Herald of Truth Obituaries - April, 1903

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Correction- In the obituary of Pre. William S. Gross, his age should have been given 36 Y, 4 M, 8 D, instead of 36 Y and 8 M.

Shaub-Bro. Jacob Shaub, of Akron, Lancaster Co. Pa. died of old age aged 87 Y, 5 M, 29 D. W.H. Benner

Metzler-On the 16th of Feb, 1903, in Lancaster Co, Pa, of pneumonia, Bro. David Metzer, aged 33 Y, 3 M, 2D Buried on the 19th at Metzler's M.H. where services were conducted by the Brethren Benj. Weaver and Noah H. Mack. May God comfort the bereaved widow and three children.

Lowe- March 15, 1903, near Bolling Springs, Cumberland Co, Pa of dropsy, Sister Fannie Lowe, aged 61 Y, 7 M, 10D. Sister Lowe a was a shining light in the community. She suffered much during her last sickness of twenty-three weeks. Dath was gaiun to her in every sense of the work. She leaves a husband and two sons to mourn their loss.

Saltzmann-Near Hopedale, Ill, March 18, 1903, Mitchell Saltzmann. He was born March 8, 1817, came to this country in 1844, was married to Elizabeth Schrock, April 10, 1848. To this union four sons and two daughters were born. His companion preceded him to the spirit world four years ago. He reached the age of 86 Y, 10 D and leaves six children, 18 grandchildren and 12 great-granchildren to mourn their loss. Funeral services at the A.M. church March 20th, by John C Birky, John Egli, and Joseph Egli. Interment in the A.M graveyard west of Hopedale.

Shirk-On the 19th, of March, 1903 at his residence in St Joseph.Co, Ind. of paralysis, Christian Shirk, aged 80 Y. 6 M 28D. He was born in Lancaster Co. Pa. on Aug 31, 1822. He was married to Frances Hoffman March 8, 1853. To this union were born seven children, all of whom survive him. His companion died June 9, 1873. He leaves besides his seven choldren, 13 grandchildren and two great-granchildren,one brother residing in Kansas and one sister in Lancaster Co. Pa. Services were conducted at the Olive M.H. on the 21st by John F Funk and Jacob Shenk from 2 Cor.5:1.

Gerber-On Feb. 16, 1903, near Harper, Harper Co. Kansas of heart failure, Bro. Abraham Gerber, aged 69 Y, 1 M, 23 D.. He started to go to a sale in the morning when the weather was below zero. His horse got fast in the snow drifts and in getting him out, he became very cold and so went to a neighbors house to get warm, where he dropped dead as soon as he enterd the house. He was born and lived in Wayne Co. Ohio, until the year 1891, when he moved to Harper Co, Kansas where he died. He united with the Swiss church in his youth, but after coming to Kansas he united with the Mennonite church. Funeral on the 18th, conducted by Tillman Erb from Jas. 4:13,14.

Garber-On March 16th, 1903 In Jackson, Co. Kansas, Barbara S, wife of Bro. S.S. Garber, aged 59 Y 10 M 25 D .She was born near Florin, Pa and was the daughter of deacon John Nissley, deceased. They moved to Kansas in 1879. Early in the year of 1894 she. with her husband, was converted and united with the Mennonite church, in which they remained faithful and consistent members. They had eight children, seven of whom and her h usband, survive. She was buried near her home on the 19th. Funeral conducted in the M.E. church, South, by Tillman Erb of Newton, Kansas, from Psalm 23, which was always a favorite passage of scripure to the sister ever since she learned to know the Lord.

Guengerich-On Feb 26, 1903, at Centrailia, Mo, Ida, wife of Lewis O Guengerich aged 21 Y, 8 M. She was married near Amish, Iowa, on Jan. 16, 1902, and moved to this place about one month later. Father, mother, two brothers, two sisters her husband and infant daughter, Gertrude May, eighteen days old, survive. She was a member of the Amish Mennonite church. Funeral services were conducted by John Zimmerman of this place and John Miller of Vandalia, Ill. Interment in the Amish cemetery. Emanuel C Beachy.

Cronk-On March 14, 1903, at 1403 South Main St. Elkhart, Ind, of dropsy and other complications, Bro. Louden Cronk, aged 57 Y, 9 M, 13 D. He was born in Columbiana, Co. Ohio, May 29, 1845. Had been in ill health for nearly three years. He is survived by a sorrowing companion, one son and three daughters. Funeral was conducted by J.S. Hartzler at the Mennonite M.H. of which Cong. Bro. Cronk was a member.

Transcribed by Connie Schweitzer, Wisconsin



Yoder-On the 21st of March 1903,at her home near Stuttgart, Arkansas, Susanna Naffziger, wife of Jacob Yoder, aged 62 Y, 10 M, 5 D. She was born in Alsace-Lorraine, Europe, May 16, 1840. She leaves her husband, four adopted children, two brothers and four sisters and many friends to mourn her departure. Funeral services on the 29th, by J Augspurger and S. Sommers in German and By D.B Raber of Holden, Mo, in English. Text John 14:1. Buried in the Amish Mennonite graveyard.

Weaver-March 23, 1903, near Bowne, Mich, of rheumatism and lagrippe, Freny, daughter of Stephen and Sallie Yoder, aged 60 Y, 10 M, 21 D. She was born May 2, 1842, in Somerset, Co. Pa. United in marriage with Josias Weaver, Feb 20, 1862, united with the Mennonite church in 1864, moved to Michigan in 1866, lived in matrimony for 41 years. She was sick a little over four weeks and passed away at an unlooked- for time. . She leaves a beloved husband, three brothers and a host of friends to mourn the loss of one that was near and dear to them. Buried on the 26th. Services at the Mennonite meeting house by Isaac Weaver and Jacob P Miller from Psalms 16:6.

Hostetler-On March 25, 1803, near Bowne, Mich. of consumption, Esalas, son of Daniel and Mattie Hostetler, aged 25 Y, 22 D, . He was born March 3, 1878. He leaves two brothers and a host of friends to mourn the loss of a dear young brother. He left a bright evidence that he was prepared for the great change. Buried on the 27th. Services at the Mennonite M.H. by Isaac Weaver and Jacob P Miller from Mar 13: 35-37.

Hoschstetler-On the 16th of March 1903, in German Twp, Holmes Co, Ohio, of heart failure and cancer, Noah H. Hoschstetler, aged 79 Y, 11 M, 26 D. He leaves eight sons, two daughters, 68 grandchildren and 36 great grandchildren, to mourn their loss. He was buried on the 19th at the Walnut Creek, M.H. where a large concourse of sorrowing relatives and friends came to pay a last and worthy tribute to his memory. Services conducted by A.M. Hershberger, S.H. Miller and M.A. Mast.

Eby-On the 27th of March 1903, at the residence of his son-in-law, Samuel Gerber, Florin Lancaster, Co. Pa. Bro Elias Eby, aged 77 Y, 1 M, 19 D. His wife, four sons, four daughters, a number of grandchildren and many other relatives and friends are mourning the loss of one whose memory they cherish. Funeral conducted on Mar 30, by the ministers Martin Rutt, Jacob N Brubacher, Henry Longenecker, Ephraim Nissley and -----Hottenstein from Psa.128. Buried at Kraybills M.H. of which congregation Bro, Eby was for many years a failthful member. Peace to his ashes.

Transcriber note: No first name indicated for minister Hottenstein.

Plank-On March 13, 1903, near Topeka, Ind. of catarrhal fever, Margueret, daughter of Jeptha and Lydia Plank, aged 1 Y, 9 M. Funeral services on the following Sunday at the Maple Grove M.H. by Jonathan Kurtz and J.S. Hartzler from Isa. 11:6 and Matt 19:14.

Stoner-On March 20, 1903, at Ephrata, Lancaster Co. Pa., very suddenly, of paralysis of the heart, Bro. Isaac Stoner, aged 64 Y, 11 M, 16 D. He leaves his wife, five daughters, four sons, one sister, two brothers and a host of relatives to mourn his departure. Besides one of his own children, one of the twelve grandchildren has gone before. May the death of the father serve to draw the bereaved ones all closer to the Savior, and especially those who have not yet accepted Him; for those whom He chastens, He loves. Bro. Stoner united with the Mennonite church in his early years and the family may comfort themselves in the hope that he is sweetly resting. Funeral services on the 24th at Metzlers M.H. by Bro John Bucher and the Bish. Abram Herr, from John 16:33. May God comfort and richly bless the sorrowing and bereaved ones. Peace to his ashes.

Transcribed by Connie Schweitzer, Wisconsin



Miller-On the 3rd of March, 1903, in La Grange co., Ind., of quick consumption, Minnie, daughter of Moses Miller, aged 24 Y 6 M, 5 D. She was a member of the A.M. church for a number of years and was fully resigned to the will of God and died happy in Christ Jesus. Buried on the 5th. Services at the Shore M.H. by D.J. Johns, assisted by A.S. Cripe and Y.C. Miller.

Stoltzfus-On March 31, 1903, at Leaola, Lancaster Co., Pa., Lydia, wife of Henry Stoltzfus aged 20 Y, 10 M, 12 D. She was married near Binkley's Bridge on Nov. 27, 1902, and moved to this place about two months ago. She leaves a bereaved husband, mother, two sisters and one brother and a host of friends to mourn her departure. She was a faithful member of the Amish church of Mill Creek. Funeral services were conducted by John Zook of Talmage and Benjamin Fisher of Ronks. Interment in the Amish burying ground at Myers.

Mast-On March 27, 1903,at the home of her son- in- law at New Carlisle, Walnut Creek, Holmes Co., Ohio, Catherine Mast (nee Rose) aged 63 Y 24 D. Her husband departed this life a little over seven years ago. She is survived by seven daughters, 25 grandchildren, four brothers and two sisters. Funeral services by S. H. Miller from Rev 21:17 and by J.H. Foster of the St. John's Reformed Church from Rev 22:5. Buried in the Walnut Creek cemetery, March 30.

Troyer-On April 1, 1903, of bone cancer of the face, Mary Ann, wife of H.J. Troyer, aged 49 Y 5M, 25 D. Two daughters, father, mother , and one brother preceded her to the heavenly home. Her husband and four daughters, survive. A large concourse of friends followed her remains to the Walnut Creek, M.H. where services were conducted by A.W. Hershberger from Rom. 6:23 and S.H. Miller from John 14:28. Buried in Walnut Creek burying ground.

Lesher-On April 5,1903, at Leetonia, Columbiana Co., Ohio, Rebecca, wife of Menno Lesher, aged 56 Y, and some days. Funeral services were held on the 8th at the Lutheran church of Leetonia by the pastor of that church, she being a member of that congregation for some years. Text, Heb.13:14. Interment in the Mennonite Midway burying ground. She was a daughter of the late Bish. Joseph Bixler. She leaves a husband, one daughter and many friends to mourn her departure. The family have the sympathy of many friends and neighbors in their sad bereavement.

Souder-April 5,1903, near Goshen, Ind., of consumption, Bro. Elmer D. Souder, aged 28 Y, 7 M., 5 D. He leaves mother, a little three year old daughter and two brother to mourn his early departure, but not as those having no hope. The last few months of his life the Bible was his constant companion. When he became so weak that he could not read any more he would still keep the Bible on the bed with him and thus he fell calmly asleep to awake on the resurrection morn. Buried on the 7th. Services at the Clinton M.H. by D.J. Johns.

King-On the 28th of March, 1903, Ola May, daughter of Jonathan C and Sallie King, Aged 16 Y 7 M, 7 D, At the age of 14 years she accepted Christ and lived a devoted Christian life unto the end. During the short time of her affliction she suffered untold agonies until she quietly fell asleep in Jesus, leaving a bright hope for those who remain. She leaves father, mother, two brothers, and one sister to mourn the loss of a loving, obedient, daughter and a kind, affectionate sister. Funeral was held at the Oak Grove M.H. on Monday, March 30, at 11a.m.. Services conducted by C.K. Yoder and J..J. Warye from 1 Cor.15:53, 54, and Mark 5:29. Interment in Hooley graveyard. L.E.T

Warye-Rebecca, beloved wife of Bishop John Warye. She was born in Mifflin Co., Pa., Feb. 5. 1826, and married to John Warye Jan. 14, 1848. To this union were born six sons and one daughter, of whom two sons in infancy preceded her to the spirit world. In the spring of 1851 they emigrated to Champaign Co., Ohio, and in the spring of 1859 , moved on the farm where they have since resided. She accepted the Savior in her youth and remained a faithful servant of her Master until the summons came for her to come up higher. She died April 2, 1903, aged 77 Y.,1 M., 27 D. She leaves an afflicted and affectionate husband, four sons, one daughter, thirteen grandchildren and five brothers to mourn her departure. The funeral took place on the 4th at Oak Grove M.H. where a large concourse of people assembled to pay the last tribute of respect. Services conducted by Jonas Yoder and Abednago Miller from 2 Tim.4:6-8.

Hodam-On the 24th of March, 1903, at Gifford, Ill., of progressive anaemia, James H Hodam, aged 61 Y., 7 M., 9 D, he having been born in Gallia Co., Ohio, Aug 15, 1841. Early in life he moved to West Virginia, and in 1867 he settled in Livingston Co., Ill. In 1868, he was married to Sarah E Harshberger. who survives him. In 1869, he settled in Champaign Co., Ill., on the farm where he lived until 1899, when he moved to Gifford. Besides his wife he leaves two sons and two daughters ( three children having preceded him) his aged father and stepmother and many friends. He was an earnest worker in the church of his choice, and a leading spirit in S.S. work, though modest and unassuming in his life. Buried on the 26th in the Maplewood cemetery, Rantoul. Services by S.M. Van Cleave.

Reesor-At St. Joseph's Island, March 29, 1903, of smallpox, Abraham J Reesor, eldest son of Samuel Reesor of Whitevale, aged 48 Y., 7 M., 23 D., A wife, four sons, an aged father, four brothers, and five sisters survive to mourn their loss.

Loucks-On the 16th of March, 1903, in Wakarusa, Elkhart, Co., Ind., Martha Anne, wife of Bro. William Loucks, aged 66 Y., 6 M., 21D. To this union were born two sons and seven daughters. One daughter, Rosa Ellen, died the 24th of August 1898. The husband, 8 children, 33 grandchildren and one great-great grandchild are left to mourn for one beloved by all. She was buried at North Union on the 19th, when services were conducted by John Hygema and Henry Weldy. A large congregation was assembled. Text, "Ready".
Henry Weldy

Kratz-On the 25th of March, 1903, at his home near Vineland, Ont., Bro. Andrew Kratz left this life of suffering and sorrow to enter into his much longed-for rest in his heavenly home. His age was 75 Y., 2D. For a number of years he has been a patient sufferer. The ills of the body and advancing age and infirmity gradually weakened him until the long struggle ended. His life and Christian admonitions will long be remembered as those of a pious, God-fearing man whose life was not of this world, but ever pointed heavenward. He faithfully followed his Master, our Lord, and we have the hope of his eternal salvation for our comfort. Funeral services on the 27th, when many friends assembled to see the body laid away in the earthy bed from whence it shall rise. Buried in the Moyer graveyard. Services by the ministers at this place. Funeral text Phil. 1:23. Having a desire to depart and be with Christ, which is far better."

Flickinger-On the 8th of April, 1903, in Elkhart Co., Ind., Anna Flickinger (widow) aged 87 Y., 2 M., 18 D. She was the mother of seven children. Her husband and four children preceded her to the world beyond. She leaves one daughter and two sons to mourn her death. Funeral services were held by George Lambert and Samuel Yoder.

Transcribed by Connie Schweitzer, Wisconsin



Lehman-On April 11, 1903, in Tuscola Co., Mich.,, near Akron, Benjamin Lehman, aged 70 Y., 10 M., 19 D. He leaves a sorrowing widow, six children, and 16 grandchildren. Funeral services were conducted by Pre. Peter Ropp, from Berne Mich., from Job 14:10, 14.

Cowan-At Berlin, Ont., Mrs Elizabeth Cowan, aged 77 years. Her maiden name was Bowers. She had been a member of the Methodist church for several years. The death messenger came to her very suddenly. Funeral services a the Berlin Mennonite church. J.W. German of the Methodist church and E.S. Hallman. Texts, Jas 4:14 and Psa 39:4.

Hershberger-On April 2nd, 1903,near Green Center, Iowa, of hemorrage of the nose and other ailments, Bro. Jacob Hershberger, aged 28 Y.,8 M., 1 D. He was married to Sister Ida Yoder about four years ago. To this union was born one son, now about three years old. The deceased was a consistent member of the Amish Mennonite church. Interment took place April 4th in the Yost Yoder family burying ground. Funeral services were conducted by W.K. Miller and Gideon Yoder at Upper Deer Creek M.H. from Rev 20:6. A very large number of relatives and friends attended the funeral, of whom about only on half could get into the M.H.

Long-On March 30.1903 at Amish, Iowa, of typhoid fever and other ailments, Peter J Long, aged 26 Y., less two days. Buried April 2., in Upper Deer Creek Cemetery. Funeral services were conducted by D.D. Kauffman and A.I. Yoder, at the M.E. church of Amish Iowa, near his home Avery large concourse of relatives and sympathetic friends attended the funeral to pay their last tribute of respect to the deceased, and sympathize with the bereaved. The deceased was well aquainted throughout the neighborhood, as he has worked as carpenter for about 4 years, and was well thought of by all. He was married last fall to Barbara Schwartzendruber.

Ehret-On the 17th of March, 1903, in Elkhart, Ind., of the infirmities of old age, Sophia Ehret, widow of ___ Ehret, aged 91 Y., 11 M., 24 D. She was the mother of ten children, three sons and seven daughters; five daughters and the husband had preceded her to the world beyond, leaving three sons and two daughters, with many friends and relatives to mourn her death, but they need not mourn as those who have no hope. She was a devoted Chistian, living an exemplary life, and looking forward to the hope of endless glory, through the merits of a crucified Redeemer. She was buried at the Olive Mennonite M.H. on the 20th, by the side of her husband. Services were conducted by E.L. Hiestand of the Dunkard church and Geo. Lambert. May God console the sorrowing friends.

Wenger-On April 6, 1903, Near Farmersville, Lancaster Co., Pa., Elam, son of Bro. Milton and Sister Lizzie Wenger, aged 18 D. The little stranger brought joy into the family for only a short time, and yet it is joy to know that Elam went to dwell with the multitude of little ones of whom Christ says "Of such is the kingdom of heaven" Funeral services on the 8th at the house, by John Landis from Can 8:6-"set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm; for love is strong as death." Buried in Groffsdale cemetery beside two other little ones who have gone before. May there be comfort for those who survive. In the thought that there are now three in the family in the glory world. May God comfort the parents and the family. Aunt Lizzie

Schwartzendruber-On April 8, 1903, in Johnson Co., Iowa, of typhoid fever and hemorrhage of the bowels, Daniel Schwartzendruber, aged 24 Y., 1 M., 3 D. He was a member of the Amish Mennonite church. He came to this place from Canada several years ago and worked in the neighborhood till last fall. He was married to Mary L. Yoder. During the winter they took a trip to Canada to visit his home folks and returned about the middle of February, and about the first of March they moved on a farm that he had rented, after which he soon took sick, and has now gone to his eternal home where he is forever free from the cares and sorrows of this world. The funeral took place on Good Friday. Services were conducted by Gideon Yoder and W.K. Miller at Upper Deer Creek M.H. where the remains were laid to rest.

Shantz-On the 4th of April 1903, at Breslau, Ont., Lydia Ann Good beloved wife of Edwin Shantz, aged 24 Y., 3 M., 12 D. She leaves her sorrowing husband and infant son, and many relatives and friends. Her summons to enter eternity was sudden and should teach us who remain to be always "ready for in such an hour as we think not the Son of Man cometh" Funeral services were conducted at the house by S.Eby and at the Mennonite Brethren in Christ church at Breslau by C.N. Good in German, from Psalm 90:12 and by E.S. Hallman in English.Text, John 11:25,26. Her remains were interred in the M.B.C. cemetery at Conestoga, her former home, where also a short service was held by C.N. Good in English. Text Mal. 3:18. Peace be to her ashes.

Transcribed by Connie Schweitzer, Wisconsin



Shantz-On the 17th of April, 1903, in Waterloo Co., Ont., Aaron, son of Cleason and Maria Shantz, aged 11 M. 3 D. Funeral Services by Noah Hunsberger in English from Job 14:1 and Jonas Snider in German from Mark 10:15. Buried in the David Eby cemetery. L. Ludwig

Geil- On the 19th of April in Salinas City, California, of paralysis, Samuel F Geil, aged 61 Y., 6 M., 21 D. He was born in Bucks, Co., Pa., Sept 28, 1841. He was a grandson of Pre. John Geil, of the Line Lexington Mennonite congregation, who served his people in the ministry 55 years. He leaves a sorrowing companion and two daughters, in his home, an aged mother nearly 92 years old , and an uncle in Bucks Co., Pa., and a brother in North Dakota, to mourn his death. May God comfort the sorrowing ones.

Mishler- On the 4th of April, 1903, near Galena Kansas, of an unfamiliar disease, Sister Hannah, wife of Henry Mishler, aged 67 Y., 11M., 15 D. She united with the Mennonite church at the age of 18 years and has ever been a faithful and obedient member. They moved to this locality from Illinois 22 years age, and the sister was widely known for her kindness and Christian piety. She leaves a husband, three sons, one daughter nd ten grandchildren to mourn her departure. During her last sickness she expressed a desire to depart and go to her home beyond, and we believe she could truly testify to the statement of the apostle Paul in Phil. 1:21, "For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain."

Transcribed by Connie Schweitzer, Wisconsin

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