Gospel Herald Obituaries - March, 1915

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Gospel Herald - Volume VII, Number 49 - March 4, 1915 - pages 791,792

White. - Mrs. Carry Bucher White was born in Lincoln Co., Kans.; died Feb. 10, 1915, at her home 3 miles west of Macksburg, Oreg. In 1890 she with her grandparents moved to Oregon. In 1897 she was married to Alexander White. To this union were born 4 boys and 4 girls, all living. Funeral services conducted by A. P. Troyer at the home; text, Heb. 13:14, on Feb. 12th. Remains laid to rest in the cemetery on the farm.

Tennefoss. - Bro. Joseph Tennefoss of Fentress, Va., was born in McIntosh, Minn., Jan. 7, 1894: died at the Mennonite Sanitarium, Feb. 11, 1915: aged 21 y. 1 m. 4 d. He was married to Sister Mary Keim Dec. 9, 1913, by whom he is survived with an infant son born 2 days after his death. Bro. Tennefoss bore his sickness very patiently and while he would have been glad to stay and provide for his dear ones he was perfectly willing to let God have His way and died rejoicing in God's precious promises knowing that they were for him. Bro. Tennefoss was buried in La Junta. Services were conducted by Bros. J. A. Heatwole and Aaron Leatherman.

Brenneman. - Gladys Pauline, daughter of John K. and Armindia Brenneman was born Nov. 2, 1914; died at her home near Kalona, Iowa, Feb. 11, 1915; aged 3 m. 9 d. She leaves father, mother, 5 sisters and 6 brothers to mourn the loss of their baby and sister. J. J. Maust of Huron Co., Mich., was present at the funeral. One brother could not be present on account of sickness. The funeral services were conducted at Lower Deer Creek on Feb. 14, by J. L. Hershberger, Rev. 7:9-17; J. S. Yoder, Mark 10:14, in German; S. C. Yoder, Job 14: 1,2, in English.

"Go to thy rest fair child,
Go to thy dreamless bed;
While yet so gentle, undefiled,
With blessings on thy head."

Null. - Florence Viola, daughter of Bro. and Sister Daniel and Saloma Null, of Holdeman congregation, Wakarusa, Ind., died of congestion of the brain Feb. 15, 1915; aged 1 m. 6 d. This is the second child to be called from this home. She leaves to mourn her early departure father, mother, 4 sisters, 3 brothers, 2 grandfathers, 1 grandmother, besides other relatives and friends. Her stay on earth was short but long enough to endear herself to her parents, sisters and brothers. She was too fair a flower for this sinful world so God saw fit to call her to Himself. The funeral services were held Feb. 17 at the North Union Church. Burial in the church cemetery. Services conducted by the home ministers, using as a text Zech. 8:5.

Zook. - Elizabeth (Kurtz) Zook was born in Mifflin Co., Pa., Sept. 24, 1834. At the age of 13 she removed with her parents to Lawrence Co., Pa. Was united in marriage to Solomon Zook to which union were born 1 son and 4 daughters. She died of asthma Feb. 16, 1915; aged 80 y. 4 m. 23 d. Funeral services the 19th at the home conducted by the home ministers assisted by Enos Detweiler of Calla, Ohio. Interment in the Amish Mennonite cemetery near New Wilmington, Pa. She leaves to mourn her departure 2 brothers, 4 daughters, 26 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren. Her husband and 1 son preceded her to the spirit world. She was a member of the Amish Mennonite Church from early youth. Her children as well as all her grandchildren that have come to years of maturity belong to the same body of believers.

Schneider. - Marie Eleonora Schneider was born in Germany July 29, 1847; died Jan. 23, 1915. Jan. 19, 1858, she was united in marriage to John E. Schneider. In 1874 they came to the United States and took up a homestead in Kearney Co., Nebr., where they resided until 1889, when they came to Oregon and made their residence here ever since. She is survived by her husband, 5 children, Alfred, Arthur, and Paul Schneider, Bertha Bremer, and Minnie Schulz of Portland, 23 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren; also her sister, Mrs. Koppe of Canby, Oreg. Her age was 77 y. 5 m. 22 d. The cause of her death was dropsy. She was a faithful and loving wife and mother and was loved and respected by all who knew her. Funeral services Jan. 25 from the home and Rock Creek Church by A. P. Troyer. Text, Rev. 13:14. The remains were laid to rest within the Rock Creek Cemetery.

Transcriber's note: Given age is not consistent with birth and death dates.

Turner. - Etta Florence Crossan was born June 23, 1867, in Ohio. She moved with her parents to Illinois in 1870. She was united in marriage to Walter Turner Dec. 19, 1884. Later they moved to Minnesota where they have resided 17 years. To this union were born 9 children, Sylvia, Clara, Orlando, Essel, Vernon, Lotus, James, Phyllis, Elvira, all of whom with her husband survive her. She also leaves to mourn their loss her parents, 2 sisters, and 5 brothers. Her death was caused by kerosene explosion Feb. 19, 1915. Her age was 47 y. 7 m. 26 d. Before her departure she called on God for the forgiveness of her sin, repeated the Lord's prayer, and asked God's blessing on her family by name, including sons-in-law. Did not wish to die but was willing if it was God's will. Services were conducted at the house by the writer, where a large concourse of friends gathered to pay their tribute of sympathy and respect. Interment at the Sherburn Cemetery where she awaits the coming of the general resurrection. Text, Matt. 24:42-44.
C. J. Garber.

Weaver. - Minnie May (Hartman) Weaver was born in Harrison Twp., Elkhart Co., Ind., Sept. 23, 1879. She departed this life Feb. 11, 1915, at the home one mile east of Wakarusa, Ind., at the age of 35 y. 4 m. 28 d. On Oct. 10, 1896, she was united in marriage to Menno H. Weaver of Wakarusa, Ind. To this union were born 9 children, Florence, aged 1 y. 3 m. 12 d., having preceded her to the spirit world. Those remaining are Amzey, Harvey, Mabel, Goldie, Sammy, Harry, Lincoln, and baby Walter. She confessed Christ when yet in her youth and united with the Dunkard Church. On Feb. 2, 1915, she sent for the elders of the Mennonite Church and was received into the said Church by Bish. D. A. Yoder. She leaves to mourn her departure a husband, 8 children, 4 brothers, 4 sisters and a host of relatives and friends.

'Tis hard to break the tender cord,
When love has bound the heart.
'Tis hard, so hard, to speak the words:
"We must forever part."
Dearest mother, we must lay thee
In the peaceful grave's embrace;
But thy memory will be cherished,
Till we see thy heavenly face.

Funeral services were held at the Yellow Creek Church in the presence of about 800 people on Feb. 14, by the Brethren D. A. Yoder and Silas Weldy, using as a text II Cor. 5:10. May the Lord comfort the family in their sore bereavement.

Liechty. - Mary Liechty, nee Guyman, was born in Etoben, France, Dec. 4, 1832; died Feb. 16, 1915, near Davenport, N. D.; aged 82 y. 2 m. 12 d. In 1852 she sailed to America, settled in Fulton Co., O., where in 1860 she was united in marriage to Joseph Liechty. To this union were born 6 children, 4 sons and 2 daughters. Her husband and 3 sons preceded her to the spirit world. Her husband preceded her 24 years. In 1885 she came to Allen Co., Ind.. where she lived with her children until March, 1913, when she moved with her daughter, Mrs. Daniel Witmer, and son, Christian S., to Davenport, N. D. She was at the home of her daughter when death claimed her. She leaves to mourn her departure 1 son, and 2 daughters: C. S. Liechty and Mrs. Daniel Witmer of near Davenport, and Mrs. John Stucky of Plevna, Kans. She also leaves 24 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. Two grandchildren preceded her to the great beyond. She accepted her savior in early womanhood and remained faithful unto the end. The deceased was a member of the Mennonite Church for over 60 years. Funeral services were held at the Addison Evangelical Church, conducted by George Hoefs. Text, Psa. 11:1,9. Interment in the cemetery near by.
She has reached the end of her journey
And laid life's burdens down,
And has cast aside her heavy cross
And taken up the crown.

Overholt. - Adeline Bleam was born near Elmdale, Mich., Jan. 14, 1891; departed this life Feb. 19, 1915; aged 24 y. 1 m. 5 d.
April 27, 1912, she was united in marriage to John Overholt. To this union were born 1 son and 1 daughter: George aged 2 yrs, and Lily aged 5 months. At the age of 11 years she united with the Mennonite Church of which she was a faithful member until death claimed her. At the age of 2 years she with her parents moved to Waterloo Co., Ont., Can., where they resided 4 years, after which they returned to their former home near Elmdale. Here she grew to womanhood, loved and respected by all who knew her.
After her marriage she moved with her husband to Caledonia, Mich., where they resided 2 years, then moving on a farm near Logan, Mich., where they resided 1 year. Adeline's health failing, they were obliged to leave the farm, so they moved in with Chas. Overholt (their former home) near Caledonia. Jan. 31, l915, she was moved to the home of J. O. Overholt of Grand Rapids, Mich., for medical treatment. All that medical science and skillful nursing could do was done, but of no avail; God called her to higher service. She leaves to mourn her loss, a bereaved husband, 2 children, an aged father and mother, 1 sister and 2 brothers, and a host of friends.
Funeral services were held at the Mennonite Church, Feb. 22, conducted by Bish. Miller of the Mennonite Church, assisted by E. F. Caslow of the Church of the Brethren, of Grand Rapids.

Carl M. Metzler, Goshen, Indiana

Gospel Herald - Volume VII, Number 50 - March 11, 1915 - pages 807, 808

Springer. - John Springer was born in Tomblaine, France, Dec. 6, 1838. He came to this country at the age of 23 and took up farming near Gridley, Ill. From there he moved to Seward Co., Nebr., in 1884, and lived there since. He was married to Ellen Kremer April 13, 1870. He was at the day of his death 76 y. 2 m. 13 d. old. He was a member of the East Fairview A. M. Church near Milford, Nebr., at which place funeral services were held, Bro. Will Schlegel preaching German and Bro. Milo Stutzman of Tofield, Alta., in English. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

Brubacher. - Jonas B. Brubacher died Feb. 7, 1915; aged 79 y. 2 m. 21 d. He was united in marriage to Magdalena Gingerich on Nov. 18, 1866. To this union were born 9 children, 2 having preceded him to the spirit world. He leaves to mourn his departure a widow, 7 children, 26 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren. He united with the Mennonite Church when young and was ordained in Brutus, Mich., as deacon in the Wisler Branch, in which capacity he labored faithfully till death. Funeral services at the Mayton Mennonite Church by John K. Lehman. Text, II Tim. 4:6-8. Remains were laid to rest in cemetery near by.

Stauffer. - Sister Anna, wife of Bro. Enos Stauffer, was born July 27, 1848; died Feb. 24, 1915; aged 66 y. 6 m. 27 d. She had been confined to her bed and helpless a little over 45 weeks, due to paralysis. She bore her sufferings patiently, but often expressed a desire to depart and be at rest. She leaves to mourn her husband, who tenderly waited on her the entire period of her sickness, which seemed rather to be a pleasure than a burden. One son (Martin B.), 3 daughters (Annie, Katie, and Lydia), all married, survive. Funeral conducted by the brethren, Aaron Sensenig and John Stauffer. Text, II Cor. 5:1. Buried at the Pike Meeting House, Lancaster Co., Pa.

Yoder. - Bessie Elizabeth, youngest daughter of D. F. and Barbara Yoder, was born in Ward Co., N. Dak., June 6, 1914; died of leakage of the heart Feb. 16, 1915; aged 8 m. 10 d. Funeral services on the 18th, at the house by Bro. I. S. Mast, and at the Fairview Mennonite Meeting House by Bro. Mast, assisted by Bro. D. Dierdorf. Text, Isa. 40:11.

"Another little lamb has gone
To dwell with Him above;
Another little darling babe
Is sheltered in the grave.
God needed one more angel child
Amidst His shining band,
And so He bent with loving smile
And clasped our Bessie's hand."

Yoder. - Daniel J. Yoder was born near Berlin, O., July 2, 1875; died on the home farm Feb. 7, 1915; aged 39 y. 7 m. 1 d. At the age of 10 years he became afflicted with spinal trouble which eventually made him an invalid for life, and he spent the last 21 years on his wheelchair, becoming more helpless as years rolled on. The last two weeks of his life he suffered greatly, but without a murmur. In 1895 he confessed his Savior, was baptized and received into the Mennonite Church of Walnut Creek, Ohio. The funeral was held at the Brethren Church on Feb. 18, and interment was made in the family cemetery on the Hiram Yoder place. Funeral services were conducted by Moses A. and Calvin Mast. Text, Isa. 55:6-9.

Dettwiler. - Walter, infant son of Bro. Noah and Sister Mary Dettwiler, was born Jan. 8, 1915; died of croup Jan. 25, 1915; aged 17 days. His illness lasted two days. Bro. N. B. Stauffer of High River, Alta., assisted by Bro. Moses Schmidtt of Didsbury, Alta., preached a consoling sermon to the bereft. Interment at Reist, Alta.

"The little crib is empty now,
The little clothes laid by,
A mother's hope, a father's joy,
In death's cold arm doth lie.
Go, little pilgrim, to thy home,
On yonder blissful shore,
We miss thee here, but soon we'll come,
Where thou hast gone before."

Lapp. - Nathaniel Lapp was born at Freeport, Ill., Mar. 21, 1854; fell asleep at his daughter's home, Mrs. Chas. Stedman, of Moorefield, Nebr., Aug. 23, 1914; aged 60 y. 5 m. 2 d. Married to Henrietta A. Smith of Cherry Box, Mo., Feb. 19, 1874, where they resided until 1892, when they removed to Wallace, Nebr., where his present home is. To this union 6 children were born of which Edward Thomas died in infancy, 5 remain with the wife to mourn the loss of husband and father. One daughter could not be present at the funeral. He also leaves 1 sister and 2 brothers. He united with the M. E. Church in 1874 in which he held fellowship until 1907, when he and his wife united with the Mennonite Church of Roseland, Nebr. He bore his suffering with Christian fortitude. The service was conducted by Bro. D. G. Lapp of Roseland, Nebr. Text, Job 14:14.

Erb. - Daniel Erb was born Dec. 13, 1836, in Holmes Co., O.; died at his home near Hubbard, Oreg., Feb. 12, 1915; aged 78 y. 1 m. 29 d. Was married to Caroline Croyle of Johnstown, Pa., Jan., 1861. To this union were born 6 sons and 3 daughters, 3 sons and 1 daughter preceded him to the great beyond. A companion, 3 sons, 2 daughters, Levi, Jacob, Albert D., Amanda, and Susie, all of near Hubbard, Oreg., 9 grand-children and 1 great-grandchild, also 1 brother, Michael, of Charm, Ohio, besides many friends, remain to mourn his departure. In the spring of 1889 he with his family moved to Clackamas Co., Oreg., where he continually lived until his death. In early life he united with the A. M. Church, in which faith he remained steadfast until the close of life's journey. Funeral services conducted by Bro. E. Z. Yoder and Bishop A. P. Troyer Feb. 14, from Heb. 9:27. The remains laid to rest within the cemetery near by.

Buerge. - Catharine Buerge was born in Waterloo Co., Ont., July 29, 1855; died at her home in Jasper, Mo., Jan. 23, 1915; aged 59 y.5 m. 25 d. Catharine was the oldest daughter in a family of five girls and one boy. Being left motherless when quite young the duties and responsibilities of assisting her father in managing the household devolved upon her. At the age of 14 she moved with the family to Reed City, Mich., where she grew to womanhood. In 1884 the family moved to their present home 4 miles cast of Jasper, Mo. In 1898 Catharine was united in marriage with George Dinteman. Following her marriage she lived with her husband on the old Dinteman homestead, until about three years ago when they moved to their present home in Jasper. She leaves to mourn her departure her husband, her aged father, 3 sisters, 1 brother, and many other relatives and friends.

Transcriber's note: This woman is not listed with her husband's name.

Renno. - Bro. David Renno was born Apr. 21, 1846, in Leacock Twp., Pa.; died at his home in Gap, Pa., Feb. 10, 1915; aged 68 y. 9 m. 20 d. He was married to Sister Sarah Fritz (nee Wiker), Jan. 17, 1871, who died Sept. 5, 1891. To this union were born 2 sons and 1 daughter, 1 son dying when small. He was again married to Sister Rachel Mast (nee Swartzendruber) on May 27, 1902. He leaves to mourn his loss a sorrowing widow, 1 son (Ezra, of Morgantown, Pa.) and 1 daughter (Mary, wife of Jos. H. Blank of Gap, Pa.), 7 grandchildren, 3 sisters and 1 brother (who has been sick several weeks with lagrippe) and a large number of friends. He united with the A. M. Church in his young years and remained faithful to the end. He was sick only 9 days with pneumonia and remained conscious to the end and bore his sufferings without a murmur, but on the last night he wished to die and go to the other world, for he said there is nothing good here. He gave us much advice both spiritual and temporal. The last 15 years he was owner of the Gap Coach Works and gained a large circle of friends. Funeral Feb. 13 at Millwood Church. Interment in the graveyard adjoining. Services by Amos B. Stotlzfus in English (Text, Heb. 13:5), and in German by John J. Mast (Text, Rev. 14:13). Peace to his ashes.

Longenecker. - Nancy Longenecker, widow of the late John B. Longenecker, who served as deacon in the Mennonite Church for many years, died Feb. 22, at the home of Levi Kraybill of Mayton, Pa., where she had made her home for 14 years; aged 93 y. 10 m. 15 d. Grandmother Longenecker was sick with pneumonia only 8 days and during her sickness expressed her desire that the Lord's will be done. She was conscious till the end. It was the privilege of the writer to be at her bedside from the second to the last night of her life, and as we were endeavoring to wait on her and do all we could to ease her in her sufferings, she requested that we sing and pray for her. What pleasant memories linger in our minds when we can think of the departed as being "charmed by music last on earth, and greeted first in heaven." She has only gone to meet those gone before and we shall soon follow. She was a dear grandmother in the home. Her chair is vacant, and the sound of her footsteps is no longer heard. Yet we do not mourn as those who have no hope, the vacancy here has been filled over yonder. She leaves 1 sister, 5 children, 39 grandchildren, and 59 great-grandchildren. The funeral was held Feb. 25 at Bossler's Church, Lancaster Co., Pa. Services were conducted by Bros. John Ebersole, Levi Ebersole, and Simon Garber. Text, II Tim. 4:6-8. Her remains were laid to rest in the adjoining cemetery.
A Granddaughter.

Carl M. Metzler, Goshen, Indiana

Gospel Herald - Volume VII, Number 51 - March 18, 1915 - pages 823, 824

Hoover. - Harold Earnest, infant son of Bertie and Ella Hoover, died Feb. 25, 1915; aged 1 m. 7 d. Funeral 28th, conducted by Moses Hoover. May God give them this hope and consolation that the parents can go to the child. Buried in the Mennonite Cemetery near Selkirk, Ont.

Schlonager. - Anna, daughter of John Graber, was born at Sterling, O., Dec. 19, 1877; died Jan. 27 1915; aged 37 y. 1 m. 8 d. She was married to Samuel Schlonager June 8, 1899. She leaves to mourn her departure the husband, 2 daughters, father, mother, 3 brothers and 1 sister. She was a member of the Amish Mennonite Church. Funeral services were conducted by D. Z. Yoder, assisted by the home ministers; Sommers, Leichty, and Miller. Texts, I Tim. 2:15. German Matt. 24:44.

Witmer. - Martha, wife of Daniel S. Witmer, died Feb. 15, 1915; aged 83 y. 4 m. 11 d. She was sick 13 weeks. She was longing to go to rest where there will be no more sorrow and pain. She is survived by 1 brother near Smithburg, Md. Services at Reiff's Church near Maugansville, Md., by Bros. George Keener, Christian Strite, David Lesher, and David Garber. Interment in the cemetery adjoining.

McLaughlin. - Thomas J. McLaughlin died at the home of his son-in-law, Oscar Martin, at Guilford Springs, Franklin Co., Pa.. Feb. 26, of bronchial trouble; aged 76 y. 1 m. 14 d. Bro. McLaughlin is survived by his companion and 3 children, Sister Myrtle Martin of Guilford Springs and Amos and Lizzie at home. Also several brothers and sisters survive him. He was buried at the Chambersburg Church. Services conducted by the home ministers from Num. 23:10.

Stalter. - Edward Jacob Stalter was born Aug. 13, 1904; departed this life Feb. 27, 1915, at his home near Meadows, Ill.; aged 10 y. 6 m. 14 d. He leaves to mourn his early departure his parents, 4 sisters, aged grandparents, many relatives and friends. Edward was the only son of Henry and Mary Stalter, who will not only be missed in the home but also in the Sunday school class and church. Funeral services were conducted by the brethren, Geo. H. Summer, Daniel Orendorff, and D. W. Slagel.

Good. - Henry Good died at his home in Farmersville, Pa., Feb. 28, 1915, after an illness of 5 days from pneumonia; aged 64 y. 4 m. 13 d. He leaves to mourn his departure 1 son (Ira), 2 daughters (Mrs. John Kreider and Mary at home), 1 brother, and 2 sisters. His wife and 1 daughter preceded him to the spirit world. Funeral services were held Mar. 9 at Groffdale Church by Bros. Benjamin Weaver and Noah Mack. Remains were laid to rest in the adjoining cemetery.

"Waiting for the Master,
Who will rise and bid us come
To the glory of His presence,
To the gladness of His home.
They are watching at the portals,
They are waiting at the door,
Only waiting for our coming,
All the loved ones gone before."

King. - Raleigh Ray, son of Jona and Mollie King, was born in Cass Co., Mo., Sept. 3, 1908; died Mar. 1, 1915; aged 6 y. 5 m. 28 d. The son with his little sister was sitting on an iron well top cleaning his shoes, when somehow he removed the lid and fell into the well and was drowned before help could be procured. The child was in the water nearly half an hour before he was taken out. The well was about 12 feet deep and was half full of water. He leaves to mourn his early departure a sorrowing father and mother, 1 brother, 2 sisters and a host of friends. His grandfather, Abe King, of West Liberty, Ohio, was also present at the funeral, which was held at the Sycamore Grove Church, Cass Co., Mo., Mar. 3. Services by the home ministers. Text, Psa. 90:5,6, chosen by the parents. May God comfort the bereaved ones in this sad hour. Remains laid to rest in the Clear Fork Cemetery.

Hoover. - Anna R., widow of the late Jacob G. Hoover, passed away at the home of Ezra Rittenhouse, Vineland, Ont., Feb. 26, 1915; aged 74 y. 11 m. 26 d. Owing to the sickness of her son, Anson, at the home of her son-in-law, David C. Fretz, she was taken to the above home during her earlier sickness. She regained strength for a while, but on account of the weakened condition of her heart was unable to recover. On the same day and at about the same hour of her son's funeral services at Locust Hill, she passed away to be with her loved ones whom she longed so much to see. Her faith and trust in the Lord led us to believe that they are now in each other's presence with the Lord. She was comforted by her love for Christ, and resigned to His will in all things. Services at the home of her son-in-law on the 27th, by S. F. Coffman. Text. II Cor. 5:9, 10. Buried at Markham, Ont., on the 28th. Services by I. J. Burkholder and Leonard Hoover.

Hoover. - Sylvester Anson, son of Jacob G. and Anna R. Hoover, was born in Ontario Co., Ont., July 20, 1873. He was converted in the Methodist Church at Locust Hill and for the last 20 years has been an earnest Christian seeking to do the will of God and entering into the spirit of service with his whole soul. He enjoyed his Christian life and fellowship to the full. He was married to Anna Reesor Sept. 13, 1900. She with her son and daughter survive. He lived successively at Markham and Berlin, Ont.. and after his sickness a year ago, moved to Vineland, Ont., where he passed away Feb. 24, 1915. Services were conducted Feb. 25 at the home of his brother-in-law, David G. Fretz, at whose home he resided, by __ Chambers and S. F. Coffman. Text, Phil. 3:7-11. The remains were taken to Locust Hill, Ont., for interment, at which place funeral services were conducted by __ Chambers, assisted by L. J. Burkholder. Text, Psa. 116: 15.

Herner. - Benjamin, son of Samuel and Mary Herner, was born in Waterloo Co., .Ont., Nov. 2, 1845; died Mar. 3, 1915; aged 69 y. 4 m. 1 d. He was united in marriage to Lydia Horning of Shambaugh, Ia., Mar. 24, 1891. She preceded him to the spirit world Mar. 3, 1902. On Mar. 4, 1905, he was united in marriage to Sarah Beutler of Wakarusa, Ind. To this union was born 1 son, Edwin. He united with the Mennonite Church in the prime of life and remained true to his faith until death. He was an earnest worker in Sunday school, serving as superintendent for many years. He was a member of the local mission board for the state of Illinois and approved of the aggressive work of the Church along the line of missions. He served the public in the capacity of school teacher in Livingstone Co. for 28 years. His last term was taught in 1899. Since then the greater part of his time was spent on the farm. The deceased met death through an accident caused by a loaded wagon passing over his body sustaining injuries that caused his sudden and unexpected death. He leaves to mourn his loss a heart broken wife, 1 son, Edwin, 2 sisters, Mrs. Veronica Skinner of Cullom, Ill., and Mrs. Esther Finnelson of Basset, Neb., 2 brothers, David of Pendes, Neb., and John of Cullom, Ill. The Church has lost a faithful member, the neighborhood a worthy friend, the family a loving husband and a devoted father, and the cause of truth and right a most faithful advocate. The funeral services were held at the Cullom Mennonite Church on Mar. 6, 1915, conducted by Bro. A. H. Leaman of the Chicago Mission. Interment in Sullivan Center Cemetery.

"We miss thee, father, dear,
From your old familiar place,
We do not hear your footsteps
Nor see your smiling face."

Carl M. Metzler, Goshen, Indiana

Gospel Herald - Volume VII, Number 52 - March 25, 1915 - pages 835, 836

Nissley. -Diphtheria caused the death of Ritta Grace, daughter of Bro. Norman and Sister Maggie Nissley, born Feb. 28, 1911; died March 6, 1915; aged 2 y. 9 d.
"We loved her, oh! so much,
For soon she slept and died."

Editor's note: arithmetic doesn't work for age and dates given.

Sharp. - Sister Magdalena Sharp of Reedsville, Pa., was born Aug. 3, 1827; died March 2, 1915; aged 87 y. 6 m. 29 d. She had been confined to her house for over three years, though not bedfast all that time. She longed to go home and be at rest.
"A precious one from us is gone,
A voice we loved is stilled;"
Yet we need not mourn as those who have no hope.

Ebersole. - Ira A. Ebersole was born near Chambersburg, Pa., May 20, 1891; died at the Franklin County Home Mar. 14, 1915; aged 23 y. 9 m. 24 d. He was the oldest of the family and is survived by 3 brothers and 1 sister. His parents both died about 9 years ago. Funeral services were held at the Chambersburg Church March 16th, conducted by D. E. Kuhns and W. W. Hege. Interment in the adjoining cemetery.

Hostetler. - Sarah Hostetler (Stutzman) was born Sept. 17, 1836; died March 3, 1915; aged 78 y. 5 m. 16 d. She was united in marriage to John Hostetler, Dec. 24, 1858. To this union were born 3 sons, 7 daughters, and 22 grandchildren. Husband, 3 children, and 7 grandchildren preceded her to the spirit world. She leaves to mourn their loss her husband, 3 sons, 4 daughters and 15 grandchildren. She united with the A. M. Church at 21, and was a faithful member until death.

Cripe. - Katie Martin was born Dec. 30, 1892; died Feb. 19, 1915; aged 22 y. 1 m. 19 d.; was converted and received into Church by water baptism Dec. 1, 1907. She lived a consistent Christian life, so we need not mourn as those having no hope. She was married to Timothy Cripe Dec. 10, 1914, living in matrimony about 10 weeks, and leaving to mourn her early departure a sorrowing husband, father and mother, an aged grandmother, and three brothers. She was buried at the A. M. graveyard near Hopedale, Ill. Sermons by Daniel Nafziger, Samuel Gerber and John C. Birkey. Rest in Peace.

Miller. - Sister Katie Miller was born in Johnson Co., Iowa, Sept. 24, 1856; died March 7, 1915; aged 58 y. 5 m. 13 d. She leaves to mourn her departure one brother (Samuel of Unionville, Mo.), two sisters (Lucy Ann Miller and Nancy Gingerich), and a host of friends and relatives. Early in life she united with the Amish Mennonite Church, of which she was a faithful member until death. Funeral services were held at East Union Church near Kalona, Iowa, conducted by J. S. Yoder in German and D. J. Fisher and S. C. Yoder in English.

Campbell. - Anna Weaver was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., July 10, 1831; died Jan. 23, 1915: aged 83 y. 6 m. 13 d. She was married to Robert Campbell in 1849, and to this union were born 10 children, 2 of which survive: Mrs. Maria Resor and Mrs. Clara Hoover with whom she made her home for more than 20 years, when her presense will be sadly missed. She had 16 grand children and 13 great-grandchildren.
About 18 years ago she gave her heart to God and jointed the Mennonite Church. She anxiously awaited the Master's call and fell asleep confidently trusting His promises.
Funeral conducted fronm the home of her daughter, and burial in Wadsworth Cemetery, N. A. Lind officiating.

Transcriber's note: "jointed" and "presense" are as spelled in the original.

Eash. - Moses D. Eash was born in Somerset Co., Pa., April 2, 1828; died Mar. 10, 1915; aged 86 y. 11 m. 8 d. He was united in marriage with Polly Wingard, Jan. 5, 1851. To this union were born 12 children, 4 of whom are dead. He is survived by 8 children, 31 grandchildren, 39 great-grandchildren, and 1 great-great-grandchild. He was a faithful member of the Amish Mennonite Church for more than 60 years. Funeral at the Kaufman Mennonite Church by L. A. Blough in German and by E. J. Berkey in German. Buried in the Wingard Cemetery, Cambria Co., Pa.

Bricker. - Sister Maria L. Bricker of near Chambersburg, Pa., was born April 3, 1879. She united with the Mennonite Church at 17, and was a faithful member until death. She had been in ill health for a number of years. About two weeks ago she went to the Chambersburg hospital and underwent an operation which at first seemed a success but afterwards resulted in her death. She died March 9, 1915; aged 35 y. 11 m. 6 d. She is survived by her father (Pre. Henry Bricker), 2 sisters (Anna and Amanda, at home), and a brother (Samuel, of near Pleasant Hall), her mother having been called home 16 years ago. Services at the Strasburg M. H., conducted by the brethren, J. S. Burkholder and Joseph H. Martin. Buried in adjoining cemetery.

Blough. - Benjamin Samuel Blough was born in Somerset Co., Pa., Aug. 28, 1839; died Mar. 8, 1915; aged 75 y. 6 m. 10 d. He was married to Rachel Berkey in August, 1865. To this union were born 9 children, 7 of whom survive. He is also survived by 5 grandchildren. His wife died Nov. 4, 1882, leaving on him the care of the children. Bro. Blough was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church from his youth. He was the last survivor of the family of Bishop Samuel Blough who died about 38 years ago. Bro. Blough left a bright hope to the children and friends. Shortly before he died he spoke of those of his friends who had gone before, and then calling those who were living gave them good-bye and then fell peacefully asleep. Funeral services were conducted at the Blough Church, Somerset Co., Pa., on the 10th by L. A. Blough and E. J. Blough. Interment in the family graveyard on the farm he was living.

Buzzard. - Clara Etta Dausman was born May 10, 1880, in Elkhart Co., Ind.; died March 9, 1915; aged 34 y. 9 m. 29 d. She united with the Mennonite Church at the age of 15 and it seemed to be one of her special purposes to live up to her profession. She was united in marriage with John F. Buzzard Aug. 27, 1898. To this union were born 4 sons and 4 daughters; Mearl, Lela, Carl, Wayne, Gladys, Harold, and Clara Etta. One infant daughter preceded her to the home above. She also leaves her father and 1 sister (Mrs. Frank Shrock) to mourn her departure. She was blessed with unusual health and her sudden death was a great shock to her family, friends and neighbors. She will be greatly missed in the home, the Sunday school and the Church. Funeral services were held at the Yellow Creek Church on March 12 by J. W. Christophel and J. S. Hartzler where an immense crowd of people had gathered in respect to her and sympathy with the bereaved family.

Miller. - Jacob T., son of Tobias and Barbara Miller, was born in Holmes Co., O., April 22, 1841; died Mar. 14, 1915, at his home in Topeka, Ind.; aged 73 y. 10 m. 22 d. He united with the Mennonite Church in his younger years and was an earnest Christian until death. He was married to Lydia Wenger Nov. 27, 1870, who died April 9, 1874. Three children were born to this union. On Mar. 4, 1883, he was married to Rachel Byler, to which union one child was born. Wife, 3 children, 3 brothers, and 4 sisters preceded him to the spirit world. He was a faithful husband, a loving father, a kind friend and neighbor. He leaves to mourn their loss his wife, 1 daughter (Mrs. Alvin Yoder of Goshen, Ind.), one foster daughter (Clara), one granddaughter (Ella), four brothers (Moses, Christian, and John of Holmes Co., O., and David of Boulder, Colo.), besides many other relatives and friends. Funeral services at the Maple Grove Church on the 16th, by J. S. Hartzler. Text, Rev. 22:4.

Beachy. - Elizabeth (Geitzel), wife of Jacob Beachy, was born in Maryland, Dec. 6, 1865; died March 3, 1915; aged 49 y. 2 m. 27 d. She leaves to mourn her sudden departure her husband, 6 daughters, 5 grandchildren, mother, 4 sisters, 2 brothers, and many friends. Only her immediate family were permitted to be at the burial, her disease being scarlet fever, which developed into black diphtheria. No funeral sermon was preached. She was laid away in the Fairview, Mich., Cemetery. She was a member of the Mennonite Church; always loved to be at public services when health permitted. She was sick about nine days. Little did we think that she would be called away so soon. A nurse and the members of the family did all they could to attend to her wants, but God called her to a place where sufferings are unknown. Two married daughters were at home, and Bessie, wife of Lore Yoder, who was very low with the disease when her mother died, is better again. One daughter in Ohio could not be present on account of sickness. May God comfort the bereaved husband and family.

"Weep not that her toils are over,
Weep not that her race is run;
God grant that we may rest as calmly
When our work, like hers, is done."

Lentz. - Elizabeth Anger was born in Bavaria, Germany, on Sept. 10, 1835; died at her home in Dakota, Ill., Mar. 12, 1915; aged 79 y. 6 m. 2 d. She emigrated with her parents to America in 1853, coming to Galena, Ill., where she resided until 1857, in which year she was married to Martin Lapp, taking up their residence near Freeport, Ill. Her husband died 4 years later. In 1863 she was married to Jacob Lentz who survives her. She leaves to mourn her departure her husband who is 93 years old; 1 sister, 8 children, 2 of her first husband and 6 of the second, 15 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. She was a faithful and devoted member of the Mennonite Church for many years. Her place in the Church services were seldom vacant. She was greatly attached to her Savior, her Bible, and her Church. She was a faithful wife, a loving mother, and devoted Christian. Funeral services were conducted by S. E. Graybill and J. S. Shoemaker, Mar. 14, at the Mennonite Church near Freeport, Ill. Text, II Tim. 4:7,8. Many friends and relatives were assembled to pay the last tribute of respect to one who had won their confidence and affection.

Myers. - Catherine Myers was born Aug. 19, 1849. In February, 1873, she was married to William H. Derstine. This union was blessed with 3 sons and 2 daughters. Bro. Derstine died in 1898. On Dec. 5, 1904, she was married to William F. Myers. She united with the Mennonite Church in early years, living out the doctrines as held by the Church. She attended services faithfully as long as health permitted. She had been afflicted with diabetes for some time, but was bedfast only a week. She loved to have brethren and sisters visit her, and asked to have them sing and pray with her. Just a few days before her death she joined her friends in singing "Some Sweet Day," and "When My Life Work is Ended." She died Feb. 16; 1915, aged 65 y. 5 m. 28 d. Funeral at the home near Souderton, Pa., and at the Rockhill Church, by H. B. Rosenberger, A. 0. Histand, Mahlon Sauder, and William Landis. Text, Jno. 16:33. Her husband, 2 sisters, and 5 children survive. While we sadly miss her here, we believe that our loss is her eternal gain.

"Sleep on, beloved, sleep and take thy rest;
Lay down thy head upon thy Savior's breast;
We love thee well, but Jesus loves thee best.

Transcribed by: Carl M. Metzler, Goshen, Indiana

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