Gospel Herald Obituaries - June, 1919

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Gospel Herald - Volume XII, Number 10 - June 5, 1919 - page 175, 176

Blosser. - Nancy Moyer Blosser was born Mar. 17, 1843; died at East Lewistown, Ohio, May 15, 1919; aged 76 y. 2 m. 8 d. On Sept. 23, 1884 she was married to Joel B. Blosser who preceded her to the spirit world Jan. 9, 1902. She is survived by 3 brothers and a sister. The death messenger came quietly and unexpectedly.
Her death was not known until the morning when she was found lifeless. Funeral services were conducted by E. M. Detweiler at Midway Church. Text, I Cor. 15:52-55. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

Huntsberger. - On May 11, 1919, Bro. Earl Emerson Huntsberger, oldest son of Bro. and Sister Samuel Huntsberger at Dalton, O., at the age of 21 y. 23 d. Bro. Earl accepted Christ and united with the Mennonite Church at the early age of fifteen years. He leaves his grandparents, father, mother, 5 brothers, 2 sisters, and many relatives and friends to mourn his departure. Funeral services were held at the Martin Church May 14, in the presence of a very large congregation of people by I. J. Buckwalter, Aaron Eberly, Ben Good, and R. Conrad.

Smith. - Goldie Priscilla, infant daughter of Bro. Charles and Sister Martha Smith, was born near Talmage, Pa., July 27, 1918; died May 26, 1919; aged 9 m. 26 d. She leaves a sorrowing mother and father, one sister, Laura, to mourn her early departure. Brief services were held at the house by Bro. Benj. Wenger, May 28, with further services at the Weaverland church conducted by Bro. J. W. Weaver. May God bless our dear Bro. And Sister in this their sad bereavement.

The gardener saw the beauty
Of the little one so fair;
He took His hand and plucked it,
And keeps it in His care.
B. S. H.

Friedt. - Sister Elizabeth Yoder Friedt was born in Mount Pleasant, Pa., Oct. 13, 1838. She was the oldest daughter of George and Christina Yoder. Her death on May 18, 1919, was due to having been struck by an auto the evening of May 17, on her way home from church. She had reached the advanced age of 80 y. 6 m. 18 d. She was married to Jacob B. Friedt in 1856. Their entire life was spent in the vicinity of Wadsworth, 0. To this union were born 5 daughters and 1 son. She united with the Mennonite Church at Guilford, Medina Co., O., at an early age and was a faithful member. Services were held at the Bethel Church on May 20, by J. M. Kreider, S. D. Rohrer, and I. J. Buckwalter.

Zook. - Sister Sylvia May Zook, daughter of Bro. and Sister Samuel Zook died April 10, 1919; aged 22 y. 2 m. 26 d. She leaves parents, four sisters, two brothers, and many relatives and friends to mourn her early departure. One sister preceded her seven years ago. She was a member of the A. M. Church near Greenwood, Del. Funeral services were conducted at the home of her parents by Nevin Bender from Isaiah 35:10. Her health was failing for about a year and the last three months of her life she spent in the Sanitarium at Marshallton, Del. She always bravely and cheerfully bore her lot. May our loss be her gain; and may we look with joy for the time when we may meet with all the ransomed ones above.
S. B.

Brenneman. - Edna Rebecca Good was born June 10, 1897; died March 30, 1919; aged 21 y. 9 m. 20 d. She accepted her Savior in her eleventh year and was true in her calling until death. She moved with her parents to Perry Co., O., ten years ago and was always interested in the Master's service, and especially in the recuperation of the Turkey Run church. She united in marriage with Bro. Hershel Brenneman Feb. 22, 1917, and soon afterward moved to Allen Co., O., where they happily continued in the Master's service until the Lord called her home. She leaves to mourn a husband and little son Carl Edwin, father, mother, brothers and sisters with a host of relatives and friends. Funeral services at the Salem church by John Blosser April 2. Text, John 11 :28. Her body was laid to rest in the Salem Cemetery.

Springer. - David P. Springer was born in Tazewell Co., Ill., in April, 1879; died in Upland, Calif., May 17, 1919. Bro. Springer was converted at the age of 15 years and remained true to his faith to the end. He was a member of the Mennonite Church at Hopedale, Ill. He leaves his wife and 4 daughters, an aged mother, a brother, and many other relatives and friends. Bro. Springer came to Upland last October, but the change of climate did not benefit him any, though all was done that loving hands could do, God saw best to take him home. Funeral services at the Brethren in Christ Church, with Bro. H. Byer in charge. Bro. M. C. Lapp preached the sermon from II Tim. 4:6-8. Sister Springer with the children left with the body for Illinois May 19. May God's richest blessing be theirs.

Groff. - Sister Lydia N., daughter of the late Bro. David and Sister Susanna Nolt Groff, was born April 18, 1861, near Martindale, Pa., died May 12, 1919; aged 58 y. 24 d. At the age of 18 years she gave her heart to Jesus and united with the Mennonite Church. Her death was the result of a burning accident just the day before. She suffered much, but bore it all patiently, till on Monday she peacefully fell asleep in Jesus. She is survived by 2 sisters and 2 brothers. Funeral May 15 with short services at the house continued at Groffdale Mennonite Church. Remains laid to rest in the adjoining cemetery, where the body now awaits the return of our Lord.
"When we leave this world of changes,
When we leave this world of care,
We shall find our missing loved one
In our Father's mansion fair."
By a niece.

Beyer. - Isaac C. Beyer of Worcester, Pa., died Apr. 29, 1919, of paralysis at his home where he was born and lived all his life, aged 79 y. 3 m. 4 d. He was one of the oldest members of the Worcester Mennonite Church. Short services at the home by Warren Bean and at the church by Jacob Clemens and Warren G. Bean, May 3. Burial at Worcester. Text, II Timothy 4:7,8. He is survived by his widow, 2 daughters, and 4 sons. He many times expressed the desire to depart and go to rest as be was feeble for several years.
The victory now is obtained;
He has gone his dear Savior to see;
His wishes he fully has gained,
He is now where he oft wished to be,
Then let none of us complain
That father has gone from our sight;
We soon shall behold him again
With new and redoubled delight.
Jacob A. Beyer.

Stutzman. - Jerry Stutzman was born in Holmes Co., Ohio, Apr. 23, 1863 ; died in Fairview, Mich., Apr. 27, 1919 of pneumonia; aged 56 y. 4 d. He was united in marriage to Rebecca King July 24, 1887. To this union were born 8 children. He leaves wife, 6 sons, 2 daughters, 11 grandchildren, this being the first death in the family. He also leaves 4 sisters, 1 brother, and many friends. He united with the Mennonite Church in Howard Co., Ind., about 20 years ago, of which church he was a member at death. Funeral services at the Mennonite Church in Fairview, Apr. 29, 1919, conducted by Bro. S. W. Sommers of Sunnyside. Body laid away in the Fairview Cemetery.
"One by one earth's ties are broken,
As we see our love decay ;
And the hopes we fondly cherished
Brighten but to pass away.
One by one our hopes grow brighter,
As we car the shining shore,
For we know across the river
Wait the loved ones gone before."

Wenger. - Hannah, widow of Jacob Wenger (who preceded her in death nearly forty years ago) was born near Edom, Va., April 9, 1834; died May 13, 1919; aged 85 y. 1 m. 4 d. About a year ago she had a stroke of paralysis which intensified the infirmities of body and mind and from which she never recovered. Her descendants number 108 souls (99 of whom are living), there being 11 children, 73 grandchildren, and 24 great-grandchildren. With but few exceptions, those of accountable years have accepted Christ as their Savior. Fifty are members of the Mennonite Church, in which she was a member for some sixty years. Her long and faithful service, we believe, has won for her a crown of glory. As we look back over the flight of many years and picture mother with the responsibility of a large family, especially after father,s death, we recall so vividly the many tears and sleepless nights of grave concern for us all, the desire that we keep good company, the counsels against wrongs of every kind, the encouragement to read the Bible, and kindred books, and the anxiety to have us accept Christ and unite with the church. We often heard her say, "After we have been in heaven ten thousand years we have no less days to sing God's praise, than when we first begun." Her body was removed from Denbigh, Va., where she had her home with her youngest daughter, Mrs. George R. Brunk, to the Lindale burying ground near Edom, Va., where services and interment took place on the 16th. Daniel Shank conducted the service at the home, and Lewis Shank and A. P. Heatwole at the church near the place of burial.
A. D. Wenger.

Transcribed by Carl M. Metzler, Goshen, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Volume XII, Number 11 - June 12, 1919 - page 200

Mann."Esther K., daughter of Bro. Ira K. and Sister Annie S. Mann, was born Oct. 31, 1918; died May 27, 1919 of convulsions. "Baby" lived here long enough to be dearly loved and, after one day's illness, God transplanted "Our Blossom" into a fairer garden. She is survived by her parents, four grandparents, and one great grandmother. She was laid to rest at Millersville, Pa. Services by J. C. Habecker and D. N. Lehman. Text: Luke 18:16. M. S. K.

Diller."Anna Burkholder was born in Cumberland Co., Pa., Nov. 2, 1837; died May 17, 1919, aged 81 y. 6 m. 15 d. She was married to Jacob Diller about 1862. To this union were born 7 children"3 boys and 4 girls"all of whom are living at the present time. Very early in life she became a member of the Mennonite Church, and continued a devoted member till her death.
She had been failing rapidly for the last year and passed away to her eternal home at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Priscilla Frickel at Ringwood, Okla. Her youngest son, Arba, had attended her faithfully during her illness. Funeral services were held at the Church of the Brethren near Nash, Okla., Tuesday May 20, by Bro. N. M. Lambert of Jet. Text II Tim. 4:7. By her son.

Shank."Martha Grove Shank, wife of Peter Shank was born in Autrim Twp., Franklin Co., Pa., Feb. 5, 1857; died at her home near Greencastle, Pa., May 13, 1919; aged 62 y. 3 m. 8 d. Death was due to a complication of diseases from which she had been a patient sufferer for over two years. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite church for many years. She leaves to mourn her departure a husband, two sons, two daughters (two children having preceded her in death), three sisters, two brothers and many other relatives and friends.

Funeral services were held from her home near Green castle also at Reiffs church near Mauganville at which place she was laid to rest. Services conducted by Bros. Geo. Keener and Christ Strite.

"Mother thou hast left us lonely
Here our loss we deeply feel
But 'tis God who hath bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal."

Springer."David Peter Springer was born in Little Mackinaw Township, Tazewell Co., Ill., Sept. 20, 1879; died at Upland, Cal., May 17, 1919, at the age of 39 y. 7 m. 27 d. He was united in marriage to Barbara Hieser Mar. 1, 1902. To this union were born two daughters. His wife, Barbara was called away Apr. 11, 1909. Sept. 7, 1910, he was united in marriage to Lena Augsburger. To this union were born four daughters, of which two preceded him to the grave. He leaves to mourn his departure, his wife, four daughters, his aged mother, four brothers, one sister and many relatives and friends. He united with the Amish Mennonite church and remained faithful to the end. Services were conducted at Upland in the Brethren church by Bro. M. C. Lapp. The remains were brought to Hopedale, Ill., for burial. Funeral services were conducted by the Brethren J. C. Birkey in German, and Samuel Gerber in English. B. S.

Parret."Catharine L. widow of the late Phillip H. Parret, died at the home of her daughter Mrs. Annie Cump in Chambersburg, Pa., after an illness of four weeks. She was born October 17, 1841; died May 28, 1919; aged 77 y. 7 m. 11 d. She is survived by one daughter, and six grandchildren, and many friends to mourn her departure.

She was a faithful member of the Chambersburg Mennonite Church. She was laid to rest on May 11 at the cemetery adjoining the Chambersburg Mennonite Church. Services by William Hege, and Jacob Clemens.

"Let your hands be folded, Mother;
Of toil they've done their share;
While our lives were young and tender,
How you watched with loving care!
We thank God for such a mother,
And the prayers for us you've prayed.
Great and blessed we shall call you;
May your precepts be obeyed."

--By her granddaughter, C. M. C.


Minnich."Sister Lillie F. Minnich daughter of the late J. W. Minnich died of consumption at her home at Dale Enterprise, Va., May 21, 1919; aged 46 y. 4 m. 15 d. The disease which ended her life began over seven years ago when she left an unfinished term of public school in Halifax Co., Va., and went to the Catawba Sanitarium near Salem, Va., for treatment where she remained for several years and graduated and served as a nurse until her father took sick when she came home and took charge of his business as merchant, postmaster, etc. After her father's death she continued in his business till the time of her death. She had been a public school teacher from early youth and we feel sure her life has been an inspiration to many of those who were under her charge. She united with the Mennonite church December 30, 1888 and lived a faithful, consistent life till her death. She was active in church work being Sunday school teacher a good many years. Her parents and one brother preceded her to the grave leaving an only brother to survive her. Funeral services were held on the 23rd at the Bank church conducted by S. H. Rhodes and J. W. Stearn from James 4:14, after which her body was laid to rest in the cemetery nearby.

Transcribed by Nancy Regan, Washington


Gospel Herald - Volume XII, Number 12 - June 19, 1919 - page 215

Greaser. - John Greaser was born May 25, 1847; died June 2, 1919; age 72 y. 28 d. He united with the Mennonite Church in his youth and was a faithful member until death. He was married to Rebeccah Byler. To this union was born one daughter. They also brought up one son and two daughters whom they took into their home when but small children. Buried at the Oak Grove Church. Funeral services conducted by D. Z. Yoder and E. F. Hartzler.

Conrad. - Lydia Liechty Conrad was born near Orrville, Ohio, Nov. 28, 1844; died May 31, 1919; age 74 y. 6 m. 3 d. She united with the Mennonite Church and was a faithful member until death. She was married to Jacob Conrad, Dec. 31, 1868. Seven children were born to this union. Father, 3 sons and 3 daughters are left to mourn their less. Buried at the Oak Grove Church. Funeral services by D. Z. Yoder and D. Amstutz.

Berkey. - Catharine Kauffman Berkey, wife of Bro. Gabriel Berkey of near Boswell, Pa., died of diphtheria May 20, 1919; aged 46 y. 6 m. 22 d. Their oldest son, Clarence, was laid away last October. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for about 18 years. She leaves husband, a son, 3 daughters, brothers, sisters, and a host of friends. Funeral services at the home and at the grave by Brethren S. G. Shetler and James Saylor. Buried in Thomas Cemetery.

Roberts. - Katy Ann (nee Miller), wife of Frank C. Roberts, daughter of Eli and Lucy Miller, was born in Howard Co., Ind., Sept. 9, 1888; died at Mt. Pleasant, Mich., May 23, 1919; age 30 y. 8 m. 14 d. She was married to Frank C. Roberts Nov. 28, 1906. To this union were born 3 sons and one daughter. She leaves husband, 4 children, parents and 3 sisters (Mrs. Lizzie M. Kauffman, Mrs. Nancy E. Kauffman, Mrs. Millie C. Kauffman), 3 brothers (David, Frank, and Eli, all of Elmdale). She was not able to work for over a year of nervousness. Funeral May 25 at the Brethren Church at Shephard, Mich., of which she was a faithful member, conducted by Harvey Stauffer.

Lehman. - Amos N. Lehman was born near Mountville, Pa., April 14, 1847; died Feb. 26, 1919; aged 71 y. 10 m. 12 d. He was married twice, his first wife being Mary Shellenberger and the second Annie Myers, both of whom, as well as one daughter Mary, preceded him to the spirit world. He is survived by one son (Benjamin) and three brothers and three sisters. He united with the Mennonite Church past middle age and was a faithful member until death, taking active part in the church and Sunday school work, especially in singing, which was a great pleasure to him. The brethren, John K. Charles and John Senger of the Mennonite Church and Mr. Long of the Mountville U. B. Church officiated.

Kennell. - Mattie M. Kennell (nee Eicher) was born in Milford, Neb., July 10, 1899; died of tuberculosis June 1, 1919 in Albany, Oreg.; aged 19 y. 10 m. 21 d. She was married to John Kennell Sept. 1, 1917. She is survived by her husband, father, one sister, and one brother. Her mother and 2 brothers preceded her to the great beyond. She was a member of the A. M. Church at the time of her death, and her desire was to leave this world and be with Christ. Services at the A. M. Fairview Church near Albany, Oreg., conducted by the brethren, C. C. Steckley and C. R. Gerig. Text, Isa. 40:6-9. Interment at the Central Cemetery.
J. M. S.

Harnish. - Christian Harnish died at the home of his grandson, John Drawbaugh, near Mechanicsburg, Pa., May 31, 1919; aged 96 y. 2 m. 15 d. His death was due to the infirmities of old age. He was always in a cheerful mood and retained the use of his faculties until a few days before his death. His wife preceded him to the spirit world 19 years ago. To them were born 9 children, 6 of whom survive. He is also survived by 23 grandchildren, and 21 great-grandchildren. A consistent member of the Mennonite Church, he was always in attendance at its services, until too deaf to hear, and always a reader of his church paper, until failing sight prevented. With that blessed assurance of a race well run, he passed peacefully to the beyond.
"Dearest father, thou hast gone,
Thy cheerful face we see no more;
But tomorrow, we shall meet thee,
On that bright, celestial shore."
-A grandson.

Miller. - Amos B. Miller died at his home in Quarryville, Pa., May 3, 1919. Bro. Miller died very suddenly. In the morning he walked down town for the mail, returned to his home and helped to do some work in the garden. While at work he had some pain in his right side which he mentioned to his wife. She told him to go to the house for a rest. The pain soon became very severe. They called the family doctor, but the pain grew worse until ten minutes after 3 P. M. when he passed away. Bro. Miller,s desires were fulfilled, as he had a great longing to go home to his Savior and the loved ones gone before. He was deacon, having charge of Mechanics Grove and New Providence district. He was one of the founders of the Mennonite church at Mechanics Grove in which he took a great interest. He lived to see the church grow to 84 communicant members. We miss him very much but do not wish him back. He was in his 77th year. He leaves wife, 3 sons, and one daughter (Abraham, Ephraim, John, and Mrs. Elwood Strubble). Funeral was held at Mechanics Grove Mennonite Church. Sermon by Bish. Christian Brackbill. Text, "It is done".

Transcribed by Carl M. Metzler, Goshen, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Volume XII, Number 13 - June 26, 1919 - page 230, 231

Phillips. - Opal, daughter of Harry and Rosie Phillips, died June 7, 1919; aged 5 m. 12 d.

"Little Opal was our darling,
Pride of all our hearts at home;
But the breezes floating lightly
Whispered, 'Opal, come'."
-- By her grandmother.

Swartz. - Mathias W. Swartz was born Dec. 17, 1841; died May 7, 1919; aged 77 y. 4 m. 20 d. He was married to Leah Landis who preceded him in death 19 years. They are survived by two children and seven grandchildren. He was a faithful member in the Mennonite Church for about 45 years.

Herr. - Martin B. Herr was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Nov. 8, 1841; died from a complication of diseases June 7, 1919; aged 77 y. 6 m. 29 d. He was united in marriage in 1864 to Annie H. Shenk who died four years ago. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church. He is survived by three daughters, three grandchildren, also three sisters and one brother (Bishop Abram B. Herr). Funeral services were conducted by Bishops Charles and Weaver at New Danville, Pa.

Schmitt. - Ervin, son of Bro. and Sister Joseph Schmitt, died of pneumonia at the home of his parents near Kitchener, Ont., June 9, 1919; aged 17 y. 1 m. 6 d. He confessed Christ some months ago and was later received into the U. B. Church. He leaves his parents, 3 sisters, a twin brother, and many young friends. Funeral services at the First Mennonite Church at Kitchener, June 12, services being conducted by S. S. Tautenshlager and U. K. Weber.

Brubaker. - Jacob Brobaker was born in Juniata Co., Pa., Dec. 1, 1844, died May 3, 1919; aged 74 y. 5 m. 2 d. He was a member of the Mennonite church for many years, and remained faithful until death. The funeral sermon was preached at the home by Samuel Leiter and others. Interment in the cemetery at East Salem, Pa.

Transcriber's note: "Brobaker" is likely a misspelling of Brubaker.

Summers. -On May 31, 1919, Bro. Maurice William, oldest son of Mrs. Clara Summers of Gap, Pa., was killed instantly while repairing tracks on the railroad; aged 23 y. 9 m. Bro. Maurice accepted Christ and united with the Mennonite Church. He leaves a widowed mother, 4 brothers, 3 sisters and many relatives and friends to mourn his departure. He was of a kind, cheerful disposition and loved by all who knew him. Funeral services at his late home at Gap, conducted by C. M. Brackbill. Interment in Bellevue cemetery.
Gone to heaven is our friend,
Gone to his bright home above;
He has left us here so lonely,
How we miss him whom we love.

Eberly. - Michael S. Eberly was born April 23, 1839; died after three years' suffering with rheumatism in Clay, Lancaster Co., Pa., June 2, 1918; aged 80 y. 1 m. 9 d. He united with the Mennonite church at an early age and remained a faithful member until death. His seat was seldom vacant at church when health permitted him to go. In his suffering he often expressed his willingness and longing to go to a better home. He leaves 2 daughters, 2 sons, 6 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild. Wife and 1 daughter preceded him in death.
"All is over, hands are folded
On a peaceful, quiet breast
. All is over, pain is ended.
Now dear grandfather is at rest."
A granddaughter.

Transcriber's note: To be consistent, the death year should be 1919. ???

Witmer. - Mervin R. Witmer, son of Bro. Clair and Sister Minnie Witmer, was born May 4, 1917, fell asleep June 13, 1919; aged 2 y. 1 m. 9 d. Little Mervin suffered 2 days and a night from tetanus. He leaves father, mother, one sister, 3 grandparents, 1 great-grandfather, as well as many relatives and friends. Funeral services June 15 at the Willow Street Mennonite Church were conducted by Bros. Frank Herr and Christian Brubaker, where many friends gatherer to pay the last respect to the body of little Mervin. Tender ties formed with little children seem painful to break on earth, but we know that such a breaking binds our hearts more strongly to that home in heaven.
"God needed one more angel child
Amidst his shining band
And so He bent with loving smile
To clasp dear Mervin's hand."
--By the family.

Rhodes. - Mary Magdalene, wife of Reuben S. Rhodes, was suddenly called from time to eternity on May 26, 1919, at her home near Dayton, Va.; age 59 y. 5 m. 18 d. She was paralyzed and almost helpless for about six years, but able to go about by being assisted, which was kindly and lovingly done by her devoted husband. Was at services on Sunday morning when she passed away on Monday evening. Her seat at church was seldom vacant. She was the mother of 12 children, and saw them all grow to manhood and womanhood. All are married but four, and settled near home except one daughter who lives in Pennsylvania. The grief-stricken husband, 12 children, 19 grandchildren, 3 sisters and 2 brothers with many relatives and friends are left to mourn their loss. Two grandchildren preceded her to the spirit world. She united with the Mennonite Church in her youth and remained faithful to her end. She bore her affliction patiently and without complaint. The services were held at the Pleasant View church May 29, where a large number of people gathered to show the last tribute of respect to the departed one. Services conducted by the brethren, J. D. Wenger and Lewis Good. Text, Num. 23:23. Interment in the adjoining burying grounds.
"Mother, thou art sweetly resting,
In a new-made grave today;
We are weeping, sadly weeping
Because thou hast been called away.
But we hope some day to meet thee,
Where our weeping will all be o'er,
On the bright and shining shore,
To part no never, never more."
-By a niece.

Becker. - In memory of Harry M. Becker, son of Bro. John H. and the late Sister Fannie H. Becker of near Millersville, memorial services were held Sunday P. M., May 25, in Millersville Mennonite church. He was born Sept. 1, 1890, died in France in October, 1918, in his 29th year, being called from home to the service of his country Oct. 6, 1917. Though not desiring to take part in this conflict, but having not yet been willing to make his choice with the people of God, he was taken to training camp, and overseas, in April, 1918, afterwards expressing his desire to depart this kind of life, hoping it would soon be over, and that others need not come. Our prayers were that this may cause him to seek God, in true repentance, longing to leave the fields of sin, if it was God's will that he may he spared to come home, desiring that he became willing and prepared. Feeling that he was in the hands of an Almighty God, our kind heavenly Father, who doeth all things well, in our bereavement, may we ever say "Not my will, but Thine be done." According to War Dept. his life was taken on battle fields of France Oct. 16, 1918, where his body lies buried in Cemetery Cunel, Neuse, France, until it can be removed home to family burying lot. Besides many relatives and friends he is survived by his father, step-mother, 2 brothers and 2 sisters (Amos, Christian, Fannie and Anna) who mourn his early departure. His mother preceded him in 1912. Brief services were held at the home by Bro. D. N. Lehman, and at the church by Bros. John K. Charles, Daniel Gish, and Daniel Lehman. Text, Eccl. 8:8. Feeling thankful to God and the brethren, and many relatives and friends who took part in the service, the truth of these words come to our mind: "For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord."

Wyse. - Paul M. Wyse, second son of Bro. Chris R. and Sister Mary Wyse, was born near Wayland, Iowa, April 10, 1903; died June 1, 1919; aged 16 y. 1 m. 21 d. He leaves father, mother, two brothers, two sisters, and two aged grandmothers to mourn their loss.

Wyse. - Emery Wyse, youngest son of Bro. Stephen (deceased) and Sister Barbara Wyse, was born near Noble, Iowa, Dec. 9, 1897; died June 1, 1919, aged 21 y. 5 m. 22 d. He leaves his mother, three brothers, four sisters (the youngest being his twin sister) to mourn their loss.

Graber.-Albert Graber, second son of Bro. John and Sister Josephine Graber, was born near Wayland, Iowa, July 28, 1900; died June 1, 1919; aged 18 y. 10 m. 3 d. He leaves father, mother, seven sisters, and three brothers to mourn their loss.
On Sunday afternoon June 1, six young brethren, all from the Sugar Creek congregation near Wayland, Ia., went bathing in the Skunk River. At about four o'clock came the shocking news that the above three young brethren had drowned. The entire community turned out and began searching for the bodies. In a few hours the bodies of Paul M. Wyse and Albert Graber were recovered only a few rods from where they were last seen. The body of Emery Wyse has not yet (Monday noon, June 9) been recovered. The recent rains causing the river to rise has added difficulties to the searching. In the death of these three promising young men three homes are enshrouded in gloom and sadness, a large relationship is in mourning, and the entire community feels a distinct loss. May we unite in holding up to the throne of Grace the bereaved families so that the heart wound may be healed and may the young brethren who may chance to read this obituary newly consecrate their lives to the Master. Funeral services were held on Tuesday afternoon, for all three of the brethren, at the Sugar Creek Church conducted by the home ministers. The latter clause of I Sam. 20:3 was used as a text.

Transcribed by Carl M. Metzler, Goshen, Indiana

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