Herald of Truth Obituaries - February, 1906

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 Week 1:
February 1, 1906 - page 39, 40
Vol. XLIII, No. 5

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- page 39, 40

Brubaker - On the 14th of Jan., 1906, near Free port, Ill., of typhoid fever, of which he suffered two weeks, Henry M. Brubaker, formerly of Manhelm Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., in his 77th year. His wife and one son, also one brother and three sisters survive. Funeral services on the 16th. Burial at Freeport.

Shenk - On the 17th of Jan., 1906, at the home of Amos Graver of near Conestoga Center, Lancaster Co., Pa., Sister Susan Shenk, in her 85th year. She was a daughter of Jacob Shenk, and was the last member of the family. She was unmarried. Funeral on the 20th from her late residence to the Mennonite M. H. at River Corner, where interment was made.

Nafziger - On the 24th of Dec., 1905, in Perth Co., Ont., Bro. Samuel Nafziger, aged 75 Y., 8 M., 22 D. He was born in Tripo, France, and came to Canada in his twentieth year. He was married to his surviving wife in April 1855. He was the father of six sons and two daughters, who survive him. He was buried Dec. 26th. Funeral services at the house by Peter Spenler and at the meeting-house by Jacob Lichty and Daniel Steinman. Peace to his ashes.

Troyer - On Nov. 28, 1905, near Shipshewana, Ind., of lung trouble, Orpha, daughter of Bro. Noah and Sister Fannie Troyer; aged 1 Y., 11 M., 22 D. Funeral services at the Shore M. H. on the 30th by Y. C. Miller from Matt. 9:24 and by Josiah Miller from Job 14:1, 2. May God comfort the bereaved parents.

Erisman - On the 29th of Dec., 1905, near Masonville, Lancaster Co., Pa., at the home of her son-in-law, B. K. Miller, of the infirmities of age, Sister Catharine, widow of Bro. Christian Erisman, deceased; aged 87 Y., 7 M., 3 D. Funeral on the 2d of Jan., 1906, at Erisman's M. H. Services by Pre. Jos. Boll, J. N. Brubacher and M. Witmer. Text, Rev. 20, part of verse 6. Grandmother was a member of the Mennonite church for many years, and was ready, waiting for the summons to come up higher. She was a daughter of the departed Bish. Jacob Hostetter of Manheim. She was one of a family of ten, of which there is but one remaining, namely, the aged sister, Barbara Hershey.

Classen. - Sister Sarah Wiens was born in Rosenort, South Russia, Jan. 21, 1839; was married to Cornelius Classen in 1863 and moved with her husband and family to America in 1875. She united with the Mennonite church in Russia in her youth and was a faithful member until death. Two days before her death she visited her youngest daughter, and there while sitting in a rocker she was taken with an attack of heart disease, and passed away so quietly that her daughter Anna did not notice that her mother was dead until she spoke to her and on failing to receive a reply was horrified to find her mother dead. Buried on the 4th of Jan., 1906, at the Quiring M. H., Mountain Lake, Minn., in which congregation she had been a member. Funeral services by Bish. H. Quiring. Text, Rev. 14:14-16.

Garber - Jan. 17, 1906, near Goshen, Ind., of Bright's disease, Esther Garber, aged 69 Y., 8 M., 17 D. She had been helpless for nearly seven years, and throughout her entire life had been dependent upon those who cared for her. Buried in the Clinton Brick cemetery. Services by Yost Miller and Samuel Honderich.

Weber - On the 7th of Dec., 1905, near St. Jacobs, Waterloo Co., Ont., Jacob Weber. Funeral services conducted by Jonas B. Snider and Enoch Baumann at St. Jacobs. M. L. W.

Eash - On the 18th of Jan., 1906, near Big Prairie, Mich., Daniel C. Eash, aged 59 Y., 7 M., 10 D. On the 13th Bro. Eash went to the woods at 1:30 p. m. to cut logs. Not returning at the usual hour, Sister Eash became alarmed and notified D. C. Hostetler who lived across the road. He at once began a search and was startled to find him in the snow in a helpless condition. The unfortunate man was taken to the house and a physician quickly summoned, who pronounced it paralysis. Every effort was made to help him, but of no avail and at 10 p. m. of the 18th Bro. Eash passed away. Short services were held at the house on the 20th at 7 a. m. by Bro. J. P. Miller and J. C. Springer, after which Sister Eash and her son William started with the remains for their former home at Shore, Ind., where the funeral services were held on the 22d by A. S. Cripe and Y. C. Miller. Bro. Eash was a faithful member of the Mennonite church for a number of years. His widow, two sons and one step-son survive, yet they mourn not as do those who have no hope. It appears that Bro. Eash had been in the woods only a short time before he was stricken down, and spent over three hours in the snow. May God comfort the bereft family.

Mann - Magdalena Kreider was born in Guilford Twp., Medina Co., Ohio, March 4, 1850; moved with her parents to Elkhart Co., Ind., in her early youth; was married to Christopher Mann, Dec. 31, 1868. To this union were born seven sons and five daughters, of whom five sons and four daughters survive her. She united with the Mennonite church at the Olive M. H. in 1876 and was a devoted and faithful member until death. She went to Lincoln Co., Ont., on Christmas night, 1905, to visit her daughter and son-in-law, Bish. S. F. Coffman and wife at Vineland, where she had a stroke of paralysis on the morning of the 16th of Jan., 1906, which left her in a helpless condition. She was found by her daughter, but was unable to tell when or how the stroke had come. From the first she gradually sank until the end came on the 22nd of Jan., 1906; aged 55 Y., 10 M., 18 D. Although unable to speak after her first attack she was conscious until the last few days, and recognized her children David and Malinda, who came from Indiana to her bedside on the 18th, and by various signs she showed that she was perfectly resigned and ready to met her God in peace, and the end came so quietly and peacefully that she seemed to pass into sleep. Sister Mann was for 18 years a beloved member in the Elkhart Cong. and we deeply mourn our loss, though we know our loss is her eternal gain. Services were held at the house of Bro. S. F. Coffman at Vineland on the 23d by Bro. Gilbert Bearss from 1 Sam. 20:3, after which the remains were accompanied by her children to the home in Elkhart, where services were held on the 26th by D. H. Bender from Psa. 116:15 and at the Olive M. H. by Henry Weldy from Matt. 24:44. A large concourse of relatives and friends gathered to pay the last tribute of respect to our beloved sister. Interment in the cemetery adjoining, where her husband was laid to rest four years ago. Beside her children she leaves 11 grandchildren, one brother and one sister to mourn her death. In their love and devotion for mother the sons had built and furnished a beautiful and comfortable home for her on Garfield avenue, but God had a far more beautiful mansion prepared for her on the street that is paved with gold, and he has called her to enjoy the better home on high. God comfort all the bereaved hearts and draw them close to his own great loving heart.

Hamilton - Nora Hamilton, wife of Robert G. Hamilton of Cokesbury, Somerset Co, Md., died at her late home, Dec. 27, 1905. She was the eighth child of the union of Peter Culp and Catharine Holdeman Culp of near Oakland, Garrett Co., Md. She was born Sept. 25, 1880, and leaves her mother, three sisters, four brothers, her husband and three small children, aged 7 years, 3 years and 1 year respectively, to mourn their loss. She was buried Dec. 29, 1905, In the Cokesbury M. E. cemetery. The funeral was conducted by the pastor of the M. E. church, of which she was a member. She was conscious until the last, when she succumbed to the dreaded disease, consumption. Sister Hamilton is not dead, but sleepeth, waiting for the general resurrection of the just, who have washed their robes and made them white through the blood of the Lamb. She could not remain with us, but we can go to her.

Eberly - On the 21st of Jan., 1906, in West Cocalico Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., of dropsy, Sister Salome, widow of the late Samuel Eberly; aged 86 years and some months. Two sons, three daughters, a number of grandchildren and many relatives survive. Funeral services at the Mellinger M. H. on the 25th.

Rudy - On the 20th of Jan., 1906, in Lititz, Pa., of hemorrhages of the lungs, Bro. Jacob B. Rudy, aged 71 years. He was found in a shed in the rear of his home. He leaves his wife and three sons to mourn his sudden death.

Transcribed by: Ron Garber, Kansas

 Week 2:
February 8, 1906 - page 47, 48
Vol. XLIII, No. 6

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- page 47, 48

Roulet - On the 28th of Dec., 1905, at Hesperia, California, Mattie Roulet (Kauffman), aged 32 years. She leaves a husband, three small children, her parents and five brothers to mourn her departure. They moved here from Washington in November, hoping to get relief from that dread disease consumption, but it was too late. She had a desire to depart, and be with Christ. Services at the home by David Garber. D. G.

Metzler - On the 25th of Jan., 1906, near Columbiana, Ohio, very suddenly, Henry Metzler, aged 46 Y., 2 M., 16 D. Bro. Metzler had not been very well since last September, and the physician claimed that the heart was affected. He was, however, able to be about and do some work. He had arisen at about 5 a. m. after a good night's rest, and while in the act of putting on his vest he fell over and expired. His sudden death was a great shock to his many friends. He was married to Hannah Basinger, Dec. 12, 1880. To this union were born three daughters and two sons, one son preceded him. The rest with their mother, four sisters and one brother of the deceased and many friends mourn his early departure, but they mourn not as those who have no hope. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite church for many years. Funeral services on the 27th at the Midway M. H. by E. M. Detweiler from Matt. 24:42, 44, assisted by Allen Rickert, who also conducted the services at the house. A large concourse of friends gathered on this occasion to pay the last tribute of respect to one who was loved and highly esteemed, and to show their sympathy to the stricken family in their sad bereavement. May they look to God for comfort. P. M.

Rudy - On the 26th of Jan., 1906, in Upper Lea-cock Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., of a complication of diseases, Leah, wife of Jacob N. Rudy; aged 53 years. She is survived by her husband and one son. The funeral was held on the 29th of January at the Stumptown Mennonite meeting-house.

Lane - On the 25th of Jan., 1906, in Silver Springs. Lancaster Co., Pa., of pneumonia, Bro. Jacob E. Lane, in the 40th year of his life. He is survived by his wife and two children, also by his mother, Susan Lane, widow of the late Abram Lane, a brother and a sister.

Kauffman - Moses J. Kauffman was born Feb. 13, 1830, in Somerset county, near Davidsville, and died Jan. 23, 1906, at his home near Centennial Church; aged 75 Y., 11 M., 10 D. He was married to Christiana Mishler, May 22, 1853. To this union were born 4 sons and 7 daughters. There were also 34 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. He is survived by his wife, two brothers, two sisters, one step-brother, one step-sister, four sons and four daughters, 31 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. Grandfather Kauffman was a faithful member of the Amish Mennonite church for about 49 years. Services were conducted at the Centennial Church by Pre. S. D. Yoder and James Saylor. Buried in the graveyard on Sem Johns' farm, Jan. 25, 1906.

Weaver - Levi Weaver was born Oct. 26, 1848; died Jan. 13, 1906; aged 57 Y., 2 M., 17 D. Bro. Weaver was a faithful member in the Mennonite church for many years. Funeral services were conducted by Pre. S. D. Yoder, James Saylor and Samuel Gindlesperg
er at the Stahl meeting-house, Somerset Co., Pa., Jan. 15, 1906.

Kulp - Sister Catharine, daughter of the late Jacob and Susannah Bergy, was born in Plumstead Twp., Bucks Co., Pa., Feb. 26, 1847; she was married to Bro. Isaac L Kulp of Bedminster, Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 23, 1871. They lived a happy married life for a little over 34 years. She was taken ill with pneumonia on Sunday forenoon, Jan. 14th, and was sick only five days. She departed this life Thursday evening, Jan. 18, 1906, aged 58 Y., 10 M., 22 D. She leaves a sorrowing husband, one son, four daughters and six grandchildren to mourn the loss of a dear companion, a loving mother and grandmother; but thanks be to God that we need not mourn as those who have no hope. During her illness she expressed her hope of eternal life, as also her joy at seeing her children all living for Jesus. She said she had many dear friends over there, and it would not be long till we, too, could meet her again. Bro. and Sister Kulp were among those who attended the recent General Conference at Berlin, Ont., and during their stay there formed many warm friendships, which we trust may ripen in heaven. Her funeral took place at the Doylestown Mennonite M. H., Jan. 22d, when H. 0. Anglemoyer spoke in English and Christian Allebach in German to a large concourse of relatives and friends who had met to look once more upon the form of one who had been a friend to all. Text, 2 Cor. 13:11.

Spenler - .On the 7th of Jan., 1906, in Poole, Ont., Danny, son of Peter and Elizabeth Spenler; aged 9 Y., 7M., 19 D. He was sick only one week with diphtheritic croup. He was such a beautiful child with rosy cheeks and curly hair adorning his smiling face, and many a tear was shed by his comrades and schoolmates as they stood beside his coffin and gazed on that sweet face now pale in death. May God comfort the sorrowing family. Funeral services by Nicholas Nafziger and Daniel Steinmann. Texts, Matt. 18:1-0 and Mark 10:13-26.

McGinnis - On the 10th of Jan., 1906, In Hartford, Lyon Co., Kan., after a short illness, Elizabeth McGinnis, aged 100 Y., 4 M., - D. A few days previous to her death she had the misfortune to fall out of bed, and in her extreme helplessness she so injured herself as to cause her death. She reached an age to which comparatively few attain in our day, but we all realize that sooner or later the Lord will call us to our eternal rest. Therefore be ye also ready.

Rickert - On the 12th of Jan., 1906, at the home of Sallie Madden, in St. Joseph Co., Mich., Sarah Rickert, aged 67 Y., 14 M. She was buried on the 15th in the Mottville cemetery.

King - On the 15th of Jan., 1906, in Lawrence Co., Pa., of dropsy, Bro. Levi King, aged 61 years. He had been afflicted for a considerable time. He was buried on the 18th. His funeral services were conducted by Jonathan Troyer of Indiana and Samuel Yoder of Mifflin Co., Pa.

Weaver - Anna L. Weaver, widow of Peter Weaver, died in Goodville, Pa., Jan. 14, 1906; aged 77 Y., 11 M., 11 D. She was a sufferer for many years, but bore her afflictions with Christian fortitude. Her greatest desire was to depart and be with her Lord. During the last visit of her pastor, Pre. Benj. Weaver, he asked her if her faith was still strong, and these words were her answer:
"I know that my Redeemer liveth" (Job 19:25), and from these words the funeral sermon was preached by Bro. Weaver, assisted by Bra. John Souder, the latter's text being Psa. 39:5-8. The funeral was held at the Goodville Mennonite M. H.

Good - On the 23d of Jan., 1906, near Bowmansville, Pa., of the infirmities of old age, Lavina, wife of John H. Good; aged 80 Y., 4 M., 28 D. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite church for many years, and ministered faithfully to the needs of her loved ones in the home until five years before her death, when her mental powers failed, and in that condition she remained until death brought the change from the corruptible to the incorruptible, for we believe she met a Savior who is merciful. She is survived by her husband, now 92 years old, three daughters and two sons, of whom one is a minister; also a number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren, to mourn her departure, yet not without hope. Burial on the 26th in the Bowmansville Mennonite cemetery. Funeral services in the M. H. adjoining by Henry Good and Bish. Benj. Weaver. Blessed is the death of the righteous. Peace to her ashes.

Transcribed by: Ron Garber, Kansas

 Week 3:
February 15, 1906 - page 56
Vol. XLIII, No. 7

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- page 56

Shaddinger - On the 3d of Feb., 1906, in Bucks Co., Pa., of a complication of diseases, Sister Sarah Fretz Shaddinger, widow of the late Jacob L. Shaddinger; aged 75 Y., 5 M., 15 D. She had been ill for some time, when on the day she died she had a paralytic stroke, and died very suddenly. Truly in the midst of life we are in death. Lord, so teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

Harrington - Samuel C. Harrington was born Aug. 24, 1842, in Waterloo Co., Ont.; died in Wakarusa, Elkhart Co., Ind., Feb. 4, 1906; aged 63 Y., 5 M., 11 D. He was a son of John C. and Mary Colosky Harrington, and one of thirteen children, seven of whom have preceded him to the eternal world. He leaves a sorrowing wife and daughter, one grandson, three brothers, two sisters and many friends to mourn his death. He was one of that unassuming, quiet class of men who move through the world attending to their own affairs in so kind and inoffensive a manner that harmony and good feeling always leave their impress on the mind, and in this way he continually gained the respect and friendship of those with whom he associated or did business. His friendship was warm and constant and always the same, and many can testify that he was indeed a friend in times of need. Even the dumb animals shared in the enjoyments of his general kindness and good nature. In his business dealings he was generous, as some would say, to a fault. In his religious views he was a Mennonite, though never formally identified with the church. During his last sickness from which he suffered about, a year, his prayers were indeed an inspiration to those who heard him. He confessed his weakness and shortcomings and said he had asked God to forgive him and had the assurance that his prayers were heard and he was not afraid to die. Funeral services were conducted at the Christian church in Wakarusa by John F. Funk of Elkhart, from John 14:2, 3. He was buried in the cemetery at Goshen. May the Lord comfort the bereaved hearts and give them grace to obtain the blessed reward and meet again the loved ones gone before.

McClay - Sister Elizabeth Kurtz was born in Pennsylvania June 27, 1831; died Jan. 28, 1906; aged 74 Y., 7 M., 1 D. She came to Tuscarawas Co., Ohio, when she was four years old. She was united in marriage to James McClay, Jan. 9, 1848. To this union were born 15 children, of whom 9 are still living. Of 36 grandchildren 28 are living, also one great-grandchild living. Her husband died Feb. 10, 1897, aged 74 Y., 8 M., 2 D. They had lived together in matrimony nearly 50 years. Mother McClay was a consistent member of the Mennonite church nearly all her life. Funeral services were held at the Union Hill M. H., Jan. 31, by M. V. Shoup, Josiah Kaser and Pre. Bierny. May the Lord comfort the bereaved friends with the glorious thoughts of a blissful reunion in the world beyond.

Penner - Elizabeth, wife of P. A. Penner was born in South Russia, Oct. 29, 1875, and died at Calcutta, India, Jan. 3, 1906. The cause of her death was mastoiditis. The pain was attributed to a decaying tooth and they went to Calcutta to have it extracted. After leaving the dentist's office the pain became more intense, till in only a few hours she passed away. After her death it was noticed that there was a discharge from her ear. The abscess had broken. The last question asked her by her husband was, "Ist der Herr Jesus mit dir?" She answered in the affirmative and passed away. She was laid to rest on Jan. 4th in the South Circular Road cemetery, Calcutta. She leaves a husband and daughter in India to mourn her loss, beside her relatives in America. The daughter will soon return to America with her Grandfather Penner, who is here for a visit. To be bereft of a companion on the mission field is sad. Bro. Penner represents the General Conference Mennonites. Memorial services were held on Sunday, Jan. 14th, at the mission at Champa. Eighteen missionaries from different stations were present. May God bless the bereaved husband, as he labors entirely alone at his station.

Bender - Michael Bender was born in Germany, Feb. 19, 1830; died at Dutton, Mich., Jan. 27, 1906; aged 75 Y., 11 M., 8 D. He moved from Germany to New York State when quite a young man. He was married March 8, 1860, to Susanna Hahn. In the spring of 1882 he moved with his family to Dutton, Kent Co., Mich., where he lived until death called him away from his companion and children. He was the father of eight children; three preceded him to the spirit world. After six weeks of intense suffering of cancer of the gall duct, he died in the Christian faith and in the knowledge of the saving power of Jesus Christ. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite church, he has gone but a little while before, and soon we too most follow. We hope to meet in the dawning of the resurrection morning and clasp glad hands again on the other side. Funeral services were conducted at the South Gaines U. B. church by Pre. J. P. Miller. Text, John 14. H. EYMAN.

Witmer - On the 7th of Feb., 1906, in E. Lampeter Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., Miriam R., infant child of Amos K. and Martha Witmer, aged nine months. Buried on the 8th at Mellinger's M. H.

Stiffler - On the 2d of Feb., 1906, in Lancaster, Pa., Mary, widow of George Stiffler. She was born in Lehigh Co., Pa., but for 15 years had resided in Lancaster. She had reached the advanced age of eighty years. Buried in the old Mennonite cemetery at Millersville on the 5th.

Transcribed by: Ron Garber, Kansas

 Week 4:
February 22, 1906 - page 64
Vol. XLIII, No. 8

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- page 64

Middaugh - On the 11th of Jan., 1906, at Union Hill. Tuscarawas Co., Ohio, Josiah, son of Bro. and Sister Adam Middaugh; aged 3 M., 8 D. The cause of death is not known. He was well in the morning and the same day at ten o'clock his life was gone. Funeral services were held at Union Hill M. H. by Josiah Kaser from Psa. 16:6

Miller - On the 9th of Feb., 1906, in Elkhart Co., Ind., of consumption, Sister ______, wife of Daniel J Miller, at an advanced age. She is survived by a sorrowing husband and a number of children. She was buried on Sunday, Feb. 11th, at the Forks A. M. meeting-house. Services were held by Samuel Weaver and D. J. Johns.

Martin - Susannah Martin was born in Lancaster, Pa., Nov. 4, 1826; died Jan. 10, 1906; aged 79 Y., 2 M., 6 D. She moved with her parents to New York state in her early childhood and to Wayne Co., Ohio, when she was about 12 years old. She spent the rest of her life in this county, was never married, and died at the home of her brother, David Martin. Buried in the graveyard adjoining the Stark Co. Line M. H. Funeral services by H. Hursh and I. Good. Text, Isa. 35:10. She was a member of the Mennonite church.

Weaver - Lizzie Brubaker was born in Snyder Co., Pa., Feb. 23, 1884; moved with her parents to Harper Co., Kan., in the spring of 1892; was married to Emery E. Weaver, June 21, 1905; died Feb. 5, 1906; aged 21 Y., 11 M., 21 D. She was converted in Feb., 1903, and baptized on April 12th of the same year, and remained a faithful member of the Mennonite church to the time of her death. She leaves a sorrowing husband, father, mother, one brother, three sisters and many friends. May God comfort the sorrowing ones. Sister Weaver selected her text some time previous to her death. Services were conducted at the Pleasant Valley M. H. on Feb. 7th by T. M. Erb of Newton, Kan., from Matt. 24:44. The sorrowing ones have the sympathy of the entire community.

Conrad - On the 9th of Feb., 1906, at the St. Joseph's Hospital (Lancaster), of heart disease, Fannie, wife of Henry Conrad, toll-gate keeper at New Danville, Lancaster Co., Pa.; aged 57 years. She was a member of the Mennonite church. She is survived by her husband and one son.

Brown - On the 10th of Feb., 1906, in Millersville, Lancaster Co., Pa., suddenly of heart disease, Fannie, wife of George D. Brown (Undertaker); aged 73 years and some months. She was a member of the Millersville Mennonite congregation. Funeral services were held on the 14th at the Mennonite meeting-house in Millersville. She is survived by several children. She was born at New Providence, Lancaster Co., Pa.

Kauffman - On Jan. 23, 1906, near Mishler, Pa., of paralysis, Moses J. Kauffman, aged 75 Y., 11 M., 10 D. He was born near Davidsville, Somerset Co., Pa., Feb. 13, 1830. He suffered only two days after he was stricken. He was married to Christina Mishler over fifty years ago. He is survived by his wife, seven children, 31 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. He was a member of the A. M. church for nearly half a century. He always enjoyed good health. The Lord bless the bereaved family.

Zook - On Jan. 26, 1906, in Dixmont, Pa., Samuel Zook, aged 75 Y., 6 M., 29 D. He formerly lived in Elkhart Co., Ind., from whence he removed to Ohio and from there to the above-named place where he died. The remains were brought back to Indiana and buried at the Forest Grove cemetery, Jan. 31st, where services were conducted by D. D. Miller and A. J. Hostettler. He is survived by a sorrowing companion and four children.

Rose - On the 29th of Jan., 1906, in Somerset Co., Pa., George W. Rose, aged 55 Y., 5 M., 25 D. Buried on the 31st in the Thomas cemetery. Funeral services by S. G. Shetler. Text, Prov. 6:3. He leaves a sorrowing widow and other relatives.

Gindlesperger - On the 31st of Jan., 1906, in Johnstown, Pa., Daniel Gindlesperger, aged 35 Y., 10 M., 22 D. Buried Feb. 2. Funeral services by S. G. Shetler from Psa. 13:3.

Miller - On the 11th of Feb., 1906, near Holsopple, Pa., Lavan Lamoure, infant son of Jeremiah and Polly Miller; aged 30 D. Funeral on the 13th at the Blough M. H. Services by Jas. Saylor and L. A. Blough. Text, 2 Sam. 12:19.

Transcribed by: Ron Garber, Kansas

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