Herald of Truth Obituaries - April, 1873

Herald of Truth - Volume X, Number 4 - April 1873 - Pages 75, 78-79


One of my little friends, a most faithful reader of the Herald, and also of the Bible. EMMA C. YODER, of Lagrange county, Ind., has left this world, and gone home to Jesus. She died the 14th of February, aged 15, years, 10 months, and 20 days.


At his residence, in Nicholsen township, Fayette county, Pa., after a protracted illness of several week's duration, on the 20th day of February 1873, Bro. SOLOMON HONSAKER, in the 70th year of his age. His remains were interred at the Masontown Mennonite Church on the 22nd, where a funeral sermon was preached by J. S. Gibson of the C. P. Church to a very large concourse of relatives and friends, who had assembled on that occasion to pay their last tribute of respect to him, who had been long and favorably known, and highly esteemed in the community.
Bro. Solomon Honsaker from the first of his sickness, seemed to entertain a presentiment that he would not recover. He became united with the church many years ago, when a young man; and was very seldom absent from his seat in the house of God on the Sabbath during the course of his life. When assailed and prostrated by disease he submitted in his affliction, with a christian humility and fortitude that evinced his faith in the promises of God. As death in its progress approached him, his prospects of a glorious immortality brightened - and thus sustained his sorrowing family and friends, under the afflictive dispensation. He would frequently unite with the brethren in their devotional exercises, and join them in singing, although laboring under a painful, bronchial affection. On one occasion he san g favorite hymn entirely through by himself, only a few days previous to his death. The good impressions of his religious instruction and counsel to his children and many relatives and friends will not be easily effaced, or soon forgotten by them; but as bread cast upon the waters will re-appear many days thereafter. He was son-in-law of Bishop Nicholas Johnson, and his next neighbor from the time of his marriage until his death. NICLOLAS JOHNSON
Transcriber's note: [Niclolas Johnson, as the writer of this second obituary, is spelled as it is written.]


Died at his residence in Springfield township, Richland county, Ohio, JOSEPH FREED, aged 64 years, and 8 months. He retired to rest on Thursday evening February 6th, and on Friday morning he was found sleeping in Jesus. "Let me die the death of the righteous and let my last end be like his."

For thirty long and weary years, he stood on zion's walls,
And urged by voice and act and life the gospel's gracious calls.
How peaceful were his latter hours! the soldier of the cross!
How great the gain that he has made, and ours, alas, the loss!
His gentle admonitions now no more will greet the ear
Of anxious, waiting, list'ning friends, or wife or children dear;
His pulpit silent as the grave in which his body lies
Unless it please the mighty One who rules the earth and skies
To send from out his liberal stores another precious one,
To take his place and run his race, and do as he has done.

A whole community in tears that wint'ry Sabbath day
Cast a last look upon his form, whom God had ta'en away,
A whole community came forth, their sympathy to lend
In comfort to the stricken ones - he was their common friend.
"Nur Glockentoene schwirren gar bange durch die Luft,
"Nur eine Strasze fuellte sich und die fuehrt in die Gruft."
Such as the scene the poet paints in German tongue so well
The solemn throng, the crowded street, all but the jarring bell.

But not in utter darkness, we laid his mortal form,
To rest in Jesus sweetly and safely from the storm:
Though deepest awe had settled upon that stricken crowd,
A rainbow brightness still illumed the deathlike sullen cloud:
For who could doubt that he whose love for Jesus was so strong,
Had entered in his father's house among the happy throng,
The daughter too* he hoped to meet on earth, her sins forgiven
Soon hastened forth to meet him there safe in his much loved heaven.
W. F. R.

*He had purposed to visit Lizzie, in Lagrange co., Ind., who was sick, in a week or two if able.


October 4th 1872, in Lagrange county, Ind., of Consumption, wife of Christian MILLER, aged 56 years and 7 days. She was afflicted for some time but she remained patient under her trials. She leaves a bereaved husband and 3 children. She was a faithful sister in the Smish Church. Funeral services by Chr. S. Plank, and John Nusbaum.

February 28th 1873, in Hilltown, Bucks county, Pa., HETTY wife of Pre. Abm. MOYER, aged 48 years, 4 months, and 19 days. Funeral services by Sam. Godshalk, and Isaac Overholt, in German, and J. M. Haldeman in English.

February 23rd, in Mahoning county, Ohio, of Rheumatism, FANNY, wife of Samuel METZLER, aged 34 years, 9 months, and 11 days. Buried in Metzler's burying-ground. Discourse by P. Basinger and J. Bixler.
'Tis but a few day since
She had a flushing face;
But soon the Savior called her hence,
To founts of living grace.

February 22nd, in Paint township, Somerset county, Pa., of Gravel, JACOB BLAUGH, aged 61 years, 6 months, and 22 days. His sufferings were severe, yet he bore them patiently until death released him. Words of comfort were delivered to the bereaved children and friends by Samuel Blough in German, from Hebrews 4:9-11, and by Hiram Musselman, in English.

February 19th, in Bucks county, Pa., HENRY, son of John BECHTEL, aged 2 years, 3 months, and 20 days. Funeral discourse by J. M. Haldeman.

February 18th, in Richland county, Ohio, of Catarrh, and Inflammation of the lungs, HENRY, son of John and Anna FREY, aged 5 months, and 14 days. Services by Pre. Wisler from Matt. 19:13, 14.

February 17th, in Juniata county, Pa., JOHN T. SHIRK, aged 23 years, 2 months, and 23 days. Funeral service by Samuel Winey, from Amos 4:12.

February 28th, in Lancaster county, Pa., of Croup, ELISABETH, aged 6 years, 1 month, and 21 days: And March 3rd, JOHN, aged 1 year, 5 months, and 3 days. Children of Daniel and Rebecca STOLTZFUS. They were both buried in one coffin. Sermon by Henry Lantz, and John K. Stoltzfus.

February 6th, in Clarke county, Ohio, Sister ELISABETH NEFF, aged 83 years, 2 months, and 2 days. She leaves an aged companion, with whom she lived in wedlock 63 years, and 8 children to mourn their loss. Discourse by J. M. Greider from Rev. 20:6.

February 8th, in Sellersville, Bucks county, Pa., KATIE, daughter of John S. and Amanda FRETZ, aged 4 years, 4 months, and 13 days.

In Elkhart county, Ind., on the 2nd of March, NANCY, wife of Benton MOORE, aged 16 years, 9 months, and 18 days. She was sick only four days and leaves an infant babe motherless. She had never made a profession of religion, but for some time previous to her sickness and decease, she had a promonition of her death, and frequently said that she would not get well again. During her sickness she often repeated the prayer, "O Lord bless my soul!" She was buried on the 4th, followed to the grave by a large concourse of friends and relatives. Funeral services by H. Shaum and J. F. Funk.

March 4th, in Elkhart county, Ind., of Quinsy, CHAUNCEY son of Peter, C. and Elisabeth STAHLEY, aged 3 years, 2 months, and 25 days. Funeral discourse by D. H. Hochstetler.

On the 6th of March, in Lancaster county, Pa., after a short illness, CYRUS, son of Benjamin and Mary Ann SOUDER, aged 3 years, 1 month, and 10 days.
Dear little Cyrus, lovely child
How near to us wast thou,
Among our little ones so mild.
With Jesus thou art now.

On the same day, of spotted fever, HENRY, son of Barbara and David HOFFSTADT, aged 3 years, 7 months, and 16 days. These two children were buried at one time. It was truly pitiful to see the two bodies side by side, in Bachman's Meeting-house, during the time of funeral services, which were appropriate and impressive by B. Lehman, A. Witmer and D. Witmer.
What solomn scenes and mournful too
Where two at one are called to go;
To meet in heaven, that better land,
With saints to dwell, in glory stand.

In Plumstead, Bucks county, Pa., March 17th, after an illness of one week of Lung fever, Sister FANNY FUNK (widow of John Funk who died in 1834). She was 70 years, 9 months, and 4 days old, having remained in her widowhood nearly 39 years; leaving one son and one daughter, and a large circle of relatives and sympathising friends to mourn their loss, which we trust is her eternal gain. For about 50 years she has been a consistent member, and a shining light in the Mennonite Church, and has set an example that others would do well to imitate. On Wednesday following, her funeral was attended by a large concourse of relatives and sympathising friends to the burying-ground at Deep Run. Isaac Moyer officiated at the house and Samuel Godshalk and Isaac Rickert spoke words of comfort at the Meeting-house. Gone but not forgotten.

March 11th, in Elkhart county, Ind., widow MARY WONSETLER, aged 74 years, 5 months, and 6 days. Interred at Yellow Creek, grave-yard 13th, where appropriate remarks were made by J. M. and Chr. Christophel.

March 15th, in St. Joseph county, Ind., of Spotted fever, NOAH, son of Daniel and Sarah HOLMES, aged 3 years, 6 months, 9 days. Services by Joel Shively, from Luke 10:15, 16.

March 18th, in Elkhart county, Ind., MELVIN, son of Christian and Lydia HONSOUR, aged 11 months. Funeral discourse by D. Brenneman, and J. M. Christophel.

March 4th, in Clay county, Ind., of Typhoid fever, and Erysipelas, Sister ELISABETH, consort of Abraham WELTY, 68 years, 1 month, and 3 days. She leaves a kind husband and 2 children to mourn their loss. Services by Jacob Huffer, and David Culler, from Rev. 14:13.

March 5th, in Elkhart county, Ind., AUSTERY, daughter of Jacob BOWERS, aged 3 years, and 3 days. Services by Henry Shaum and J. A. Beutler.

In Hickory county, Mo., March 12th, very suddenly, CATHARINE, wife of Adam HOCHSTETLER, aged 48 years, and 1 day. With her husband she emigrated from Mifflin county, Pa., in 1841. She prepared her noon-day meal as usual, and afterwards complained of being cold, and laid herself in bed, and instantly death called her spirit home. She was a sister in the Amish Mennonite Church. Services by Jacob Yoder, and Charles Kunze.

March 6th, in Haldimand county, Ont., of Consumption, JOHN SWARTS, aged 20 years, 5 months, and 25 days. He was a son of the late Bro. Jacob Swarts, and is the eighth of the family who have died within a few years, and all (with one exception) died of consumption, and all of them were under thirty-two years old, at the time of their death.


Transcribed by Ruth Schrock, Indiana

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