Gospel Herald Obituaries - May, 1919

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Gospel Herald - Volume XII, Number 5 - May 1, 1919 - page 87

Glausburn. - John Hearold, youngest son of Bro. and Sister Charles Glausburn, was born May 17, 1917; died of pneumonia following influenza on Apr. 2, 1919. He leaves father, mother, 5 sisters, 1 brother, and other relatives. Funeral services conducted in the home on April 3 by R. M. Weaver. Interment in Pleasant Valley Cemetery.

Gindlesperger. - John S. Gindlespurger was born Jan. 30, 1836; died March 21, 1919; aged 83 y. 1 m. 22 d. He had his home with his son Levi near Boswell, Pa. He was a member of the Mennonite Church for many years. Funeral services were held at the Thomas Mennonite Church on March 23 by Bros. James Saylor, L. A. Blough, and Joseph Saylor.

Transcriber's note: The family name is spelled in two variations.

Blough. - Elvin Foster, son of William and Lydia Blough, was born May 8, 1901; died April 7, 1919; age 17 y. 10 m. 29 d. He is survived by his parents, 2 brothers, and his grandparents on his mother's side. He was member of the Mennonite Church for 3 years. He was sick about 3 weeks with ulcers of the stomach. Funeral services at the Stahl church conducted by S. G. Shetler and Abram Metzler. Interment in nearby cemetery.

Yoder. - Catherine Yoder (nee Campbell) was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., June 11, 1849; died in Smithville, O., April 14, 1919; age 69 y. 10 m. 3 d. She was united in marriage with Jonas B. Yoder Aug. 11, 1868. To this union were born 10 children, 3 having died in their infancy and childhood days. There remain to mourn her departure her husband, 4 sons, and 3 daughters. In her youth she united with the A. M. Church and remained a faithful member until she passed away to her eternal home.

Kilmer. - Lydia (Brubaker), wife of Owen Kilmer, was born in Waterloo Co., Ont. May 16, 1870; died near Round Hill, Alta., Apr. 3, 1919; age 48 y. 1 m. 10 d. Death was caused from the effects of influenza. She was a member of the Wisler Mennonite Church. Her expression was, "All is well." To this union were born 2 sons and 6 daughters. She leaves husband, 1 son, 4 daughters, mother, _ brothers and 2 sisters. One son and two daughters preceded her to the spirit world. Funeral services Apr. 5 at the home by J. K. Lehman and at the church by M. D. Stutzman and J. K. Lehman. Buried in the Salem Cemetery.

Transcriber's note: Given age is not consistent with birth and death dates.

Swartzendruber. - Abraham J., son of Joseph and Lydia Swartzendruber, was born in Wellman, Iowa, June 2, 1857; died in Tuleta, Tex., April 19, 1919; aged 61 y. 11 m. 17 d. Early in life he professed to be a Christian and joined the Amish Church. He was joined in marriage to Christena Gunden of Henry County, Iowa, Feb. 10, 1884. He leaves a wife, three daughters, (Mrs. George Gingerich, Mrs. William Rechly and Mrs. John Schrock) eight grandchildren, five brothers, five sisters, and many friends. Funeral services were conducted at the home of his daughter by Jacob Roth and at the Mennonite Church by Adolph Nick, April 20. Interment in the Tuleta burying ground.

Burkholder. - Barbara (Parmer) Burkholder was born July 14, 1850; died April 14, 1919; aged 68 y. 9 m. She is survived by her husband, George Burkholder, and two brothers. Sister Barbara was a member of Mellinger's Mennonite Church for many years and was present at the services whenever opportunity afforded, until three years ago her mind failed and she was confined to her home. She grew weaker from time to time until at last God called her home. Funeral services April 16 at Mellinger's Meeting House by the brethren David and Sanford Landis. Text Heb. 4:9, 10. Remains laid to rest in cemetery adjoining.

"Affliction sore for years she bore,
Physicians were in vain,
Till God did please to give hr ease
And relieve her of her pain."

Transcribed by Carl M. Metzler, Goshen, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Volume XII, Number 6 - May 8, 1919 - page 111

King."Sarah King was born in Fairfield county, Ohio, July 30, 1857, and peacefully passed out of this life March 23, 1919, at her home in Champaign county, Ohio, after a five days' illness of pneumonia, aged 61 y. 7 m. 23 d.

In the year 1875 she came with her parents to Logan county, and on February 24, 1881, was united in marriage to Jonathan C. King. This union was blessed with four children. The husband, one son, and one daughter preceded her in death.

Early in life she united with the Mennonite Church, in which faith she died. Since the death of her son, less than three months ago, she was heard to remark at different times that her work on earth was finished. During the few days of her affliction much of her time was spent in singing. The beautiful hymn, "Death shall not destroy my comfort," was sung over and over again.

Funeral services were held at Oak Grove Church, Wednesday afternoon, March 26, at 2 o'clock, in charge of Bros. S. E. Allgyer and J. J. Warye. Burial was made at the Hooley cemetery.

Schmidt."Nancy Schmidt (nee Fleming) was born April 20, 1842; died April 18, 1919; aged 76 y. 11 m. 28 d. She was united in marriage to Geo. Schmidt. To this union were born 9 children. Husband and 3 children preceded her to the spirit world. She leaves 2 daughters and 4 sons (Lena, Sarah, Joseph, Jacob, Walter, and Charles), 17 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren, 2 brothers, a sister, and a host of relatives and friends. She united with the Mennonite church about 50 years ago and remained faithful until death. Funeral services, April 20, conducted by Gabriel H. Brunk and S. G. Shenk. Text, II Cor. 5:1.

Mellinger."On April 19, 1919, Annie H. Mellinger, wife of Josiah H. Mellinger died at her home near Strasburg, Lancaster County, Penna., after eight days' illness of pleuro-pneumonia, in her 54th year. She was a daughter of the late Martin and Hettie Herr and was a faithful member of the Mennonite church. She leaves to mourn her departure, husband and 4 children (Amos H., Elizabeth E., Jason H., and Anna M.), and 5 sisters. She was kind and generous with whom she associated. A place is vacant in the home which can never be filled and we deeply feel the loss of her presence. But our loss is her eternal gain and we have the sweet promise that some day we can meet again. Funeral services were held on Tuesday, April 22. Services at the home were conducted by Bro. Jacob Mellinger and at the Strasburg Mennonite church by Bro. Christ Brubaker and Bishop Christ Brackbill. By a son.

Hostetler.--Susan Good Hostetler, daughter of Martin B. and Magdalena Ressler, was born in Strasburg township, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, June 29, 1845; died at Weilersville, Ohio, April 29, 1919; aged 73 years, 10 months.
On January 29, 1871, she was united in marriage with Henry H. Good, in Rockingham county, Virginia. To this union eleven children were born: Emanuel, Malinda (Shenk), Anna (Jennings), Daniel W., John F., Levi B., Henry, Susie (Reed), Jesse, Rebecca, and Mary M. Jesse and Rebecca died in childhood, and Daniel W. was killed in a railroad accident June 20, 1918. Eight children are still living, all of whom were present at the funeral. There are also surviving 43 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren, 3 sisters, and 5 brothers.
Henry H. Good died Oct. 10, 1908, after serving 28 years in the ministry.
The subject of this sketch lived in widowhood 7 years. On Sept. 7, 1915 she united in marriage with David Hostetler of Weilersville, Ohio, who still survives.
She united with the Mennonite Church at Strasburg, Lancaster county, Pa., at an early age and lived a consistent and helpful Christian life until called to a higher service by the messenger of death.
Funeral services were held on May 2. Short services were conducted at the house by Bro. P. R. Lantz and at the Oak Grove church, Wayne Co., Ohio, by Brethren P. R. Lantz, E. F. Hartzler, I. W. Royer, and Daniel Kauffman.

Beachy."John H. Beachey was born in Holmes Co., Ohio, Nov. 7, 1869, died of pneumonia at his home near Middlebury, Ind., Apr. 2, 1919, aged 49 y. 3 m. 25 d. He united in marriage with Emma Nusbaum Nov. 27, 1898. To this union were born two sons. Both died in infancy. In 1909 they adopted a little orphan baby girl"now Sister Ruth Beachey; and since Dec., 1918, they have given a home to a homeless boy. Bro. John came to Indiana with his parents when about 6 years old. They settled near Middlebury and here John grew up and spend the greater part of his life. He united with the Mennonite Church at Clinton Brick when a young man. No one can tell just how much he is missed here. The young men miss him as their teacher, the entire church misses him as their gifted leader in song service, the young people and children miss him as their friends, the poor and needy miss him because he was kind. Modest, quiet, kindly dispositioned, helpful"thus he went to his reward. He was sick only a week. When one of the brethren visited him during this illness, he said, "Well John, you are pretty sick, aren't you?" Bro. John looked up, and replied: "Be ye therefore also ready; for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh." This was his last message to all: "Be ready."

His remains were laid to rest at Forest Grove on Friday the 4th. Funeral services at the home and cemetery by John Garber and at the Fork's church by D. D. Miller and John Garber from Matt. 24:44.

Bro. Beachey and Sister Nice were our leaders in song service, at our last S. S. conference. By a strange coincidence, both have answered to the Master's call to join with the ransomed in singing the song of the redeemed, ere the time for another conference.

Transcriber's notes: Beachy/Beachey's - the name is spelled in two different ways in the obituary; it's Beachy in the bold header but Beachey throughout the text).


Schertz."Elmer C. Schertz, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Schertz, died Mar. 19, 1919, in his nineteenth year, after a week's illness of influenza and complication. He was in the best of health until he was stricken with this fatal disease. Everything possible was done to stay the ravages of the sickness, but it was without avail and peacefully he sank to his final sleep surrounded by his devoted parents and brothers and sisters. He leaves his parents, three brothers, Sol. D., Jos. B. and Emanuel L. and four sisters, Mrs. Catherine Imhoff, Mrs. Nellie Nafziger, Mrs. Susan Guth and Sada Mae, with a host of relatives and friends to mourn his untimely death. He attended the Washington High School a number of years and took the Bible course at Bluffton College, Ohio, last Jan. He became a member of the East Washington Mennonite church at the age of eleven, and always took an interest in church work. He bade all farewell and said he was going home. Also said should sell all his belongings and five it to the poor and needy. He was loved by all who knew him and will be missed greatly in the home, church and community. The funeral services were held from the home at Washington on Mar. 22nd, at 10:30 o'clock, Bro. Val. Strubhar and Bro. G. I. Gundy officiating. A large concourse of people gathered to pay their last tribute of respect to one who was respected by all. Burial was in Glendale cemetery, in Washington, Ill.

Loving friends, weep not for me,
I long to be at rest.
How happy, happy I shall be,
When pillowed on my Savior's breast.
Oh, the hope, the hope is sweet,
That we soon in heaven may meet.
There we all shall happy be"
Rest from pain and sorrow free.

Transcriber's note: Throughout this edition the word "county", when it's part of a name like Fairfield county or Champaign county, is spelled with a small "c", and that's how I've typed it.

Transcribed by Nancy Regan, Washington


Gospel Herald - Volume XII, Number 7 - May 15, 1919 - page 126

Buskirk. - Verona Eileen, infant daughter of Bro. Royal and Sister Sarah Buskirk, near Vestaburg, Mich.; died April 18, aged 1 m. 29 d. Remains laid to rest in McBride's Cemetery. Funeral services by Bro. J. M. Yoder.
"God needed one more angel child
Amid His shining band,
And so He bent with loving smile
And clasped our baby's hand."
Susanna Switzer.

Usher. - Daniel Usher was born in Smithfield, R. I., Feb. 22, 1825; died near Kenmare, N. D., April 23, 1919; age 94 y. 2 m. 1 d. About the last two months of his life he was not able to be up, altho he was always cheerful and enjoyed the company of old and young alike. He was a member of the Mennonite Church. He leaves one daughter (Mrs. Samuel Renno), one granddaughter, and many other relatives and friends. His wife and one son preceded him. Short services were held at the home on April 24, conducted by D. B. Kauffman. The remains were taken to his old home near Granger, Minn., for burial.

Transcriber's note: "altho" is spelled as in the original.

Kulp. - Daniel, son of Bro. Elias and Sister Elizabeth Kulp, was born June 6, 1918, in Towamencin, Pa.; died March 15, 1919, aged 9 m. 10 d. Death due to spasms following influenza and bronchitis. He is survived by his parents and 3 sisters and 2 brothers. Three brothers and one sister preceded him to the Spirit world. Funeral March 20, by the brethren, Isaac Kulp and Warren Moyer.
"However painful it may be
To know that they are gone,
The thot is sweet that we may see
Them in eternity,"
By his grandmother.

Augsburger. - Ione Kathryn, daughter of Elmer and Mabel Augsburger, near Flanagan, Ill., was born July 7, 1918; died of acute Brights disease and pneumonia April 29, 1919; aged 1 y. 9 m. 22 d.
She leaves her parents, one sister (Mardelle), one brother (Merlin), two grandfathers, one grandmother, and many relatives and friends. Funeral services at the house May 1st by D. W. Slagel and at the Waldo A. M. Church by Geo. Summer. Interment in the Waldo Cemetery.
"Fond parents, calm the heaving breast,
The Savior called her home;
Grieve not, your darling is at rest
Beyond this vale of gloom."

Transcriber's note: Given age is not consistent with birth and death dates.

Hofstetter. - Peter Hofstetter was born near Dalton, O., June 27, 1832; died March 27, 1919; aged 86 y. 9 m. Death was caused after a long illness from dropsy and other ailments. His suffering for the last few weeks was very great indeed until he finally succumbed. On Sept. 18, 1856, he was married to Catherine Neuenschwander. To this union seven children were born, all of whom survived him. He leaves 3 sons, 4 daughters, 32 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren, and 2 sisters. His wife and 2 grandchildren preceded him to the spirit world. Funeral service at Sonnenberg Mennonite Church, March 30. Interment in adjoining cemetery. The brethren, C. N. Amstutz, Jacob Nussbaum, and Ira Buckwalter officiated.
"Dearest father we are lonesome
Since thou bast gone away
But we shall ever strive to meet thee
In some happy, brighter day."

Detwiler. - Henry S. Detwiler of Norristown, Pa., died in the hospital April 17, 1919, from an operation for cancer, from which he was a sufferer for a long time. Age, 53 y. 9 m. 6 d. He was a member of the Mennonite Church for about 30 years and was faithful until death. He was married to Mary Ann Godshall to which union were born three sons and one daughter and also a granddaughter. One son preceded him in death. He also leaves three sisters and one brother. He was born in East Perkiomen Township and was buried April 22 at the Skippack Mennonite burial grounds. Services by Warren Bean, Jesse Mack, and Irvin Landis. Text, Rev. 14:13.
"One by one their seats are empty,
One by one they pass away;
Now the family is broken
Will it be complete some day?"
-A sister.

Custer. - Sophia F., widow of the late Solomon Custer, died of consumption at her home near Dale Enterprize, Va., March 27, 1919; aged 63 y. 18 d. She had been failing for nearly a year, but her death came rather unexpectedly at the time. The evening before her death she seemed cheerful and conversed freely. About 3:00 she called her son who went quickly to her room and found that she had hemorrhage of the lungs, and in a short time she breathed her last. She had been a faithful member of the Mennonite Church from her youth; in appearance, a bright example for her children to follow.
She leaves 4 sons and 4 daughters. Affliction has fallen heavily on this family. This is the third death in the short space of three months -- first a son, then a daughter (the mother of four children), and last the mother.
Funeral services were held at Weavers Church on Mar. 30, by the brethren, J. S. Martin and L. J. Heatwole, after which her body was laid to rest in the cemetery near by.

Transcriber's note: "Enterprize" is likely a misspelling of Enterprise.

Kauffman. - John, son of Bro. Levi and Sister Mary (Zook) Kauffman, was born Oct. 14, 1898; died April 7, 1919, near Belleville, Pa., as the effects of a motorcycle accident Sunday, April 6. He gave his heart to Jesus about four years ago and united with the A. M. Church. Bro. Kauffman, in company with Bro. David Yoder, was rounding a sharp curve on Bro. Yoder's motorcycle at a fast speed, and with the intention of slowing down, in mistake turned on more speed. They lost control of the machine and struck the bridge, throwing John across the creek on his head, fracturing his skull. He lived but 11 hours after the accident. This is indeed a loud call to our young people to remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. Brother John was strong and robust and just in the prime of his life; was at S. S. and church (preparatory) services in the forenoon, and before sunset was on his deathbed. He is survived by his father, mother, a brother, and 4 sisters. John was always of a pleasant and loving disposition. A large concourse of relatives and friends gathered to pay their last tribute of respect. Funeral April 9 from the Belleville A. M. Church, conducted by Bros. Joseph Byler and Eli H. Kanagy. Text Prov. 27:1.

Bare. - Magdalena, daughter of Noah good and wife, was born in Fairfield Co., Ohio. She spent a part of her life in Allen Co., Ohio, where she united with the Church at the age of 16 and remained faithful. She was married in Page Co., Iowa, to Benj. W. Bare, Feb. 2, 1868. They also lived in Elkhart Co., Ind., 3 years. In 1872 they moved to Marion, Kan., and were one of first Mennonite families to settle in the state of Kansas.
She died at the home of her daughter, Lydia Berkey, in Harper, Kan., April 30, 1919; aged 74 y. 11 m. 16 d. She leaves an aged husband, 2 sons, six daughters, 29 grandchildren, 1 great-grandchild, 1 brother, and 3 sisters. Her children were all present at the funeral.
She spent much of her life in caring for the sick and trying to relieve the sufferings of those who needed her help and sympathy. She had a great desire to leave this world and be at rest. Funeral May 2, at the Pleasant Valley Church, conducted by R. M. Weaver, (Text Rev. 14:13) and by J. T. Hamilton from Rom, 8:1. Buried in the nearby graveyard.
"Let your hands be folded, Mother;
Of toil they've done their share;
While our lives were young and tender,
How you watched with loving care!
We thank God for such a mother,
And the prayers for us you've prayed.
Great and blessed we shall call you;
May your precepts be obeyed."

Transcribed by Carl M. Metzler, Goshen, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Volume XII, Number 8 - May 22, 1919 - page 143, 144

Mast. - Emma Fay, daughter of D. R. and Ida Mast, was born March 28, 1919; died April 5, 1919, aged 9 d. She leaves parents, one brother, four grandparents, and a host of relatives and friends. Buried at the Walnut Creek, Ohio, A. M. church. Service at the house by Ed Shepfer.

Keim. - John Keim was born June 18, 1841; died at the home of Hiram W. and Eliza Lint in Somerset Co., Pa., April 27, 1919; age 77 y. 10 m. 9 d. He was never married. He is survived by 4 brothers and 3 sisters. He was baptized and received into the Mennonite Church a little over a year ago. Funeral services April 29 at the Blough church, conducted by S. G. Shetler and L. A. Blough.

Newcomer. - Christian N. Newcomer, a well known resident of Western Lancaster Co., Pa., died Mar. 6 from pleuro-pneumonia, after a short illness. Deceased was 73 years of age and was a son of the late Christian Newcomer. He was born in Rapho township and was a member of the Old Mennonite Church. His wife, who was Miss Anna Snyder, and the following children survive: Norman S., Christian S., Harry S., Samuel S., Phares S., and Mrs. Harry E. Miller. Funeral on Mar. 8, with services at the Old Mennonite Church at Landisville, Pa., and interment in the adjoining cemetery. Services by Bishop Peter Nissley and Bro. Henry Longnecker and Seth Ebersole.

Stevens. - Sister Elizabeth Stevens was born July 29, 1887; died from the effects of influenza Apr. 25, 1919; aged 31 y. 8 m. 26 d. She was the wife of Bro. Clarence Stevens and the daughter of Bro. and Sister Peter Opel. Four children are left in the care of their father and friends. She was a member of the Mennonite Church. Short funeral services were held at the home on Apr. 27, conducted by N. E. Miller. Interment in the new cemetery just opened at the Glade Church, Garrett Co., Md.

Funk. - Sister Susan Funk died in Chambersburg, Pa., at the home of her daughter, Maggie Rife, Apr. 24, 1919; aged 83 y. 19 d. Sister Funk was a member of the Mennonite Church for a number of years and has remained faithful till her death. She was taken to the Mennonite meeting house near Upper Strasburg, Franklin Co., Pa., where services were conducted by Bro. J. S. Burkholder and J. E. Lehman from Rev. 2:10. The remains were laid to rest in the burying ground adjoining. Peace to her ashes.

Gerber. - Lawrence, Jr., son of Lawrence and Lovina Gerber, was born in Tuscarawas Co., Ohio, Feb. 13, 1919, and died April 26, 1919. He leaves his parents, four brothers, one foster-sister and a host of relatives and friends. One sister preceded him about 3 years ago. Service at the house by S. H. Miller and at the Walnut Creek A. M. church by S. H. Miller, Carson Mast, and Lester Hostetler. Texts, Mal. 3:17, and Matt. 5:4. Buried in the cemetery nearby.
"Farewell, junior, oh, junior dear,
We'll meet thee soon, but not down here;
No, not on earth but up in heaven
Where sad farewells are no more given."

Hartranft. - Mary R., widow of the late Aaron Hartranft, died after a short illness of 10 days, from gastric fever. She was born Jan. 21, 1853; died May 2, 1919; age 66 y. 3 m. 11 d. She leaves a broken up home, one sister, Eliza Keener, wife of Bishop Geo. Keener, 2 brothers, John B. and C. R. Strite, and many friends to mourn her departure.
She was a member of Reiff's, Md., Mennonite Church. She was laid to rest on May 5 at Reiff's. Services by Henry Baer and Denton Martin, text Jno. 11 :25, 26.
The victory now is obtained;
She's gone her dear Savior to see;
Her wishes she fully has gained --
She's now where she longed to be.
Then let us forbear to complain
That she has now gone from our sight;
We soon shall behold her again
With new and redoubled delight.
-By her brother, C. R. S.

Kauffman. - Barbara Kauffman (nee Hooley) was born in Mifflin Co., Pa., Feb. 11, 1843; died at Garden City, Mo., at the home of her daughter, Cotna Zook, on May 1, 1919; aged 76 y. 2 m. 20 d. She was united in marriage to Christian Kauffman. To this union were born 10 children. Her husband and 5 children preceded her to the spirit world. She leaves 3 sons, 2 daughters, and a host of other friends.
Funeral at the Bethel Church, May 3, conducted by J. C. Driver, L. J. Miller and W. E. Helmuth. Interment at Clearfork Cemetery.

Mellinger. - Annie, wife of Josiah H. Mellinger, was born near Bird-in-hand, Pa., Dec. 6, 1865; died near Strasburg, Pa., Apr. 19, 1919; aged 53 y. 4 m. 13 d. She was a daughter of the late Martin and Hettie Herr. She died with pneumonia and very suddenly passed away with an expressed desire. She told the family, "It will not last long." She was a member of the Mennonite Church for many years. Her seat was seldom vacant. She was of a cheerful disposition, always ready to lend a helping hand and a special friend among the young people. She leaves a devoted companion, two sons, two daughters, five sisters to mourn her departure as well as many relatives and friends.
Funeral services at the house on the 22nd by Jacob H. Mellinger and at Strasburg Church by C. M. Brubacker and C. M. Brackbill. Interment in the adjoining cemetery
"Sister, thou art sweetly resting,
Cold may be this earthly tomb,
But the angels sweetly whispered,
Come and live with us at home."

Greider. - On Thursday evening, May 1, 1919, Harry C. Greider of Landisville, Pa., died at the St. Joseph's Hospital, Lancaster, Pa., from a complication of diseases; aged 47 years. His life was one of usefulness and a host of friends mourn his departure. He was a merchant at Landisville where he lived for 17 years and was well known thruout the entire community. He was President of the Lancaster County Sunday School Association and also of the East Hempfield District Sunday School Association and a member of the Church of God, of which Sunday school he had been Superintendent for a number of years. He was a teacher in the schools of Manheim prior to conducting the store at Landisville. He is survived by his wife, mother, four brothers (Frank, Charles, Howard, and Christian of Landisville). The funeral was held on Monday afternoon May 5 with private services at the house at 1:30 and public services at 2:00 at the Landisville Church of God, by Jonas Martin and Hiram G. Kauffman. Texts, John 14:1,2; Rev. 14:3. The church was crowded by a large number of friends who came to pay their last tribute of respect to his memory. Burial in the Landisville Cemetery.

Berry. - Elizabeth Berry, daughter of Christian and Barbara Augsburger, was born in Adams Co.. Ind., Oct. 20, 1877; died May 1, 1919; age 41 y. 6 m. 11 d. She was united in marriage Dec. 22, 1905 to Oscar Berry. To this union were born 7 daughters and 1 son. She was baptized and received into the fellowship of the Mennonite Church June 6, 1909, in which she was a devoted and faithful sister to the end. She was conscious to the last, and, altho realizing that she was needed with her family, she frequently expressed a willingness to stay or go - just as the Lord sees best.
She leaves a sorrowing husband, 8 children, 2 stepchildren, an aged mother, 7 brothers, 4 sisters and a host of relatives and friends. She was a devoted wife and mother and will be greatly missed in the home, Church, and community.
"But, oh, the hope, the blissful hope
Which Jesus' grace has given;
The hope when days and years are past,
We all shall meet in heaven."
Buried May 4, at the Defenceless Mennonite church near Berne, Ind., in the presence of a large concourse of friends. Services by Elias Lantz, the home minister, and J. M. Shenk of Elida, Ohio.

Transcriber's note: "altho" and "Defenceless" are spelled as in the original.

Hernley. -David Herr Hernley was born near Rheems, Pa., Nov. 10, 1885; died after 10 months of suffering, April 19, 1919; aged 33 y. 5 m. 9 d. He was united in marriage with Ada Hess Aug. 1, 1916. He leaves a sorrowing wife, parents, 2 brothers, 1 sister, (Alvin, Lizzie, Paul, one sister having preceded him in death) and a large number of relatives and friends. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for 8 years. He bore his suffering in a Christ-like way. The Savior needed one more angel among His shining band and so He came and relieved dear David from his suffering. He had selected the hymn and text, and had made all preparations for the funeral, and leaves for a better land. When asked if he didn't think the spring is nice, he would say where I am going it is much nicer and no suffering there. His only concern was for those without Christ. Funeral services April 23 at the home by Lehman Kraybill, and at the Mt. Joy Mennonite Church by Lehman Kraybill, Peter Nissley, and John Weaver. Text, II Tim. 4:6-8. Remains laid to rest in Kraybill Cemetery.
"All is over, hands are folded
On a calm and peaceful breast,
All is over, suffering ended,
Now dear David is at rest."

Transcribed by Carl M. Metzler, Goshen, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Volume XII, Number 9 - May 29, 1919 - page 160

Cressman.--Mary Cressman died May 11, 1919; aged 1 y. 11 d. She leaves father, mother, and one sister. Funeral on May 13. Services conducted by Bros. Jonas Snider and Oscar Burkholder. May God comfort the bereaved ones.

Kraybill.--Arlene G., infant daughter of Bro. Martin and Sister Suie G. Kraybill, near Elizabethtown, Pa., died April 30, 1919, of Spasmodic croup with bronchial pneumonia; age 6 m. 8 d. Funeral services in Bosslers church, conducted by Bro. Samsel L. Oberholtzer and Bro. Levi Ebersole. Remains were laid to rest in adjoining cemetery.
"The Lord hath given, the Lord hath taken, blessed be the name of the Lord."

Smeltzer.--Clayton Lamar, son of Bro. Calvin and Sister Elsie Smeltzer of the Indiana Holdeman congregation was born near Wakarusa, Ind., Nov.11, 1918. On April 12th he was taken sick of bronchial pneumonia which resulted in his death April 18, 1919. May the Lord comfort the bereaved parents. Funeral services were held at the Olive church conducted by the brethren, D. A. Yoder and Silas Weldy. Text, Job 1:21.

Breneman.--Mary M., widow of the late Pre. Adam B. Breneman, died at her home near Lancaster, Pa., April 21, 1919; aged 78 y. 8 m. 18 d. She was a woman of beautiful Christian character, was a kind and loving mother, and had endeared herself to all who knew her. She was one who was looked upon for counsel in the church at Landis valley of which she was a faithful member for many years. She leaves one son (Elmer) one grandson, and many friends. Funeral services at the Landis valley church. Services by Bros. Noah L. Landis and J. M. Lefever. Text, Heb. 4:9,10. Her remains were laid to rest in the adjoining cemetery.
Peace to her ashes.
"Gone to heaven is our mother,
Gone to her bright home above.
She has left us here so lonely,
How we miss mother whom we love."
--R. H. H.

Hostetler.--Catharine Hostetler, daughter of Christian and Annie Mehl, was born near Walnut Creek, Ohio, May 6, 1844; died May 11, 1919, at the home of her son at Emma, Ind. Aged 75 y. 5 d. She was united in marriage to Samuel J. Hostetler May 19, 1863, having lived in matrimony nearly 56 years. To this union were born six daughters and three sons (two sons in their infancy having preceded her in death) leaving to mourn her departure a loving husband, six daughters (Mesdames Benjamin Bontrager, Adam Baker, Moses A. Yoder, M. A. Farver, D. D. Miller, John J. Troyer), one son (O. S. Hostetler), with whom she and her husband have been liveing for 25 years on their old homestead with which they were blessed by many days of heavy toil and labors; also 47 grandchildren; 31 great-grandchildren, many relatives and friends. She became a member of the Mennonite Church in her early life, to which faith she remained true and faithful until her death, ever endeavoring to establish the same principles in the lives of those of her family and associate friends. Services at the house by D. J. Johns and at the Emma church by Yost C. Miller and D. J. Johns. Text, II Tim. 4:7,8.

Erb.--Caroline Croyle Erb was born near Davidsville, Pa., July 8, 1942; died near Hubbard, Oreg., May 4, 1919; aged 76 y. 9 m. 26 d. In 1858 she made her home in Holmes Co., Ohio. In 1860 she was married to Daniel Erb. January 25, 1865 the family met with a painful and serious accident by the explosion of an oil lamp. At the time there were ten persons present. Five of them died from the effects. Their little son Menno was among the dead. In the spring of 1889 the family moved to near Hubbard, Oreg., on the farm where she lived continuously for more than thirty years. The home was blessed with six sons and three daughters. Companion, three sons, one daughter preceded her in death. Those remaining are Levi, Jacob, Albert D., Amanda, and Susie, all of near Hubbard; also nine grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Mother had been confined to bed for over three years, suffered greatly at times. In early life she accepted Jesus as her personal Savior and remained fathful until called away from this house of clay. Funeral services Tuesday, May 6, conducted from the home by A. P. Troyer and Fred Gingerich. Services at the Zion A. M. Church, her church home. Text Rev. 13:14. Remains laid to rest in the cemetery nearby.

Transcribed by Barbara Fink, Florida

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