Gospel Herald Obituaries - February, 1915

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Gospel Herald - Volume VII, Number 45 - February 4, 1915 - pages 727, 728

Lantz. - Ilva Irene, infant daughter of Lewis N. and Alice Lantz, was born Apr. 5, 1914; died at her home near Elmira, Ohio, Jan. 16, 1915; aged 9 m. 11 d. Little Ilva had been ailing for some time but was not thought to be seriously sick, but she died very suddenly and unexpectedly. She leaves a sorrowing father and mother, 2 brothers and 1 sister to mourn her early departure. Funeral Jan. 18, at the Central Church.

Hallman. - Sister Mary Hallman (nee Clemens) relict of the late John S. Hallman was born Sept. 11, 1834; died Jan. 17, 1915, at the age of 80 y. 4 m. 6 d. She suffered a good deal during the last two years of her life, but died in the blessed hope of a blissful immortality. She was married to John S. Hallman 52 years ago. They had a family of 5 sons and 7 daughters. who all survive her except 1 daughter. Her husband preceded her 21 years. The funeral services were conducted at the Blenheim Mennonite Church on Jan. 20, Bro. E. S. Bauman preached in German from Jno. 14:19, and Bro. Jonas Snider in English from Rev. 14:13, to a full house. Interment in the cemetery adjoining.

Transcriber's note: "relict" is as in the original.

Hertzler. - Mrs. Nancy Hertzler (nee Miller) died Jan. 19, 1915, at her home near Glenarm, Md.; aged 57 y. 10 m. 16 d. She was born at Long Green, Md., but when 3 years old moved with her parents to Union Co., Pa., where she spent most of her young days. She was married to Joseph Hertzler Dec. 16, 1886, at Hartford, Kans. She was the mother of 6 living children -- 4 boys and 2 girls -- namely: Silas, Asa, Ethan, Mark, Mary and Esther. All were home save Silas, the oldest, who is teaching school at Gretna, Man. The husband and children mourn their loss but rejoice for her hope. She lived a true Christian life, and was a faithful and loving mother and wife. Interment in Long Green Mennonite Cemetery. J. M. Hartzler conducted the services.

Mast. - Sarah Louella, only daughter of Bro. and Sister David C. and Mamie Mast, was born Nov. 4, 1903; died Jan. 21, 1915; aged 1 y. 2 m. 17 d. Died of pneumonia at the home of her parents. She was in this world but a short time, still long enough to have those around her greatly attached to her. She leaves 1 great-grandfather, 1 great-grandmother, 2 grandfathers, 1 grandmother, and others. Funeral was held Jan. 25 when the little body was laid to rest in the Maple Grove Cemetery near Atglen, Pa. Text, Job 1:21: "The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord."

Daughter thou hast left us lonely,
Sorrow fills our hearts today.
But beyond this vale of sorrow,
Tears shall all be wiped away.

Transcriber's note: To be consistent with rest of obituary, birth date should be Nov. 4, 1913.

Miller. - Pearl Edna, daughter of Levi D. and Maggie Miller died at Wellman, Iowa, Jan. 16, 1915; aged 1 m. 16 d. To mourn her early departure she leaves father, mother, 2 brothers, 1 sister, besides other relatives. Little Pearl's life here on earth was only a short stay, but long enough to endear herself to her parents, like a blossom that budded on earth to bloom in heaven. It seems hard to understand why she was taken, only God knows and He can heal all the wounded hearts. Funeral services were held at the Lower Deer Creek Church on Jan. 18, by J. K. Yoder from II Sam. 12:15-23 in English and in German by Peter Swartzendruber.

Dear little hands, I miss them so,
All through the day wherever I go,
All through the night how lonely it seems
For no little hands wake me out of my dreams.

Rychener. - Gideon Rychener was born in Fulton Co., O., Aug. 6, 1850; died Jan. 23, 1915; aged 64 y. 5 m. 17 d. He was united in marriage with Mary Schmucker Aug. 6, 1875. They lived together in happy matrimony 39 y. 5 m. 17 d. To this union were born 4 children. Bro. Rychener was the sixth child of a family of 11 children and the second one to die. One sister preceded him about 47 years ago. He leaves a sorrowing widow, 2 sons, 2 daughters, 6 grandchildren, 5 brothers, 4 sisters, and a large number of relatives and friends to mourn his sudden and unexpected death. He retired in usual health in the evening and at 2 o'clock his wife heard that he was breathing with difficulty. She tried to arouse him but failed. She called their daughter but before she arrived the spirit had taken its flight. Bro. Rychener was a faithful member of the A. M. Church. Funeral services were held at the Central Church, Jan. 25, by D. J. Wyse and E. I. Frey. Text, Mark 13:35,36.

Eschliman. - Jonas Eschliman was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Nov. 2, 1834: died Dec. 31, 1914; aged 80 y. 1 m. 29 d. He was the youngest and last remaining of a family of 9 children. At the age of 2 1/2 years he came with his parents to Ohio and located on the farm near North Lawrence where he has since resided. On March 1, 1855, he was married to Fannie Martin who died 6 years later. On Nov. 26, 1863, he was married to Martha Martin who died Sept. 19, 1891. He was the father of 13 children, 3 of whom preceded him to the spirit world. He is survived by 10 children, 25 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren. Father Eschliman was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church. He was of a charitable disposition, ever ready to lend a helping hand to the sick or needy. His long and useful life is ended. He was a kind and devoted father, his absence in the family circle is keenly felt, and most of all by the grandchildren in the home in which he lived. Funeral Jan. 3, 1915, at the Pleasant View Church conducted by I. W. Royer, assisted by I. J. Buckwalter, Aaron Eberly, and W. Williams. Texts as found in his marked Bible, Jas. 4:14, Matt. 24:44, and Psa. 62. Buried in Pleasant View Cemetery.

Bontrager. - Christian Bontrager was born in Knox Co., O., June 2, 1840. When quite small he moved with his parents to Fairfield Co., O., where he grew to manhood, and on Nov. 23, 1862, was married to Elizabeth Troyer. To this union were born 11 children, 9 of whom are living. His companion died June 7, 1906. On Apr. 2, 1910, he was married to Martha Hartzler, of Logan Co., O., who died April 14, 1913. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for many years, and his seat was seldom vacant when health permitted, and especially during the last years of his life he was much interested in church and Sunday school work. He passed away at the home of his son-in-law, G. J. Peterseim, at Kalona, Ia., Jan. 18, 1915, aged 74 y. 7 m. 16 d. He leaves to mourn his departure 5 sons and 4 daughters, all of whom, except one daughter and one son, were at his bedside to minister to his wants. He also leaves 30 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren, 4 sisters, and 2 brothers, besides a host of friends. But we feel that our loss is his eternal gain. At different times he gave convincing evidence that all was well, and even though very weak, he sang, "Blessed Assurance, Jesus is Mine." He would reach out his hand in response to the white-winged messengers whom those who were watching by his bedside could not see. There were short services held at the Christian Church in Kalona, conducted by Bro. D. J. Fisher from the home congregation, and Bro. Leaman from Chicago, after which the body was taken to West Liberty, Ohio, for burial. The funeral services were conducted at South Union Church by Bros. S. E. Allgyer and A. I. Yoder. Interment was made in the cemetery near the church.

Gospel Herald - Volume VII, Number 46 - February 11, 1915 - page 744

Kauffman. - Infant son of Bro. Levi A. and Sister Nettie Kauffman, was born Jan. 24, 1915; died Jan. 25. Funeral the 27th at the home by Bro. Amos Ogburn. Interment in Spring Valley Cemetery near Baden, N. D.

Mumaw. - Infant daughter of Amos B. and Emma Mumaw was born Jan. 29,1915; died Feb. 7, 1915; aged 3 d. Short services were conducted at the residence by Bro. Aaron Eberly. Interment at the Martin Cemetery near Orrville, Ohio.

Transcriber's note: Given age is not consistent with birth and death dates.

Allbaugh. - Joseph Allbaugh was born in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 30, 1827; died near Sterling, Ill., Jan. 21, 1915. Was married to Elizabeth Snavely who died six years ago. Funeral the 24. Interment in Science Ridge Mennonite Cemetery. One son and one grandson survive.

Johns. - Moses K. Johns was born near Davidsville, Somerset Co., Pa.; died at Hillsboro, Pa.; aged 62 y. 6 m. 3 d. This family was blessed with 12 children who with their mother, 1 brother, and 3 sisters and many friends, are left to mourn his departure. Funeral services at the Berkey Church (the place of interment). Services by W. H. Fry and P. J. Blough of the Church of the Brethren, of which he was a member.

Speicher. - Catharine (Keim) Speicher was born May 2, 1840; died Jan. 23, 1915, aged 74 y. 8 m. 21 d. She is survived by her husband, Henry, 1 son, and 3 daughters. Funeral services were held at the Weaver Church near Johnstown, Pa., (the place of interment). The services were conducted by the Brethren J. A. Ressler, James Saylor, S. E. Allgyer, and L. E. Haviland. Husband and wife lived together 57 years and were faithful members of the Mennonite Church.

Dietz. - On Jan. 24, 1915, Mary Esther Dietz departed this life, aged 2 y. 5 m. 20 d. She lingered long and suffered much; and we rejoice to know that through the great redemption in Christ Jesus, she is now at rest in the heavenly climes where she will doubtless be anxiously awaiting the coming of parents, brothers, and sister. Services were conducted on the 26th at the Pike Church near Elida, O., in charge of the brethren B. B. Stultzfus and J. M. Shenk.

"Oh the hope, the blissful hope,
Which Jesus' grace has given;
The hope when days and years are past,
We all may meet in heaven."

Mast. - Sara Louella, daughter of Bro. David and Sister Mamie Mast, was born Nov. 4, 1913; died Jan. 21, 1915, of pneumonia; aged 1 y. 2 m. 17 d. Services at Maple Grove Church near Atglen, Pa., Jan. 25, 1915, conducted by Brethren John Stoltzfus in German and Amos Stoltzfus in English. Text, Job 1:21, "The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away." Interment in grave yard adjoining.

"Go to thy rest fair child, go to thy dreamless bed;
While yet so gentle, undefiled, with blessings on thy head.
Because thy smile was fair, thy lips and eyes so bright,
Because thy loving cradle care was such a dear delight."

Gospel Herald - Volume VII, Number 47 - February 18, 1915 - page 759

Bauman - Martin H. Bauman was born Dec. 21, 1834; died Jan. 21, 1915; aged 80 y. 1 m. He was married to Rebecca Shantz. This union was blessed with 10 children, of whom 7 are still living; also 66 out of 80 grandchildren, and 7 of 8 great-grandchildren. He joined the Mennonite Church early in life and remained faithful to the end. He was one of those who could give good advice on many subjects, and his advice and example many do well to follow. Services and burial at Martin's Church near St. Jacob's Ont., Jan. 24, conducted by Ezra Martin and Tobias Martin.

Horst. - Ruth K., only daughter of Bro. Moses and Sister Elizabeth Horst, was born in Medina Co., O., Jan. 5, 1915; died Jan. 28; aged 23 d. Funeral services were conducted at the Old Mennonite Church by Bros. Isaac and Benj. Good of Dalton, O., from Isa. 11:16.

"Another little lamb has gone
To dwell with Him who gave;
Another little darling babe
Is sheltered in the grave.
God needed one more angel child
Amidst His shining band,
And so He bent with loving smile
And clasped our darling's hand."

Reed. - Barbara Metzler Reed was born Aug. 15, 1850, near New Springfield, Ohio; died at her home near Nappanee, Ind., Jan. 13, 1915; aged 64 y. 4 m. 18 d. She was married to Noah W. Reed Mar. 27, 1894. To this union no children were born. She leaves a husband, 3 brothers, 1 sister, a step-daughter and 3 step-sons with their respective families and many relatives and friends to mourn their loss. Three brothers and 2 sisters and a stepdaughter preceded her to the end. To a family of motherless children she gave every care and her unfaltering devotion to Christian principles was daily evident in her life. Her last years were full of suffering and pain endured through a long, lingering illness occasioned by disease and her last wish and desire was that her children would live such lives that they might meet her again in heaven. Funeral services conducted at the home by John Bare and at the church by D. A. Yoder. Text, II Cor. 5:1. Burial at Union Center Cemetery.

Buckwalter. - Henry Buckwalter was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., July 23, 1875; died Jan. 16, 1915; aged 39 y. 5 m. 24 d. He was united in marriage with Naomi Crider, Nov. 17, 1902. To this union were born 2 children. Bro. Buckwalter was the oldest of a family of 7 children. His father, 1 brother, and a sister preceded him to the spirit world. He leaves to mourn his departure a companion, 1 son, 1 daughter, a mother, 4 sisters and a large number of relatives and friends. He was sick only 6 days with typhoid pneumonia. He seemed to realize his end was near as he said he would not get well again. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church. Funeral services were held at the Paradise Church by Jacob Mellinger and C. M. Brackbill. Text, Psa. 103:15,16.

Shand. - Katie, beloved wife of Roy Shand and daughter of Pre. Andrew and Lizzie Balcer (new Amish) was born Dec. 25, 1886; died at her home in Detroit, Mich., Oct. 28, 1914; aged 29 y. 10 m. 3 d. In April, 1912, she was married to Roy Shand. She accepted Christ as her Savior a number of years ago and was faithful to the end. She was sick only a short time from the loss of vitality, but her end came suddenly and unexpectedly. Just before she died she told the nurse to call her husband in. She told him that her work here is ended. Katie was of a cheerful disposition, always met everybody with a smile and a hearty handshake. She said it pays to live a Christian life. She was happy to know that she was going home. As she lived, so she died. None knew her but to love her. She leaves to mourn her loss, father, mother, husband, 5 brothers, 4 sisters; 1 sister, Mrs. Chris W. Suter, is living in Ryley, Alta., Canada. Funeral was held at her home in Akron, Ohio, in the new Amish Church, the home ministers officiating. She was laid to rest in the family lots.

Transcriber's note: Given age is not consistent with birth and death dates.

Weaver. - Priscilla Bender, widow of the late Jefferson Weaver of Manheim, Pa., was born June 15, 1854; died Jan. 28, 1915, at the Lancaster General Hospital from the effects of a broken limb, which she had sustained several months previous; aged 60 y. 5 m. 15 d. For over 30 years she was a member of the Mennonite Church, and her seat in the services was seldom vacant when health permitted. Ofttimes when younger people did not venture forth on account of the weather, Sister Priscilla was at her post, which showed her eagerness to learn more and more of Him who died to save her. We believe she is with the redeemed ones in glory, where all sickness and pain are over. She is survived by an aged mother (who is in her 83rd year), a daughter, and 1 grandson. Her husband preceded her to the spirit world 9 years before. Funeral services were held from her late home in Manheim Feb. 1, with further services in the Mennonite Church at Manheim. Interment at Petersburg. The services were conducted by the brethren, John Snavely and Isaac Brubaker.

"I know not when my Lord may come,
At night or noon-day fair,
Nor if I'll walk the vale with Him,
Or meet Him in the air.
But I know whom I have believed,
And am persuaded that He is able
To keep that which I've committed
Unto Him against that day., "

Hess. - Bro. Isaac Hess was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Aug. 3, 1833; died at his home near Burton City, Ohio, Feb. 1, 1915; aged 81 y. 5 m. 28 d. At the age of 23 years he came to Wayne Co., Ohio. In 1857 he was married to Fanny Hursh. To this union were born 6 children. He is the last one of a family of 4 children and leaves an affectionate companion, 3 sons, 16 grandchildren and many relatives to mourn his departure. Funeral services were held at the Martin Church in the presence of a large concourse of people, on Feb. 3, 1915, by I. J. Buchwalter. Text II Cor. 5:1, assisted by Aaron Eberly. May the Lord comfort Sister Hess during these her hours of bereavement.

King. -Levi D. King was born in Lawrence Co., Pa., Sept. 5, 1851; died Jan. 28, 1915; aged 63 y. 4 m. 23 d. Bro. King's parents moved to St. Joseph Co., Mich., in 1861 where they both died. Levi was then taken into Stephen Kauffman's family. In 1866 Stephen Kauffman moved to Cass Co., Mo., where Levi grew to manhood and in 1883 was married to Mary Oesch of Rathdrum, Idaho. In 1889 Bro. King moved to Rathdrum, Idaho, and two years later moved to Clackamas Co., Ore., near Hubbard, where his wife died Aug. 9, 1895. He continued living at this place until the time of his death, which was caused by apoplexy, being found dead in the field. He leaves to mourn his departure 2 sons and 3 daughters, Mrs. Samuel Kropf of Shelbyville, Ill., Oliver W. of Albany, Oreg., Sadie, Elmer D., and Mrs. Chester D. Hartzler on the home place; also 2 sisters living near West Liberty, Ohio, and 5 grandchildren in Illinois. Funeral services at. the Zion A. M. Church Jan. 30, conducted by Bros. A. P. Troyer and E. Z. Yoder. Text, Matt. 24:44. Bro. King lived a devoted Christian life for many years, always at his post of duty. The remains were laid to rest with in the cemetery near by.

Brubacher. - Simeon, son of Samuel and Lydia Brubacher, was born at Berlin, Ont., April 28, 1864; died Feb. 2, 1915; aged 50 y. 9 m. 5 d. In 1889 he was married to Lucinda Snyder, with whom he lived in matrimony 26 years. The union was blessed with 4 children, 3 of whom survive. Owing to the death of his father, he was called upon to assume at the age of 15 years, the responsibilities of a man, by taking charge of his father's farm. At the age of 20 years he purchased the homestead on Brubacher Street, where he resided until 1893, when he moved to the farm on Edna Street, where he lived until his death. In addition to his occupation of farming, he carried on a lumber business for 20 years. Deceased was of a quiet and retiring disposition, a man who had many friends, and, so far as is known, not a single enemy. His integrity in all his dealings, his liberality in matters of charity, and his sympathetic nature, gained for him the respect of the entire community and of all with whom be came in contact. As a husband and father, he was kind and indulgent to his family, and while be will be greatly missed in the family circle, they have the assurance that he has gone to his heavenly home where he will be waiting to meet his loved ones and where there will be no more parting. Funeral services were held Feb. 5 from his late residence on Edna Street to the East End Mennonite Church and Cemetery, Berlin, Ont., for services and interment.. Bro. Jonas Snider officiated at the house and at the church impressive sermons were preached by Bro. Urias Weber from Jno. 6:67,68, and Luke 12:40; and by Bro. Fred Coffman from Jno. 14.

Gospel Herald - Volume VII, Number 48 - February 25, 1915 - pages 775, 776

Detweiler. - Walter, infant son of Bro. and Sister Noah Detweiler, near Reist, Alta., was born Jan. 8, 1915; died Jan. 25, 1915; aged 17 days. Funeral services on Jan. 28, conducted by Bro. N. B. Stauffer, assisted by Bro. M. Schmitt. May God comfort the hearts of the bereaved parents.

Shantz. - Sylvia Edna, second child of Bro. Norman and Elmina Shantz, was born near Berlin, Ont., Aug: 4, 1911; died near Freeport, Ont., Jan. 30, 1915, of lymphatic lacemia; aged 3 y. 5 m. 26 d. Funeral on Feb. 2 at the Berlin Mennonite Church. Services were conducted by Bro. Absalom Snider and Bro. Noah Stauffer.

Bontrager. - Bloudina Bey, infant daughter of Abraham and Bey Bontrager, was born May 15, 1914: died Feb. 10, 1915; aged 8 m. 25 d. Funeral services Feb. 11 at the home in Jet, Okla., conducted by Simon Hershberger from II Kings 4:26. Buried in the Jet Cemetery. Her twin sister preceded her to the glory world 3 m. 12 d. She leaves to mourn her early departure parents, grandparents and a number of relatives.

Brox. - Susannah, daughter of Frank and __ Meier, and wife of Jacob Brox, was born Sept. 23, 1863; died at their home in Waterloo, Ont., Jan. 9, 1915; aged 51 y. 3 m. 17 d. She was a member of the Mennonite Church for a number of years and gave evidence that she left this world in peace and to be with Christ, which is far better. Funeral services were conducted on Jan. 13, by Bro. Noah Hunsberger from Rom. 6:23 and Bro. Enoch S. Bauman from Rev. 20:6.

Hollsopple. - Bro. Henry Hollsopple of Rummel, Pa., died Jan. 22, 1915; aged 67 y. _ m. _ d. Funeral services were conducted at Rummel in the Church of the Brethren on the 24th by L. A. Blough and Alex. Weaver, assisted by the pastor of the Church of the Brethren. Interment in the cemetery near by. He was a member of the Mennonite Church and left the evidence behind that he was entering into rest. May God richly bless the widow and children and all mourning friends.

Blough. - John H. Blough was born Jan. 2, 1834; died Feb. 10, 1915; aged 81 y. 1 m. 8 d. He was married to Fannie Blough 58 years ago. They both united with the Mennonite Church 53 years ago and remained faithful to the end. To this union were born 8 children, 7 living, 1 dead; 37 grandchildren, 5 dead; 47 great-grandchildren, 7 dead. Funeral services were conducted at the Blough Church near Johnstown, Pa., on the 12th, by S. E. Allgyer in English, Bro. __ Stoltfzus in German, and by Jas. Saylor. Buried in the cemetery near by.

Baer. - Anna Grace, daughter of Adam H and Bertie Baer of near Hagerstown, Md., died Feb. 9, 1915, of acute diabetes; aged 11 y. 7m. 5 d. Services were conducted by the brethren Strite at the Paradise Mennonite Church. Grace was the oldest daughter and the first to break the family circle. She always wore a sweet and tender expression. Of her has been said by one who knew her well. "I never saw her in a mood of vexation."

"Green be the turf above thee,
Child of your tender days,
None knew thee but to love thee,
None named thee but to praise."

Wingard. - Wilson Grant, son of Bro. Jacob Wingard and Emma Wingard, of Johnstown, Pa., died after a brief illness of grip and pneumonia; aged 17 y. 9 m. 4 d. He is survived by his parents and grandparents, Bro. John and Sister Susannah Wingard and these brothers and sisters: Edith, wife of Chester Trent, and Leander, Elsie, Grace, Bessie, Viola, Paul, and Howard, to mourn his early departure. During his illness he was received into church fellowship by water baptism. Funeral services were conducted at the Weaver Mennonite Church (the place of interment) by David Berkey and D. S. Yoder. Text, "Is the young man Absalom safe?"

Buckwalter. - Henry Buckwalter was born near Intercourse, Pa.. July 23, 1875; died Jan. 16, 1915; aged 39 y. 5 m. 23 d. He was sick one week with pneumonia. About 18 years ago he and his departed brother united with the Mennonite Church, of which he was a faithful member until God saw fit to call him home. For the last six or eight years he was janitor of the Paradise Church, to which he faithfully discharged his duties. He leaves to mourn his companion, 2 children, Ira and May, his mother, and 4 sisters. One brother and 1 sister preceded him. Funeral was held Jan. 20, conducted at the home by Bro. Jacob Mellinger and at the Paradise Church by Bros. Mellinger, Senger and Brackbill. Interment in adjoining cemetery. Mourn not as those who have no hope; we believe he is sweetly resting in Jesus.

Gingerich. - John D. Gingerich was born Jan. 17, 1834, in Somerset Co., Pa.; died Jan. 13, 1915, at his late residence near Kalona, Ia.; aged 80 y. 11 m. 27 d. In his infancy his parents moved to Holmes Co., O., where they lived until the fall of 1853, when with the rest of the family he came to Johnson Co., Ia., locating in the community where he spent the rest of his life. Here he grew to manhood, united with the Amish Mennonite Church, to which he was loyal and faithful to the end. In 1857 he was united in marriage to Christina Kempf, who preceded him in death 25 years ago. To them were born 3 sons and 2 daughters, who with a host of friends remain to mourn his departure. He quietly and peacefully fell asleep in Jesus, to await the resurrection morn, when the dead in Christ shall hear His voice and come forth. Funeral services Jan. 15, at the East Union Church, by D. J . Fisher and J. K. Yoder in English, and J. L. Hershberger in German. Text, II Tim. 4:6-8.

Yoder. - Albert, son of Daniel V. and Fanny Yoder, was born in La Grange Co., Ind., June 28, 1894; died Feb. 4, 1915: aged 20 y.7 m. 7 d. Albert gave himself to Jesus about a year ago, became a member of the Mennonite Church at Emma, Ind., and proved a faithful member until death. He leaves to mourn their loss father, mother, 3 brothers, 2 sisters, besides many relatives and friends. He was of a kind and loving disposition and was very patient during the severe illness. He was perfectly conscious until nearly the end. He was willing for the Father's will to be done and when in severe pain wished that he might go over home before night. His desire was granted for just at the usual retiring hour the spirit took its flight. Owing to the nature of his first disease (scarlet fever) no funeral proper could be conducted, but by the consent of public authority the body was taken to the Yoder Cemetery on the second day after his death, where a large number of people met to pay the last tribute of respect and where a short service was conducted by his home minister, Oscar S. Hostetler. Bro. Yoder's family has the sympathy of the entire community in their sad bereavement.

Kohr. - Ira, oldest son of Bro. and Sister Daniel and Sarah Kohr, Hershey, Pa., was killed in an auto accident Feb. 5, 1915, near Beaver school house; aged 32 y. 7 m. 5 d. Apparently through a misunderstanding the auto was stopped too suddenly and it skidded to a side, capsized, and Ira was killed under the car, but Hershey escaped slightly hurt. Ira Kohr was married to Fannie Emerick. To this union were born 1 son and 1 daughter, Norman and Gladys. Funeral services at Hummelstown, Feb. 10, 1915, by Bros. D. Z. Miller and John H. Mosemann. Text, "If a man die, shall he live again" Job 14:14)? Bro. Miller in his appeal said how important it is to be prepared to meet our God. Ira had not yet made the good confession. Two brothers and 3 sisters belong to the Mennonite Church. The rest of the family, the two youngest sisters made application for membership at our meetings in January. A very loud call this was indeed.

"Why should men say and that there is a lot of time to wait,
We know not when, nor how, nor where,
Our life shall come to naught,
But this we know and 'tis but fair,
To trust in God as taught."

Miller. - Jacob S. Miller was born near Springs, Pa., Aug. 12, 1855; died at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Md., of heart failure, aggravated by pneumonia, Jan. 25, 1915; aged 59 y. 5 m. 13 d. The funeral was held at the Miller or Maple Glen, Amish Mennonite M. H. near Grantsville, Md., on Jan. 27; which was very largely attended. Services at the home were conducted by Samuel T. Yoder and at the meeting house by the above named brother and by Jonas D. Yoder, both of Belleville, Pa., in German and by Noah J. Brenneman and Jonas B. Miller, home ministers, in English. Our beloved departed brother united with the Amish Mennonite Church in early youth. Was ordained to the ministry of the Gospel by Bish. Joel Beachy at the Miller (Maple Glen) M. H. May 16, 1886. As a preacher, he was forceful, resourceful, and original; his addresses were, at their best, distinguished by simple, childlike directness, freedom from assumption and pretension and were very practical as well as expository. As a member of his community he was well and widely known and beyond question no death in his community ever occasioned as great a sense, in general, of loss as did his. He was a staunch friend of the poor and needy; one with the "helping hand," as many a grateful one with streaming eyes recalled, when the word went forth "Jake Miller is dead." His pioneer efforts in a great measure, brought about the establishment of the Amish Mennonite Children's Home. He however had defects and faults also, and as he frequently admonished, "all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags" when contrasted with Him who is perfect in holiness and righteousness and that alone through the merits of Jesus, the Christ, is redemption and salvation possible through "faith which worketh by love" as Bro. Miller frequently reminded in his sermons.

"Thou shalt be missed" - and we deeply grieve;
We, of whom thou wast one.
But in thy hopeful trust, we believe
That thou a crown hast won.

Bro. Miller was married to Anna, daughter of Bishop Joel Beachy, Dec. 13, 1877. To them were born 9 children, of whom 4 sons and 4 daughters survive with the widow. One son preceded the father to the long home. The sons are John D., near Springs, Pa., Menno J., Grantsville, Md., Simon and Noah at home. The daughters: Amanda, married to C. J. Yoder, near Grantsville, Md., Amelia, married to Alvin J. Schrock, near Springs, Pa., and Lizzie and Lucy, at home.
J. B. Miller.

Transcribed by Carl Metzler, Indiana

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