Gospel Herald Obituaries - November, 1923

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Gospel Herald - Volume XVI, Number 31 - November 1, 1923 - p. 637,638

Humphreys.-On July 25, 1923, Bro. W. E. Humphreys departed this life, at his home near Lyndhurst, Va., at the age of 72 y. 11 m. 15 d. His wife preceded him about 18 months. He leaves 5 sons and 4 daughters to mourn their loss. He was a member of the Springdale congregation, at which place the funeral services were held by the brethren, A. P. Heatwole and J. R. Driver.

Yoder.-Lois Lucretia, infant daughter of Daniel M. and Nancy Yoder, Kalona, Ia., died Oct. 20, 1923; aged 2 d.
"Some sweet day when life is o'er,
We shall meet above
With our little blue-eyed angel child
In that land of love."
Short funeral services were conducted at the home on Sunday afternoon by John Y. Swartzendruber.

Huber.-George, son of John and Anna Huber, was born in Putnam Co., O., Sept. 24, 1853. On Jan. 9, 1876, he was united in marriage with Sarah Amelia Swickard, in Sandusky, O. He died at his home in Wakarusa, Ind., Oct. 4, 1923; aged 70 y. 10 d. He leaves wife, an invalid brother, 3 sisters, and many friends. Parents, 2 sisters, and 3 brothers have gone on before, one brother, Jacob, passing away June 3, 1923. Funeral services were held at the First M. E. Church, Wakarusa, Ind. (where he held his membership), by the pastor, W. B. Fallis, and by his nephew, D. A. Yoder. Burial in cemetery adjoining Olive Mennonite Church.
H. N. Y.

Newcomer.-Abraham K. Newcomer was born July 8, 1842; died Sept. 5, 1923; aged 81 y. 1 m. 28 d. He was married to Mary Ann Rutt in 1870. To this union were born 6 girls and 3 boys, all living, also 32 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. He is greatly missed, yet we trust that our loss is his gain. He was deacon in the Mennonite Church for many years. Funeral services were held at the Habeckers Mennonite Church by Bro. Jacob Habecker and Daniel Lehman. Interment in the adjoining cemetery.
"Shall we meet beyond the river,
Where the surges cease to roll?
Where in all the bright forever,
Sorrows ne'er shall press the soul."

Musser.-David Musser was born in Juniata Co., Pa., Aug. 4, 1842; died July 29, 1923, at the home of Eli Graybill, after a week's sickness of pneumonia; aged 80 y. 11 m. 25 d. He was the last of a family of ten children. His wife (Elizabeth Shelley) preceded him 9 years ago. He was also preceded in death by four children. He is survived by four children (Emma Graybill, Clara Shellenberger, Samuel and John), eleven grandchildren, two foster-grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. Funeral services were held at the Lost Creek Mennonite Church (of which he was a member) Aug. 1, conducted by Bro. Wm. W. Graybill and Bro. Samuel Leiter. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

Hart.-Anna, wife of John E. Hart, was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Aug. 15, 1842; died at Maugansville, Md., Oct. 10, 1923; aged 81 y. 1 m. 26 d. She leaves to mourn her departure her bosom companion, 6 children (3 sons, 3 daughters), 1 brother (John M. Good, Ephrata, Pa.), 19 grandchildren, and 14 great-grandchildren and a host of relatives and friends. Funeral services were conducted at the Reiff's Mennonite Church (of which she was a member for many years) by the brethren, George S. Keener, C. R. Strite, and John D. Risser. Text (selected by our dear mother), Isa. 40:6-8.
"Oh that call, that gentle knocking,
It was Jesus at the door;
Thou didst open, and He whispered,
'Come now to the other shore.'"
A. G. S.

Miller.-Anna Miller, aged 78 years, daughter of Henry and Mary Geisinger, and wife of Eli J. Miller, died at her home in Bristol, Ind., Sept. 29, 1923. She was born in Medina Co., O., April 3, 1845, and came with her parents to Elkhart Co., Ind. She was preceded in death by one son and three daughters, all dying while quite young; also by her husband who died about ten years ago. She is survived by one son (Amasa), two granddaughters (Wilhelmina and Ruth), two brothers and sisters, besides a large number of friends and relatives who mourn her departure. She was a member of the Mennonite Church, and during her sickness expressed a readiness for the journey from whence no traveler returns. Funeral services were conducted at the home by Harvey Friesner and at the Clinton Brick Church by J. S. Hartzler. Text, Rev. 14:13.

Stoltzfus.-John F., son of Isaac and Malinda Stoltzfus, Ronks, Pa., was born May 31, 1904; died Oct. 15, 1923; aged 19 y. 4 m. 15 d. He leaves parents, a sister, uncles, aunts, and a host of friends. One brother and one sister preceded him in death. He was suddenly stricken with appendicitis, taken to the hospital, where he died the following week. A few weeks before his death he united with the Amish Church. He will be missed in home and church and by many friends. He had a meek and quiet spirit, and was at peace with members of the Church and friends and neighbors. Funeral services at the Brethren Church near Bird-in-Hand, Pa., Oct. 18, conducted by Bros. John Zook, Daniel Stoltzfus, and John Stoltzfus. Interment in Ronks Cemetery.
"Brother, thou hast left us lonely,
Sorrow fills our hearts today;
But beyond this vale of sorrows,
Tears will all be wiped away."

Shantz.-John D. Schantz was born in Waterloo, Ont., Oct. 4, 1839; died at the residence of his son, Ezra S. Schantz, near Baden, Ont., June 13, 1923; aged 83 y. 8 m. 9 d. He was married to Elizabeth Steiner on Feb. 13, 1866. This union was blessed with 10 children and 20 grandchildren. His wife, 4 children and 1 grandchild preceded him to the spirit world. He is survived by 3 sons and 3 daughters-Ezra S., Sarah (Mrs. George Weber), Tobias S., Elizabeth (Mrs. Sollie Gehman), John S., and Mary (Mrs. Noah Hunsberger)-all of Ontario, and 19 grandchildren. He is also survived by 1 sister, Lydia (Mrs. Daniel Hostetler), the only one left out of a family of 12 children. He was converted and received into the Mennonite Church, was ordained to the office of deacon, and served about 40 years. Funeral services at the home of his son, Ezra S. Shantz, and at the Shantz Church near Baden, Ont., June 17. The services were conducted by Brethren Manassa Hallman, Jonas Snyder, and Orphan Wismer.
His daughter-in-law.

Transcriber's note: The last name in the last sentence is "Orphan" Wismer. Should it be Orpha? I left it as printed in the obit.

King.-Jacob M., son of Jacob and Susan King, was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Feb. 7, 1849. When fifteen years of age he came to Wayne Co., O., where he resided for five years; he then came to West Liberty, O., where he resided continuously until death. He was united in marriage to Mattie Knepp, Feb. 7, 1871. To this union were born nine children, all of whom are now living except Mrs. Rebecca Kauffman, who died April 21, 1917. In early life he united with the Amish Mennonite Church, and when he came to Logan County he united with and attended the South Union Church. In 1900 his faithful companion was called away by death, and the deceased has since made his home most of the time in West Liberty, and as a matter of convenience, had been a regular attendant at the Christian Church. During the latter days of his life he became a great student of the Bible, and many were the hours he would spend in reading its sacred pages. After an illness of nearly two months from diseases common to old age, the Master came and said, "It is enough, come up higher." He passed away Wednesday, October 3, 1923, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. John Ricketts, in West Liberty; aged 74 y. 7 m. 26 d. Funeral services were held at the Christian Church in West Liberty, in charge of the pastor, J. C. Francis. Interment in South Union Cemetery.

Weideman.-Frederick William, son of Charles and Mary Weideman, was born Mar. 7, 1888, near Grafton, N. Dak.; died Oct. 16, 1923, at Richards, Ia.; aged 35 y. 7 m. 9 d. He accepted Christ as his personal Savior and was baptized Aug. 24, 1920, affiliating with the Mennonite Church of which he has since been a faithful and consistent member. He had a severe attack of rheumatism when sixteen years old, from which he seemingly recovered for a time. In 1913 he had another severe rheumatic attack, at which time his heart became affected. Since then he had gradually become weaker, at times suffering intense pain. For the last three and one-half years he suffered severe pain almost continually, not having a day without much pain. In all his suffering he was very patient, never complaining, fully resigned to what he believed to be God's will, bearing his lot in Christian fortitude, trusting in his Savior. To the very last he expressed his readiness to go to be with his Lord, and peacefully fell asleep in his mother's arms. His last words were, "Goodbye, Ma, I am ready to go." He leaves father, mother, 3 brothers, 4 sisters, and a host of relatives and friends. Funeral services were held at the Manson Mennonite Church, conducted by Bro. S. C. Yoder of Kalona, Ia. Text, I Pet. 1:3, 4.
"We shall sleep, but not forever,
There will be a glorious dawn;
We shall meet to part, no, never,
On the resurrection morn."

Yoder.-John D., eldest son of David and Salome Yoder, was born in Mifflin Co., Pa., Feb. 4, 1857; died at his late home in Surrey, N. Dak., Oct. 10, 1923; aged 66 y. 8 m. 6 d. He was married to Rachel C. Yoder Dec. 23, 1879. To this union were born 5 children, 4 of whom preceded him to the spirit world. He is survived by his beloved companion, one son (Jesse, of this place), one foster daughter (Minnie Stoll, of Wolford, N. Dak.), and 4 grandchildren, 2 brothers (J. Z. and D. F.), one sister (Mrs. I. T. Zook), and many other friends. He was a farmer all his life except the last few years while he lived in Surrey. In the spring of 1903 he with his family and a number of others migrated to Surrey, N. Dak., to gain for themselves homes of their own. About one year ago he began to suffer internally not knowing for some time what the trouble was, but about 5 months ago a more thorough examination revealed an incurable cancer of the stomach, and he was told by his family physician to set his house in order as his time might not be long here. This he did with as much grace as was given him, waiting for the end. He suffered almost constant pain, especially toward the last, but would still say, "I am not suffering near what He did for us." He was a faithful member of the Mennonite faith from youth. Services were held from his late home, and at the Brethren M. H. where his body was laid at rest, conducted by L. S. Glick, from the text selected by the deceased, II Tim. 4:6-8.



Gospel Herald - Volume XVI, Number 32 - November 8, 1923 - pp. 669, 670

Bender.-Samuel O. Bender was born in Garrett Co., Md., Jan. 7, 1875; died from the after effects of typhoid fever at his home in Trafford City, Pa., Oct. 22, 1923; aged 48 y. 9 m. 15 d. He united with the Mennonite Church in his youth and lived a Christian life to the end. He was married to Nellie Fogle. To this union were born three sons, who with their mother survive him. Funeral on Oct. 24, 1923, conducted by Preachers Brown and Gallegher of the Methodist Church and D. H. Bender, brother of the deceased.

Bowers.-Ethel May, daughter of Jacob H. and Anna M. (Landis) Bowers of near Landisville, Pa., was born August 7, 1923; died Sept. 17, 1923. Beside the parents she is survived by two sisters, Ruth L., and Anna M., at home. Funeral services were held at Landisville Mennonite Church. Burial made in adjoining cemetery.
"Away from earth and all its woes
God has called her; she must go;
He has gathered her to His watchful care,
His blessings and goodness she will share."
By Mother.

Kandel.-Verna, daughter of Joe A., and Fannie Kandel, was born Sept. 26, 1914; after a brief illness departed to her Heavenly home, Oct. 18, 1923, at the age of 9 y. 22 d. She leaves to mourn her early departure father, mother, 1 brother, 8 sisters and a host of friends.
"Oh, Verna, how we miss your smiles,
Your loving, tender voice;
How we longed to keep you with us,
But God has made His choice."
"The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord."

Hooley.-Esther Elizabeth, daughter of Melvin and Mary Hooley, was born Feb. 3, 1922; died near Hubbard, Oreg., Aug. 28, 1923; aged 1 y. 6 m. 25 d. She is survived by father, mother, one brother, two sisters, four grandparents and many other relatives and friends. Little Esther suffered a great deal the first year of her life. Just before her last, short sickness, Esther enjoyed a few pleasant months free from so much pain. The bereft family finds comfort in the hope of meeting her again on the shining shore above. Services by A. P. Troyer and E. Z. Yoder. Text, Song of Solomon, 6:2.

Hess.-Mary Irene, daughter of Abraham B. and Anna Murry Hess, died at St. Joseph's Hospital, Lancaster, Pa., Oct. 21, 1923; aged 1 y. 5 m. 23 d. She is survived by her parents, 3 brothers (Charles, Amos, and Christian, all at home), 1 grandfather, 2 grandmothers, 1 great-grandmother and many other relatives. She was sick only two days. Death was due to convulsions. Funeral service was conducted Oct. 24, 1923, by Bros. Aaron Harnish and John Mosemann at the New Danville Mennonite Church. Interment in adjoining cemetery.
All is dark within our dwelling,
Lonely are our hearts today.
For the one we loved so dearly
Has forever passed away.
The Parents.

Shellenberger.-Isaac Shellenberger was born March 28, 1843; died Sept. 3, 1923; aged 80 y. 5 m. 4 d. He died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. William Shelley, near Oakland Mills, Pa. Feb. 12, 1867, he was married to Elizabeth Brubaker. To this union were born four children of whom two have preceded him to the spirit world. In 1906 his wife died. Those who survive him are his son, Henry Shellenberger, and daughter, Mrs. William Shelley, 8 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren and 1 brother, John Shellenberger, who lives in Kansas. In 1911 he was again married this time to Annie Erisman, of Lancaster Co. She also preceded him in death, one year ago. Interment in Lost Creek cemetery; funeral services by William Graybill and Ammon Brubaker. Text, II Tim. 4:6-8.
The Children.

Weaver.-Jacob, son of Pre. John and Magdaline Weaver, was born Dec. 24, 1857; died Oct. 20, 1923, after an illness of ten days from complications. He had been in failing health for some time. His entire life was spent in the Spring Creek section, where he was born. He was twice married; his first wife, Miss Kate Heatwole, died in 1898. His second wife, who survives, was Mrs. Jacob T. Miller. Surviving are two children (John Weaver and Mrs. William Skinner), a brother (Reuben Weaver), and a sister (Mrs. Chas. Shank). He was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church and a man of exceptional qualities and strict integrity, being highly esteemed by all who knew him. Funeral services were held from his home, Oct. 21, 1923, by S. H. Rhodes, J. L. Early, and M. J. Cline.

Herr.-Meriam Elizabeth, daughter of Bro. Norman and Sister Cora Herr, died Sept. 19, 1923; aged 3 y. 11 m. 19 d. She leaves her parents, one brother (Benjamin), two grandmothers, two grandfathers, and many other relatives. Little Meriam Elizabeth's stay on earth was short, and her last days were full of suffering; but we have the blessed assurance that she has gone to a long eternity where there is no more suffering. She was laid to rest in the cemetery in Mechanics Grove, Pa. Funeral services were conducted by Bro. Abram Metzler and Bro. John Myers. Text, Job. 1:21.
"The great Jehovah, full of love,
An angel bright did send,
And took our little Meriam home,
To joys that never end."
By her Grandmother.

Eby.-Cyrus, the last survivor of the Jacob B. and Mary Eby family, was born in Berlin (now Kitchner), Ont., Jan. 28, 1849. At about the age of twelve, he moved with his parents to Elkhart Co., Ind., where he has resided since. On Sept. 5, 1869, he was united in marriage to Anna Wenger, to which union were born the following children: Mrs. Albert Enders, Mrs. S. E. Weaver, Mrs. David Schrock, Mrs. Ralph Paritt, Elmer Eby, Mrs. Frank Sawyer, and Mrs. C. L. Amick. He united with the Mennonite Church in 1911 and remained a faithful member until death. He departed this life Oct. 26, 1923; aged 74 y. 8 m. 28 d., leaving his companion, 7 children, 21 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren, besides a large circle of relatives and friends, to mourn the loss of a husband, father, grandfather, and neighbors. Funeral services at the Olive Mennonite Church conducted by C. A. Shank and D. A. Yoder. II Cor. 5:1.

Culp.-David, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Culp, was born in Mahoning Co., Ohio, Feb. 13, 1832; died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. John Stouder, Oct. 25, 1923; aged 91 y. 8 m. 12 d. He moved to Elkhart Co., Ind., in 1850, where he spent his many years forming a wide acquaintanceship and will always be remembered for his willingness to help wherever there was a song service wanted. His wife, Magdalina Wisler Culp, preceded him in death and he leaves 6 daughters and 4 sons. They are: Mrs. Emery Kintig, Mrs. Samuel Yoder, Mrs. Lucinda Wilson, Mrs. Magdalina Cramer, Eli Culp of Elkhart, Ezra Culp, and Noah Culp, Mrs. John Stouder, Mrs. George Huffman, and Jacob Culp. One daughter (Mrs. C. O. Gerig) died Oct. 16, 1897, and one son (Cornelius Culp) died Aug. 6, 1913. He also leaves one brother (Daniel), 55 grandchildren, 85 great-grandchildren and a large number of other relatives and friends. He united with the Mennonite Church when 20 years of age and kept to his faith unto death; being a member of the Church over 71 years. Funeral services at the Yellow Creek Church, conducted by J. F. Funk and D. A. Yoder. Text, Matt. 24:44.

Kaufman.-Catharine Ann, daughter of Moses and Christina Livingston, was the eldest of eight children and was born in Somerset Co., Pa., March 5, 1842. She moved to Bowne, Mich., with her parents in March, 1866, and was united in marriage to John Kaufman of Bowne Aug. 21, 1870. For over fifty-three years they have travelled life's pathway together, sharing their joys and sorrows, while they faithfully worked to rear their family and build up the home they have enjoyed together for many years. During the first few years of their married life they resided near Elmdale and then moved to East Campbell upon the farm which has been their home for over forty years. She was the mother of six sons and one daughter. One son (Moses) died in infancy, another son (Amos) died Feb. 5, 1913, and her eldest son (Anthony Weaver) died Feb. 1, 1916. An only daughter and three sons have remained and with her devoted companion gave her loving care and comfort in her last days. The deceased has been a faithful member of the Mennonite Church of Bowne for over fifty years and in her meek and humble way sought to follow in her Master's footsteps by ministering to the sick and needy, doing what she could to render help and give comfort where needed, and her kindly greetings and cheerful smiles were given to all who met her. A good woman has been called to her reward. After several months of illness she peacefully passed away at her home Oct. 22, 1923; aged 81 y. 7 m. 17 d. She is survived by her aged husband, her daughter (Mrs. Christina Weaver), three sons (Hiram, William, and John H.), 20 grandchildren, 2 sisters (Mrs. William Mishler and Mrs. John Lenhard), one brother (Josiah Livingston), a large number of nephews and nieces, and many other relatives.
"Humbly she walked with her Savior
As she faithfully toiled along life's way.
With patience she bore her trials and burdens,
Cheerfully smiling to all each day."
Funeral services held at the Bowne Mennonite Church conducted by Aldus Brackbill and D. A. Yoder. Text, Psa. 116:15.

UP bk

Gospel Herald - Volume XVI, Number 33 - November 15, 1923 - pp. 684, 685

Bone.-Henry Lee, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G. Bone, near Peoria, Ill., was born June 16, 1922; died Sept. 27, 1923. His death was a great shock to the family and community, as he was instantly killed by an interurban car, near his home. Funeral services at the residence were conducted by J. A. Hieser, Sept. 29.

Hershberger.-Kenneth Harold, loving son of Bro. Owen and Sister Clara (Brenneman) Hershberger, was born near Tofield, Alta., April 28, 1923; died Oct. 26, 1923. Death was caused by scarlet fever and bronchial pneumonia. He leaves parents, 1 brother (Glenn), grandparents, 3 great-grandparents, uncles, aunts, and a host of relatives and friends. He was of a sweet, loving disposition and it was hard to part with him; but we know that in God's hands he is safe. No funeral services on account of scarlet fever in the home but memorial services later.
By Parents.

Saylor.-John S. Saylor was born June 4, 1850; died in Johnstown, Pa., Oct. 22, 1923; aged 73 y. 4 m. 18 d. He is survived by his widow (Catharine Trexel Saylor), eight children, and eight grandchildren; also by 5 brothers and 2 sisters. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for many years. Bro. Saylor suffered a great deal for a number of months, but he died fully resigned to God's will. He made all arrangements for the funeral, selecting his text-Job 1:21. Funeral services were conducted at the home by L. A. Blough, and ---- Barlet and ------ Mickley. Buried in Grandview Cemetery.

Miller.-Jacob U. Miller was born in New Danville, Pa., June 1, 1885; died in Lancaster General Hospital after an illness of three weeks from typhoid fever, Oct. 22, 1923; aged 38 y. 4 m. 21 d. He leaves his wife and one son (Kendig) also an aged mother and two sisters. He lived in Millersville and was a member of the Mennonite Church at that place. Funeral services Oct. 25 conducted in the home by Bro. D. N. Gish and at the church by Bro. Jacob Hess. Text, Jas. 4:14. He will be greatly missed. His chair is vacant, his voice is silent.
"Father, thou hast left us lonely,
Sorrow fills our hearts today;
But beyond this vale of sorrows,
Tears will all be wiped away."
L. S. M.

Shantz.-Valina, only daughter of Bro. and Sister Eli Shantz, was born near Kitchener, Ont., Oct. 23, 1880; she had been ailing for some time and during the month of August went through an operation, after which she seemed to improve for a time but afterwards gradually went backwards until death claimed her on Oct. 27, her age being 43 y. 4 d. About 18 years ago Sister Valina accepted her Savior, joined with the Mennonite Church and lived a consistent life. She had one brother who died about 27 years ago. Bro.. and Sister Shantz have the sympathy of a wide circle of friends in the loss of their only living child. Funeral services were held at the First Mennonite Church, Oct. 31, by the brethren, U. K. Weber and Jonas Snider. Texts, Jno. 5:39, 40 and Jno. 1:12.

Garber.-Irwin Junior, son of Irwin and Fannie Garber of near Argonia, Kans., died Oct. 25, 1923, aged 21 d. He leaves father, mother, one brother and two sisters. His stay on earth was short, but we know when the dear little jewels are taken away they are safe in the arms of Jesus and it gives us a new interest in heaven and spurs us on to greater faithfulness, knowing our reward will be a happy reunion some day. Funeral services were conducted at the home by Bro. R. M. Weaver and little Irwin was laid to rest in the Pleasant Valley Cemetery.
"Around the throne of God in Heaven
Thousands of children stand
Children whose sins are all forgiven
A holy happy band singing
Glory, glory, glory be to God on high."

Summers.-Parke Samuel, son of Jacob and Florence Summers, was born Mar. 11, 1921, in Lancaster Co., Pa., and met his death by drowning in the Conestoga Creek near Terre Hill, Pa., Oct. 13, 1923; aged 2 y. 7 m. 2 d. While playing in the yard of his home he wandered away to the meadow alone, and in some manner toppled in. Mother missed him and began to search. Soon father and neighbors began to search. He was found 4 hours later. He was a bright, healthy little boy and is greatly missed by the parents and brothers. We cannot understand. But we'll say, "Thy will be done." The parents, 3 brothers (Titus, John and Paul) and 4 grandparents remain. Bros. Benj. Weaver and John Sauder conducted funeral services, held at Goodville Church and interment in the adjoining cemetery.

Weber.-Levi Weber was born Mar. 14, 1850, on a farm where part of the city of Kitchener, Ont., now stands; died Oct. 24, 1923, at the Kitchener-Waterloo Hospital after about two days' illness with pneumonia; aged 73 y. 7 m. 10 d. He was married to Susannah Bowman who died a little over three years ago. Eleven children were born to this union of whom seven survive (Mrs. Moses Schmitt, Jeremiah, Abram, Burton, Mrs. Harvey Bricker, Mrs. Joseph Cressman, Mrs. S. S. Shantz). There are also a number of grandchildren, besides two brothers and four sisters to mourn his departure. He united with the Mennonite Church in his young years, lived a consistent life to the end, and also had the satisfaction of seeing all his children accept their Saviour. Funeral services Oct. 28 from the home of his son-in-law, Bro. Joseph Cressman, to the First Mennonite Church for services which were conducted by the brethren, U. K. Weber and Abram Gingrich.

NOTE: two obituaries in this next paragraph: Mary C. Landis, and her brother Henry C Tyson.

Landes -Tyson.-Mary C., wife of Bro. John T. Landes, was born July 20, 1871, aged 52 y. 3 m. 8 d. Sister Landes had been suffering for 12 weeks. She bore her suffering very patiently until the end came. She lived in the hope that the Lord would again restore her, until a short time before her departure. She believed her usefulness in her large family was yet needed, but the Lord thought otherwise. Her husband and many children stood by her side to help her all they could. She was wholly resigned to the Lord's will, as nearly everything pertaining to her funeral was arranged by herself before her departure. A husband, four sons, and seven daughters survive to mourn their loss of a kind Christian mother. Text, Rev. 14:13. While Sister Landes died on Sunday evening her brother, Henry C. Tyson, died just 9 hours later in Norristown, Pa. Both bodies were taken to the Upper Skippack Mennonite Church where services were conducted at the same time. Henry Tyson leaves 3 daughters to mourn his departure. Age, 63 years. After the services Sister Landes was buried in the adjoining cemetery and her brother was taken to the Lower Skippack Cemetery for burial.

Crawford.-Hattie Crawford (nee Miller) of Cloverdale, Ill., was born at Shelby, Mo., Sept. 2, 1876; died at the St. Francis Hospital at Peoria, Ill., June 23, 1923; aged 47 y. 9 m. 21 d. On Nov. 1, 1901, she was united in marriage to David B. Crawford at El Reno, Okla. This union was blessed with four children (Clint, who died in childhood, Chester, Virgil, and Lester). Besides her husband and three sons she leaves her daughter-in-law, Rosa Crawford, two grandsons, an aged mother, 3 sisters, 2 brothers, and many other relatives and friends. In her youth she united with the Christian Church. When the Mennonite rural mission Sunday school at Pleasant Hill near her home was opened several years ago she took an active interest in the work and transferred her church membership to the congregation at that place. Sister Crawford was a faithful Christian mother, greatly concerned for the spiritual welfare of her family and very devoted to the work of the Church. By her departure the church loses a faithful worker and the Community a kindly neighbor and friend. Services at the residence by J. A. Hieser. Texts, Psa. 91 and II Cor. 5:1, 10. Burial in Fundulac Cemetery.

Zeigler.-Martin Zeigler was born in Wayne Co., Ohio, April 25, 1846; died at his home in Garden City, Mo., Oct. 24, 1923; aged 77 y. 5 m. 29 d. He was married to Lydia Nafziger in Lagrange Co., Ind., Feb. 7, 1869. To this union were born 4 sons and 5 daughters. He united with the Mennonite Church in 1866 and lived in its faith till death. He moved from Iowa to Cass Co., Mo., in 1878 and a few years later settled on a farm near Eightmile. Here he lived until he had to undergo an operation, which caused him to give up the old homestead and move to Garden City, where he lived till the end came. This is the second death in the Zeigler family within one year. His second son (Simon) died Dec. 23, 1922, from the result of an operation. Besides his faithful wife and companion, he is survived by 3 sons and 5 daughters (Levi, Vernon, Frank, Mrs. U. S. G. Plank, Mrs. Amanda Wykle, Mrs. Selina Roberts, Mrs. Mattie Conn, Mrs. Ethel Garmon), also 1 brother (Dan Zeigler) and a half-brother (David Zeigler), a number of grandchildren and a host of friends are left to mourn the loss of a loving husband, father, neighbor, and friend. Bro. Zeigler had been suffering 13 weeks of creeping paralysis. He was resigned and ready to welcome the summons, "Come up higher." He was very much interested in the Bible and during his sickness longed to have the Word read and have prayer with him. He chose his own funeral text: Rev. 14:13. Funeral services were held Oct. 28, at the Sycamore Grove Church by ---- Davenport of Holden and L. J. Miller of the home congregation. Buried in the Clearfork Cemetery.



Gospel Herald - Volume XVI, Number 34 - November 22, 1923 - Vol. XVI, No.34 - pages 700, 701

Sieber.--William G. Sieber, was born Aug. 20, 1853; died Oct. 16, 1923; aged 70 y. 1 m. 17 d. His wife, Mary E. Haldeman, preceded him in death 28 years. He is also preceded by six children, three having died in infancy. He is survived by five children and 26 grandchildren. He was ordained to the ministry of the Word, July 27, 1899, and was faithful to his calling to the end. Funeral sermon by John H. Mosemann and W. W. Graybill. Interment in Lost Creek Cemetery.

Sommers.--Alta. daughter of Oliver and Lucinda Gerber, was born in Holmes Co., O., June 18, 1890; died Nov. 1, 1923; aged 33 y. _m. 13 d. She was married to Manasses C. Sommers Feb. 5, 1909. To this union were born 5 daughters. She leaves husband, 5 daughters, parents, 3 sisters, 2 brothers and many relatives and friends. She was sick for about ten months with chronic valvular disease of heart. She was a member of the Walnut Creek A. M. Church where funeral service was held Nov. 4. There was a full house. Buried in cemetery nearby, Services by Corson Mast and S. H. Miller. Text, Jno. 14:12. "I go unto my Father."

Troyer.--Moses K. Troyer was born in Holmes Co., Ohio on June 29, 1838; died of influenza in Walnut Creek, Ohio, Oct. 24, 1923: aged 85 y. 3 m. 25 d. He was married to Nancy Sommers March 12, 1865. To this union were born 2 sons and 6 daughters. 4 daughters preceded him. He leaves his widow, 2 sons, 2 daughters, 14 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren, 1 brother, 3 half brothers and 1 half sister. He lived in matrimony 58 y. 7 m. 12 d. He worked at the carpenter trade 62 years. He was a life long member of the Walnut Creek A. M. Church, where services were held on the 27th. Buried in cemetery nearby. Service by Lester Hochstetler (Text, Luke 20:36) and S. H. Miller (Text, Eccl. 5:12).

Shutt.--George H. Shutt was born near Shanesville, Ohio, Oct. 28, 1842, near Walnut Creek, Ohio, Nov. 5, 1923; aged 81 y. 8 d. He was married to Mary Ann Gonter, Feb. 6, 1870. To this union were born 1 son and 2 daughters. One daughter died in infancy. Wife died March 11, 1915. He leaves 1 son, 1 daughter, 9 grandchildren, 2 brothers, 1 sister, and many friends. He was a member of the Brethern church. He often attended the Walnut Creek A. M. Church where his two children belong. Services at the Walnut Creek A. M. Meeting house. Buried in cemetery nearby. Service by Lester Hochstetler, and Ed Sheffer. Text, II Tim. 4:6-8. His sickness was valvular disease of the heart.

Miller.--Barbara (Yoder) Miller was born in Somerset Co., Pa., May 8, 1842; died in McPherson Co., Kans.. Nov. 2, 1923; aged 81 y. 5 m. 24 d. She was married to Joseph C. Miller in LaGrange Co., Ind., Nov. 20, 1862. Her husband preceded her to the world beyond June 19, 1921. To this union were born 5 sons and 6 daughters. She is survived by 9 children, 29 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. One sister also remains to mourn her loss. In 1882 Bro. and Sister Miller moved to McPherson Co., Kans., and were members of the West Liberty congregation the rest of their lives. Sister Miller was converted at an early age, and remained a faithful, loyal member of the Mennonite Church throughout life. Funeral services on Nov. 3, conducted by Maurice A. Yoder and D. H. Bender. Text, II Tim. 4:6-8.

Weber.--Jacob M. Weber was born Dec. 17, 1864, in Berks Co., Pa. He was a member of the Bowmansville, Pa., Mennonite Church, assistant superintendent of the Bowmansville Sunday school for 12 years and superintendent for 19 years. Also a Trustee at the Millersville Children's Home since it was organized. His counsel was safe and his friendly disposition won him many warm friends. He is survived by his wife. 3 daughters, and 1 son. Three children preceded him to the spirit world. Jacob is the first of a family of 10 children to depart this life. 7 brothers and two sisters survive him: also his aged father. he died Nov. 10, 1923, aged 58 y. 10 m. 23 d. The funeral was held Nov. 13, at the Bowmansville meeting house where services were conducted by N. B. Bowman and Benj. Weaver. Text. II Tim. 4:6-8. Buried in adjoining grave yard. Peace to his ashes.

Huber.--Henry Huber, aged 74 years, died at the home of his son, John M. Huber, six miles west of Goshen, Ind. He had been afflicted with shaking palsy for the past thirty years which had caused him to be an invalid and had been gradually declining for the past ten months until death. His wife, Elizabeth Huber, preceded him on January 13, of this year. He leaves three sons (John M., Christian B. and Urbanus Husber), two daughters (Mrs. Emma Anglemeyer and Mrs. Hattie Stauffer), 17 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren, and three sisters (Mrs. John Bixler, Mrs. Peter Yoder, and Mrs. Matilda Reedy). A brother Jacob Huber of Elida, Ohio, died June 2 and Geo. Huber of Wakarusa, Oct. 4 of this year. Funeral services were held Nov. 5, at the Yellow Creek Church. Interment in Yellow Creek cemetery. Services conducted by Bro. Frank Kdeider and William Brubaker.

Steider.--Bertha, daughter of Henry and Katie Steider, was born Sept. 15, 1911, near Beemer, Nebr.; died in Geneva, Nebr., Nov. 1, 1923; aged 12 y. 1 m. 16 d. She was an obedient child. always submissive to God's will. Bertha became afflicted with diabetes early in the spring and was under the doctor's care for a long time until she seemed on the way to recovery. Not until a few days before she died did she show any signs of relapse. She passed peacefully away to meet her Saviour. She leaves father and mother, three brothers (Lee, Harold, and Raymond), two sisters (Ruth and Ida) and a host of relatives and friends. Buried Nov .4 in Salem Cemetery near Shickley, Nebr. Funeral Services by Bro. Fred Reeb and Bro. Ben Schlegel.
The great Jehovah, full of love,
An angel bright did send
And took our little darling home,
To joys that never end."
A Friend.

King. --Levi L. King was born in Mifflin Co., Pa., July 10, 1864; died in the Lancaster General Hospital July 13, 1923; aged 59 y. 3d. He was a sufferer from an inward goiter for some years past and went to the hospital as a last resort for relief. But the operation proved unsuccessful and he passed away a few hours after the operation. He was a faithful member of the Allensville Church with which he united in his youth. He was a quiet, faithful, devoted husband, father and neighbor, and a highly respected citizen. He was married to Sister Lomie Yoder, who together with a son, two daughters, a grandson, and a host of other friends and relatives are left to mourn his departure. Funeral services were conducted by E. H. Kanagy, John M. Hartzler, and Samuel T. Yoder. While it became the painful duty for kind friends to lay his body to rest in the silent tomb, we are glad for the hope of meeting him again in the realms of eternal glory where all tears will be wiped away. May God bless and comfort the bereaved ones.

Ebersole.-- Emma Catherine Stouffer was born at Sterling, Ill., March 27, 1854; died at her home Nov. 9, 1923; aged 69 y. 7m. 13 d. She was united in marriage to Henry R. Ebersole Dec. 10, 1874. To this union were born five children (Elmer, Ellsworth, Mrs. Cora Bucher, Mrs. Hattie Groff, Amanda, and Harry Benjamin), who with their father remain to mourn her departure: also eleven grandchildren. During her illness, which covered a period of about two years, she suffered much pain, but she never complained, and all was borne with Christian fortitude. Sister Ebersole was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for many years. In the church and in the home she will be greatly missed. Her life was a living testimony of her Christian faith. She was of a quiet, unassuming nature, and her children and those who knew her best will always remember her sweet, unselfish life and her gentle disposition. Funeral services were held on Monday, Nov. 12, in charge of her pastor, when a large congregation assembled to pay a last tribute of respect. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord".

Troyer.--Glenn Leroy, son of Benjamin and Elisabeth Troyer, was born July 25, 1892; died Oct. 31, 1923; aged 31 y. 3 m. 6 d. He was united in marriage to Katie Frey Oct. 17, 1914. To this union were born four children (Marcele, Charles, Eileen, and Mark) all of whom preceded him in death. For the most part, his life was spent in and around Howard Co., Ind., with the exception of the last few months which were spent in La Junta, Colo., where he was trying to regain his health. Early in life he united with the Mennonite Church of Howard and Miami Cos. and was faithful unto the end. Today he abides in the presence of his holy Savior. His career as a teacher, his patience and kindly spirit won for him the enduring admiration of his pupils and all who came in contact with him. He is survived by his wife, his father, a stepmother, three brothers (Laird, Precy and Orville), two sisters (Jennie and Carrie), and a large circle of relatives and hosts of friends who greatly mourn his departure.
Through our hearts are pained with sorrow,
And we grieve till break of each day,
Let us lift our eyes to heaven,
And trust in God and His own way.

Stutzman.--E.C. Stutzman was born Dec. 11, 1838, in Holmes County, Ohio, and died Oct. 6, 1923. at his home in Johnson County, Iowa. Age 84 y. 9 m. 26 d. He was married to Anna Marner, Nov. 17, 1871, to which union there were born nine children, seven sons and two daughters, all of whom grew to manhood and womanhood. One son Menno died in young manhood. He was a resident of the community in which he lived for many years and an active member of the East Union Congregation near Kalona, Iowa, where he was a regular attendant till the last summer when he could not attend regularly on account of feebleness due to old age. He is survived by his wife, six sons (Levi, Calvin, and Charles of Kalona; Jake, of Cando, N.D.; Eli E., of Washington, Ia., and George, of Leroy, Minn), and two daughters (Sarah, wife of L. J. Miller, Wellmann, Ia., and Emma, wife S. C. Yoder, Kalona, Iowa. Funeral services were held at the East Union Church conducted by Daniel Kauffman of Scottsdale, Pa., after which the remains were laid to rest in the cemetery near by.

Suter.--Elizabeth Swope Sutter, widow of the late Emanuel Suter, Sr., died at her home near Harrisonburg, Va., Oct. 10, 1923. She had been in failing health for some time and her death was occasioned by general debility from old age. She was born Jan. 6, 1836, and hence reached the advanced age of 87 y. 9 m. 4 d. On Aug. 26, 1855, she was married to Emanuel Suter, and on Nov. 1, 1857, she together with husband united with the Mennonite Church, to which they remained loyal and faithful till death, he having preceded her on Dec. 16, 1902. She died on the farm on which she was born and where she lived all her life, except for a short period, when the family was temporarily located at Mechanicsburg, Pa., following Gen. Sheridan's raid thru the Shenandoah Valley in 1864. She was the mother of thirteen children, of whom eight sons and three daughters survive. She also leaves 57 grandchildren and 41 great-grandchildren. She gave as her dying testimony hymn No. 218 in the small Hymn Book. The Funeral was held from Weavers Church Oct. 13, 1923, by Bishops L. J. Heatwole and S. H. Rhodes.
Boyer.--Elias Boyer was born in Fairfield township, Columbiana County, Ohio, Nov. 15, 1826; and died at the home of his son, Franklin near Columbiana, Oct. 22, 1923; aged 96 y. 11 m. 7 d. He had been in usual health up until a few weeks before his death when there was a falling off in his appetite which was not thought to be serious until on Friday evening when he grew rapidly weaker and soon drifted into unconsciousness. He quietly and peacefully passed away Monday night, with the final message, "Let me sleep." On March 8, 1849 he was united in marriage to Martha Bomesberger, to which union 9 children were born, 4 of whom together with his wife have preceded him in death. About 9 years ago he united with the Mennonite Church remaining faithful to the end. Owing to old age he was not able to attend public worship but seemingly always looked forward with eager anticipation to pastoral visits and the communion service. He leaves to mourn his death, 2 daughters, 3 sons, 10 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren and a host of friends. Funeral services were held at the residence of his son, Franklin, on Oct. 25, 1923 in charge of Brethern A. J. Steiner, David Lehman and M. C. Gehman, using the text found in Job 7:9 selected by himself several years before his death. Interment in the Columbiana cemetery.

Roth.-- Daniel Roth was born near Glendale, Jefferson Co., Iowa., April 30, 1868; moved with his parents Oct. 1882, to Stuttgart, Ark.; Oct., 1890, to near Woodburn, Oreg., where he resided until he was called by death, which took place Oct. 14, 1923; aged 55 y. 5 m. 14 d. He was married to Amanda Kauffman Jan. 25, 1900. To this union were born four daughters and six sons, all of whom, with their mother, survive him. He also leaves three brothers, Samuel E., Levi, and Amos, all of near Woodburn, Oreg., and four sisters, Mrs. Daniel W. Good of Nampa, Ida., Mrs. Henry J. Yoder of Portlad, Oreg., Mrs. A. J. Strubhar. Hubbard, Oreg., Mrs. Samuel Nofziger, Albany, Oreg. He united with the Mennonite church at the age of fifteen, and was ordained to the office of deacon, Dec. 25, 1900, which office he faithfully administered, until a lingering sickness disabled him a few years ago. He was a good neighbor, kind father, and a loving companion. His desire was to go and be with Jesus.
The angels bore our loved one home,
In shining garments fair.
And some bright day we hope to come
And join him over there.
Funeral services at the Zion Church, conducted by A. P. Troyer and Allan Good. Text, II Cor. 5:1. Interment in cemetery near by. By companion and children.

Newcomer.--Abram K. Newcomer was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., July 8, 1842; died Sept. 5, 1923; aged 81 y. 1 m. 27 d. He was married to Mary Ann Rutt. To this union were born 3 sons and 6 daughters: Amos, Abram, David, Mattie (wife of Milton Millhouse), Alice (wife of Frank Hershey), Mary (widow of Adam Lefever), Ella (wife of David Millhouse), Lizzie (widow of Benj. Kreider) and Annie. Those who mourn his departure are his companion and all his children, 1 sister (Mrs. Katie Lindeman), 30 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. 5 grandchildren have preceded him to the spirit world. He was a consistent member of the Mennonite Church. On April 20, 1899, he was ordained to the office of deacon at the Habecker congregation. His place at church was never empty when health and strength permitted him to go. He was in failing health for the last ten years but bore his suffering with patience, never complaining. He was only 12 days in bed and gradually became weaker until the spirit took its flight. He was a kind and loving father. Funeral services were held at his late home Sept. 9, 1923, by Bro. Daniel Lehman and at the Habecker Church by Bro. Daniel Lehman (Luke 2:29, 30), and Bro. Jacob Habecker (II Tim. 4:6-8).
Dearest father, we must lay thee,
In the peaceful grave's embrace.
But thy memory will be cherished,
Till we see thy heavenly face.

Huber.-- George, son of John and Anna Huber, was born in Putnam Co., Ohio, Sept. 24, 1853. On Jan. 9, 1876, he was united in marriage to Sarah Amelia Swickard in Sandusky, Ohio. He had been failing for three or four weeks of heart trouble, but was seemingly some better. On the morning of Oct. 4 he ate a hearty breakfast. After breakfast, while working at his poultry house he fell. His wife was with him when he fell. Neighbors and friends carried him into the house, but before they reached the house he passed away. The week before the paper had stated that he was 70 years young, which was truly well said. His friendship knew no class or age. He leaves his deeply bereaved wife, an invalid brother (Henry,) 3 sisters (Barbara Bixler, Emma Yoder, and Mathilda Reedy), and many other friends. He united with the M. E. Church at Coldwater, Mich., in the winter of 1903. He lived a devoted Christian life until he left us. While we are sad we mourn not as those without hope. Having desired to retire near where his sisters lived, he purchased and remodeled a home in Wakarusa, Ind., at which place he lived until his death. Funeral services were held at the Wakarusa M. E. Church, Oct. 7, conducted by W. B. Fallis assisted by D. A. Yoder. Burial at Olive.
"Some sweet day when life is o'er
We shall meet above.
We shall greet those gone before,
In that home of love."
Sister Emma.

Krantz.-- Emily F. Krantz was born Dec. 6, 1871; died Sept. 14, 1923 at her home in New Providence, Pa.; aged 51 y. 9 m. 8 d. She was married to Harry S. Burkey, July 26, 1894 having lived in matrimony until an accident caused the death of her husband in June 17, 1899. This union was blessed with two children, one having died, was buried on his sixth birthday. On Nov. 6, 1913, she was married to Peter H. Krantz. Beside her husband she is survived by one daughter (Mrs. Leroy S. Gochenaur) also three stepchildren (Mrs. Elmer G. Sample, Ivan D. and Kathern E. Krantz), two grandchildren, and five step-grandchildren. At the age of 25 years she was converted and united with the Mennonite Church. She was always a willing church worker, serving as S. S. teacher for the past 20 years, and taking any part in young people's meeings she was asked to do. She was also president of the New Providence sewing circle a number of years. She was sick about one year, and suffered extreme pain. The patience and resignation with which she endured her pain proved her faith in God. With bleeding and aching hearts we say, "Thy will be done." After a brief service at the house, Bro. C. M. Brackbill conducted service in Hershey's Mennonite Church, Sept. 17. Interment in adjoining cemetery.
"Not now, but in the coming years,
It may be in the better land
We'll read the meaning of our tears
And there sometime we'll understand"
The Family



Gospel Herald - Volume XVI, Number 35 - November 29, 1923 - p. 717

Thomas.-Arlene Lane, daughter of Bro. and Sister Wesley and Bessie Weaver Thomas of Thomas Mills, Pa., died Nov. 13, 1923; aged 2 m. 9 d. She is survived by her parents, 1 brother, and 1 little twin sister. Death was due to a complication of diseases. Funeral services were conducted at Thomas Mennonite Church by L. A. Blough and E. D. Hess. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

Schmucker.-Jefferson Schmucker was born near Elmira, Ohio, Dec. 28, 1848, died in Pettisville, Ohio, Oct. 30, 1923; aged 74 y. 10 m. 2 d. He was united in marriage to Magdalena Rychener Jan. 18, 1872. This union was blest with 4 sons and 1 daughter, 2 sons preceding him in death. He leaves a sorrowing widow, 2 sons, 1 daughter, 7 grandchildren, 2 brothers, 4 sisters and a large number of relatives and friends. In his early days he accepted Christ as his personal Savior and united with the Amish Mennonite Church of which he was a member until death. Funeral services at the Central A. M. Church conducted by J. W. Hess of Manson, Iowa. Interment in Pettisville cemetery.

Stauffer.-Edna W., daughter of Willis K. and Cora Warfel Stauffer, died Nov. 7, 1923; aged 5 y. 11 d. She leaves her parents, 3 little sisters (Mary, Dorothy, and Anna), grandparents, and many other relatives to mourn her sudden departure. Edna met with an accident on Nov. 5, in which she was scalded. She suffered about one and one-half hours; after that she always said that she was all right. But after spending a night the next morning she sang, "I am going," and in a few hours she was safe in the arms of Jesus. She is sadly missed in the home. But we humbly submit to Him who doeth all things well. Funeral services Nov. 11, 1923, conducted in the home by Bro. A. B. Harnish. Further services at River Corner Church by A. B. Harnish, Maurice Hess, and Frank Kreider.

Karr.-Amos Emmanuel Karr was born April 13, 1850, in Strasburg, Pa.; died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Nora Hackman, Maywood, Ill., Nov. 7, 1923; aged 73 y. 6 m. 24 d. On Oct. 15, 1876, he was united in marriage to Barbara Lehman, and to them five children were born (Clayton-preceding his parents in death in 1895, at the age of 15 years-Frank, Enos, George, Mrs. Nora Hackman, Maywood). Seven grandchildren and a great number of friends remain to mourn their loss. Of his own immediate family, which was large, only one brother and sister remain of the home circle. Sister Karr preceded her husband in death, April 17, 1915, since which time his life had been more lonely, even though loving children showed every kind attention. His body was taken to Sterling, Ill., and laid to rest beside his wife in the Mennonite cemetery. Funeral services in charge of E. C. Harris.

Mishler.-Lydia (Kendal) Mishler was born in Holmes Co., Ohio, May 14, 1851; died near Shipshewana, Ind., Nov. 18, 1923; aged 72 y. 6 m. 4 d. She was married to Isaac Mishler May 8, 1870. To this union were born 14 children. Five preceded her in death. Her husband, 7 sons, and 2 daughters remain to mourn her departure; namely, Edward, Abraham, Mrs. William Lehman, Frank, Daniel, Enos, Milo, Wesley, and Mrs. Samuel Miller; also 46 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren, and sister (Barbara Kendal). Mother joined the Mennonite Church at the age of 22 years and remained a faithful member until death. She was a kind and loving mother. Funeral services were conducted by A. J. Hostetler and D. D. Miller, at the Forks Church with burial in Borntrager cemetery. Text,: Jno. 11:25, 26.

"Mother, thou art sweetly resting,
Here thy toils and cares are o'er;
May we all live to meet thee,
On that bright and happy shore."

Christner.-Sarah, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Miller Gerber, was born Jan. 31, 1837, at Strasburg, Ohio; died Nov. 9, 1923; aged 86 y. 9 m. 8 d. On Oct. 2, 1856, she was married to Joseph Christner of Walnut Creek, Ohio, who preceded her in death. To this union were born 5 sons and 5 daughters, 3 daughters having preceded her to the great beyond. She leaves 5 sons (Jacob, John, Henry, Harvey, and William), and 2 daughters (Amanda, and Katie, wife of Emanuel Gerber); also 2 brothers (Jerry and Nathaniel), 5 sisters (Mrs. Katie Kuhns, Fanny Blosser, Lydia Deardorf, Elizabeth Hostetler, and Mary Haas), 40 grandchildren, 50 great-grandchildren, and a host of friends. She spent the declining days of her life with her daughter, Mrs. Emanuel Gerber, at whose home she passed away. Her last sickness, arteriosclerosis, lasted only a few days. She was a lifelong member of the Walnut A. M. Church, excepting a few years when she lived in Nebraska. Services at the Walnut A. M. Church. Burial in cemetery nearby. Services were conducted by Lester Hostetler and S. H. Miller. Texts, I Cor. 15:57 and Job 3:17.

Coffman. Grover Floyd, son of Daniel and Sarah Coffman, was born at Dale Enterprise, Va., Jan. 25, 1885; died at his home in Millersburg, Ind., Nov. 11, 1923; aged 38 y. 9 m. 16 d. When he was 3 years old his parents with their three children moved to Elkhart, Ind., and when Grover was 20 years old he moved with his parents to Clinton township, and later moved to Millersburg to take charge of a lumber yard. On June 19, 1915, he was united in marriage to Mabel Pletcher. Surviving him are his wife, one son (Roy Willis), his father and mother, 2 brothers, and 7 sisters, besides many other relatives and friends. In May of this year his health began to fail and gradually grew worse until death relieved him of his suffering. Only a very short time before his departure he accepted Christ as his personal Savior and was received into the Church by water baptism, having expressed full confidence in the forgiveness of sin and acceptance into the family of God. Funeral services were held at the Clinton Brick Church by J. H. Fyke and J. S. Hartzler. He was laid to rest at the Forest Grove Cemetery to await the resurrection of the just.


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