Herald of Truth Obituaries - October, 1887

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HERALD OF TRUTH , Vol. XXIV, Number 19, October 1, 1887 - pg 301

SCHROCK.-On the 24th of August, near Orrville, Wayne Co., Ohio, of Dropsy, Sister Barbara Brant, widow of Stephen Schrock, aged 77 years, 2 months and 10 days. Buried on the 26th at the Oak Grove graveyard. Funeral services by D.Z. Yoder and D. Hostetler from John 14:2 and 1. Tim. 6:12. She was a consistent member of the Amish Mennonite church and bore her afflictions patiently with a blessed assurance of future happiness. She leaves 2 sons, and 2 daughters, and 23 grand children to mourn her loss. Peace be to her ashes.

YODER.-On the 20th of September, near Orrville, Wayne Co., Ohio, Sister Lydia Hug, wife of Bishop J.K. Yoder, aged 60 years, 6 months and 2 days. She was buried on the 22nd in the Oak Grove graveyard, followed by many friends. Services by Michael Slonecker, Isaac Miller and D. Hostetler from 2 Tim. 4:6-8. Her sickness, which was catarrhal inflammation and ulceration of the stomach and enlargement of the liver, caused her much suffering for almost four months; but with patience and Christian fortitude she could look up with a hopeful trust to her Savior and resign herself into His hands. She was a faithful helpmeet to her husband in his arduous duties. May the Lord bless the dear brother in his affliction, that he may go on trusting in the Lord for grace and strength to fulfil his calling faithfully to the end.

GEIB.-August 20th, in Rapho Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., Bertha R. Geib, aged 1 year, 3 months and 21 days. Buried on the 23d in the Everly Cemetery. Text Mark 10:15.

BRUBACHER.-September 9th, in Mount Joy, Lancaster Co., Pa., of dropsy and other affections, Bro. Sem Brubacher, aged 74 years, 7 months and 28 days. Buried at Landisville Meeting House on the 12th. Text Rev. 14:13. Two sons, three grand children, one great grand child and a large congregation followed the remains to the grave. Peace to his ashes.

SCHLUNEGGER.-On the 1st of September, in Logan Co., Ohio, Anna Schlunegger, aged 66 years, 6 months and 14 days. She was buried on the 3rd at the South Union M. H. funeral services were held by J.C. and C.K. Yoder from 2 Tim. 4:6,8. Sister Schlunegger leaves 8 deeply bereaved children to mourn their loss, but which we have reason to hope is her eternal gain. She was a widow 28 years. She was a faithful worker in the Amish Mennonite Church. May God bless the sorrowing friends.

Hear what the voice from heaven proclaims
For all the pious dead;
Sweet is the savor of their names.
And soft their sleeping bed.
They die in Jesus and are blessed,
How kind their slumbers are:
From suffering and from sin released
And freed from every snare.
Far from this world of toil and strife,
They're present with their Lord,
The labors of their mortal life
End in a large reward.

RUTT.-On the 18th of Aug, near Maytown, Lancaster Co., Pa., Jacob E., youngest son of Bro. and Sister Bishop Martin Rutt, aged 2 years, 3 months and 18 days. Buried on the 20th at Bassler's M.H. Text 2 Sam. 12:23. May the good Lord comfort the bereft parents.

KREBIEHL.-On the 15th of September, in Rockville Twp., Clinton Co., Ind., Peter Krebiehl, aged 86 years, 3 months, and 25 days. He was a disciple of Christ in the old Amish Mennonite church, and was buried on the 17th, followed by many friends. He leaves 3 children, 12 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren to mourn their loss. Services by John C. Schlabach and Daniel D. Yoder from John 5 and 1 Cor. 15.

CLEMENS.-On the 19th of August, at the residence of E.W. Clark, Caledonia, Kent county, Mich., of Typhoid malaria, Amos Clemens, aged 68 years, 6 months and 5 days. He was born in Bucks county, Pa., Feb. 13th 1819. When six years of age, his parents moved to Waterloo county, Ont., where he was married to Mary Wismer, March 31st 1841. Unto them seven children were born, five of whom survive. His wife died eleven years ago. In the year 1863 he removed to Gaines township, residing there and in Caledonia township twenty-four years, and was loved and respected by all who knew him. He was kind and generous, with great love for kindred and friends. He was one, whom to know, was to love. He looked forward to death with a calmness born only of a faith in a happy hereafter. He was buried on the 21st at the Gaines U.B. church. Services by J.H. Mourer.

TYSON.-On the 15th of September, in Gaines Twp., Kent county, Mich., of infirmities of old age, Sister Nancy Clemmer, wife of Isaac W. Tyson, aged 70 years, 1 month and 15 days. She was a follower of Christ in the Mennonite church and was buried in the Gaines U.B. graveyard, followed thither by many friends and neighbors. Services by Emanuel Beery and Christian Wenger. She leaves an aged husband to mourn her departure.

YORDEY.-On the 23rd of August, near Milford, Seward county, Neb., son of John and Mattie Yordey, aged 8 years, 11 months and 18 days. He was buried in Miller's graveyard. Services by Joseph Shlegel and Joseph Gascho from mark 10:13-15.

STEHLEY.-On the 24th of August, near Milford, Seward county, Neb., son of John and --- Stehley, aged 2 years, 3 months and 4 days. Buried in Miller's graveyard. Services by Joseph Shlegel and Joseph Gascho from Thess. 4:15-18.

ZIMMER.-On the 8th of September, near Milford, Seward county, Neb., of consumption, daughter of Jacob and --- Zimmer, aged 21 years, 11 months and 25 days. Buried in Miller's graveyard. Services by Andrew Esh of Bureau county, Ill., and Joseph Shlegel from 1 Cor. 15:1-7.

NAFZIGER.-On the 10th of September, in Fulton county, Ohio, of diarrhoea, Aaron, youngest son of Jacob and Barbara Nafziger, aged 2 years, 2 months and 10 days. Buried on the 12th. Services by C.S. Stuckey and J. Wyse from Mark 10:13-15.

FIGGI.-On the 14th of September, near Spring Hill, Fulton county, Ohio, of spasms, Anna, daughter of John and Leah Figgi, aged 7 months and 27 days. Buried on the 16th. Services by N. King and J. Wyse from Matt. 18:1-5.

RUPP.-On the 26th of August, in Fulton county, Ohio, of croup and brain fever, Florence, daughter of Christian and Barbara Rupp, aged 1 year and 1 day. Buried on the 31st. Services by C.S. Stuckey, C. Freienberger and J. Wyse.

STUCKEY.-On the 1st of September, in Fulton county ,Ohio, in the house of her grandfather, Peter Schad, of brain fever, daughter of Peter Stuckey, aged 3 months and 22 days. She was buried on the 3rd in Lockport by the side of her mother. Services by J. Wyse, C. Freienberger and C.S. Stuckey.

HOFFMAN.-On the 6th of September, in Paint Twp., Somerset county, Pa., Jacob Hoffman, aged 58 years, 11 months and 21 days. Buried on the 8th.

LEFEVER.-On the 6th of August, in Paradise township, of cholera infantum, Ennie Frances, daughter of Isaac and Margaret Lefever, aged 7 months and 9 days. Services at the house by Bishop Isaac Eby and Pre. Abram Brubaker, from Acts 2:39.
"Little children gatherest Thou,
Faithful Shepherd, to they rest;
Free from sorrow, free from woe,
They with Thee are ever blest."

GOOD.-On the 18th of August, at Shannon, Carroll county, Ill., Brother Elias Good, aged 48 years, 1 month and 28 days. He leaves a widow, ten children, and three grandchildren to mourn his departure. Services by Christian Snavely, Joseph Lanon, and Joseph Shirk.
"Two more hands are gently folded
On a faithful husband's breast,
Two more feet have ceased to wander
Through life's wilderness."

GEIB.-On the 6th of September, in Gaines Twp, Kent county, Mich., Nicholas Geib, aged 65 years, 9 months and 11 days. He was buried on the 8th. Services by H.T. Barnaby from Job 14:14. He was born in Bavaria, Germany, and came to Canada in his youth, where he was married to Elizabeth Shafer. Afterwards he moved to Michigan. Deceased leaves two children, a number of grandchildren and many friends, by all of whom he will be sadly missed.

Transcribed by Jan Wilbur, Utah


HERALD OF TRUTH , Vol. XXIV, Number 20, October 15, 1887 - pp 318,319

of Elizabeth, wife of John Metz, of Norritonville, Montgomery Co., Pa., died Sept. 22, 1887,aged 81 years, 8 mos. and 17 days.

One by one God removes His people from among us. The Angel of death is busy going his rounds, taking one here and another there; sometimes a father, sometimes a mother and sometimes a tiny bud which was the idol of the home. In this case he has taken a mother, and a mother whose responsibilities and duties during her life were many, and whose place can never be filled. Over thirty years she watched over a sickly daughter who in all that time was confined to the bed. Think of that mother's care during that length of time. Think of the many sleepless, lonely hours. When all around her was hushed in silent slumber, she could be seen bending over that sick daughter's bed ministering to her wants and thus discharging her many duties from time to time.
As we attended the funeral and saw the weeping remaining ones of the family (though few in number), saw the old Homestead, and many other things to remind us of by-gone days, it seemed a thousand recollections would crowd in at once. I thought of our childhood days, when we lived side by side as neighbors, though some years had intervened since we saw each other, and now for the first time to look upon her as a helpless, motherless, weakly mortal, my heart was filled to overflowing. As I gazed upon the pale thin face and weeping eyes, occasioned by the loss of one whose counsel was so much needed, I thought of the wonderful love I so often saw that mother exhibit as from day to day she cared for her sick one.
The many years I knew this mother I never heard her murmur or complain of her burden being heavy. Thus from time to time the great truth was manifested in her: "As thy days, so shall thy strength be," for she was sick very little in her time, always able to discharge her duties, until within a few years of her death, when she became rather feeble. And now, as her life in this world is ended and her work is done, and she is laid away, we trust to a sweet rest, I deeply sympathize with an only sister and aged father in this, their loss of one whom they so much loved. I would commend them to God who is our only Helper in time of trouble, and as the mother and two sons are over on the other shore the father and two daughters on this side, we hope they may all on the resurrection morn rise up to be a united family.

---- L.C.H., Germantown, Pa.

Henry B. Brenneman was born in Fairfield county, Ohio August 12th, 1831, and died in Elkhart, Ind., September 28th, 1887, aged 56 years, 1 month, and 16 days. Funeral services were held in the Mennonite Church in Elkhart by Samuel Yoder and John Coffman, and at Shaum's church, where the burial took place, by David Burkholder and Eli Stofer.
Brother Brenneman was married to Matilda Blosser in 1850, who survives him, and is left alone in the world, yet surrounded with friends, and the comfort of the blessed promise of the Father in heaven who has said that he will be the widow's God. He served in the office of deacon for twenty - three years. Many were his experiences and labors while serving the church in this capacity, and he will be much missed in the church and the conference where he labored. For a number of years Bro. B. wrote for the "Children's Column" in the HERALD OF TRUTH, where he was known as "Brother Henry." Through his writings in the "Herald, 'Words of Cheer, Gems of Truth" a valuable little book written by him, and his correspondence in private letters he endeared himself to many children and young persons, many of whom, though they never had the pleasure of seeing him personally, will feel on reading this notice that one of their best friends has been called from earth. He was a great friend to the children, and so great was his interest in them, and his familiarity with them that almost every boy and girl he met on the street or in the country expected a kind word from him. He labored earnestly in the Sunday School, and regularly taught a class of boys till within a few weeks of his death. Their teacher is gone, but may his instructions in which he so often pointed them to Jesus live in their hearts, and obeying them may then so live that they may meet their teacher in heaven where he so often longed to be. He frequently gave earnest and instructive admonitions in the church services. As we review his life, and think of the tender affection with which he seemed to regard every one, we with sad hearts, yet resigned will say, "Father, they will be done." About 4 or 5 years ago Bro. Henry composed a beautiful hymn and set it to music. While this was being sung in his funeral service almost every one present was affected to tears. May we not hope that he has gone to that "Home of the Blest," and now realizes the closing words of his hymn which well* likely long live in many hearts that shall sing of the "Beautiful Land.

"When we get to that Home of the Blest,
From all pain to be free,
And with Jesus for ever to rest,
Oh, how sweet it will be!
Oh, that beautiful, beautiful land,
Is for you and for me!
There to be with the glorified band,
Oh, how sweet it will be!

With the blessed hope that we shall be so happy as to meet him in the "Beautiful Land" we say, "Farewell! Brother Henry; sweet be thy rest." We close this notice with the lines of J.B. Brathwaite in memory of the late Thomas Harvey.

"Thy evening service o'er, a sacrifice
Accepted of thy Lord, we fondly hoped
For years of usefulness with strength renewed,
But He who called, saw meet to crown thy life
And bid thee "Welcome Home" - Oh, blest exchange!
For in that rest all tears are wiped away.
And naught remains but endless peace and joy.
Rest on, loved brother, drinking of the streams
Fresh from the throne of God and of the Lamb
That satisfy all thirst. Let it be ours
Still held amongst earth's mists, in joyful faith
To wait not idly, but fulfill with love
The daily task, as servants of the King,
In whom alone the church on earth is one
In hallowed communion with the Church above,
To watch, to work, to worship and to praise.

YODER. - On the 9th of August, in Reno county Kan., Levi, son of David and Catharine Yoder, aged 3 years, 1 month and 13 days. He was buried on the 10th. Services by Noah Schrock and Jonas Beiler.

NISSLEY. - On the 13th of August, in Reno county, Kan., sister Anna, wife of David Nissley, aged 25 years, 1 month and 14 days. She was buried on the 14th. Services by Jonas Borntreger and Christian Miller. She leaves her husband and one child. We have good evidence that she is at rest.

WANNER. - On the 13th of Sept., in Lancaster county, Pa., of the infirmities of old age, Pre. Tobias Wanner, aged 83 years, 8 months and 9 days. He served in the ministry nearly 47 years, and as deacon about three years previously. He was a faithful minister and manifested a good hope in God, having a desire to depart and be with Christ, which is far better. He was buried at the Weaverland burying - ground on the 16th. Services by Isaac Eby, Amos Shenk J.N. Brubaker and J.F. Funk. The funeral was largly attended.

SEITS - On the 30th of September, near Wakarusa, Ind., of paralysis, Lisetta, wife of Samuel Seits, aged 62 years, 2 months and 22 days. Funeral services at the Shaum Church. Another faithful mother is gone before; may her life and words long live in the hearts of her dear children to point them to the blessed home where we hope that she has gone.

KEIM. - On the 12th of September, near Salisbury, Somerset county, Pa., of old age, John Keim Sr, aged 95 years, 8 months and 6 days. He was buried in the family grave yard on the 14th when the funeral services were held by H.H. Blough from Rev. 14:13 in German, followed by _____ Merrill in English. Brother Keim was a faithful member in the Mennonite Church for about 70 years. His companion died about 4 years ago at the advanced age of 94 years. They lived in wedlock 70 years and 4 months. Their posterity numbers 11 children, one of which died in infancy, seven still living; 93 grand children; 158 great - grand children, and 16 great - great - grand children making 278 in all. Brother Keim was widely known and much liked by all who knew him; his life was a worthy example of honest dealing and christian principle. His desire has been for years to leave this world for the rest beyond which he had a blessed hope to enter.

HANDWARK. - On the 19th of September in Elklick township, Somerset county, Pa., Adam Handwark, in the 69th year of his age. Funeral services were held by Preacher Evens. He was a member of the German Reformed Church. Peace to his ashes.

SHANK. - On the 27th of September, in Finney county, Kansas, of typhoid fever, Noah, son of Preacher Michael Shank, aged 15 years, 7 months and 22 days. Funeral services were held by Joseph Stoner and Daniel Prough. Text, Job 14:14.

METZLER - September 25th, on Sporting Hill Lancaster, county, Pa., of Consumption, Bro. Abraham S. Metzler, aged 33 years, 10 months and 8 days. Funeral on the 29th. Text, Rom. 6:23. Buried at Erisman's Meeting House. A sorrowing family and large congregation followed his remains to the silent grave. Bro. Metzler was a faithful member of the old Mennonite church. May the good Lord comfort his bereft family.

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TROYER - On the 24th of September, near Kokomo, Howard county, Ind., of affection of the lungs, Mary Matilda, daughter of B.J. and E Troyer, aged 2 years, 4 months and 9 days. Funeral services were held by D.C. Miller and E.A. Mast from 1 Peter 1:23 - 25.

SCHROCK. - At his home in Trenton, Butler county , Ohio, father Peter Schrock of a paralytic stroke brought on by old age, aged 85 years, 2 months and 20 days. He was faithful member of the Amish Mennonite Church, whose biblical teachings were his delight and guide until the close of a life which had reached beyond the scriptural limit. He leaves a wife, one son, eighteen grandchildren and one great - grandchild. His former wife, two sons and five daughters preceded him. The funeral services were held at the Mennonite Church by Pre. Werri, J. Yoder and P. Kinsinger.

ALLEBACH - On the 4th of Sept., in Kulpsville, Montgomery county, Pa., of affection of the Stomach, Christian Allebach, aged 81 years, 5 months and 10 days. Buried at the old Skippack Mennonite Church on the 7th.

BEAN. - On the 2d of September, in Skippack twp., Montgomery county, Pa., of kidney disease, Catharine, wife of Henry F. Bean, aged 39 years, 10 months and 7 days. Buried on the 8th at the old Skippack Mennonite burying - ground.

HALTEMAN. - On the 16th of September in Chester county, Pa,. of cancer, of which he suffered very severely for some time, Benjamin Halteman, aged 46 years and 11 months. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church, and seemed to have an abiding hope in Christ. He was buried at Coventry burying ground on the 20th. He had selected for his funeral text, Phillippians 1:21 - 23. He desired that at his funeral no display should be made, but that he should have a plain burial; a request which is worthy of imitation in this day of vanity. May God comfort the bereaved family and sanctify this affliction to their salvation.

BEIDLER. - In Springfield near Shelly Station, Bucks county, Pa., Tuesday September 13th, of dropsy, of which he suffered about a month, William, son of Enos Beidler, aged 24 years. He was buried at the old Mennonite Meeting - house on Saturday the 17th. Services by J. Rickert and J. Mensch. This is the third time that death entered the family of Bro. Beidler during three months, and we trust, a kind heavenly Father will comfort the hearts of the so sadly bereaved household and give them grace to bear this affliction with humble submission to his will.

WITMER. - In Spring Garden township, York county, Pa., on Saturday morning, September 9th, Anna, wife of Preacher Daniel Witmer, aged 74 years, 4 months and 1 day. The funeral took place on Monday, September 12th, at Witmer Meeting - house - Stony Brook. Services by Bishops Myers and Eby and Pre. M. Wisler. Text, Hebrews 9:28. She leaves an aged husband and an only daughter. The Funeral was largely attended by relatives, friends and neighbors.

GISEL. - On the 27th of September, in Cambria county, Pa., William Gisel, aged 6 years and 19 days. Funeral services were held by Jonas Blauch and Hiram Musselman. Text I Peter 1:24.

LIVINGSTONE. - On the _____ of September in Somerset county, Pa., Margaret, widow of David Livingstone, aged 87 years. Seven children, 59 grandchildren and 83 great - grandchildren is the number of her family. Funeral services by Jonas Blauch from Psa. 90:12.

KEMPF. - On the 28th of September, near Plevna, Ind.,of nearly a year's suffering, Barbara, daughter of Henry and Catharine Kempf, aged 19 years, 3 months and 24 days. For some time before her death she was blind. Her remains were buried in the Zion graveyard on the 30th, where the funeral service was held by Andrew J. Troyer from 2 Cor. 5:17 - 21.

MEYER. - On the 17th of September at Bedminster, Bucks county, Pa., Anna Kratz, widow of Joseph Meyer, aged 53 years, 6 months and 2 days. Buried on the 21st at Deep Run, where many persons were present to attend the funeral service.
Our mother dear is now at rest,
Has gone to be forever blest
With those who have their robes made white
And shine in heaven's refulgent light.

GROSS. - On the 15th of September, in Plumstead, Bucks county, Pa., Anna, daughter of Samuel and Salome Gross, aged 1 year and 24 days. Buried at Deep Run. Funeral services by I. Meyer and J. Clymer.

SHADINGER. - On the 3d of September in Plumstead, Bucks county, Pa., Mary, wife of Henry Shadinger, aged 74 years, 7 months and 9 days. Buried at Deep Run on the 6th.

HAUSER. - October 1st, near Junction Lancaster county. Pa., Benjamin B. Hauser, aged 7 weeks. Funeral on the 3d. Text, Psalm 16:6. Buried at Kauffman's Meeting - house.

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