Herald of Truth Obituaries - November, 1887

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HERALD OF TRUTH , Vol. XXIV, Number 21, November 1, 1887 - pg 333


Mrs. Jacob Stoltzfus of Leacock Twp, Lancaster Co., Pa, and her sister-in-law, Mrs. Barbara Stoltzfus of Kansas, who was visiting her, were instantly killed near Ronk's station on the Pennsylvania Railroad on Tuesday afternoon, Oct 18th, by Fast Line west. They were driving southward and stopped at the railroad to permit the passage of a freight train. The latter obscured the approach of the fast train, which struck the wagon and completely demolished it. Mrs. Jacob Stoltzfus was thrown down an embankment and picked up dead, but Mrs. Barbara Stoltzfus lived a few minutes, although horribly mangled. The horse was carried nearly a hundred yards by the engine and was literally cut to pieces.-Mount Joy Herald.

Transcriber's note: The numer of dead does not match the headline, unless you count the horse.

SMITH.-September 30th, near Gingrich's Meeting-house, Lebanon county, Pa., of spinal disease, Cevilla, only daughter of Henry and Leah Smith, aged 14 years, 8 months and 18 days. Funeral on October 4th. Text, John 5:25. Buried at Gingrich's Meeting-house. A large congregation assembled to pay the last tribute of respect for the deceased. She was sick 73 days; was blind 21 days.

MARTIN.-On the -th of September, in Waterloo county, Ontario, of typhoid fever, Absalom Martin, aged about 54 years. He was buried on the 16th. He leaves a large family and many relatives and friends to mourn his departure from their midst.

BRUBACHER.-On the 21st of September, near Waterloo, Waterloo county, Ontario, Enoch, son of John Brubacher, aged 22 years, 5 months and 7 days. He was buried on the 24th at the Eby Church. Services by Abram Martin and Moses Bowman.

MILLER.-On the 17th of September, in Elkhart county, Ind., Earl, son of John C. and Polly Miller, aged 10 months and 17 days. Funeral Sermon by D.J. Johns and Joseph D. Miller from Psalm 16:6 and 103: 15,16.

BOWMAN.-On the 30th of September, in LaGrange, Ind., of scarlet fever, Lena Elenora, daughter of Levi and Rebecca Bowman, aged 2 years, 1 month and 24 days. Funeral services by J.S. Hartzler.

I've passed beyond the pains I had
And though it now may make you sad,
I would not wish on earth to be
For I my Savior here can see.

He takes me in his arms so kind
And brings to my angelic mind
Such thoughts and songs that I can give
Him praise where I have come to live.

O seek to meet me here my dears
Beyond the vale of sighs and tears
Here God does wipe all tears away,
Together we can praise for aye.

STUTZMAN.-On the 3d of Oct, near Milford, Seward county, Neb., of consumption, Leander, son of Christian and Mattie Stutzman aged 14 years, and 17 days. Buried on the 4th in the Amish Mennonite graveyard, services by Jacob Rediger, Sr.

MOYER-On the 27th of September, in Clinton Twp., Lincoln county, Ontario, of the infirmities of old age, Bro. Samuel B. Moyer, aged 81 years, 6 months and - days. He was buried on the 30th at the Mountain church, followed by many relatives, neighbors and friends. Funeral services by A.K. Housberger.

UMMEL-On the 9th of September, in Berlin, Gentry county, Mo., after four days of suffering from sore throat, Rosa, widow of Pre. John Ummel, aged 34 years, and 8 months. She was a kind and faithful mother, and leaves 6 children, the youngest but 3 years old, to mourn their loss. Services by D. Campbell from Heb. 4.

BAER.-On the 6th of September, in York county, Pa., Sister Barbara, widow of Bro. Jacob Baer, deceased, aged 90 years, 10 months and 11 days. She was buried in Baer's graveyard. Services by Daniel Shenk and Martin Wisler from 2 Cor. 5:1,2. She was faithful in her Christian duties and a beloved member of our church, and we trust she is with the redeemed.

CLYMER.-On Sept. 14th, in Warrington township, Bucks county, Pa., Benjamin Franklin, son of Eli and Magdalena Clymer, aged 13 years, 6 months and 4 days.
Farewell my kind father and mother,
My Savior is calling me home;
At the gate of the city eternal
I'll watch and I'll wait till you come.

Little Frankie, kind and true,
With bitter tears we part with you;
We had no thought to see so soon
Your sun go down at early noon.

We thought to have you many days,
But ours are not the Father's ways;
Then Savior help to bear the stroke.
Give grace to bow beneath the yoke.

Little Frankie who was called away so early in life was an unusually bright and intelligent boy. He was an obedient and dutiful child to his parents and all who knew him could not help but admire the manly qualities shown by him. About four weeks ago he was taken sick with diphtheria, which afterwards turned into dropsy, from which he died. He suffered considerable during his sickness, but bore it all very patiently, and expressed his willingness to go to that home where all sufferings are over. A short time before he died he told his weeping parents that he saw a bright light and would soon be safe in the arms of Jesus. The stroke falls heavily upon the parents, and they have the sympathy of their friends in this sad bereavement. May they find consolation in Him who doeth all things well, looking forward to the reunion with their loved one in that land where sorrow is unknown, and where God himself shall wipe away all tears. He was buried at Line Lexington on the 16th. Services by Pre. Weidner, Isaac Rickert and John Walters from John 14:2.

STRICKLER.-On the 2d of Sept., near Carlisle, Cumberland county, Pa., of typhoid fever, Bro., Abraham Strickler, aged 53 years, 1 month and 17 days. He leaves a deeply afflicted wife and four children, but they mourn not as those who have no hope. His remains were followed on the 5th, to their last resting place in the family burying ground by a large concourse of relatives and friends.

Transcribed by Jan Wilbur, Utah


HERALD OF TRUTH , Vol. XXIV, Number 22, November 15, 1887


John Stoltzfus died at his home near Concord, Knox Co., Tenn., on the 17th of Sept., 1887, aged 81 years, 9 mo., and 14 days. He had for several years shown symptoms of heart disease; but until within three months of his death enjoyed remarkably good health for one of his age. For four weeks he suffered greatly, scarcely drawing a breath without much labor, and although he became greatly exhausted and worn out, he did not complain or murmur, but constantly prayed for grace to await uncomplainingly the end. He frequently expressed a desire to depart and be with his Redeemer. He died as he had lived, quietly and peacefully, passing away. He was born in Lancaster, Co., Pa., in the year 1805, and in 1826 was married to Catharine Hooley, of Mifflin Co., Pa., who shared all his joys and sorrows until a ripe old age, she having been dead not quite three years.
In 1872, accompanied by five of their children, they emigrated to Knox Co., Tenn., where at that time were only two Mennonite families. He had served in the capacity of deacon for 30 years, and soon after moving here was ordained bishop and until his death had charge of the church at this place. He was ever faithful and zealous in the discharge of the arduous duties devolving upon him. He donated some land and at his own expense built a plain comfortable house of worship, which now stands as a fitting monument to the dear old pastor whose last work and last prayer were in behalf of his little flock. It has been said the prayers of the righteous availeth much; and although his place is empty and the kind pleasant voice is to be heard no more upon earth, our faith is such that his blessings are upon us and his labors will yet be crowned with success. While our hearts are full of sorrow that we shall see our loved one upon earth no more, we are sustained by the firm trust that he has been taken from all care and weariness that his pure spirit is now clothed in immortality, never more to feel the pains of disease or feebleness of age, that the influence of his consistent life cannot be estimated in words and we can best honor his name and memory by conforming our lives to the principles which governed his. There were 15 children, two of whom died in infancy, 13 grew up to call His name blessed. Two daughters, wives of Benuel Mast, of Berks Co., Pa., and J.S. Yoder, of Wayne Co., Ohio, died several years since and we trust are now united with father and mother where parting is unknown. 11 children survive, 5 in Tennesee* and 6 in Pennsylvania. 87 grand-children and 21 great grand-children.
Funeral services were held in German by Sam'l Lantz, of Lancaster Co., Pa., and Pre. Wayland in English, to a concourse of neighbors and acquaintances who had come to pay the last tribute of respect to one who was loved and honored by all.
Yes, dear grandfather, we miss thee, we miss thy kind face, thy pleasant voice, thy words of advice and counsel and while our loss seems irreparable, we but feel it is thy eternal gain. We would not call thee back to sorrow, care, and pain, and our prayer is to live the pure, blameless life thou didst live and to be as zealous in the cause of the Master thou didst love and serve, and hope to be re-united with thee and sing His praises forever.

RITTENHOUSE.-On the 3d of November, in Clinton township, Lincoln county, Ont., of old age and complicated diseases, Elizabeth Rittenhouse, widow of the late John Rittenhouse, who preceded her about six years. Her age was 80 years, 2 months and 13 days. Her maiden name was Funk, and she was born in Hilltown township, Bucks county, Pa., and came to Canada in the year 1827, where she lived until her death. She united with the Mennonite Church in Pennsylvania and lived a faithful member, strong unto the end in the faith that her Redeemer liveth. She was buried on the 6th at the Moyer burying-ground, where a large number of relatives and friends were assembled to pay their last respects to a beloved sister and friend. Funeral services by A.K. Honsberger from John 14:1,2.

RAMER.-On the 21st of October, 3 miles south-east of Wakarusa, in Elkhart county, Ind., of palsy, Tobias Ramer, aged 63 years, 7 months and 33 days. He was buried at Yellow Creek Meeting-house where services were conducted by Christian Baer, Christian Shaum and Jacob Wisler. He was a deacon for a number of years. He leaves a wife and four children to mourn their loss.

WISMER.-On the 21st of Oct. in the Skippack Church, Montgomery Co., Pa., of typhoid pneumonia, of which she suffered but a short time, Eliza, daughter of Pre. Henry Wismer in the 22nd year of her age. Funeral services by Jacob Mensch and John B. and Christian Hunsberger. She was buried on the 27th. We deeply sympathize with the dear brother and sister in this severe affliction, and look to Him who doeth all things well for comfort and consolation.

WEBER.-On the 2d of November, in Franklin county, Pa., William Weber, son of Henry and Martha Weber, aged 7 years, 11 months and 23 days. Buried at the Chambersburg Meeting-house. Services by Peter Wadel and P.H. Parret from 1 Pet. 1:24,25.
"How happy are these little ones
Which Jesus Christ has blest;
Come, let us praise with all our hearts,
The God who gives them rest."

KAUFFMAN.-On the 22d of October, in Bratton Twp., Mifflin Co., Pa., Reuben Kauffman, aged 62 years, 3 months and several days.

WINKLER.-On the 14th of October, in Dublin, Bucks county Pa., Bro. Eyre, son of Jesse Winkler, aged 19 years, 4 months and 23 days. He was buried on the 18th, at the "Upper End" Baptist Meeting-house.

HARNISH.-On the 25th of October, in Petersburg, Lancaster Co., Pa., of scarlet fever, John S. Harnish, aged 7 years, 2 months and 18 days. Buried on the 27th, at Petersburg Meeting house. Funeral services from Job 14:1,2.

KREIDER.-On the 13th of October, near Bachman's Mill, Lebanon Co., Pa., of dropsy, Sister Magdalena Kreider, widow of Bro. David Kreider, deceased, aged 65 years, 9 months and 22 days. Buried on the 18th at Gingrich's Meeting-house. Text, Mark 3:33. She leaves 5 children and one brother. A large congregation assembled to sympathize with the bereft family and to pay their tribute of love and respect to the faithful departed sister.

STRICKLER.-On the 30th of October, near Landisville, Lancaster Co., Pa., suddenly, Bro. Abram Strickler, aged 78 years, 1 month and 16 days. Buried on the 2nd of November, at Erisman's Meeting-house. Services from 2 Cor. 4:7,18. Bro. Strickler was firm in the faith and a staunch member of the church of his choice.

DETWEILER.-Near Brutus, Emmet county, Mich., of Brights disease of the kidneys, Frank Austin, only child of Simon P. and Anna Detweiler; aged 4 months and 27 days. He was a grand-son of Moses B. and Jane Weaver, of Elkhart county, Ind.
Loving little Frankie dear,
From pain and suffering thou art free;
Thou has left thy friends and parents here
To mourn in grief for thee. W.J.

HOOVER.-On the 9th of November, in Harrison twp., Elkhart county, Ind., of the infirmities of old age, Susanna Hoover, aged 72 years, 4 months and 15 days. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite church for many years, and for a long time an invalid. The dear friends need not mourn as those who have no hope. She was buried at Yellow Creek, on the 11th, where services were held by Henry Shaum and J.F. Funk, from Phil. 1:21-23. Peace to her ashes.

JONES.-On the 19th of Oct., near Fountainville, Bucks Co., Pa., Martha Jones, aged 86 years. She was buried on the 23d, at Weidner's church.

KRUPP.-On the 1st of Sept., in Kalamazoo county, Mich., of cholera infantum, Mary Lovina, daughter of Jacob and Mary Krupp, aged 10 months and 3 days. She was buried on the 3d. Services by Pre. Skinner from Matt. 18. The dear little one, although never a healthy child, was really sick but two days.

Transcribed by Jan Wilbur, Utah

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