martin. Text, 2 Kings 4:28. He was a lovely little boy and at this early age had made himself dear to all who had met him; but it seems that it pleased the good Father to take him to his eternal home while he was yet but a babe. May God bless his bereaved parents, ever drawing them nearer to him who has gone before them.

HESS.-On April 4, 1904, at her home on Slate Hill, near Shiremanstown, Pa., of heart trouble, Mary Hess, aged 55 Y., 1 M., 13 D. She died very suddenly while going about her household duties. Her two sisters who had gone out into the yard, leaving her bright and cheerful and seemingly in exceptionally good health, were very much shocked upon returning scarcely five minutes later to find her lying upon the floor unconscious. They called to her, but received no reply. She died a few minutes later without regaining consciousness. Sister Mary was a faithful and consistent member of the Mennonite church for twenty-seven years. She will be much missed by the church and Sunday school at this place, as she always was a regular attendant at all services. She filled her usual place at Sunday school and church services the day previous to her death. She leaves two brothers, three sisters and eleven nephews and nieces to mourn the loss of a loving, kind and affectionate sister and aunt. She manifested much love and kindness toward her nephews and nieces and was deeply interested in their future welfare. May we all heed the warning and ever be ready at any moment God chooses to call us hence. Funeral services were held on April 7 at Slate Hill M. H., conducted by C.M. Brackbill of Lancaster Co., Pa., and J.M. Herr of Cumberland Co., Pa. Text, Acts. 13:36. May we all prepare to meet our loved ones in heaven.

RICKERT.-Mary Ann Fretz was born in Bucks Co., Pa., March 26, 1928; died April 1, 1904; aged 76 Y., 6 D. She was married Sept. 19, 1847, to Abraham Rickert, whom she survived nearly three and one-half years. She was the mother of five sons and five daughters; all but one son are living. Two years after their marriage they emigrated to near River Styx, Medina Co., Ohio, where they resided until the time of their deaths. On Easter day the relatives and friends assembled to pay their last tribute of respect to our dear mother and friend. The funeral sermon was preached by Bish. Isaac Good from Psa. 35:13,14, assisted by Pre. E. Coppes. For years she has been a faithful member of the Mennonite church and her influence as an active worker and affectionate mother will long be remembered by the family and friends.

THOMAS.-Jacob Thomas died on March 26, 1904, aged 88 Y., 8 M., 20 D. He was the father of Pre. Jacob Thomas. Buried March 29. Funeral services at the River Corner Mennonite M. H. by Wish. A.B. Herr and Pre. A. Witmer.

HERR.-Elizabeth B. Herr, wife of George K. Herr, was buried at the Stone M. H., Lancaster Co.,Pa., on April 2, 1904, aged 50 Y., 9 M., 20 D. Services by Abram B. Herr and A. Witmer.

MARTIN.-Moses Martin died at his home at Clarence Center, N. Y., March 30, 1904. The deceased was a son of Abraham and Marie (Horst) Martin and was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., in 1830. When one year old his parents moved to a farm near Clarence Center, where the subject of this sketch practically spent all of his life. He had been confined to the house for several years, suffering from a complication of diseases. The end came quiet and painless. He was 73 Y., 6 M. old.. Bro. Martin was twice married. His fist wife was Leah Eshelman, a daughter of the late Jacob Eshelman, and his second Hannah Reichard of Waterloo, Ont., who survives him. He is also survived by eight children: Dr. Andrew J. Martin of Tonawanda, Sarah Lapp of Williamsville, Elias of Buffalo, Eliza Krehbiel, Oliver, Jonas, Amanda and Albert Martin of Clarence Center. When he was about 31 years of age he united with the Mennonite church and was ever after a faithful member. He was buried in the Clarence Center cemetery. His funeral was largely attended, Pre. Jacob Krehbiel officiating. Bro. Martin was a kind neighbor and a sincere Christian, and in his death this community loses one of its most esteemed and respected citizens.

DETWILER.-Elizabeth Muckley Detwiler was born March 6, 1834, died March 30, 1904. April 30, 1857, she was married to Jacob Detwiler, who preceded her to the spirit world Nov. 14, 1902. Of this union three daughters and two sons survive. Sister Detwiler united with the Mennonite church when young and about twenty years ago became a member of the Reformed church. She was an earnest Christian from her early girlhood. The funeral was held at the Reformed church at Bloomville, Ohio, and was conducted by Pre. A.D. Wolfinger. Interment in Woodlawn cemetery.

Transcribed by Jan Wilbur, Utah


HERALD OF TRUTH , Vol. XLI, No. 18, April 28, 1904 - pg 143

HOLSAPPLE.-On April 15, 1904, near Dakota, Ill., of dropsy, DeWitt Clinton Holsapple, aged 69 Y., 6 M., 5 D. He had been a constant sufferer for over three years. About eight weeks before his death he was received into church fellowship by water baptism. The Lord had spoken peace to his soul, and he longed to depart and be with Christ. Bro. Holsapple was born and raised near Millerstown, Perry Co., Pa., and was united in marriage to Malinda E. Stahl, April 5, 1860. To this union were born nine children, two of which have preceded the father to the world beyond. He leaves his wife and seven children to mourn his departure. Funeral service were conducted by J.S. Shoemaker, assisted by Pre. Warington, of the M.E. church of Dakota, Ill. Text, Job 16:22.

SHULER.-On April 12, 1904, near Sterling, Ill., of infirmities of old age, Elizabeth (Rosenberry), wife of Geo. F. Shuler, aged 78 Y., 3 M., 27 D. She was received into church fellowship but three weeks prior to her death, after which she seemed to be perfectly resigned to her Lord until she closed her eyes in peaceful rest, to awake among the blest. She is survived by her husband, three daughters, eleven grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Three children had preceded her to the spirit world. Services were conducted by J.S. Shoemaker, assisted by Pre. Donaldson of the Sterling Presbyterian church. Text, Psa. 87:3.

MYERS.-Bro. Jacob B. Myers of New Baltimore, York Co., Pa., passed from this life on April 15, 1904, aged 81 Y., 4 M., 24 D. Funeral services were held at the Bare M. H. on April 18 in the presence of a large concourse of people, by Martin Whisler and Daniel Stump from Phil. 1:21. Peace to his ashes. Martin Whisler.

Transcribed by Jan Wilbur, Utah

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