Gospel Herald Obituaries - November, 1940

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Gospel Herald - Vol. XXXIII, No 32 - November 7, 1940 --- page 687, 688

Eimen. --- Joseph B. Eimen, was born near Wayland, Ia., June. 14, 1878; died at his late home in Kalona, Ia., Oct. 18, 1940; aged 62 y. 4 m. 14 d. He is preceded in death by his parents, 3 sisters, and 2 brothers. When he was 7 years old his mother died. When he was 12, Bro. and Sister Joel Swartzendruber of Parnell, Ia., opened their hearts and home to him. A few years later they moved to Clarion, Ia., where he enjoyed the hospitality and blessings of their Christian home. Here he grew to manhood, and on Dec. 9, 1902, he was united in marriage to Alice Yoder of Clarion. To this union 1 daughter Mildred (now Mrs. Lloyd Knepp) was born. After their marriage they moved to Johnson Co., Ia., locating on a farm near Kalona, where they lived 4 years before moving into Kalona, where he engaged in business, with which he was associated until about Aug., 1939, when his health began to fail. He accepted Christ when a young man and united with the Mennonite Church, to which he was loyal until death. He was of a quiet and cheerful disposition. His friends were those who knew him. In his business relations he always believed in and practiced the Golden Rule, by which he gained the respect and admiration of his many friends. His passing is mourned by his companion and daughter, 2 foster grandchildren, in whom he took especial delight and interest; 3 brothers (Peter D., of Sharon; Daniel of Frytown, and David of Wellman, Ia.), 3 sisters (Mrs. M. S. Ropp of Kalona; Mrs. S. S. Troyer of Honesville, Ohio, and Fannie of Wayland), and a host of relatives and friends. But we need not mourn as those without hope. Funeral services were held Oct. 20, from the East Union Mennonite Church, with burial in the East Union Cemetery, conducted by Bros. Edd Diener and D. J. Fisher.

"No one heard the footsteps
Of the angel drawing near.
Who took from earth to heaven,
The one we loved so dear."

Horst. ---Elsie Marie, daughter of Harvey K. and Kathryn (Myers) Horst, was born Feb. 3, 1927; died Sept. 27, 1940; aged 13 y. 7 m. 24 d. She died of a violent form of diabetes after an illness of only two days. She leaves her parents, 1 sister (Anna, wife of Jay R. Herr), and 3 brothers (James, Clarence, and Earl). Elsie had a perfect Sunday-school attendance record of 13 years. Funeral services at the home and at E. Chestnut St. Mennonite Church, Lancaster, pa., by Bros. David Mosemann and Jacob Brubaker. Interment in Mellingers Mennonite Cemetery. When we cut flowers, we cut them just as they begin to open. Just so God cut this bud just as it was beginning to unfold in order to longer preserve its beauty and purity on the other side of the Garden wall.
--The Family.

Miller. --- Chris C., son of Michael D. and Lovina (Shettler) Miller, was born near Kalona, Iowa, Nov. 13, 1876; died at his late home in Kalona, Oct. 21, 1940; aged 63 y. 11 m. 8 d. Oct. 23, 1902, he was united in marriage to Katie Wertz. To this union 2 children were born (Mrs. Marie Herner of Kalona and Clifford of Moline, Ill.). He accepted Christ in his youth, united with the East Union congregation, where he was a faithful member until the time of his death. He served the Church in various capacities, was superintendent of the Sunday school and teacher for many years, served on the Board of Trustees of the Church, was Church secretary for 32 years, which office he held at the time of his death. In his public life he taught school for 15 years, was cashier of the Kalona Savings Bank for 20 years, and secretary of the Kalona public school since 1912. Through his public life and service he won the confidence and respect of his many friends. He is preceded in death by his mother, a brother, and 4 sisters. His passing is mourned by his wife and 2 children, 2 grandchildren (Charline and Eddie Herner), his father (Michael D. Miller), 6 brothers (Simon of Ankeny, Ia.; Jess of Oroville, Calif.; Edd of Ft. Riley, Kans.; Abner, Frank, and Aaron of Kalona), 3 sisters (Mrs. Seth Miller of Muscatine, Ia.; Mrs. C. A. Wertz of Kalona; and Mrs. Charley Gingerich of Parnell), and a host of relatives and friends. Funeral services were held from the East Union Mennonite Church, and burial in the Sharon Hill Cemetery, conducted by Bro. D. J. Fisher.

Risser. --- Esther Leona, daughter of Adin and Ida Risser, died Sept. 5, 1940; aged 9 y. 8 m. 29 d. Death came after an illness of three weeks of rheumatic fever. She leaves her mother and father, 3 sisters and 1 brother. We deeply mourn for one whom we so much loved, but not as for one for whom we would have no hope. Funeral services were held at the Reiff Mennonite Church near Maugansville, Md., in charge of Bros. Stanley Martin and M. K. Horst. She will long be remembered by those of her family for her smile and the songs which she so much sang. One of her favorite songs was "Lord, keep me shining for Thee, until I behold Thy face."

"Dearest Esther, thou hast left us,
Here thy loss we deeply feel;
But 'tis God that hath bereft us,
He can all our sorrows heal."
---By the Family

Schantz. --- Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob and Katie Hage, was born Dec. 26, 1863, in Germany; died Oct. 21, 1940, near Wisner, Neb.; aged 76 y. 8m. 26 d. She was united in marriage to Joseph Schantz who died July 22, 1934. To this union were born 13 children, 9 living: Bertha (Mrs. Aaron Birky), Anna (Mrs. John Nafziger), of Hopedale, Ill.; Lizzie (Mrs. Jonas Birky) of Kouts, Ind.; Martha and Esther at home; Chris, Arthur, Edwin, and Daniel all of Beemer, Neb. She has 1 sister (Bertha) in Germany, 1 brother (Chris) in Oregon, 20 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren. She and her husband lived on a homestead in Minnesota for several years, also a few years in Iowa and Oklahoma. In the spring of 1911 they came to Beemer, Neb., where they resided until they moved to their home near Wisner, in 1915, where she has lived ever since. She we ill for a number of years, being bedfast 21 months. She will always be remembered as a kind and loving mother by her children.

"Mother, dear, all is ended,
Sorrow, pain, and grief are o'er;
By the Eastern Gate we'll meet you,
Over on that peaceful shore."

Stubblebine. --- Morgan, son of the late Henry and Mary (Hendericks) Stubblebine, was born near Pottstown, Pa., June 16, 1856; died Sept. 28, 1940; aged 84 y. 3 m. 12 d. His wife was the late Catherine (Mensch) Stubblebine. Bro. Morgan accepted Christ during a series of meetings and was baptized and received into fellowship at the Pottstown Mission, March 3, 1935. Services were held at his late residence by the brethren, Henry Bechtel, Elmer Kolb, and Amos Kolb. Text, II Sam. 14: 14. Interment in the Coventry Mennonite Cemetery.

Transcribed by Marcia Bickel, Kansas.


Gospel Herald - Vol. XXXIII, No 33 - November 14, 1940 --- page 719.

Canen. --- Alpha Roy, son of the late Levi and Barbara Canen, was born Aug. 26, 1891, near Wakarusa, Ind. His entire life was spent in the surrounding community. He married Grace Blocher March 6, 1914. To this union were born 3 daughters (Chloe, Josephine-Mrs. Robert Bemiller, and Edna), and 3 sons (Edward Leroy, deceased, Robert and Richard). He united with the Mennonite Church and the Olive congregation a number of years ago, and as long as health permitted he was a faithful attendant at the services. During his illness he continually lamented the fact that he with his family was so often deprived of the privilege of church attendance. He had been in failing health for some time, but was bedfast only two weeks. Death came as a result of heart failure and other complications on the morning of Oct. 14; aged 49 y. 1m. 18 d. He leaves his companion, 5 children, 1 grandson (Stanley Eugene Bemiller), 3 brothers (Rufus, Clayton, and Voil), and 1 sister (Goldie), and many other relatives and friends. One brother, Floyd and a sister, Mrs. Agnes Risser, preceded him in death Funeral services conducted by Bros. C. A. Shank and D. A. Yoder at the Olive Church. Burial in adjoining cemetery.

Dagen. --- Samuel L., eldest son of Jacob and the late Mary Dagen, was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Dec. 28, 1891; died Aug. 29, 1940, in the Lancaster General Hospital; aged 48 y. 8 m. 1 d. On Dec. 5, 1916 he was united in marriage to Maude E. Graver. To this union 6 children were born, of whom 4 survive. He leaves his sorrowing wife, 3 daughters (Mary, Anna, and Ruth), 1 son (Samuel Jr.), all at home; also his father, 1 sister (Mrs. Harry Graver), 4 brothers (Chester, Jacob, Clarence, and Edward), and a host of relatives and friends. He was preceded in death by an infant son, a daughter (Cora, who died 10 years ago), and his mother. He suffered much and was very patient. He expressed his desire to get well, but was submissive to the Lord's will. His Bible was very precious to him. Some of his last words were, "Don't forget the Book " He had some favorite texts and hymns he had marked in his book. At the age of 17 he accepted Christ as his Saviour and became a member of the Mennonite Church, of which he was a faithful member until death. He served as a S. S. teacher a few of his last years. He was also much interested in the welfare of his family, and will be greatly missed by them in his departure. He was especially interested in sacred music, and spent many happy hours with his family in the enjoyment of the same. "The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord." He was a loving companion and father, and will be missed in the Church as well as in the home. His seat in church was seldom vacant. Funeral services at the home and at Byerland Mennonite Church, were conducted by Bros. Maris Hess, James Hess, and Henry Nauman. Text, Ruth 1: 3. Burial in the adjoining cemetery.

"However painful it may be
To know that he is gone,
The thought is sweet that we may see
Him in that heavenly home."
--The Family.

Hurst. --- Grace Elizabeth, daughter of Bro. and Sister Levi Hurst, of near Columbiana, Ohio, was born in the South Side Hospital on Sept. 21; died in that institution 9 days later. She seemed to be getting along quite encouragingly, but suddenly took a turn for the worse and passed away after a few hours' illness. A brother, James Richard, and two sisters, Rosetta and Eleanor, preceded Grace in death. Funeral services were conducted in the home of the parents, in charge of Bishop A. J. Steiner. May the Lord sustain and comfort the sorrowing parents.

Kauffman. --- Addah R., daughter of Seaver and Sarah (Lantz) Byler and wife of Vernon C. Kauffman, died of apoplexy at her home near Topeka, Ind., aged 67, having been born in Noble Co., Ind., Aug. 18, 1873. They were married Feb. 4, 1909. Surviving her are the husband and an adopted daughter (Mrs. Kenneth Reynolds, near South Bend, Ind.); also a grandson and a sister (Mrs. Rufus Hartzler, whose home is near the Kauffman farm). Preceding her in death were her parents, 2 sisters (Emma Byler and Salina Burkholder), and a foster brother and sister (Charles Kettleborough and Zora Mahlon Bowen). She had been a member of the Mennonite Church from her youth. Funeral services were held in the Topeka Mennonite Church by Bro. Earl Salzman. Burial in Maple Grove Cemetery.

Knopp. --- Noah H., son of Jacob and Barbara (Basinger) Knopp, was born in Mahoning Co., Ohio, Aug. 20, 1867; died Oct. 23, 1940; aged 73 y. 2 m. 3 d. On Dec. 17, 1892 he was united in marriage with Laura A. Detwiler, who survives with the following children: Raymond, Mrs. Jerry Kindig, Mrs. Frederick Puttkamer, and Mrs. Ramond Hendricks. He also leaves 5 grandchildren, 1 brother (Alvin), 2 sisters (Dora Knopp and Mrs. John S. Riehl). Funeral services were held at the Fry funeral home in Columbiana, Ohio, in charge of ----Hilt of the Lutheran Church, Greenford. Burial in the Columbiana Cemetery.

Lesher. --- David R. Lesher, the senior minister of the Reiff congregation, Washington Co., Md., was born Oct. 20, 1860; died Oct. 15, 1940; aged 70 y. 11 m. 25 d. Surviving are 1 daughter (Mrs. Emma Martin) with whom he had his home, and 5 grandchildren. His companion (who was Elizabeth H. Strite before marriage) preceded him in death 11 years ago. Bro. Lesher served in the ministry at the Reiff congregation for 33 years and died on the 33rd anniversary of his ordination. His passing marks a complete change in the ministerial body of that congregation, in comparatively recent years. We pray that, through the grace and providence of God, the simple faith which he supported and promulgated may be perpetuated until Jesus comes. Funeral services were held at his late home and at the Reiff meetinghouse on Oct. 18, in which the bishops and all the ministering brethren of the bishop district, except those who were numbered with the mourning relatives, had part. Text, Gen. 15: 15. Burial in adjoining cemetery.

"Peacefully, sleeping, resting at last,
The world's weary troubles and trials are past;
In silence he suffered, in patience he bore,
Till God called him home, to suffer no more."

Millhouse. --- Ellen A., daughter of the late Deacon Abram and Mary Ann Newcomer, was born April 27, 1880; died at her home in Mountville, Pa., Oct. 12, 1940; after an illness of 2 months; aged 60 y. 5 m. 15 d. She united with the Mennonite Church when young and remained faithful to the end. She was married to David W. Millhouse Nov. 14, 1907. To this union were born 1 son (Abram N., Mountville), and 2 daughters (Nora, wife of Claude Gerlach, and Mary Elizabeth, at home). Her husband died April 3, 1934. One daughter also preceded her in death. She also leaves 4 sisters (Alice, wife of Frank Hershey; Martha, wife of Milton Millhouse, Mountville; Mrs. Lizzie Kreider of Manheim; Anna Newcomer, Lancaster). Also 6 grandchildren survive and 1 brother (David Newcomer). Short services were held at the home by Bro. Jacob C. Habecker, with further services at the Mountville Mennonite Church by Bros. Christian Lehman and John Charles. Text, Prov. 31: 10. Burial in the Mountville Church of the Brethren Cemetery.

"A precious one from us is gone,
A voice we loved is stilled,
A place is vacant in our home,
Which never can be filled."
--The Family.

Sommerfeld. --- Jacob J., son of Heinrich and Anna (Schroeder) Sommerfeld, was born Jan. 23, 1874, in the village of Landskrown near Alexanderwohl, South Russia; died Oct. 18, 1940, at the Bethsaida Hospital; aged 66 y. 8 m. 25 d. At the age of six months he came with his parents to this country, where they located on a farm near Goessel, Kans. When he was twelve years old he moved with his parents into the Canton community, where he resided until the time of death. . Mar 22, 1896, upon the confession of his faith, he was baptized and united with the Spring Valley Mennonite Church, where he remained a faithful and active member until he was called home. On Dec. 27, 1903, he was united in marriage to Matie Young. To this union were born 6 children (Harold, of Canton; Mildred, who preceded him in death; Clarence of Hesston; and Edna, Raymond, and Bertha at home). He is survived by his wife, 5 children, 2 grandchildren, 4 brothers (Henry of Hesston and John, Lenhart, and Ferdinand of Canton), 6 sisters (Mrs. P. P. Buller of Goessel and Mrs. John Pankratz and the Misses Mary, Kathryn, Helena, and Agnes of Canton); also a large number of other relatives and friends. Funeral services were conducted Oct. 20 at the home and at the Spring Valley Mennonite Church in charge of Bro. Henry Diener, assisted by Bros. Edward Selzer and Charles Diener.

Witmer. --- Elizabeth, daughter of John and Lavina Booser, was born near Middletown, Pa., Oct. 18, 1860; died Oct. 23, 1940; aged 80 y. 5 d. Her health had been failing for several years, but her condition became serious during the last weeks, when she became bedfast. Until that time she had been able to visit her friends and assist in many light tasks about the home. She was the widow of Elias Witmer and since his death in 1916, had made her home with her son John in Harrisburg. Surviving are 5 sons (Freeman, Frank, John, Martin, and Roy) and 2 daughters (Minnie Erb and Nerva Stickle), 1 sister (Mrs. Kathryn Weaver), 18 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren. She was a faithful member of Strickler's and Shope's Mennonite Church, and her pleasant smile and friendly disposition will be greatly missed among her many friends.

Wyse. --- Daniel Lee, infant son of Ira and Mabel (Mull) Wyse of Wauseon, Ohio, was born Oct. 28, 1940; but it pleased God to take his soul to be with the throng of heaven who were never defiled with sin, and his little body was laid to rest on the day of his birth. He leaves father and mother, 2 brothers, and 1 sister. Their loss is his eternal gain. Services were conducted at the home by Bro. Henry Wyse. Burial in the Eckley Cemetery. "Budded on earth to bloom in heaven."

"Safe in the arms of Jesus,
Safe on His gentle breast;
There by His love o'ershaded,
Sweetly my soul shall rest."

Transcribed by Marcia Bickel, Kansas.


Gospel Herald - Vol. XXXIII, No 34 - November 21, 1940 --- page 734, 735, 736

Bender. --- Mary E. Bender, daughter of the late Elias and Elizabeth (Brenneman) Yoder, was born Jan. 28, 1858; died April 10, 1940; aged 82 y. 3 m. 2 d. She was baptized in her youth by Bishop Moses Mill, and remained a faithful member of the Amish Mennonite Church (Conservative). She was married to Enoch W. Bender Nov. 20, 1880, who preceded her in death 24 years ago. To this union were born 8 children (Annie, wife of Lewis Eichorn, Clarence, N. Y.; Amanda, wife of Asa Schrock, Accident, Md.; Clara, wife of Ezra J. Peachey, Belleville, Pa.; Milton, married to Savilla Maust; Salome, wife of Shem Peachey; and Norman, married to Beulah Yoder; the last three residing near Spring, Pa.). Two children (Savannah and Harvey) died in childhood. She is also survived by 37 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren, 2 brothers (Noah and Milton Yoder of Norfolk, Va.), and many nephews and nieces. Her hearing was impaired in early life, and she was deaf for many years, but acquired considerable ability to read the lips of those who spoke to her, and thus it was possible to converse with her. She and her companion were known for their hard work, economy, frugality, and thrift, having done much pioneering work in their younger years. They were conscientiously honest, paid their debts were helpful to the poor, and accumulated a competence. She was a kind, humble, faithful, and self-sacrificing mother and grandmother, concerned for her children and grandchildren. May they follow her example. She had her first stroke nine years ago, with several successive ones, gradually declining to the last. She repeatedly expressed a desire to depart this life, becoming more desirous to go, when other departed and she was still left. But she bore her afflictions patiently, never complaining. She was cheerful and had a smile for everyone. Being an invalid during her closing years, she was largely confined to a wheel chair. As she sat thus, in her pleasant mood on Sunday afternoon, April 28, with the family and several of her children and grandchildren who had come to visit her, she sank into unconsciousness from which she never awoke. She had her home with her eldest son (Milton) for the past nineteen years. Funeral services were conducted May 2, at the home, by Bro. C. W. Bender and at the Maple Glen Meetinghouse by Bro. Noah Brenneman in German and by Bro. Ivan J. Miller in English. Texts, Psa. 90, Rev. 14: 13; and Heb. 4: 9. Services at the grave conducted by Bro. C. W. Bender.

Burkhart. --- Ellen (Gotshall) Burkhart, was born in Cumberland Co., Pa.; died in Columbus, Ohio, Oct. 10, 1940; aged 77y. 5 m. 28 d. In 1923 she moved with her son and family to Dayton. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church, for many years serving as a Sunday-school teacher. She was a devoted and loving mother and a friend to all who knew her. Her hand reached far to help those in need. Her life was an inspiration to those about her, and her passing leaves a vacant chair in the home of her son, where she spent and devoted her time to the welfare of others. She will be missed in the Church, of which her son is a pastor, where she attended regularly for the past number of years. Her husband, 1 son, and a granddaughter preceded her in death. Surviving are 1 son and wife, 1 granddaughter, 1 grandson, nieces and nephews in Pennsylvania, and a host of friends. Services were held in the Diller Mennonite Church near Newville, Pa., conducted by Bro. W. F. Charlton. Interment in the adjoining cemetery.

"Dearest mother, thou hast left us,
And thy loss we deeply feel.
But 'tis God that hath bereft us;
He can all our sorrows heal."
---M. A. George.

Hartzler. --- Yost Hartzler, was born Aug. 28, 1848; died Oct. 25, 1940; aged 92 y. 1 m. 27 d. He lived near Belleville, Pa., where he was born for about 31 years. The last 29 years prior to locating in Somerset Co., Pa., in March, were spent in West Liberty, Ohio. There were in his family 3 boys and 6 girls, all of whom have passed away except 1 sister (Rebecca) residing with a niece in Belleville. His companion (who was Fannie Yoder) passed away in Jan. 1920. There were born to this union 1 daughter (Ella, wife of Jacob Shetler, residing near Johnstown, Pa.), with whom he made his home, and 1 son (J. Roy Hartzler of Minonk, Ill.), 13 grandchildren, and a host of relatives and friends also remain. He had united with the Mennonite Church when quite a young man and remained faithful unto the end. Services were conducted Oct. 27 in the home and Kaufman Mennonite Church near Davidsville, Pa., by Irvin Holsopple, S. G. Shetler, and Harry Y. Shetler, after which his body was shipped to West Liberty, O., and on the 29th services were held in the South Union Mennonite Church conducted by W. Wallace Kaufman and Perry Daniels. Interment in the cemetery near by.

Holsopple. --- Leah, daughter of Isaac and Mattie (Miller) Hostetler, was born June 5, 1873; died Sept. 28, 1940, following an extended illness. In 1894 she was married to Samuel J. Holsopple, who survives with 4 sons (Irvin M., minister in the Kaufman Mennonite Church, Emery H., John C., Lemon G., all of Hollsopple, Pa.), 14 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren, 2 sisters and 1 brother (Lydia Lohr of Davidsville; Mary, wife of Tobias Eash of Hollsopple; Noah Hostetler, Jerome). Three children, a grandchild, 3 brothers and 3 sisters preceded her in death. She was a faithful member of the Blough Mennonite Church for more than 40 years. Funeral services were held Oct. 1 at the Blough Mennonite Church in charge of A. J. Metzler, H. C. Blough, and J. A. Lehman. Texts, Heb. 9: 27; Rev. 14: 13.

"A precious one from us is gone,
A voice we loved is till;
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled."
--By the Family.

Kaufman. ­ Isaac S., son of Sem and Christena (Johns) Kaufman, was born in Somerset Co., Pa., June 28, 1855. At the age of 14 years he with his parents moved to Conemaugh Twp., where he spent the rest of his life as a farmer, and lastly retired and moved to Davidsville. He was married to Hettie Kaufman Oct. 19, 1879, who died March 15, 1930. Soon after their marriage they united with the Mennonite Church were they were faithful members until their deaths. He was used as a Sunday-school teacher for many years. Soon after Aunt Hettie's death, Uncle Isaac moved to the home of his nephew, Ammon Kaufman, where he took sick and became bedfast for 10 _ years, suffering the pains of arthritis and becoming very badly deformed. He passed away Nov. 5, 1940; aged 85 y. 4 m. 7 d. He is survived by 3 brothers (Noah, of Belleville, Bennet of Richfield and Daniel L., of Davidsville), and 1 sister (Elizabeth Shaffer of Anthony, Kans.). Funeral services were held from the Kaufman Mennonite Church by Bros. Harry Y. Shetler, Irvin M. Holsopple, James Saylor, and Pastor Russell T. Shilling of the Davidsville Lutheran Church. Burial in the Kaufman Cemetery.

Kennel. --- Leroy Joseph, infant son of Reuben and Florence (Steinman) Kennel, Shakespeare, Ont., died Sept. 24, 1940; aged 3 d. He is survived by his parents and grandparents. We can not always understand God's ways, but we know that they are best; so we humbly submit to His will. Funeral services were conducted by Bros. D. S. Iutzi and David Wagler. The little body was laid to rest in East Zorra A. M. Cemetery.

"God needed one more angel
Around His shining throne;
And so He stooped with loving care,
And took our darling home."

Markley. --- John H., son of Jonas and Susan (Hoover) Markley, was born Oct. 11, 1858, in Medina Co., Ohio; died on his 82nd birthday at the Wadsworth Hospital after an illness of two weeks. On April 27, 1901, he was received as a member of the Bethel Mennonite Church of which he ahs been a faithful one. He was very seldom absent from church services except in time of illness; and those were few, for he was not often sick. He was united in marriage to Mary Rohrer on Sept. 8, 1905. She with 1 son (Harvey) and 1 sister (Ella of Wadsworth) and a number of nephews and nieces, survive. He was preceded in death by an infant son, 1 brother, and 5 sisters. He was of a quiet, humble disposition, always helpful in the home and neighborhood. He has gone from the home of which he was a resident for 65 years to a better and permanent one, where there is no more sorrow or pain.

"Life's race well run,
Life's work well done,
Life's crown well won,
Now comes rest."

Funeral services were held Oct. 14 at the Bethel Church conducted by Bros. S. D. Rohrer, A. B. Good, and O. N. Johns. Interment in the near-by cemetery.

Martin. ­ Angeline (nee Musser) was born Dec. 16, 1877; passed away after a lingering illness on Oct. 14, 1940; aged 62y. 9 m. 29 d. On March 1, 1903, she was married to Amos Martin, who survives her. Also surviving her are her aged mother, Mrs. Henry Musser, 2 sisters: Susanna (Mrs. Albert Martin) of Elmira, Mary Ann (Mrs. Milton Ernst) of Kitchener, and 2 brothers (John of British Columbia and Amos of Alberta). One brother (Daniel) preceded her in death. The funeral was held on Oct. 16 at the Elmira Mennonite Church by Bro. O. D. Snider. Text, II Cor. 5: 1, 2.

"God knew that she was suffering,
That the hills were hard to climb;
So He closed her weary eyelids
And whispered, 'Peace be thine.'"

Miller. ­ Katie Ann Otto was born Sept. 20, 1861; died Nov. 5, 1940; aged 79 y. 1 m. 16 d. She united with the Mennonite Church at an early age and remained a faithful member until death. She was united in marriage to Gideon D. Miller on Feb. 15, 1891. To this union were born 3 sons (Dwight, Myron, and Aaron), all of Springs, Pa. She is survived by her husband, 3 sons, 8 grandchildren, 1 brother (J. J. Otto, Springs, Pa.), and 2 sisters (Mary Gelnett, and Lizzie Livengood, also of Springs, Pa.). She was preceded in death by her father and mother, 4 sisters, and a brother. She was a faithful and devoted wife and mother, and her chief concern was her home and children. Funeral services were conducted at Springs, Pa., Nov. 8, by Bro. S. G. Shetler assisted by Bro. Roy Otto.

Transcriber's note: One of the sisters last names could be either Gelnett or Geinett. Not a clear copy.

Peachey. --- Lydia M., eldest daughter of Jacob and Sarah (Hartzler) Yoder, was born near Belleville, Pa., Dec. 15, 1866; died Oct. 22, 1940; aged 73 y. 10 m. 7 d. On Jan. 7, 1885, she was married to Levi L., son of Pre. John Peachey. This union was blessed with 11 children, 4 of whom died in infancy and childhood. She is survived by 2 brothers (Joshua and Jacob of near Belleville), 3 daughters (Annie, wife of John S. Kanagy, Dover, Del.; Salome, wife of Jacob H. Yoder and Veronica of Belleville), 3 sons (Shem, married to Saloma Bender of Springs, Pa.; Stephen, married to Ruth Schrag of Hay, Ont.; and Levi, married to Lizzie Mae Stayrook, of Belleville), 26 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren, and 3 sisters-in-law. A sister, wife of Pre. Christ D. Peachey, died a few years ago. These five sisters-in-law married to five brothers, were all widows in the same locality, at the same time for a number of years. She was baptized in the Amish Mennonite Church in her youth, and remained faithful to the end. She was in failing health for over 3 years, being confined to her bed and almost helpless for over a year, affectionately and faithfully cared for by her youngest daughter, Veronica. She bore her affliction patiently, never complaining, greeting her friends with a cheerful smile, waiting for "A building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens." She was weary and anxious to go. She loved the Word of God, was conscientious, training her children by precept and example, with admonitions unto righteousness. She lived a life of self-sacrifice and service to others, never allowing her hands to be indolently idle. We cherish her memory with gratitude to God for such a loving mother. Funeral services were held from her late home, Oct. 24, 1940. Sermons by John Y. and John B. Peachey. Interment in Union Cemetery.
--The Children.

Nafziger. ---Alice Mae, daughter of Raymond and Dora Nafziger (nee Short) died Oct. 22, 1940; aged 9 y. 1 m. 27 d. On Oct. 17, Alice Mae was stricken with infantile Paralysis. She was taken to the Toledo Hospital, placed in an iron lung, where she fell asleep in Jesus. We humbly bow to the will of Him who doeth all things well. Little Alice was of a kind and cheerful disposition which won her many friends. She leaves her sorrowing parents, 2 sisters (Anna Rose and Ada Marie), 1 brother (Maurice Dale), 3 grandparents, besides many relatives and friends.

"So, Jesus called down from the heavenly home,
'Alice, to you long enough I've given,
My little darling arise and come
To the place prepared in my Father's home,
To the home my children live in.'
Let's go and watch at the gates of pearl,
Ready to welcome the new little girl,
Although her parents are weeping."

Rhodes. ---Twin sons were born Sept. 18, 1940 to John and Rosalie (Wisner) Rhodes of Estacada, Oreg. Each one lived only one hour. Only God know why these buds were picked so soon. Services at the home and near-by cemetery in charge of Bro. E. A. Bontrager of St. Johns, Mich.

"Disappointments-His appointment,
Whose? The Lord's, who loves me best,
Understands and knows me fully
Who my faith and love would test."

Rychener. ---Henry, son of Christian and Magdalena (Grieser) Rychener, was born near Archbold, Ohio, Nov. 2, 1855; died in his home in Pettisville, Ohio, Oct. 19, 1940; aged 84 y. 11m. 19 d. In his youth he accepted Christ as his personal Saviour and united with the Mennonite Church, of which he was a faithful member until his death. In 1885 he was united in matrimony with Josephine Raber of Holden, Mo. To this union were born 6 sons (Clarence, William, Raymond, Paul, Marcus, and Jesse). One son (Paul) preceded him in death. In 1888 the young couple with their two eldest children moved to Holden, Mo., where Henry was ordained to the ministry by Bishop Jacob Kenagy in the year 1893, a charge to which he was faithful until his declining years prevented his attendance at church. In 1899 the family returned to Fulton Co., Ohio, where their home has been ever since. He lived his religion; it was a part of his everyday life, as his many relatives and friends can testify. He leaves his aged widow, 5 sons, 9 grandchildren, 1 brother (Jacob of Napoleon, Ohio), 1 sister (Mattie of Stryker, Ohio), and a host of relatives and friends. Funeral services were held at the Central Church near Archbold, Ohio, in charge of Bros. Jesse Short and P. L. Frey. Text, Acts 13: 36.

"Comfort thyself; what comfort is in me?
I have lived my life and that which I have done
May He within Himself find pure."

Scheffel. --- Anton H. Scheffel, was born near Kolmar, Alsace Lorraine, Sept. 28, 1855, the son of Cayton and Elizabeth (Hiern) Scheffel; died Oct. 21, 1940, at his home near Pryor, Okla.; aged 85 y. 23 d. When he was 2 years old his parents came to America and settled in Henry Co., Iowa. They were on the ship on his second birthday. He was married Oct. 24, 1884, to Katie Nafziger at Stuttgart, Ark., where they lived until December, 1914, when they moved with their family to Pryor, Okla., and bought the home where he passed away. To this union were born 4 sons and 3 daughters. His wife and 2 daughters (Mary and Lizzie) preceded him in death. He is survived by the following children: Mattie Miller of Millersburg, Ohio; Jacob of Pryor; John of Kent, O.; Lee of Meyersdale, Pa.; and Chris of Halsey, Oreg.; also by 21 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren, 2 sisters (Mary Lawrence of Buena Park, Calif., and Elizabeth Gillaspey of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa), and a number of nieces and nephews. He united with the Mennonite Church at Wayland, Iowa ,when a young man and has been a member of the Zion Mennonite congregation since moving to Oklahoma. His death was sudden and unexpected. When members of the family went to call him for supper they found him dead; sitting up on a cot, glasses on his head, and the Gospel Herald lying on the floor by the side of the cot. It is believed that he died of a heart attack. Funeral services held at the Zion Mennonite Church Oct. 25, in charge of the home ministers, Bros. D. L. Sommers and I. J. Hartzler. Text, I Sam. 20: 3. Burial in the Fairview Cemetery.

"In our hearts his memory lingers,
But we know 'tis vain to weep;
Tears of love can never wake him,
From his peaceful quiet sleep."

Stoltzfus. --- Sarah, daughter of Christian and Elizabeth (Byler) Glick, was born near Leaman Place, Pa., Feb. 28, 1862; died Oct. 23, 1940; aged 78 y. 7 m. 25 d. At the age of 15 she gave her heart to the Lord and became a member of the Amish Mennonite Church at Intercourse, Pa. On Dec. 16, 1886, she was united in marriage to Amos B. Stoltzfus (for many years a minister). To this union were born 8 children-5 small children preceded her in death. Surviving are her husband, 3 daughters (Fannie, at home; Rebecca, wife of Daniel L. Diem, Ephrata, Pa.; Mary, wife of J.U. Peachy, Belleville, Pa.) 11 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild. Also 4 brothers (Jacob, Lancaster, Pa.; Samuel, Narvon, Pa.; Amos, Belleville, Pa.; Christian, Sugarcreek, O.), survive; and many friends and relatives. She was secretary of the sewing circle for many years. This organization was organized in her home and she attended it regularly unless there was sickness in the home which prevented her from attending. Grandma had a stroke on Oct. 2, 1940, and was bedfast for 3 weeks. During this time she was very miserable but was very patient and easy to wait on. The first week she talked to us quite a bit but at last she was too weak to talk. She passed away with a smile on her face. Funeral services were held Oct. 26, conducted by John Kennel and at the Millwood Church by John Mast and Simon Stoltzfus. Her body was laid to rest in the Millwood Cemetery.

"Dearest Grandma, thou hast left us lonely;
Much we miss thy pleasant voice;
But in Heaven we'll come and meet thee---
In this hope we do rejoice."

Wright. --- Leroy Henry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wright of Funkley, Minn., died Oct. 23, 1940, at the Little fork Hospital, where he was confined for 10 days; aged 9 y. 10 m. 5 d. He came with his parents to the Loman community seven years ago, where they have since resided. He was preceded in death by 1 sister (Berniece). He leaves his parents, 2 brothers (Raymond and Russel), 2 sisters (Marles and Carol), 2 grandfathers, 1 grandmother, and many other relatives and friends. Funeral services in charge of Bro. Elmer Hershberger of Detroit Lakes, Minn.

Yoder. --- Hiram J., son of the late Jonas M. and Katherine Yoder, was born Jan. 21, 1867; died Oct. 17, 1940; aged 73 y. 8 m. 26 d. Three brothers and 3 sisters preceded him in death. In his early youth he united with the Walnut Creek, Ohio, Mennonite Church, and remained faithful in death. Until almost 20 years ago (when he moved to Berlin, Ohio), he was farming on the farm where he was born. His call to his heavenly home came quietly and unexpectedly, as he was kneeling by his bedside early in the morning before leaving home for the contemplated activities of the day. He leaves Saloma Yoder (a cousin) of the home, and many other relatives and friends.

"The call was sudden, the shock severe
We little thought his death so near;
And only those suddenly bereft can tell
The sadness of parting without farewell."

Transcribed by Marcia Bickel, Kansas.


Gospel Herald - Vol. XXXIII, No 35 - November 28, 1940 ----page 751

Dettwiler. ­ Joseph, son of Abraham and Barbara (Koch) Dettwiler, was born in Waterloo Co., Ont., Sept. 8, 1860; died Nov. 9, 1940; aged 80 y. 2 m. 1 d. He was blessed with good health, never having required the services of a physician during his lifetime, until about 10 months ago his health began to fail and about 4 months ago, after a doctor's examination it was discovered that cancer had developed. When a young man he joined the Mennonite Church and was faithful to the end. In 1882 he married Elizabeth Leinbach. This union was blessed with 5 children. One son preceded him to death in 1911. There remain to mourn his passing his widow and 4 children (Amanda Wilson of Kingman, Alta.; Noah of Limon, Colo.; Aaron of New Paris, Ind.; Malinda Dettwiler at home); also 1 brother (Abraham, of St. Jacobs, Ont.), and 1 sister (Elizabeth of Goshen, Ind.), 15 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren. Three sisters and 2 brothers preceded him in death. At the age of 3 he moved to Michigan with his parents and lived there until 1910, when he moved to Youngstown, Alta., with his family. In 1924 he moved to Kingman, Alta., at which place he lived until his death. He had a deep desire for spiritual things, always attending the place of worship whenever it was possible to do so. Funeral services were conducted in the home and at the Salem Mennonite Church, Nov. 12. Services in charge of Bros. M. D. Stutzman and J. B. Stauffer. Texts, Rev. 14: 15; Psa.36: 9. Burial in near-by cemetery.

"Rest on, dear father, thy labors are o'er,
Those loving hands, will toil no more;
A faithful father, true and kind,
No friend on earth like you we'll find."

Frey. --- Jacob Frey, was born Aug. 25, 1859; died Oct. 11, 1940. He leaves his mourning widow and 5 married children. He was a member of the Mennonite Church for many years and was always present at services. Peacefulness was his motto in life. Funeral service was held Oct. 14, at his late home. Further services at Bear's Mennonite Church, York Co., Pa., conducted by the home ministers, Bros. Richard Danner and Harvey S. Grove.

"Peacefully sleeping, resting at last,
The world's weary troubles and trials are past;
In silence he suffered, in patience he bore,
Till God called him home to suffer no more."

Hartzler. ­ John, son of Joel and Lydia (Plank) Hartzler, was born May 25, 1864, in Champaign Co., Ohio; died Nov. 4, 1940, at his home in Colorado Springs, Colo.; aged 76 y. 5 m. 10 d. He lived in Ohio until 1903, moved west, and lived in several different places in the West since then. In 1892 he was married to Lizzie Harshbarger, who preceded him in death in 1897. Three children were born to them and survive him (Jonas H., and Harry E., of La Junta, Colo., and Mrs. May LeRoy of West Liberty, O.). In 1899 he was married to Sarah Stouffer, who survives him. Two daughters were born (Lydia E., deceased in 1929, and Ada N., at home). A grandson (Donald Hartzler) and granddaughter (Pauline LeRoy), also 2 brothers (D.K. and J. T. Hartzler of West Liberty, O.) survive. His physical strength had been failing and in April, 1940, he became bedfast. He was paralyzed and in bed over six months; helpless most of this time, but without pain. He enjoyed very much having his many friends and neighbors visit him as long as he was bale to talk, and was concerned for their salvation. His desire and wish was to soon leave this world of trouble, sin, and pain, and join his Saviour and loved ones gone before. He united with the Mennonite Church when a young man and remained faithful till death. He is missed very much in the home and his seat is vacant in church. But he is at rest and in peace, and we have that blessed home of meeting him up there. Funeral services were held Nov. 7, conducted by Bros. Calvin Ringler and E. E. Showalter, with burial in the Evergreen Cemetery of Colorado Springs.

Herr. ---Aaron H., son of the late George K. and Elizabeth (Harnish) Herr, was born June 23, 1880; died very suddenly while at work near his home at Millersville, Pa., Nov. 4, 1940; aged 60 y. 4 m. 11 d. In Nov., 1905, he was married to Mary G. Heller who survives; also 1 son (John H.), 3 grandchildren, and 4 sisters. He was a member of the Mennonite Church for many years, serving as trustee with the Millersville congregation for the past 12 years and for the past 20 years as a member of the cemetery board at the same place. He endeavored by the grace of God to faithfully serve in an humble way, many times expressing his concern for the spiritual welfare of the Church. Funeral services were conducted Nov. 7 from his late home by Bros. Daniel Gish and Jacob Hess and at the Millersville Church by Bros. Christian Lehman and Landis Shertzer. Text, Psa. 17: 15.

"No one heard the footsteps of the angel drawing near,
Who took from earth to heaven the one we loved so dear;
No one knows the silent heartache, only one who has lost can tell
Of the grief that's borne in silence for the one we loved so well."
--The Family.

Transcribed by Marcia Bickel, Kansas.

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