Herald of Truth Obituaries - January, 1906

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 Week 1: January 4, 1906, page 7,

Vol. XLIII, No. 1

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Davis. - On the 24th of Dec., 1905, in Rohrerstown, Lancaster Co., Pa., Sister Mary N., wife of K. Davis; aged 67 years. She was a daughter of the late John and Mary Newcomer and a life-long resident of Rohrerstown. She was a member of the Old Mennonite church, and besides her husband is survived by one daughter and two sons. Funeral on the 28th at the Mennonite M. H. in Rohrerstown. May the Lord comfort the bereaved husband and children.

Albrecht - John Albrecht was born in Bavaria, Germany, April 3, 1814, and died at his home near Tiskilwa, Ill., Oct. 6, 1905, of infirmities of old age, aged 91 Y., 6 M., 3 D. He came to this country in 1843. From that time until the time of his death he had resided in Putnam and Bureau counties, Ill. In 1847 he was married to Mary Ackerman, also of Bavaria. To this union were born nine children. In early life he united with the Amish Mennonite church, of which he was a faithful member until he was called to his reward. His wife and six of his children preceded him to the spirit world. Funeral services at the home and M. H. by Bro. Jacob Ringenberg in the German language, from I Kings 2:2, assisted by Pre. Alford (of the Tiskilwa M. E. church) in the English language from the same text, and also from Job 5:26. This aged brother was loved and respected by all who knew him. He leaves three sons and a host of relatives and friends to mourn his departure, but they do not mourn as those without hope. May the Lord abundantly bless those who so faithfully ministered to this loved one during his sickness.

Roth. - On the 15th of Dec., 1905, at Springfield, Oregon, by drowning, Jacob B., son of Daniel and Susanna Roth; aged 24 Y., 3 M., 12 D. He was born in Washington Co., Iowa, Sept. 3, 1881. He was working in the saw-mill, and his work was to hook the chain onto the logs as they came up out of the water to draw them to the saw. They stopped the mill to change saws and while they were making the change, he went out on the pond to get in a large log to try the sawyers. This was at 4:15 in the morning, he being on the night shift. The body was found at 8 a. m. in sixteen feet of water. It was a great shock to the family and to all who knew him, and a loud call to all, especially to those yet out of Christ. So let us live that when death comes in such an hour as we think not, we may be ready to meet the call. The landlady, with whom he boarded, wrote to his parents. She said, the last evening when he got up he seemed very sad, talked very little, ate very little supper, and went to work later than usual. They said to him, he was homesick, but he replied that he was not. It seemed as though there was something resting heavily on his mind, but no one knew what it was. The landlady also stated that they all liked him, and that while there he had made many friends and all feel their loss very keenly. She also stated that there was nothing bad about him, and we hope it is well with him. It is indeed a blessed thought when our friends die, to have the hope that it is well with them; but on the other hand, how sad, when any one is called away in an unsaved condition. He was buried in the Knox Butte cemetery, Dec. 17th, in the presence of an unusually large concourse of relatives, neighbors and acquaintances. It was the largest funeral the writer ever witnessed in Oregon. The deceased leaves his parents, five brothers and three sisters to mourn his early death. Two brothers and one sister preceded him in death. Services by Christian Gerig and J. P. Bontrager from Isa. 38:1, "Thus saith the Lord, Set thine house in order, for thou shalt die and not live."

 Week 2: January 11, 1906, page 15
Vol. XLIII, No. 2

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Correction.-In the Solomon Beery obituary the reference to the text should have been 2 Cor. instead of 1 Cor.-J. A. H.

Pfile - On the 19th of Dec., 1905, in McPherson Co., Kan., from the effects of injuries sustained by falling from a barn, Christian Pfile, aged 60 Y., 11 M., 20 D. His remains were sent to his former home in Somerset Co., Pa., where funeral services were conducted at the Stahl M. H. by S. 0.\tab Shetler and Elmer Blough. He left Pennsylvania some forty years ago and for most of this time resided in Iowa, and about a year ago removed to Kansas. He leaves four sisters and many friends to mourn his death.

Blough - On the 7th of Dec., 1905, hear Vistula, Elkhart Co., Ind., Sister Christiana, wife of Joseph P. Blough; aged 65 Y., 4 M., 26 D. Her maiden name was Stayrock. She was born in Mifflin Co., Pa., and was a faithful member of the Amish Mennonite church since her girlhood. She was married to her surviving husband, Jan. 31, 1860. She was the mother of three sons and seven daughters. She was a devoted Christian, a kind and loving wife and mother and enjoyed a wide circle of friends and relatives, who, besides her husband and children, mourn her death, but we all have the assurance that we need not mourn as those who have no hope, and that our loss is her eternal gain. Her remains were consigned to the keeping of Mother Earth at the Pleasant Valley (Dunkard) M. H. A large concourse of sorrowing friends and neighbors followed her to the last resting place on the 10th, where services were conducted by Bish. D. D. Johns, from Isa. 12:2, assisted by Jacob Fike. Peace to her soul.

Loganbill - Peter Loganbill died at his home in Moniteau Co., Mo., of the infirmities of old age, Dec. 9, 1905; aged 76 Y., 11 M., 1 D. He was born in Wayne Co., Ohio, Jan. 8, 1829. He was the father of fourteen children: two preceded him to the spirit world. He lived in matrimony 45 years, 5 months, 10 days. Anna Loganbill, his wife, preceded him to eternity almost nine years. Buried in the Bethel graveyard Dec. 11th. Funeral services conducted by D. D. King in the German language and by D. F. Driver in English. Text, Psa. 90:12.

Detweiler - On the 28th of Dec., 1905, near Souderton, Pa., of diseases due to old age, Henry M. Detweiler, aged 78 years. His widow, two sons and three daughters and many other relatives mourn their loss. Burial on New Year's Day at the Franconia M. H.

Helmuth - On Dec. 25, 1905, at Garden City, Mo., Sister Nova B. Helmuth, daughter of Christian and Barbara Kauffman; aged 27 Y., 8 M., 26 D. While her sufferings were very great, she bore them with Christian fortitude and patience and was ready and willing to depart. She was married to Bro. Samuel D. Helmuth, Dec. 24, 1899. She leaves a husband, two children, parents, two sisters, three brothers and many friends to mourn her death, but we believe our loss is her eternal gain. Funeral services were held at the Bethel M. H. by John B. Hartzler and C. S. Hauder from 2 Tim. 4:6-8. Peace to her memory.

Dintaman - On Dec. 23, 1905, near Garden Mo., Bro. Matthew Dintaman, aged 62 Y., 2 M., 28 D., with a complication of diseases. Death removed our brother from the cares and troubles of this world to the glory and happiness of the world to come. He was born in Lancaster Co., Pa. With his parents he moved to Wayne Co., Ohio. From there to Jasper Co., Mo., and finally to Cass Co. Mo., where he died. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite church. He was an active worker in the Bethel congregation until death removed him. Services were conducted at the Bethel M. H. from the text, Gen. 3:19, by Pre. Hauder and J. E. Hartzler, of the Bethel congregation, and Bish. Hartzler, of the Sycamore Grove congregation. Thus our heavenly Father saw fit to remove the head of another family, leaving the wife, one son and two daughters to mourn the loss of a kind husband and father. The brother bore his sufferings with great patience. He chose his text and the ministers who were to conduct his funeral services. He plead earnestly for all his neighbors and friends to meet him in heaven.

 Week 3: January 18, 1906, page 24
Vol. XLIII, No. 3

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Huffman - On the 25th Dec., 1905, in Bratton Twp., Mifflin Co., Pa., Barbara Huffman, aged 77 years. She left her home well in the morning with one of her daughters to visit one of her grandchildren, and when they arrived at the place, while leaving the buggy she was overtaken with heart trouble and died while being taken into the house. Sister Huffman united with the A. M. church in May, 1903. She was of a kind and loving disposition and was liked by everybody who knew her. She leaves three brothers and two sisters. Her husband preceded her some time ago, he being a member of the Dunkard church since the spring of 1903. She was the mother of seven children of whom two sons and four daughters are living; also 50 grandchildren, of whom 42 are living, 18 great-grandchildren, of whom 14 are living. Funeral on Dec. 28th, conducted by Bish. Michael Yoder and Pre. J. C. Swigart from 1 Sam. 20:3, latter clause, and by Bish. John E. Kauffman from Deut. 32:9, first clause.

Hoffman - On the 23d of Dec., 1905, near Shambaugh, Ia., Dea, Henry L. Hoffman, aged 77 Y., 4 M., 8 D. He was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Aug. 15, 1828. On Aug. 5, 1852, he was married to Barbara Beery, who died May 20, 1855. To this union one child was born, who died in infancy. After the death of his first wife he was again married to Magdalena Good, on Aug. 4, 1859, who, with four sons, two daughters and five grandchildren, survives him. All the children were at his bedside the last few days he lived. Two sisters also survive him. In 1864 he moved to Iowa, where he spent the remainder of his life, except five years spent in Jasper Co., Mo. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite church for fifty years or more and was also deacon in the church for many years. Although in the past few years of his life he had not the privilege of attending the church of his faith, he was always found firm in his belief. Funeral services were held at the home, Dec. 24th, conducted by Pre. Newcomer, of the Church of God. Text, Job 5:26. Interment in the Butler cemetery.

Kauffman - On the 18th of Nov., 1905, near Gap, Lancaster Co., Pa., of diphtheria, Alvin Kauffman, only child of Bro. Jonathan and Sister Annie Kauffman; aged 5 Y. 3 M., 28 D. It was very hard to give up their little boy, as he was sick only a few days when death called him to that home where there is no pain or sorrow. Little Alvin was a bright child and beloved by all who knew him. Shortly before he died he said he was going to Jesus. May the parents comfort themselves with the thought that their precious little one is now safe in the arms of Jesus. He was buried in the Millwood graveyard. No funeral was held on account of the disease.

Beachey - On the 1st of Jan., 1906, near Grantsville, Md., of the infirmities of old age, Elizabeth, widow of the late Bish. Joel Beachey; aged 89 Y., 9 M., 1 D. Her husband died twelve years ago last June. She is survived by four children (one son and three daughters) and three brothers. She was a member of the Amish Mennonite church and her remains were laid to rest beside those of her husband. She was a faithful and devoted companion, a good, kind mother, and ever faithful to her church and her religious convictions. A large circle of relatives and friends mourn her death.

Pontius - On Jan. 5, 1906, in Elkhart, had., suddenly of heart disease, from which he had been suffering for some time, Franklin Pontius, aged 60 Y., 6 M. 23 D. He was born in Stark Co., Ohio, June 18, 1845. He leaves to mourn his sudden death a sorrowing companion, at aged father, three daughters and two grandchildren. He was buried on Sunday, the 7th. Funeral services were conducted at the Mennonite M. H. in Elkhart, by George Lambert and John F. Funk, from Isa. 38:1, "Set thine house in order, for thou shalt die and not live." The funeral was largely attended. The Lord bless the mourning heart and comfort them with the blessed promises of his word.

Kindig - On the 4th of Jan., 1906, in Lancaster, Pa., of tuberculosis, Mattie L., widow of the late Christian Kindig, Jr.; aged 56 years. Her maiden name was Hess and her former residence in Manor township. She leaves five daughters, two brothers (one of them a missionary in China); Dr. Amelia L. Hess of Philadelphia, a sister, and Elizabeth Hess, her mother, also survive. Burial at the Millersville Mennonite M. H. on the 8th.

Shank - On Jan. 5. 1906, in Lancaster Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., of pneumonia, Jacob H. Shank, son of Harry H. Shank, in the 24th year of his age. He is survived by his parents, two sisters and one brother. Buried at the Stone M. H., near New Danville, on the 7th inst.

Brenneman - On the 3d of Jan., 1906, at the Masonville Mennonite meeting-house, where he was attending a missionary meeting, suddenly, Benjamin K. Brenneman of Manor township: aged about 70 years. He was taken with heart disease, fell over and expired in a few minutes. He is survived by a sorrowing companion, five sons, and one daughter. Burial took place at the Masonville Mennonite M. H. on the 6th.

Lehman - Tobias Lehman died on the 5th of Jan., 1906, at the home of his son-in-law, John J. Kaufman, near Davidsville, Somerset Co., Pa., aged 74 Y., 7 M., 5 D. He was married to Nancy Custer, Oct. 24, 1852. To this union were born three sons and three daughters. His wife died March 2, 1903. He is survived by four brothers, five sisters, two daughters, ten grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Bro. Lehman was a faithful member of the Mennonite church, and served as deacon for many years. He was interested in the welfare of the church. Funeral services on the 8th were conducted at the Kaufman Amish M. H. by L. A. Blough, S. Gindlesperger, Alex. Weaver and S. D. Yoder. Text, 2 Tim. 4:6-8.


Miller - On Jan 7, 1906, near Middlebury, Ind., Leota Fern, daughter of Abraham L. and Mary E. Miller; aged 1 Y., 8 M., 19 D. Funeral services were held at the Forks M. H. by Bish. I. J. Buchwalter of Ohio. May God comfort the bereaved parents, who have now buried their third and last daughter.

Miller - Fannie Miller was born in Somerset Co., Pa., Dec. 14, 1839: died in Lagrange Co., Ind., Dec. 29, 1905; aged 66 Y., 15 D. She was a daughter of Solomon and Rachel Lehman Miller, who had nine children, of whom T. L. Miller is the only survivor. Fannie united with the Clinton A. M. congregation, Sept. 13, 1857. She married John M. Kauffman, Nov. 24, 1859. She had in this marriage two sons and one daughter. Her first husband, Kauffman, died Jan. 9, 1871. Some years later she married Pre. Christian Miller. They also had three children, one son and two daughters. She had fourteen grandchildren living and nine dead. Her seat was never vacant in the Forks M. H. when she was able to go. Funeral services were held Dec. 31st at the meeting-house, where she had been such a faithful attendant so many years. Services were conducted by D. D. Miller and D. J. Johns from Job 5:26. A large concourse of friends and neighbors were assembled to pay the last tribute of love to one so near and dear to them.

Herr - On the 5th of Jan., 1906, near Mountville, Lancaster Co., Pa., of the effects of a stroke of paralysis, in which he was taken on Christmas, David S. Herr, in the ninetieth year of his age. He was born near Millersville, June 14, 1816, and was a member of the Old Mennonite Church. His wife, who died thirty-eight years ago, was Elizabeth Denlinger. He leaves one daughter and three sons, besides 16 grandchildren and 35 great-grandchildren. Funeral was held on the 9th at the Millersville Mennonite M. H., where appropriate services were held. He was laid to rest in the adjoining graveyard.

Hershey - On the 7th of Jan., 1906, in Paradise Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., of the infirmities of old age, Magdalena Hershey, widow of Christian Hershey, in her eighty-second year. She leaves four daughters and five sons to mourn her death. Buried on the 10th at the Hershey's meeting-house.

Detweiler - On the 4th of Jan., 1906, in Dublin, Bucks Co., Pa., after a brief illness, Mary, widow of the late Jacob M. Detweiler; aged 57 years. She was buried in the Deep Run Mennonite burying ground.

Alderfer - On the 7th of Jan., 1906, at the residence of her brother, Jacob Alderfer, near Harleysville, Montgomery Co., Pa., of dropsy, Mary F. Alderfer, aged 85 Y., 5 M., 27 D. She was buried in the Salford burying-grounds, and is survived by her brother.

 Week 4: January 25, 1906, page 31, 32
Vol. XLIII, No. 4

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Thiessen - John Thiessen was born Aug. 10, 1837, in West Prussia, Europe; at the age of 14 he went with his parents to Russia, from whence he came to America in 1874 with many others who left that country for conscience sake, on account of the change in the laws regarding military duty. He settled in Kansas where he has since resided. He was married to Elizabeth Siemens in 1893, who survives him. He died on the 21st of December, 1905, after suffering for ten months of cancer of the stomach. He suffered in patience and looked forward with calm resignation to the time of his release. Burial on the 24th.

Regehr - On the 28th of Dec., 1905, near Inman, Kan., of consumption, Aaron Regehr, aged 77 Y., 1 M., 18 D. Buried on Jan. 1, 1906. Deceased was born near Sparrau, Russia, and emigrated to this country in 1874. He leaves a wife and several children to mourn his departure.

Becker - On the 28th of Dec., 1905, near Mountain Lake, Minn., after a protracted illness from bone-file. Bro. Abraham B. Decker, son of Benjamin Decker; aged 18 years. He had been a cripple for some years from the disease, but the end came suddenly, yet not unexpectedly, and he was prepared for the end, and after bidding his parents, brothers and sisters good-bye, he calmly awaited the end, trusting in his Savior. Buried on the 30th at the Becker M. H.

Shertz - On the 14th of Jan., 1906, in Strasburg, Lancaster Co., Pa., after a long illness of Bright's disease, J. Hervey Shertz, aged 65 years. He was a member of the Mennonite church, and leaves a widow, three sons, one brother and two sisters. Funeral services were held on the 17th at the Strasburg Mennonite M. H. Interment in the cemetery adjoining.

Saylor - On the 13th of Jan., 1906, at the home of Amos S. Kauffman in Lancaster, Pa., Catharine, relict of the late William Saylor, formerly of Penn Twp.; aged 74 years. She leaves three sons and three daughters to mourn her death. Funeral on the 17th. Buried in the Longenecker cemetery. Peace to her ashes.

Musser - On the 13th of Jan., 1906, two miles east of Columbia, Lancaster Co., Pa., of pneumonia of which he suffered about a week, Christian R. Musser, in his 62d year. His wife and three sons and two daughters survive. He was well and favorably known in the community in which he lived. Funeral services on the 17th at the Mountville Mennonite M. H. Burial in the cemetery adjoining.

Huber - On the 13th of Jan., 1906, in West Lampeter Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., of the infirmities of old age, Sister Maria Huber, wife of Bro. David Huber; aged 82 years. She leaves her aged husband, three sons, one daughter and a host of other relatives and friends to mourn her death. Burial at the Brick M. H. May God comfort the bereaved brother in his affliction.

Troyer - Bish. David A. Troyer of Charm, Ohio, passed away Sunday morning, Jan. 7, 1906, at the age of 78 Y., 7 M., 24 D. He seemed in usual health in the evening when he retired, and next morning he was found dead in his bed. He was a faithful minister in the Amish Mennonite church, and was widely known and esteemed. Funeral services by Joni J. Troyer, Henry Mast, Moses Coblentz and Daniel Yoder. The funeral was largely attended. God comfort the bereaved family and congregation.

Gotwals - On the 18th of Dec., 1905, at the residence of her son-in-law, James G. Detwiler, in Montgomery Co., Pa., Mary Gotwals, widow of the late Joseph S. Gotwals, at the advanced age of 91 Y., 9 M., 26 D. Her death was due to paralysis of the heart, from which she peacefully and calmly passed away from life on earth to the life eternal, leaving four sons and two daughters to mourn their loss. Two daughters preceded her. The grandchildren of the deceased number 39, and the great-grandchildren, 24. The funeral was held on the 24th. Burial in the Providence Mennonite cemetery, where a large concourse of relatives and friends gathered, to whom the ministering brethren J.H. Mack, Jacob Heatwole, J. H. Hunsberger and H. K. Wismer spoke words of comfort, the first two at the M. H. and the last two at the house. Text, Rev 14:13
M. D.

Blough - On the 9th of Jan., 1906, very suddenly at his home in Holsopple, Pa., John D. Blough, aged 71 Y., 5 M., 9 D. He had been engaged at his evening work as usual and had lain down on the lounge to rest, when he fell asleep, and from sleep passed into the sleep of death. It is another loud call to us that we should be at all times ready to meet death. Funeral services on the 11th at the U. B. church at Holsopple, where he had been a faithful member for many years. Services by Pre. Buffington and S. D. Yoder. Text, Psa. 4:8.

Beutler -Sister Charlotte, wife of Jacob Beutler, died Jan. 13, 1906, aged 70 Y., 7 M., 13 D. She was born in Wolfonton, Germany, in 1835, and came to America in 1862. She resided for a while at Cincinnati, Ohio, and then went to Rock Island. Ill., where her first husband. Mr. Hine, died. She afterward married Peter Robinson, with whom she went to Newton, Kan., where she lived until after his death. Two years ago, on Jan. 12. 1904, she was married to Jacob Beutler of Canton, Kan. Although her stay among us here was brief, she had won many friends, being always of a cheerful, hopeful disposition. During her last illness she smilingly said she was preparing to go home and that she wished God's will to be done. Besides her husband she leaves one son. Funeral services were held Jan. 16th. Preaching in German by Peter Buller from John 11:20-27, and in English by D. A. Diener from 2 Tim. 4:7.

Shaum - Amos Shaum was born Nov. 21, 1819, died Dec. 14, 1905, aged 86 Y, 23 D. He with his parents moved from Pennsylvania to Wayne Co., Ohio, when he was ten years of age. In this vicinity he lived ever since. He was married to Anna Sechrist, Nov. 4, 1847. Two daughters were born to them. His wife died Nov. 17, 1853, and he was again united in marriage to Mary Eicher, Aug. 12. 1855, to whom were born seven children, five surviving; of 32 grandchildren 27 are living, also two great-grandchildren. Short services were held at the home of his son-in-law, A. W. Brownson (where he had been cared for the last four months), by Henry Hurst. His aged wife was not able to follow to the place of burial, which was held at the Chester Mennonite M. H., where appropriate remarks were made by Isaac Good and Peter Imhou.

Shaum - Mary, widow of Amos Shaum, died of pneumonia Jan. 4, 1906, just three weeks after her husband; aged 78 Y, 9 M., 23 P. This brings double grief to the surviving children who had hoped to ease her life in caring for her, because she exercised such great patience in caring for him and trying to satisfy his every want, which were many as his mind had grown feeble; but their loss is her eternal gain, as we have reason to believe that she fell asleep in Jesus. Services by Henry Horst and Daniel Marten at the same place as above.

Schmucker - On Jan. 6. 1906, Sister Lydia Schmucker, wife of Joel Schmucker, died at her home near Springhill, Fulton Co., Ohio, at the age of 54 Y., 3 M., 1 D. after having suffered with cancer for quite a while. She was a faithful member of the Amish Mennonite church for many years. She is survived by her husband, three sons two daughters, nine grandchildren, an aged father, brothers, sisters and a host of friends and relatives to mourn her death. During her sickness she had many pains, but bore them with Christian fortitude. She had a great desire to depart from this world and be with Christ. Sister Schmucker was well known throughout the entire community and will be greatly missed as a true and devoted mother in the family. We believe that she died in peace, in the hope of a glorious resurrection. Funeral services at the A. M. M. H, conducted by P. J. Johns in English (text, John 8:51) and Christian Freyenberger in German.

Transcribed by: Ron Garber, Kansas

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