Herald of Truth Obituaries - May, 1873

Herald of Truth - Volume X, Number 5 - May 1873 - Pages 87, 94-95


Died April 21st, in West Lampeter, Lancaster county, Pa., Sister ELISABETH, wife of Pre. Amos HERR, aged 52 years, 10 months, and 1 day. Sister Herr was apparently well until Saturday morning April 19th, when she had an attack of Apoplexy. She was called to breakfast. She arose, descended the stairs, was noticed to walk heavily and was seen by her daughter sinking on a chair. The daughter inquired if she felt unwell, she made the sign, No. Bro. Amos was called in from the stable, whence he had gone to feed. He hastened into the house, but she could not speak, yet she was conscious. She remained conscious and speechless until relieved by death. She frequently motioned to the family, that they should not weep. She embraced them and gave to each a parting kiss. She fell asleep calmly. She leaves a mourning husband and 4 children. Her mortal remains were followed to the grave by an exceeding great concourse of friends and relatives in solemnity and sympathy. Many tears were shed. Silently and solemnly her remains were lowered into the cold grave and covered with earth, to be prepared for the triumphant morning of the resurrection of the dead. Text: 1 Cor. 15:55-57.


Died March 24th, of Cancer, near Dale Enterprise, Rockingham co., Va., SUSANNA M. RHODES, daughter of Henry H. (deceased), and Margaret Rhodes, aged 18 years, one month, and 8 days. The deceased was afflicted for nearly three years, and for the last three months of her life she was the victim of indescribable and heart rending suffering, yet she bore her affliction with christian fortitude, relying fully on the strong arm of Jesus for her support. She was an example of christian patience, such as could not be expected from one of her age. She searched the Scriptures diligently while able. They seemed a cordial to her soul, for in them she found eternal truths, and many sacred promises, which led her to Christ, and cheered her on her pilgrimage. She became a member of the Mennonite church in 1870, after which she seemed perfectly willing to leave the shores of mortality, and "to be present with the Lord." She looked forward with an eye of faith "to the things that are not seen, but are eternal." She often resorted to the 8th chapter of Romans, and 1st chapter of James for her comfort, and meditation, and also requested some of her associates to read the same. Her mind seemed tranquil to the last. A short time before her death she said she was thirsty; her mother asked her if she would give her water, to which she replied, she was not thirsty for the water she would give her; she desired no water from the well of which she drank from her infancy. But she desired nobler things; she thirsted for the water of life, which if she drank, she would never thirst. She then told those present to straighten her limbs and body; after this she clasped her hands across her breast and fell asleep in the arms of Jesus without a pang. She feared not the "dark valley and shadow of death," for death to her had lost its sting, and the grave its terror. She was buried on the 25th. Funeral services by the brethren David Landes, Jacob and Joseph Driver, and Samuel Coffman. The chapters James 1st and Roman 8th were read, and appropriate remarks were made from Rom. 8:4-18. The deceased was beloved by all who were acquainted with her. All sympathized with her in her affliction. Many tears were shed over her remains, yet again we hope to meet her in that sun bright clime where all tears are wiped away, and the weary are at rest.
"Sister, those was mild and lovely,
Gentle as the morning breeze;
Pleasant as the air of evening,
As it falls among the trees."


February 3rd, in Franconia, Montgomery Co., Pa., MARY ANN HACKMAN, aged 23 years, 9 months, and 11 days.

February 12th, near Strasburgh, Lancaster county, Pa., Bro. JOSEPH ANDREWS, aged 80 years, 5 months, and 3 days. His remains were interred in Mellinger's grave-yard ( as he requested). Services by Benj. Herr, and Jacob Hershey, from Rev. 14:13, 14. Peace, humility, and charity were his delights.

February 22nd, in Rock Hill, Bucks county, Pa., of Scarlet fever, DAVID, son of Enos and Caroline DETWEILER, aged 2 years, 11 months, and 25 days. Words of comfort were spoken by Abel Flemming, and John Allebach.

February 15th, in Plumstead, Montgomery county, Pa., HANNAH, wife of Lewis MYERS, aged 39 years, 4 months and 25 days.

February 28th, in Shelby county, Mo., of Diptheria, LILY ANN, daughter of Jacob and Emeline POTTER, aged 6 years, and 2 days. Services by Benj. Hershey, from Rev. 3:19-22.

March 6th, in Montgomery county, Pa., JOHN KOLB, aged 4 months, and 16 days. Sermon by Josiah Clemmer.

March 8th, in Montgomery county, Pa., of Consumption, Bro. OLIVER KOLB, aged 25 years. Words of comfort were delivered by Henry Fried and Josiah Clemmer.

March 10th, in Montgomery county, Pa., MARGARET NICE, aged 7 years, 9 months, and 16 days. Funeral services by Josiah Clemmer, and Jacob Landis, from the words, "Damsel, (I say unto thee,) arise," Mark 5:41.

March 7th, in Lagrange county, Ind., of Liver complaint, Bro. JOSEPH HOCHSTETLER, aged 36 years, 1 month, and 25 days. He leaves a wife to mourn her loss. Words of comfort by H. A. Miller.

March 9th in St. Joseph county, Ind., IDA, daughter of David HOLLINGSHEAD, aged 7 months. Funeral services by Daniel Brenneman from Eccl. 9:10.

March 10th, in Champaign county, Ohio, of Dropsy. JOEL YODER, aged 35 years, 11 months, and 5 days.
"Oft as the bell with solemn toll,
Speaks the departure of a soul;
Let each one ask himself am I
Prepared, should I be called to die?

March 13th, in Franconia, Montgomery county, Pa., JOHN, son of William FRIED, aged 8 years. Sermon by Josiah Clemmer.

March 14th, in Shelby county, Mo., of Lung fever, FANNY, daughter of Levi and Nancy MISHLER, aged 1 year, 1 month, and 6 days. Services by Abraham and Benjamin Lapp, from Heb. 9:27.

March 14th, in Huron county, Ont., SUSANNA, wife of Pre. D. LEHMAN, aged 30 years, 6 months, and 16 days. A sermon by M. Bauman, from Job. 14:14.

March 17th, in Wayne county, Ohio, of old age, Pre. JOHN ROHRER, aged 83 years, 4 months, and 18 days. Funeral discourse by Henry Beery, and Michael Rohrer of Medina county in German, and Michael Rohrer of Startkcounty in English from 2 Tim. 4:6-8.

March 17th, in Plumstead, Bucks county, Pa., of Breast fever, FANNY, widow of John FUNK, aged 70 years, 9 months, and several days. Appropriate remarks were made by Isaac Moyer, and Samuel Godshalk.

March 18th, in Bedminster, Bucks county, Pa., of Consumption, ANNA widow of Henry MOYER, at the advanced age of 78 years, and 26 days. Remarks appropriate to the occasion were delivered by Samuel Godshalk, and Isaac Moyer, from Rev. 2:11.

March the 18th, in Franconia, Montgomery county, Pa., infant son of Abraham and Catharine STAUFFER, aged 1 year, 1 month, and 6 days.

March 20th, in Elkhart county, Ind., of Consumption, HULDAH MATILDA, daughter of Jonas and Elisabeth WISLER, aged 18 years, 10 months, and 20 days. Funeral services by _____ Farber, and D. Brenneman, from Rev. 22:5.

March 20th in Blenheim, Oxford county, Ont., JUDITH, wife of John BINGAMON, aged 40 years, 8 months, and 6 days. She was the mother of 16 children, 13 of whom are living. Her last words were, "Beloved companion, I must now leave you, kneel down, and pray for me." Funeral sermon by Joseph Hege, and Enoch Detweiler in German, and _____ Thompson in English.

March 22nd, in Tuscarawas county, Ohio, of old age, at the residence of his grand-son Joseph Bowers, Bro. SAMUEL BOWERS, at the advanced age of 94 years, 5 months, and 14 days. He was buried the 24th, in the presence of many relatives and friends. Sermon by John Beidler in English from Prov. 14:32, and by Henry Kilmer in German, from 2 Tim. 4:7, 8. This aged patriarch lived a christian life for many years, was a kind father and loved by all who knew him. He passed away without any pain, and was sensible to the very last, --- folded his hands, looked upward, and said, "God, God, God," and expired. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."

March 23rd, in Allen county, Ohio, CHRISTENA, infant daughter of Josiah and Mary KOHLY, aged 1 year, 6 months, less one day. Funeral discourse by Chr. P., and Abm. Steiner from Job 14:1.

On the 22nd, of March, in Locke, Elkhart Co., Ind., of Consumption, ELISABETH wife of Jonas MILLER, aged 26 years, 6 months, and 22 days. Her remains were diposited in the New Bremen burying-ground on the 24th, where appropriate remarks were made by Pre. Clouse. She leaves a husband and three little children to mourn their loss.

In Elkhart county, Ind., of Dropsy of the brain, ETHREN, son of Jacob and _____ MICHAELS, aged 5 months, and 27 days. Funeral discourse by J. F. Funk, from Matt. 4:18.

On the 10th of April, in Lancaster county, Pa., after a short illness of Typhoid fever, Bro. A. M. KAUFFMAN, aged 30 years, 4 months, and 6 days. His remains were interred in the family burying-ground on the 13th, followed by a bereft widow, and a large concourse of friends and relatives. Funeral services were conducted by Abraham Witmer in the German, and Amos Herr in the English language from Ps. 103:15, 16. When the April No. of the Herald came to hand containing the death of two little children upon one occasion written by his own hand, he lay a corpse shrouded and coffined for the grave. Behold the uncertainty of life, and the certainty of death. He was a correspondent of the Herald.

On the 18th of April, in Lancaster county, Pa., of Typhoid fever, FANNY, wife of Abraham L. SHENK, in the 40th year of her age.

On the 2nd of April, in Lancaster county, Pa., very suddenly, REUBEN, son of Bro. Joseph STAUFFER, aged 13 years, 6 months, and 6 days.

On the 29th of March, in Salunga, Lancaster county, Pa., of Brain fever, ABRAHAM P. BRENNEMAN, aged 33 years, 7 months, and 28 days.

April 15th, in Warren Tp., St. Joseph county, Ind., of Consumption, JOHN F. PONTIUS, aged 33 years, and 15 days. He was a member of the church for nearly seven years. He leaves a wife and four children to mourn his departure. Bro. Pontius was ailing for about 18 months, though he was able to be around and do some light work until about five months ago, when he began to fail faster and was hurried on to the grave. He was confined to his bed only about two weeks, during this time he prayed that his end might soon come, and hoped that he need not lay long. On one occasion when conversing with him on the subject of religion he said, "I can say farewell to the world; I have nothing to keep me back; I want to go home to rest." Thus he could look death in the face, with the bright hope of going to the place where the wicked cease from troubling, and the weary are at rest. Service by John F. Funk and Samuel Yoder.

April 8th, in Franconia, Montgomery county, Pa., MARIA, wife of Jacob STAUFFER, aged 35 years, 1 month and 18 days. She leaves a bereaved husband and 7 children to mourn their loss. Words of comfort were spoken by H. Nice, and A. Horning, from Luke 18:1.

March 18th, in Fulton county, Ohio, of Scarlet fever, MENNO, only son of Christian and Maria RYCHENER, aged 3 years. His birth-day was the day of his death. Services by N. King, from Matt. 18:1-8.

April 8th, in Fulton county, Ohio, of Palsy, CHRISTIAN STUCKEY, aged 79 years, 6 months, and 28 days. He bore his affliction with patience. Funeral services by J. Nafziger, C. Freiberger, and J. Wise from 1 Cor. 15.

April 16th, in Fulton county, Oho, JACOB SCHAD, aged 79 years, 4 months, and 14 days. Words of comfort to the bereaved friends were made by J. Nafziger, and C. Freiberger from Heb. 4.

April 17th, in Davis county, Mo., CATHARINE, wife of Samuel KINDIG, aged 40 years, 9 months, and 11 days. She leaves a husband and 6 children to mourn their loss.

On the 18th of _____, in Wayne county, Ohio, MARIA Z., wife of Jacob YODER, aged 25 years, 7 months, and 26 days. She embraced christianity in her 18th year, and was a faithful sister of the Amish Mennonite faith. Services were held by John P. King, of Logan county, and Michael Schloniker of Stark county, from Matt. 24:44.

March 25th, in Page Co., Iowa, of Lung fever, Bro. JACOB HORNING, aged 52 years, 9 months, and 9 days; he was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for over 21 years. He leaves a wife and 11 children to mourn their loss. His sufferings were severe, yet he bore them patiently until death released him. A few hours before his death he called his family around him and told the children how they should be to their mother and to live in peace so that they can meet him again on the other shore. He selected the text 2 Tim. 4:7, 8. Services by preachers Wilson and Barker.

April 13th, in Cumberland county, Pa., Sister ELISABETH, wife of Jacob ESHLEMAN, aged 77 years, and 21 days. She leaves a husband and 7 children to mourn their loss. Services were held by George Rupp, Samuel Zimmerman, and Nathaniel Shope.

April 22nd, in Westmoreland county, Pa., MAGDALENA, wife of Henry R. Fox, aged 67 years, 11 months, and 6 days. She was afflicted for some time yet she was patient under all her trials. She leaves a husband and 5 children to mourn their loss. Words of comfort were spoken to the bereaved family by Rev. _____ Lady in English, and Jonas Blaugh in German.

On the 24th of April, in Branch county, Mich., after a short illness from Inflammation of the stomach JOHN, infant son of John and Rachel GOOD, aged 3 months and 4 days. Funeral services by John Krupp, and C. D. Beery. The following familiar verse was selected by the little brother of the deceased.
Dearest Jonny though has left us,
Here thy loss we deeply feel:
But 'tis God that hath bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal.

On the 14th of April, BENJAMIN F. KREIDER, of Conestoga township, Lancaster county, Pa. He died at the residence of his grand-mother, with whom he lived. He left us at the early age of 23 years, 4 months, and 17 days. The funeral took place on Wednesday April 15th. Funerals discourses were delivered by Jos. Burkholder in the German, and Amos Herr in the English language. Whether at home or abroad, he was considered one of the most pious of our young men. He would never submit to anything that he knew to be wrong, and he appeared to take delight in advocating what he knew to be right. His peculiar disposition gave promise to an honorable and useful life. Though gone at so early an age, to that bourne from whence no pilgrim returns, his manners and habits, while among us were such as would be fitting examples for the young men of our day to follow.

April 18th, in Elkhart county, Ind., of Consumption, JACOB S. LUTZ, aged 32 years, 3 months, and 1 day. The deceased was a member of the German Reformed Church. He leaves 3 orphans to mourn their loss. He manifested a deep interest in his family and parents, telling them to live a christian life and they soon would meet him in heaven. Funeral services by Pre. Joseph Fisher, of Elkhart.
"E'en now by faith he joins his hands,

With those who went before;
Those great and blood besprinkled bands,
Upon the eternal shore."

April 3rd, in Hilltown, Bucks county, Pa., ELISABETH, wife of Samuel MUSSELMAN, aged 74 years, 11 months, and 10 days. On the 6th, she was buried at the Lexington Meeting-house, on which occasion services were held by J. Haldeman and J. Allebach.

[Diptheria incorrectly spelled as it was in the original. Diposited spelled as it was in the original. Spelled Elisaberh Eshleman as it appeared.]

Transcribed by Ruth Schrock, Goshen Archives

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