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1980  C to F

   Coffman, S. Ellen;  

Coffman, S. Ellen

ELLEN COFFMAN (1910 - 1980)
S. Ellen Coffman was born at Vineland, Ont. Sept. 24/10, to Samuel Frederick and Ella (Mann) Coffman, the youngest child in a family of five children, all of whom remain to experience this first parting in the family since the death of the father in 1954 and the mother in 1925.  Ellen went to be with our Lord on July 17, 1980, in her 70th year of life.
Brothers and sisters are as follows: John Ezra, London; Magdalena Elizabeth, Vineland; David William, Beamsville; Barbara Frances, Vineland.  Five nephews and two nieces remember Aunt Ellen with fondness.  Ella Graham, who has lived with the Coffman sisters for many years, and helped to look after her in the last days, was a very close friend, and will miss Ellen very much.  Ellen became a Christian in her early youth, and enjoyed work in the church over the many years at First Mennonite as time and opportunity made it possible.
Ellen graduated in 1935 from La Junta Colorado School of Nursing; then worked one year at La Junta; two summers at the Elkhart, Indiana Hospital.  The remainder of the total of 40 years as a nurse were given to private duty nursing in the local community until 1959, when she joined the staff at the General Hospital in St. Catherines as assistant night supervisor until her retirement from active duty in 1975.
This past May, Ellen broke her hip, which further complicated the physical problems already existing.  Before leaving for the Toronto General Hospital this past Sunday, Ellen gave permission for the congregation to pray for her; asking God for His Will for her life, and if she was to leave this life God would grant a speedy release without undue pain and suffering.  This prayer was answered.  Praise God!
            Ellen was a vibrant, loving human being, with a heart that took in all humanity, regardless of sex, race, or creed!  She loved entertaining in the home she shared with her sisters, and everybody who entered there felt the warmth of her personality.  She loved to sing, and often said she'd reach all the high notes in the Hallelujah Chorus when she got to heaven!  Perhaps at this moment she's singing there, standing next to her father, joining her soprano with his bass notes.
Ellen was a nurse par excellence, giving all her patients a full quota of "tender, loving care."  The memories of her one-time patients, of care beyond the call of duty, would fill a book.  She loved people, especially babies and old folks.  With that kind of love, she felt it a joy to work hand in hand with the Great Physician in her ministry as a nurse.
Ellen was a Christian.  She loved her church and its traditions were very precious to her.  She was not afraid to die.  Nobody who lived a vital Christian life as she did, could fear the agent that opens the door to a wider and fuller life.  Only those who fear life fear death!  Not Ellen!
Now, Ellen, to many people at Vineland and elsewhere is but a memory; but what a glorious legacy of memories she leaves us!  We thank God for her life; for the memory of her love; for the privilege of knowing her!
Auf Wiedersehen, sister!  We'll be seeing you!
1 Peter 1:3-9 (Printed out in full.)
—from the Funeral service bulletin on July 19, 1980 at
First Mennonite Church, Vineland, Ontario.
 Revs. Stanley D. Shantz and John P. Neufeld,
Submitted by: Mona Mann

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