Gospel Witness Obituaries - March, 1907

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Gospel Witness - Volume 2, Number 49 - March 6, 1907, pages 783 and 784

WEAVER.-Lister, son of H. J. and Barbara Weaver, died on Feb. 18, 1907; aged 1 y. 7 m. 28 d. Funeral services were held at the Walnutcreek A. M. Church, conducted by M. A. Mast and S. H. Miller.

SOMMERS. - Near Waupecong, Miami Co., Ind., Esta, daughter of Joseph and Mary Sommers, died Feb. 6, 1907; aged 2y. 3m. 28d. Funeral services on Feb. 8, by Bish. E. A. Mast in German and N. M. Slabaugh in English from Mark 10:13-15. May God bless the bereft family.

WEIRICH.-Jerry, infant son of Abraham K. and Mattie Weirich was born July 24 1906, and died Feb. 20, 1907; aged 6 m. 27 d. Funeral services at the Shore M. H., La Grange Co., Ind., conducted by Yost Miller and S. E. Weaver, from Matt. 19:14. May God bless the bereaved family.

MARTIN.-Sister Anna (Hursh) Martin died at her home in Mechanicsburg, Cumb. Co., Pa., on Jan. 15, 1907; aged 83y. l0m. l0d. Funeral services were held in the Slate Hill Mennonite Church conducted by Bish. Benj. F. Zimmerman, assisted by Sam'l Hess and the Lutheran minister E. D. Weigle. Interment at the same place. Sister Martin leaves two sons, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. For many years she had been a consistent member of the Mennonite church, and was a descendant of one of the first families to settle in the country immediately west of the Susquehanna.

REYNOLD-George Andrew Reynold was born in Washington Co., Md., Oct. 28, 1832, and died Feb. 24, 1907; aged 75y. 3m. 27d. All his years were spent in the county where he was born and died. For many years he was a member of the Reformed church, but finding the Mennonite church nearer his faith, he changed his church home about six years ago; since which time he was a warm-hearted brother in the Stauffer Mennonite congregation. He leaves one son, five daughters and a host of friends to mourn his departure. Funeral services at the Stauffer M. H. on Tuesday, February 26, by Geo. S. Keener, Denton Martin and Daniel Kauffman. Text, Rev. 14:13. May God comfort the bereaved, and may none of them be satisfied without choosing the Savior, in whom he had lived and died.

MAST.-Verna May, daughter of Noah and Malinda Mast, was born April 14, 1893; died Feb. 20, 1907; aged 13y. l0m. 6d. She leaves father, mother, brother, two sisters and a host of friends, to mourn her early departure. A sister having preceded her to the great beyond. Services were held at the Walnutcreek A. M. Church, conducted by S. H. Miller and M. A. Mast.

Beautiful sleeper, robed for the grave,
All our efforts were hopeless to save,
Hope lingered with us as long as the breath-
Thou wast triumphant and claimed her, Oh Death.

Beautiful sleeper, never till now
Did smile so angelic encircle thy brow,
Gaze on her tenderly yet while we may,
Ere earth's clay forever will hide her away.

Beautiful sleeper, life's work is done,
Earth's scenes are ended, heaven's begun.
Gained is the city thou one day would'st win,
Pearly gates opened and ushered thee in.
D. W.

EBY.-Bro. Jonas W. Eby was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Nov. 26, 1823 and died in Maugansville, Md., Feb. 10, 1907; aged 83y. 2m. l4d. In 1852 he was married to Susannah Hershey, who, with four sons and three daughters, survive him. In 1866 he moved from Lancaster to the Reiff's district, Washington Co., Md., where he spent the remaining portion of his earthly pilgrimage. Bro. Eby was converted and united with the Mennonite church in 1858, and remained a consistent member to the end. For nearly 54 years he bore the cross of Christ, and then the Lord called him home. Funeral services at Reiff's Church, Feb. 18, conducted by Geo. S. Keener and C. R. Strite. Text, Job 5:26. May God in His infinite wisdom and goodness comfort the grief-stricken family and sorrowing friends, and move each of them to "walk in newness of life" towards the Home where our departed brother is at rest.

WEAVER-Samuel A. Weaver met with an untimely death at York, Pa., on Feb. 24, 1905;** aged l6y. 6m. 18d. His death was caused by a bullet fired from a revolver in the hands of a drunken man. There was apparently no provocation on the part of young Weaver to cause the murderous act. The unfortunate young man was a son of the late Abram L. Weaver of Chambersburg, Pa. His mother, Mary Weaver, lives at No. 28 East Jackson St., York, Pa., where he had his home. The body was brought to the home of his uncle, Charles Stratton, 182 W. Market St., Chambersburg, from which place the funeral was held on Feb. 27, with services at the Mennonite church by J. S. Burkholder. Text, Psalm 30:5. Scripture lesson read, Job. 14:1-15. Hymns sung Nos. 81, 122, 'Hymns and Tunes.' His body was laid to rest beside that of his father in the church burying-ground. Besides his widowed mother, he is survived by three sisters, all at home. Much sympathy is shown them in their sad bereavement. Our prayer is that they may be able to do as Psalm 55:22 teaches and receive the promised blessing.
J. E. L.
** transcriber's note: This is the March 1907 GW. Could year of death as given (1905) be incorrect?

HARTZLER-Vernon S. Hartzler, only son of Jonas S. and Fannie Hartzler, was born in Noble county, Indiana, Oct. 24, 1881, and died in Goshen, Indiana, Feb. 20, 1907; aged 25 y. 4 m. 2 d. Brother Vernon had taken a preparatory course in the Elkhart Institute. A few years ago he began a course of Engineering at the Purdue University, but was obliged to return home a little more than a year ago because of poor health. While he had been getting stronger, and we hoped that he would regain his former health, he was taken down with typhoid fever in August, which later developed into tuberculosis. He, with his father, left for La Junta Col., in November, expecting to receive benefit from that climate; but after improving for a while he again grew worse. He lived only a little over three weeks after returning home. As a student, we always knew him as a faithful and thorough worker; as an associate, a congenial and stable friend and companion; in the home he was a loyal and an obedient son, and as a Christian, he lived a quiet, unassuming and victorious life. His voice was seldom heard in public, but he lived true to his deepest convictions, being willing to do anything that the Lord would ask of him, even to go to the uttermost parts of the earth. In his long sickness, he was not only resigned to his lot; but was anxious to go to his eternal reward and welcome death with a smile. The funeral services were conducted at the home of his parents on S. 8th St., by Bro. I. W. Royer, using Psa. 10:11 for his text. He was assisted by D. J. Johns. Since not all could be accomodated at the home, another service was held at the College at the same time. Bro. I. K. Bixler preached in that service from Num: 23:10, last part.-R. S.

MILLER.-Ferne Pauline, only daughter of Bro. Anson amid Sister Maude Miller, was born in Iowa Co., Iowa, Dec. 12, 1905; died Feb. 21, 1907, of inflammation of the brain and bowel trouble. Little Ferne was sick only 28 hours. The parents and little Ferne were at church on Sunday and the little child looked as healthy and hearty as any one and she was as happy as could be and this was the last time the parents and little Ferne were at church together. This was certainly a great shock to the many friends and especially to the parents. We sometimes cannot understand why it is that such little ones are taken from their lovely homes, and from their parents, but it is for the best and we must say, 'God's will be done.' It is hard to part with such little ones but perhaps the Lord saw that something might come over this little jewel that it would be better to take her to her heavenly home while in her innocency. Then the parents can rejoice that they have a family started in heaven. Last spring the mother's sister was laid to rest and it was hard for her to part from her, but it is harder yet to part with her only child. But we must give God the glory. He gave and he also taketh away. The only advice we can give to the bereaved parents and mourning friends is that they cling close to Jesus and try to live such lives that they can have the joy of meeting those loved ones who have gone before. Funeral services were held Saturday, Feb. 23, 1907, at West Union by A. I. Yoder and J. K. Yoder from Jer. 31:15,16. She was aged ly. 2m. 9d.
She has gone from us forever;
She has faded like the flowers;
But she's gone to bloom-unblushing,
In a fairer land than ours.

Transcribed by: Nancy Regan, Washington

Gospel Witness - Volume 2, Number 50 - March 13, 1907, pages 799 and 800

CULP.-Henry Adam Culp was born near Nappanee, Ind., July 19, 1878; after a week's sickness at the home of Dea. H. V. Albrecht near Tiskilwa, Ill., where he had been working for the past year, he died Feb. 28, 1907; aged 28 y. 7 m. 9 d. He was a faithful member of the A. M. Church and departed this life with a living faith in his Savior. Funeral services near Tiskilwa, on Mar. 7, by S. Garber and A. Good, after which the remains were taken to Nappanee, Ind., where his parents reside, and funeral services were held in the Mennonite Church Mar. 4, by D. J. Johns and D. D. Miller.

MOLDON.-Catherine (Graybill) Moldon, widow of the late John Moldon, died at her home in Wainfleet Twp., Welland Co., Ont., Jan. 23, 1907, of the infirmities of old age. She was born Feb. 5, 1822. Her age was 85y. 11m. 18d. She had been a faithful member of the Mennonite church in Bertie Twp., and lived a pious and exemplary Christian life. She leaves a sister, a daughter and two grandsons who mourn her departure but who certainly have the comfort of knowing that their loved one is at rest in Christ. Interment in the family burying-ground in Wainfleet. Services on Jan. 27, by S. F. Coffman.

CULP.-Catherine, widow of the late Isaac R. Culp, passed away at her home in Clinton Twp., Lincoln Co., Ont., Feb. 21, 1907, at the advanced age of 89y. 7m. 2d. Sister Culp had been remarkably well-preserved with an excellent memory and until this winter had been in excellent health, when she became afflicted with dropsy. She had been faithful in her Christian life, enjoying the fellowship of God's people. A very large concourse of friends assembled on the day of the funeral, Feb. 25. Services were conducted by Ezra Rittenhouse of South Cayuga at the Moyer M. H. Text, Heb. 4:9. She was buried in the adjoining church-yard.

FRETZ.-Jacob Fretz was born Dec. 16, 1838, in South Twp., Lincoln Co., Ont. He was stricken with paralysis, and after a few weeks of helplessness quietly passed away on Feb. 1, 1907, at his home near Jordan, Ont. His companion preceded him a few years ago. Five sons and two daughters yet remain, and while they are thus bereft of both parents it is not without a hope of being again united with them. He was a member of the Old Mennonite church. Funeral services were conducted on Feb. 4, at the Moyer M. H. by S. F. Coffman. Text, II Cor. 5:9. Interment in the burying-ground adjoining.

GOOD.-On March 2, 2907*, near Bowmansville, Pa., Sarah K. Good, wife of Ezra Good, aged 48 y. 10 m. 16 d., died of cancer in the stomach; she suffered a great deal for some time though her affliction worked for her a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. She united with the Mennonite Church about five years ago and was a consistent member till her death. She peacefully fell asleep in Jesus with a full assurance of meeting her loved ones who crossed the river before her. Buried on the 6. Services at the Bowmansville Church with interment in adjoining cemetery. Services were conducted by Bish. Benj. Weaver in German and N. B. Bowman in English. Peace to her ashes. WM. G. GOOD.

*Transcriber's note: probably should be 1907

SHERK.-Eliza (Springer), widow of the late _______ Sherk, passed away at her home near Sherkston, Welland Co., Ont., Feb. 4, 1907; aged 88y. 9m. 8d. Sister Sherk was quite well till within a few days of her death, when a cold and Lagrippe soon brought her to her end. She lived with her son-in-law, David Knisley, who gave the aged mother every attention. The home will be lonely without her. She was always devoted to her Christian life and was for many years a faithful member of the Mennonite church. Funeral services were held Feb. 7, at the home of S. F. Coffman. The body was laid to rest in the family burying-ground on the farm.

KRATZ.-Susan (Houser), widow of the late Bro. Jacob Kratz, passed away at the home of her son-in-law, Bro. Ezra Rittenhouse, near Vineland, Ont., Feb. 10; aged 78y. 10m. 5d. She had an attack of pneumonia which continued for several weeks. She was not able to rally from this severe attack and passed quietly to her rest. Her life was well spent in faithful service and she was always earnest and consecrated in her Christian life. She leaves one son and one daughter, two sisters and one brother to mourn their loss. They indeed have a comforting hope left them. Funeral services were held Feb. 12, at the Moyer Church where interment was also made. Services by Noah Stauffer of Berlin, Ont. Text, Psa. 89:48.

KRAFT.-Ivan, son of William and Annie Kraft, died at the home of his parents, near Bridgeport, Ont., Jan. 21, 1907, after spending a little over ten years of this life as a sufferer, being the result of a disease which had laid hold on him when about eight years old. He was crippled thereby and was not enabled to enjoy this life as those of his companions who were more robust. He seemed to be contented with his lot and never murmured or complained but was resigned to the Master's will. Thus he departed this life with a glorious hope that in the world beyond he will enjoy himself with the saints in light. Interment on Feb. 24, in the Mennonite cemetery near Breslau, adjoining the Cressman Church. Funeral services were conducted by S. M. Hauch in German from Phil. 1:21 and by J. S. Woolner in English from Rev. 7:13, 14. May God comfort the bereaved family and may it be the means of leading us all a step nearer to our heavenly home.

SCHNECK.-Abraham Schneck was born Sept. 28, 1833, in Wayne Co., Ohio, and died Feb. 28, 1907; aged 73y. 5m. On Nov. 1 1855, he was married to Barbara Zuercher with whom he lived peacefully for over 49 years, when she was called away, leaving him to follow 1 year and 10 months later. Two daughters and five grandchildren also preceded him to the great beyond. In his early youth he united with the Sonnenberg Mennonite church and remained loyal thereto to the end. He very seldom missed any of the services or Sunday school when weather or health would permit him to be present. Although he suffered considerably in his last sickness he bore it patiently; and praised his Lord for the opportunity to prepare himself more fully to meet his God, even praying up to the last minute of his life. He leaves 6 children, 21 grandchildren, and one aged sister to mourn his departure, yet with the fondest hopes and best of confidence that he is now where pain and sorrow are no more. Funeral services were held March 2, from the Sonnenberg Church, where I. J. Buchwalter spoke in English and C. N. Amstutz in German.

Transcribed by: Nancy Regan, Washington

Gospel Witness - Volume 2, Number 51 - March 20, 1907, page 816

FASSACHT.-Sister Susan Fassacht died at the home of her son, Joel, on the evening of Feb. 22; aged 83 years. She was a member of the Mennonite Church for many years. Two sons and four daughters survive. Funeral was held on the 25. Services and interment at Weaverland. Bish. Benj. Weaver officiated.

HORST.-Lizzie, wife of Henry Horst, died at the home of her parents in Lancaster Co., Pa., on Feb. 11, after an illness of eleven days of nervous prostration; aged 19y. l0m. 2d. She was a member of the Mennonite Church and leaves many friends to mourn her early departure. Funeral was held on the 21. Services and internment at Weaverland. Bish. Jonas H. Martin and John S. Kurtz had charge.

SHIRK.-Anna, daughter of Benjamin and Lydia Shirk, died at her home in Lancaster Co., Pa., Feb. 14, after an illness of only one week of pneumonia; aged 22y. 2m. 14d. Funeral was held on the 17, at Lichty's M. H. Interment in the Zimmerman's graveyard. She was a member of the Mennonite Church and a very large concourse of friends had met to pay their last tributes of respect. Bish. Jonas H. Martin had charge of the services.

GOOD.-Sarah K., wife of Ezra Good, died at her home near Muddy Creek, Pa., on March 1; aged 48y. l0m. 16d. Her death was due to cancer of the stomach. She leaves a sorrowing husband and many friends to mourn her departure. She was a consistent member of the Mennonite Church. Funeral services were held March 6. Interment at Bowmansville; services in charge of Bish. Benj. Weaver and Bro. Noah Bowman. Text, Phil. 1:23.

WEAVER.-On Mar. 5, 1907, near Clover Hill, Rockingham Co., Va., of paralysis, David H. Weaver; aged 70y. 6m. 28d. From early life he has been a faithful member of the Mennonite Church. His wife preceded him to the spirit world nearly seven years ago. Two sons and three daughters survive him. Funeral services were held on the 7, at the Bank M. H. by L. J. and Jos. F. Heatwole. Text, I Cor. 15:40.
L. J. H.

MILLER.-Tobias L. Miller was born June 27, 1842, died Mar. 5, 1907, near Louisville, Ohio; aged 64y. 8m. 8d. He was buried near Smithville, Ohio, where the funeral services were held by D. Hostetler and C. Z. Yoder. Texts, Rom. 1:17, and Zech. 14:7. He came home from the home of his friends in Indiana about twelve days before he died, the cause of his death being tubercolous. In his last illness he was very patient and greatly enjoyed religious worship, apparently suffering very little. He passed away fully resigned to the will of the Lord.

Transcriber's note: ...cause of his death being tubercolous, spelled as printed.

HOOBER.-Alta May, daughter of Aaron and Mary Hoober, of New Holland, Pa., was born Aug. 25, 1893; died of neuralgia of the heart, Mar. 6, l907; aged 13 y. 6 m. 11 d. Being delicate from childhood, yet she was sick only a few days previous to her death. She is survived by father, mother, three brothers and one sister. She was a regular attendant in the Groffdale S. S. where she will be greatly missed as well as in the home where her voice is hushed, her footsteps are silent and her chair is vacant. She was a very obedient child. Alta has now crossed the chilly waters of the river of death and is standing on the shore of deliverance beckoning papa, mamma and the rest of the family to come that way. The services were held at the Groffdale M. H. by Benj. Weaver and Joseph Wenger. Buried in the city of time dead near by.
W. H. B.

Transcribed by: Nancy Regan, Washington

Gospel Witness - Volume 2, Number 52 - March 27, 1907, page 828

HOWE.-Martha Elisabeth, daughter of Earl and Rene Howe, died of convulsions, March 5, 1907; aged 18 days. Funeral services Mar. 7, at Union M. H. by J. C. Springer from II Sam. 12:23. Interment in union cemetery.

STECHTER.-Almon, son of Henry and Lucy Stechter, died Feb. 27, 1907; aged 2y. 3m. 27d. He was sick only two weeks with bowel trouble, which terminated in inflammation of the bowels. He leaves, besides his sorrowing parents, one sister and five brothers. Funeral services Mar. 1, at the Union M. H., conducted by J. P. Miller, B. B. King and J. C. Springer.

RINGENBERG.-Veronica Ringenberg was born April 12, 1832; died near Tiskilwa, Ill., March 11, 1907; aged 74y. l0m. 28d. She was united in matrimony with Christian Ringenberg in 1852. She leaves to mourn her departure one son and many friends, her daughter and husband having preceded her to their future home. She was a faithful member of the Amish Mennonite church to her end. Funeral services were conducted by J. Burcky and H. V. Albrecht.

STAKER.-Magdalena Staker was born in France, May 15, 1819; died in Tazwell Co., Ill., March 14, 1907; aged 87 y. 9 m. 29 d. She came to Ohio in 1837, united in marriage with Nicholas Staker in 1840, to which union were born eleven children; husband and three children preceded her to the spirit world. She came to Tazwell Co., Illinois in 1859, where she remained until death. She accepted accepted Christ in her young years and united with the A. M. Church in which she was faithful unto the end. Funeral services conducted by Daniel Roth and Samuel Gerber.

RESSLER.-Harry, son of William and Alice Ressler of Lancaster Co., Pa., was born Dec. 18, 1906; died March 1, 1907. Little Harry was only two months and ten days old, but the short time he was here he brought love and happiness to the home. While they are sorrowing over their loss, they may rejoice to look beyond, where they may some day meet their little one. We sometimes cannot understand why it is that God takes our little lambs. May they be willing to say, "Thy will, O Lord, be done." Funeral services were conducted on March 4, at the Paradise Mennonite Church by Christian Brackbill. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

FRIEDT.-Mary Friedt, daughter of Joseph and Mary Friedt, was born in Montgomery Co., Pa., Oct. 16, 1840. In the year 1852 she moved with her parents to Medina Co., O., where she lived until her death, which occured March 14, 1907. Aged 66 y. 4 m. 28 d. The cause of her death was sciatic rhuematism which affected the heart. She a member of the Mennonite Church for about thirty-five years. Four brothers and three sisters survive her. Three brothers and two sisters were present at the funeral. Funeral services were held at the Guilford Mennonite Church, March 17, conducted by Isaac Good in German and Edward Koppes in the English. Text, II Cor. 5:1-3.
She's gone never to return,
Gone to reap what she has sown;
Soon 'twill be that we must go,
Yes, to reap what now we sow.

KAUFFMAN.-Abbie Matilda (Smucker) Kauffman was born in Logan Co., Ohio, Jan. 20, 1875; died in Champaign Co., Ill., Mar. 13, 1907; aged 32y. 1m. 21d. She united in matrimony with Joseph W. Kauffman, Nov. 19, 1903. At the age of fifteen she united with the Amish Mennonite Church and lived a consistent member till death relieved her suffering. She leaves a sorrowing husband, one son, an aged mother, two brothers and three sisters to mourn her early departure. Her father, two brothers and one sister preceded her to the spirit world. Funeral was held at the Oak Grove Church in the presence of a very large concourse of friends. Services were conducted by S. E. Allgyer in English and David Plank in German.

BLEAM.-Mary Ann, daughter of Jonathan and Margaret Bleam, was born Jan. 13, 1856 in Bridgeport, Ont., and died in Bowne, Mich., Feb. 26, 1907; aged 5ly. 1m. l3d. About thirty years ago she came with her parents to Michigan and moved on a farm where she has lived since. About twenty-three years ago she became afflicted with rheumatism which gradually destroyed her health and deformed her body. For the past five years she has been confined to her bed a helpless cripple, suffering much at times. About nineteen years ago she gave her life to the Lord and united with the Mennonite Church and remained a faithful member till her death. She suffered much but she was always patient and willing to say, "Thy will be done." She was buried March 1, at the Bowne M. H. where services were held in English by Isaac Weaver and in German by Aaron Keller.

SOUDERS.-Amos Souders died at his home in Manor Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., March 2, 1907, of heart trouble; aged 72y. 9m. 24d. Two sons and three daughters mourn the loss of a kind father, but they sorrow not as those who have no hope. Bro. Sanders was a member of the Mennonite Church for many years. As he became weaker in the body he grew stronger in the spirit. Although unable to attend he was deeply interested in a series of meetings which were held in his home church, and requested that some of his relatives who are apparently living unconcerned as to their souls welfare, should be visited. Funeral services were held at the Masonville Church, March 15, by Amos Martin and Abram Herr. Interment was made in the adjoining cemetery. Another place is vacant in our church. As the older members leave us, one by one, we are forcibly reminded that upon the faithfulness of the present generation depends the future prosperity of the church.

NISSLEY.-Pre. Ephraim N. Nissley of Mt. Joy, Lancaster Co., Pa., passed from time to eternity at his home on Saturday, Mar. 9, 1907, at 8 p. m. He had suffered for two or more years from heart failure and other ailments and the morning of his death he suffered a stroke of paralysis which terminated fatally. He was conscious to the last and fully resigned to go, having a longing to enter his heavenly home. Just before his speech became inaudible he sang to himself the hymn, "I'm Going Home." He served in the capacity of minister for 28 years and died at the age of 65y 11m. l6d. He was of a loving disposition and much thought of by neighbors and congregation and loved by all who knew him. He had moved into his new home just two weeks before, but he gladly exchanged the earthly for the heavenly home. He is survived by his wife and four children, Joseph of Lancaster, Annie Stehman of East Hempfield, Emma and Mary at home. Funeral services were held at the Grabill Church on Mar. 13, where his voice had often been heard comforting the saints and warning the sinner. A large concourse of people gathered to pay the last tribute of respect. Services were conducted at the house by Peter Nissley, at the church by Bishs. J. N. Brubacher, Abram Herr, opened by Henry Longenecker. Texts, Heb. 13:7, 17 and II Tim. 4:5-8. Peace to his ashes.

BYLER-Nancy E. Byler, the seventh child in the family of Bish. David J. Zook, was born near Allensville, Mifflin Co., Pa., June 26, 1860, and died at her home near Belleville, Pa., Mar. 8, 1907; aged 46y. 8m. 12d. On Jan. 3, 1878 she was married to Joseph H. Byler (preacher). To this union were born nine children. With the exception of two years which were spent in Cass Co., Mo., she lived all her life in Mifflin Co. Early in life she gave her heart to Christ and united with the A. M. Church, and remained a faithful member to the end. She believed in and lived an active Christian, Spirit-filled life, manifesting a strong faith in prayer as a means of healing both soul and body, and for a number of years she was kept from an invalid life by constant prayer and faith. During this time the study of the Bible and the singing of Christian hymns were her chief delight. She always had a warm feeling for the unfortunate and often shared her home with those who were deprived of one. She was much interested in missions, but never had opportunity to do much in this direction herself, yet, "She hath done what she could." By living close to her Savior, she was enabled to live a life of contentment and amidst great bodily suffering say, "Joy, joy, joy." She realized that her end was near and was fully resigned to go, making arrangements for the funeral, selecting the hymns, text, and ministers to conduct the services. She suffered excruciating pain for six weeks before her death, but bore all patiently and peacefully fell asleep in Jesus. She is survived by her husband, two sons, five daughters, one brother and seven sisters. Funeral services were conducted at the Belleville Church before a large concourse of people by John E. Kauffman, John M. Yoder and S. G. Shetler. Text, Heb. 4: 9. Interment in the Allensville cemetery.

Transcribed by: Nancy Regan, Washington

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