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An expanded obituary project of MennObits.  Includes additional information of obituaries appearing in
The Mennonite and other newspapers.  
Source of individual obituaries given with each record.  Project managed by Thelma Martin.

1907  S

    Short, Joseph P.;  

Short, Joseph P.

Joseph P. Short, was born March 2, 1834, and died March 22, 1907, age 73 years and 20 days.  Having lived nearly all his life in german Township.  He was reckoned on of the oldest pioneers who helped to turn the wilderness into its present condition.  He could tell of the times when it took a week to go to mill with an ox team through the trackless forest.  He remembered distinctly when the Lake Shore Railroad was buile and when the first train passed through.  He was the last of the second American generation of the great Short family, which in point of numbers is probably the largest in Ohio.

            Of the first Shorts who came to America, there was the grandfather and four sons.  The two sons Jacob and Joseph came first and then came Peter and Daniel bringing their father with them.  He was then quite an old man.
Tuesday, March 26, 1907

100 Years Ago
Obituary: Archbold (Ohio) Buckeye,
Mar 2007 (Historical Note)]

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