Herald of Truth - May, 1903

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HERALD OF TRUTH, Vol. XL, No. 19, MAY 7, 1903 - PAGE 151-152

Hooley-On the 19th of April 1903, near Shipshewana, Langrange Co., Ind., Abigail Hooley, aged 86 Y., 7 M., 26 D. She was born in Mifflin Co., Pa., Aug 23. 1816. Funeral services by Manasses M. Miller and Manasses J. Borntrager.

Shank-On the 28th of April 1903, at Whitevale, Ont., Emmaline Merle, infant daughter of Bro. Samuel and Sister Sarah Shank. The child did of convulsions. Buried on the 30th at the Wideman M.H. Text, " Of such is the kingdom of heaven."

Clemmer-On the 21st of April, 1903, in Souderton, Montgomery Co., Pa., of dropsy, Sarah Moyer, wife of John Clemmer, aged 62 Y., 7 M., 17 D. She leaves her husband, one son, one daughter, four brothers and one sister. Interment on the 25th at the Souderton Mennonite M.H.

Rhodes-On the 28th of April 1903, near La Junta, Colorado, of consumption, John Manasses, son of Bro. Solomon Rhodes of Harrisonburg, Va., aged 20 Y. 3 M., 9 D. Eight days ago Bro. Rhodes went in a carriage with others of the family to La Junta, today we conveyed his remains to the station at the same place, from whence his father accompanied the corpse to Rockingham Co., his former home, where funeral services were to be held on the 3rd of May at the Weaver M.H. Funeral services at the residence four miles from La Junta by John Brunk, J.M. Nunemaker. Geo Ross and Geo R. Brunk. Texts, Jer. 15:9; Amos 8:9. and James 4:14..

Jones- On the 22nd of April 1903, in Wakarusa, Ind., of paralysis, Anna Jones, wife of Amos Jones, aged 69 Y., 6 M., 11 D. She was born in Ohio, Oct 11, 1833, and with her parents moved to Elkhart Co., in her youth. She married Solomon Culp in April 1851, was the mother of fifteen children all of whom, except two daughters, preceded her to the spirit world. Her first husband died Oct 14, 1891, and in November 1898 she married her second husband, Amos Jones, who survives her. She leaves a husband, two daughters, two sisters, six brothers, thirteen grandchildren, and one great-grandchild to mourn her death. She had a large circle of friends and relatives, by whom she was beloved and respected. She was buried at Yellow creek M.H. where services were conducted by John F Funk and Jonas Loucks from 2 Pet 3:11. Funeral was largely attended. May God comfort the sorrowing friends and bring them to the eternal home above.

Amstutz-Barbara Schlunegger was born in Germany June 17, 1817. died in Allen Co., Ind., April 11, 1903, aged 85 Y., 9M., 24 D. At the age of four years she came to America with her parents, who settled in Stark Co., Ohio. In 1842 she was united in marriage to Peter Amstutz. To this union were born five sons and four daughters. In 1852 they moved to Allen Co., Ind., where she resided until her death. In 1882 her husband died. since which time she has lived in widowhood. She confessed Christ in early youth and united with the Mennonite church. She was "faithful unto death, " always trusting the Lord. Burial on the 13th in the family graveyard. Funeral services in the "Defenseless" Mennonite M.H. near Leo by Eli Stofer and others. She leaves two sons, two daughters, 26 grandchildren, eight great-great grandchildren, one brother, and one sister beside many friends, but they need not mourn as those who have no hope, for she left a bright evidence that she was prepared to go and possess the mansions prepared for the just. Text selected by the deceased. Psa. 16:5, 6.

Foust-A terrible tragedy took place on the 18th of April 1903 at Foust Well, Somerset Co., Pa., at the house of Bro. Samuel Foust, in thich Emma, his youngest daughter, aged 21 Y., 2 M., 2 D., lost her life. A young man named Long was a frequent visitor at the home of Bro. Foust, seeking the favor of Miss Emma. She told him that she wished to be no more than a friend to him, and asked him not to come again. In the evening of the sad occurrence at about 8 o'clock, she and her father came in from the postoffice, where she was clerking. She threw some papers on the kitchen table and as it was thought that she was going to do some reading. Bro. and Sister Foust retired. They had heard that someone was in the kitchen with Emma, and between 10 and 11 o'clock, they heard a shot. They hastened out into the room, when Emma opened the door and came into the room and said " My God I am shot" and fell down on the floor. Sister Foust remained with her, while Bro. Foust went to call his near neighbor, and as he came out on his porch he saw the young man lying on the floor with his revolver beside him, he having taken his own life. This is a terrible blow to the family. Emma was the only child at home and appeared to be much attached to her parents. She was kind to everyone and was much respected in the community as was shown by the large crowd of sympathizing people at the funeral on the 21st from the home. Burial took place in the family Graveyard. Services by S.G Shetler, S.D. Yoder, Jonas Blauch and L.A. Blough. Text Cant. 8:6 " Love is as strong as death: jealousy as cruel as the grave" This is a loud warning to the young people in the matter of their associates, and also to be prepared for death at anytime. The family, which consists of father and mother and an aged grandmother, one brother and four sisters, all married, have the sympathy of the brotherhood and community in their sad bereavement. L.A. Brough

Transcribed by Connie Schweitzer, Wisconsin


HERALD OF TRUTH, Vol. XL, No. 20, MAY 14, 1903 - PAGE 159-160

Bish John Warye- On the 22nd of April, 1903 five miles north of Urbana, Champaign Co., Ohio, Bishop John Warye at the age of 79 Y., 22 D. Deceased's death was due to a failure of health incident to his advanced age. He was born in Hesse Darmstadt, Germany, in 1824, emigrated with his parents to America in 1825, and located in Mifflin Co., Pa. He was united in marriage with Rebecca Lantz in 1849. To this union were born six sons and one daughter;two sons in infancy were called to the spirit world. In the spring of 1851 they emigrated to Champaign Co., Ohio and in the spring of 1859 they moved on the farm where they have since resided. He accepted his Savior at the age of 17 years and united with the Amish Mennonite church. June 3, 1855, he was called by the church to the ministry of the gospel, and May 21, 1861, he was ordained to the office of bishop. He continued to preside over the church faithfully, always filling his place in the church and home as long as health permitted. He was zealous for the cause of Christ, and in the last year of his life he rejoiced to know that he was nearing his heavenly home, and was longing to be with his Redeemer, thus giving full assurance to the church and to the family who so kindly cared for him during his sickness that he is now sweetly resting in Jesus' arms, so they need not mourn as those without hope. May this solemn manifestation of God's providence bring blessings to every soul that is seeking for a higher and purer life. His companion, was summoned from his side to come up higher, twenty days prior to his departure. Four sons and one daughter, and thirteen grandchildren mourn the departure of a kind and affectionate Father. Interment on the 25th in the Hooley cemetery, where his remains were laid by the side of his loving companion, whose remains were laid away just three weeks before. The funeral services were conducted at the Oak Grove M.H. and were largely attended, considering the inclement weather. Services were conducted by David Plank, Abednago Miller and Jonas Yoder, from 2 Sam. 3:38, latter clause.

Starook-On April 6, 1903, near Mattawana, Pa., Nicholas Starook, aged 60 Y., 4M., 16 D.

Transcribers note: No other information available from obituary.

Note from a family researcher: "In the Herald of Truth Obituary - May 1903, there is listed a Nicholas Starook. I believe this to be Nicholas Stayrook of Mattawana, PA. The death and age at death match." Betty Hartzler

Harshbarger-On March 27, 1903, near McVeytown, Pa., Nancy, wife of Gideon Harshbarger aged 68 Y., 3 M., 27 D.

Hoover-On the 3d of May 1903, ar Markham, York Co., Ont., of pneumonia, Bro Peter R. Hoover peacefully fell asleep in Jesus. He had been in usual health until about four days before his death when lung trouble suddenly set in. An aged mother, a wife and one son mourn the loss of a very dear member of the family. His glowing hope in Jesus and their prospects of being reunited in Christ's kingdom, are their hope. The age of the deceased was 45 Y., 10 M., 9 D. Buried on the 5th inst. at the Wideman M.H. The services were conducted by L.J. Burkholder. Text Job 19: 25.

Transcribed by Connie Schweitzer, Wisconsin


HERALD OF TRUTH, Vol. XL, No. 21, MAY 21, 1903, PAGE 167-168

Pre.John M. Zimmerman-

On Sunday evening, May 3, 1903, near Churchtown, Lancaster Co., Pa., Bro John M. Zimmerman, of a general breaking down of the system, after ten days illness, aged 73 Y., 9 M., 11 d. He was ordained to the ministry on March 6, 1883, at Weaverland, and served the church faithfully to the time of his death. For many years he had an extremely sore arm, which had to be amputated above the elbow about fifteen years ago. For many years he was the oldest minister in the Weaverland district, and was known a "father" Zimmerman. His counsel was valuable and always sought after in all the workings of the church. His people loved him, and all men respected him. He officiated at many funerals and weddings and never missed an opportunity to attend services, where he admonished and comforted his bearers gladly; by his words and example he pointed the way to eternal truth and happiness in the love of Christ. His striving for peace and unity gave him a place in the hearts of the brotherhood and in the council of the church, which can filled only by one who is filled with the Spirit of God, and a forgiving, loving heart, yearning for the salvation of lost souls. He leaves a beloved companion who is nearly blind, and who filled all the qualifications of a ministers wife and of the church, and in the evening of her life she can look back with the thought that : she hath done what she could." Also two sons mourn the loss of a kind father. The funeral took place a Lichty's M.H. on May 7, and was conducted by Bishops Isaac Eby and Jacob N Brubaker, with a few words from the brethren Samuel Witmer, J.M. Sander, and Benjamin Weaver. The services were very impressive and will long be remembered by many who were there. Text, 2 Tim. 4 6-8. A Brother

Reese-On April 25, 1903, in Madison Twp., St Joseph Co., Ind., Wade Franklin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mills Reece, aged 1 Y., 8 M., 19 D. Interment took place in the Olive Cemetery. Services were conducted by Geo. Lambert and Charles Wright.

Christner-on the 8th of May, 1903, in the city of Elkhart, Ind. of the infirmities of old age, Nancy Quier Christner, aged 84 Y, 4M, 23D. She was born in Somerset Co. Pa., on the 13th of Dec, 1818. Funeral services were held in the Mennonite M.H. in Elkhart on the 9th inst. Funeral services were conducted by J.S. Hartzler. She leaves a brother, sister, a foster son and a number of friends to mourn her death.

Imbody- On May 7, 1903, Alice A. Salathe, age 44Y, 9M, 28D. She was married to Geo. Imbody in the year 1876. To this union were born two sons and four daughters. This dear sister and mother committed herself to God and longed to depart, bearing her suffering patiently, until the end. Her husband and six children, one of whom is an infant eight weeks old, survive. May the Lord comfort the bereaved ones. Interment took place on the 19th in the Zion church-yard. Services conducted by Geo . Lambert and Samuel Yoder of Elkhart, Ind.

Ernst-Near Petersberg, Ontario, on Feb 17, 1903. John Ernst of smallpox, aged 29y, 1M, 17D. Memorial service held on May 10, at Latschar's M.H. He leaves behind him a beloved wife, three sons and three daughters. He united with the Mennonite church a little over a year age. The family have passed through a wonderful experience in this disease, which came upon their members. May God give them grace to be faithful unto death. Services were conducted by Moses C. Bowman (text, Psa. 73:21-24) and E..S. Hallman (text Eccl 12:7)

Shearer-On May 7, 1903, in Columbia Co., O., after three months of suffering from a complication of diseases, Alpheus Shearer, aged 43Y, 5M, 12D. He was born in York Co., Pa., and came to this county about nineteen years ago. He is survived by his wife, six children, five brothers and five sisters. He will be greatly missed in the home as well as in the community. The funeral took place on the 10th. Services conducted in the Lutheran M.H. in Columbiana by the pastor of that church. The family has the sympathy of many friends and neighbors in this sad bereavement. P.M.

Snyder-On April 24, 1903, at Berlin Ontario. Elizabeth (Bowman) Snyder widow of the late Moses K Snyder, aged 67Y. 5M, 25D. She had been a sufferer during the last two years, since the railway accident in which her husband was killed while driving over a railroad crossing in Berlin Ont. She suffered over 150 days at the home of Bro. Wendel E Shantz, where her sufferings ended. She was a consistent member of the Mennonite church for a number of years. Services were conducted at the Berlin Mennonite M.H. by E.S Hallman (text Rev.7:13,14) and Daniel Wismer (text Rev 21:4) Services at the house by Noah Stauffer (text Job 14:14).

Miller-On May 3, 1903, at Smithville, Ohio of heart disease. Fanny King, wife of Tobias I. Miller, aged 74Y, 2D. She was born in Stark Co., Ohio, May 1, 1829, and was married Jan 11, 1872. She was the mother of one child, who preceded her to the spirit world. She leaves a bereaved husband and adopted daughter and many friends to mourn their loss. She was a devoted sister in the Amish Mennonite church and the last of the King family to be called to her final reward. She was kind to all and the needy always found in her a helper. May the Lord reward her richly. She was buried on the 5th in the Paradise cemetery, services being held at the Bethel church at Smithville in the presence of a large congregation. Services conducted by I.J. Buchwalter of Dalton, O., and Jacob Gerig of Smithville. Text 1 Sam. 20:18. Peace be to her ashes.

King-On May 1, 1903, near McLain, Kansas, Ella May, daughter of E. J. and Magdelena King, aged 2Y., 7M., 17D. She was taken suddenly ill on the night of April 1. At 10 p.m. she called and said she was sick and we indeed found her so. From the very first it seemed to us that she was going home. In a week she lay a helpless little sufferer from a gathering in her head and inflammation of the bowels. After another week of suffering we had prayer according to James 5, and she seemed healed instantly of her pain, and was improving nicely so she could sit up and play and again , smile and speak. But at last she was affected with continual coughing, caused by bronchial trouble, and failed rapidly, till Friday evening, when she fell asleep in Jesus with the smile of heaven on her dear face to awake in the glory world and await our coming, for which time we are longing as never before. Funeral May 3, at the house by J.M.R. Weaver (text 2 Sam 12:23) and at the Pennsylvania M.H. at 2 o'clock by the same minister, assisted by D.D. Zook (text Matt. 18:10,11) She leaves her parents, twobrothers and five sisters to mourn her departure. Her Mother

Baily-On May 8, 1903, at his residence at Paramount, Washington Co., Md. of pneumonia, our aged grandfather, Franklin Baily, aged 86Y., 25D. Services were conducted by Bro. Henry Baer in German; text 2 Tim 4:6, 8 and Bro C.R. Strite in English: text Psa.50:5. He was buried in the Reiff burying ground on the 10th, to which place he was followed by a large number of relatives and friends. Bro Baily was born in Bavaria, Germany, April 13, 1817. At the age of fifteen years, he, with his parents, a brother and a sister emigrated to America and settled in Lancaster Co., Pa., where later he was united in wedlock to Katherine Hemberger and in 1861 he removed with his family to Washington Co., Md., where he spent his remaining days. He was the father of five daughters and one son, two daughters and one son of whom survive. He is also survived by his beloved companion, who is now 81 years old. He united with the Mennonite church in his native land at the age of fourteen and kept the vow until death. He loved to talk of the goodness of his Maker and was ever present at divine service until his health would no longer permit. We mourn not for grandfather as those who have no hope, but trust that if we live in the light that God gives us, as he also has lived, we shall all meet him in that glorious world beyond..

His grandson, Benj. B Weber

Transcribed by Connie Schweitzer, Wisconsin



Mast--On the 12th of May, 1903, at Walnut Creek, Holmes Co,. Ohio, Pearl, only child of Monroe and Nora Mast, aged 1Y, 9M, 18D. Buried on the 14th. Funeral services by A.W. Hershberger from Isa. 11:--"A lttle child shall lead them" and S.H. Miller from 2 Sam. 12:23. May this early death be a call to all to prepare for death. E.A. Herschberger

Conrad-On the 23rd of April 1903, near Wayland, Henry Co, Iowa, of old age sister Maria Schmucker, widow of Martin Conrad, aged 79Y, 11M, 9 D. She was born in France May 14, 1823. Buried on the 24th in the Sugar Creek cemetery. Funeral services by S. F. Gerig and D. Graber. Text, 1 Cor 15:55-57.

Gerber-On May 17, 1903, in Holmes Co.,O,. of Brights disease, David Gerber, aged 76 Y, 10M, 17D. He lived in matrimony for 57 years. To him were born six sons and four daughters. His wife , five sons, and four daughters with a host of relatives and friends are left to mourn his departure. Buried on the 20th. Services by A.M. Hershberger from Matt.15 M.A.Mast, Job 14:14: S.H. Miller, from Gen 3:19. E.A. Hershberger

Moulson-On May 17, 1903, near Newton, Kans, John Moulson, age 56 years. He leaves a sorrowing wife and son, and daughter to mourn their loss. He was a member of the German Evangelical church. Services were conducted in the Tangyman school house by J.M.R. Weaver from Jas 4:14.-"What is your life."Buried in the Tangyman graveyard, in which place the remains were followed by many sympathizing friends. At this place the services were concluded by a minister of the Evangelical church.

Rohrer-On the 11th of May 1903, in Palmyra Mo, after an illness of about one week of measles resulting in a complication of disease, Lizzie Rohrer, aged 13Y., 3M,. 6D. The funeral took place from the family residence in Palmyra, where services were held by Bish. J.A. Ressler of Dhamtari, India, and Pre. J.M. Kreider, from the text, "To die is gain". "Suffer the children to come unto me, and forbid them not; for of such is the kingdom of heaven"

Thomas-On the 5th of May, 1903, in Conemaught Twp, Somerset Co. Pa,. of complication of diseases, sister Catherine, wife of Bro Abram Thomas, aged 53 Y,. 5M,. 6D. She was buried on the 7th at the Blought Mennonite meeting house. Services by S.G. Shetler, S.D. Yoder and S. Gindelsperger. Text. Psa. 30:5 "Weeping may endure for a night, by joy cometh in the morning." Sister Thomas is survived by a sorrowing husband, six sons and two daughters: on daughter preceeded her a number of years age. She died with a living hope of eternal life in the glory world.

Steiner-On the 12th of May 1903. in St Jacobs, Waterloo Co, Ont,. sister Anna Steiner daughter of Bro. Abraham Steiner, aged 26 Y,. 1M,. 29 D. She was baptized and united with the Mennonite church a few months ago. She leaves her bereaved parents, three brothers and many friends to mourn her early death. Burial on the 14th in the Lutheran Cemetery. Funeral services by Enoch Bowman at the house and by Jonas Snider in German and Noah Srtauffer in the Lutheran church, assisted by A Witmer and J Boll. Texts, Gal 6:7 8 amd Num 23:10. God comfor the bereaved ones. H Weber

Kauffman- On May 8, 1903, Near Windom, Lane,. Co., Pa., Bro Benjamin Kauffman, aged 69 Y,.8M,. 23D. His health had been failing for serveral years, but was confined to his bed for only a few weeks. As he grew weaker, he said he was waiting to go home to rest. His wife, one son and two daughters mourn a deep loss in the home. The church, too, of which he was a member for many years, mourn the loss of one whose seat was seldom vacant. Interment on the 8th in the Masonville Mennonite M.H. Services were conducted by Frank M. Herr and Bish. Abram B. Herr from John 16:22. A Subscriber

Good-On May 4, 1903, at her home near Milner, Ill,. of diabetes, Jacobina Good, nee Erisman, aged 69 Y,. 1M,. 15D. The last few weeeks of her life she suffered greatly. She leaves seven children and 38 grandchildren to mourn her loss, but not as those who have no hope. She was loved by all who knew her and was a true pattern of Christianity. Her life companion preceded her to the spirit world fourteen years ago. Funeral services on the 6th at the A.M. meeting house, where a large concourse of friends assembled to pay a last tribute of respect. Services by Bish J.C.Berky, Pre. Dan Zehr in German and Pre. Samuel Gerber in English.

Hershberger-On the 9th of May 1903, in Conemaugh Twp,. Somerset Co,. Pa,. sister Susannah, wife of Bro. Daniel Hershberger, who died many years ago. She was the mother of six children of whom survive her:;also 37 grandchildren of whom 32 are living and 26 great grandchildren of whom 24 are living. Her age was 77 Y,. 7 M,. 28 D. She had been confined to her room and most of the time to her bed for several years often wishing to be delivered of her suffering to to home to glory. Funeral services on the 11th at the Blough Mennonite meeting house by S.D. Yoder and Jonas Blough. Text 1 Tim 4:6. Interment in the family graveyard.

Sherrick-On May 6 1903, Barbara Stemen, wife of Samuel Sherick, aged 89 Y,. 23D. She was the daughter of Bish Henry Stemen and was born in Fairfield C,. Ohio, April 13, 1814 and was married in 1833. They moved from Fairfield Co,. In 1841 on the farm whre they shared a blissful companionshiop until the companion was called to rest Oct 7, 1895 and which was the home to the deceased till she died. Sister Sherrick was the lost of a large family to pass over the river of death. She was the mother of nine children of whom seven are living. There are 33 grandchildren, and 30 great grandchildren living. In early life the deceased united with the Mennonite church, in which she remained a consistent and devoted member until called from the shores of time to receive the reward of the faithful.

Transcribed by Connie Schweitzer, Wisconsin

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