Herald of Truth Obituaries - March, 1903

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HERALD OF TRUTH, Vol. XL, No. 10, March 5, 1903 - pg 79


Bish. Christian Shaum was born in Northampton Co., Pa., Aug. 30, 1828, died at Wakarusa, Ind., Feb. 16, 1903, aged 74 Y., 5 M., 16 D. On the 20th of April 1854 he was married to Susanna Weldy. To this union were born six children, three of whom are still living. He was ordained to the ministry May 23, 1881, and to the office of bishop May 21, 1882. He was a member of that branch of the Mennonite church locally known as the "Wisler Mennonites," but he was a man of large charity and a faithful minister of the gospel and wielded a strong influence for good in a wide circle. He was highly respected by all, and his departure is mourned by many, yet we mourn not as those who have no hope. His end was peace. His remains were laid to rest on the 19th at the Shaum (Olive) M.H., followed by a large concourse of bereaved friends, who felt the death of their beloved bishop as a personal loss. May his earnest words, his good example long continue to wield an influence for good.

HERSHBERGER.-On the 15th of Feb. 1903, near Shipshewana, Ind., infant son of Bro. Joseph and Sister Mary Hershberger, aged 25 D. Funeral services on the 17th at the Shore M.H. by O.S. Hostetter and Y.C. Miller from Psa. 39:5.

TROYER.-On the 30th of January 1903, near Shipshewana, Ind., infant son of Bro. Jerry and Sister Eve Troyer, aged 30 D. Funeral services on the 2d of Feb. at the Shore M.H. by A.S. Cripe and Y.C. Miller from Psa. 16:6. May God comfort the bereaved parents.

MAST.-Lydia, wife of Fred Mast, of near Berlin, Holmes Co., Ohio, died of heart trouble at her home, Feb. 16, 1903, aged 48 Y., 4 M. She was the mother of seven sons and five daughters. A bereaved husband, four sons and four daughters survive. She was a faithful member of the Amish Mennonite congregation at Martins Creek, at which place the funeral was conducted. Her remains were laid to rest in the cemetary adjoining.

ANGLEMYER.-Nov. 13, 1902, near Nappanee, Ind., Bernice, daughter of Oliver and Gertrude Anglemyer, aged 1 Y., 3 M., 7 D. Her stay on earth was brief and mingled with much suffering, yet for one so young and tender all was borne with patience. She came forth a bud to be plucked; in heaven she will bloom a flower, never to fade. Funeral services at Union Brick M.H. by J.H. McGowen from 1 Cor. 13:12.

GARBER.-Fannie May Garber, youngest child of Pre. David and Ellen Garber, died Feb. 10, 1903, aged 1 Y., 1 M., 10 D. She was taken with the whooping cough, then a complication of diseases set in and soon ended the earthly career of the beloved little darling. Funeral services were held the next day at 2 p.m., conducted by David Hilty and S.A. Kurtz from John 11:5. D.H.

MAUST.-Feb. 19, 1903, of inflammation of the stomach resulting in a paralytic stroke, Sister Anna Lucinda Maust, aged 26 Y., 10 M., 24 D. She bore her afflictions patiently, and when she saw the end was near she told her husband not to mourn for her, as she was happy. She leaves her husband, with whom she lived in matrimony a little over one year, a father, mother, two brothers and five sisters, with a number of friends to mourn her departure. We trust their loss is her gain. Funeral services at the house Feb. 21 from John 14:1, at the Lutheran church Feb. 22 from Psa. 116:15 by D.H. Bender, assisted by Pre. Tressler at the church.

KLOPFENSTEIN.-Mary, wife of Christian Klopfenstein of near Wayland, Henry Co., Iowa, departed this life Feb. 11, 1903, aged 62 Y., 9 M., 25 D. She had been failing for the last three months from a complication of diseases, and though she suffered very much she was patient and fully resigned to the will of God. She leaves a bereaved husband, two sons, two daughters, and four grandchildren to mourn the loss of one who was very dear to them. She was a member of the Amish Mennonite church from her youth. Buried in the Sugar Creek graveyard Feb. 14. Services by Daniel Graber from Psa. 39:5,6, and Bish. S. Gerig from 2 Cor. 5:3,4, in German, and C.R. Gerig from Rev. 14:13, in English.

LIVENGOOD.-Elizabeth Weaver was born in Mercer Co., Pa., April 12, 1852, came to Elkhart, Co., Ind., with her parents in 1852, and united in matrimony with Phinehas Livengood Feb. 11, 1872. To this union were born two sons and two daughters. Husband and two daughters preceded her to the spirit world. She died in Wakarusa, Ind. of dropsy, Feb. 1, 1903, aged 50 Y., 9 M., 19 D. Two sons, six brothers and three sisters mourn her departure. She was a sister in the Mennonite church. Funeral services were held in Wakarusa at the German Baptist M.H. by J.H. McGowen from Mark 14:8: "She hath done what she could"; also at Olive M.H. (where she was buried), by Noah Blosser from Gen. 9:14.

HEATWOLE.-On Feb. 16, 1903, near Verona, Augusta Co., Va., of heart trouble, Bro. David S. Heatwole, aged 65 Y., 8 M., 15 D. Funeral on the 18th, at which time the remains were brought a distance of more than 20 miles to the Bank M.H. in Rockingham county, where the funeral services were conducted and the body interred in the family burial lot at that place. The discourse on the occasion was preached by Bish. A.P. Heatwole of the Upper District, from Rom. 8:18. Bro. Heatwole was a faithful member of the Mennonite church and from early life has been known as an earnest helper and leader in the singing at the time of public worship. He is also remembered as a prominent figure in the song services with the young people of his time, and the famous old hymn, "Ariel," "Oh, could I speak the matchless worth,", etc., was one of his special favorites; and in the singing of this grand old symphony he has been known to be greatly moved and his soul stirred to its profoundest depths. His widow, who in maidenhood was Fannie Cline, and three children, survive him. Peace to his memory.

THOMAS.-On the 19th of Feb. 1903, near Davidsville, Somerset Co.,Pa., of diphtheria, Wm. H., aged 17 Y., 9 M., 22 D., and on the 20th, of the same disease and in the same family, Franklin Loy, aged 12 Y., 1 M., 3 D., both sons of Bro. Josiah and Sister Mary Thomas. They were buried on the 21st at the Stahl Mennonite M.H. Funeral services were conducted by S.G. Shetler, Jonas Blauch and L.A. Blough. It was indeed a sad scene to carry those two young brothers out of the same home and lay them side by side in the graveyard. It was a sad trial for the family, but they could take comfort because of the consolation those young brethren left behind. They were both baptized on the 15th and died fully resigned to the will of God. Willie said to his mother, "Mother, I thank you that you kept on praying for me till I found Jesus, so that I can die happy." A consolation to praying fathers and mothers. Keep on praying for your unconverted children. This sad incident was also a loud call to the unconverted. Truly in the midst of life we are in death. While God permitted those two young brethren to accept Christ on a sickbed, you, my reader, may not have that privilege, but you may be called away in the twinkling of an eye, so that you could not prepare for death and give the consolation to your friends that they will meet you in heaven.

Transcribed by Jan Wilbur, Utah


HERALD OF TRUTH, Vol. XL, No. 11, March 12, 1903 - pg 87

Pre. Joseph Nahrgang was born July 26, 1834, on the old homestead adjoining the village of New Hamburg, Waterloo Co., Ont. He was a son of the late Christopher Nahrgang, who came from Switzerland to Canada in 1825. Dec. 22, 1857, deceased was married to mary Shantz, daughter of the late John C. Shantz. He was ordained to the ministry for the Blenheim district June 16, 1876, and had charge of this congregation up to the time of his death, which took place on Monday, Feb. 16, 1903. On Sunday morning, Feb. 15, he, with his wife, went tot he Geiger M.H., a distance of four miles. After services he took dinner with his nephew, Oliver Nahrgang, returning home in the afternoon. After tea he, accompanied by his granddaughter, went to he Bean M.H., where he preached a sermon from John 3:16, and started for home after the service in his usual good health. When a short distance from home he was stricken with paralysis. He was quickly taken home, where he lingered in an unconscious condition until the following morning at about four o'clock, when he passed peacefully away. The funeral took place on Thursday, Feb. 19, from his home to the Geiger M.H. for service and burial. Preaching in German by Noah Stauffer from Luke 2:29, and in English by E.S. Hallman from Rev. 14:13. He leaves his wife, five sons and two daughters, two daughters having preceded him in death. Owing to the severe cold weather many of his members at Blenheim could not come to the funeral, so they asked Bro. Stauffer to preach a memorial sermon at the Blenheim M.H. on Sunday, Feb. 22. Text, 2 Tim. 4:7,8.

Note.-The report sent to the Herald and published in a previous issue that Bro. Nahrgang had met with an accident on his way home, we are informed is incorrect.-Ed.

TROYER.-In November 1902, Valentine Troyer, son of Bish. Jones Troyer, deceased, aged 69 years. He leaves a son and a daughter, four brothers and two sisters.

DETWELLER.-On the 25th of February, 1903, at Towamencin, Montgomery Co., Pa., of paralysis, Bro. Jacob R. Detweller, aged 80 Y., 11 M., 13 D. He leaves two sons and one daughter. His wife died in September 1902. Funeral services on the 1st of March in the Towamencin M.H. Interment in the graveyard adjoining.

JONES.-Murray Lloyd, son of Evelyn and Matilda Jones, died in South Cayuga, Ont., Feb. 23, 1903, aged 1 Y., 5 M., 9 D. Buried on the 25th in the Lake Shore cemetery near Selkirk, Ont. The funeral service was conducted by Moses Hoover, assisted by L.J. Burkholder. Texts, Matt. 18:10; Rev. 21:4. This is another link that binds parents and friends to heaven.

BIXLER.-On the 30th of December 1902, near Dalton, Ohio, of kidney trouble, Bro. Daniel Bixler, aged 64 Y., 4 M., 19 D. He was married May 14, 1869, to Sister Catharine Hofstetter. He leaves his companion, 11 children, 31 grandchildren, two brothers and two sisters. Buried on the 2d of Jan. 1903 at the Old Mennonite M.H., of which Cong. he was a faithful member over 46 years. Funeral services by Jacob Nussbaum, C.N. Amstutz and Jacob Moser. F.T.

HUNSICKER.-On Feb. 24, 1903, near Pinola, Franklin Co., Pa., of pneumonia, Bro. Abraham Hunsicker, aged 67 Y., 4 M., 25 D. During the six months of his illness his suffering was borne with Christian fortitude. Bro. Abraham was a son of Bish. John Hunsicker of near Chambersburg, who died about five years ago, and is the first to die in a family of six sons and six daughters. His wife, Elizabeth Kaufman, preceded him to the spirit world about fifteen years ago. He is survived by three sons and one daughter. The funeral took place on Friday, the 27th. Interment in the Strasburg burying ground. Services were conducted by Philip Parret and Henry Bricker from Phil. 1:21. "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain."

SHERK.-Magdalena Sherk died at the home of her son, Henry Emerick, at Bridgeburg, Ont., Feb. 28, 1903, at the age of 77 Y., 1 M., 24 D. Her maiden name was Miller. She was married to John Emerick Dec. 29, 1846, who died in 1869. Two daughters and one son survive. On Feb. 9, 1875, she married Peter Sherk, who died in 1889. Four step-children of Sister Sherk yet remain. She lived on the Peter Sherk farm until two and a half years ago. She has been a faithful and devoted Christian and was a member of the church for many years. She has departed this life leaving a blessed hope to the surviving friends. Two of her three remaining sisters attended the funeral services, which were held at the home on March 1 and at the Mennonite M.H. in Berlin March 3, where the interment took place. Funeral services conducted by S.F. Coffman. Texts, Num. 23:10 and 2 Thess. 1:11,12.

HAUN.-Feb. 23, 1903, at her home near Cullom, Ill., of paralysis and a complication of diseases, Sister Mary Haun, aged 67 Y., 9 D. Her sickness lasted for 27 months, the last of which she suffered greatly; but having learned to trust in God as a helper in time of need, she was able to bear up patiently through all her sufferings. Death was a welcome messenger to her as she looked forward to the time when she could fall asleep in Jesus. She was born in Rhenish Bavaria, Germany, Feb. 14, 1836. She leaves her husband, four daughters, one son, eighteen grandchildren, one brother and two sisters to mourn her death. "Not dead, but sleeping." Upward of forty years ago she united with the Mennonite church, of which she has been a faithful member. In practical life she endeavored to conform to the teaching of the Master. The funeral was largely attended and was conducted by P. Unzicker and the writer from Heb. 4:9. May it be the happy lot of all who read to meet her at the Savior's right hand. L.J.L.

SHELLY.-On the morning of Jan. 23, 1903, Elmer B. Shelly, aged 25 Y., 2 M., 13 D., died at his residence near Shiremanstown, Cumberland Co., Pa. Brief funeral services were held at the residence on Sunday afternoon. The following morning the remains were taken to the Delaware M.H., Juniata Co., Pa., where funeral services were conducted by Samuel Hess and Samuel Leiter. Text, Psa. 39:4. The deceased is survived by his wife and daughter, who mourn the early loss of a husband and father. The death was the result of an illness which was of but a few days' duration. There were no alarming symptoms until the evening before his death, when brain-fever set in. He was born in Juniata Co., Pa., where he spent most of his early life. About two years ago he was married and moved to the place where he died. He has for several years been a faithful member of the Mennonite church. His soul has gone to God who gave it, leaving behind many friends who miss his presence and sympathize with the bereft widow and daughter. May God's richest blessing ease their bereavement.

KRATZ.-On the 23d of Feb. 1903, in Bucks Co., Pa., of the infirmities of old age, Bro. Jacob Kratz, aged 88 Y., 8 M., 20 D. He was born on the 3d of June 1814, in the same neighborhood where he lived all his life and where he died. During his earlier years he taught school during the winter, while his summers were spent on the farm. He was a model Christian and a faithful exponent and defender of the principles of our Mennonite common faith and doctrine. He was a devoted Christian, kind, charitable and honest in all his dealings, and was always ready to give full value for everything he bought. During his last years his conversation was about spiritual things. In the blessed hope of the life to come his lamp of life went out on earth to shine anew in the realms of glory. Three children - Salome, wife of John F. Funk of Elkhart, Ind., H.M., residing on the old homestead, and Annie, wife of Joseph D. Bishop - three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren survive him. he was buried on the 27th at Blooming Glen, the place where during the whole period of his life he attended the services of God's house. Services were conducted by Bish. H.D. Rosenberger, Pre. Henry Angelmoyer, Pre. Peter Loux and Pre. VanTour, from Job 42:17.

Transcribed by Jan Wilbur, Utah


HERALD OF TRUTH, Vol. XL, No. 12, March 19, 1903 - pg 95

GODSCHALL.-Sister Rebecca Godschall was born April 3, 1835, died Feb. 3, 1903, aged 68 Y., 10 M. She leaves an aged mother (88 years old), three sisters, five brothers, two sons and two daughters to mourn her departure. Services by John Hygema from Rev. 22:14. Buried in the Olive graveyard. May the Lord comfort the bereaved and may they all make their calling and election sure.

MILLER.-Roscoe DeVon Metzler was born Feb. 1, 1903, died Feb. 12, 1903, aged 11 days. The little one leaves parents and sister to mourn his early departure. May the parents find comfort in the Master. Services at the house from Mark 10:14 and at the meeting house from James 4:14 by John Hygema. Buried in the Olive graveyard.

Transcriber's note: Heading MILLER, but name METZLER in text.

ZIEGLER.-On the 7th of March 1903, near Freysville, Pa., Sister Susan Ziegler, of heart failure, aged 63 Y., 5 M., 22 D. She died very suddenly, having retired at 8 o'clock, and at 9 she was a corpse. She died without a struggle, she simply fell asleep in Jesus. Twenty-nine years ago her husband died by drowning. She had a family of six sons and two daughters to rear, all of whom except one son survive. Peace to her ashes. Buried on the 10th at Freysville. Funeral services by Bish. J.N. Brubacher, assisted by Pre. Theo. B. Forry. Text, Phil. 1:21.

LEHMAN.-Feb. 26, 1903, at Atha, Ont., Bro. Henry Lehman, aged 27 Y., 6 M., 27 D. He leaves a sorrowing wife, parents, six sisters and three brothers to mourn their loss, but they need not mourn as those who have no hope, for he left a bright evidence of having gone to his heavenly home, and his desire was to depart and be with Christ. Funeral services were conducted at the Wideman M.H. on Saturday, the 28th, by John G. Hoover from John 14:1-3, the text chosen by the departed brother.

Transcribed by Jan Wilbur, Utah


HERALD OF TRUTH, Vol. XL, No. 13, March 26, 1903 - pp 103,104

Pre. William S. Gross
, of the Deep Run Mennonite Congregation in Bucks Co., Pa., died on Friday, March 6, 1903, aged 36 Y., 8 M. Some six weeks before his death his foot had been bruised by a horse stepping on it. Later he suffered, as the doctors said, with pleuro-pneumonia, which terminated in tetanus (lockjaw), from which he suffered intensely, but retained his consciousness to the last. During the last five years the family has had one affliction after another. Their little son, Elmer, was afflicted with hip disease, and after many months of anxious care and watching, both at the hospital in Philadelphia and at home, the Lord blessed the efforts made and the boy began to improve. A little later on the father was chosen to the ministry, in which capacity he served a little more than a year. The ministerial work seemed, to the dear companion, a very hard trial, but submitting herself to the will of a kind heavenly Father, the brother took up the work to which he was called. Recently they moved to a new home on a farm, but before they were really settled there the dear brother was stricken with sickness and died. His parting words were, "I have a Savior; He is pleading in glory." "Good-bye, little boys." He was buried at the Deep Run meeting house, on the 10th. Services were conducted at the house by Peter Loux and Abram Hiestand and at the meeting house by Pre. John Leatherman and H.B. Rosenberger in German and John F. Funk, of Elkhart, Indiana, in English. Besides a deeply afflicted companion and two sons of eight and three years, respectively, he leaves an aged grandfather, whose place he was to fill in the ministry, a bereaved father, friends and relatives, and a sorrowing congregation, who had learned to love and esteem him for his work's sake, and to appreciate his labors, which was manifest from the large number of people present. May God comfort and bless all who are called to mourn over this sad dispensation of His providence.

KULP.-Bro. Henry Kulp of Blooming Glen, Bucks Co., Pa., died of cancer of the mouth, aged 89 Y., 3 M., 3 D. Five children survive him. Interment was made Feb. 2 at the Blooming Glen M.H. Services were conducted at the house by Pre. H.G. Anglemoyer and at he M.H. by Bish. Henry B. Rosenberger.

KRIDER.-On March 8, 1903, in Soudersburg, Lancaster Co., Pa., of catarrhal fever, Walter G., son of Benj. M. and Susie E. Krider, aged 1 Y., 1 M., 16 D. The little one was ill about ten days. The funeral was held on March 11, at the Paradise Mennonite M.H. by Isaac Eby and Christian Brackbill of Kinzer. Interment in Paradise cemetery.

JONES.-On the 23d of Feb. 1903, in Haldimand Co., Ont., of convulsions, Murray Lloyd, only son of Evelyn and Matilda Jones, aged 1 Y., 5 M., 9 D. He leaves father, mother and three sisters to mourn his early departure, but we have the blessed assurance that he has gone to rest. Funeral services conducted by Bro. Moses Hoover and Bro. Louis Burkholder at the Mennonite church.

HUNSBERGER.-March 13,1903, at his home in Leighton Twp., Allegan Co., Mich., of paralysis, Amos Hunsberger, aged 69 Y., 1 M., 8 D. He has been a faithful member of the Mennonite church for about 35 years; he remained true to the last, and we believe he is now at rest with the saints. He leaves a widow, three sons and one daughter. Interment in the Gaines cemetery. Funeral services were held at the First Gaines U.B. church, conducted by Bishop H.T. Barnaby, assisted by Pre. Alvin C. Barnaby of that church. Text, Phil. 1:21.

WENGER.-On the 1st of March 1903, in Farmersville, Lancaster Co., Pa., suddenly, of apoplexy, Fannie Wenger, aged 51 Y., 9 Y.*, 2 D. She ate a hearty supper and just as she was about to retire her spirit took its flight. She was a member of the Mennonite church and was the daughter of the late Martin and --- Wenger, both deceased. Her stepmother, Sister Susan Wenger, and one brother, Dr. Franklin, are the only survivors of that family. Funeral services on the 5th at Gronsdale M.H. by Joseph Wenger and John Kurtz. Peace to her ashes.
*Transcriber's note: Typed as printed.

BURKHART.-On the 21st of Feb. 1903, in Bareville, Lancaster Co., Pa., Barbara Ann, oldest daughter of Bro. Aaron and Sister Annie Burkhart, aged 6 Y., 6 M., 3 D. Twelve days before, she took sick of lagrippe and died suddenly of paralysis of the heart. Barbara was a bright little girl, beloved by her parents and friends. She leaves her bereaved parents, grandparents, great-grandmother and one brother and two sisters to mourn her departure. The parents may comfort themselves with the thought of having one awaiting them in the glory world. Funeral services were conducted on the 23d at Groffsdale M.H. by Joseph Wenger in German and Noah H. Mack in English.

KRATZ.-On the 10th of Feb. 1903, near Harleysville, Montgomery Co., Pa., of heart failure and dropsy, Abraham F. Kratz, aged 77 Y., 7 M., 12 D. He bore his sufferings with much patience. He spent much of his time in reading the word of God and praising Him in song, which is indeed a great comfort to the bereaved ones who mourn the death of a kind-hearted and beloved father. He was a reader of the Herald almost from the time it was first published. He was buried at the Lower Salford burying ground. Services were conducted at the house by the brethren, Henry Bower and Michael Moyer, and at the M.H. by Chr. Allabach and Jacob Moyer, from the text, "For we have no abiding city here, but we seek one to come." May the Lord bless and comfort the sorrowing and bereaved children and friends.

MOYER.-On the 8th of March, at the residence of her son-in-law, H.C. Beidler, in Allentown, Lehigh Co., Pa., of heart failure, brought about by an attack of pneumonia, Elizabeth Moyer, aged 65 Y. She resided with her son-in-law since last fall. Her husband died eighteen years ago. The following children survive her: A.G. Moyer, Mrs. John Stauffer of Quakertown, Daniel Moyer, Mrs. J. Bergstresser of Louderton, Mrs. Jacob Rush (minister) of Plumsteadville, and Mrs. John Fluck of Landsdale. A number of brothers, sisters, grandchildren and friends survive her. She was a member of the Plumstead Mennonite church. Her remains were brought to the house of Pre. Jacob Rush, here* former home, from which place the funeral proceeded to the Deep Run M.H., where the burial took place.
*Transcriber's note: Typed as printed.

DETWEILER.-Bro. Enos Detweiler, of near Chalfont, Bucks Co., Pa., died on Feb. 3, 1903, of a bronchial affection, aged 69 Y., 28 D. He was born Jan. 5, 1834, and on Oct. 8, 1860, was united in matrimony to Sarah Sherm. Twelve children were born to this union. The widow, four sons, two daughters and a number of grandchildren survive him. He also leaves a brother, John Detweiler of Missouri, and a sister, wife of Bro. Henry Detweiler of Sterling, Ill. The remains were laid to rest Feb. 7, at the Line Lexington M.H., where the services were conducted in the English language by Pre. Aaron Freed and Pre. John Walters on John 14:18,19, followed by remarks on Rev. 14:13, and prayer by Pre. Weidner, of the Reformed church. May he rest in peace.

SWEIGART.-On the 4th of March 1903, near Farmersville, Lancaster Co., Pa., Edna, only child of Bro. Jacob and Sister Annie Sweigart, aged 2 Y., 4 M., 13 D. About two weeks before she took sick of what they thought were the measles, but which affected her lungs and soon laid her low in death. A bright blossom which budded on earth has now gone to bloom eternally in God's garden. Why God took her home so soon we do not know, but we believe her mission here upon earth is finished and now she is sweetly resting in the arms of Jesus, awaiting the loved ones to follow. Funeral services on the 6th at Metzler's M.H. by Joseph Wenger and Bish. Benjamin Weaver from Psa. 128:3. May God comfort and richly bless the bereaved ones.

WENGER.-On March 4, 1903, near Linville Station, Rockingham Co., Va., of bronchial troubles terminating finally into pneumonia, Sister Lydia Wenger, aged 75 Y., 3 M., 24 D. Funeral services on the 6th from Lindale M.H., at which time a large concourse of sorrowing relatives and friends came to pay a last and worthy tribute to her memory. Discourse on the occasion by Lewis Shank, L.J. Heatwole and Jos. W. Geil from Heb. 11:13. Sister Wenger was a member of the Mennonite church for 55 years and though life's pathway to her was strewn with many sorrows and disappointments, yet through all, from early life down to old age, she has proved a noble example of humility, patience and an abiding faith in her Redeemer. She leaves behind an aged and greatly enfeebled husband, nine children, 75 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren to mourn her departure. L.J.H.

BARGE.-On March 2, 1903, near Strasburg, Lanc. Co., Pa., on the old homestead where he lived all his life, of bright's disease, Bro. Jacob M. Barge, aged 59 Y., 10 M., 28 D. Bro. Barge had been failing for over a year, but seldom hearing any complaint from him, there seemed no cause for alarm till a month before his death, when he was taken with convulsions. It was feared at that time that the end was very near, but he again revived and lingered thus, sometimes better and sometimes worse, till a week before he died, when his mind became like that of a child. His last days were days of great suffering. There came to him beautiful visions of the home beyond and several times he thought he was almost there. At the very last his suffering became quiet and he slept peacefully away. He was a loving father, kind husband and faithful member of the Mennonite church for nearly thirty years. He leaves a sorrowing widow, five sons, one daughter and five sisters. Three children have preceded him to the spirit world. Funeral services were held on March 4, at the Strasburg Mennonite church by Elias Groff and A.H. Brubaker, from Matt. 24:44. A.N.B.

RUPERT.-Solomon Rupert was born in Fayette Co., Ohio, Oct. 28, 1825, and died in Delphos, Ohio, March 8, 1903, aged 77 Y., 6 M., 10 D. He with his father's family moved to Mercer Co., Ohio, and in 1845 he was married to Sydney Watts. To this union were born three sons and six daughters; two of these children have preceded their father to their long home. He had 48 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. He was of a family of 21 children; five brothers and five sisters are still living. He has lived in and near Delphos for 31 years. His wife died nine years ago, and in November 1897 he was married to Mrs. Martha Knaval, who survives him. He was a member of the Mennonite church for a number of years. He was a man who would make any sacrifice in his power to help his children or neighbors, and it can truthfully be said of him that those who knew him best loved him most. He was of a quiet and kind disposition. He would rather suffer wrong than wrong or harm anyone. He seemed fully prepared to die. A few days before his death he asked his physician what he thought of his condition. When the doctor told him that it looked as though the end was near, he said, "Well, I have been here almost 78 years, and I am ready to go any time." He in his last days would ask his children to sing for him. His last words were, "I am going home." Buried on the 10th at the Pike M.H., where funeral services were conducted by D.S. Brunk and J.M. Shenk.

Transcribed by Jan Wilbur, Utah

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