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1929  M

    Mann, David K.;   

Mann, David K.

Body of Former Elkhartan Killed at Englewood is Brought Here.
            The body of David K. Mann, 52, a former Elkhart resident who was fatally injured in the New York Central roundhouse at Englewood last Saturday, was brought here last evening and taken to the home of a nephew, Cleo Mann, 211 Cleveland avenue.  The funeral service was held this afternoon in the Mennonite Church, Prairie street, and the burial, at Olive cemetery, was to be delayed until the arrival of Mr. Mann's daughter, Mrs. Bertha Baker, from Akron, O.  As she had moved from address known to Elkhart relatives, it was impossible to locate her until this forenoon.  Her telegraphic reply indicated she would get here at 5:50 p.m.
            Mr. Mann's skull was crushed as he stood in a pit under a locomotive, adjusting the brake rigging of front trucks of the engine.  His helper, George Edwards, testified at the Cook county coroner's inquest Monday that he (Edwards) was in the cab, and applied the air upon receiving a signal from Mann to do so.  He said he waited "about a minute and a half" for a second signal from Mann, whom he did not see, when John Denny, an assistant foreman, shouted to him that "a man was fast under there."  He at once released the brake and the victim dropped to the floor of the pit.  He died on the way to the hospital.  Denny and three other men in addition to Mann and Edwards had been working about the engine, each intent on his own duty.
            There are two theories to account for the accident.  One is that Edwards misunderstood Mr. Mann's signal, the other that Mann slipped and thus thrust his head in the rigging after giving the word to apply the air, just in the instant of application.
            Edwards had been Mann's working mate more than three years. They were working on passenger engine No. 3289 at the time of the tragedy.      
Obit: Newspaper Clipping, 24 Sep 1929
Submitted by: Mona Mann

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