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Gospel Herald - Volume XVI, Number 27 - October 4, 1923, page 557, 558

Coffy.- Virginia May, infant daughter of John and Alice Coffy died Sept. 23, 1923, at John Hopkins Hospital Baltimore. Funeral services were held at the home of her grandparents, D. J. and Emma Peters, Pond Bank, Pa., by Pre. _____ Shoup of the U. B. Church. Interment in the Pond Bank Cemetery. Harvey E. Shank.

Tressler.- Paul Edgar, infant son of John and Annie Tressler died Sept. 1, 1923; aged 18 days. Funeral services were held at the home in Pond Bank, Pa., on Sept. 4, conducted by Harvey E. Shank. Text, Mark 10:13-16.

Mullennax.- Hobert, son of Grover and Emma Mullennax, died at Whitmer, W. Va., at the early age of 12 y. 3 m. 17 d. It is thought that death was due to an injury received while playing ball. He was sick only a short time, and his death was a shock to the community. He leaves father, mother, a brother, and a sister. The mother has been an invalid for over three years, and the loss of her dear boy meant much to her; but she is resigned to Him who raiseth them that are bowed down, and healeth the broken in heart. Services were conducted by Bro. Rhine Benner from John 11:25. Burial in the Italy Cemetery.

Rheinheimer.- Minnie May, daughter of Chris and Nettie Rheinheimer, was born in Elkhart Co., Ind., Nov. 29 1892; died Aug. 30, 1923; aged 30 y. 9 m. 1 d. At the age of 15 she united with the Mennonite Church at the Forks near Middlebury, Ind., and remained a faithful member to her death. She leaves father, mother, 4 brothers and 3 sisters. Funeral services at Forks Church by D. D. Miller.

Denlinger.- Miriam K., daughter of John and Mary (Kreider) Denlinger of Lancaster Co., Pa., died Sept. 12, 1923, of appendicitis, following an operation at the hospital; aged 2 y. 7 m. 7 d. She leaves to mourn her departure her parents, 3 sisters (Bertha, Mary and Elma) and 1 brother (John). She was sick only 4 days. We did everything we could to keep her; the most skilled advice was sought, but God wanted this dear little child. We miss that sweet little voice and the patter of those little feet. But we say, "Thy will be done." Funeral services were held at Mellingers Church, Sept. 15, conducted by the brethern, Sanford Landis and David Landis.

"Some sweet day, when life is o,er,
We shall meet above,
With our little blue-eyed angel child
In that land of love."

Yoder.- Daniel S. Yoder was born near Millersburg, Ohio, Feb 6, 1838; died Aug. 31, 1923 at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Jos. M. Bontrager, of Shipshewanna, Ind.; aged 85 y. 6 m. 25 d. Daniel S. was the last member of the Stephen Yoder family. He was married to Katherine Mishler Dec. 9, 1858, who died Jan. 15, 1901. To this union were born nine children, six preceding him in death. Those who survive him are Noah Yoder, Mrs. Jos. M. Bontrager, and Mrs. James R. Richardson. There are 13 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. He had made his home with his daughter, Mrs. Jos. M. Bontrager, for the last 9 years. He had been blind for the last 6 years, not being able to leave his home but a few times. He endured much suffering and pain at times. He was a member of the Mennonite Church and faithful till death. Services at Forks Church, conducted by O. S. Hostetler and D. D. Miller.

Sommers.- Levi J. Sommers was born Aug. 29, 1838; in Mifflin Co., Pa., died Sept. 15, 1923, in Lagrange Co., Ind., aged 85 y. 16 d. On Oct. 10, 1858, he was married to Dorla Hostedler, to which union were born 4 children (Mrs. Mahaley Kerch, Daniel, Mrs. Catherine Armbrust, Mrs. Mary Ann Hostedler). On Oct. 24, 1903 his wife died leaving him and 4 children. On June 13, 1909, he was married to Mrs. Mary Yoder. On account of infirmities of old age he could not spend all of his time at his home and was taken to the infirmary at Lagrange, Ind., at which place he died, leaving his aged companion, 2 daughters, 18 grandchildren, 2 sisters, 1 half-sister, 3 half-brothers; besides a host of great-grandchildren, relatives, and friends. Funeral services were held at the Mennonite church at Emma, Ind., Sept. 17, by Joni Troyer and Crist Miller in German (Text, II Pet. 3) and Oscar Hostedler in English (Text, Rom. 14:12). After the service the body was sent to Sugarcreek, Ohio, where funeral services were held at the Walnut Creek Church by Sam Miller and Z _____ Shepfer. The remains were laid to rest in the Cemetery nearby.
M. S.

Slagel.- Catharena (Steinman) Slagel was born in Tazwell Co., Ill., Feb. 23, 1859; died at her home near Wayland, Iowa, Sept. 18, 1923; aged 64 y. 6 m. 25 d. She accepted Christ as her Savior while in her teens, uniting with the Amish Mennonite Church, and was a devoted and loyal member until called by death. On Aug. 31, 1876, she was married to Benjamin F. Slagel. To this union were born five daughters and four sons. They lived in Illinois until the spring of 1906 when they moved to a farm near Wayland, Iowa. Sister Slagel was a devoted and loving mother. Her gentle, unassuming disposition won for her many friends. Her strong Christian character and undaunted loyalty made her a very desirable member of the Church. Her husband, who died Nov. 10, 1922, and one son preceded her in death. She leaves five daughters, three sons, eighteen grandchildren, two foster-grandchildren, five sisters, one brother, and a large number of friends and neighbors to mourn their loss. The funeral was held on Thursday afternoon at the Sugar Creek church near Wayland, Iowa, conducted by the home ministers. Texts used, II Tim. 4:7, 8; II Cor. 4:16, 17. Interment in the cemetery nearby.

Metzler.- Mary Ann, widow of John Metzler, was born Feb. 13, 1854; died Sept. 14, 1923, at her home in Pine Hill 1 1-2 mile east of Lititz, Pa.; aged 69 y. 7 m. 1 d. She was a daughter of Benjamin Franklin Diffenderfer. She was sick for three weeks with pneumonia, and seemed to be recovering, when suddenly her condition changed and she quietly fell asleep. Her husband preceded her to the mansions above 7 months ago. Two sons and 1 daughter (Frank D., John D., and Louisa D.), mourn the loss of their departed mother. She is also survived by four sisters and 2 brothers (Cathrine T., wife of Amos G. Gibble; Amanda T., wife of Jacob Kulp; Emma T., wife of Hiram W. Sharp; Louise T., wife of Nathan S. Kemper; Aaron T., and Henry T.) She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church, and a kind and affectionate mother, always willing to lend a helping hand. Funeral services at the home were conducted by Bro. Jacob Hershey with further services at Hammercreek Mennonite church by Bros. John S. Hess and Noah Landis. Text, Psa. 4:8. Interment in adjoining cemetery. Peace to her ashes.
"Dearest mother, thou hast left us,
Here thy loss we deeply feel;
But 'tis God that hath bereft us,
He can all our sorrows heal."

Transcribed by Meg Gernhardt, Indiana.


Gospel Herald - Volume XVI, Number 28 - October 11, 1923, page 589

Kuhns.- Delmer Deane Kuhns was born Sept. 21, 1923; died Sept. 25, 1923. He leaves to mourn his early departure father, mother, 3 brothers and 3 sisters. He was laid to rest in the Salem cemetery near Schickley, Nebr. Funeral services were conducted by Bros. Fred Reeb and Ben Schlegel.
"Twas hard to give our darling up,
One whom we dearly loved,
But then in faith we humbly say,
"Oh, God, Thy will be done."

Wagaman.- Peter Wagaman was born June 16, 1846; died Sept. 18, 1923; aged 77 y. 3 m. 2 d. He leaves an aged widow (who expects to unite with the Church) and the following children: George, Amos, Mrs. Mowery, Mrs. Coldsmith. Mr. Wagaman was an industrious, hard-working man, having spent much of his time in the woods. Funeral services were conducted by Harvey E. Shank from I Cor. 15:21, 22 at the Mt. Carmel Church in Adams Co. Interment in cemetery adjoining.

Metzler.- Paul H., infant son of Susie and Abram W. Metzler, of Paradise township, Lancaster County, Pa., died Sept. 23, 1923; aged 1 m. 27 d. He leaves his parents and the following brothers and sisters: Ross, Fern, Alta and Mark. Although he suffered much during his short stay here we have the comforting thought that he has gone to that place where pain and suffering are forever o,er. Funeral services at the home by Bishop Christian Brackbill. Text, Eccl. 8:8. Interment in Hershey's Mennonite cemetery.
All is dark within our dwelling
Lonely are our hearts today
For the one we loved so dearly
Has forever passed away.
The Family.

Spitnale.- Joseph Spitnale was born Feb. 26, 1861; died Sept. 18, 1923, having lived always near his childhood home at Cascade, Ohio. He reached the age of 62 y. 6 m. 24 d. He was united in marriage Oct. 26, 1895, to Lulu Lowe, and to them were born six children; three of whom passed to their heavenly home in early infancy, leaving Ruth, Mary and Stephen, to mourn with their mother, for one they have dearly "loved and lost awhile." Besides the immediate family there are three brothers and one sister, and numerous friends left to grieve. Eleven years ago he united with the Mennonite Church and remained faithful to his vows till death. He was afflicted for 15 years and the last 6 years were spent in great suffering and pain. He leaves assurance with his loved ones that he has entered into that rest that remaineth for the people of God.

Safe within our Savior's keeping
Who sent him calm release;
'Tis only we are weeping,
He dwells in perfect peace.

Funeral services were held Friday, Sept. 21, at the Cascade Church, Putnam Co., Ohio, conducted by Gabriel H. Brunk, J. W. Hess, and S. G. Shenk. Text, I Cor. 15:54, last clause. Burial in nearby cemetery.
G. H. Brunk.

Ream.- Lydia Stutzman was born in Johnson Co., Iowa, Nov. 27, 1856. In her youth she moved with her father to Bern, Fairfield Co., Ohio, where she resided until her marriage to Riley Ream of Hancock Co., on March 11, 1883. To this union one son, Clyde, was born. Mr. and Mrs. Ream began housekeeping in Hancock Co., and in 1899 moved to Bluffton, O., where they resided until 1902 when the family moved to their farm in Van Buren township where they lived until some time after the death of the husband. When the son, Clyde, and family moved to Ada, Ohio, Mrs. Ream accompanied them and made her home with them until the summons came for her to go to her long home on Sept. 25, 1923, at the age of 66 y. 9 m. 28 d. She accepted Christ as her Savior when a young woman and became a member of the Mennonite Church and remained faithful until death. She leaves to mourn her loss one son, two grandsons, two half sisters, and one half brother, besides many other relatives and friends. Funeral services were conducted by N. O. Blosser, assisted by Jonathan Warye of West Liberty, O. The services were held in the Chapel Church near New Stark and the body was laid to rest in the Hassan cemetery.

Yoder.- Charles D. Yoder was born in Somerset Co., Pa., May 9, 1872; died in McPherson Co., Kans., Sept. 26, 1923; aged 51 y. 4 m. and 7 d. At the age of six years he moved with his parents to the West and settled near what is now known as the West Liberty Church where he spent the remainder of his days. On Aug. 27, 1899, he was married to Susanna Heatwole. To this union were born ten children, five sons and five daughters, all of whom with the wife and mother survive him, and all attended the funeral except one son, Tillman, who is lying in the hospital in a semiconscious condition as the result of a kick on the side of his head by a horse. He is also survived by five brothers and four sisters. Bro. Yoder was converted at the age of 18 and united with the Mennonite Church. Five years later he was ordained to the ministry and served in this capacity faithfully the remainder of his life. He was not known to be absent from any meeting at the Church when his health at all permitted. His record shows that during the last thirty years he missed but one session of conference and then he was away from home attending another conference. He served as secretary of the Kansas-Nebraska Conference for a number of years. He attended the common schools and later McPherson College preparing himself for usefulness in life, having taught school for a number of years in his early ministry. He was of a quiet and unassuming disposition and for this reason his real worth was not generally recognized. As a minister he stood staunchly for all the doctrines of the Word and of the Church. As the end drew near it seemed that his chief concern wsa for the welfare of his home congregation. He requested that the Church be kept free from worldliness, formality and false doctrine. His death was caused by an infection from a bruise received last winter while cutting hedge. He was treated in three different hospitals and underwent five operations, but it seems his time had come and the Lord took him away in peace, resignation and the full assurance of future glory. Funeral was held Sept. 28. Services at the house by Bro. Allen Erb and at the Church by the Brethren M. A. Yoder, T. M. Erb, and D. H. Bender. Text, "He hath done all things well."

Transcribed by Meg Gernhardt, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Volume XVI, Number 29 - October 18, 1923, page 605, 606

Peters.- William Edgar, son of D. J. and Emma Peters died Sept. 29, 1923,, at the Chambersburg Hospital; aged 20 m. 25 d. He had a very pleasant disposition, and was a dear little friend to all. He leaves a father, mother, and several half brothers and half sisters. It was hard to give him up but all seem resigned to the Lord,s will, knowing that he is in safe keeping. Funeral services were conducted at the Pond Bank Church by the Pentecostal ministers, Jeffries and Parks. Interment in the Pond Bank Cemetery.
Harvey E. Shank

Birky.- Roy Emery, son of Bro. Alvin and Sister Amelia Birky, was born Aug. 29, 1923; died Oct. 2, 1923; aged 1 m. 3 d. Death was caused by complication of diseases. He leaves his parents, one sister (Viola), four brothers (Ellis, Marvin, Floyd and Ivan); two grandmothers, one grandfather, and many other relatives. Funeral services were conducted by J. A. Hieser and Samuel Zehr. Little Roy Emery's stay on earth was short and his last days were full of suffering, but we have the blessed assurance that he has gone to a long eternity where there is no more suffering. Therefore, we will say with Job: "The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord."

The Great Jehovah full of love,
An angel bright did send,
And took our little, harmless dove,
To joys that never end.
By his Aunt Katie.

Transcribed by Meg Gernhardt, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Volume XVI, Number 30 - October 25, 1923, page 620, 621

Nelson.- Vinton Oliver, son of Joseph and Amanda Nelson, was born near Shipshewana, Ind., Jan. 22, 1916; died Oct. 8, 1923; aged 7 y. 8 m. 16 d. He leaves to mourn his early departure, his parents, two younger brothers (Burl and Kay), grandparents, uncles, aunts and many other relatives and friends. Vinton was sick for nearly two weeks, but only on the morning of his death did his condition become alarming. The doctor was called and we did what we could to relieve his suffering, but God wanted our dear little boy and our greatest comfort is that he is now safe in Jesus, arms. Throughout all his illness he was very patient and a few hours before the end spoke of "Far Away," which we feel sure was a glimpse of heaven where he has found rest forever. "The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord." Funeral, Oct. 10, at the Shore Church. Service conducted by Bros. Y. C. and J. P. Miller.

Brown.- Vivle May Brown was born Oct. 1, 1905; died Oct. 11, 1923; aged 18 y. 10 d. She was the fourth child of Jas. Van Brown (deceased) and Sarah Brown. For about a year she was afflicted with tuberculosis which finally ended in her death. She leaves to mourn her departure a little son, her mother, two sisters, a grandmother, a number of uncles, aunts, cousins, friends and neighbors. Vivle never united with any church. She however showed a concern for her soul's welfare and a few weeks before her death expressed her faith in Christ and a willingness to accept Him as her personal Savior. As far as health permitted she responded to the exhortation to give attendance to the reading of the Word of God. May all whom she leaves behind use their opportunity to prepare for the heavenly home. Services conducted at Gravois Mills, Mo., by Brethren J. P. Brubaker and J. R. Shank, assisted by Bros. Sims. Text, I Cor. 15:55.
J. R. Shank.

Kreider.- Susan B. Kreider was born near Gordonville, Lancaster County, Pa., Nov. 6, 1849; died Sept. 3, 1923; aged 73 y. 9 m. 27 d. She was the daughter of the late Jacob and Anna Kreider. She is survived by 3 sisters, 5 brothers having preceded her in death. She passed away rather unexpectedly. She was in failing health for about 3 months from a complication of diseases, but was confined to her bed only 2 days, when she peacefully asleep in Jesus. She passed out of this life without a struggle to awaken in the Great Beyond. She led a Christian life for many years and was always glad to go to the house of worship and sing praises unto God. She will be missed in the home by her niece (they having lived together for 19 years), in the church, and in the community. She led a quiet, unassuming life, was of a kind disposition, always ready to do little deeds of kindness and acts of love for every one. Funeral services at the home, Sept. 5, by Bro. John B. Senger and further services at the church by Bro. Jacob Mellinger and Bro. Senger. Interment at Mellinger's Cemetery.

Stutsman.- Eli C. Stutsman was born Dec. 11, 1838, in the state of Ohio, and died Oct. 6, 1923, at his home in Johnson County, Iowa, aged 84 y. 9 m. 26 d. He was married to Anna Marner, Nov. 17, 1871. To them were born nine children, two daughters and seven sons, all of whom grew to womanhood and manhood. One son died in his young manhood and all of the others are still living. He was a faithful member of the East Union Mennonite Church in Sharon Township. He is survived by his wife, Anna Marner Stutsman, the sons and daughters referred to above, nineteen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. He will be sincerely mourned by his immediate family as a loving husband and father, and by his community as one of the best of neighbors and truest of friends. Funeral services were held at the East Union church, Oct. 8, attended by a large concourse of sorrowing friends, who gathered to pay their last act of respect to his life and memory. The service was conducted by Daniel Kauffman, assisted by the home ministers. Text, II Cor. 15:51-55. Interment was made in the cemetery near the church.

Roth.- Sister Lisetta Goldsmith Roth was born in Switzerland, Oct. 27, 1854; died at her home in Morton, Ill., Sept. 11, 1923; aged 68 y. 10 m. 14 d. In 1882 she with her sister came to America and made her home in Gridley, Ill., later coming to Washington of the same state, where she was united in marriage with Daniel Roth. To this union two children were born: Miss Amelia, who remained at home with her mother and Samuel R., who also resides in this immediate community. Besides the above named children she leaves one sister, nine step-children, one grandchild and a host of relatives and friends to mourn her death. Early in life she united with the Amish Mennonite Church and remained faithful to her profession till death. In life she always manifested a deep interest in spiritual things and during her final illness expressed an earnest desire to leave the world and be at rest. Her husband preceded her in death by nearly one and a half years and after his departure she took consolation in her children and found comfort in the hope of salvation through her Savior, in Whom she had trusted during all her Christian life. Funeral services were held at the home, Sept. 14, by Bro. S. C. Yoder of Kalona, Ia., and at the Pleasant Grove Mennonite Church by Bros. Sam Gerber and S. C. Yoder.

Yoder.- Aaron D. Yoder was born in Holmes county, Ohio, Dec. 11, 1867, where he spent the greater part of his boyhood days with his parents. Later (with the exception of a few years in the West) he came with them to Champaign county, Ohio, where his father and mother preceded him in death. On Aug. 24, 1897, he was united in matrimony with Mary Esch. This union was blessed with one son, Joseph A., and four daughters, Nora Marie (now Mrs. Ralph Owen), Alta Mae, Bertha Anna, and Ida Belle. This happy family circle remained unbroken until the early morning of October 4, 1923, when the beloved father and husband was called to his eternal rest, at his late home in Champaign county, Ohio, at the age of 55 y. 9 m. 23 d. He also leaves two grandchildren and two brothers, Jonas Yoder, of Crystal Springs, Kans., and Alfred L. Yoder, of near West Liberty, to mourn his departure. In early life the departed gave his heart to Christ and united with the Amish Mennonite Church, in which body he remained faithful until the end, ever manifesting a deep concern for the welfare of the household of his faith. Funeral services were held at Oak Grove Church, on Oct. 6, in charge of S. E. Allgyer, J. J. Warye of West Liberty, and Benjamin King, of Ft. Wayne, Ind. Burial was made in the Hooley cemetery.

Miller.- Catherine (Shetler) Miller was born in Butler County, Ohio, January 21, 1841; died at her home near Wellman, Iowa in Johnson County, August 17, 1923, at the age of 82 y. 6 m. 27 d. She was married to Jacob B. Miller Sept. 20, 1860. She lived in matrimony for a little over 53 years, her husband having died Dec. 4, 1913. To this union were born 16 children, 5 of whom preceded her to the Great Beyond. The children yet living are as follows: Lydia Brenneman, Smithville, Ohio; Mrs. Dan J. Boller, Wayland, Iowa; Mrs. B. J. Otto, Wellman, Iowa; Mrs. Leo Hooley, Parnell, Iowa; Mrs. A. E. Kinsinger, Parnell, Iowa; Lewis, of Wellman, Iowa; George, of Clarion, Iowa; Mrs. Marion Erb, Kalona, Iowa; Joel, of Parnell, Iowa; Mrs. Gideon Marner, Parnell, Iowa; and Ervin, of Prosser, Wash., besides 34 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren. She also leaves three aged brothers and one sister, namely Christian and Peter Shetler of Kalona, and John Shetler and Mrs. E. P. Hershberger of Wellman, Iowa. She united with the Amish Mennonite Church at the age of about 17 and remained a faithful member until death. She was about as well as usual until the evening of Aug. 11, when she had a stroke of paralysis, and was not able to talk, but apparently understood what was said to her for about 9 hours, but from that time on was entirely unconscious to the end, without suffering.

Brenner.- John J. Brenner of Kissel Hill, Lancaster County, Pa., died Oct. 2, 1923; aged 72 y. 11 m. 3 d. He had been ailing two weeks when he had a cerebral hemorrhage which caused his sudden and unexpected death. He is survived by his wife, 3 sons and 2 daughters (Ira and Irvin of Lancaster, Mae, Anna and Domer at home); also 2 brothers, 1 sister and 4 grandchildren. Funeral services at the East Petersburg Church by Bros. Kreider and Hershey and Bishop Noah Landis. Texts, "In the evening time it shall be light," and "For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." A large number of relatives and friends had gathered to pay their last tribute to one whom they had learned to love. Oh, we miss him so much.
"Some time when all life's lessons have been learned,
And sun and stars forevermore have set,
The things o,er which we grieve with lashes wet,
Will flash before us out of life's dark night.
* * * *
Then be content, poor heart,
God's plans are like the lilies, pure and white;
We must not tear the close-shut leaves apart,
Time will reveal the calyxes of gold.
When all shall clearly know and understand,
I think that we will say,
"God knew the best."
The family.

Graver.- Barbie Anna Graver (nee Hess) was born in Lancaster County, Pa., Oct. 21, 1893; died at the General Hospital, Lancaster, Pa., Sept. 2, 1923; aged 29 y. 10 m. 12 d. She was married to Harry Graver Nov. 19, 1914. This union was blessed with four children, Harry Jr., Verna, Velma, and a little boy who died in infancy. Sister Barbie leaves to mourn her early death, her husband, 3 children, her mother, one sister, and many relatives and friends. She confessed her Savior at the age of 16, united with the Mennonite Church and kept her faith until death. She had not been well for about a year, but she never complained. When she was asked how she was she said, "I am just living for today." She also said she could not understand things. The last time the family was together we all thought she seemed real well. Three weeks later something came over her and she became unconscious. She remained in this state for four and a half days and on the fifth day when her husband called to see her she regained consciousness for a little while and seemed to know him. Tow hours later she did not know anything any more. This was on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday morning she feel asleep in Jesus. Her death was a shock to the community. These quick calls are for a warning. "Prepare to meet thy God." We know not why one so much needed should be taken so soon but sometime we will understand. God's will be done. Funeral services were conducted at the River Corner Mennonite Church, Sept. 5, by Bros. D. N. Lehman and Jacob Thomas.

A Sister-in-law.

Transcribed by Meg Gernhardt, Indiana

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