Gospel Herald Obituaries - April, 1908

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Gospel Herald - Vol. I, No. 1 - April 4, 1908- page 16

MAST. - Delsa Marie, infant daughter of Ammon and Katy Mast, died near Emma, Lagrange Co., Ind., aged 11d. Funeral services at the house, Mar. 11, by D. D. Miller.

YODER. - Oles Amelia, daughter of Jacob A. and Floretta Yoder, was born near Berlin, Ohio, August 27, 1906; died Mar. 8, 1908; aged 1 y. 6m. 11d. On Sunday Mar. 1, she was suddenly taken ill with lung fever and on the following Sunday she fell asleep in Jesus. She leaves father and mother, three sisters and one brother and many friends to mourn her early departure in the dawn of life. The funeral service was held at the house by C. P. Smith. Interment in the cemetery at Friburg. The little form seemed as a flower that was laid to rest to bloom in eternity. The family have the sympathy of the community in their bereavement. Although she is missed here we know that she is at rest in Jesus.
Weep not for me, my sisters dear,
In heaven I hope you all to see,
Where we can then together be,
Forever in eternity.

EBY. - John W Eby suddenly departed this life at his home near Markham, Ont., on March 21, 1908, at the age of 48 y. 6 m. 9 d. .Bro. Eby left his home in the morning and went with Bro. Albert Wideman to a near by woods to fell a tree. The tree lodged and as it was lowered with a team a part of the top struck Bro. Eby on his head. The skull was badly fractured and he never gained consciousness. He was immediately taken to his home and the spirit departed about two hours after the accident. This again is a loud call to all who are out of the fold of God. Deceased leaves a sorrowing widow and two step sons. He was for a number of years a faithful member of the Mennonite Church. Burial took place at the Wideman Church the 23, in the presence of many neighbors and friends. Services were conducted by L. J. Burkholder assisted by S. R. Hoover and S. Wideman. Text, "There is but a step between me and death" (I Sam. 20:3).

WADLE. - Sister Barbara Wadle died at her home near Pinola, Franklin Co., Pa., Feb 29, 1908; aged 54 y. 5 m. 2 d. Sister Wadle has been suffering from paralysis for about four months, being almost entirely helpless for the last six weeks of her life and her suffering was so great that it has hard for those who had the care of her, but we believe she was thinking of the glory that was awaiting her. When the writer visited her the last time she desired to hear some of God,s Word read, although she could not speak so that we could understand her. She was a consistent member of the Mennonite Church, having given her heart to God in her youth and remained faithful till death. Just before she passed over she said she could hear the angels singing. We have reason to believe they were singing her welcome home. She leaves a sorrowing husband and two sons and three daughters to mourn her departure. The husband, Samuel Wadle, loses a loving companion, the children a kind mother, the church a sister who was always present when circumstances would permit; but we believe our loss is her eternal gain. Funeral services were conducted by the brethren Henry Bricker of this district and Henry Bare of Washington Co., Md., at the Row M. H. Interment in the Horst burying ground near by. Text, Rev. 14:12, 13.

Transcribed by Betty Hartzler, Kansas


Gospel Herald - Vol. I, No. 2 - April 11, 1908 - page 31, 32

Cressman. - John E Cressman, died Feb. 26, 1908; aged 56 y. 4 m. 2 d. Burial Feb. 29, at Mt. View barying ground. Funeral services conducted by N. B. Stauffer. Text, Psa. 39:4.

Transcriber's Note - "barying" spelled as given

 Hooley. - David Hooley died near Millersburg, Ohio, Mar. 25, 1908; aged 76 y. 6 m. 25 d. The body was interred in the cemetery adjoining the Oak Grove Church near Smithville, Ohio. funeral services were conducted by Bish. Fred Mast.

 Warnick. - Cecil Paul, infant and only child of Charles and Maggie Warnick, died Mar. 21, 1908; aged 10 days. Funeral on the 23rd. at the home near Grantsville, Md., by H. S. May, Reformed minister, and Ed. Miller. Interment in the Mennonite Graveyard at Springs, Pa.

 Reber. - Mary Delila Reber, only daughter of Bro. George and Sister ------ Reber of La Junta, Colo., was born June 20, 1905; died Feb. 21, 1908; aged 2 y. 8 m. 1 d. Funeral services at the La Junta Mennonite Church by D. G. Lapp. The little one is now safe within the Shepherd's fold above. May God comfort the parents.

Shaffer. - Christina Shaffer was born at Scotland, Franklin Co., Pa., Aug. 4, 1854; died Mar. 20, 1908; aged 53 y. 7 m. 12 d. She was married to George Shaffer Dec. 21, 1855. To this union were born five sons and one daughter. Their home was at Leetonia, Ohio, but she died at the hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, from the effects of an operation performed upon a growth in her throat. She was a consistent member of the Mennonite Church for a number of years and she will be missed by all who knew her. Services were conducted at the Midway Church by Allen Rickert assisted by David Lehman and A. J. Steiner.

Helmuth. - Calvin, twin son of G. B. and Barbara Helmuth of Millersburg, Ohio; died of whooping cough, Mar, 26, 1908; aged 2y. 8m. 30d. He leaves a sorrowing father and mother, three little brothers and one little sister. Calvin enjoyed his short life on earth, as he was always happy and loved to ask his parents about heaven and the Heavenly Father. He also took great pleasure in little songs. Funeral at the Walnut Creek Church, conducted by Fred Mast, J. F. Mast and David Hostetler. "The Lord gave, the Lord hath taken away again, blessed by the name of the Lord."

Landis. - Martin K Landis was born March 1, 1863; died at Elizabethtown, Pa., March 14, 1908; aged 45 y. 13 d. The funeral services were held on March 17, at the Elizabeth- town Mennonite Church, by John H Moseman and the Reformed minister, Meyer, of Elizabethtown. Text, Heb. 9:27, 18. The body was interred in the Elizabethtown Cemetery. The brother leaves a sorrowing wife and daughter to mourn his departure as well as four brothers and three sisters. May the Lord comfort the bereaved ones. Peace be to his ashes.

Weber. - On Feb. 22, 1908, near Alleghanyville, Pa., Elsie, daughter of John and Lizzie Weber, died of diptheria; aged 7 y. 8 m. 9 d. She leaves to mourn her early departure, father, mother, three sisters and two brothers. Two little sisters preceded her to the spirit world. Her remains were laid to rest on Feb. 23, in the presence of a number of relatives and friends. Bro. Henry Good conducted the services at the grave.

Silently, peacefully angels have borne her
Into the beautiful mansions above,
There she will rest from earth's toil forever.
Safe in the armís of God's infinite love.

Knotts. - Lewis Lawrence Knotts was born April 12, 1834; died March 30, 1908; aged 73y. 11m. 28d. He was married to Barbara A. Johnson on March 28, 1858. Deceased was born in Green Co., Pa., and died in Union town, Pa. He was a soldier of the Civil War. He is survived by one brother, Nathaniel, of Greene Co., and his twin sister, Maria, of Scottdale, Pa. He was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Funeral services were conducted by J. A. Brilhart at the Mennonite church near Masontown, Pa. Text, Ecc. 8:8. Interment in the cemetery adjoining the church.

Frey. - Bro. Jacob Frey died at the home of his son, Bro. John L. Frey, near Chambers- burg, Pa., Mar. 24 after an illness of 81 days; aged 79y. 4m. 24d. He confessed Christ as his personal Savior in his early life and united with the Mennonite Church and was a faithful and consistent member until death. his companion preceded him to the spirit world a number of years ago. He is survived by two sons, Aaron and John. They need not mourn as those who have no hope. Funeral service was held Mar. 27, at the Chambersburg Mennonite Church by D. E. Kuhns and W. W. Hege from John 11:25. Interment in the Mennonite Cemetery. Peace to his ashes.

Stalter. - Sister Mary Stalter, daughter of Daniel and Catharina Stalter, was born in Pike Twp., Livingston Co., Ill., and died at her home in Meadows, Ill., Mar. 24, 1908; aged 21 y. 11 m. 7 d. Sister Mary united with the A. M. Church several years ago and was a faithful member until the end. She leaves a sorrowing father, mother, three brothers, two sisters and many other relatives and friends to mourn her early departure, three sisters and one brother having proceded her. She had been in poor health for some time but finally the dreaded disease, quick consumption, set in and in the short time of one week she became a corpse. Services at the home by D. W. Slagel from Psa. 39:4,5, in English and at the church by Daniel Orendorff, from I Peter 1:21-25, in German, and Geo. Summer from Psa. 90:12.

Manahan. - Viola Manahan was born in Champion Co., Ohio, June 1, 1887; died at her home in Urbana, Ohio, Mar. 23, 1908; aged 20 y. 9 m. 22 d. Father, mother, two brothers and six sisters survive her, one sister having preceded her to the spirit world. Viola was from early childhood of a dutiful and affectionate disposition. Eight days before her death she was taken seriously ill and her sickness was accompanied with much suffering, which she bore patiently until relieved by death. Three days before she departed this life, she was led to see her real condition as a sinner in the sight of God and to flee to the Lord Jesus for refuge, after which she felt no fear, for she knew Him who is the resurrection and the life. She had familiarized herself with death by meditation upon it and by the frequent mention of it to friends. She was exceedingly happy, rejoicing that she had fixed her hope on Jesus. Although her suffering was intense, yet shortly before her death she said that Jesus was going with her all the way. Funeral services were held at the Oak Grove Church, Mar. 26, conducted by J. J. Wayre, from Jno. 5:25, and S. E. Allgyer, from Psa. 103:15,16. Interment in the Hooley Cemetery.

Mumaw. - Henry A Mumaw was born near Winesburg, Ohio, Jan. 27, 1850; died in Elkhart, Ind., April 1, 1908, at the age of 58 y. 2 m. 4 d. On June 27, 1872, he was married to Malinda Blosser, to which union were born 3 children - two daughters, Phoebe and Cora, and one son, Andrew, all of whom, with his beloved companion, survive him, also one brother and three sisters. Bro. Mumaw was always active taking great interest in the welfare of the church. he founded the ìWords of Cheerî, now so widely used in the Sunday schools. For a time he also published a weekly paper, ìEvenings at Home,î and also ìFireside Readings,î a neat volume which found a ready sale. Later, after having graduated from the Medical College, he published several Medical journals, having followed the medical profession to the close of his life. Being interested in the education of young people, he conducted a Normal School in this city (Elkhart) in his early years. In the fall of 1894, he founded the Elkhart Institute, now Goshen College, and after disposing of his interests in it in 1898, he opened the Elkhart Normal School and Business Institute, which was later sold and is now know as the Elkhart Business College. He was a devoted husband and a loving father, always ready to do his best for the welfare of his family, by whom he will be greatly missed. His influence reached far and wide, and many will remember him as one who helped them find increased satisfaction with their lot in life. His life closed peacefully, and he left many evidences of his readiness to depart, saying on one occasion that he wanted to go home, and on another, that he would go on ahead and just wait for the others. The funeral was held in Elkhart, Ind., on April 3. The services at the house were conducted by George Lambert and Samuel Yoder, and at the church by Jacob K. Bixler, assisted by J. F. Funk and J. S. Lehman. Text, Rom. 8:16-18. His body was laid to rest in Prairie Street Cemetery near the city.

Transcribed by Betty Hartzler, Kansas


Gospel Herald - Vol. I, No. 3 - April 18, 1908 - page 47, 48

Hartzler. - Morris Leroy Hartzler was born Dec. 20, 1905, in Smithville, Ohio; died, Mar. 6, 1908; aged 2 y. 2 m. 16 d. Buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery. Funeral services were conducted by C. Z. and D. Z. Yoder. Text, Rom. 8:18.

Clemens. - Margaret, infant daughter of Bro. John and Sister Susie Clemens, of Mainland, Pa., died of stomach trouble, aged 7 weeks. This is the third child the bereaved parents have buried, one each year for the last three years. Two brothers and one sister remain. Interment April 7, at Towamencin meeting house.

Fond parents, calm the heaving breast,
The Savior called Margaret home;
Grieve not, your darling is at rest,
Beyond this vale of gloom.

Keim. - Martha Ellen, daughter of Andrew and ------- Keim, died near Middlebury, Ind., after a few daysí illness of diphtheria, on Feb. 15, 1908; aged 4y. 2m. 7d. The disease, being contagious, the remains were quietly buried, Feb. 16, in the presence of a few intimate friends and neighbors, and funeral services were held at the Fork Church three weeks later by M. J. Helmuth and D. D. Miller. May God comfort the bereaved parents. Although she is missed in the home and with grandparents, yet we know that she is at rest with Jesus.

Schultz. - Carl Schultz departed this life, at his home near Stuttgart, Ark., Apr. 3, 1908, at the age of 80y. 4m. 22d. Bro. Schultz was born in Magdeburg, Germany, Nov. 12, 1827. In 1860 he was married in Henry Co., Ohio, to Barbara Baily. In 1867 he moved to St. Charles, Mo., and in 1881 to Grand Prairie, Ark., from when he was removed to the spirit world, his wife preceding him one year and 15 days. Bro. Schultz was a faithful member of the A. M. Church for many years. Funeral services were conducted by Bro. Jacob Yoder in German and F. E. Maden in English. Text, John 11:25, 26.

Bechtel. - Jacob Samuel, son of Bro. Albert and Sister Emma Bechtel, of Hanover, York Co., Pa., was born July 21, 1897; died Mar. 18, 1908; aged 10 y. 7 m. 27 d. The youthful boy met death while on an errand when a swiftly moving passenger train instantly crushed out his life. Besides his father and mother he leaves loving sisters and two younger brothers. May they all trust in God and consider when He saith, "What I do thou knowest not now, but shalt know hereafter.î" Funeral services were held at the home on Mar. 22, by Daniel Stump and J. C. Miller from Psa. 90:12. Burial at Bair's Graveyard.

Hiestand. - Sister Anna (Nott) Hiestand was born Jan. 15, 1836; died in Lancaster Co., Pa., Mar. 30, 1908; aged 72y. 2m. 15d. Funeral on April 2, at the Landisville M. H. Services by Pre. Henry E Longenecker, Pre. Hiram Kauffman, and Bish. Jacob N. Brubacher. She was a consistent member of the Mennonite Church, never making any trouble. She was the widow of the late Samuel Hiestand and is survived by the following children: Cyrus, who with his wife are applicants for church membership, Samuel of Landisville, and Mrs. John Miller of Mt. Joy.

Plank. - On Mar. 1, 1908, at her home, near Gap, Lancaster Co., Pa., Sister Caroline Plank departed this life in her sixty-ninth year. Her maiden name was Hertzler. She was the widow of Joseph Plank, who died Feb. 5, 1894. She was a member of the A. M. Church from her youth, a kind and affectionate mother and grandmother. She is survived by two sons, three daughters, a number of grandchildren and many friends. She will be greatly missed, but the Lord doeth all things well, and we trust that our loss is her eternal gain. May God bless the sorrowing friends. Services at the Millwood M. H. by John and Gideon Stoltzfus. Interment at the Plank burying ground.

Bontrager. - Joseph Bontrager was born in Somerset Co., Pa., Aug. 4, 1811: died in Lagrange Co., Ind., April 5, 1908, aged 96 y. 8 m. 1 d. He was married to Barbara Yoder in 1832. In 1841 he moved to Elkhart Co., Ind. He was one of the first Amish settlers of the state of Indiana. In 1853 he moved to Lagrange Co., Ind., where he lived to his death. His wife died Oct. 2, 1888. To them were born 7 sons and 4 daughters, of whom 6 sons and 1 daughter survive. He united with the Amish Church in his youth and in his younger years he was ordained deacon, to which office he was faithful as long as he was able to attend to duties. he outlived all his brothers and sisters, and we may well say, he lived a good, exemplary life. Two of his sons are bishops, two are deacons and one is a minister, all in the Amish Church.

Ropp. - Magdalena Ropp (nee Nafziger) was born Aug. 1827, in Germany. She came to America with her parents in 1833. In 1846 she was united in marriage with Valentine Birkey, who departed this life in 1856. In 1869 she became the wife of Bish. Christian Ropp and in about 28 years he was called to his reward. She united with the A. M. Church in her youth and lived a faithful and exemplary life until her death. Death came to her at her home in Eureka, Ills., after having been confined to her bed about 8 weeks, on Apr. 2, 1908. She was aged 80y. 7m. 6d. She leaves 4 daughters, 1 son, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and many friends to mourn her departure. Funeral services were held Apr. 4, at the Roanoke A. M. Church. Bro. Dan Roth spoke from Ps. 90 in the German language. Bro. Jonas Litwiller spoke in the same language from Jno. 5:24-29. Bro. Peter Summers spoke in the English language from Lu. 9:52. Interment in cemetery nearby.

Wenger. - Our boy, Emry B died Apr. 3, after 2 weeks of intense suffering; aged 11y. 10m. 20d. In handling a calf with a halter, he was jerked and his spine injured. It so affected his head and eyes that we had to keep his room dark, till death removed him to the bright world beyond. He bore his great suffering without a murmur. He was an affectionate and obedient child. His short life was a bright light in our home, where he will be greatly missed. We thank God that this little life was permitted to be lived with us for nearly 12 years, and we mourn not as those who have no hope. For several months he had asked about uniting with the church, which we tried to encourage. His noble young mind was aspiring to better things. When suffering intense agony he was asked if he would "meet papa in heaven"and answered "Yes." Heaven has new attractions for us. In the last hours of his life, he said, pointing his finger, "Mamma, look there,"and then, "Ready, ready, all right!" May God help us to meet our child in the Glory World. Buried Apr. 4. Funeral services by Bro. S. G. Lapp. S. B. and Belle I Wenger, South English, Iowa

Shank. - Apr. 3, 1908, at the home of her son, Frederick Heatwole, near Dayton, Va., where she had gone on a visit, very suddenly of heart failure, Rebecca Shank died; aged 79y. 11m. 10d. On Mar. 28, 1852, she, together with her first husband, Jacob S Heatwole, united with the Mennonite Church, they having been married Mar. 16, 1848. To this union were born 7 children, of whom the 4 oldest sons, respectively, Pre. Jos. F. and Frederick, of Dayton, Va.; Adam of Moyershoeffers, Va., and John R., of Lima, Ohio, survive. Her first husband, Jacob S Heatwole, died May 7, 1870. Later in life she married Jacob Shank, of Dale Enterprise, Va., who died Aug. 13, 1889, leaving no children by this marriage. Since then she remained in widowhood, making her home principally with her son, Jos. F. Heatwole. Of her posterity now living there are 4 children, 18 grandchildren and 29 great-grandchildren. The funeral, which was largely attended, was held from the Bank M. H. and the body consigned to its last resting place by the side of her first husband, in the cemetery nearby. Services by L. J. Heatwole and S. J. Martin from Job. 14:14, 15.

Brenneman. - At Goshen, Ind., Mar. 25, 1908, of pneumonia, after an illness of seven days, Susanna Keagy, wife of Eld. D Brenneman, departed this life; aged 68y. 10m. 7d. She embraced Christ in her youth, whom she faithfully served to the end of lifeís pilgrimage, and died in the triumphs of an unwavering faith in Jesus, enduring her brief suffering in great patience, without a murmuring word, and never a doubt as to the evidence of her acceptance with God, appeared to overshadow her mind for a moment. Near her end she offered several very earnest and fervent prayers. The unmistakable evidence of her entrance into the glorious mansion above is a legacy far superior to anything, or all else, that might have been given to her relatives and friends who survive her. She was the mother of ten children, five sons and five daughters, who with her husband all survive her, she being the first one to be called to break the family circle. Her mortal remains were borne to their silent resting place in Oak Ridge cemetery, March 27, after an impressive service at the Mennonite Church, in Goshen, held by the brethren Huffman, Moore, Royer and Curtis, with appropriate songs. the last chapter of Proverbs was read. Text, II Cor. 5:1. "Asleep in Jesus, oh, how sweet, To be for such a slumber meet."

Beck. - Clara E., and infant son. Clara E., daughter of Isaac W. and Mary E Rohrer, was born in Medina Co., Ohio, Dec. 18, 1885; died April 1, 1908; aged 22 yrs. 3 mo. 13d. She was united in marriage with Clarence Beck, April 25, 1905. To this union were born three sons, two of which died in infancy. The one aged 1 week preceded her to the spirit world but one day, and was buried sweetly resting within the folded arms of the mother. Husband, oldest son, mother, two brothers and one step-sister are left to mourn the loss of a kind wife, loving mother and friend. Her father died Nov. 14, 1907. The Lord gathers home into His mansions His children of all ages. Truly life is uncertain, but thanks be to our Heavenly Father who has placed eternal life within the reach of all. Sister Clara had for some time a desire to unite with the people of God, but for some reason delayed until March 31, 1908, when she was received into the Mennonite Church by water baptism, administered by J. M. Kreider. Funeral services were held at the Lower Guilford Mennonite Church, April 3, 1908, where a large concourse of relatives and friends had gathered to pay the last tribute of respect to the departed ones. The evidences of faith manifested the last day of her life is a source of great consolation and much comfort to the bereaved friends. Services were conducted by J. M. Kreider, assisted by Isaac Good. Mother and child were laid to rest in the adjoining cemetery.

Many were the hearts that broke,
Many were the tears that flowed;
But Clara and the child awoke,
In Heaven, their eternal abode.

Transcribed by Betty Hartzler, Kansas


Gospel Herald - Vol. I, No. 4 - April 25, 1908 - page 63, 64

Clemens. - Margaret, daughter of Bro. John C. and Susan Clemens of Mainland, Montgomery Co., Pa., died April 3, 1908, of morosmas; aged 1m. 18d. Funeral at the Towamensing M. H.

Stoner. - Hettie Stoner of Ephrata, Pa., died April 7, 1908, in her 46th year, of pneumonia. She was sick about a week. She was a daughter of the late Isaac Stoner. She is survived by four brothers and four sisters. She was an active member of the Mennonite Church. Services were conducted by Bish. Benj. Weaver and John B. Bucher.

Weaver. - Sister Benj. Weaver of near Reidenbach, Lancaster Co., Pa., died on April 8, 1908, of tuberculosis, with which she had been suffering for some time. The deceased was 54y. 4m. 3d. old. She is survived by her husband and 5 children. She was buried at the Pike M. H. Bish. Jonas Martin and Pre. Menno Zimmerman conducted the funeral services.

Rosenberger. - On April 6, 1908, in North Wales, Montgomery Co., Pa., of heart disease, Bro. Benj. G. Rosenberger, died; aged 77y. 23d. Funeral on April 9. Interment at the Towamensing burying ground. he leaves two daughters to mourn his death. He went out on Monday morning to work on his lot two miles from home. Not returning in the evening, his son-in-law went in search and found him dead on the lot, still holding in his hand a rosebush.

Yoder. - John Yoder died at the home of his son-in-law, Daniel Fry, in the city of Johnstown, Pa., April 7, 1908; aged 76y. 5m. 22d. He was a faithful member of the German Baptist church for a number of years. Buried at the Maple Spring Church; funeral services were conducted by Sam. Zimmerman and L. A. Blough. Text, Amos 4:12. He is survived by one sister, two sons and two daughters, and a number of grandchildren who mourn for him, yet not without hope.

Borntrager. - On April 8, 1908, near Middlebury, Ind., Millie, wife of Daniel R. Borntrager, died; aged 28y. 3m. 15d. She was the oldest daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Wengard. She suffered five weeks from the effects of confinement. She leaves a sorrowing husband and two children; also her parents and eight brothers and sisters to mourn her death. She was buried on April 10. Her funeral was largely attended by relatives and friends. Funeral services were conducted by Manassas M. Miller and D. S. Kauffman.

Mishler. - On April 5, 1908, in Lagrange Co., Ind., of the infirmities of old age, Leah Mishler, died; aged 90y. 3m. 19d. she had her home with Daniel S Yoder. She was a faithful sister, in the Old Amish Mennonite Church. She remained faithful to her vows which she had taken in her youth. She was buried on April 7 in the family grave-yard near her home. A multitude of people had assembled to attend the funeral. Services were held by Eli E. Borntrager and Manassas J. Borntrager.
"The days of our lives", the Psalmist says, "are three-score and ten, and if by reason of strength they be four-score, yet is their strength labor and sorrow, for it is soon cut off and we fly away."

Borntrager. - Benjamin Borntrager was born in Holes Co., Ohio. In his early years he came with his parents to Indiana, and they settled in Elkhart Co. He was twice married. Both his first and second wife were daughters of Bishop Haage, of Holmes Co., O. Bro Borntrager died on April 7, 1908; aged 73y. 7m. 8d. His wife, 3 sons and 4 daughters survive him. They mourn not as those who have no hope. He was a faithful member of the Old Amish Mennonite Church. He was buried on April 9. A large concourse of relatives and friends attended his funeral. Services were conducted by David Hochstetler and Jacob G. Miller, in the German, and ----------- Nusbaum in the English. Text, John 5:24-30 and John 14.

Spitnale. - On April 12, 1908, near Cloverdale, Ohio, Florence Spitnale died; aged 19y. 1m. 7d. Just two weeks previous to her death she requested to be baptized, and was accordingly received into church fellowship, and gave consoling evidence of a blessed experience in the new life. She said she felt so happy now, that it was all right with her to go or stay, and the almost heavenly smile that remained upon her countenance after the spirit had fled was a source of great comfort to the mourning friends. She leaves a widowed father, four brothers and many warm friends to mourn her early departure, but they sorrow not as those who have no hope. Burial on April 17. Funeral services conducted by J. M. Shenk. Text, John 11:25.

Detweiler - Fanny Detweiler, nee Yoder, was born Oct. 16, 1865; died Apr. 4, 1908; aged 42y. 6m. 18d. She was united in the bonds of matrimony to Jacob K. Detweiler in 1887. This union was blessed with eleven children, five of whom preceded her to the spirit world. Her husband and six children remain to mourn the loss of a loving mother and a kind, true wife. But their loss is her eternal gain, as she expressed peace with her Saviour and was ready and waiting for the change of time to eternity. Services were held at the Oak Grove Church, conducted by C. Z. Yoder and J. S. Gerig, from Psa. 17:15.
How long, oh Lord, how long,
How long must I linger here?
My body is weary and worn
And my soul is free from fear.
I want to go home to God;
This world has no charms for me.
I long to be with my Jesus,
Far over the crystal sea.

Rohrer. - Rebecca Rohrer was born in York Co., Dec. 10, 1826; died April 5, 1908, at the Mennonite Old Peopleís Home, Marshallville, Ohio; aged 81y. 3m. 25d. She was married to Manasses Hildebrand in 1845. To this union were born four children. After the death of her first husband she was again married to Isaac Rohrer in 1867. He also preceded her to the spirit world. Sister Rohrer was converted at the age of twenty years and lived a devoted Christian life. She was a member of the York Brethren in Christ church. Two daughters, nine grandchildren, thirteen great-grandchildren and four stepchildren remain to mourn their loss. Funeral services were conducted at the Home, on Wednesday, April 8, by Daniel Paulus and D. C. Amstutz.

Hostetter - Bro. John E. Hostetter was born Feb. 2, 1823; died Apr. 8, 1908, of the infirmities of old age; his age was 85y. 2m. 6d. He was a faithful and consistent member of the Mennonite Church for many years, but for a number of years was not able in body to attend the services of the church, but was always very much interested in its welfare. He always enjoyed having the ministers and brotherhood visit him, and many were the kind admonitions and words of encouragement which he gave. He was a noble example of Christian piety, was ever concerned about the welfare of his family, especially their soulsí salvation, and we rejoiced with him that all are endeavoring to lead Christian lives. During his last sickness he expressed a desire to depart and be with Christ, "which is far better," and when it pleased the Lord to call him home, he calmly and peacefully fell asleep in Jesus at the close of the day to awake in the morn of an unclouded day "where shadows never dim the light." He leaves to mourn his departure a beloved companion, three daughters and six grandchildren, beside many relatives and friends. May we remain faithful that we can meet him in that home above. We shall miss him but realize that our loss is his eternal gain. Funeral services were held on Apr. 11, conducted by Bro. Chr. Lefever at the house and Bro. Frank Kreider and Bish. Jacob Brubacher at the church. Text, Psa. 103:15-18. May He uphold us by His sustaining grace.
By his granddaughters

Transcribed by Betty Hartzler, Kansas

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